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Colton Joule
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:46:17 AM »

Name:Colton Joule, aka the Shredder, you see why in his combat behavior.


Species and Gender:Human Male

Symbol:Lightning travelling along a fang

Occupation:3rd Year Beacon student.

Appearance:Colton is 6'5" and weighs 73 kilos. He has sandy yellow short messy hair and brown eyes. He has a somewhat tan complexion along with his rough skin and several scars along his arm, back and legs. He has somewhat white teeth, with a tinge of yellow. He has a sharp jawline and a toothy smile.
Colton usually wears a blue denim jacket with several pockets and looks ripped in some areas(it's the design). Underneath the jacket is a yellow T-shirt to cover his chiseled lean body muscles. He wears a leather belt with blue denim jeans. He wears shoes with rubber soles and gloves made with rubber. He is seen carrying a black briefcase.
In combat, he wears his usual clothing along while still carrying the black briefcase., but no rubber gloves or shoes.

History:Colton is part of Joule family, a family rich in history that started since the dawn of mankind. However most of that is lost but the spirit to fight is not. Somewhere along the line, it split, one part became brutes, the other became scholars and successful people. Eventually Colton was born from the group that became scholars. But he was different just like his siblings.
Colton was not into studying, he seeked adventure and fame in finding lost cities and places never discovered before. But however, that set him and his siblings apart from his family for having radical ideas and showing no signs of intellect. Eventually he and his siblings were disowned and forced to live on the streets. Colton wriggled his way into underground boxing to support his younger siblings by being a whiny brat until they let him and struggled to maintain family order as his siblings all hated him for losing their home and their parents, but they slowly warmed up to him again after one of them found him crying in, they reflected on themselves and started appreciating the things Colton did for them.
He became the pinnacle of the ring at the age of 12, he could beat down people twice his size. However this was not what he wanted, he wanted his siblings to be happy. He brought his siblings to an orphanage and they stayed there under the care of the Matron, but when he was about to leave his siblings, he was given an offer by the Matron.
"You struggled to keep your brothers and sister alive, how about you let me take that burden off your shoulders dear boy." He couldn't say no.
So he and his siblings became the Matron's family, helping to do her duties in the orphanage. It was a stepping stone to a better life, but Colton wanted to repay her, so he asked what can he do to make her proud, she said the answer gladly and Colton agreed to fulfill her wish.
Colton joined Signal and studied, at first he struggled due to him lacking in certain areas. But after a while that natural IQ of his shone brightly and by the end of Signal became quite excellent in his studies. He took up an actual form of martial art while he waited for the Beacon Year to start, it was Capoeira and boy did it benefit him during the two years he had before becoming a Third Year. He would have never gotten past the third final exam test if he keep running from 2 Death Stalkers.

Personality:Colton is full of spunk and energy. He can be seen as overconfident and really crazy, but that is Colton being himself, confident and always ready to try something new. Colton has a set of rules for himself he calls the Jolt Rules.
1. Save them no matter what the background
2. Be nice to kids and the elderly
3. Just keep trying
4. Slap sense into people, literally
5. If they are feeling down, give them a jolt, literally.
He has unintentional destruction tendencies, he unconsciously breaks things and his brother will always make him go away from his room. If he gets angry, just stay out of his way, he will just punch everything, I mean everything, even teachers. Some call him violent, he agrees. But trust Colton to be the life of the party and the over hyper active guy that is usually annoying.
But he has an irrational fear of clocks, gears and things that go tick tock. He nearly pukes when he touches them. Just putting him in the same room as one can make him feel scared and disgusted. Reason? One of his friends back when he was 11 played a prank where instead of Colton’s Capoeira tutorial CD, they switched it with one of the best horror movies of all time called Ticker. Note that the movie is rated Adult, with serious gore(I mean like demented gore), that friend was the son of the director of that movie.
PS: Never shake his hand, you will find out below.

Aura and Semblance:His aura color is Rich Electric Blue(#0892D0). His Semblance is called “Uber Joule”. Uber Joule makes Colton living electricity, he zaps people by touch, simple. But there are limitations. He does not truly become electricity since he can't travel through wires nor is he ethereal. Also he makes a lot of thunder so he is not going to be sneaking around with his Semblance. He cannot shoot the electricity but he can transfer the electricity if he touches something that can conduct electricity, and obviously rubber and simply let him get tired. You can tell the Semblance is up by these three signs. The first, whenever he runs, the first step he makes causes thunder. Two, his hair turns electric blue and looks like it went through static. And the most obvious, electricity will run up and down his body. Each minute that passes takes 3% of his aura, while discharging the electricity takes 5%. He can change the amps in his electricity(since amps kill not volts). From 0.001amp(just enough for a static shock) to 0.02amp(just 0.08 amps from killing range but still very painful)
There are side effects to his Semblance that are seen when not is use. He is a walking carpet static. Gives quite a shock. And also why you shouldn't shake his hand.

Combat Behavior:If there is one tactic Colton sticks to, its to get up in their face and knock them to next Tuesday. He lives in the battlefield to come and hit you in the face. He isn't the easiest to beat down nor is he the hardest. He is sort of the in between, a bruiser that focuses on beating down any enemy.
He lacks proper range capabilities, as he is the type of guy who would bring a knife to a gunfight(well a fist to a gunfight), he will make punching you his priority even if it means taking bullets. Also he can't really keep up with people who focus of speed and may be a real safety hazard to his teammates who touch him.
Reckless? Yes. Capable? Yes. An idiot? Depends on how you view his tactics of charge in and destroy. But he gets the job done.
He is called the Shredder because he cleans through tanks like they are paper. Let's just say electricity goes through their armor and does their magic, and he has things up his weapons.


Name: Pincer

Primary Form: A pair of metal gauntlets with a fun facing outwards

Secondary Form:The fin splits and becomes separate fangs along. A small short blade meant to pierce and pry things comes out of an opening in the gauntlets.


Name: Ripper

Primary Form:A pair of metal plated boots that have look like the feet of a three toed bird of prey, except the toe behind is turned upwards.

History:Pincer and Ripper came from the Matron's son, who had died of an illness after a year before graduating from Beacon. She gave this to Colton to fulfill her son's dream of becoming a Hunter and protecting the people. Both Pincer and Ripper are kept within the black briefcase.

His Family[NPCs]:
Kiel Joule: The youngest sibling, aspires to be like Colton when he becomes old enough to join Signal. Right now attending kindergarten.
Leti Joule: Second youngest, a tinker and a tech wiz, hates Colton being in his room. Right now attending a school of technology.
Maxy Joule: The middle sibling, he is shy and pretty introverted, an excellent visual artist.

Rowan Joule[PM me if you want her as your character]: The second oldest and almost mother figure of the siblings, also Beacon student and one heck of a great cook, if you ignore her wild strength and violent tendencies. Works part time in a small café.
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