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Re: Blind Leading Blind [CLOSED]
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2021, 08:58:31 AM »
Of course she had to do this. She was training in Beacon. If she let someone in need, ESPECIALLY someone whom she could sympathize with, to their own devices, what'd be the point of being here?

Stopping along with Noir as he does, Anna is somewhat surprised - though not completely - that he's only picked up the fact that she's also blind now. Man, he must've really been a mess inside a minute back. "Y-yeah. Though I sort of have a ch-cheat with my semblance, but I barely use it m-most of the time. I'm j-just used to this place, really."

Turning around Noir to change his direction, they now faced the library's insides, the large hallway behind their backs. "S-so, this is the entrance. I'm gonna w-walk you through how to get your bearings." With that, she resolutely started her slow, measured walk forwards again, this time heading towards the reception desk. "T-take your time to feel out where you are as we g-go."
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