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Hu Shinku
« on: March 30, 2020, 02:40:18 AM »

Name: Hu Shinku

Age: 17, Exact Birth Date Unknown, Found Arashi 12th, 62 AC as a baby of approximately two months of age.

Species and Gender: Female Red Fox Faunus

Symbol:  Shinku’s symbol is a fox’s head. It is crimson, with hints of white on the ears and snout.

Occupation: Beacon Student, Year 1

Appearance: Hu Shinku is a young, petite girl of height 4’11” and weight 117lbs. She has long, messy, armpit length crimson hair, small, orange eyes, and warm beige skin, along with thin lips, and a baby face that makes her look slightly younger than she is. She stands with a slumping posture and with narrow shoulders, usually slouching.

Shinku’s faunus traits are two red fox ears that rest atop her head. As with most faunus ears, they grant her enhanced hearing, meaning it’s more difficult to sneak up on her than on a human. Despite the mistrust humans in Mistral used to show her due to her faunus nature, she doesn’t bother to hide her ears, always having them on full display for all to see.

Shinku’s combat and casual outfit consists of a bright red, short-sleeved, too-large t-shirt and khaki, knee-length shorts. As the shirt is a little big for her, it was designed to have anti-upshirt technology. The shirt almost reaches her knees, but she usually ties up the the bottom during combat so it doesn't impede her abilities. She has a belt, which she hides underneath her oversized shirt, to hold her weapon and its ammunition, and also has an extra dagger in one of its pouches in case she is ever disarmed. She wears white sneakers, but has had them modified to have rubber shoe strings so that she doesn’t have to worry about them coming undone during a battle.

Shinku's school uniform is a standard Beacon female uniform. Unlike her normal clothes, her uniform fits her perfectly. Just like all other female Beacon students, her uniform consists of brown shoes, a red tartan skirt, a white blouse with maroon trim, a thin red bow, a brown vest with gold buttons, and a maroon blazer with gold trim. She also wears full length black stocking along with her uniform.

History: Abandoned on the streets of Mistral as a baby for reasons unknown to her, Shinku Hu grew up under the care of her foster mother, Hu Shiro, an arctic fox faunus who had always wanted a child, but had never managed to find a partner. Her mother owns a small cafe with few employees, and had to save up her earnings for years in order to pay for her foster daughter’s tuition fees for Sanctum and Beacon, as well as to pay for the dust that her daughter uses for her weapon and semblance.

When Shinku was young and hardworking, she had always loved the idea of becoming a huntress, the great heroes that her mother always told her about. Huntsmen and huntresses, no matter who their parents were or what race they were, were shining beacons of light in a world terrorised by the darkness of the Grimm. She informed her foster mother about her dream. Upon hearing the young child’s wish, Shiro became determined to help her daughter achieve her dream in any way possible. Shiro had once been a huntress-in-training at Haven academy. However, she was forced to drop out after a Grimm elimination mission went wrong and she was rendered physically unable to perform many tasks that would be necessary in a huntresses’ job, meaning that as much as she wanted to, she could not train Shinku. However, she was still in contact with many of her friends from school, including her best friend, Ono Kori, who was a skilled huntsman. Kori was happy to help his old friend, and under the guidance of Mister Ono, Shinku learned how to fight and trained her body to be physically fit. Eventually, she reached the age requirement to be admitted to Sanctum academy and thanks to the guidance of her mentor and mother, passed the entrance exam with flying colours.

In Sanctum, Shinku found that she had a problem - nothing she did challenged her. Her mentor and mother had heavily over prepared her for school, and now she felt that maybe being a huntress wouldn’t be as difficult as they had made it seem. The other students were easy to beat during sparring matches. She found that their performance was pathetic, as if they’d never been in a fight before, and she beat them all easily. As she found the elementary work given to her easy, Shinku grew to be complacent and lazy, believing she could breeze through school. So, as the students around her continued to grow and become skilled, Shinku never bothered to train or study as hard as everyone else. Even when the schoolwork began to get slightly challenging, the fox faunus couldn’t seem to shake her loafish attitude, and she soon gave up trying. Despite her laziness, she still managed to pass her exams fairly easily, and remained top of the class.

At school, Shinku had almost no friends. The other students saw her as the stuck-up know it all, and even when she began to change, their bad impressions of her refused to let them change their opinions. Even though nobody dared to try and bully her in fear of getting beat up, which she used to do to anyone who crossed her, most stayed away from her. The only exception to this was Essix Pheasense, a red-throated caracara falcon faunus. Instead of being jealous of Shinku, Essix was wowed by the other girl’s performance during sparring class. With a little difficulty Essix managed to convince Shinku to tolerate her, and as time went on, the falcon faunus grew on the fox, and they became friends. Unlike her friend, Essix was never particularly intelligent or skilled in battle. Essix and Shinku both helped each other, with the former becoming much more skilled in sparring matches, and the latter becoming much more chill and in control of her violent tendencies. Unfortunately, Essix was never able to get her friend to drop her lazy attitude, and they parted ways after their graduation from Sanctum, though they are still in touch, with Essix going to Haven academy and Shinku going to Beacon.

Shinku had always wanted to go to Beacon. From her perspective, Beacon seemed to be where all the great hunters had come from, no offense Uncle Ono, and with her aspirations, that is where she set her sights on. Her lazy attitude had persisted throughout the years, and she keeps it to this day. Thanks to the scholarships she received from Sanctum, the red fox faunus managed to pass the exam easily, though she is aware that she is by no means the best in her class. Despite the attitude she’s failed to shake all these years, she’s still determined to become a great huntress.

Personality: The impression that Shinku gives off is one of calm and friendliness. She is no longer as irritable or stuck up as she was in her early years at Sanctum, and as such she rarely gets angry, preferring to defuse situations by making jokes. Her friendly, chill, and lazy attitude and tendency to not take things seriously makes it easy for other students to interact with her, though it does not earn any points with the teachers, who frequently catch her dozing off in class. Shinku is easygoing and non confrontational, preferring to stay out of a fight unless someone is in danger. However, one of the few things that does push her berserk button is hurting anyone who she considers a friend, as her time with Essix taught her to treasure friendships greatly.

Though Shinku treasures friends, she does not care about the public opinion of her thanks to her experience in Sanctum. Despite her friendly attitude, she is quite blunt with her words, a trait that can turn some people away from her. It is her lack of caring about her public image that makes it easy for her to keep her fox ears on display, even amongst a crowd of racists.

Shinku enjoys cracking bad jokes and harmless pranks on her friends, but knows when to draw the line. She’s a little sensitive about being an abandoned child, and so she understands that there are some topics you just don’t touch on. Shinku can brush off most comments against her, but despite her nonviolent tendencies, she can and will fight someone who hits a friend in his or her weak points, and though she doesn’t get angry often, when she gets mad, she gets MAD. Just like her lazy attitude, she can’t seem to shake the impulse to hurt someone beyond what they might deserve when they anger her, so she instead focuses on cooling her temper before she can lash out and do something she might regret.  Despite her attitude, Shinku forgives easily. She sometimes lashes out, but once she get it out of her system, she goes back to normal. She’s not the kind of person to harbour a grudge against somebody else, so once her initial rage has blown over, she goes back to normal.

Besides insulting her friends where it hurts, one of the few other things that can anger Shinku is physically attacking her or someone she cares about. Unlike when someone hits her friends in their sensitive topics, when she or a friend is attacked physically, Shinku will give the assailant a warning. Should the warning be ignored, Shinku will begin to fight back, either for herself or for her friend. In this form of self defense, she is not as brutal as when a friend is insulted, as she believes that physical wounds can never hurt as much as mental ones. 

Shinku really enjoys video games. When she was young, they were her way to escape from the expectations of her peers and teachers, to immerse herself in a virtual world and forget about her players. While she often gets salty when she loses, it’s never to the extent of any true anger towards the other players, nor the type of rage that leads her to use violence.

Just as with most faunus, Shinku has had several run-ins with discriminatory people, but she doesn’t let it bother her unless the racists attempt to get violent, in which she will defend herself. She was initially a supporter of the White Fang, but ever since it began to drift away from its peaceful origins three years ago, she has begun to heavily disapprove of it. She can understand why the members of the Fang do what they do - strike back against their oppressors and be treated better for it. However, she is aware that humanity is treating the faunus better out of fear, and that that fear will eventually be overcome by hatred of the faunus.

Aura and Semblance: Shinku’s aura was gifted with a large reserve of aura, manifesting in crimson red, though adding elemental properties to her shots change their colour. However, this makes her especially vulnerable to attacks despite her aura, since she uses most of it offensively.

Shinku’s Semblance is Aura Shot. She can channel her aura into blasts of energy that fire from her hand or the tip of her weapon. These blasts explode on impact with a solid or liquid. A direct hit does moderate damage, which means a small chunk of a person’s aura. She can also rapid fire smaller shots that do low damage, but deal moderate knockback, allowing her to keep people at a distance. Aura Shot is an augmentable semblance, and Shinku’s blasts are able to be imbued with various elemental properties for different effects. Aura Shot’s foci are the cartridges of dust that Shinku always carries in abundance. The properties granted to Aura Shot by dust are listed below. Keep in mind that Shinku can also perform her rapid fire shots with the different dust types, but the shots are far faster and their effect is far weaker, and that Shinku has limited access to dust, meaning that she can only use the six types listed below as of now, but her shots can still be imbued with other kinds of dust.

Fire Dust - Shoots a moderately fast moving fireball that explodes on impact with a target, dealing heavy damage on a direct hit.
Ice Dust - Shoots a ball of condensed cold energy. Upon hitting a target, the ball bursts, freezing anything it touches. The ice is brittle and easy to break through, so it's not the best for immobilising enemies for long periods of time.
Water Dust - Shoots forward a ball of water that bursts upon impact with a target.
Lightning Dust - Shoots a slow moving ball of electrical energy that moves in a straight line and dissipates harmlessly upon touching a target. As it moves, it shoots out bolts of lightning at anything organic or metal within a 1m radius that do heavy damage to the target. Usually used at close range to deter opponents from coming close. Takes a few seconds to charge up.
Steam Dust - Shoots an unstable ball of steam that bursts upon contact with air. The steam can act as a useful smokescreen.
Wind Dust - Shoots a long-range ball of wind of moderate speed. Upon hitting a target, the ball generates a small tornado. It is too weak to pick up anything heavier than a dictionary, but it can still suck nearby objects and people towards it, throwing them of balance.
Rock Dust - Shoots a moderately fast ball of elemental aura. Unlike other kinds of aura shots Shinku can use, Rock Aura Shot is affected by gravity. If it hits a surface, it will burst into large chunks of rock that go flying in all directions. The rocks dissipate after 1 minute of their creation.
Hard-Light Dust - Shoots a ball of hard-light. Upon hitting a target, it generates a hard-light shield of radius 1.5m that is vertical to the ground. The shield is not very tough.
Gravity Dust - Shoots a small, slow ball of aura that does no damage, but sends anything it hits flying backwards. If it hits a surface, it will burst, sending anything nearby flying in the opposite direction of the surface. This can be used for mobility by shooting the ground in front of the user, though the ball will dissipate if it travels for over 3m without hitting a target.

Combat Behavior:  Shinku’s main weakness is that she is a glass cannon. Despite her large aura reserves, she tends to follow the philosophy that “the best defense is a good offense”. She uses all of her aura on her attacks, leaving her with little defensive capability to speak of. A few good hits from a burly tank is enough to take her out. However, she is very nimble, and can use gravity dust and her weapon to create distance between herself and an opponent. Without closing the distance, it is nearly impossible for another person to beat her, as she can easily dodge attacks and deliver an onslaught of her own, shooting from her weapon and her hand simultaneously. However, if someone can manage to get up close and personal, there is not much her semblance can do. Fireballs and regular aura shots explode, meaning that they hurt her more than the opponent. Lighting balls takes too long to charge up, and ice balls are useless against an opponent that’s right in her face. Finally, gravity shots will take too long to reach the opponent or the ground, meaning that she is stuck in close combat with the opponent.

However, do not think that she can be beaten simply by closing the distance. She is very good at dodging, and is incredibly skilled with her spear, and while it can pierce, it is primarily designed to push opponents back and to block attacks. At close range, Shinku will attempt to push opponents back until she can comfortably point her spear at them and fire off a barrage of small blasts to push opponents back and knock them off guard. Once opponents are far enough away, she will shoot the ground with a gravity ball to send herself back and continue to pepper opponents with attacks. However, despite all of this,  five or six powerful hits that manage to land will be able to send this fox out of the arena.


Name: Teumessian

Primary Form: Teumessian’s primary form is a spear. It is approximately 2.5 metres long, with the tip taking about 0.1m of that length. Though its tip is quite sharp, the weapon’s main function is to push back opponents, not stabbing. In this form, Shinku can channel her semblance, firing off the aura blasts that her fighting style is built on. This is especially useful for firing off gravity shots that allow her to increase the distance between an opponent and herself.

Secondary Form: Teumessian is a mecha shift weapon, and can transform into a gun. More specifically, it can transform into a sniper rifle. Whilst using this form, Shinku cannot use her semblance, as she must be completely focused on aiming to hit much of anything. The weapon has chambers for dust bullets, though it usually fires regular old bullets.

Tertiary Form: When not in use, Teumessian can fold up into a small box sporting Shinku’s symbol. It is just as heavy as in all its other forms, but is much more compact and easy to carry around. When Teumessian is in this form, Shinku keeps it in her belt.

Dust Functions:
Fire Dust - Used in Gun Form. Fires a bullet imbued with fire dust that sets anything it hits on fire. Useful for creating distractions or breaking someone’s concentration.
Ice Dust - Used in Gun Form. Fires a bullet imbued with ice dust that bursts into shards of ice upon impact with a target. The difference between this attack and Shinku's Rock Aura Shot is that the ice shards are sharp, and break upon impact with a target, so it is not effective for dealing blunt force damage.
Water Dust - Used in Gun Form.Fires a bullet imbued with water dust. Upon the bullet leaves behind a stream of water as it flies, and has no special effect upon impact with a target.
Lightning Dust - Used in Gun Form. Fires a bullet imbued with lighting dust that sends an electric shock through the body of a target, temporarily stunning them.
Steam Dust - Used in Gun Form.Fires a bullet that releases a boiling hot mass of steam that does a little extra damage to enemies it hits.
Wind Dust - Used in Spear Form. When Shinku's spear is thrust forward, it generates a weak gale to push opponents back.
Rock Dust - Fires a bullet imbued with rock dust. If the bullet hits a living being or Grimm, it does nothing more than a regular bullet would. However, if it hits the ground, it causes a small pillar of rock to burst forth.
Hard-Light Dust - Used in Spear Form. Uses hard-light to alter the spear. It can be used to make the spear longer, or to temporarily sharpen the tip, etc. etc. Hard-light dissipates after 5 seconds. To keep the hard-light from dissipating, a significant and expensive amount of Dust is required, so Shinku doesn't keep the hard-light around for long.
Gravity Dust - Used in Gun and Spear Form. Fires a bullet imbued with gravity dust that knocks a target back by a short distance. In Spear Form, when thrust into the ground, it blasts the user upward.

History: When Shinku was young, her foster mother, Shiro, would tell her about Mistralian legends. One of these legends was the story of the Teumessian Fox. It was a tale of a legendary beast sent down by the Brother Gods to punish the disrespectful fictional kingdom of Thebes. The beast took the shape of a fox, and was destined to never be caught. Later on in life, when Shinku was crafting her weapon, she remembered the legend of the Teumessian Fox. She realised that her fighting style was related to the beast in that it was built upon never being caught and ravaging those that dared to attack her. This was especially appropriate due to the fact that Teumessian was designed to keep opponents away from her, allowing her to avoid "capture" (getting hit). It was this that made her decide to give her brand new weapon the name of Teumessian.
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1st Year Beacon Student: Hu Shinku


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Re: Hu Shinku
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I don't see wind, rock, steam, wind, water, or hard-light dust being used a lot, but they seems to be canon forms of dust based on the RWBY Wiki.

As for why I didn't include Plant Dust, it's because we've never seen it be used in the show, and I don't know what it does.

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1st Year Beacon Student: Hu Shinku


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Re: Hu Shinku
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Sorry for the wait! You've got a cool character here, and I spot no immediate issues. +1 from me.
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Re: Hu Shinku
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Look at me, doing my job for once.

I don’t see any problems here, and I’m interested in how you develop this character. Welcome to the gang.

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