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Studying Group [CLOSED]
« on: August 27, 2019, 03:06:58 PM »
     I would sit at a wooden table in the library with 4 seats in each opening by the 4 legs there are. I'd be reading a book on Science trying to study for any pop quizzes that might happen. There'd be a cough here and there but i'd still stay quiet. The book had a cover with blue and a beaker with green stuff fizzing out. I'd continue to read silently. "What is it that makes diseases caused by viruses and bacteria hard to treat?" I'd think on this question. I'd take out my scroll, the wallpaper had a pink frosted background with a teal bear with an UwU face on it. Since I was near books about diseases I would grab a book for viruses and sit back down. The library had 5 shelves all with signs on the walls explaining what each shelf and their topic. Shelf 1. Math, Shelf 2 Quantum Physics Shelf 3 Science, Shelf 4 Diseases (Where I am), Shelf 5, Reading books of all genres. The librarian would sit at her desk working on her computer and i'd be reading this book on diseases. "Viruses change overtime because of mutation, this makes the virus evade the immune system." I'd go over this as a review in case a science quiz comes up.
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