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Jane Green
« on: October 09, 2019, 02:03:46 AM »

Name: Jane Green

Age: 17 years old

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: A white rabbit on its haunches with a green leaf in its mouth

Occupation: A huntsman academy student attending Beacon Academy for their first year.

With bandages, scrapes, and dirt all over her--it's clear that Jane isn't your ordinary girl, and she makes it known. Her dark-green hair is an absolute mess, held up by her dark red headband. She has bright green eyes, and a band-aid rests on the bridge of her nose. Jane wears a jungle green hoodie with the inside being bright orange. Her emblem rests on the right shoulder of her hoodie. The hoodie covers a black tank top underneath, by the way. Jane also wears a pair of green camo baggy jeans and dark brown leather hiking boots.
Jane was the runt of the litter, standing at a measly 5'0" (or 152.4 cm) and 96 lbs (or 43.5449 kg).

History: Jane grew up in the village of Phoumi. She would often help others in the village, as well as any travelers passing through the little village--which were often hunters and huntresses. However, there was one traveler that would change Jane's life forever. One day, when Jane was just a little kid, a member of the White Fang wandered into town. His mask was half-broken, just barely hanging onto his face, and he was covered with wounds. Despite the warnings of others, Jane immediately went to help him. She begged her parents to let the man stay at their home so that she could look after the man, but they refused. Jane's parents and the rest of the village knew who the White Fang really were, and refused to help. So, Jane took matters into her own hands and helped the man find a safe location to rest just outside of the village. Jane would check on him at least 5 times a day to check on him and repeatedly healed his wounds. Jane had learned how to treat wounds before when she was helping a local physician tend to some of the guards.
The White Fang member was reluctant for Jane's help at first. He could never trust a human. However, over time, he began to recognize how friendly Jane was being with him.  The man was shocked--all of the humans considered the White Fang criminals, terrorists even! Why was this one helping him? It soon dawned on the man that Jane had never heard of the White Fang before, so he told Jane all about the group--at least, what the group is from the White Fang's perspective. The man told Jane about how the Faunus were persecuted and subjugated around the world, and how the White Fang fought for justice for the Faunus. Having heard only the White Fang's mission statement, Jane immediately wanted to join. The White Fang member just sighed and told Jane that she wouldn't be welcome in the organization, due to her being a human.
However, this man wasn't the only person that Jane heard about protecting people. She heard tales from many hunters and huntresses about how they not only protected people from Grimm but also other kinds of dangers. Bounties on criminals, escorting people through dangerous areas, and similar tasks. Not only that, but they traveled all over the world. So, that day, it was decided--if Jane couldn't join the White Fang, she'd do things her own way and become a huntress. She would help all sorts of people all over the world facing injustice, not just the Faunus.
Ever since she was little, Jane would often sneak out of the village to explore the nearby Forever Fall Forest. It was there that she discovered her semblance--something she called, "Forest's Eyes." One day, when she was attacked by a pack of beowolves, Jane managed to just barely get away and hide. She then climbed up into the trees and realized that she could still see a vague outline of the many beowolves as they wandered the forest looking for Jane. It was then that Jane realized that she had finally gained her semblance! Jane used her stealth and newfound semblance to her advantage, taking out each beowolf one-by-one by setting traps all over the forest and jumping through the treetops, high above the Grimm.

Personality: Jane is a naive sort, often being too trusting of others. However, she's also very down-to-earth, casual and doesn't find trouble with fitting in communities at all. Overall, despite her appearance, she very much comes off as your common man, your average joe, etc..
Speaking of which, the common man is something that Jane passionately defends--well, she defends anybody that's been wronged in some way, really. You could say she's a "hero of the people," or at least she tries to be. She often gets in over her head, believing that she's capable of anything if she sets her mind to it and that good will always triumph. Because of this, Jane can be stubborn. It doesn't matter if you tell her not to do something--if she thinks it's the right thing to do, she's gonna do it no matter what anyone says or what the consequences are.
In her downtime, Jane is often outside exploring the wilderness. She's always been a curious sort, and finds the idea of exploring an unknown place very exciting--even if it's just unknown to her.

Aura and Semblance: Jane's aura is--you guessed it--green.
As for her semblance, it is called "Forest's Eyes." She can "tag" those with Aura or Grimm, and then be able to see them through walls and other obstacles in her line of sight. However, she can only see their silhouette. Nonetheless, this can help her identify people by their aura, or track Grimm and set traps for them.
Jane can tag up to 5 people or Grimm and can see them for up to 30 meters. Also, the fewer targets Jane tags, the clearer that the targets she already has tagged are. With enough training, perhaps she could remove these limits.
However, of course, Jane's semblance doesn't help her be stealthy--it just lets her know where people in the direction she's facing are standing. No amount of planning can stop a screw-up. There could also be someone she tagged right behind her and she wouldn't even know it! Jane won't just need to train to master her semblance--She'll need to master playing 4D chess as well.

Combat Behavior: Jane tends to be very crafty and fights at her best when she has time to prepare. She likes to set various traps for her opponents. If she's locked into a fight, however, she tries to maintain her distance and fight at long-range. As for when she's forced into close-quarters, she often taunts her foes--getting them riled up and too driven by anger to focus on the fight. Jane uses this to her advantage, able to read her opponent like a book and easily counter. However, if one step in a strategy of her's fails, she tends to be caught off-guard and doesn't know what to do.


Name: Ceartas Rebel

Primary Form: A wrist-mounted crossbow. The crossbow is painted in camo colors, has some dirt smeared on it a bit, and a few leaves here and there--it still functions excellently, however. The outside of the crossbow has a wood finish made from the trees of Forever Fall. While the crossbow does have a traditional trigger, the palm portion of the glove for the wrist-mounted crossbow is touch-sensitive and set to fire whenever Jane touches her palm--this makes for some quick shooting when locked in combat. The crossbow also has a little clip to store bolts for rapid firing. Whenever Jane fires her crossbow with the palm trigger, the crossbow automatically reloads. The traditional trigger is used for when Jane wants to be precise, and a small scope pops up whenever her finger rests on the trigger. A quick flick of the wrist is all it takes for the weapon to switch forms--however, it has to go from its primary form to its secondary form then to its tertiary form. It can't skip any of them. The glove is made of black leather and stretches up to Jane's shoulder.

Secondary Form: A mechanical European-style broadsword made from silver, attached to the glove by an iron chain. The broadsword is able to reconfigure its shape, extending and retracting when necessary when Jane swings it around--acting almost like a whip as well as a sword.

Tertiary Form: The broadsword retracts into the glove so that only some of the blade is sticking out. If you want a good idea of how it looks, think of the Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed:

Dust Functions: The bolts for the crossbow have little slots in them for Dust vials, which are expelled upon impact.

History: The idea for Ceartas Rebel first came about when Jane was but a child. She had crafted a wrist-mounted crossbow that fired sticks whenever she played Huntsmen with the other kids. However, when the time came for Jane to make her very own weapon at her primary huntsmen school, her imagination became reality. Ideas for how she could improve upon the huntress weapon from her childhood floated around in her head for days before she settled on the final product. She even got some wood from Forever Fall to add a neat finish to the crossbow!
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Re: Jane Green
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Approved, 1/2
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Re: Jane Green
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My apologies for the approval process taking this long!

There are a couple things I was wondering about, but seeing that this is your first character, I'm not going to be nitpicky about them. It's nice seeing another character from the Mahava Plains (I have one myself).

Anyways, I think you're good to go so...Approved 2 of 2. Happy RPing!
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