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It was a quiet morning in Beacon Academy. Here and there, the faint songs of the birds up before dawn could be heard as they prepared to search for food. With the majority of its attendees still in the dorms asleep, Beacon Academy seemed almost like a ghost town.

Breaking the silence, Oberon made his way through the school as he walked south towards the entrance to the Emerald Forest. Watching his surroundings, he nodded in acknowledgement to two upperclassmen who appeared to be enjoying the quiet morning by taking a morning jog. Pressing onward, he made the descent down the path to the west of the Emerald Forest entrance where he informed a new team to meet him.

Getting to the meeting point and seeing no one there yet, he checked his watch to see that he had arrived almost twenty minutes early. Better early than right on time he thought as he found a nearby stump and took a seat. Pulling out his canteen, he took a long drink from it, savoring the rich, fragrant coffee his wife prepared for him before he left. Looking over to the Residential section of Vale, he saw the faint pink glow of his mark on his wife. Smiling to himself, he pulled out a cigar and proceeded to lighting it. A simple escort mission today, huh? he thought, smirking slightly at the notion. Despite him not needing an escort for what he was asked to do, this was a great way to help a team build trust among each other as well as for him to assess their strategies and tactics before he got them in his class.

Taking a deep inhale from his cigar, he let it out in a long, drawn out breath, the smoke lingering for a moment before dissipating. Team Blossom, hmmmm? Should be interesting he contemplated, taking another sip from his canteen as he waited for the four members of the team to arrive.

What started off as a cold morning slowly warmed up as the sun rose over the mountains above Beacon Academy. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, releasing a soft melodious song as the leaves rustled among each other. Intermingled within the soft sound, the buzzing from students could be heard in the distant as many began their day by making their way over to the Cafeteria for breakfast as well as to meet with friends and fellow teammates.

Despite her usual love to be in the Cafeteria meeting new people, Suntalia had other plans for the morning. "Today's the day!" she whispered happily to herself as she skipped through the school, pulling a small metal wagon behind her. Passing many of her friends, she was happily greeted by many of them, the girls waving and smiling at her while most of the guys merely smiled and nodded towards her, almost embarrassed to show too much enthusiasm towards her. Amidst that, she simply smiled and wave back in greetings towards them as she made her way through the Academy and down the cliff to the entrance of the Emerald Forest.

Upon reaching the entrance, Suntalia moved over to the side where a lone tree stood a few paces away from where the forest actually started. Stopping there, she pulled out her Scroll and read the instructions that were sent to her. "Looks like this is the place" she said to no one in particular. Seeing that she had arrived roughly 30 minutes early, she began rummaging through her wagon and pulled out a large picnic blanket. When she found out that she was being placed on a new team and had gotten into contact with the other members, the idea was offered that they should all do a breakfast picnic so that they could officially meet each other as well as do their introductions. That idea sounded like a splendid idea so Suntalia heartily agreed and proceeded by saying that she would provide everything needed for the picnic and that her teammates merely needed to bring an appetite.

Setting the blanket down, she proceeded by pulling the woven basket off the wagon and began setting an assortment of food ranging from a varied array of fruits to a plateful of baked breakfast goods. "And bacon!" she exclaimed happily, setting the plate of bacon down. She wasn't sure the other girls on her team would like to eat a lot of bread and meat for breakfast, but she was sure that the only guy on the team would be happy with that. Setting the scrambled eggs down, she continued to set things up as she happily hummed a simple melody to herself while waiting for the others to show up.

It was a cold, brisk morning at Beacon. Despite the few students walking through the Academy in the early hours, the school seem to be a quiet ghost town as the sun had yet to burn through the morning fog. It was there, at the Academy loading dock that Savas stood, waiting for his apparent new teammates near the drop ship that would be taking them to where their mission was to be held. The scowl on Savas' face could clearly tell the other students passing by the distaste that the large faunus was feeling. This is completely pointless... he thought, his scowl furrowing deeper, causing a few first year students who were gawking at him to shrink back and hurry off.

Twelve hours earlier...

"WHY THE HELL DO I NEED TO BE ON A TEAM AGAIN!?!?!" Savas roared, slamming his fist against the wooden desk, causing the wood to creak heavily under the force. "My previous team is all but dead and it's my final year. There is no way in hell I would be able to get along with a completely new group, much less be the leader of it!" he yelled, his deep voice resonating through the room as well as the hallway. Trying to hold his frustration at bay as the professor before him sat quietly on the other side of the desk, Savas clenched his fists and took a couple deep breaths, though it did little to ease his frustration.

Listening to Savas rage on about the idea of being on a team, Oberon continued to sit there quietly and smoke his cigar. Sensing that the large faunus was trying to exercise some self-control, Oberon stood up and went over to the nearby window to look out of it. "I understand your frustration, Savas. Alban and I had a lengthy discussion about this and we both agreed that the best thing for you is to keep moving forward." Letting out a puff of smoke, he turned to face the fourth year. "I'm sure that is what Auburn and Vigdus would want. Not you staying in this state of mourning forever." Noticing the lad flinching slightly when he mentioned Auburn, Oberon knew that he had hit a sensitive topic. "Auburn was a brilliant student" he said quietly, moving over to his desk and sitting on the edge as he looked straight at the large faunus in the eyes. "One of the brightest students I ever had. Vigdus was also a great fighter, one of the best I had seen in awhile." Placing his cigar on his ash tray, he took a deep breath. "Their deaths was a devastating tragedy to the school and there is no way we will ever be able to replace those two."

Staring at Savas, Oberon smiled lightly, though it did not touch the sadness in his eyes. "This new team is not merely a replacement for the ones you've lost, Savas." he said, placing a calloused hand on the giant's shoulder, who seemed to have calmed down. "And I'm not asking you to replace them or to forget the ones you've lost. But this new team needs someone who has been through the fires." Leaning over, Oberon grabbed a folder, which held the details of each person on the team. "Not to mention, but you are not the only one on this new team that has faced a tragedy. Rather, each other member has each suffered tremendous loss or hardships."

Shuffling through each profile, Oberon placed the folder back on his desk. "This team was created because of the tragedies each of you faced. Alban and I both believe that, when put together, the four of you will be able to help each other move forward in life." Picking up his cigar again, he took a puff. "Not to mention that I firmly believe that the four of you will be a devastating force to reckon with." Moving over to where his chair was, he sat back down across from Savas. "So, what do you say, Savas? Will you take this step forward and lead this team?"

Taking a deep breath, Savas let out a sigh as he began a quick breathing exercise to help calm him down and get ready to see these so-called new teammates he was to spend his final year at Beacon with. Looking at his Scroll, he put it away. Folding his arms and leaning against the drop ship, the giant continued to wait. Their mission today didn't seem to difficult from what the message that was sent to him and the other three read. A simple Search and Destroy mission he thought. The message was clear: a nearby town had been overrun by a large horde of Grimm, leaving the town completely demolished. Their mission was to get to the town, search for any survivors, and then find the horde of Grimm and eliminate them all. "Ngggrh...we'll see how this plays out" he muttered, looking back at his Scroll and then around to see if anyone was walking over to where he stood.

Skipping down the sidewalk, Suntalia made her way through the crowds with a smile. Waving at people here and there, whether she knew them or not, she turned the corner and noticed the restaurant ahead. Despite there being plenty of other places to go to, this one in particular held a dear spot in her heart. Slowing down to a walk, she moved at a steady pace so as to not get too hot. The last thing she wanted to do was get sweaty in her attire. Wearing an orange and yellow dress and her hair done into a loose braid with a flower pin over her left ear, she finally got to the entrance of the restaurant.

Smiling broadly, Suntalia opened the door and entered, beaming a dimpled smile at the owners. "Hi Di Di!!!" she exclaimed waving at the server nearby. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Solar!!" she greeted, waving at the two owners. "Obi had a class experiment with me, Vashie and a  first year team and I'm famished now!" Walking over to one of her usual spots, she sat down on the seat and leaned on her elbows as she watched Diamante work. Smiling to herself as she suppressed the sudden urge to make fun of him, she continued to watch and wait, swinging her legs gently underneath her. "Oh! There will be a few others joining me so I'll wait on ordering until they show up!" Glancing over at Diamante mischievously, she smirked slightly. "And Di Di said that he would be happy to take care of my check tonight, seeing that he's a complete and TOTAL gentleman." Laughing lightly, she smiled innocently at Diamante and then went back to waiting while humming softly to herself.

The Vale Region / Not As Easy As It Looks [CLOSED - SODR]
« on: March 02, 2017, 03:33:18 PM »
At the head of the caravan Chris DeWitt was nervous. This wasn't the first time that he had run point. This wasn't the first time he'd been involved with smuggling. But tonight was different. This wasn't a normal job. No bribes would get them through gates and no smooth talk would appease the roaming Huntsman they might come across. Their cargo was people. Faunus really... but still people under the horns and stuff.

The night couldn't have been any creepier either. It was cloudy above and misty below. Far too misty for a normal autumn night on the outskirts of Vale. On top of that their "cargo" was a far too loud. Three of the five had woken up... and were yelling, screaming really, to be let out. Didn't they know what they were messing with? Getting sold to some rich bastard out in the boonies was bad and all... but getting gutted by a 'wulf was worse.

DeWitt glanced back. "Z" was leading the wagon. He was in charge. It made sense for him to get the safe spot in the middle. It still made DeWitt's skin crawl to have his bosses eyes on his back all the time. There were four guards to the left, four to the right, and three watching the rear. Fish was out there somewhere, DeWitt couldn't see him or remember where he'd been told to guard but it was a comfort to know that at least someone would know how to handle it if things went wrong. Somewhere out in the mist he heard a howl. Tense but not as green as the boss wanted to think DeWitt gripped his rifle tightly but presses on. So far there was nothing to really worry about. When you left the cities you'd be bound to fight. He'd done it before, everyone here had. 'Cept maybe the Faunus in the cage. But still something seemed off.

"Hey Z!" DeWitt called back. "You hear that howl'n?"

Lighting up a cigarette, Ezekiel Bartok blew a ring of smoke out into the night. Nothing like a cool night for some hunting he thought as he heard the howling from afar. "Quit yer complainin' and keep movin' ferward!" he yelled at Chris who seemed rather fidgety this night. Moving up along the caravan, he came up to the wagon that held the captives. Seeing one of the captives reaching out, crying to be set free, Z moved closer towards him. Hearing the male faunus begging, crying that he would pay them whatever the ransom was so he could be set free, Z took another long puff from his cigarette and blew it out into the faunus' face. Closing his eyes, the faunus let out a cough from the smoke, which was all the time Z needed. Reaching through the bars and grabbing the faunus by the neck, he slammed the faunus' head against the bars, hard, knocking the faunus onto the ground while grabbing his bloody head. "Any of y'all make another peep, and you'll face more pain than that" he said quietly, glaring dangerously at the other four faunus, which made them all quiet down.

Moving back to his spot in the middle of the caravan, Ezekiel blew another ring of smoke out while resting his freed hand on his weapon. At a glance, his weapon looked to be a simple great mace. However, what most people didn't know was that it also harbored a 6-shot rocket launcher that could shoot in rapid succession, causing mass destruction to anyone who went up against him. And if that wasn't enough, there was always his semblance, which he almost never had to use. Regardless, Chris' nervousness was unmerited as the chances of them getting ambushed was extremely low at the time of night. "If Chris complains one more time, I swear...I'm goin' ta break a few of his teeth in" he muttered quietly to himself. With the guards watching each side and Fish somewhere out there scouting the area, there was no chance they would get ambushed without them knowing about it in advance. A few more gigs like this and I'll be able to retire in style he thought, smiling to himself as the caravan plodded onward.

High above the caravan and above visibility from anyone else, Suntalia held onto the tree she was hiding in. Shivering at the cold breeze that was hitting her from above, she held her position and watched through a looking glass as the caravan made its way towards the forest. Trying hard to not let her teeth chatter from the cold, Suntalia gripped her clothing around her tighter, in hopes that it'll warm her up a bit more. One of the guys should have a warm blanket or cloak on them...I'll just have to hold out until I then she thought, sniffing a bit from the cold.

Checking Firestorm as well as Dynami and Areti, she made sure that each of them were ready for combat. The mission was simple: wait until Rye gives the word, then subdue the enemy. Rye made it very clear that he didn't want any casualties, which Suntalia agreed with his thinking. She wasn't for the idea of killing other humans, but would if it meant protecting her teammates. Hopefully it wouldn't have to come to that point though.

Pulling her Scroll out briefly, Suntalia fidgeted with it as she sent a message to the rest of her team. The enemy caravan is almost at where you guys are at. Looks like thirteen or so of them. A quick ambush should be enough to catch all of them off guard. Just give me the word, Rye Rye, and I'll attack. of you owes me a blanket or cloak when I get back. It's freezing up here! Laughing lightly to herself, she focused her thoughts on the mission again and waited for Rye's signal to attack.

Teams / Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: January 04, 2017, 01:12:58 PM »
Hi everyone!

So, after having him up here for awhile, I've decided to try and form a team for Savas. So far there are two of us for this team, so we're looking for two more people.

1. Savas Carnelian
2. Acero Walker
3. Ribeiro Ispecs
4. Kei Tsz Fung

Please post if you're interested.

Teams / Third Year Team at Beacon (4/4)
« on: December 27, 2016, 12:36:53 PM »
Alright, after many PMs and discussions, the team has been officially formed so I'm starting a thread for it. Here's the people:

1. Suntalia Lyn Ryker
2. Oni Shoji
3. Rye Oakborn 3rd
4. Diamante Solar

With this, our team is formed, but we now need to figure out who the leader is, what our team name is, and what our team color is. Here's my opinions on all three:

First, I think Rye Oakborn would make the ideal leader for the group, with Diamante as my second choice. I think with Oni's background history as well as Suntalia's flightiness, both of them wouldn't be ideal candidates.

As for Team names, here's the details:


My suggestions would be:
- Soldier (SODR)
- Overlord (OLOD)
- Rosso (ROSS)

As for a color, we could do Army Green (#4b5320), Desert Tan (#b1a688), or Rust if we go with Soldier.
If we go with Overlord, then we could do Scarlet (#900D09), Mahogany (#C04000), or BlueViolet (#8A2BE2).
If we go with Rosso, we can just do Red as the color.

These are simply my suggestions so please feel free to share any other ideas you come up with. I'm just glad that one of my characters finally has a team again.

The Emerald Forest.

There were many tales to be said here as well as tragedies to be known. The forest held many stories of Grimm being exterminated as well as blood being shed upon the corpses of those who had fallen. It was here, at the entrance to the forest, that Oberon watched and waited. Receiving word that a new team had formed and to do their initiation mission for them, Oberon couldn't help but let out a sigh. How long have I been doing this now, I wonder... he thought as he looked up at the gloomy morning skies. With autumn passing and winter settling in, the trees had shed most of their leaves and looked like a maze of branches that spread for miles. Looks like it'll snow within the next few days he pondered as his breath came out like a mist that lasted for only a moment before it was gone.

Taking out his Scroll, he took a look at the list of students that were to go out on today's mission. Conner Dragovic, Rackley Winchester, Sandy Smoke, and Anza Burgundy...hmmmm... he thought as he looked over their profiles. With each of them receiving around average to above average testing results, there wasn't too much that stood out about them. Two close-range fighters and two long-range fighters. With discipline, this could turn out to be a pretty decent team. Putting his Scroll away, Oberon pulled out a cigar and lit it. Taking a few puffs from it, he folded his arms as he waited for the students to make their way to their meeting point.

It was a clear, crisp winter morning at Beacon Academy. Here and there, a few students made their way to class through the cold, their coats being the only thing keeping the cold at bay. Making his way through the hustle and bustle, Oberon walked towards the Airship Hangar. Nodding here and there to the students as he passed them, he pulled out his Scroll to look at the time as his fur-lined coat kept him warm. Thirty minutes early...not bad. Would much rather be working in the warm forge right now though he thought with a smile. Putting his Scroll away, he pulled out his canteen and drank some of the warm coffee inside.

Turning the corner, Oberon caught sight of the Hangar and continued his brisk walk to it. Upon reaching it and not seeing any of the students there yet. he made his way to the Airship that was waiting there. Catching sight of the pilot, Oberon nodded slightly and shook the man's hand. "Top of the morning to ya" he said giving it a firm shake. "The others will be here shortly. Once they arrive, we can move out."

As the pilot made his way back into the Airship, Oberon proceeded by taking a cigar out. Cutting the tip off, he lit the cigar and took a few puffs from it. With the cigar lit, he pulled out his Scroll and began to look over the team he would be taking out. "Team Cobalt, huh?" he murmured as he went over each team member. "Camelia Sol, Bianca Li, Theodore Williams and Blanc Valiere" he said quietly. Looking over their combat results as well as their grades and not seeing anything noteworthy or troublesome, he put his Scroll away and leaned against the Airship. Taking a puff from his cigar, he let the smoke warm him up briefly before letting it out. Well, the faster we can get this mission done, the faster we can get back here he thought as he closed his eyes. By his estimation, the mission should take no longer than a day, allowing them to get back to the Academy by late afternoon. Let's just hope nothing crazy happens while we're out he thought, a smile creasing his grizzled face as he opened his eyes and continued to wait for the others to arrive.

The Beacon Arena.

Though there were many different areas, including an indoor and outdoor arena, it was nonetheless a massive building. It was in the outdoor Arena that Oberon found himself spending his morning as he waited for his class to start. Normally he would be in his own classroom teaching a large class of students, but twice a week he would pick a team and have them undergo rigorous training to sharpen their teamwork and strategy building abilities. Looking down at his scroll, he took note that it was Team ASPN that he would be training today. Reviewing their overall grades in his class as well as how they did in their initiation, Oberon smiled as he saw their grades. A well rounded team with decent fighting abilities. This team will go far he thought to himself as he took a puff from his cigar.

Letting out a cloud of smoke into the air, Oberon looked over the Arena as well as the "items" he would be using in today's class. Overall, the Arena was roughly three hundred feet in diameter with rows upon rows and seats surrounding it.Within the fighting grounds stood four large pillars that stood roughly twenty feet high, each one spaced fifty feet from the center. Besides that, there were two extremely large cargo crates that sat parallel to each other, one on the east side and the other on the west side as well as a few mid-sized boulders and tree trunks dispersed throughout the entire arena.

Finishing up his review of the items in the Arena as well as his assessment of the team that was to show up, Oberon reviewed the curriculum of today's class. With there being two main parts of the drill, Oberon was sure that the chances of the team succeeding both parts was extremely slim. However, today wasn't about succeeding or failing; today was all about working together to accomplish the mission. Even if the mission was not accomplished, their grade would be determined on how well they worked together. Taking another puff from his cigar, Oberon walked over to one of the crates and placed a hand on it. Time to see how strong and sturdy this tree is he thought with a smile before turning to lean against the crate as he waited for the others to show up.

Sunrise. A time during the day where it was the most serene and quiet. A time where the daily hustle had yet to taint the pure, tranquil moment. It was a moment that Oberon enjoyed most. Taking a sip from his canteen full of coffee, Oberon decided to lean against one of the trees that made up the vast Emerald Forest. It was here that he was assigned to give the mission for yet another first year team that had made its way into the roster of Beacon Academy. Though he did not mind doing these types of things and saw it as part of his duty as a teacher at the Academy, deep down, he yearned to be at home in bed with his wife. Nothing would ever replace the joy he felt with her wrapped up in his arms on a cold morning.

Despite all that, he had his duty and he was going to fulfill it. Pulling out a cigar, Oberon proceeded to review each student that would be going through this mission as he lit his cigar and inhaled deeply from it. Not seeing anything worthwhile or too out of the ordinary, he smiled slightly over the light coming from his cigar. Perhaps this will be a somewhat of an easy task for them today then... he thought. Putting his Scroll away, he opened his canteen and took another sip from it. Looking over towards Vale, he was able to distinctly make out three pink silhouettes where his home was located due to his semblance. More than likely they're still sleeping... he thought, smiling to himself. If all went well today, then he would be able to make it back in time for lunch. His wife always knew how to make a good meal and it was one of the many things he looked forward to each day.

Focusing his mind back on the matter at hand, Oberon took a look at the time and saw that the students should be arriving within the next fifteen minutes. Cracking his neck and knuckles, he proceeded to wait patiently for the others to show up.

It was a brisk morning at Beacon. Here and there, a few students were seen walking around as they enjoyed their weekend off. For some, a weekend meant sleeping in. For others, it was a time to get their studies done or catch up on classwork. However, for others still, a weekend meant working at a part-time job to make a little extra Lien to spend. This, however, was not the case for Oberon. Walking purposefully through the Academy, the burly teacher nodded his head in acknowledgement to a group of third year students who were in his Advanced Crisis Strategy Training class. Now those are a promising group of students... he thought as he made his way down the cliff side towards the entrance of the Emerald Forest. Hopefully this batch of first years will be just as promising he mused, taking a sip from his canteen filled with his morning coffee. A morning like this would've been best spent in bed with his wife or at work in the forge, crafting new weapons or fixing old ones. However, that wouldn't be the case and Oberon had accepted the fact.

Reaching the entrance of the Emerald forest, Oberon pulled out his Scroll to review the team going on their first initiation. He had arrived early just so that he could do just that.
Starting with the appointed leader of the team, Oberon began to look over Conner Dracovic's profile. Normal grading for his academics with a tendency to be unrefined in his fighting styles. Has a rather deadly semblance and all-around variety in range with his weapons. Not bad... he thought, chuckling lightly to himself.
Moving on from Conner, Oberon pulled up Avali Glass's profile. Nothing unique or out of the ordinary. Lived with her uncle until entering the Academy, huh? She might just be yet another student who was orphaned because of the Grimm. Cracking his neck and scratching his chin through his scruffy beard, there was nothing too special aside that most things pointed to her being a long range type of fighter.
From there, he pulled up Fiona Roseheart's profile next. Interesting weapons... he thought with a small smile. Seems to be a speed-based fighter. Aside from that, she scored above average also on her tests, so nothing to out of the ordinary here either.
Last, he moved on to Rackley Winchester's profile. A sniper, huh? Seems like he will be the big gun of the team... he thought, raising an eyebrow at his weapon. ...Though his close combat skills seem to be rather lacking.

Chuckling to himself, Oberon looked at the time before putting his Scroll away. It was about fifteen minutes until the team should be here. Knowing how many first year students are, he knew that most, if not all of them, would be here early so as to set a good example. Regardless of what happens, he had eaten a hearty breakfast prior and had a nice big canteen full of coffee. Lighting a cigar to top it all off, Oberon took a big puff and blew the smoke out into the cold morning air and continued to wait patiently for the others arrival.

It was a cold, brisk Autumn morning at the entrance to the Emerald Forest. Like any other morning, Oberon started it off with a canteen full of hot coffee in one hand and a lit cigar in his other. Taking a puff from his cigar and enjoying the warmth it provided, he blew the smoke out as he continued to wait. As much as he would've rather wanted to be in bed in the warm embrace of his wife, he knew his duty to Beacon required that he would have to sometimes forgo the warmth of his bed to be out early to train the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses. His duty was simple: to teach the students how to work together to achieve their objective and succeed their mission without any loss of lives. Though many teams would go through their four years here at the Academy with no losses, he knew that it wasn't always the case for every team, as his helper with today's mission knew all to clearly.

As if the mere thought of his helper was enough to summon him, Oberon heard the heavy footsteps approach his location. Not surprised he would come early... he thought, a slight smile creasing his bearded face. "So glad you could join us this morning" he said, his gruff voice breaking the morning silence. "Your mission today is simple: you will be sent to observe a newly formed first year team, team REBL. You are simply there to watch and make sure they fulfill their mission on a timely manner and make sure that none of them get killed in the process." Taking another puff, he blew it out into the cold wind. "Alban has informed me of what happened to your team and the crippling effect it has had on you" he continued, his eyes giving the giant of a man a sympathetic look as he activated his semblance. Pinning the man, Oberon watched as the student glowed a light blue color. "I can understand your hesitancy to not want to take on a mission where the lives of others will be placed under your custody again, but I personally chose you for this mission because you are the best suited fourth year for this. Now, do you have any questions?" Taking a sip from his canteen, Oberon waited for an answer.

Walking up towards the entrance of the Emerald Forest, Savas let his heavy footsteps echo through the quiet morning. It had been many months since his last mission, which ended with the death of his childhood friend, Vigdus, and the love of his life, Auburn. Those months had not been easy as his last teammate had decided to leave the Academy due to the trauma, leaving him alone to cope with everything as he went into his final year. If daytime wasn't enough to rack his mind with thoughts of his team, night time continued to wreak havoc on his mind as nightmares filled with watching Auburn devoured before his eyes continued to haunt his dreams. Many would've gone mad or gone into a depression from all this. However, Savas had grown accustomed to this type of things. His hometown of Frouri was renown to creating strong warriors, and where warriors were created, warriors would fall. Thus, Savas did the only thing he was trained to do...and that was to keep moving forward.

Seeing Professor Oberon at the entrance, Savas continued to make his way to the teacher, not hiding his presence from the Huntsman. Upon reaching Oberon, Savas listened to the man explain the mission. Cringing ever so slightly under his heavy lamellar armor set that he wore for today's mission, Savas clenched his teeth as the professor spoke about the death of his comrades. Putting his things down against one of the trees, Savas unharnessed Sandalphon and Metatron and leaned them against the tree. Regaining his composure, he turned to face Oberon. "Ngggrh, no questions here" he rumbled, his deep voice resonating through the trees. Folding his arms, Savas took a seat by the tree and waited for the first year students to arrive. All I can do is protect the younger classes so that they never face what I faced he thought as he let his thoughts stray to Auburn as he began to meditate to calm himself before the others arrived.

Approved Characters / Oberon Falcov (Professor)
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Oberon Falcov

36 years old. Born Arashi 27, 43 AC

Species and Gender:
Male Human

Spoiler: ShowHide

Team Strategy Teacher for year 1 - 3 at Beacon Academy and part-time Blacksmith

Spoiler: ShowHide

Oberon stands at 6'1" and weighs 230lbs with an extremely muscular build due to his work. With brown penetrating eyes and brown shoulder-length hair pulled back in a ponytail, he has a menacing look that is topped off with a gruff beard covering the entire bottom half of his face. His symbol is tattooed on his right shoulder and his wife's name, Aria, is tattooed on his left arm.

His casual outfit consists of a white or black wife beater, a dark brown duster coat, black cargo pants held up by a brown belt and tucked into black boots. A gold necklace with a circular pendant and an anchor in it hangs on his neck as a memento of his wife as it was given to him on their one year anniversary.

While on campus he can be spotted wearing a dark brown padded armor covering his torso, a black belt tying the armor against his body, and black cargo pants tucked into black boots. His weapons will also be wrapped around his arms, forming metal bracers.

When out on a mission, he will exchange the padded armor for a full suit of black studded leather armor, which covers his entire body. Underneath, he will wear a black chain mail shirt and coif to give extra protection.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Oberon was born in a small village in the kingdom of Atlas to Axel and Cristela Falcov towards the end of the Faunus Civil War. Though both of his parents were human, they were both faunus sympathizers and secretly helped the Faunus during the war. With Axel being a Blacksmith and Cristela running the family general store, they sold their merchandise to the Faunus at a huge discount, but did their best to keep it on the down-low so that those who hated the Faunus didn't hear about it. This went on from the beginning of the war until the end, with Oberon being born right before it ended.
Growing up, Oberon spend most of his childhood playing inside his family's store under the watchful eyes of his mother. However, as he got older, he would oftentimes go outside to watch his father work their small forge with fascination. This continued through until he was nine years old, when his world was turned upside down.

The day started off like any other day: upon finishing breakfast, his father went outside to get the forge started while his mother began to get the store ready to be opened. While they were doing this, Oberon began to clean the table and put the dishes into the sink. It was then that he began to hear shouting coming from outside. Curious, he went to the door to see what was going on outside, but was stopped in his tracks by his mother, who told him to stay inside as she went outside to see what was happening. Not liking to be left out and his curiosity getting the best of him, Oberon ran upstairs and opened the window to see what was happening. Looking down, he immediately saw a group of the townspeople all outside the house holding large rocks and torches. Here and there, a few people held brandished swords, pointing it at his parents while yelling obscenities at them. Though there were many people yelling at his parents, Oberon could hear one phrase very clearly:


Looking at his father, Oberon saw that his father held no weapon, though he had dozens of them made. Instead, he held a pair of shields, using one to defend himself and the other to defend his wife. As the crowd continued to yell at his parents, the violence escalated quickly as the began to throw the rocks at his parents. Though he was able to block most of the rocks, a few of them hit their mark, which Oberon vaguely heard the grunts from his father as he used his body to shield his wife. As if luck was smiling on them that day, a squad of police officers, led by the mayor of the small village who was a retired Huntsman, broke through and formed a wall around Oberon's parents. After a heated argument between the townspeople and the mayor, the angry mob was disbanded and sent away.

Helping his parents inside, the Mayor sat down in the living room. Coming downstairs, Oberon saw his mother help bandage up his father, who had sustained a few minor cuts as well as a few large bruises from the barrage. It was then that he heard what the Mayor was proposing. "It's not safe here for you here. The people found out that you both helped the Faunus and they won't stop until you're both dead. Best you leave here and start over in a different kingdom." After hearing what the Mayor said and looking at each other, his parents agreed. Gathering what they could that day, Oberon and his family left their home that night under the watchful care of a dozen police officers who helped escort the family out.

Traveling from the town, Oberon and his parents made their way to Atlas, where they bought airship tickets to go to Vale. Upon reaching Vale, his parents started the life over again by each finding a job. Not able to stay home during this time, Oberon was sent to a public school for children, where he began his education until he turned thirteen. Finishing there, he enrolled to Signal Academy to pursue the life of a Huntsman. It was at that time that his father took him aside to give him a word of advice that he would never forget: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you."

With those words in mind, Oberon graduated from Signal with exceptionally high scores. It was during this time also that he created his weapons: two shields in honor of both his father's words and actions that was displayed throughout his life. From Signal, Oberon was accepted into Beacon where he continued to train and grow in strength and abilities. Being the team leader of Team Octavia, Oberon began to study even harder in battle tactics and strategies so as to protect and lead his team well. It was during this time that a rivalry grew between him and one of his teammates, Aria Ta'ala. Though harmless at first, the rivalry grew between the two of them as each of them tried to do better than the other. The tension between the two of them escalated until their fourth year at Beacon when they were sent on a Search and Destroy mission to take down a flock of Nevermore that were rampaging through an area east of Vale and were getting close to destroying a small village. It was during this mission that Aria was knocked unconscious and surrounded by half a dozen of the flock, which proceeded to bombard her with a barrage of feathers. With all thoughts of his own safety gone, Oberon dived into action and, with his shields, used them to protect both him and Aria from the deadly attack. It was at that moment that his thoughts went straight to what his father had said years ago: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you." It was in that moment that he realized that it was Aria that he wanted to protect. She was the one that he wanted to protect with his life. Carrying Aria out of harms way, his other two teammates gave cover fire as he reached safety. From there, they were able to finish off the rest of the flock and finish their mission.

Shortly after the mission, Oberon couldn't stop thinking about Aria. It wasn't until four months later that Oberon mustered up every ounce of courage and conveyed his feelings to Aria in which, to his surprise, found that the feelings were mutual. Finishing up at Beacon, Oberon and Aria were married two years later and settled down in Vale by taking over his father's blacksmith shop as Axel asked if Oberon would be willing to help work the forge. After six years of being a blacksmith and going out on the occasional Huntsman job with Aria, Oberon was approached by the Headmaster at Beacon to see if he would like to take a job as the Team Strategy Teacher at Beacon. With the forge doing well and his wife pregnant with their firstborn daughter, Oberon gladly accepted the job at the age of thirty. Six years and two children later, Oberon has continued to teach first and second year students the fundamentals of teamwork while cherishing the time he gets to spend with both his daughter and son. The one lesson he always teaches each team he works with is the one he was taught long ago: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you."

If there were two words to describe Oberon, it would be 'Loyal' and 'Protective'. Protective of his loved ones and loyal to Alban and Beacon, Oberon can sometimes been seen as standoffish towards those he doesn't know. However, to those who do know him, he is very warm and caring. He particularly takes great care in training up the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses as they are the future protectors of the realm.

When he is not teaching students or working his father's forge, Oberon can be seen spending his time with his family or reading new battle tactics and strategies. Among his peers, he is often called 'The Man With A Plan' as he is always thinking a few steps ahead of people. Aside from battle tactics and strategies, Oberon is a fairly intellectual man and is always up to learning something new if it means it can be used to protect those he cares the most about.

Aura and Semblance:
Oberon's aura is a dark brown color. When he activates his semblance, he is able to 'pin' a person or creature and make it so that he can track them from afar. Long story short, he is able to place a kind of tracking device on a person in which he is able to know where they are.

In order for his ability to go into effect, Oberon must first be within 100 feet of the person or creature that he wants to track. From there, he must be able to see and stay focused on the person or creature for two seconds to 'pin' them. Once he has pinned someone, he is able to track that person up to twenty miles from his location or up to eight hours, as that is when the effect wears off. Even if a person should get out of his sight, he is still able to sense a general direction of the person should they be within a twenty mile radius and if he concentrates on them. A person or creature who has been pinned by him appear to be glowing in his sight with different colors, depending on his emotions towards that person:
- White: Neutral
- Red: Anger/Hatred
- Orange: Amusement/Happiness
- Green: Jealousy
- Blue: Sadness
- Pink: Love

Once a person has been pinned by him, the only way to break his semblance would be to get out of range of it or for Oberon to deactivate it on that person. He is currently able to 'pin' up to twenty people or creatures, but usually only keeps it to around ten people at most due to the amount of confusion it would cause him if he pinned too many people.

Combat Behavior:
Due to his work in the forge, Oberon is exceptionally strong with enough stamina to go for hours on end. In regards to agility, he is above average and able to keep up with most humans as well as some faunus. All that said, he is primarily a support/reinforcement fighter, going in to help whoever is in need of assistance. All of his training and studies have made him to be an expert strategist and tactician so he would mostly be the one who stands in the back and sends his comrades in and will support them either with his strategies or with his battle prowess should the fighting go awry.
His primary defense is in his weapons as his armor is on the lighter side to grant him better mobility. Due to the lighter armor, he is more susceptible to damage from heavier attacks. He is a close - midrange fighter, lacking the power to fight long range. This also means that he is at a disadvantage when going up against a long ranger fighter.


Hamia (Protector in Arabic) and Contego (Defend in Latin)

Primary Form:
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Both Hamia and Contego are shields worn, one on each arm. Each shield has two tips from which Oberon uses to slash and stab with. On the inside of each shield is an attached automatic assault rifle, the handle being where he holds each shield and is where the trigger of the guns are located. Each gun has a forty round clip that uses 7.62x39mm ammunition that shoot at a velocity of 2,200 f/s and has an accurate range of 50 yards

Secondary Form:

Tertiary Form:
By pressing a small button with his pinky fingers, both Hamia and Contego are able to compact and break down into smaller metal plates. Each plate then rotates slightly until the whole shield folds around his forearms, turning into bracers.

Dust Functions:

Not wanting to make a complex weapon, Hamia and Contego were both made while Oberon was attending Signal as a reminder of the night his father protected his mother from the angry mob. Through his years at Beacon, he refined it and added it's secondary form. However, it wasn't until after he graduated and began working in his father's forge that he broke the whole weapon down and re-forged it. Using a mixture of high-quality steel and titanium, he folded the metal over a dozen times, removing any iniquities in the metal and strengthening it to withstand a heavy attack. Upon finishing them, he plated them with chromium to keep it from corroding or rusting and then had his symbol painted onto it.

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Rackley Winchester

18 years old. Born Tulikuuma 8, 61 AC

Gender and Species:
Male Human

 A short sword pointed down with a thorny vine circling down it

First Year Beacon Student

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Rackley is 5'9" and 140Ibs with a slim build. He has brown hair and dark purple/blue eyes with a clean cut facial appearance. His hair comes down to about his waist, which he braids. He wears a dark blue work jacket with white cuff-links that he rolls up, dark blue pants and dark brown boots. He wears both his katana and his tonfa on his right hip.

Rackley is the child of a retired huntsman and huntress. As a child, he grew up hearing the many exploits that his father, an expert marksman with a sniper rifle, and mother, a katana and dust magic user, had made when they were still working in the city of Vale. After they retired, his family moved to a small farming home right on the outer most part of the city of Vale, where they made their living off the land or by helping those in need of a huntsman. Rackley received his first "rifle", a small pellet gun, when he was seven years old and would often spend his days outside shooting at different targets that his father made, though still within sight of his mother's ever protective care. Rackley began training with his father at the age of nine where he learned the fundamentals of shooting with a rifle: from velocity, to distance, to wind and gravity pull, Rackley learned how to take into account all of that when making a shot. When he was not outside shooting targets or learning how to be a huntsman by his father, Rackley would be inside reading a book from his parents’ collection of books. At the age of eleven he was given his first real gun, a modified Barrett M90, and killed his first Grimm at the age of twelve, with the help of his father. At the age of thirteen he was enrolled by his parents to go to Signal Academy. Due to his training and education from his father and mother, Rackley was able to do well in his classes and got fairly above average scores. While at Signal, Rackley received even further training and there, made the weapons he uses now. After graduating Signal Academy at the age of seventeen, Rackley immediately went and applied for Beacon, which he was accepted.

Rackley has a "go with the flow" kind of attitude and does not like confrontation with other people unless it is absolutely necessary. He is the type that would rather spend a day in a tree reading or listening to music, than be in a gym. He does, however, love to go on jogs to build up his stamina and likes to go sight-seeing.

Growing up on the outskirts of the city, Rackley isn't accustomed to being around large groups of people so he tends to be more on the reserved/quiet side and is very self-conscious whenever he has to talk to a person or group of people. He will often have withdrawals when around a lot of people for a long period of time and will need to get away from them for a time to "recuperate". This aspect makes it hard for him to make friends, but that doesn't mean he won't at least try to be friends with people, though his efforts are usually seen as weird and awkward.

Intellectually, Rackley is fairly above average compared to others. He’s not too fond of studying, but will do it simply so he can pass the class. He loves to read and will learn better from reading a book than from hearing a lecture. He is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to combat tactics, but only when it comes to scouting or reconnaissance.

Power Shot
When Rackley is scoped in on a target, he is able to wrap his aura around the bullet, augmenting the velocity of his shot the longer he stays scoped on the target. As the speed of the bullet increases, it causes the damage caused by the impact to increase as well, at most being able to double the damage dealt. Each shot, regardless of how long he stays scoped in, takes 10% of his aura, making it so that he can only use the ability 10 times a day. The damage ratio goes as followed:
1 second: speed increases by 20%. Damage increases by 40%
2 seconds: speed increases by 40%. Damage increases by 80%
3 seconds: speed increases by 60%. Damage increases by 120%
4 seconds: speed increases by 80%. Damage increases by 160%
5 seconds: speed increases by 100%. Damage increases by 200%

When Rackley activates his semblance, his aura glows a dark blue around the gun he is using.

Combat Behavior:
Rackley is an expert marksman, being able to make shots that would be considered difficult  for others to make. Frequent trips outside the city walls has also taught Rackley to move quickly and quietly through different environments, making him an expert scout or reconnaissance teammate. During a fight, Rackley is at his best by staying a good distance away from the actual battle and provide support. He will go for the kill quickly so as to avoid a prolonged battle.

However, what Rackley has in stealth and speed, he lacks in strength. Though taught how to fight melee, Rackley is only a mediocre melee fighter and doesn't like fighting in close combat unless he has no other choice. Due to his lack of strength, he can be easily overpowered or pushed around if attacked at close range. He wears very light armor to move faster around, but makes him more susceptible to damage and will go down if he takes too many direct hits.


Name: Washi (Tonfa), Taka (Katana), and Aoshi (Rifle)

Note: Both weapons have been mechanically made while Rackley attended Signal Academy. Therefore, though they may resemble a tonfa and katana, they're both made of machinery. (Just think of how Ruby's Scythe looks and operates when imagining this)

Primary Form:
The two weapons can be connected. To do so, Rackley turns Taka so that the sharp side of the blade is facing 3:00 and puts it against the top end of Washi, which triggers a small push plate on the bottom of Taka. He then turns Taka 90 degrees clock-wise, which causes the end of Taka to fold over and connect to Washi, forming a pole-arm. Rackley then pushes a button located on the corner of the grip on Washi, which causes the grip to fold in, extend and expand, forming the scope, trigger, stock and butt plate with the lower end of the tonfa. The top part of the tonfa expands slightly and has a slot open in it, where the clip goes. The pommel of Taka folds over Washi and forms the bolt-action. It also expands with the hilt to cover most of the blade to form the barrel and muzzle. The tip of the sword breaks off of the rest of the blade to form a bayonet which connects to the end of the muzzle. In the end, the two weapons combine to form a high powered sniper rifle that shoots .50 BMG dust rounds.

For detail on the type of bullet

The rifle is a bolt-action rifle with a 5 shot clip, which takes approximately 4 seconds for Rackley to bolt back upon firing. Putting in a new clip and bolting back takes approximately 6 - 8 seconds, depending on the circumstance. Pushing the same first button again, which is now located right behind where the clip goes and before the trigger, turns Washi and Taka back to a pole-arm and pushing it twice quickly causes the two weapons to disengage each other and go back to their original forms.

Secondary Form:
When Washi and Taka are connected, Rackley can choose not to push the trigger, allowing the two weapons to be used as a naginata for closer combat.

Third Form:
Rackley can choose to keep Washi and Taka apart, allowing him to use one in each hand. With the trigger and half barrel on Washi, a small clip of 10 bullets is able to be inserted into the grip of Washi, making it so that Rackley is able to shoot smaller 9mm dust bullets out of it
Tertiary Form:
When storing them, Rackley has both Washi and Taka sheathe on his right hip.

Dust Functions:
Rackley uses two special types of dust bullets with Aoshi aside from his normal bullets:
-   Explosive Rounds: A combination of fire and earth dust, these bullets cause a fairly large explosion (around 5 feet in diameter). Rackley will usually carry around three - five cartridges of these, depending on the mission.
-   FMJ Rounds: A combination of Kinetic and Earth dust, these bullets are used to pierce through hard objects or hard to kill Grimms. Rackley will usually carry around three – five cartridges of these, depending on the mission.

History: Since it was required of all Signal Academy students to make their own weapon, Rackley decided to make a combination of both his parent's weapons as his own.

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