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RWBY: The RPG Rules [Updated: 2017-4-20]
« on: September 11, 2016, 06:15:57 PM »
Rules & Guidelines

Notice: Website staff may dispense justice to anyone for any reason the staff deems necessary. These rules are general guidelines. Just because it is not explicitly stated here, doesnít mean it is allowed. Consider your actions and be considerate to others.

General & Common Courtesy

  • Donít be a dick. Come on.
  • Use common sense. Everyone here is a human. Be mindful of others when discussing sensitive topics or using explicit words. Be polite when asking people to post if they haven't posted in a while.
  • Donít assume. If you have a question or need help with something, ask the staff.
  • No advertising. You are welcome to spread the word about our site, but currently, we do not allow any advertising on our site.

Posting & Roleplaying

  • No cheating. Donít be lame. Your character is not invincible, or a god-like being, or anything else that can equate to those. Characters can be injured and perish.  The world is a dangerous place and it is literally out to get you. Because Grimm. Everywhere.
    • Main Characters: Your character may be the main character of his or her own story, but there are many, many characters in the world. Nobody's characters should have plot armor or be generally protected from the world in any way.
    • On Combat Prowess: If your character is a first year student at Beacon, their skill level should reflect them being a first year at Beacon Academy. A 4th year should have an advantage against you, and a graduate should have an even larger one.
  • Canon Characters. Canon characters do not exist in canon threads. You may play with or as canon characters in the non-canon section, but not in canon threads.
  • Be descriptive. Add details to posts to add color the current setting. As with characters, others can only imagine things based on what you write. Ask for clarification if something doesnít make sense to you. Describe how your character does something.
    • Realism. RWBY is a complex and action-filled world. Generally its easier to perform great feats in this world compared to real life. But do not go over the top. Things you create should fit within the world of Remnant.
  • Consider the situation. Your posts should reflect the happenings of previous posts. Actions have consequences, both good and bad. When describing something your character does, consider what actions may typically resolve from the situation. If your character is robbing a bank, somebody is going to respond and generally try to stop you. And in RWBY, it may even be one, or several of the bystanders.
  • Respect time. If you can imagine the previous posterís character spending five seconds doing what they did, your post should also consume about the same amount of time. This rule is especially important during time-sensitive situations such as combat but can be very flexible depending on the situation.
  • Follow thread-specific rules. If thereís a posting order, abide by it. Combat systems, such as monitoring Ďhit pointsí and dealing damage and the like are possible and solely up to the thread creator.
  • Tag threads appropriately. [Open] means anyone can join. [Closed] means only those with permission. [Event] is restricted to staff run threads. [Vale City] is a location tag, letting people know where your thread is happening without having to read it. Tagging locations may help others find threads they can join. Otherwise, you may create your own tags, but make sure the tag name is understandable by others. Untagged threads are considered open, so be careful.
  • Non-Player Characters. NPCís are controlled by those who introduce them into a thread unless prior arrangements are made.


  • Avatar and Signature. Your avatar and signature should not be unpleasant to look at. Consider others. No animated images, refrain from overly large text or long signatures, as they take up space.
  • Advertisment. If you want to advertise something you have to send a message to staff first and there's no guarantee that we'll okay it,.
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