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Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: December 12, 2022, 02:47:36 AM »
The staring was unnerving, uncanny, and it wasn't because of the reptilian eyes. No, it was because Ayaka never really looked people in the eyes. She was more of a look-down-on-them-and-scoff type of person. She turned away, not because she was hiding a blush, but because she found her weird. Totally.

"Whatever," Ayaka murmured, and it didn't take more than a second before she put up airs again. However, she couldn't help but feel self-conscious about her pants. was that a compliment or sarcasm? She decided to ignore it but not without the occasional glance at her thighs.

"Hey you." She said, "How are you going to fight while holding that thing around? Don't expect me to come running if you get in trouble."

Hey, what's your name? Hey I'm Ayaka. Hey, we're partners now! Any of these would have been a better line, maybe. Not that she really cared.

Movement on the periphery of her vision alerted her in the middle of her pondering. Black. Grimm. Without a  word Ayaka rushed to the side and drew her blade. Claws came from the shadows to meet her head on but soon found themselves falling onto the ground, detached from their limb. Another swing and a gnarled grin followed suit.

"Beowolves. typical." Ayaka said, spotting more rustling as she flicked black vaporizing dirt off her blade. "Get ready, you. We've got more company."

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: November 24, 2022, 02:29:30 AM »
Ayaka wanted action. It had been weeks since she last got into a fight and even that one ended in less than a second. Grimm, a roudy student, anything would suffice, really. She scratched her head as she walked, really wishing she landed somewhere with more visibility. Would her annoyance attract grimm? Who knows, she wasn't really all too sure how grimm attraction worked, but if it did at least she'd be able to cut something down.

Hearing shuffling nearby she drew her sword in a flash. A grimm? Her sulking did work after all! Running in the direction of the sound she readied to swing only to come face to face with...a lizard? Or rather, a girl with a purple scarf, holding a lizard. Were pets allowed during initiations? Whatever, it wasn't an enemy and she was the first person she saw. And that lizard was looking pretty cute...Shaking her head, Ayaka sheathed her sword and cocked her head to the side, leering at Iris.

"First person I run into and it's some kid collecting critters." Ayaka said, turning away while clenching her fist. She had to resist the urge to inspect the little critter, she had an image to keep. "Guess I'm stuck with you now, according to these stupid rules. Come on, let's look for something to fight, all this walking is going to put me to sleep."

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: November 09, 2022, 12:06:25 AM »
     Ayaka ground her teeth, the thought of having to go to Beacon rather than Haven annoyed her more than it should have. So what if some thugs wanted to get to her? She could always cut them down to size. Literally. Not that she ever killed a person but she would give them a beating they'd never forget like every other pathetic slug they sent her way. Now that she was on the launching platform she had no choice but to accept reality. A speech from some old fart, a few other student hopefuls shivering out of fear, and her, furrowing her brow just before the platform threw her into the air.

     Landing strategies, gliding, grappling, equipment, Ayaka never really thought of such things till now, and it dawned on her that she had to rely on creativity to avoid becoming a purple-colored pancake. Trees scattered across each and every single square inch of her vision with small pockets of ground visible beneath. Further ahead looked to be where most of the clearings were and a few black-speckled figures that were probably Grimm roamed free. Ayaka reached for her nodachi and unspooled thread in the handle. She grasped silvery wire in each hand and let it loose around her in an array of shimmering thread. As the first tree got into range she launched some wire toward it, wrapping several branches to slow her fall. She placed a foot on some more wire, to avoid severing her own fingers and used the spool from her nodachi to gradually feed the wire slower and slower to break her descent. The second her foot touched the ground she wrapped the wires in aura and pulled taut, severing the branches and pulling back the wire to the spool.

     "Now, let's see if this so called initiation really is as challenging as they say." Ayaka said, smirking before a small branch landed on her head. "Ugh."

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team LILY
« on: September 04, 2022, 08:16:13 AM »
"Lavender," She said, giving a confident smile. She kept running and didn't slow her pace. "Lavender du Lac. Where you from, Yasha?"

Despite the falling students Lavender had yet to see any Grimm. Was it because they were too excited? The monsters thrived on negative emotions after all and it wouldn't be that farfetched to think maybe they got attracted to a struggling student. She shivered at the thought, but with this many people around there wouldn't be much worry, especially since the majority of them probably came from pre-huntsman academies.

Lavender picked up the pace. The ruins weren't that far off now, but there were still plenty of places for obstacles to show up. Debris and natural outcrops make for perfect ambush spots, and the cliffsides could conveniently block their view of fliers. She gripped her spear shaft tighter, wondering if shifting it to a sword would fit better with all the clutter around. Trees and boulders alike.

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team LILY
« on: August 22, 2022, 12:37:06 AM »
"Likewise." Lavender said, she'd shake his hand but her hands were full with her shield and spear. "Guess that makes us partners."

The boy had a scythe, a difficult and frankly not-so-practical weapon. Usually. The fact he got here as a scythe user meant that he definitely had more than meets the eye. Giving a nod,  Lavender started continued onwards. They needed to find the relics soon, not everyone passed initiation after all.

"To the ruins? I'll race you there." She didn't wait for an answer and started running.

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team LILY
« on: August 18, 2022, 11:44:46 PM »
Other student hopefuls started falling out of the sky like raining steel and bodies. Many landed into the forest, and Lavender being in a clearing, could only recall the direction of the ruins she spotted. It was a good start because who in their right mind would leave relics in trees? Lavender paused and remembered where she was enrolling. They'd definitely do something like leaving relics in trees.

The clearing ended in more forest, and trees scattered across her vision. There would be no shield skiing here without a chainsaw and a whole lot of time. Occasional sounds of people shouting in the distance echoed back to her and the occasional gunshots meant that people landed more or less in the same area.

After running for a few seconds, Lavender heard the rapid whiz of a weapon to her flank. It was close, but not close enough to see trough the trees. Following the direction of the sound she found the remnants of the tree where it embedded, and footprints running in the same direction. With a quick sprint, she soon caught sight of a scythe wielder running ahead.

"Hey!" She called, waving her spear arm in the air "Want to team up?"

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team LILY
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:53:56 AM »
Lavender launched into the air the second Headmaster Alban passed by. The speech was inspiring, and the threats worrying, but it was drowned out by the sound of her heartbeat.

Thump thump thump. She couldn't tell if the loudness was all in her head, but nobody seemed to pay any mind. Maybe it was the collective sound of all their heartbeats, sounding in unison to the challenge ahead.

Brandishing her shield, Lavender unleashed a torrent of steam from behind her, propelling her forwards passed most of the trees and towards a clearing. A perfect spot just outside the wall of trees. She braced herself and shot more steam under her, using her semblance to thicken the cloud and soften her fall. A violet hue shone across the cloud and the steam condensed, thickening into a coalescence of vapor and aura before Lavender landed into it riding her shield. It was more a crash than a slide. She tumbled out of the cloud before regaining her footing and skid away from the cloud, waiting a few seconds to release her semblance. Steam exploded behind her and she could feel the heat while using the force to slide even further away.

"Another happy landing." She said, hopping off her shield into a run and brandishing her spear. "Now where are the Jade relics?"

Approved Characters / Re: Lavender du Lac
« on: August 08, 2022, 09:30:18 AM »

- Changed Academy
- Removed Image for replacement later on(still gotta somehow draw the damned thing)
- Fixed some Grammar and shorted some sentences and descriptions in History/Personality/Semblance sections

Plot Zone / Re: The even softer reboot [Plot Signup]
« on: July 28, 2022, 12:31:55 AM »
I'm still alive? Holy shit.

Thinking of tossing Lavender du Lac into this mess. A flowing swift moving vanguard who prefers the front lines with her spear/shield/swordwhip combos.

Might think of throwing in Ayaka Miyamoto if I can handle it. Rapid Nodachi/Katana user who prefers limiting their opponents' movements with both aura strikes and wires.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: July 29, 2019, 02:19:02 AM »
     Face blank as a rock, Ayaka watched as Iron slid into the clothes she offered. Simple, maybe a bit on the small side for him, but overall clean and sleek. It reminded her of the time when she helped out at her family's tailoring shop; though she did get told a lot to not glare so much at people as she took their sizes.

     Stepping aside as Iron tossed his clothes, Ayaka noticed Isabelle approach soon after with clothes in hand and a fidget in her step.

Once his clothes were neatly folded into a small pile that she held under her arm, Isabelle looked up at Ayaka. There was a brief moment of silence, of hesitation, but she made herself fight through the embarrassment. "Hey, Ayaka. Would you, uh... Would you mind helping me pick out some new clothes? Maybe?" Her meek tone made it obvious that she felt uncomfortable asking. However, this was the best opportunity she was going to get. Iron wasn't there to make comments on her lame fashion sense, though she assumed she would have to bear some of that from Ayaka too.

     Ayaka stared blankly before tilting her head. To be perfectly honest she saw nothing inherently wrong with Isabelle's state of dress. Maybe because she herself didn't care what other girls wore. However, she did see why her feline friend would be distraught, hoodies weren't exactly on the fashionable side.

     Rows of clothes laid before them on racks and shelves, certainly something here could satisfy her needs. "Sick of hoodies?" Ayaka quipped flatly, head tilting towards a hooded mannequin. The mannequin stared flatly in response. Rude.

     It took a moment, but Ayaka quickly approached Isabelle and inspected her from head to toe. Small of frame, though not inherently scrawny, loose clothing would flow well on her. Pale skin, so best avoid anything too garishly bright. The ears limited the number of hats she could sport, but there were always ones that were Faunus-friendly too.  Same goes for skirts and pants, a quick fix could suffice to accommodate her tail.

     Grabbing a few outfits, Ayaka silently lifted one after another in front of Isabelle, trying to make heads or tails of which one to use. A small white blouse, a fashionable coat, a large baggy jacket, some hot pants, a beanie, and both slacks and jeans seemed to have zoomed pass the girl's silhouette in flash. Mix matching stuff was difficult and when it came to girls one had to take the personality into consideration as well.

     "Street wear or  something more...frilly?" she murmured, looking at Isabelle like a dress-up doll. Ayaka scratched her head while ignoring the fact that she left her 'special package' on the side for just anyone to pick up.


The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: July 07, 2019, 11:14:52 AM »
     Ayaka sniffed but couldn't help but hide the tiniest hint of a smile.  "I have no reason to. I don't need you to guide me nor am I a child that would stroll off chasing ants. Whatever conclusion you've come to to think such a thing, I'm sure it would need a little bit more thought. " The idea did tint the tip of her ears pink but her face remained hard as stone. "Maybe an mechanical head would help as much as that third arm of yours world."

     Having enough of their little jabs at each other, Ayaka broke off and turned towards the clothes strewn about. Casual wear seemed to dominate the racks while a few fashionable assortments caught her eye. Luckily, none of them were hoodies. The ubiquitous jacket seemed to be everywhere lately and she didn't want to be seen next to someone wearing one all day.  She was the daughter of a seamstress after all.

     A few thoughts came to mind with Iron's style, but not really knowing his preferences she went ahead and tossed him a few hangers with a couple of plain but cool colored dress shirts. Even those would make her caveman of a teammate look decent in public. "Here, try this on." She practically commanded, "Maybe Isabelle has some stuff for you to try too. Mind you these are not for combat."

     It felt like a mad scramble moving from his cold bed of snow to his feet but Shiroe back springed back into action with his sword held high. Unfortunately he didn't have enough time to prepare a rune and saw two daggers fly at him from his opponent's direction.

     The first dagger flew aside with a flick of his blade but the second slammed into his waist while the speed enhanced Setsuna dove towards him. Unable to react in time, and with no runes to counter the blow, Shiroe only managed to bring a dull static guard that deflected the blade from his chest to his other shoulder.

     In such close quarters and his blade stuck in a high guard, Shiroe aimed a pommel strike straight into Setsuna's face while charging the runes on his legs. Success or not he kicked back to regain some breathing room as his eyes darted looking for his teammate.

Aura: 81%
Attacks: Pommel to face - 5%

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: May 21, 2019, 03:30:04 AM »
     "Are you that starved for affection that something as simple as hand-holding amuses you?" Ayaka taunted, a single eyebrow was raised and her arms were crossed. Whatever the reason it's not like she had any right to be saying so either...though something as simple as that was silly. "Perhaps you should leave your cave more, Iron."

     Letting out a sigh, Ayaka darted her view about wondering what would be good to pass the time. Perhaps the two were on a date, but now that she was here she might as well entertain herself. Several passers-by caught the girl's attention, not particularly because they were of any importance, but because some of them carried the same doll as she did. Small, cuddly, and something she wouldn't be caught dead with in public, Ayaka moved her inconspicuously conspicuous bag out of view once more and coughed to draw the attention of her friends.

     A drink, maybe that's what she needed. Something to quench her thirst and perhaps a meal as well. That's what normal kids her age did anyways during outings, wasn't it? "Is there anywhere I could get a glass of water? I don't come here a lot and I am feeling quite hungry."


The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:33:28 AM »
     "It's nothing important." Ayaka quickly replied, nonchalantly lifting the bag, "Just a bundle of fabric and whatnot."An adorable bundle of fabric. She thought, quickly moving the bag out of grabbing distance.
     "I've been thinking of improving my combat attire, as well as some casual apparel." Did that sound normal enough? Best to just change the subject, and luckily enough Iron took the bait.

     Unable to resist a groan at his claim of jealously Ayaka sniffed, "I feel no such thing nor do I feel the need to participate in such fruitless excursions for the sake of vague romantic attractions." Who needed relationships anyways? True, Isabelle and Iron weren't on the unattractive side of the spectrum but Ayaka had always seen them as allies at the very least.

     The red tinge spread slightly to her cheeks, tinting them a healthy pink as she entertained other thoughts despite her stony expression. She'd be lying if she said she didn't ever think about dating, but that was not on her immediate concerns as of late.

     Wait...did she just fall for her own diversion?

     She cleared her throat once more, wondering if she needed water, and said, "So, considering Iron's so out-of-character performance, I'm guessing Isabelle was right. What do you plan on doing next, though? If you're planning on buying stuff for the dorm I guess I could assist. If not, I'll be one my way if you two want to be alone again."

     Maybe she should buy some other stuff to cover up her initial purchase. It was another matter altogether to hide the damned doll later...Claim it a gift for a relative? Maybe? Anyways, whatever choice they made she had to get her story in order.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 20, 2019, 06:39:31 AM »
     "Perhaps she would, maybe she'd find something her size."  A strict yet sultry voice said, approaching the duo with a katana on her hip and a few bags in her hands. She was, of course, their teammate, Ayaka. "I jest of course."

     Coming from her own shopping, Ayaka found the two wandering about and decided to make herself known. Wearing an asymmetrically-folded jacket, a brown flat-cap, shades hanging off a chest pocket, and her signature pants, cut high on the left thigh, Ayaka looked quite fashionable despite her rough cut clothes. Remnants of a face mask seemed to be peeking out of a jacket pocket too.
     She declined the invitation beforehand because she needed to prioritize a certain sale. One that she'd rather not let be known. Of course, she couldn't just ignore her team when she saw them, all she needed to do was keep a certain thing hidden in the inconspicuous black bag that she held. Subconsciously moving the bag out of sight she offered a small nod, at both the team leader and the rare sight that was Iron. Perhaps he finally decided to climb out of whatever hole he'd have been hiding in the past few weeks.

     "I'm sorry, I had to prioritize something earlier so I couldn't meet up. I may be heading back soon, though." Ayaka stated in a calm manner, clearing her throat as a tiny tinge of red tinted her ears.  That particular thing, as it turned out, was a sale on a certain limited edition doll she had been eyeing the past few months. Professionally made and quite popular because of the show it came from. Ayaka, however, only cared about the outward appearance. She couldn't find the time to watch something as childish as a cartoon in front of her team. "I see Iron is alive. Are you two...on a date perhaps?"
      Fortunately the sale was on the other side of the mall, though she hoped the two wouldn't pry on what she bought.

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