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WiP Characters / Nier Galicia Regenyei
« on: August 30, 2019, 03:18:53 AM »

Name: Nier Galicia Regenyei

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Female Arctic Wolf Faunus

Occupation: Fourth Year Student at Haven

Appearance: Nier stands at 5' 10"/178cm and possesses a lean body, appearing quite slender but weighing around 60kg. She has pale skin, red eyes with a slight tinge of magenta, and waist-length snowy white hair usually arranged in a braided chignon topped by her white wolf ears.

For her everyday clothes, Nier wears a white long-sleeved button-up shirt with a blue ribbon around the collar. Over it, she wears an abyssal blue tailored cardigan with the white cuffs of her shirt going over at the wrists. She also wears a skirt of the same color that ends at her knees, the hem underlined with white lace. Nier did not acquire these clothes by herself, but they were tailored for her in a quid-pro-quo proposed by another student that came from a fashion background, in exchange for upgrading various components of their weapon to suit them better. Finally on her feet, she wears black boots that go midway up her thighs and white stockings that end about an inch above.

Nier also wears a leather brown belt around her waist. On the left side of it, she keeps a dagger sheathed in front and a waterskin hanging behind. On the right side, she keeps two rectangular pouches behind holding extra Dust pommels for her sword. She also keeps her sword hanging from her back from a strap going diagonally down from right to left along with her circular shield. They can be easily taken off and reattached from the strap because it’s cool.

History: Little is known to the world of Remnant about Nier’s biological parents—she was born a mistake made one night between a huntsman-in-training and his teammate. When they learned about the unexpected pregnancy, her father had wanted to keep the child so her mother, staying by his side, left the school so she could raise it. When the child was conceived under the name Estelle, her mother took care of her, but was discomfited at her inability to speak. Her father graduated the academy just a short time after and was ambitiously determined to raise the money to help his child. However, misfortune soon happened and his first mission tragically ended his life and his teammates’. This caused her mother great grief, which quickly turned into anger at everything: the world, fate, her decisions, her lover, and her child, whom she could no longer bear to look after. So on a warm summer night, angry at being shunned for being a human who had a child with a faunus, she went into the depths of a forest and left her child where the light of the moon could not permeate the canopy, and it was expected that Grimm would dispose of her quickly. She was then never seen again. However, the child slept soundly, and peacefully within the utter darkness that would later become her namesake and thus didn’t attract any Grimm. The biggest reason that they weren’t there to claim the young infant’s life though, was because they were all preoccupied with someone else in the forest, a 47-year-old lion faunus by the name of Loriam Regenyei who had recently lost his own lover and deserted the White Fang.

Background on Loriam Regenyei: ShowHide
Loriam was the younger of two Regenyei siblings, his brother Magnus being two years older than him. Their father was a Huntsman who died in battle when Loriam was two and much too young to remember him well, but his brother was old enough to understand the grave circumstances. Magnus decided to step up and take care of Loriam, not attending school for several years while their mother worked hard as a blacksmith to earn money. Eventually as time passed, their lives began to stabilize and Loriam grew up as more of a dreamer than his brother. Attending school normally, he was bullied for his faunus traits though his brother often protected him and the two started practicing in how to defend themselves. They also both developed a desire for faunus to live as equals to humans. In order to do so, Magnus felt the need to get stronger and so he joined Sanctum Academy despite having reservations about being a Huntsman due to his late-father. Loriam, who began learning to craft weapons from his mother while his brother was away, soon followed and the two were inseparable throughout their time at the academy with Magnus being the better fighter and Loriam the better student. As they went on to join Haven, with Loriam possessing the tenacity to move up to the same year as his brother, they ended up on the same team. They continued their education, growing into powerful fighters and Loriam becoming an expert blacksmith and graduated as fully fledged Huntsmen. The two also became great leaders, a charismatic power-duo that spoke out for faunus rights, rallying faunus behind them as they joined the White Fang.

However, there was a difference in their ideals which grew alongside the separation in the White Fang along with their mother’s passing. While Magnus believed faunus should show their strength to stop oppression, Loriam wanted the White Fang to be admired by defending the people from Grimm. He forged weapons for its members and led a small group in defending towns and villages. However, the help they provided wasn’t always received with appreciation which caused more of the members to gravitate towards Magnus. Something else that caused a rift between the two brothers was that they grew to love the same woman, a jaguar faunus by the name of Irinah Galicia. Irinah developed feelings for Loriam due to his kindness though, and they became lovers which filled Magnus with envy. This affected his decisions and as more members of the White Fang followed him, the divide between the two brothers continued to increase. One day, as they had just defended a village from Grimm, the humans rejected them, saying that their help was unwanted. This caused Magnus to snap and he violently retaliated with the members behind his back with Loriam unable to stop them. Filled with horror at what the White Fang had done and become, Loriam decided to leave with Irinah. As they made their way out of the camp, they were stopped by Magnus and several members. Magnus, who could be considered mad at this point, accused them of betraying the White Fang and ordered them to surrender. Loriam refused, and as the other White Fang were told to seize them, he struck out and sent them flying backwards. He then took Irinah and ran, but they started getting shot at. Knowing that Irinah wasn’t much of a fighter and didn’t have much aura to protect her, Magnus ordered the men to stop but they were out of control over the sound of gunfire and by the time he roared out the order once again, she had been mortally wounded. With her dying breath, Irinah apologized to Loriam and told him to run. He reluctantly did so, knowing that Magnus would respect her enough to give her a proper burial and ran deep into the forest.

As Loriam ran, his immense sorrow drew all the Grimm lurking towards him, but none were a match for the swings of his massive blade empowered by his rage. As the onslaught eventually stopped, the battle-weary Loriam continued through the forest until he eventually collapsed to his knees in a clearing, despondent at his loss. However as the night continued on, he began to sense that he was being watched. Gathering his thoughts as much as he could and scanning around with his faunus vision to see if there were more enemies about to attack him, they soon fell upon the abandoned infant. Unable to believe his eyes, he cautiously made his way towards the girl, who had woken up and was silently staring at him. As someone who believed in fate, Loriam made a decision in the moment to take the girl in, despite not knowing much about parenting. Not knowing her real name, he named her Nier, with the middle name Galicia in honor of Irinah, and finally gave her his own surname before activating her aura. It glowed a solid royal blue at first but seemed to immediately draw in some of the darkness from around her which permanently tainted its color. Taking the child in his arms, he began to travel south with a determination to survive. He knew the White Fang would be after him so he had to hide away, his destination being an old ruined castle that he once spotted during a mission. Arriving at Castle Lycoming a few days later and stashing Nier in a small hole within the roots of a nearby tree, Loriam entered the ruins and managed to single-handedly dispatch all the Grimm lurking within including a pack of Beowolves at the entrance, numerous Creeps everywhere, two Death Stalkers, a King Tajitu, three Griffins, six Gheists patrolling in various places within suits of armor, and finally one more Gheist that formed a golem from a pile of collapsed stone. After heading back to pick up Nier, he double-checked everywhere to make sure he got everything, then started to explore and set up their new home.

Nier’s Childhood: ShowHide
Things calmed down a bit after that. Loriam wasn’t completely confident in his parenting skills, but followed his instincts as a faunus and always did his best. One thing he did that made him guilty was capturing a female wolf and harvesting its milk to feed Nier, an act he knew was inhumane but felt was necessary for survival. He killed its litter out of mercy to prevent their starvation and planned to eat them, but was unable to bring himself to do so and instead lived off of a wild boar he had hunted. Because of this though, Nier grew up strong and healthy, taking her first steps very soon and eventually started becoming accustomed to only eating ground up fruits and berries along with meat. Soon, Loriam began teaching the young girl basic survival skills while trying to work through their communication issues. Despite being mute, Nier started picking up language and being able to put meanings to objects as Loriam constantly talked to her and tried to teach her the names of various wild fruits and plants. The first word she learned was ‘mango’. She was confused why she couldn’t make the talking noises that Loriam made but it eventually stopped mattering because her loving father always reassured her that was okay. Wanting to develop Nier’s combat skills as early as possible to increase her chances of survival, Loriam frequently ran around with her in the courtyard and crafted her a light wooden sword to ‘play’ with. By age three, Nier was already able to thrust at a tree with her father patiently helping her to hone her technique, who also made a game out of teaching her proper footwork in swordsmanship. She also began to accompany her father into the woods to gather food and avoid the poisonous or unfamiliar ones, watch her father hunt and learn how to stalk prey, and practice archery at home on a smaller bow. They came across Grimm a number of times, and even though they avoided confrontation as much as possible, Nier quickly learned of what exactly her father was teaching her to defend herself against.

Another year passed, with Nier continuing to develop her survival skills. Her father felt that she had a sizable aura at this point and had walked her through the process of forging using metal found in the castle, crafting her a light sword for self defense and teaching her how to stay safe with it. She also started being able to handle the gathering on her own as her father hunted while constantly listening for signs of Grimm. As they honed her swordsmanship and archery skills, Nier also started learning the alphabet off of old books in the castle, her father helping her to memorize the symbols and the sounds they made despite not knowing how to speak. “Can you point to the letter that goes: arr?” She also began picking up more on the basics of swordcraft, with her father teaching her things such as the various parts of a blade, why a blade should be shaped the way it is, and the advantages that different shapes provide, along with detailing on each step that goes into making a sword while ingraining the process into her with practice, but not actually committing the resources. On the sixth anniversary since their meeting, Nier fought and killed her first Grimm. She had already seen her father fight on a couple occasions and was ready for the trial in front of her. She stood in a longpoint stance as her father, clutching the angry Beowolf by the neck, hurled it towards her. As it landed, it decided that it hated Loriam more and charged him, but was given a boot to the face to encourage it towards the young girl. Shaking its head, the creature finally spotted Nier and charged her. As Nier stood ready, anticipating its attack, it lunged forward and barreled her to the ground. They struggled for a couple seconds with Loriam hanging close by if he needed to intervene, but suddenly the Beowolf grew limp and disappeared as Nier managed to grab its lower maw and direct it away with her aura-protected hand before immediately shoving her sword through its throat. She slowly stood up, exhausted and shaking but feeling accomplished at her first kill, now with experience of how dangerous these things could be.

They celebrated that night with a feast, and Loriam allowed Nier to actually forge a sword by herself starting from calibrating her desired balance, then heating up the forge. As the process continued, he only stepped in from time to time to remind her of pointers and make some minor corrections so that the result wouldn’t be anything less than perfect. At the end, Nier finally produced a weapon that was completely comfortable for her to wield. Nier continued to hone her skills with this blade, growing into a talented fighter who quickly became accustomed to live training against Grimm.

The Lion and the Wolf: ShowHide
Nier had also started being able to hunt with a recurve bow that her father helped her to make. Eventually, her father started letting her hunt by herself, relaxing nearby in case he’s needed. On one of these days, the girl wandered off into the forest and came back about two hours later struggling to carry a large, slippery carp in her arms. Loriam sat up, surprised that the 9-year-old Nier had managed to learn to bowfish by herself, and gave out a hearty laugh while mentioning how he hoped Irinah was seeing this. He taught her how to clean and prepare the carp, then they ate it for dinner that night. From that day on, fish became something on their regular diet, a welcome change from the wild game they had grown used to. A few more months passed, and on another day that Nier had been out hunting by herself, she came running back, hurriedly pulling on her father’s arm and pointing towards the direction she came from. Her well-developed faunus hearing had picked up some alarming sounds in the distance, so picking up his blade, the two ran to investigate. They soon happened upon a pack of Grimm that were closing in on a small group of three travelers, along with two hired guards that were killed and the third wounded. The two exchanged a look of understanding, then jumped in to help. Loriam went in first, letting out a mighty roar to announce his arrival and draw the attention of the Grimm. As they charged him, he began to cleave his way through the creatures as Nier flanked them and swiftly maneuvered around, taking out the weaker adversaries and exploiting the openings of the Grimm that had their focus on Loriam. With the teamwork of the father and daughter, the creatures were quickly dispatched and Loriam approached the traveling party with Nier silently watching from behind. They learned that the group had decided to cut through the forest but lost their way, and the ensuing argument ended up attracting the Grimm. Telling them to rest and recover at Castle Lycoming, Nier lead the way back, followed by the three travelers with two supporting the wounded guard, and Loriam behind carrying the bodies of the fallen guards. Arriving back home, they wrapped the bodies of the dead so they could be brought home, then fed the survivors of the attack as Loriam taught Nier how to take care of the wounded. Giving them some beer of his own brew that he had developed since his time in Haven, Loriam sat down to exchange stories with them to get their minds off of negative thoughts as Nier went outside to stay alert and ponder the deaths of the two men. She wondered if they too had daughters like her, and what she would do without her father. She quelled the thought from her head, reminding herself that they were strong together and just sat in her usual silence, listening into the dark night with one ear and the conversation inside with the other. Meanwhile, Loriam was telling his own story up to this point which would inspire one of the travelers, a young writer, to eventually go on to write the story The Lion and the Wolf about an old lion ousted from its pack that finds an abandoned wolf cub and raises it as its own. As several days passed and the group became ready to head out again, Loriam and Nier worked together to build a cart, forge better weapons for the two guards, and sent them off with Nier guiding them until a point where they can make it on their own.

- When Nier is 13, Magnus comes to the castle, wanting to claim the castle for his group of White Fang
- Loriam fends them off and tells Nier to run. Nier runs while listening to the battle, and ends up changing direction and kills the weakened, distracted Magnus from behind. She kills the last two remaining members, however Loriam already received mortal wounds. He tells Nier that she now has the burden of blood on her hands and from now on she should always try to use her skills to protect people, though she should always be ready to fight any enemy.
- Nier spends four more years living alone and surviving with the skills her father taught her. She killed Grimm almost every day and sometimes protected those making their way through the deep woods.

- Her sword gets uncomfortable and feels a bit small so she makes a new one.

- Spends another year fighting alone, though knowledge of her has made its way around.
- Mistral wants the castle back because the area is safer now, so they tactfully send a professor and invite Nier(now 18) to Haven
- Nier agrees and takes a test. Doesn't do too hot on the academic test but it was graded with soft eyes due to their agreement and that they know she has good intentions. Passes the combat tests with flying colors and even seems to be having fun during the Live Combat Test
- Eventually a person from a museum of Faunus History convinces Nier to sell them her father and Magnus's swords. Even though she received quite a bit of money, the main reason she agrees is so her father can be remembered.

Personality: Much of Nier’s personality is greatly affected by her muteness, along with growing up far outside of society which has also allowed the animal side of her faunus traits to develop further. Her adoptive father never learned how to properly raise a child, especially one that provided such communication challenges but he loved her and always did his best, partially as a way to honor his deceased lover. Because of this, Nier is not a self-conscious person and doesn’t really have a sense of pride. She still carries herself with composure but never feels embarrassed or offended, her face almost always in some form of neutral expression with her emotions only subtly showing through her eyes.

Because she can’t speak, Nier has a variety of ways to communicate. First, she frequently points to things for a wide variety of reasons which can possibly be confusing for her peers and if misinterpreted, would likely just perform the exact same gesture again. When Nier points, she always does so in an assertive manner, fully extending her arm with her finger slightly snapping up towards the end to perform a beautiful, eloquent point, yet not too dynamic to be considered flashy. She also communicates, partly unconsciously, with the position of her canine ears which could be a way for others to understand what she may be thinking if one is either experienced with dogs or familiar with her. Finally, she never really types on her scroll to convey her thoughts unless specifically requested to do so, and even then she tends to write very low-effort messages without proper capitalization or punctuation. However, Nier is a great listener, and a patient one. When people are talking to/at her, even if they’re ranting or incoherent, she gives them her undivided attention and fully considers what she can understand. She doesn’t often give her input on the matter though, unless it is asked of her. If it is, usually she would either point to the ground to signify disagreement in some form, or point to the person talking to signify that it’s up to them.

   From the time she spent alone killing Grimm with nobody around to control her, Nier has developed a sort of instinctive bloodlust which was what resulted in her semblance. It is not so much a desire to fight or kill, rather it is borne of the satisfying feeling of constantly plunging her perfectly balanced sword into Grimm and forcefully removing it from their body every day throughout her sequestered years. It is a feeling that has been ingrained into Nier, something she constantly desires at the back of her mind, and is not limited to stabbing but encompasses any form of contact where she can feel the attack damaging Grimm tissue. It could even be considered an addiction, as if Nier goes for too long without experiencing this feeling of killing Grimm, she may get a bit moody and more withdrawn than usual. Despite this, most people won’t really be able to tell that she has this trait but it can show through her body language in combat whenever she viscerally executes her enemies with fervor. Her wolf faunus personality also had a significant effect in the development of this instinct from its vicious hunting traits, but something else that also plays a part is a minor sense of self-achievement.

   Even if Nier isn’t killing Grimm though, there are plenty of things she enjoys. For one, she is an extremely skilled smith through her father’s tutelage. With a solid understanding of the various parts and harmonics of a weapon, she is especially good at crafting swords and treats it like art, pouring her heart and soul into her creations and ending up with beautiful blades that could be widely considered paragons in terms of how they’re calibrated to their intended users. However, Nier is not as skilled in designing complex things like transforming weapons, though she can still make larger high-quality components if given the proper specifications. Along with smithing, Nier also brews her own beer, a tasty concoction that her father had developed since his years at Haven and taught her how to make. Nier also possesses many essential survival skills along with knowledge of constructing fortifications. She enjoys camping, barbecuing, and brooding in dark places such as deep forests, caves, or ruins. Despite all of this, Nier has an interest in just about anything, and is not one to shy away from unique and unfamiliar challenges, a belief she picked up from her father. As a final note, Nier is one of those people who eats a very large amount of food and never seems to put on any weight.

Aura and Semblance: The color of Nier’s aura takes on an abyssal blue hue reminiscent of the deep sea with streaks of black swirling through it. She possesses the following abilities:
  • Blast: Nier can blast aura through her dagger when buried hilt-deep in Grimm to cause massive internal damage.
  • Stomp: Nier slams her foot downwards while sending out a blast of aura, creating a shockwave that travels out and knocks nearby enemies off balance but doesn’t do any damage. This technique was a favorite of Nier’s father, but he wasn’t able to teach it to her before his passing. However, Nier was already capable of weak aura blasts at that age and when she tried to replicate it at Haven, her aura instructor saw what she was trying to do and helped her work through it.
  • Regeneration: Due to the advantages her semblance provides in battles of attrition, Nier's instructors recommended her to specialize in regenerating her aura. Having done so throughout her years at Haven, when sitting down and resting with a healthy state of body and mind, Nier is able to completely regenerate most of her aura in just twenty minutes.

Semblance: Perseverance - Nier's semblance is a semi-passive ability that affects how she recovers her stamina. It is generally triggered through her desire to feed her instinctual bloodlust and not wanting to be slowed down after noticeable fatigue. Upon activation, even when running, her stamina will recover about as fast as she expends it. This is useful in melee against Grimm when indulging herself with the feeling of her blade entering her enemies but not so much if she’s relying more on her ranged Dust utilities. Furthermore, this also means that if she doesn’t want to kill her opponent such as when fighting other students in a tournament match, it won’t activate. Finally, if she is not sensing any more enemies to kill, the regeneration will deactivate if it is in effect. When stamina recovery starts up, Nier’s aura will visibly manifest around her. Her eyes will also flare up with a vivid red glow, the contrast and lens flares piercing through the dark shades enveloping her form.

Combat Behavior: In combat, Nier is very agile and possesses moderate strength for a fighter of her level. She is a fast sprinter but can regulate her speed quite well to stay alert of her surroundings and maneuver around tight corners while maintaining a brisk pace. Her faunus hearing and aura allows her to detect things all around her but this also creates a significant weakness to high-pitched or extremely loud noises such as those from a dog whistle, which would cause her much discomfort and make it extremely difficult for her to focus likely forcing her to retreat.

As for her fighting style itself, Nier mostly prefers practicality and her swordsmanship bears a high resemblance to realistic German longsword fencing. Her accurate thrust-oriented techniques make her well-suited to taking advantage of the gaps in heavily armored opponents such Grimm, and she possesses great instincts in regards to spacing and analyzing her opponent’s reach. If she’s closer to her opponent, Nier can also grip the midpoint of her longsword’s blade with one hand, significantly increasing control over the tip while her sword hand still applies force from the grip to thrust the blade deep. Nier is also quite skilled in the use of her shield, being able to angle it to redirect the brunt of heavy attacks and deflect projectiles to a certain degree. One way she likes to use it is to stay at a calculated range in order to bait an attack from her opponent before closing in and slamming the shield into the attack’s center of gravity such as the base of a Grimm’s forearm against a swipe, or a sword’s point of balance. This can send the attack careening in the opposite direction and may open up a window for her to impale her enemy (Grimm) with extreme prejudice. Finally, Nier can grip the blade of her sword with both hands and perform a technique known as a Mordhau where she treats it like a warhammer and bashes the crossguard into her enemies with great concussive force.

Lastly, we come to Nier’s dagger. While its effectiveness is greatly diminished against those protected by aura due to its very short reach, against a ‘vulnerable’ opponent such as Grimm, she is able to deal a large amount of damage with it in the case of a successful attack (“critical hit”). The small size of the weapon actually proves quite advantageous in this case—the high degree of control it provides her in extreme close quarters, even more so than half-swording, allows her to aim for the gaps between armor plates with pinpoint accuracy. Upon doing so, Nier sends a burst of aura through the dagger to cause massive internal damage or straight-up make the Grimm explode. This is where most of the mortality comes from, and also the reason why it is important to use a small piercing weapon like her dagger that can be easily buried hilt-deep.


Name: Blackbane

Primary Form: Type XVIIIb Longsword - Blackbane possesses a long, acutely tapering steel blade that is extremely well-suited for thrusting deep into the gaps of Grimm armor, but its rigid cross-section makes it less effective at cutting. The overall weapon is quite light and agile and, coupled with a comfortably waisted royal blue leather-wrapped grip, provides a high level of control over the tip even when using the weapon one-handed. Its cross-guard is quite sturdy with slightly pointed ends, which helps to focus a lot of the force from a Mordhau to a smaller point of contact.
Appearance: ShowHide

Dust Functions: Blackbane has a standard “scent-stopper” pommel, but with a Dust crystal at the end allowing it to be used like a stave when holding the blade. Pommels usually have a ‘closed’ and ‘open’ form, where pressing a button causes the pommel to open up and expose more of the Dust crystal for a more powerful effect. When the pommel is in open form, the blade of the sword can be embedded into the ground for an area-of-effect attack around Nier that uses up the remaining energy within the Dust crystal. The pommel can be easily detached via a release and switched between Fire and Ice Dust for the following effects:
  • Ice
    Closed: Sends out freezing projectiles that create a small cluster of ice crystals on impact. Can be charged for one second to fire out a spread shot of five projectiles. One pommel can hold a total of twenty projectiles.
    Open: Sends out a freezing beam that lasts for four seconds and freezes things solid within one second of direct exposure. Also creates clusters of ice crystals wherever it hits. One beam has an equivalent cost to ten projectiles.
    Ground: Creates a freezing field that sweeps out over a six meter radius in three seconds at full power and creates ice crystals sporadically. The freezing effect depends on the power within the Dust crystal.
  • Fire
    Closed: Sends out a stream of fire that reaches up to three meters. One pommel can last a total of twenty seconds.
    Open: Sends out a 1m diameter fireball that explodes upon impact. One fireball has an equivalent cost to ten seconds of use in closed form.
    Ground: Explodes outwards, turning a three meter radius around Nier into a fiery inferno at full power. When the sword is taken out of the ground, has a lasting effect of surrounding the blade with fire for twenty seconds at most.
History: Nier’s father raised her with a solid understanding of the various attributes and harmonics of a blade that contribute to its overall effectiveness and proper usage, along with ironing out misunderstandings that would make anything she forged less than optimal. With this knowledge ingrained into her at the early age of six and with plenty of practice, Nier created her first ‘perfect’ sword with her father’s help suited to her thrust-oriented fighting style. She used it to continue honing her technique for three more years before the events that led to her father’s death tainted her blade with the blood of the violent White Fang members. However with four more years living in solitude while hunting the Grimm prowling the forest around the castle and protecting the occasional passing traveler, Nier quickly grew into a young lady and the sword that once felt just right within the hands of a young girl wasn’t as much of a perfect fit anymore. So she stashed it in a box and went on to forge a new paragon, naming it Blackbane with hope that she would only need to use it against the forces of darkness. As one more year passed, Nier, now eighteen years old knew this blade like the back of her hand. After the events that led to her enrollment at Haven, she improved Blackbane with a better grip dressed with a shade of her favorite color. Along with that, after diligently studying Dust in order to further her skills in weapon crafting, in just one year Nier was able to meticulously implement the pommel system without noticeably affecting the balance she had grown used to.


Primary Form: Cestus - A leather cestus with a metallic band that is kept hanging on the left side of Nier’s belt and is easy to slip her hand into.

Dust Functions: A combination of Electric, Earth, and Fire Dust can be stored in the metal portion, allowing Nier to form a large two meter long projectile with a glass base enveloped in crackling golden lightning, and hurl it at targets like a javelin. It takes all of two seconds to fully create the missile and can only be used up to five times before needing a recharge, but can stake its target with great penetrating force before immediately causing an electrical explosion powerful enough to completely separate an Ursa Major’s upper and lower torso along with throwing out partially molten glass shrapnel.

History: Nier created this weapon in her third year after learning how to mix Dust. Initially it was only able to create glass but as she got more skilled, she added lightning for some shock value. The creation of this weapon was influenced by the mysterious person who saved her from the Nevermore that was able to form a spear in her hand.

Dagger: A sharp dagger Nier forged and keeps on the left side of her belt.

Shield: A sturdy but lightweight round metal shield, just large enough to cover Nier's entire torso. She keeps it on her back and can easily take it off.

Recurve Bow: A simple recurve bow created by Nier during her childhood with her father’s help to hunt for food. She doesn’t use it in actual combat, but is very adept at hunting game and has even learned to bowfish properly with it.

The Vale Region / [Redacted]
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MiA Characters / Redacted
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Everywhere Else / [Mistral] Summer Shopping (PM for invite)
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The WeXpo is an underground event held annually at the residence of Sheikh Faheem al-Yousuf in the Kingdom of Mistral where a number of individual grey-market weapons manufacturers showed off their latest creations hoping to sell them to various clients ranging from White Fang insurgents and private militaries to trusted Huntsmen and collectors. As some of these factions were enemies to each other, there was a strict code to WeXpo in that all-out-war was not allowed. While some people did occasionally ‘demonstrate’ a seller’s wares on others (to the seller’s delight at drawing the attention of prospective buyers), organized attacks would be faced with the Sheikh’s own security measures.

Having been invited for being Iris’s agent last year in helping the Sheikh cure his son of a rare disease, Amane was currently attending the event. Having spent all day browsing through the smorgasbord of weaponry ranging from small-but-deadly laser pens to armored vehicles, Amane was currently at one of the booths in the garden area, sipping an earl grey vodka martini and inspecting a portable anti-material sniper turret while listening to the merchant going over the details.

“This auto-rotating base here can connect to your scroll, allowing for remote control of the turret. Included in the fire-control system is a laser range-finder here, infrared camera right here, and various wind-reading devices so that you simply need to designate the target and it’ll perform the proper calculations for you. It can also be set to automatically fire at targets that enter its three kilometer radius, with filters for either Grimm, personnel, or both.”

“That’s useful. And how does it fare against hacking?”

“Its security has been thoroughly tested by our experts with many added layers of protection.”

Amane gives an approving nod.

“Would you like to give it a go?” The seller asks, handing a scroll to Amane and gesturing with his hand at a few targets across a kilometer long field.

Taking it, Amane looks at the scroll and taps the Activate button. The turret emits a whirring sound and comes to life with a click as the large semi-automatic rifle raised its barrel towards the targets. Tapping on one, it locks on and fires a shot with a loud bang, putting a hole through the center. Amane gives another approving nod and highlights a group of targets as the turret locks on and takes out each one in quick succession. Handing the scroll back, she said, “I’ll take it. You prefer cash or crypto?”

“Whichever you prefer.”

“Alright, transferring now.” She pulls out her non-transparent scroll and taps a few things while looking at the price tag before putting it back in her pocket.

The merchant checks his scroll to verify and then says, “Thank you for your business ma’am.” He shakes hands with Amane and packs the weapon up.

AMA Section / Amane Petrichor AMA
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This looks really fun, I want to do it too. You can ask my character Amane Petrichor anything.

WiP Characters / Matir Khan
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:55:26 AM »

Name: Matir Khan

Age: 21, born the 20th of Klever/March

Species and Gender: Human and Male

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Very big, very armor


Personality: Kind of dumb. Doesn’t really talk comprehensively.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Flame Orange | Abilities: N/A
Semblance: Messenger of Eruptions - Channels geothermal energies through his palms into things, mostly the ground, gathering it to cause a violent eruption.

Combat Behavior: Really tanky, very strong, does a lot of damage. Not agile but can charge in one direction really fast.


Primary Form: Mace

WiP Characters / Akane Tozawa
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:30:31 AM »

Name: Akane Tozawa

Battle Theme: Excision & Space Laces - Rumble
Battle Mix: Excision - Lost Lands Mix 2017

Age: 23, born the 23rd of Machlud/September

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: Huntress


Appearance: Akane is a Mistralian woman with fair skin, loosely curled light red hair tied to one side with a red ribbon, and blood red eyes. She usually wears a white button-up shirt with a black tie clipped to it and a casually worn rust-colored cotton blazer over. She also wears dark grey trousers, black converse sneakers, a red scarf, and an expensive watch.

-Art in progress-
Watch: ShowHide

History: Akane was born in a small village north of Mistral to two humble, but highly skilled professionals. Her mother was a physician with an expertise in giving checkups to huntsmen and huntresses while her father was a masseuse and acupuncturist who used aura techniques passed down through his family for generations. While they were eager for their daughter to inherit their techniques, they didn’t rush to teach her when she was little, knowing that forcing her to do something this difficult will more than likely deter her from wanting to learn in the future.

As Akane’s early years passed, she would meet many people who came to her parents’ establishment, the huntsmen and huntresses especially catching her interest. It was after she was inspired by their tales of heroism, adventure, and especially their freedom to travel the world, that she finally asked her parents to not only unlock her aura, but also enroll her in Sanctum Academy the next year when she was old enough. Her parents agreed, on the condition that she would study and inherit their techniques which she was happy to agree on.

The year before she went to Sanctum was an important time for her, because not only did she learn a great variety of aura techniques from her parents before schooling even started, she also met Yabash Khan, a child who was abused by his parents and bullied by others for his mental handicap, unusually large size, and faunus traits. Finding him bruised up in an alleyway one day, Akane brought him to her home, where her parents treated his injuries and fed him. However, they couldn’t do much about Khan’s parents due to lack of solid proof. Unable to simply stand by and do nothing though, Akane activated his aura so he can cope with their beatings easier. From that day on, Akane would always be there for him, defending him and teaching him to be strong. She also started calling him Matir Khan, a name that denotes courage and bravery instead of Yabash Khan, a name denoting defeat.

When time came for Akane to go to Sanctum, her parents also pulled a few strings and got Matir Khan in under that name too. The two, being practically inseparable, had all their classes together due to her ability to supervise and understand Matir Khan. They developed excellent synergy and teamwork throughout the years at Sanctum, but both never discovered their semblances until they went to Haven. While Matir Khan discovered his while wrestling a Beringel during the initiation of team ETKN (Extinction), Akane randomly discovered hers two weeks later while meditating during a thunderstorm. True to their name, ETKN brought an apocalypse with them onto the battlefield, with all four members capable of dealing huge amounts of crowd damage perfectly timed with each other. They were a very diverse group, with their leader Eleanor loving everyone and everything, Akane always doing whatever she wants, Matir Khan being mentally handicapped, and Nazar being a high-functioning sociopath. Despite this, Eleanor was always able to keep them together and well up until third year.

Nazar was the first to go, having been invited into a special training program with the Kingdoms to combat rogue huntsmen/huntresses at the start of the year. Akane, on the other hand, was utterly bored with school, feeling that she was more than ready and didn’t want to go through another two whole years. This went on for another half year as she continued to tutor underclassmen when eventually one of them, an ex-member of the White Fang came to her for help. His sister was taken and held hostage by the group to get him to turn himself in. He had nobody to go to, so Akane left to go help him out, wanting some self-justification to leave school. Matir Khan followed without a second thought - where Akane went, he went too.

After helping him out, she didn’t want to go back to the academy because she enjoyed the complete freedom from traveling the world and doing whatever she wanted. Completing various jobs for people all over the world and earning a name for herself, Akane ended up in Vale as Amane Petrichor’s sensei, teaching the latter aura detection along with various other things like the mentality of a veteran, staying calm under pressure, shuriken throwing, and most of all, a mindset on how to practice, train, and learn effectively. This went on for two years until Amane graduated from Signal and began going on missions.

A while later, when the Shiru attacked Vacuo, another Grimm attack happened near Mistral where Akane was. As all the huntsman were focused on the Shiru, the kingdoms didn’t know what to do until her and Matir Khan stepped in. Amane also happened to be doing business with Akane’s mother and provides them with long-range support. Together, they went from village to village fending off the Grimm attacks and slaying the Frostbite, a unique boss Grimm in the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a freezing breath that woke up from a deep slumber in Northern Mistral. Their accomplishments did not go unheard of with the kingdoms and both her and Matir Khan were given huntress status while Amane disappeared off, having finished with her business.

Now, Akane still lives her life doing whatever she wants without regard to her title as huntress, but still answers call-to-arms whenever the kingdoms need it. She also occasionally gives Amane some advice and training whenever she's around.

Personality: Akane is very calm and collected yet at the same time, spunky, completely self-confident, and possesses a rebellious side. A free spirit, she does whatever she wants, goes wherever she wants to go, and isn’t afraid to break a few laws as long as it doesn’t do harm to others. Despite this, she abstains from sex and drugs except for caffeine and occasionally expensive alcohol.

She’s very well-versed in the subjects of advanced anatomy, kinesiology, and aura, having grown up inheriting all her family’s techniques and gives massages to people from time to time. Akane is also an excellent teacher, being able to spot the flaws in anyone’s fighting style and giving suggestions on how they can develop effective ways to rectify them. She has quite a few unorthodox yet highly effective teaching methods up her sleeve, being someone who doesn’t just teach people what to learn, but also how to learn and practice efficiently. While she provides excellent hospitality to her students, she never goes easy on them when training them.

Finally, Akane is someone who eats a ton of food, despite her small stature. Big, giant Matir Khan already eats a lot, so people get shocked when Akane somehow eats even more than him. She does care what she eats though, and holds meals to a high standard.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Blood Red | Abilities: Strength, Shield, Blast, Detection
Semblance: Bloodstorm - Akane’s semblance allows her to shift into a particulate storm cloud made of blood that can freely zip around along any solid or liquid surface, even vertical and upside down surfaces. The cloud gathers and condenses moisture around her, using a process similar to aura healing to convert it to blood. If the moisture picked up is already blood, nothing is converted and cost is reduced.

In this form, Akane is still particulate and can be struck by attacks. The longer she utilizes this ability, the more draining it gets, exhausting exponentially. Prolonged use also consumes nutrients from her body and will make her very hungry. As such, it is mostly used in short bursts. If she uses her semblance in midair, she will automatically gravitate towards the nearest travelable surface before being able to control where she goes.

While her semblance has a few arcs of red electricity surging through it, they don’t have any significant effect except for making hair stand up and smelling like ozone. However, Akane is able to enter supercell form, where she stays in one spot and rotates the cloud around her at high speeds until it generates powerful enough bolts of electricity. She is able to continuously spin up, collecting more blood and electricity and rotational speed before blasting it all outwards to knock back and electrocute enemies. However, due to the exponentially increasing cost of her semblance, it exhausts her quite a bit.
Appearance: ShowHide

Combat Behavior: In combat, while Akane is completely confident in herself and her abilities, she always respects her opponent and starts off fighting at full power. As someone who meditates frequently to develop a clear mind and higher level of control over their consciousness, she gives off an aura of tranquility, even in the midst of battle and can also perform autosuggestion, filter out unnecessary thoughts, and divert her entire conscious state into a task.

As for physical abilities, Akane is someone who specializes greatly in movement speed and damage output with above average durability from her aura training, but is a bit lighweight. She utilizes instantaneous bursts of strength from her aura, perfect 0-degree edge alignment, blindingly fast attack speeds, and a long nodachi blade to become a great destructive force on the battlefield. On top of this, being a natural expert in anatomy and kinesiology, her strikes are mostly targeted towards weak points when fighting stronger enemies. She is also able to integrate her concealed knives into her flowing movements with a high level of secrecy and sleight of hand, slipping them into unsuspecting enemies who are too focused on the big sword and reconcealing it without them knowing what they were stabbed by.

Akane's fighting style is greatly integrated with Matir Khan's, both able to output a ton of crowd-control damage and compensating for each others' weaknesses. She uses Khan to output a ton of damage, disrupt enemy movements, or to act as a shield, while Khan relies on her to follow up on his attacks or to take out faster, smarter enemies that may be flanking him. Akane is also really good at knocking enemies into Khan’s eruptions and does so automatically.


Primary Weapon: A nodachi made of highly durable materials. Cherry blossom designs run along the flat of its 140cm blade and its handle is 40cm long with a grey cross wrap. It is carried in a sheath diagonally across Akane back, which can automatically unfold most of the protective covering and allow for easier drawing of the blade.

Dust Functions: The cherry blossom designs going along the flat of the blade are Dust channels with an open port at the center of each flower. It contains a mixture of kinetic, lightning, and air Dust that allows her to send out large ranged energy slashes through the air. If cuts aren’t enough to slay a Grimm, Akane can also activate the Dust to create a energy extension on her blade that vacuums the insides out of anything she slices through.

Concealed Carry: Akane also carries various concealed knives on herself and can throw them as shurikens.

WiP Characters / [Redacted]
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WiP Characters / Iris Mathoera
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:54:38 PM »
(Still going to be a while before I actually put this character up)


Name: Iris Mathoera

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Human and Female

Occupation: Biology Professor, Independent Marijuana Grower


Appearance: ShowHide


Personality: A very social and outgoing person, Iris is kind and always tries to inspire those around her and bring them up. At work, she is highly professional but also has a party side to her when the situation is appropriate. Many who know her believe she has a tendency to buy very expensive things when drunk, but in reality, Iris gets drunk in order to make a hefty purchase. Iris's single greatest asset is her vast intelligence. As someone who has a great interest in pretty much everything, Iris is great at studying and researching the world. She's a natural at constantly experimenting and optimizing everything in her life, especially those she considers great investments like her learning habits.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Black | Abilities: N/A
Semblance: Iris can summon black thorny rose vines that slowly leech the energy of everything they constrict and supplies it to her. When it leeches energy, red rose flowers will start forming on the vines. Iris is sort of capable with her semblance but her aura isn't super good.

Combat Behavior: Iris avoids combat as much as possible, and while she isn't anywhere near the same level of combat abilities of students at huntsman academies, she is competent at shooting her Walther PPK/S and can somewhat use her semblance well. She is also really good at golf, and if the situation ever came up, she could hit ranged targets with a golf ball.


Self-Defense Weapon: Walther PPK/S


Beacon Academy / ‘Independent’ Study (Open | Library)
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On a semi-busy day at the Beacon Academy library, Amane is sitting at an empty table doing some self studying. A large Grimm Anatomy book is laying in front of her, open to the Beringel chapter, along with copies of a few Grimm diagrams from the book that Amane printed out to take notes on.

Briefly checking her watch which was at 1:30 PM, Amane calculated and marked the center of mass of the Beringel on the forward orthograph as an arc to account for its gait, along with its weak spots marked with X’s. She then started taking short but detailed notes on the side, such as how much recoil control she needed to bring her gun from an average sized specimen’s center of mass to its nearest weak point before her next bullet chambered, along with how to adapt the numbers to varying sizes and distances. Giving her work a once over to make sure she was satisfied with it, Amane took a drink from her water bottle before continuing working.

MiA Characters / Amane Petrichor
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Name: Amane Petrichor

Age: 24

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: Atlas Specialist

Appearance: Amane has a moderately lean build of 168cm/45kg and could be mistaken for a student. She has light skin, amber eyes, and light brown hair kept around armpit to mid-back length. Her wardrobe consists mainly of dark and neutral colors with occasional streetwear-style printed t-shirts, and she often wears a dark grey military jacket with an Atlas patch on the left shoulder. She also has a black Panerai watch on her left wrist, black pants with a brown belt, black sneakers, a dark grey scarf, and occasionally a dark grey beanie.

Amen also has a pet penguin named Pachi, which she raised after finding it abandoned as a chick. Equipped with a small yellow backpack for carrying supplies, it likes to follow her around regardless of climate and collects stones for her to sling at monsters.

Drawn by LM7: ShowHide

History: Amane was born on the 20th of Arashi and raised in Atlas. Her father, Vilhelm Petrichor, is a huntsman who retired to making weapons after marrying her mother Naomi Tozawa, who moved to Atlas after her ninja village in Mistral was destroyed. As an infant, Amane’s parents found her to be quite odd but very low-maintenance. She never cried, but never laughed either, and always listened to everything they told her to do. She desired no frivolous possessions and when she had nothing to do, would simply occupy herself by pacing, doing very random things, or studying her surroundings.

As Amane grew up, she took ballet lessons and enjoyed piano and mathematics. She was placed in a gifted program at school which allowed Atlas to keep an eye on her, and was eventually invited to the combat academy slightly earlier than usual, accepting because they asked nicely. At Atlas, Amane used a tomahawk and karambit, both given by her father due to their high effectiveness against Grimm. She was average in combat and did well in academics, developing a reputation both for always keeping a cool head and the occasional clowning around while keeping said cool head. She also spent two years training with her mother’s relatives, developing some useful ninja skills before completing her training back in Atlas. After graduating, her allegiance remains with Atlas as a Specialist, but she frequently travels the globe as well, making connections and helping with missions across the four kingdoms while exploring in her free time. She has found her calling hunting large Grimm, notably once felling a charging Goliath by slinging an unstable Gravity Dust crystal into its eye, allowing her party to take it out as it thrashed on the ground. She is also a gifted investor, and has steadily built up a lucrative and highly diverse portfolio using her reward money from doing quests.

Personality: Amane is an enigmatic person who always seems to have a straight face that is unfazeable even by the impossible, but displays a sense of humor as well. Even though she was born unable to feel emotions herself, she can read and understand them very well and is empathetic towards others, and still possesses a habit of using emoticons even in formal reports. She is also assertive and confident, but doesn’t seem to have a sense of pride, never seeking acknowledgement for her achievements or her position as a Specialist. Finally, Amane is a fast learner and has an interest in just about anything crafting-related.

Aura and Semblance: Amane’s aura is black as Grimm. Her semblance, Shaman’s Blade, allows her to summon a dagger made of black, mist-like aura every couple minutes. Stabbing it into any Grimm’s exposed areas will cause it to go completely berserk for about two minutes. In its frenzy, the Grimm will lose control and start attacking everything within vicinity non-stop, be it man, animal, or other Grimm, whichever is most visible. Other Grimm will also aggro the berserk Grimm if attacked, but will still maintain their priorities.

Combat Behavior: Amane has average strength, average speed, average aura, and subpar combat technique, but her stamina is very high and her greatest strength is in her unwavering mental fortitude, possessing no emotions to draw the attention of Grimm and acting without hesitation. Her aura’s detection abilities are well-tuned and she has great spatial awareness and resourcefulness to utilize the environment to her advantage. She can also use her sling to hurl stones into Grimms’ eyes with deadly accuracy and while she does not carry a gun in combat, should the need arise to operate one, she can reliably hit fast-moving targets through skeet shooting with her uncle Dima. She specializes mainly in hunting large Grimm, can fare decently well against hordes, but isn’t comfortable against other people. Attacking others feels too homicidal for her so all she does is dodge, and dodge, and dodge, and dodge. She mostly dodges by rolling, but is able to perform other maneuvers as needed. She’s gotten very good at it, and can prolong duels to hours on end with neither side making any headway despite her average speed. Due to her less refined technique though, taking an attack position likely leaves her open to getting hit, and she doesn't like getting hit. Finally, Amane is able to two-hand her axe and charge it up with aura to deliver a devastating, but highly telegraphed blow.

Combat Theme: Go Shiina - Overcome this Crisis (Tales of Zestiria)

Weapons: Amane’s tools of the trade consist of a black tomahawk with a spike at the other end for breaking Grimm armor, a black karambit for slicing through tough hides, and a sling for hurling rocks and Dust crystals with great force. She has two pouches next to each other on her belt to hold ammunition, with one for stones and another for Dust.

For tracking purposes, Amane uses an aerial reconnaissance drone similar in design to the AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven, but with a thinner, sleeker frame akin to stealth aircraft. Launched by hand like a paper airplane, it primarily glides at 150 meters above ground while using a light Dust propulsion engine to generate lift for an endurance of up to ninety minutes before automatically returning to the user. Equipped with a suite of detection tools specialized for tracking down Grimm, it is able to permeate forest canopy, recognizing footprints and other traces on the ground while relaying the data to all connected scrolls.

When not engaged in combat, her tomahawk is hung slightly to the right behind her waist, her karambit is sheathed in front on her left side, her sling is very easy to stow, sometimes wrapped around her hand or just kept in her pocket, and her glider is slung diagonally across her back.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Hi, I’m Inexhaustive
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Hi! I’m Inexhaustive. I was led to this site by one of your members while looking for a roleplaying environment to test and flesh out some ports of characters from my own work. And since I’m already very interested (about to be invested since I’m here) in the world of RWBY, that’s perfect!

A little bit about myself, I am a 3D artist at Ufotable Animation Studio (How I got into RWBY in the first place) and in my free time, I like to drive, play the piano (Chopin is my idol and Winter Wind is kept in my pocket), bake french pastries (I pretty much love anything France), and work on my own game project. Languages I speak are Japanese (native), English (been learning since I was four), Chinese (three years), and I am still practicing my French (can’t get the accent right  ̄▽ ̄). I also have a mild obsession with organizing data (tables, graphics, JSON, you name it) and like to use parentheses a lot. Finally, I do not get offended easily and if you have any issues with me (I sincerely hope there won’t be), just feel free to let me know.

Anyways, thanks for having me and I can’t wait to start interacting with everyone’s characters in this intriguing setting!

WiP Characters / Amane Petrichor
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:29:35 PM »

Name: Amane Mathoera Petrichor

Age: 18, born the 20th of Arashi (April)

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon, Explorer

Appearance: Amane is 164cm tall, weighs 45kg, and has light skin. She has shoulder length blonde hair and amber eyes.

While Amane mixes and matches her apparel, her clothing of choice in the field consists of a dark grey weather resistant peacoat over a black polo shirt, dark brown jeans, a black beanie on her head, black moto boots, a dark brown scarf, an expensive watch on her left wrist, and a backpack with various supplies. She does not make any modifications to her school uniform unless its for things like weather conditions.

Amane also has a collection of expensive men’s colognes, which she wears interchangeably. She normally speaks with a British accent (RP) but can do a general American one well too.

Because of her semblance, her profile picture in the Beacon database is just a standard grey placeholder figure.

Appearance: ShowHide

Watch: ShowHide

History: Amane was born in Vale to not one, but two very successful scientists who were killed when she was little, assassinated in broad daylight on a highway as they were driving. The assassin, who was never caught, shot them both from opposing traffic with a silenced pistol while driving at high speeds. After ballistic experts confirmed that the level of sophistication and technique used was of huntsman level, an investigation was opened which led to the discovery that Amane's parents were involved in illegal activities and were assassinated when they wanted out to raise their child. Because of this, a large case involving a lot of lawyers ensued when it came time to decide what to do with the resources of the deceased and while it was eventually settled that money for damages would be seized and Amane would only inherit the remaining twenty percent of it, twenty percent of what the Petrichors had was still worth quite a lot.

As the cases were going on, Amane was taken in by the Mathoera family who were both also very successful scientists that respected her parents, even after they learned the results of the investigation. After quickly bonding with her new sister Iris, the two grew up together and as the years passed, Iris was invited to a school for highly gifted scientists. Seeing her sister and best friend moving up in the world, Amane resolved to do something that helped people too. She considered being a scientist but eventually decided it just wasn’t what she wanted to do. So, after her family told her they would support whatever she wanted to do, she decided to become a huntress and signed up for Signal Academy.

Even before discovering her semblance, Amane was really low-key and didn't like to attract attention, but was an excellent student who put in a lot of effort to train and study, even attending an extracurricular class to learn aura detection. However, she would slightly downplay her skills and never do anything flashy during demonstrations and duels, only getting passing scores so she doesn’t attract attention. After she discovered her semblance, she was even less there in the minds of others.

After graduating from Signal, Amane took an year off to work in the field, collecting lab samples for Iris, who graduated early and was immediately hired to work at a laboratory. This year for Amane consisted mostly of exploring ruins, but her searches have occasionally led her to exotic parts within the black market. Eventually though, Iris pushed her to go to Beacon so she can make friends other than Iris and finish her training to become a fully-fledged huntress.

Personality: Amane is a very grounded person who never panics and likes to thinks things through. She's also highly perceptive, good at collecting information, and willing to delve into morally grey areas. Despite her willingness to go around the law though, Amane advocates government infrastructure and “the system”, believing that a smoothly flowing civilization greatly increases humanity’s chances of survival. Amane understands that this could be considered hypocritical and while she believes it’s important to establish a code to live by, she’s too grounded to consider it (or anything else) sacred. Nothing is ever black or white and everything depends on the situation. Amane trusts only herself and no one else to make the right decisions and act in the best interests for the ‘good guys’.

Being an introvert, she doesn't talk a whole lot and tries to stay away from the center of attention, but can still make friendly conversation with others. While being somewhat withdrawn, she does have a slight humorous side and tends to make jokes occasionally.

Finally, Amane is also someone who lives life to a high standard while staying out of her comfort zone. She likes playing racing games, listening to house music, working on or riding her motorcycle, mixing cocktails to drink, and occasionally smoking weed. She dislikes greasy food, public restrooms, and disorganization in general.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Invisible | Abilities: Detection
Semblance: People will forget what Amane looks like if they don’t see her for twelve hours. She also doesn’t appear on camera. While this ability is passive and cannot be controlled, those who knew her before her semblance was activated can remember what she looks like. One drawback of her semblance is that it slows down her aura regeneration by 50%.

Combat Behavior: Amane is someone who fights with pure precision and efficiency. Highly skilled at controlling her rifle and aiming in a short time frame, she can land two to the chest and one to the head within a single three round burst from thirty meters away. Her movements are devoid of anything extra as she moves around with agility, her reactions are impressive, and she’s great at strategy and decision-making in the spur of the moment. Her environmental sense is also a major asset, which she uses on top of her aura detection to predict enemies and hit various “oddshots”. With her throwing stars, Amane uses them very strategically and is able to throw them in curved trajectories.

However, Amane is very lightweight and not the strongest person out there so in a match of physical strength, many people can overtake her. She also lacks short term stamina and defensive aura capacity, which gives her trouble with drawn out short-distance battles and makes her a glass cannon. Finally, Amane doesn’t have much experience working in a team, but she understands this and is willing to cooperate with team members.

Techniques: ShowHide

Holding Angles - Amane likes to hold enemy bottlenecks from covered firing positions, attempting to angle herself and narrowing down the bottleneck to around 200-300cm wide. Because of the narrow gap to shoot through, Amane’s fast reactions come into play here in order to mow down any enemies passing through the bottleneck.

One-Tap - AP rounds are expensive. Despite using an automatic rifle, Amane prefers to terminate enemies with one round to the head whenever the opportunity is presented.

Collateral Damage - Amane loves shooting targets that are lined up.

Prefiring - Amane is one who acts instead of reacts. Using the pings from her aura detection along with her environmental senses to deduce areas with a high chance of enemies, Amane keeps her gun pointed at where they are most likely to pop out, and can immediately fire at areas she knows where enemies are, even if she hasn’t seen them. Because of Amane’s trigger discipline however, there is usually a fifty millisecond delay for her to confirm that it is in fact an enemy.

Recoil Control - Amane not only has an excellent grip and stance to improve the grouping of her shots, she controls it with a fine level of precision, allowing the recoil deliver her line of fire to the next target. She mainly uses this for hitting a target’s head right after hitting its chest.

Spray Transfer - Amane is highly capable of changing targets without letting go of the trigger. Against two enemies placed about ten meters away and a maximum distance of three meters apart from each other, Amane is able to terminate the first one with her automatic rifle, then accurately turn to target the other within the .125 second interval of a next bullet being chambered.

Triple-Burst Failure to Stop - Amane’s signature technique, her version of failure to stop that is executed within a single three round burst from her automatic rifle. The first shot is either placed in the targets center of gravity near its navel, or on one side of its sternum. If placed in the center of gravity, she controls the recoil of her gun to let it instantly place the next shot to the target’s sternum. If the first shot is placed on one side of the sternum, she grounds the recoil to place the next shot in the other side of the target’s sternum. With the purpose of the first two shots being to stop the target in its tracks, Amane once against uses the recoil of her gun to place the third shot into the target’s “T-Zone” to turn off its lights. Amane is capable of doing this to enemies up to 30m away[/spoiler]
Techniques (Not ready for field use yet!): ShowHide

Cross Termination - "A group of enemies should not be seen as individuals, but a single group to be flowed through."
Somewhat a more advanced version of Spray Transfer, Cross Termination is a technique to use against tight groups of enemies where the user doesn’t let go of the trigger of an automatic weapon, but controls it, making every single bullet deliver a headshot to a different enemy. Amane needs to practice this technique a little more before it is ready to use in the field.

Crippling - “If you can’t find a weak point, make one.”
With Beacon Academy comes tougher, tankier enemies in the future. Amane developed this technique in preparation of that, which involves firing at certain kinematic weak points at the right times to cripple their movement, for example, the fulcrums of any strenuous actions the enemy might be performing, or even their center of gravity. Due to it being recently developed, Amane is not ready to use this in the field yet.


Primary Weapon: A powerful automatic rifle with a silencer, holographic smart sight, foldable stock, and a strap for easy carry. It has a twenty-round magazine Amane loads with armor-penetrating bullets (Each one costing the equivalent of 2$), and she also carries three spares. The rifle is capable of medium-range sniping.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Weapon History: As someone with a preference for practicality, Amane started out with an ordinary rifle and slowly customized it to fit her use case the best. The armor-piercing bullets come from some of her and Iris's contacts in the weapons department of the company they work at. They are well tested but are still officially considered experimental.

Secondary Weapon: Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Weapon History: "You should totally learn to shoot that thing."

Tertiary Weapon: Tactical Bowie Knife

Concealed Carry Weapon: FN Five-seveN with a suppressor and spare magazine.

Combat Utilities: 3x tactical high-explosive throwing stars, 1x smoke grenade, 1x flashbang, 1x incendiary grenade. Amane will also carry more powerful explosives such as breaching charges or remote mines if she's knowingly going into a situation that calls for it.

Backpack: Climbing gear, various lab sample-collecting equipment/supplies, flares, compact multi-tool (pliers, tweezers, awl, wire cutter, various shape screwdrivers, coarse and fine files, scissor, can opener, serrated blade, bottle opener), compass, flashlight, duct tape, steel wire, pens, lighter, water purification tablets, mirror, thermal blanket, lockpick set, compact parachute, first aid kit, bobby pins, two tourniquets, scroll and earbuds, and a water bottle.

Amane usually gets around on her black Ducati Panigale 1199 S motorcycle with an installed Termignoni racing exhaust system.
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Amane drives her black Equus 770 Bass when she doesn't feel like riding her motorcycle.
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Occasionally, Amane will also borrow one of Iris's cars to drive around:

Aston Martin 2018 Vantage
Color: Silver
Description: Fast and great for travelling in style, Iris purchased this car with her family’s money.
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Range Rover Velar
Color: White
Description: A great car for travelling with company and going on road trips, the Range Rover Velar is spacious, powerful, and great at off-roading. Iris bought this from money she earned as a professor.
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Mercedes E63 AMG (Alpha7 Performance Kit)
Color: White
Description: A comfortable, durable car that doesn’t attract much attention. After Amane installed a BiTurbo performance package, it became a monster capable of going from zero to sixty mph in under three seconds without compromising comfort.
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Amane bought a spacious high level suite in Vale with some of the money inherited from her parents, where she likes to get work done in or relax and spend time alone.
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After seeing results, the company Amane works at also gave her a spare medium-sized private side office to use, though she doesn't go there often. It has a very contemporary design with polished wood walls, a desk and a computer, along with a meeting area with two black leather couches across from each other and a table between with a small potted rare cactus on it.

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