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The Vale Region / Taking A Bull By The Horns [PLOT] [CLOSED] [FOREVER FALL]
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:35:35 AM »
     Sometimes to tell the best lies, you have to believe in them just a little bit.

     Today Kei was a conductor. A master of tickets, a local of the locomotive, and a champion of steam. Wait. Trains didnít run on steam nowadays. Or did they ever? Itís hard to tell when studying different things for a role. Well, as long as nobody asked, Kei was a conductor, and a darned handsome one at that.

     Donning her signature faux moustache and a pretty small sized uniform to fit her light frame, Kei neatly placed the hat on her slickly combed hair and proceeded out to collecting tickets for the day. Thatís what conductors did, didnít they? Except...there were no real passengers on board except for typical train staff and some oddly militarized robots. Well, there were the students and the professor but maybe they already got covered. Damn this job was tricky.
   Instead of going ahead to the on passenger cart on the dust filled train, Kei just made her way out to the corridor connections and rested her back across the door in between the trains, staring out into the red leafy mess that was Forever Fall. Taking a moment to appreciate the view, Kei silently judged the streets of her memories to the mellow cascade of leaves that painted the forest red. From barely functional streets, to hard concrete jungles, and then one lair to another,and then finally a school, she had made quite a ruckus in every place she was ever in and nobody even knew who she was. A bittersweet smile arose on her lips, past the bushy moustache, and she sneezed as the prickly hairs tickled her nose and sent the thing flying off past the car.

   That was fine, she guessed, she wasnít going to miss it anyways. Besides, why canít a girl be a conductor for once? What name should she go for? Red? Ruby? Crimson? Damned these leaves she couldnít think of anything but red...Fine. Red it is. RedÖBark...Not exactly a good name, a rather dumb one at that, but it was probably not gonna be much of a problem since nobody asked conductors for names. Though why she was on a train was another story all together, something she had yet to confirm before acting.

     "Ali, just what are you planning this time..."


   In the passenger car of the Crimson Express, Professor William Nox, Illustrious dust genius extraordinaire, was busy giving tweaks  to one of his many odd bots, that he so conveniently named 0ddB0ts, while four other students were promptly sitting across him as well. Next to him were several machines and gadgets that even he didnít need at the time, but there were so many that they practically filled his side of the train. Unlike the passenger dedicated ones, the car he was currently on had no dedicated rooms and all seats were in the same open space with a bit of walking space in between. On his side he pretty much hogged them all with one set of seats holding his massive wrench, while the others hand whirring machines that seemed like they might fall apart at any moment.

     The train just arrived in forever fall not too long ago and he was tasked to chaperone four huntsmen-in-training from Beacon and Atlas. Given his previous dabbles in the latter Academy, and the fact that saying no would just get people up in airs and ruin his precious work time, he agreed to taking in no more than 4 students from both schools.

     The students werenít really given a briefing though save for the rather generic message on their scrolls reading:

   Mission XXXXXXXX


   Task: Guard Porter Train Crimson Express to its Destination
   Date: XX_XX_XX

     Several smaller details were listed below the message with the train name and destination, the cargo, that being dust and some weapons of sorts, and local possible grimm types they might encounter. Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary for a plain escort mission for their year levels though couldnít they have relied on their defenses for that? Perhaps they were just being paranoid or maybe they had some info they werenít sharing. Whatever it was Professor Nox didnít seem to care and continued tweaking his odd spider-shaped robot as a single propeller drone ran itself into a corner.

   ďBiscuits, I need to fix the depth sensors on that one.Ē he groaned, dropping a screw and then scrambling after it with an extendable doohickey. He blabbered on to himself regarding sensors and screws and all sorts of incoherent technobabble which even the most advanced dust and mechanic student would have trouble comprehending before dropping the spider bot to the floor and walking over to the dead drone. 


     Wrenching his...well, wrench off the seat beside him, he plopped the thing rightside up and began dispensing some rich dark liquid from a small compartment on the side. One sip. Ugh, too greasy, but it should do. And then he downed the thing in one go, going back to working on the oddbot on the ground.


Plot Zone / Taking A Bull By The Horns [SIGN-UPS]
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:07:42 PM »
Haven't done a plot myself in a while so here's sign-ups to a maybe criminally related plot. (muahahahah)

Details are as follows:

1. Train escort through Forever Fall (Where the hell does this thing go anyways?) to edge of vale settlement or something.
2. Preferably teams, or a group of higher yeared huntsmen in training.
3. Dust shipment (cuz why not)
4. Chaperoned by none other than the great Professor William Nox himself. (Kids, you'll be doing most of the work)
5. Suspected attack on the train, they got robo guards but those things can't deal with shit.
6. The occasional grimm defense. They'd probably just get shot down by train defenses anyways.

Total of 4 Slots open and I'll be picking people according to how fitting they are with one another, compatibilty etc, and how often one posts. If you're accepted into the plot and you take too long to post, you WILL be skipped accordingly, either given a random GM reason or worst case scenario, maimed and put outta action. I'll be taking control of some points at my discretion for the sake of flow with a bit of auto-control, but nothing beyond the occasional auto-hit or move(that won't kill you. Probably, we can't kill without permission anyways.)

So Yeah, there we go. Sign-ups are now officially open. No I won't go beyond 4. That's already gonna be a clusterfudge.

RPG Discussion / What Do You Find Important In A Character?
« on: November 16, 2017, 06:01:58 AM »
With the release of Volume 5, I've decided to do a little thread on stuff since it's been quite a while since I've done a discussion of sorts. Sure I could always do away with this in chat but not everyone would be able to read each other's thoughts once it gets drowned out by other conversation. So here it is:

What do YOU find most important in a character?

Their overall design? Race? Their weapons(this is RWBY afterall)? Backstory? Semblance? Personality?

This topic covers both on-site characters and the show itself, if you want comparison so have at it.Anything counts and of course multiple things can count too but of course I'm not asking what degrees to which each things matter but what matters the most at the moment so no flooding the thread with a massive explanation of each thing but please do elaborate why you find one thing in particular more important than the rest. I'll withhold my own opinions for now but a lot of you probably know what things I tend to be nitpicky on in Character Creation.

 Oh, As always avoid spoilers for Volume 5, so if you're going to quote something please do so from the previous 4 volumes. Technically spoiler counts a week after public release but to be safe and fair let's stick with volumes 1-4 for now for reference and quotations sake.

Beacon Academy / Tongues of Fury [invite]
« on: April 12, 2017, 09:40:04 AM »
Ugh. Another day another pain in the butt. Wisteria never liked it when she had to replenish her dust reserves but running out right in the middle of a sparring session literally left her aching all over. It didn't help that she didn't do well in melee in general but standing  blankly thinking a fireball would come out only to get a tiny tinder really caught her off guard. Maybe setting a portion of the library on fire throwing burning literarure at two idiots didnt help with that.

After receiving her package out front, a good few refill canisters, Wisteria sighed and trodded along, not paying attention to her path. Most often people would actively avoid her when she had this much dust; they already did when she had a small amount in her gloves, but several canisters worth of angry elemental projectiles would certainly be something to worry about. And anybody who made her trip and spill it would be getting way more than just a bad scolding. Or scalding.

Every now and then Wisteria would hear other students talking about her temper. It wasn't her fault people were dumb as rocks, is it? No. They're inherently stupid thinking that jusy because she's a petite framed female that she'd let fools have their way with her. More than once did she have to visit the disciplinary office for starting fights but luckily she never caused any real harm save for property damage which was almost always fixed the same day by someone with a good repairing semblance of sorts.

Hearing some random guy mention her name with a certain derrogatory term akim to a female mutt, Wisteria turned and threw an encyclopedia from her bag at record speeds straight at the  bastard, losing track of where her cart was going and soon enough the thing found itself rolling down a slope.

Realizing too late that her supplies were getting away she shouted and took chase, tripping on her own feet as the cart started picking up speed towars a crowd of people downhill.

The Vale Region / Take What You Can - Give Nothing Back! [CLOSED]
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:36:03 PM »
In the dead of night the silhouettes of four masked individuals prowled the grounds of the target area in the far side of Vale near the heavy business district and not a mile away from the nearest police station. Smoke Shadows, as they preferred to call themselves, a small posse of white fang operatives hailing from major urban areas in Remnant particularly those of the major cities, majority of them hailing from Haven. Their existence is largely unknown to the kingdoms but the underground seems to know them as they really are. White Fang operatives consisting of once petty thieves led by an charismatic monkey faunus with a blue scimitar. The Smoke Shadows have been heard to have broken in to several secure locations once before but reports of them have since then dwindled to speculations and rumors. Not much is known of them to the underground save for the occasional appearance of their second in command, a snake faunus thief with a track record of breaking and entering having been in and out of prison several times since childhood. Sandwinder.

The group split up as Sandwinder's pair stealthily made their way past a patrol of guards and opted to stay in a nearby bush as they scouted the area. The building seemed to have little in way of windows and the nearest one was roughly several hundred feet high. Getting to the building without getting spotted through the front door was practically suicide with the number of imported Atlesian Knights guarding the immediate doorway and several human guards making regularly patrols. The task was simple, get the records of white fang activity in Vale, wipe them from the main database, and get out without causing a ruckus. That and planting a small hacking device near the servers. It shouldn't have been too hard but just a look at the area was intimidating enough that Sandwinder was beginning to think of staking out for a few days to study patrol patterns.

"Insertion successful. Sandwinder reporting in. The building seems to be heavily guarded at all entrances with guards posted around the perimeter with regular patrols. They're carrying automatic weaponry. Please advise."

"Then don't go through the front door, dumbass."

"Ugh, of course not but how do you expect to get inside then?

"Look up"

Sandwinder squinted his eyes and saw a masked, monkey tailed individual strolling upwards as if it were the ground. Shortly after another individual from a nearby building seemed to 'fall' towards the face of the building, his feet heading down first before his fall was slowed as if being tugged back towards his origin then finally plopped back with his back on the wall.

The radio cackled and a smug grunt sounded through followed by a sharp grinding sound muffled by something else. "Now hurry up sand for brains, we got a job to do. Let me make a little distraction for ya."

Holding a rock, the monkey faunus tossed it downwards straight towards a car outside the premises. The rock smashed into the windshield triggering an alarm prompting several guards to check it out, convenient creating an opening for the Sandwinder and his partner.
Sighing, Sandwinder signalled his partner to follow close and disappeared into building, making his way through the door while avoiding detection from droning cameras and an oncoming patrol. "You make this look easy, Ali." Sandwinder voiced over the radio.

"Easy? This is going to be like taking candy from a baby. Head for the emergency stairs, there aren't any cameras there. I'm sending beasty down to ya, should make the 'fall' up a lot quicker."


Ali clicked off his radio and put away the rather crude device back into his pack. Luckily the building seemed to have filtered CCTS transmissions but not short range radio waves. A flaw that Ali discovered a few days back when he scoped the place out. Sandwinder hated the bulky things but he'd take it a slightly ugly device over decades in jail any day.

Taking one last look at the city before jumping in the hole he and his partner made, Ali grinned and recalled a certain old friend of his fleeing to this city. Tucking himself inside the hole in the glass, he used his tail to pull the glass back in place and disappeared into the building behind his partner.


Kei woke up in the middle of class only to be scolded by the professor in charge before apologizing profusely for misbehaving. Making a mental note to steal his coffee later Kei gazed off at the board with beady eyes and recalled the tidbit of info she overheard last night at slum area.

The White Fang have obviously already infiltrated Vale judging by the news but they usually wouldn't be so reckless as to be outright terrorists without good information and materials. Of course this didn't mean that he would be involved in the recent on-goings but Kei had the nagging feeling that it might be the case judging by the description she overheard a night before. Monkey faunus, blue scimitar, former thief. All this pointed to Ali but she couldn't be too sure, or rather she hoped she was wrong.

After class the professor called on Kei and gave her an assignment of joining a few other problem students on a small community service mission around Vale. Luckily it wasn't plain cleaning the streets like before but to be paired with a few other, probably lower yeared, students was going to be hassle. Maybe she could use the opportunity to listen to get some info. She'd have to lay low though, her identity as a thief wasn't exactly known in Beacon save for her teammates and she wanted to keep it that way.

Deftly swiping the professor's coffee in one hand while walking away, Kei nodded as the old pompous man scratched his head looking for the drink while Kei handed it over to a confused girl entering the classroom.


Kei yawned as she waited for the so-called problem students to arrive, there were about....2?maybe 3 others according to the professor, not a very helpful estimate, and they were all late. Or maybe she was early, they didn't exactly have an exact meeting time. Playing with her yo-yo Kei idly listened in on passer-by's by the road in front of the meeting place and managed to pilfer a wallet or two from some people and return them with perfect grace before they even found out. Yawning again she checked the time and saw it was around 4 in the afternoon, not too late but still too early to be ditching the make-up task given to her.

Approved Characters / Talen De L'Eglantine
« on: January 02, 2017, 04:46:48 AM »

Name: Talen de LíEglantine


Species and Gender:Wolverine Faunus. Female.


Occupation: 3rd Year - Student at beacon.


Wolverine Faunus
Height: 5í8
Weight: 53 kg
Eye Color: Pale blue

Talen has a round face and big round eyes that could melt even the iciest of souls. Her cheeks have a constant pink tinge to them and her nose is small and petite while her lips are somewhat thin. Talenís hair and tail fur is a slightly blonde and brown mix with slight highlights of darker shades of brown around the edges and ends. On the top of her head a small tuft of hair can be seen curling upwards and is a sort of indicator of what sheís feeling at the moment as if it were a separate tail in itself. Talen has a slightly thin yet athletic build which clearly shows off due to her attire.

Attire: Talenís attire choice is based on her need for little to no restriction allowing for maximum flexibility and minimum allowance for snags and possible places to be grabbed from. She sometimes wears a pink jacket or hoodie to cover up her top when needed. Refer to Spoiler for ordinary appearance. Lower attire ranging from shorts, pants and skirts.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Note: Minus tail as faunus have one feature only(?)


Talen was born and grew up in a region in the north where winter was long and days were short owing to the location and climate. Large arboreal forests were common and snow and temperatures rarely rose above 19 degrees, even in summer. Talen was raised by her mother alone and never got to know her father early in life. Whenever she asked about her father her mother, Lilia, never spoke much about him only that he hailed farther south than where they lived. Talen lived a peaceful and simple life with her mother often playing around in the trees and snow despite it being extremely cold. There werenít that many people back in their village but they were kept safe from grimm attacks by the natural defenses given by environment. The village was situated in between two large mountains and was in a rather high altitude with large trees holding the ground in place though the occasional avalanche was usually a ways away. Talen idly passed her time playing with the occasional snow foxes and owls or helping her mother cook and take care of the elderly in the village.

In the following years that passed, around when she was only 10 years old, her mother died of disease but left her favorite scarf to Talen as a keepsake. Talen was heartbroken and weeped for days, not knowing what to do without knowing any other life. Being cared for by other villagers, most of them close friends of her mother, she steadily recovered and kept her smile despite the coldness encasing her heart.

During her motherís funeral Talen met her father for the first time and was told that she may either continue to live alone or go along with him to Vale, where he came from. Talen never heard of her father, and frankly didnít care for the longest time after her mother told her to stop asking. Her mother often seemed so sad whenever she asked so Talen stopped altogether just to see her smile instead of frown. Logan, Talenís father, stayed at the village for a week after the funeral and decided to help around with the occasional problems that arose such as stray grimm sightings or even hard labor. Talen was shy around him at first but eventually followed him around town, having nothing better to do, and pestered him with questions that she would have never asked her mother. Logan was a bit irate but always gave in to Talenís curious gaze and warm smile and told her all about his job as he spent the few days he did in their village. Talenís father was a faunus, same as her mother, but hid his identity to most people back in Vale. He called himself a huntsman and told Talen all about his exploits and adventures, asking forgiveness for never being there for her and for only finding out about her when her mother died.

Talen, being the kind soul that she was, forgave him but also wanted to learn how to fight grimm like he did, the stories filling her imagination, and her wild nature becoming more and more determined to be free and adventurous.

Eventually Logan had to leave the village and he asked his daughter what she wanted to do from then on. He had no experience handling kids and Valen wasnít really too kind to faunus at times, especially with the rising white fang incidents. Not understanding or caring about the small details Talen perkily tagged along and said goodbye to the people in the village. She was sad at first but the sadness was soon replaced by excitement and glee.

Once they arrived in Vale Talen settled down and started training with her fatherís fighting style while donning the same type of weapons- claws- and modified them with her dad's help to fit her liking. During the next few years while training under her father she was enrolled in Signal Academy and then proceeded to Beacon, being qualified due to her constant training and skill as displayed in the entrance exams.


Talen is extremely polite but can also be quite feisty when it comes to doing stuff she wants to do. Being a wolverine faunus she likes the cold and has the innate nature of being hyper and clingy. Talen gets embarrassed easily but still keeps her head up high,often not letting appearances be the judge of everything though insults still hurt her deep inside and cause her to start getting depressed later on. Being a caring individual, taking after her mother, she gets worrisome at times, especially if it comes to stuff she thinks she canít handle or if she feels those close to her are upset.

Talen is extremely ravenous when eating, owing to her wolverine nature, but oddly enough due to her metabolism she doesnít gain weight easily. In battle she is quick to rush right in and is more fearless than most due to her abilities. When it comes to fighting with people she cares about sheíd rather she got hurt than them and try her best to cooperate.

Aura and Semblance:

Tequila Sunrise(Name courtesy of her father. Subject to change in the future.)

Talenís aura takes on a warm sunny hue, often hidden like most people but obvious when using her semblance or taking hits. Talen is used to taking hits and has a rather high capacity, able to take more hits than the average person despite her smaller build.

Talenís semblance allows her to manifest a projected humanoid avatar nearby only able to go as far as 2m away from her. Talenís attacks can pass through the Avatar at will, allowing her to attack past it but enemy attacks or even allies canít pass through without her consent, requiring more effort and conscious command to allow objects other than herself to pass through. Talen can use this avatar to assist her in battle, coupling her attacks with that of the avatar to deal rapid flurries of attacks while keeping Talen protected on whatever side the avatar stands(STAND POWER!).

The avatar in question is semi-transparent, almost glass-like in appearance. The avatar is humanoid in form slightly larger than the user herself but with a similar body build and noticeably longer claws. Talen can change some details of the avatar at will such as elongating the claws or retracting them to fists. Bulking up the avatarís body to add more shielding or strength to its attacks costs its speed and is rarely used.

With regards to toughness the Avatar can absorb blows for Talen but once it receives half of Talenís auraís worth of damage it would dispel and take a while before it can be summoned again. The avatar requires Talen to know where to attack and is not self conscious, meaning that even if itís attacking behind her she wonít know what the enemy is doing or what her avatar needs to do if she doesnít keep a constant eye on it, meaning it would just become a punching bag, or more efficiently, a human/faunus-shaped-shield. The Avatar doesnít have a corporeal lower body and hovers around like a ghost/genie like figure, using its larger build to protect lower areas but usually opting for rapid offensive strikes with long claws or punches.

Talen can summon her semblance on a whim usually in between attacks to confuse and disorient her opponents or outright overwhelming them with a massive barrage of hits. It takes a short while for the avatar to manifest but she can form it mid-attack/block so that it can take hits for her or even surprise enemies with its appearance.

Talen can add dust effects to the Avatar but it requires an entire cartridge to power it for a short while and wonít allow it to shoot or fire blasts of elemental energy, unlike some other semblances.

Combat Behavior:

In combat Talen rushes the enemy with lightning fast attacks and acrobatics with little regard to her own safety because of her semblance and aura capacity. Sheís reckless and extremely acrobatic and can use the terrain as well as the enemy itself as an advantage, using flips, dodges, grapples and the like. She prefers getting up and personal to the enemy but can also switch to mid ranged tactics such as harassing groups of enemies with hit and run attacks combined with her arsenal of dust shots and laced darts.

If it means taking a hit to get two in Talen wouldnít mind, especially if it means covering for her teammates and/or friends. With the use of her semblance, Talen can easily block hits and confuse enemies with relentless barrages of slashes, kicks, and even grapples.


Name: Logan and Lilia

Primary Form:

Black Bracer - Logan Ė Right arm ; White Bracer - Lilia Ė Left arm

Near-identical bracers save for color that have 3 retractable claws/blades and dust compartments that slide into place the back of the weapon. Each blade is about 10 inches long and made of an extremely tough alloy, due to Talenís rough usage, so it can handle tough blows and can cut through concrete given enough force.  Dust selection is manipulated by finger mechanisms which slide into place as the bracer is put on and can also be used to control how many claws are retracted or released from the bracer. One compartment also contains an anticoagulant which can be used to coat the blade and cause excessive bleeding for a non-aura assisted enemy, paralysis coating that takes effect after a few dozen seconds and significant cut, or light toxins that weaken. Talen can also use the claws for climbing and scaling tall structures like makeshift rock climbing picks.

Logan(right gauntlet) posseses dual gun barrels that allow her to shoot high-powered dust rounds at her opponents using various types of dust ammunition such as the ones that power her claw attacks. The barrels could shoot consecutively in a semi-automatic fashion. Using a mechanism in her gauntlets to both switch ammo type and trigger the shots, she could easily implement both ranged attacks and melee when performing attacks and combos. All shots are capable of penetrating lightly armored grimm uh as minor ursa hides but only one type of ammunition could handle heavy armor. Talen has a magazine clip size of 20 bullets for normal ammunition types and 5 rounds of augmented fire for heavy armor. Dust compartments are shared for dust powered attacks meaning both dust powered claw attacks and shots use the same dust cartridge except for anti-armor which has a newly made compartment for itself.

Lilia(left gauntlet) was modified with a bolt-shooter allowing Talen to shoot less powerful but silent bolts(think mini arrows, much smaller) laced with several substances she keeps with her with an effective range of 50m. The bolts cannot penetrate armor and rely on accurate shots on key, unprotected points. This gauntlet was modified for missions requiring stealth in mind. One new compartment was added for poison right next to the anticoagulant compartment allowing Talen to perform both Poison and bleeding-inducing attacks with both her bolts and the blades of her left gauntlet.

Secondary Form:

Plain gauntlets to punch stuff.

Dust Functions:

Claws of Fire - uses fire dust (duh?)- claws are engulfed in flames allowing her to burn opponents or objects, special insulation in the bracers protect Talen from getting burned.

Claws of Ice - uses ice dust - allows Talen to freeze stuff

Claws of Lightning -Electric dust- same concept as the rest except electricity, Bracers are also insulated against electrical current that may pass into the user.

Claws of Power(?) -Kinetic dust-  gives power to an attack or also for defense

Dust Shots:
-Fire - incendiary rounds. It burns stuff, duh?
-Electric - shock effect, chance to cause slight paralysis.
-Ice - freezes and slows, can also be used to freeze small patches of water to step on.
-Augmented Fire Rounds-  Anti-Armor/Material rounds containing highly volatile and concentrated fire dust mixed with earth and kinetic dust for punching power capable of reaching temperatures high enough to melt ordinary steel or at least weaken it. Activates on impact. Using this round causes stress on the gauntlets causing temporary loss of the gun function due to automatic fail safe as well as dust round usage.


Talen, being taught by her fatherís fighting technique, also used her fatherís weapon type and with his help despite the obvious difference in personalities and designed it to her liking. The multiple other functions such as dust use were added when she attended signal since it was required they made they own weapon. She named each bracer after one of her parents, the black bracer being named after her father whilst the white one after her mother.

RPG Discussion / Character Creation for Dummies
« on: December 16, 2016, 11:47:08 AM »

Hereís what youíve all been waiting for folks, the one and only CHARACTER CREATION GUIDE! Ugh, obviously this wouldnít be a thing if people were perfect but being as we are, imperfect and unnecessarily yet beautifully complicated beings, we need a way of expressing ourselves through writing. AND THIS ladies and gentlemen as probably the first and only character creation guide so far on rwby the rpg, our little home away from home. Or not. So please bear with me.

As one of the current character creation mods and one of the older members of this site, I for one have read through countless profiles and reviewed them and have noticed quite a few things that plenty of others may or may not have also noticed throughout our stay on the site. This is a guide made based on my PERSONAL OPINION but have added some thoughts from the info I gathered both directly and indirectly from others through chat, threads (read original thread if you donít mind wasting more time), and other guides. (Yes, sue me.)

First of all one of the first things one thinks of when it comes to RWBY is that the characters are cool badass students or teachers or evil masterminds who often use transforming weapons and can kick.ass. Being main characters and all we of course expect them to show exemplary skills against their foes and the occasional humorous quips weíve come to know and love from the creators. Or hate, if youíre the edgy critic who wants to come up with as many bad points as possible. Now, with a site as big as this with the sheer amount of members - definitely more than twenty. I know how to count! - suffice to say that everyone wants their own badass characters or better yet, someone interesting who they can lead their lives and fight and love and laugh and maybe even die a horribly unexpected death with. THIS is where the difference between SHOW and a FORUM RPG come to light.

First of all the SHOW, RWBY, as all animations, stories and whatnot, are obliged to focus on a particularly set number of characters and places. Be as it may we also can choose to have our characters interact with a set number of characters but unlike the show, you canít determine every single defining aspect of their journey. Be it joining a random open thread littered with mundane conversation or a random fight with another student the things your character, with your limited control and ungodlike powers can do(wallow in your mortality, uhm...mortal?). Uncertainty is always present and as one of many creators participating in the story you have a role to play in this game called life. (See what I did there? Oh god please donít boo.)

In short? YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER OF YOUR OWN STORY BUT SO IS THE GUY NEXT TO YOU! AND THE GIRL BEHIND YOU! AND THE GUY WALLOWING IN MUD OVER THERE WHILE CRYING OVER PYRRAHíS DEATH!! - Oh wait thatís me - And so on and so forth. Now we all want to have someone meaningful to rp with but you canít have everything. Rules of course are implemented to avoid instances wherein you come in conflict with others and most especially to make sure people have the most fun when RPing without being pain in the butts for other people. Now one of the most common problems I and several others have experienced throughout our pitiful stay on this site is that people fail to see that at times. Sure you can have girl who has  a gunblade,superpowers and a tragic backstory but so can others. Your character of course is special but donít go for an OVERLY special kind of character. Donít force yourself in other peopleís stories or drag others into your own with an:
overly eccentric backstory(dead parents? Check. Experiment where she becomes a supersoldier who can slaughter thousands overnight? Check)
Personality (Iím a happy go lucky person but I get all moody when i suddenly remember my village getting slaughtered by grimm then i get mad and stab everyone near me. Oh not to mention I love cute things and blood and death and ALL HAIL SATAN!~),
Semblance(iíll get more to that later. Iím getting a headache just thinking about it),
Weapon(no nukes or railguns...please...just donít), and even

If thatís not enough then I suggest you do a lot more reading. Yes, reading helps and nurtures and TURNS US INTO PAWNS OF THE DEV- helps us learn new things.

Ohoh, Iím not done yet. Now for a more descript, sectional based guide. Ah, and before we continue let me add a little reminder.

Now, before I continue let me quote someone

ďDo Not: Excessive length, detail, or complexity isn't always good. It can make a profile tedious to read, and sometimes simple and concise is much better and appreciated. Sometimes it may be necessary though and that's fine; just don't overdo it.

Do Not: Avoid making characters that are cliche, tropey. or 'dark' if possible. It is incredibly difficult to make dark backgrounds sound good and I'd say most people can't do it (including myself). One of the problems with dark histories is that they tend to go into specific detail specifically for the dark parts, and that's probably one of the biggest problems that makes them a turn-off. This can be solved by making events simple and concise. For example,another character of mine had an event happen that mentally scarred her and made her weary about working with other people. In previous iterations of the profile, I went into the details of the event that happened, but for the current profile, I entirely cut it out and replaced it with something that was basically "Yeah, this event happened and this was the result" and it made it sound much better (reading it again, I didn't even mention what the event was when it happened that's how vague it was; it was only after the fact that it happened that I touched on it a tiny bit).

Do: Keep things unique and different. Too much of something special makes it no longer special. Ē

-You know who you are-


A little reminder, if you read the goddamned rules you no good for nothing pieces of sh-
This is a an alternate universe. In case you donít know what that means google is right around the corner, or roof, or whatever the top of your dumb screen/monitor is. Canon events and characters do not take place on the site(unless itís in non-canon) and any association with canon characters are forbidden. Or impossible because they donít exist in this universe. DUH


ďA rose by any other name would smell as sweet!Ē

First of all donít go ripping off some other personís name. Be it a real person, fictional, or your own(well you might get away with this one but it usually wonít make sense and also privacy and whatnot etc etc cops.swat. Something something internet is evil)

This site doesnít explicitly follow the color rule but itís encouraged that you do. Color names are just fancy arenít they? Also quite pleasant to read. Now, if you donít use a color name itís fine as well because I doubt youíd immediately think of a color when you hear the name Pyrrah, wonít you? So we let the rule slide most of the time, especially since a lot of people have similar names when they Ďtryí to think of a color name. (How many Rusts, lavenders, emeralds and whatnot have i seen? I dunno i forgot)

You can be eccentric with your names but donít make it something people are gonna blatantly hate. No vulgar language. No dumbass smartass shit. And advisedly donít go over the top with the dark edgy theme. Itís gonna be uninteresting to everyone but you, I promise. And toddlers. Are you a toddler? No? Then donít do it. Please. Do it for the children.


General age acceptance at Beacon is around 17 years of age. Could be 18 or even 19 under special circumstances or even 16 if the birthday is just around the corner. Advice? Stay around 17 or 18 at best. No need to be a special snowflake, it just annoys people most of the time. If youíre making huntsmen and whatnot sure, go ahead and make them over the usual graduating age. Not totally sure about younger characters so I advise you ask a nearby creation mod about it.(Oh wait thatís me, shoo shoo)


Species is self explanatory but I will digress, no GRIMM HYBRIDS. Be sweet and simple, Human? Faunus? Half faunus? Apache helicopter?(thatís a joke for you dunderheads)

Gender(or preferably biological sex first if youíre a butt who wants to complicate things with additional titles).

Male or Female. You could go beyond that I guess but donít go all transgendercisapachehelicopter with a special preference for extra missiles, this ainít tumblr.


Symbols are generally simple and vectorized at most but thereís no defining characteristic other than being something akin to a Lordís Banner, for lack of a better term. Or maybe your very own product logo or something. Again, avoid using other peopleís stuff if possible or add the source or artist if owned. Better yet? Make your own. MS paint can do wonders if you try.


Generally students should focus on studying, according to the average boring teacher, but students in Beacon and other combat academies can have part time jobs, full time jobs, etc etc. Generally no limits here but avoid unnecessary frivolity. And make it believable for a 17-20 something year old student to have and donít spam 20+ titles and jobs and companies just because you want to inflate your own egos. IT. IS. NOT. ENTERTAINING. AT. ALL. Shut up maximus. 

Assassins are generally a thing but they are overused. Seriously. And distasteful. Even with a justifying background. Donít go all edgy here. Please. I could go on and on about other dumb jobs that are dumb but if you think itís dumb it probably is dumb. In short. Think about it first. Better yet go ask people. I wonder how many rich people are on the site already, Remnant must be flowing with moolah.

Another thing to take note of. If you need your character to be a super secret agent, some major mixture of all sorts of absurd titles and jobs and top secret government training, youíre better off making solo fanfics. That nobody would want to read.


Picture your character standing still on a platform for the world to see? What do you picture? What skin color do they have? Eye color? Height? Weight????/Body type/build? Hair style and faunus features. Do they oft carry their weapon on them? Special bags? Belt? Symbol on their cheek? Accessories?

Now for something thatís not just plain instruction.


I canít count how many times Iíve seen someone with plain jeans, sneakers, boots, and a bloody t-shirt or hoodie(I myself am guilty of casual sometimes but come on. Think a little harder here AND GO THE DISTANCE.) Hereís what happens when someoneís wearing casual clothes. They probably look like an NPC. Might as well make them a blurred out black silhouette like in volume 1. Unless youíre planning on making a boring character or have a pretty defined reason to be wearing casual(like armor covering it later on that also counts as a weapon) I advise you stay away from blatantly lazy writing and stop writing only casual clothes, unless of course their personality dictates that theyíre boring non-fashionistas. Plebes. 

Same goes for full plate armor, practicality>functionality at times but at least look good doing whatever it is youíre doing. 



This usually falls under weapons and equipment but youíre probably lame if you need power armor in a world of superhuman teenagres with superpowers. If itís to compensate, meh, but that kind of tech is usually super rare even in the shows that have them and we have no instances of seeing power armor in the show. Closest thing? Robotic limbs. Go easy on the robotic transplants too, donít need super cyborgs walking around and itís pretty damned expensive, probably..
And of course, donít have them walking around naked. Pg-13 folks. Half naked sometimes is fine #freethenipp- er no. Maybe under special circumstances but generally no. Itís disturbing having a tonne of naked people with Ďrodsí flying around like that. Windbreaker maybe?

Regarding face claims and all that? If the art is owned by another person, aka original work? Please notify them or at best source it.

Oh boy. Now comes the big parts.


You can have a defining history and all that but lose the frivolity. Nobody likes reading about how Mary Sue was the top of her class, wrestled deathstalkers at the age or 5 and saved the world from an impending meteor while sipping tea and teaching youngsters how to read. Stay away from being an international celebrity if possible. Chances are people arenít gonna recognize that and youíll be complaining why they arenít.

Avoid top of the class kind of characters. ďDamn, there are 50 other students who share the top spot with me? How odd!Ē Avoid world renowned fighters, itís just gonna be an excuse for you to metagame or something. In short, we wonít like it. Other factors to avoid are sentences like ďhe was feared throughout his stay at SignalĒ or ďCame to be known as Fart Garfunkle the Tremendous at School, Beacon, and most of ValeĒ or in other words giving them a bigger than life personality and history that wouldíve altered the very fabric of whatever history everybody else from the same area would have had. Taking a title, name, or event and strapping it to your character's name should be fine and all but you have to remember, if your character is going to(or is supposed to be famous) it wonít work out well because other players wouldnít be able to keep track of some things unless you were willing to tell each and every single other rper with a character from the area where heís supposedly renowned in and had your characterís personal infamy and its all encompassing awe edit said characters just to coincide with your over the top history. In short, donít have a history that would potentially cause holes in histories of other people(canon, other characters, current world builds as they are without prior notice)

Another big problem to take note of and something that seems to recur over and over and over x20 again. Lab characters. THEY. ARE NOT COOL. Not sure how often Iíve seen experimental children who were tortured or drugged and had limbs and organs replaced with aura tech while they were weaned on the blood of innocents until they became the perfect killing machine. Sounds cool? Well better take that story with a grain of salt. Or a pint of bleach. Same goes with elite super soldiers trained at a young age. IF YOUíRE GONNA BE A SUPER SOLDIER WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN BEACON IF YOUR TRAINING IS TOP NOTCH AND ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE DOWN COUNTRIES OVERNIGHT? EH? GODDAMNIT BUCKY!

Some smaller notes, as said by a fellow rper

ďDon't make your characters world-renowned musicians or fashion models. It's annoying as hell.

Keep NPCs to a minimum. You don't need like, 8 per character.

Stay away from alliteration, it's bothersome.Ē

Oh right. Try and fix your grammar and whatnot. If itís hard to read chances are people arenít gonna read it in the first place since they donít understand whatever it is youíre trying to write.


Hmm, tough part here. But the main thing to take note of is to be consistent. Donít go having nightmare fuel that is calm and cuddly when around friends or a dark mysterious character who suddenly goes on laugh trips with his buddies. Personality disorders aside, stay away from inconsistencies.

EDGE is a recurring theme here as in all rpgs for some goddamned reason. Having an edgy character could be fun at times but having 50 of them at any one time is annoying. Edge is such a common trope that itís become a running gag not just here on this site but probably in plenty of others. You could make an edgy character, sure. Just donít expect everyone to like it. Or Expect that not that many people in general would want to rp with it.

Yes. It.

Edge in History is extremely awful at times. ďAt the Age of 10 he killed his first human being and continued with occasional murders to satiate his bloodlust, even killing a huntsman with nothing but his bare hands just because he felt like it.Ē

Sound cool to you? Good, because mothers always think their children are the best in the world. But unfortunately the folks next door wouldnít want their children anywhere near the shit-stained, violent, butt-ugly monkey-balled satan spawn.

I wonít bother going into detail about edge(Maybe if iím prompted to) because thatís one way to judge people and their writing style. Unless it were purely comedic or actually well written I would reconsider but unfortunately that is RARELY the case. If you personally donít agree I suggest you read a few more books that arenít nearly as ridiculous. (If you read decent literature at all, that is.)

Edge is recurring in literature as well but there are plenty of good cases where itís played off well. And also plenty(and a shittone more common) bad ones. Same as characters. Learn to differentiate and improve on that if you want to cut your eyes with your own writing.


Sigh. Where do I begin?

Let me get one thing clear here before I start. Your semblance is not an omnipotent superpower nor is it a some sort of magical power that can do absurd things beyond the realm of human(or faunus) understanding. Another point to consider is to try as much as possible to make a character that isnít too dependent on their semblance. Sure, Weiss is primarily but sheís like 1/40 characters that do. Only other notable heavy semblance users being maybe Cinder and Glynda. A semblance may be a manifestation of a characterís aura but itís not a specialized esper power nor is it some god given divine right. AND IT IS NOT GODDAMNED MAGIC.

Pyrrah: ďLike a semblance?Ē
Ozpin: ďLike magic!Ē (ďThis is why we killed you off Pyrrah. You canít tell magic from Semblances you no-good nitwit. Now everyone has to die cuz you canít tell the difference between one super power to another. Take an arrow to the heart you useless discount magneto who we all love so much!Ē)
Pyrrah: ďU wot m8?Ē *dies*

By magic I mean something that allows them to do multiple stuff without due explanation. A semblance is a special ability, it can range from something simple like a speed boost, scatter petals, Glyphs that can do some stuff using dust(yes they need dust to turn into elemental stuff so not magic. Magic is something out of nothing or something), and a plethora of other inconceivable nonsense.

As much as possible try and relate it to your characterís personality, Rubyís hyper so hers is speed-petal-things, Yang is tough and whatnot, Weiss is...well sheís a special case. Blake runs away from her problems and leaves illusion thingies. You could also opt for something related to the allusion youíre doing for instance, Cinder Fall, name suggests fire and she has a lot of it. And Glass. Not totally sure what her semblance is but itís clearly referencing Cinderella. Get the idea?

Fire semblances are SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER Common now. Elementals in general actually. If youíre opting for an elemental go for something out of the ordinary such as maybe fire familiars for hot headed characters or something thatís not trying to break physics for some goddamned reason. STOP BREAKING PHYSICS-CHAN! GIVE EM A BREAK! ITíS NOT KINKY ANYMORE! Also Why The Hell Do You Want Elemental Powers When Dust Is As Common As Friggin Dust?!?!?!?!Sure fire benders and water benders are cool and all but all sorts of problems can come from that. Fire telepathy or controlling the very nature of fire or water with your will alone almost always borders on overpoweredness. Not outright banning this because there are of course plenty of ways to state it but if youíre trying to be a friggin avatar you might as well look for an Avatar: Last Airbender RP site.
(I will be constantly updating this guide if necessary and expect this section to have the brunt of edits. I will notify the edits every time I make changes. maybe.)

Mental semblances are a whole can of worms Iíd rather not deal with but weíve had plenty of them. If youíre gonna go with someone who can mind control forget it, go jump out a window and land in a river full of toxic piranha sharks with razor blade teeth made of diamonds. If youíre gonna go with a mental ability take note that the most weíve ever seen of someone doing mind fuckery was Emerald and she at best can manipulate two people with strain to herself. And the second they realize it IS an illusion it doesnít work. See, massive advantage and massive disadvantage or somethin.

Letís seeÖ

Donít make your semblances overlysimplistic. Donít just say ďThey move faster and hit harderĒ How fast do they get? How much harder do they hit? Also as much as I dislike the generic physical boost semblance there are instances where they are warranted, IF THEY MADE SENSE with the character they were goin on.

DO NOT try breaking physics(yes 2nd timeís the charm) to the extent where it would break the time space continuum. Time is a very very very very very very very very iffy subject for a semblance and Iíve seen a very very very very many try and get it. Just donít go for time, itís slowly not getting original and unless weíre sure youíre not gonna break shit with it you wonít be getting it. Also, itís boring. Frigging OP motherf@#$% power. Space Distortion? Almost as screwed up but everybody is crushing on olí father time right now, so less problems so far. (You wanna be the first to be harshly reviewed for trying to destroy reality? Sure go ahead.) But seriously, checks and balances.


I honestly expected a lot more from this section but more often than not people disregard it and enter something totally droll such as ďAggressive and charges head on but also analyzes the enemy while being a super duper great fighter who learns every single weakness they have while capable of dodging every single attack thrown at them because I can easily write it as soĒ

See something wrong? If No then you can pick a window and take a dive(please donít. Suicide is bad. Eat a snickers. Get fat. Heart attacks are way more painful)

If Yes, then several things may have caught your eye, or maybe the migraines started coming back after reading that and youíre squirming on the ground. Oh, that was just me? Odd.

Anyways, for Combat Behaviour you should, of course, add how your character performs in combat. More often than not this section was just somewhat dotted with simple sentences claiming very vague and bland tasteless actionless phrases that would pass for strategy commands in a shitty jrpg.

ďLikes Hiding and backstabbing opponents and avoids combat until he sees an openingĒ

Not bad but doesnít really say much about how theyíd attempt to do it. Sure it can be as simple as that but if you add a bit more flavor to it such as how theyíd attempt to hide or maybe get behind an opponent without somehow notifying them of their obvious armed presence, that would be preferable. Description is key and just like personality Combat Behaviour is definitely worth a little extra time to put an effort into.

Just HOW do you expect to use your character? If youíre a bad RPer and decide to just wing it, chances are youíre going to come up with stuff on the fly and ignore or use a god-awfully written combat behaviour to make up for such Ďunpredictableí or Ďunnaturalí pvping or even just plain killing stuff.

If your character uses a sword, what kind of style do they use? Are they a duelist? An unconventional rogue? Parries often? Hard Blocks? Plain dodging? ELABORATE! Same thing for ranged weapons. Do they just stand still while shooting, like a cowboy badass? Run and Gun Guerilla? Stationary sniper? Ricochet Revolver Badass? Shoot themself in the head? PERSONA! ELABORATE!

The idea is to write down how youíd expect your character to fight if you perceive them as their own individual being, not just some tool youíd want to use. Characters should have a life of their own, and usually if theyíre written well enough theyíd be able to carve out their own ways and follow them truthfully. Combat Behaviour is one way of solidifying their person so that while RPing it would be easier to judge and determine an outcome and not come to butting heads and flipping coins during PVP matches that take MONTHS AT A TIME.


Haven't added other parts yet but I will, soon enough. Depending how soon is soon with holidays coming up. Anyways, most major sections are covered and I WILL be making edits with due notations. This is a mostly made by opinion alone so feel free to disagree. I will however stress that a lot of what I say is true, to an extent at the very least, and hope that it would help shed light on all our godly written characters.

I suggest leaving comments Out unless they are extremely necessary. Better yet you could make a suggestions thread in the (ta dah) suggestions area for the guide. I might make one myself if needed but currently this is all I'm willing to spit out. Dehydrated. Must.Stop.Talking.


The Vale Region / Violet Streaks Across the Water [Limited 4/4]
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:09:05 AM »
The docks shone dimly under the crescent fragmented moon hanging above the city of vale. It seemed calm enough with the usual water splashing against the concrete sea walls, waves lapping up against the sides of docked barges, and the occasional fisherman trying to attract some curious guppies with a small lantern hanging a few feet above his floating line. It was early in the morning just a few minutes after midnight and most barges were still long from leaving and arriving, good enough that they wouldn't crush anything or anybody down in the water at the time.

Standing at the edge of the docks with shield and lance in hand, looking over as a crisp sea breeze brushed the hair from her face, Lavender du Lac stood watching waiting for the proper conditions to start her run. Latching onto the edge with her weapon, the shaft releasing into a serpentine bladed whip, the girl lowered herself down to the water's edge feet touching the water's surface without breaking it. Breathing in she let out a relaxed breath and started sprinting across the water with due haste, the water bursting behind the soles of her feet as she lifted them launching her in a full dash as she threw her shield down onto the surface and leapt onto it with one smooth motion whilst reeling in the rest of her whip into a blade.

Picking up speed by bursting the water behind her Lavender reeled herself along a buoy and slingshotted past a couple of small boats, adrenaline pumping as she skimmed the surface and leaned to the side to turn along the lip of a wave, bursting herself upwards whilst twirling her whip around her then sticking the landing and letting the weapon trail behind her. Spinning once more she made for another leap and barreled towards another buoy, narrowly avoiding the structure and locking the end of her whip to the makeshift anchor before letting go and twirling away once more. As she continued her performance the fisherman at the docks regarded her with a small nod and smiled, watching the girl who often frequented the area improve her technique.

Feeling a tug on his line the fisherman reeled it in, pulling a small straggler from previous fishing trips out of the water whilst laughing at its size before throwing it back in. He honestly believed the little thing was skimping out on food for the sole reason of avoiding catch. Pulling his hat down he reeled in his line and made his way back, the girl would have no reason to stop to say hi for now, she seemed fully absorbed in her training and that was for the best. Lavender didn't need her past weighing her down, and he would probably just remind her of that.

A sudden silence came about the docks and the fisherman looked back at the girl. She was standing atop the surface with her shield in tow, her weapon reeled back, and sweat and water dripping from her face. He spotted her waving at him just like back then, the little girl with purple streaked hair bowing down after performing at the docks only this time she was alone. He smiled and waved back, taking his leave with his rod leaning against his shoulder and a sad smile on his face.


Dusk approached and Lavender took a quick break sitting on the pier, drinking from a bottle of water while looking out into the now brightening water. She smiled bitterly and looked back into the water, the reflection of the rising sun filling her vision, the previous day now finally over yet her burdens seemed to have not gotten any lighter.

The Vale Region / A Wild Faunus Chase [Closed]
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One...two...three...Wow, three thousand Lien in one sweep. That was definitely one of the easiest swipes Kei managed to pull off this month and it was all thanks to the gathering of yuppies by the theater house. Seriously, acting like one of them was all too easy and getting all touchy-feely with the old farts meant nothing less than a few bashful blinks and a little show of leg skin. Thank Remnant for leg cuts! Not that she'd ever wear one around normal people.

Anyways, all seemed to be going well after the play, a musical maybe? Kei forgot the second she left, trying her best not to fall asleep five seconds after it began. From what everyone else was blabbering about it seemed to be particularly leaning towards the subject of a massive chase. A small chuckle came from the dog faunus' mouth as she strolled away from the theater road. All that was left was changing back into her casual, and way more comfortable casual attire, and buying a small snack on the way back to the dorms.

As she neared one of her alleyway stashes, a quick change of clothes for her when she was in a hurry, Kei noticed two urchins scrounging around, apparently having found her boyish clothes, a size to big despite Kei being a petite little thing. Frowning at having to change in front of two kids, tough luck ya brats, Kei picked out a few notes from her purse and whistled towards the boys, waving a hefty bill up in the air as if it were nothing. After a short exchange and a rather boring display of charity she finally managed to get some alone time but forgot to get her clothes back from the boys.

Damn it. Now she had to walk home in heels and a dress...Ugh. Not to mention the makeup and hairdo. Talk about hurl worthy.

Approved Characters / Lavender du Lac
« on: November 06, 2016, 01:27:18 AM »

Name: Lavender du Lac

Age: 18 years old

Species and Gender: Human Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy 1st Year


Standing at a height of 5'8 Lavender is a rather fit individual with toned muscles around a slim athletic build. She carries herself with finesse both in and out of combat. Her hair falls just by her neck in an unruly cut. Her tomboyish look is accentuated by streaks of violet across her dark hair.

Her eyes are basically what she was named after, Lavender or rather the color of lavenders, the flowers having bloomed in the family garden when she was born. Right below the left corner of her left eye is a small mole barely visible at times because of her long hair.

Possessing a fit yet feminine figure Lavenderís combat attire isn't bulky despite several pieces of armor and allows fluid movement. Along her arms and legs Lavenders' armor covers mainly her her forearms and hands, layered in 2 plates along the thickest parts and sharpened around the edges for cutting power lest she be disarmed. Similarly to her bracers her boots are layered with sharpened plates but end abruptly at her shin, her knees being exposed with only  her leggings there to protect from slight scratches. Lavenderís torso is covered by a thin flexible piece of dark Kevlar lined with violet patterns fashioned with straps connecting to a choker on her neck. Several metal linings run along her curves and sides, and straps and zippers in key places for easy removal and donning.

Around her waist, Lavender has a partially rounded skirt, most of it hanging off her left side covering black shorts that fit snugly on her while attached with a leather belt with several pouches for various equipment.


Spoiler: ShowHide

Early years

Lavender was born in Vale to Azur and Lilac du Lac, local residents with ties to the commercial districts in Vale. She grew up with two highly business oriented parents who seemed to always be trying to balance work and family together. During her early years as a child Lavender often found her parents fighting over problems such as finances related to her fatherís occupation as a ship captain and her motherís dependent business. Due to the constraints of both trade availability, grimm attacks, and demand from the market, Azur rarely had predictable schedules and income.  Azur most of the time was pressured by his wife and superiors  and spent many long hours on his vessel to be able to successfully bring in products from all four continents to coincide with market demands.

Relationship with her Father

Lavenderís father was rarely home to be with her but she cherished the few moments they spent together. The man was a former Huntsman turned ship captain, being proficient with a blade and spear when defending against sea grimm had its advantages and his strong will kept people together during rough times at sea. During the times he was with her they often played by the docks, jumping into the cold water, swimming with each other, and eventually learning even water skiing when he got a small enough jet ski for her birthday. Oddly enough she enjoyed being pulled around rather than driving the damned thing but she kept the keys all the same. A small anchor key chain hung from it and reminded her of her father every time she looked at it.

Lavender was a natural with water, she was graceful yet steady, and also fluid yet unyielding when skiing and swimming. Her father was proud of her learning something at least somewhat associated with his own passion for the sea. During times when the docks were too busy or it was too stormy to swim and water ski, her father would teach Lavender a thing or two about swordplay and spear fighting using small wooden planks and fishing rods. Later on she'd get into more formal training. Lavender rarely understood her parents' quarrels however and her crying would cause the two to end but never resolve them, the distance only growing between the two parents.

Relationship with her Mother

While Lavenderís father weaned her on water, her mother trained her in dance.

Lilac du Lac was a former Huntress and Dancer but an injury forced her to retire as an instructor. Despite not losing her limbs Lilac picked a different path and turned her former whip style of fighting into a form of dance with ribbons and it became popular among recitals and performances.

Wanting her little girl to learn her craft she began teaching Lavender the ways of ribbon dancing and even bits of whip training. Lavender was trained strictly by her ex-huntress mother but was cared for way more than she wanted to, especially because her mother never seemed to never join Lavender and her father at the docks. Having her aura unlocked by her mother, Lavender was given semi-formal combat training as well for self-defense.

Attempting Closure

As Lavender grew older, now a student at Sanctum Academy, the distance between her parents seemed to be getting wider. At times her mom wouldnít even meet with her father anymore and during the times he was at Vale, her father would not even leave the docks. The only times they did meet was for business purposes and they never seemed to smile at each other when Lavender wasn't immediately looking.

The young girl wanted to try and bring them closer together, so Lavender called both of them to the docks to show them a combination of what they taught her. She incorporated ribbon dancing with high speed water skiing, using the reigns as her ribbons and a friend as a driver. Her performance was breathtaking, every movement an inch from falling, every ribbon whip just an inch away from reaching its mark back to the skiís locks. Just as she was about to reach the finale of her performance however, she missed a single reign due to an unexpected ship docking by and crashed into the water at high speed knocking her unconscious.

When she came to she woke up to her parents arguing once more. She saw her mother take off her wedding ring and throw it into the trash while her father stormed out of the hospital after giving a melancholic look. Pretending to be asleep, Lavender couldnít help but tear up as her mother cried at her bedside all the while grasping her hand while she grasped the keychain, which seemed to have been left in her hand just a moment before.


Sanctum was fun enough for Lavender yet she only had few friends due to her rather stoic nature. Due to conflicts between her parents she would be sulking, ignoring her peers at times while not noticing the distance being built between them. Combat training went smoothly  due to training from two former huntsmen but she never seemed to be fully inclined to using one weapon style over another. After styling a proper weapon for herself, she combined her whip training as well as her spear and sword training. For the first time in forever Lavender felt more at ease at combining things without it all falling apart.

Lavenderís friends hung out with her during the times she wasnít with her parents and they had their own problems. These all seemed insignificant compared to her own, she thought.

Her peers consisted of one girl, Cyan Glas, whom she was best buds with who also liked dancing, and a boy, Green Reed,  who was seemingly going out with Cyan yet was a fellow water ski enthusiast like Lavender. They got along really well due to their interests yet Green and Cyan seemed to be having conflicts due to his hanging out with Lavender more times than with his actual girlfriend.

Eventually Lavender couldnít help but start liking Green as well due to the times they hung out together but she kept it a secret from the both of them. Not wanting to cause a strain on their friendships she started avoiding Green more and more while Cyan begun suspecting something between them due to his plummeting mood. Confronting her about it Lavender vehemently denied liking him and Cyan apologized for being so suspicious.

After Lavenderís accident at the docks, Green begun visiting her every day in the hospital with Cyan. The boy would hang around long after Cyan left due to her own additional lessons.

They got closer and started hanging out more together alone without Cyan during their final year in Sanctum. Cyan began getting more and more depressed and angry about the situation. Cyan wanted to break up with Green so that her other two friends would be happy but Green told her he didnít actually like Lavender that way.

Cyan then told him about how Lavender liked him and the three as they felt even more constrained due to their ties to one another. Lavender tried one last ditch effort at bringing them back together, planning a surprise party only to be confessed to by green saying that since they were going their separate ways they might as well get everything between them sorted out. Lavender rejected him but Cyan felt betrayed by both of them because of their lack of honesty.  Green felt devastated after losing his closest friends to romantic problems. Lavender broke off contact with both of them, Green having gone to Haven, Cyan having gone to Atlas, and decided to start anew at Beacon, hopefully making new friends and finally keeping them together for once in her life.


Lavender is proud, unyielding, and loyal to a fault to those she trusts and vindictive to her enemies, and overall extremely stubborn. Though not a perfect knight she embodies many characteristics of a person whose creed defines their way of life and would often act according to them with unwavering tenacity. When it comes to interpersonal relationships Lavender would never let a rumor change how she views a person until she sees it for herself.

She isnít fond of playing dirty and would almost never resort to underhanded tactics, be it for battle or social issues. She also despises people who constantly resort to cheating or backstabbing rather than those who would outright speak their mind.

Due to her upbringing she is a polite individual but would not feel shy when it comes to matters sheís familiar and is actually rather confident of her own abilities. Sheíd prefer to settle things in a civil manner than going fists flying if ever involved in arguments and would always greet people with a smile. When it comes to intelligence Lavender proudly boasts being good with academics but her interpersonal skills lack refinement, sometimes missing the point if once she's sure of something.

Lavenderís teammates/friends are people sheíll trust her life with and in turn risk her own for their sakes. Keeping her friends close to one another as well as herself has always been a trait of hers. If there are arguments, shortcomings, misunderstandings and the like sheíll try and find a way to fix it. However, sometimes she becomes too pushy and forceful or her methods may not fit the mood or situation leading to even worse bonds than before. However, despite her confidence in herself and her tendency to keep others together her experiences garnered her to be less than open about what sheís truly feeling to those around her.

Lavenderís all good personality isnít without flaw however. More often than not, given enough motivation she would be blinded by her emotions and would fail to see proper reason once her mind is made up. Unyielding and loyal yet dangerous when her ideals are manipulated in the wrong directions or in other ways if her passions go awry.

Aura and Semblance:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Lavenderís semblance is intermolecular bond strengthening and reinforcing.

Lavenderís aura glows a light purple hue and glows around herself when sheís using her semblance.

Using her semblance Lavender can make substances, such as water, walkable by forcing the intermolecular bonds between the molecules to strengthen and increase water tension. However after a while the energy used to strengthen the bonds of the substance would release in an either explosive or trickling fashion depending on how much stronger than usual the bonds are.

For instance, water. To increase the bonds to a point where water would become walkable and able to support an adult one would need to create a surface tension thousands of times stronger than normal. Suffice to say itíll take enough energy to counter the effects due to external forces such as gravity to reinforce the water or whatever substance sheís manipulating to such a degree.

Eventually the energy used would be released in the form of mechanical energy or heat. Using this property of her semblance Lavender is able to propel herself over short distances quickly by increasing the bonds of the substances under her feet and instantly releasing that energy as if shot forward by a spring, however the amount of strengthening and energy used depends on the substance.

Since solids are pretty much well built and their bonds are, well... solid, they canít be manipulated to such a degree as fluids and gasses and the strengthening and energy added wouldnít be too significant and rather a waste of time and energy.

Fluids are what Lavender is most proficient at controlling. Substances such as water wherein the molecules are not too far apart yet still have plenty of space between them allow for Lavender to power-up those bonds and sometimes compress the fluid to a degree. By increasing the fluidís bonds she can do stuff ranging from simple prevention of boiling and freezing and whatnot to full out creating resistant walls of standing fluid for a short amount of time. No matter what she uses it for, however, it releases its pent up energy and explodes into its base components or even a more gaseous state such as steam due to heat.

By manipulating small amounts of fluid, Lavender can propel herself by releasing the energy just as she starts sprinting and continuing it every step of the way. By complimenting her semblance with her weapon Lavender can propel the blade as if shot forward by some other mechanism for stronger blows and manipulate the whip form more finely.

(Note: Sand, being solid despite its fluid shifty nature is still solid and the bonds between them are pretty much super far apart in molecular distances and cannot be considered a true fluid such as liquids. Therefore not that useful for her semblance.)

Gasses being volatile and constantly moving are harder to manipulate than liquids. The less pure the gas the harder it is to manipulate. Normal air for example could be manipulated and have its bonds strengthened and whatnot but due to the constantly moving particles the energy used is dispersed almost unevenly and can be only be used for simple stuff such as making the air feel a bit thicker though not much of a hindrance save for air friction when falling, and maybe distracting enemies by small air pocket explosions that make loud sounds but cause almost no damage. If a pure substance however is used, such as steam, Lavender can manipulate it somewhat more finely and create mists to disorient her enemies and even condense the steam to the point where itíll precipitate back into water only to explode back into steam a moment later. Unlike normal water steam is at an extremely high energy state meaning that to reinstate any bonds between the molecules would require a massive amount of energy compared to normal liquids, practically four times as much meaning that manipulating steam itself would be highly unlikely for Lav due to its impracticality, though still possible albeit taxing energy costs.

Water being plentiful and the substance Lavender is most attuned to using, is constantly added to her arsenal in the form of dust. By mixing fire and ice she is able to create water on the fly in all forms, though ice isnít that useful for her semblance save for blowing it up. With her skill with water Lavender uses it to propel herself across the battlefield and even water skim across the surface using her shield for the smoothest mode of transportation. She is able to do stuff such as creating steam into water and then into ice but the amount of energy required to do that is rather large for such a cheap trick and would rather use ice dust itself than waste her own energy on it most of the time. Spraying the water on the enemy allows for Lavender to blow it up and cause minor damage if the enemy is wet depending on how soaked they are, steam(Way over boiling point in terms of energy) being able to cause burns on non-aura protected opponents. Creating steam from normal water requires Lavender to overload the bonds to the point where they'd break upon release and also requires more energy than normal. To prevent wasteful energy/stamina consumption she uses small scale and highly precise 'explosions' if she wanted more force to whatever it is she's doing or simply to get steam for some reason or another.

Lavenderís semblance has an effective range of 5 meters and any further than that and sheíll need to concentrate even more than usual and even lose efficiency as a result. Suffice to say the closer the substance to be manipulated the easier it is.

A slight trick she can also do is delay certain exothermic chemical reactions by keeping the bonds in place for a while but of course, adding energy to the explosion though probably negligible compared to the actual thing. Useful for throwing back grenades or keeping a bomb from exploding for a short while, that is if the substance is not activated by pure chemical reactions and more of stress related reactions such as volatile dust crystals.

Lavender can keep using her semblance for long periods of time should she just use it for simple stuff such as walking on water but stuff like bursting across on her shield has a more taxing effect on her stamina if prolonged for longer periods of time. When using it in conjunction with her weapon usually she requires takes breaks in between massive taxing uses especially when manipulating non liquids such as steam. To prevent over exertion she's generally not overdependent on it and would only use her semblance if required.

Combat Behavior:

Combat Style

Lavender is an upfront fighter, preferring to face things head on as vanguard while keeping enemies pressured with swift charges and wide sweeping attacks with her weaponís range and power. Disliking fighting from a distance Lavender often charges in the fray using her semblance to burst her way through groups while picking either hit and run tactics or direct confrontation. Having an extremely form flexible weapon, she would change its form either slightly or wholly mid battle to keep the enemy on their feet and disorient their sense of range and/or reaction time.


Name: Winding Anfanc

Primary Form: Lance

A polearm with a large blade of a spearhead, or rather a glaive at this point, made of interconnecting blade segments of varying sizes the widest being closest to the shaft whilst getting smaller as it reaches the point. The edges of the spearhead segments are visibly jutting out to rip into flesh with their sears or hook onto edges or objects that get caught onto them, they can however slide back in and form a smoother blade for smoother slashing. The shaft by itself is collapsible and at full length can reach 2 meters long(6.7 feet or something)and can shorten to about a foot in length in its sword form.

Secondary Form:Greatsword

The initial transformation of the weapon is that of a great sword. The interconnecting blades of the glaive head would separate while being connected by an inner mechanism of non-metallic wires, along the lines of carbon based graphene, and part of the spear shaft as it slides down its length. The earlier jutting out edges of the weapon connect to the other segments of the blade by  showing visible gaps in the swordís inner structure. Despite the lack of solidarity unlike a solid blade itíll allow for a much lighter weapon despite its large size making it easily wield-able even with one hand.

The blades can shorten their distance and compact even more depending on what the user wants to disorient the enemy with its various weapon lengths. Another function the weapon has is that of releasing water through the gaps along the shaft and blade length. By using her semblance along with her weapon Lavender would be able to manipulate the length not just by mechanical means such as handle switches but also by using her semblance to compress the water or manipulate the composition so that itíll expand or contract easily, with fail safes to lock in once the energy from using her semblance releases. The water can also be used to release bursts at the enemy or surroundings in the form of steam or plain water, propelling the blade in place of gunpowder or other more explosive forms of dust.

Tertiary Form:

The third and final transformation of the weapon is that of a bladed whip. In short itís a snake sword/glaive that shoots water. Springing out of its compact form the blades would extend up to 5 meters to lash out or grasp onto objects. The subtle whip mechanism being manipulated by both arm movements and semblance assistance by the water(or oil, depending on the situation but only one substance can be used at a time) and Lavenderís semblance.

Each blade is connected by the wires as well as parts of the shaft broken into several pieces. Along the wires and shaft are small tubes that hold fluid released by water dust or injected oil. Small release areas along the length of the weapon allow for fluid ejection and each segment having a separate set of tubes just in case some are damaged so that not all the fluid is leaked. By compacting the weapon again, the tubes can interconnect once more and refill through a single common source to eliminate the need of refilling each individual compartment.

Dust Functions:

Lavenderís weapon primarily uses ice and fire dust in the form of water. In conjunction with her semblance she can manipulate the water to a degree to aid her weapon movements and transformations as well as performance.

Name: Lilac Tarasque

Primary Form: Kiteshield

A large shield with intricate decors similar to that of Lavenderís armor. Along the front of the shield, aside from decorations and armor, are more fluid ejection holes for the release of water or other substances. Behind the shield canisters for water dust combinations line the sides of the shield and can be replaced at a momentís notice. Other dust types can be used but not all are compatible, mostly just ejection related ones. Fire and water primarily since non fluid or gaseous forms might clog up the ejection mechanisms. Along the back of the shield, aside from arm straps are additional straps that connect to Lavenderís boots. Yes, boots. The shield can be used as a water skii, propelled by ejected water or by Lavenderís semblance and needs just some fluid in front and beneath it to slide flawlessly if thickened by Lavenderís semblance. The shield can collapse into a shorter form if it happens to seem to unwieldy for some situations resembling that of a heater shield instead of a kite shield.

Dust Functions:

Like her main weapon, the shield can eject water in either liquid or steam using fire and ice dust combinations.

History: Taking both her parent's teachings to heart Lavender created a combination of their weapons back in Sanctum as well as a shield/water board due to her passion for water skiing

Approved Characters / Ayaka Miyamoto
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Name: Ayaka Miyamoto
Age: 17, Klever 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: 1st yr. Student at Beacon.

Standing at 5í7 feet tall, Ayaka possesses a rather fit and muscular yet feminine figure with a refined posture. She has clear, sharp violet eyes and a stern and often serious look on her face, rarely showing emotion. Her long dark-violet hair reaches up to her waist, often tied up in a ponytail with a long thin white ribbon. Her casual wear being a short white t-shirt often tied up high above the waist, exposes her navel and presses against her chest, topped off a pair of jeans with the left side cut short high above the thigh exposing her leg.

During battles she would wear her casual wear but more often use a set of partially armored sets of scaled tatami that she wears unsymmetrical, with more parts situated on her right rather than left side. Ayaka is almost never seen without her swords and often keeps them with her wherever she goes, either holding it or having it tied against her waist with a studded belt or having it hang against her back.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Coming from the illustrious kingdom of Mistral Ayaka was exposed to many diverse cultures at an early age, though often safe from grimm with its geography there were other threats that she had to struggle with. Unlike the capital Windpath and other cities such as Kuchinashi, where Ayaka grew up in, had considerably more dangerous backgrounds.

Coming from a family of theater performers Ayaka grew up with strict tutelage and instruction from her parents to be proper and humble. Though not completely sheltered at a young age Ayaka was not as exposed to other children as she was to close family members and was also a rather quiet child. Having traditional parents who believed that a person should grow with their own strength rather than relying on others Ayaka had it hard when she had problems with kids who bullied her for being part of the Ďupper class.í This continued on for a while to the point where Ayaka started shunning and only briefly interacting with her own parents to become a stronger person, taking their advice to the extreme by not wanting to interact with anyone in general unless necessary. 

In the family home there was a traditional longsword used for theatrical ceremonies of impressive length that always caught Ayakaís eye. Rarely being used save for ceremonial uses she took interest in it and the intricate movements involved in its execution, almost as if the sword and its techniques were an art in itself. Even though she showed interest in it Ayaka was denied learning how to fight due to her parentís wishes, them wanting her to take after the performing arts or some other reputable occupation. They believed fighting to be abhorrent and uncivilized and reserved for the lower more brute castes of society.

Stubborn as she was Ayaka started practicing with wooden play swords at first, practicing on makeshift straw dummies that she tied together dressed in theatre costumes to emulate real people. Of course, not having any proper tutelage the only things Ayaka developed was the strength of her swing and how fast she could attack. At school she would constantly be picked on as usual but her new found confidence in herself caused her to often get involved in fights with other kids, usually them ganging up on her and her going home battered and bruised.

Having her Ďtrainingí sessions in secret Ayaka started working with the theatre as well to maybe learn how to incorporate the smooth fluid movements of the performances with her own movements and hopefully later on learning how to use the family sword. Instead of staying alone all the time Ayaka learned how to interact with people, albeit not enjoying it, and started gaining her familyís approval in her and her newfound strength and determination. Wanting to further impress her family she took up tutelage under a seamstress to help make the theater costumes and learn the ways of the thread while learning some minor self defense techniques with it from the seamstress seeing as how often she came home after a fight at school.

Hiding her bruises and cuts under her usually long clothes, usually robes such as kimonos and the like, Ayaka finally got to score a meeting with one of the theaterís primary sword performers. Following the man home she begged at his doorstep to be taught how to both fight and perform with the blade and didnít leave till he gave in to the childís insistent demands. Eventually her parents learned of her new tutors and let her learn under them with the condition of being one of the main performers in the theater to show off the dangerous swordplay as an art.

To avoid injury during their practices and spars Ayaka got her aura unlocked by her teacher and soon enough developed her semblance as the days went by. Taking the lessons to heart she found her teacherís rather lax personality lacking and her desire to be a better swordswoman to overshadow that of her desire to be a theater performer. Taking additional lessons during supposed vacations Ayaka learned more from both the seamstress and the swordmaster and tried incorporating her new learned skills in her self practice sessions.

Word came out eventually to her parents that Ayaka was getting involved in fights with students from school while using her training to overpower them, most of them being untrained students. Wanting to punish her they sent Ayaka to a real combat school when she came of age to show her that fighting was really not something to be taken lightly.

Ayaka reveled in the chance to properly fight for real but found the first few weeks excruciatingly tough, having been raised in a sheltered background. Coupling her lessons with her studies she trained long and hard to be able to compete with the better fighters of her new school and even went as far as constantly challenging others for fights, be it duels or multiple opponents against her. Needless to say she excelled later on despite her rather rough start and even became one of the more proficient fighters in her year.

During her free time from school and tutoring classes Ayaka actively sought people to challenge by bringing her practice blade and wires to the rough parts of town and picking fights with the numerous local thugs around the area. Word came out of a kid angering the local gangs and her parents worried about her safety, knowing very well of Mistralís infamous underground.

Much to her parentís dismay Ayaka enjoyed combat school and planned on moving on the Haven Academy, having now boosted her confidence even more but her rejecting the theater arts for combat seemed like a massive blow to them so they decided to send her off to Vale instead, lest their reputation be further tarnished. Well thatís what they told Ayaka at least. Deep inside her parents were a bit proud of how strong their daughter became but if she stayed and caused any more trouble they feared of the undergroundís backlash and what they might do to her.

Disgusted by her parentís decision Ayaka ripped her clothes and begun wearing rather ripped and uneven clothing to show her defiance just a little before graduation. She also took the family blade along with her, disassembling and restructuring the blade as taught in school to coincide with her needs with some help from her teachers who were somewhat befuddled by the combination of wire and sword but nevertheless found a way to make it work.

Before leaving for Vale Ayaka gave one last performance in her parentís theater with blade and wire garnering looks of booth awe and confusion among the audience for its unorthodox design. Leaving Kuchinashi Ayaka headed for the capital city and from there took an airship to Vale, to Beacon Academy to further her desire to get stronger.

Ayaka is cold and taciturn towards most people and rarely shows emotions other than anger, pride, sorrow and indifference though some instances merit her to show some bashfulness, love for cute things and even some slight instances of happiness.

Being raised as the sole student of her teachers she possesses a high opinion of herself and does not take lightly to losses. Due to her pride she is often seen not backing down from any challenges and will hold her ground when threatened, usually resorting to taking down opponents even before they could draw their weapons.

In terms of loyalty, Ayaka is an exemplary example. Once she places her trust in a person, such as a close friend, she would be more open with them and protect them even if it means risking her own life. Even as a proud warrior Ayaka possesses a strong desire to protect the weak usually jumping straight into combat if it means protection those with no means of protecting themselves, often getting herself in difficult situations. Her confidence in her abilities stems from extreme discipline in her craft and the way she was raised but she is extremely humble after battles despite her pride, rarely bragging or insulting an enemy unless she loses her cool.

On the other side of the spectrum Ayaka hides an intense but closeted love for cute stuff. Animals, clothes and children, all of them appeal to her and if not being watched she would quickly fawn over them as quickly as a mother is to her child. However in the presence of friends or people who might know who she is she remains cold and uncaring on the outside but every so often can be seen softening up.

Judgement Cut

Ayakaís semblance allows her to perform slashes that can travel towards an area from her current position, cutting anything that gets in the way with increased strength and cutting power of her sword, wires, or whatever weapon she wishes to use. She could turn a simple swipe of her hand or feet to a manifestation of her swipe but of course without the same force,cutting power, and damage as her swords. She is also able to pick an area and focus her slashes there in a spherical area instead of having them travel forward but with a slight delay, usually only activating by the time she re sheathes the blade.

Slashes can travel up to 50m and the focused area slashes have a maximum effective range of 30m. If Ayaka charges her semblance she is able to increase the power of the slashes she performs with a multiplier equal to how long she charges it for multiple slashes or concentrate all the power into one extra powerful slash. Ayaka is able to channel her aura to various parts of her body to allow for quick maneuvering such as the soles of her feet for quick dashes or her hands for increased offensive and defensive capabilities when unarmed, more akin to a small Ďpushí in a concentrated area.

Combat Behavior:

Ayaka has learned to improve her fighting capabilities as well as knowledge in grimm, giving her the advantage of experience as well as mastery of her style. Ayaka is a master of her technique and rarely finds opponents who could take her on when sheís going all out in a prolonged melee battle. Her style (somewhat like Battojutsu/Iaido) has trained her to be able to handle multiple opponents all by herself while avoiding injury, and using aggressive consecutive slashes to wear them out. With the addition of her wires Ayaka would batter enemies from multiple directions, be it with semblance or mere weapons alone, the cutting of her wires suddenly closing in on her enemies or her rapid strikes with her long sword would leave little time to breath and little avenue for escape.
Ayaka relies on lightning fast draw speed and attacks, being able to perform multiple attacks at blinding speeds before resheathing her weapon, sometimes drawing so fast and resheathing that it would seem as if she merely drew her weapon and put it back the next second. Not only is she skilled with her sword but she also uses the sheathe to fight to compliment her weapon or if she doesnít want to perform lethal attacks, using the weapon to deal strong blunt attacks, though nothing on the level of dedicated bashers. Ayaka would often use her wires by spreading them out in key points on the battlefield to attack from unconventional angles and pressure her opponents with attacks coming from several locations as if trapping a bird in a net of blades.
Of course, being a primarily melee fighter means that she has to be quick on her feet and have lightning fast reflexes as well as decent stamina, though given guerilla tactics, they may wear her out eventually. Though proficient in melee, her dependence on her semblance means her ranged options are limited, and to a fault, forcing her to be within distance and/or chase her opponents.

Though being a melee dependent fighter, her range proficiency with her semblance aided attacks tend to be slightly slower than bullets and other ranged weaponry. Her lack of any sort of shielding, save for her few armored pieces, would also mean that she wouldnít be able to defend properly against massive blows, explosions, and large amounts of missile fire and the like.

Having a wire can be a double edged sword, being that even if it can disable enemies, it can also be used against the user. Ayaka's Nodachi also functions similarly to a polearm due to its length at times, meaning extremely close ranged fighting is a disadvantage. Without her blades Ayaka is at the mercy of her average hand to hand skills, and the few armor pieces she can use to defend herself with.

Name: Swallowís Bane
Primary Form:

A 2m long Nodachi and its sheath. Forged and heat treated with various alloys to withstand extremely unfavorable conditions such as vibrations, extreme heat, cold, and pressure. The metal in question is also able to easily channel the aura of the user compared to most metals used in weapons but only those with enough experience with it may be able to effectively use it to itís full potential, usually with the appropriate semblances in mind. When Ayaka channels aura into her blade sheís able to increase its cutting power and durability to withstand and deal stronger attacks with less effort but mostly in conjunction with her semblance.

Secondary Form:

The lower half of the bladeís rather long handle detaches and reveals a wire spool that can shoot out razor sharp wires using a dust propulsion mechanism. The wires have tiny barbs near the ends to embed in solid areas for anchorage as well as a rapid reel mechanism.


Swallowís Bane is the Miyamoto family blade, more often used in ceremonial performances but its history can mostly be traced back to past wielders and users of their sword style, improved through the years as each master brought something new to it by reforging.

Name: Masamune

Primary Form:

A traditional Katana forged by the same materials and with the same properties as Swallow's Bane with a blade length of 70cm. Used as a secondary weapon when she doesnít want to use the Nodachi and serves as an effective way of of close quarters combat.

Dust Functions:

Masamune possesses slots for foci on the grip augmenting the blade for various dust enhanced attacks when coupled with Ayakaís semblance.


Ayakaís own sword that she wielded and had forged while still in primary combat school. She uses it if she doesnít want to use the longer sword for various purposes.

Remnant News Network / Wine Maker Dead in Violent Display of Red
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A man was found dead on a red rose bed in Vale Central Park around 6 pm, in the afternoon, just a little around sunset says Vale City Police Department. The man was identified to be 43 year old wine maker Franc Cabernet who was walking home that day after his job at the winery.

Cabernetís body was found by a jogger passing by the area who immediately called the police after seeing the gruesome display. Forensics indicate that Cabernet was killed by a jagged cutting weapon of some sort, possibly glass from the broken wine bottle judging by the broken shards around the scene of the crime, says investigators at the scene. The jogger, name to be withheld, said he found the body during his daily rounds around the park and was found clean of any connection the the crime scene at the time though still going through questioning at the local precinct.

ďAt first I thought it was some sort of random art display with all the red around...It was almost beautiful, I must admit... but when I came closer I saw blood running down his throat and I ran to call to the policeĒ Said the witness, in an interview at the scene of the crime, ďI didnít want to stay and find out if the murderer was still around. The man also looked pretty dead to me.Ē

Authorities confirmed time of death to be around 5 - 6 pm in the afternoon, judging by the condition of the body and said that this was clearly the work of a killer despite the lack of marks of struggle. When questioned the wife of Mr. Cabaret said that she knew of no one whoíd harbor a grudge against her husband and the general consensus of the neighborhood revealed him to be well liked and kind. Cabaretís employer said he regrets the loss of such a fine worker and thereíd be a hole in all their hearts with the loss of such a long time friend as well.

Authorities advise residents to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and to remain vigilant, especially near the end of the day. Any information to the case would be greatly appreciated and would help prevent any further incidents.

ďWeíll find the b****** who did this, so rest assured citizens.Ē A local investigator said, at the local precinct mere hours after the discovery of the murder ďAnd heíll be locked up behind bars for a very very long time.Ē

RPG Discussion / Thread Interests
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What kind of thread would most of you find enjoyable and productive? Some enjoy slaying grimm, some enjoy developing relationships, others like story driven stuff. So, what kind of threads would appeal to the lot of you and which ones are kinda boring?

The Vale Region / A Vytal Moment in Time[Vermilion and team]
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The smell of grilled meat and vegetables wafted through the air and into Vermilion's nostrils as he watched a stall owner tend to his barbecue and customers. Wondering if he could actually use his own spears to grill or roast something Vermilion manifested the tiniest he could make, about a foot long though still a bit thick for a barbecue and thought about shanking a large portion of meat and placing it on the grill himself, though that would bring too much negative attention to himself. Walking over to a clearing while opening his scroll, Vermilion smiled at a team of girls who seemed to be stricken by his regal appearance and went back to contacting Hannah and Vivian on his scroll.

"They better respond, I went through all this effort to arrange this little outing. Even if it is related to the festival." He muttered, sending a message to both Hannah and Vivian to meet him near the outer stalls. It would be easier to see them with less people and he was expecting them to introduce their latest member.

Going back to wandering around, Vermilion began taking note of a few places where they could waste time before they got tired enough to go back home. Aside from the barbecue stall there were also some oriental styled cuisine, a nearby Info Board, some patrolling Atlesian Knights, and a stall selling all sorts of knickknacks. At every turn he found himself finding similar yet slightly different stalls with the same outlook but different items for sale. Vytal sure was full of opportunities with this amount of people. Vermilion wondered if he would be able to come up with something to garner attention and praise as he waited near the info board. It shouldn't be too hard to notice a man of his stature and appearance by a blatantly obvious and out of place machine, unless of course the girls got caught up shopping. Typical women.

Approved Characters / Professor William Nox
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Name: William Nox

Age: 32

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol:Burning Cog with inlayed Wrench

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation:Professor at Beacon. Dust Specialist. Dust Engineer. Inventor Extraordinaire

Curriculum: Dust mechanics 1st - 4th year (Elective for other years?)
May include but not limited to
General Dust mechanics
Intermediate Dust mechanics
Advanced Dust mechanics
Specialized Dust mechanics
Semblance Dust Usage


William is an eccentric looking character with alternating strands of white and black hair that is mostly burnt at times and almost always standing upright due to carelessness, loss of interest in maintaining appearance, and maybe just some bad hair products. He has a somewhat gaunt appearance, with dark spots under his wild looking eyes and part of his right eyebrow burnt off. Usually seen with a pair of heavy duty goggles, William also has several different type, some monocles, some large, and sometimes a welding mask, often times forgetting that heís wearing them even when giving lectures in class.

Most of the times William would be sporting an ordinary shirt and khaki slacks, oftentimes crumpled with some burnt parts on them, topping that off would be a slightly overused labcoat with some streaks of black and whatever other colors you can imagine across them, presumably from dust explosions that happen all the time whenever he demonstrates or tinkers with his machines. When equipped, he usually wields his massive weapon along with a large and bulky power glove powered by dust, a mechanical backpack containing many of his necessary contraptions with an antenna sticking out, and some protective eyewear such as heavy duty goggles.


Sir William Nox of Vale, a profound personality in the fields of engineering and dust mechanics as well as education, his reputation mainly stemming not only from his successes and skill but also from his eccentricities and peculiar behaviour even when in the midst of particularly esteemed individuals(a little scuffle back then during a ball leading to stray fire that nearly burned all his garments off). Even as a child William was known to be a little odd preferring to sit back at home to fix the stove or tinker around with his fatherís automobile instead of playing with the other kids outside. His childhood was mainly spent covered with grease, tightening screws and playing with fire, inventing being a hobby of his during his free time at home whenever he came back from school. Though not having many friends, he loved spending his time making Ďfriendsí of his own. Friends with wheels, friends with cogs, friends that blew fire, and friends that helped him make other friends. In the long run the lack of social interaction left him awkward or in other terms, essentially an oddball to any real people he met. The odd look of being seen as a machine of uncertain complexity didnít really fit in well with the lot of them but that never stopped him from looking high and low for any odd Ďpartsí they possessed and sometimes pressing a button or two that might have turned out to be a mole or a zit.

Possessing a rather...odd personality, William tended to treat other people the same way he did machines. Of course human interactions were awkward because people, lacking the simple turning gears and battery packs and control mechanisms that his machines had, were simply too complicated even for the young genius that was William. Being as he was his personality isolated him from others but that didn't sadden him at all. The more time he had away from real people the more time he had tinkering with machines.

William's parents were hard working and also rather intelligent individuals. His father being a dust engineer worked for a major company often brought home broken or faulty equipment to fix while William watched as a young boy and his mother was an old fashioned house wife but seemed to encourage William's enthusiasm with machines and dust, seeing as how the ever growing industry would need people like him. His parents weren't really social as well so they had no qualms seeing their son get top grades in most subjects save for the humanities which he failed miserably in most of the time. Getting the boy a plethora of books as well as having him assist his father during his usual routines he studied rigorously to support his hobby and soon to be passion. As he grew he started becoming more interested in the seemingly miracle substance known as 'dust' that powered machines and how different varieties provided even more possibilities. The common mishaps at home forced his father to make his own personal workshop, a few yards away from the house, and unlocked the boy's aura while monitoring the amount of dust he used on a daily basis, much to the dismay of his wallet but safety was of utmost priority.

Needing a way to test his machines, most of them being small semi-independent help bots, William often used them during his classes but normal education didn't exactly encourage machines doing the work of a normal person. Not wanting to spend time away from his passion William started skipping school to spend more time with his hobby but his mother opted for a better solution.

Primary combat school allowed him to use his growing expertise in robotics and dust usage at a much more alarming rate, his new found fascination with dust itself growing and presenting itself as both a hazard to other students and himself. Taking special remedial classes under an interested dust professor, William's knowledge grew even more while he started creating a rather infamous image of himself in school. Giant holes in school walls tended to do that to you.

After going through basic combat training and education, though much of the actual combat having been done by his little machines, he proceeded through to Beacon in hopes of being able to make better of his skills in both machinery, dust, and combat, a little part of him hoping to gain a few pounds by rigorous training due to his lanky frame. The years flew by as William and his team got through the relatively difficult process of becoming huntsmen and he slowly learned how to integrate himself more normally with 'normal' people. He never really became truly Ďnormalí but he learned in Beacon that being normal wasnít exactly something necessary to survive and that being odd had its own advantages as well.

Straying away from social events William as always tinkered with his machines and even created his first prototype of the power glove he uses based on the developing hover tech used for airships. Having such a thing at is disposal it also allowed William to fight with his favorite tool in close quarters, a giant wrench. Be it a joke of his or a way to compensate for his lack of interest in actual combat, William never did change his fighting style all throughout accompanying small bots and an intimidating massive mauling weapon to boot.

Of course being in a team eventually meant that William had to interact with people on a semi-daily basis. Assisting his teammates with their weapons and dust studies he discovered he enjoyed sharing his love for machines and dust with others even if it meant him talking hours on end about theory and application while the rest of them humored him and fell asleep during his lectures.

Graduation was one of the many highlights of his life that had much more awaiting for him. His specialty in dust and machines got him many demands in technological corporations wanting to avail of his skills, some of them offering even research jobs that piqued his interest in trying out all sorts of techniques and methods he could only dream of doing with his limited equipment. After a few years jumping from company to company, he mastered many things regarding dust and machinery, many of them involving but not limited to weaponry, and wanting to share his knowledge, decided to try teaching at Beacon where he remains to this day albeit having some occasional requests and jobs in other prestigious institutes.


Extremely eccentric, oftentimes distracted by his own speech patterns, and has a large love for scientific things especially those pertaining to machines and dust powered contraptions William is an extremely informative and hyperactive individual when it comes to science. He could talk nonstop to someone about an interesting topic and be oblivious of all other things around him, unless of course danger is nearby. Known to be a loud thinker, he would also talk to himself when it comes to ideas instead of letting them sit around in his mind, sometimes even suddenly pulling out his scroll to quickly record a random idea that heís picked up or to pretend talking to someone just so the idea would stick.

When teaching in class William would often go on blabbering as always, rushing to the point and treating complex material as if it were easy enough for a five year old. Unless asked he would continue his lecture with sometimes little regard to his students until of course he finished whatever he was talking about. This of course would sometimes make him hard to follow at times which may end up leading to a review of previous lessons complimented with demonstrations, more often than not being sufficient in itself. William doesn't like having consultation lessons after class because it's some of the few times he alots for his experiments, unless of course the student wishes to assist for a short while and risk some singed clothes. Not known to be overly picky with exams William would offer both written and practical examinations, nothing too difficult to handle depending on the subject, and perhaps allow some reference material depending on the complexity of the examinations and whether or not the student is taking an advanced subject for even more in depth dust usage such as semblance dust users and those that use dust mixtures and combinations in their weapons and equipment.

Aura and Semblance:


William can use his aura to fortify objects to give them much more rigidity and strength by using his aura to fuse in any weak links in the objectís shape and form and giving it a solid form capable of withstanding even more force than before. Though not usually used excessively, William could use his semblance to turn something as simple as a normal cloth shirt, and strengthening it into something as tough as steel mail but at a taxing cost of aura. Usually he would use his semblance to reinforce his machines on the spot to minimize damage to both it, and the environment should it explode or malfunction. Depending on the amount of aura used he could use it to fortify a machine, object, or even his own body to withstand extreme force. Fortifications could last as long as there is a steady aura supply but a set amount of aura could give an object far away from itís source a defensive boost that can last an hour at most with degrading strength as it receives more damage, eventually weathering out the fortification until itís back to normal strength.

Being more of a machine-loving person, William rarely uses his semblance unless for special circumstances, deciding to trust the integrity of his creations rather than using cheap tricks to make them better than they really are unless in dire circumstances (including testing new weaponry types or potentially dangerous machines).

Combat Behavior:

Nox isnít really a frontlines fighter and would opt to let his drones and other small robots do the fighting. However, if the situation calls for it heíll personally go head to head using his massive wrench as a weapon or use all sorts of dust devices thatíll vary from various types of grenades to small turrets and trap or even just raw dust canisters. Not really being a team player he would gladly sip a cup of tea while letting his creations take care of the dirty work and maybe toss a grenade or two if they need help. If it comes to close combat he would wield his massive weapon with surprising ease and even go as far as using the beam function point blank while maintaining a grip on whatever it is heís fighting.


Name: Professor Noxís Heavy-Duty Combat Wrench - version 71.0914A

Primary Form:

Itís a big big, it could stand on end and be taller than the user himself.

The combat wrench has all sorts of stuff imbedded into it, some tools, some dust vials, a Dust cannon, spare goggles, the kind of stuff youíd expect your typical inventor to be carrying around. Due to itís size and the stuff it carries it needed extreme fortification and tweaking leading to heavily armored plating and minute adjustments to ensure its strength and toughness against the many things you might expect in everyday life Be it something ranging from a simple engine fix, smacking a grimm with a homerun swing, or even using the Dust cannon to heat himself a nice cup of coffee or tea(Not completely advisable. and yes he sometimes carries a mug inside.)

Combat-wise, the wrench(adjustable variant) acts like a huge mauling weapon, capable of crushing opponents with itís huge weight and also capable of holding onto and crushing them (Itís a tool used for holding onto stuff, duh.) The weapon could be enhanced with whatever dust canister (yes, not a puny vial or cartridge) is equipped at the moment. These include but are not limited to, Fire, Lightning, Ice and earth effects. Using the dust effects allow area attacks around the user or straightforward attacks travelling up to 5m from his position or power up the massive Dust cannon in the mouth of the wrench.

History: One of the nutty professor's most prized inventions, the wrench was a product of multiple trials and errors and lots of accidents. Many of Noxís odd burns around his coats and hair were due to testing the weaponry functions of the wrench, mostly due to fire related explosions. Version number indicates that the wrench has gone through multiple models and improvements through the years.

Secondary Form:

Having optional supports available the weaponís head opens up revealing a large dust cannon capable of shooting all sorts of beams powered up by, wait for it, dust! The cannonís power can be adjusted to several levels for either precision or power. There are 3 main levels of power in the cannon but the range can be finely tuned in between these levels with a little tinkering. Power ranges from small bursts of Dust to a powerful beam that decimates objects in its path but always ends up overheating the gun mechanism afterwards. Dust usage depends on what level is being used, of course, the highest being the most dust consuming. Beam properties depend on what type of dust or dust mixes are being used with some basic ones such as fire, lightning, earth, and ice being used conventionally.

Secondary Weaponry and Equipment]

Name: Dust Power Glove 3000

Primary Form: 
A single, extremely large power glove (Left hand) that looks a lot like a glorified steel oven mitt that has a glowing core in the center and veins of energy channeling through the core throughout the glove. The glove allows the user to lift extremely heavy objects by virtue of being powered by dust by a small repulsion mechanism almost akin to hovering. ďI thought about airship technology but on a much smaller scale!Ē Due to the gloveís size, it is able to house multiple dust types but has one large supply of specialized dust for dealing with physical and mechanical stresses such as holding the huge wrench William carries around. Secondary uses include being able to quickly inject reserve dust canisters into the wrench for easy replacement and using some dust effects to cause elementally powered melee attacks, which are seldomly used due to the wrenchís weight, but otherwise useful if under the right circumstances.


Having been made before the power wrench, the glove was indeed a very handy tool, especially when it came to heavy lifting of many metallic parts and containers of dust for research. Applying the use of the glove for his wrench made the otherwise obsolete weapon(for his lanky frame), to an extremely potent and effective weapon for close combat as well as massive suppression. For some odd reason Nox prefers using only one glove, usually because itís hard to fine tune stuff with fingers the size of salami.

Name: Drones and minibots

Every now and then William would make miscellaneous machines to help out with certain deeds depending on necessity. Many of them being simple mobile clockworks barely 3 feet tall at most that help carry around dust materials or machine parts. Sometimes these machines can be outfitted to be capable of short ranged flight to transverse difficult terrains but unfortunately many of them are often faulty due to ill preparation or adjusting when rushed or forgotten about. In terms of combat, William can outfit a plethora of weapons onto these machines giving him a miniature army of sorts but time and materials are usually key factors in determining how many he can deploy but on average being around 2-4 bots.

Some common bots are simple light machine gun wielding bots that fire 9mm - .50 cal ammo depending on outfitting but rarely being able to withstand too much damage due to size and technical complexity, giving them very little armor or limited mobility. The flying versions of these bots fire much lighter rounds to prevent disruption of flight due to recoil and are much lighter armored though being much more mobile. Dust ammunition is common for the bots and weapons can range from simple guns to flamethrowers and even self destructing bots. Others can consist of kinds of conventional weaponry such as other guns, flamethrowers or even spinning blades, depending on whatís needed but due to limited resources and funds he usually doesnít go for things that are too complex for simple deeds.

All bots are controlled personally by Nox himself through his scroll. The drones and attack and support bots have preinstalled commands and algorithims that allow them to differentiate stuff such as grimm and people apart as well as environmental recognition as well as different sets of instructions as to how to react to certain situations. Of course they're not perfect and sometimes malfunction and have errors in performing tasks which is why Professor William Nox uses his scroll to monitor them by groups or even individually, issuing commands by voice or even through writing on his scroll and several other measures. 

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