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Bliss Byers
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Name: Bliss Byers

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Female

Found on the back of her jacket and at the beginning of her blade, Bliss's symbol consists of three rings, each of different sizes. Between the largest and smallest rings are six thin diamonds equally spaced, all connected by the inner ring at the points on each side of the diamonds. On each side of the diamonds' points are triangles pointing inward towards the center. Finally, between each of the diamonds sits another smaller diamond with triangles at the bottom to make the image appear as a larger triangle.

Occupation: Combat Academy Student (Atlas)

Bliss stands at a decent 5’2” and weighs about 100 lb. Her eyes are a crystal blue that reflect everything within her gaze. Her hair is also blue, hanging low to her mid-back, freely falling with no restraints but a single tuck behind her ear that leaves a strand to cover her left eye. Her skin is very pale while her lips follow suit. Covering her feet are a set of blue heels, resembling that of ballet slippers due to the straps that cross and bind at her calves. Making the way up her body, she wears a silver skirt that is held up by a cloth belt of the same color, bearing a metal buckle with a shimmering royal blue gem. Further up, Bliss covers her torso with a gray tank top and her signature blue jacket with gray trim and cuffs at the end of both sleeves.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Life was cold. Born in Mantle, Bliss never really knew what warmth was. Her father was a cold man. Her mother was a distant voice. The only heat she knew was her little brother. At the age of seven, her family was complete. A drunken father working for the Schnee Dust Company, working him day in and day out. A silent mother that turned a blind eye. What a life for a child. It wasn’t always that way though. When she was first born, Bliss’s parents did everything they could for her. They loved her. Each other. But a flame dies eventually.

Her life was not hers. Her life belonged to the cold. Escaping from her father’s grasp, Bliss found herself in the frozen tundra just outside of Mantle. Even the cold was better than his touch. The bitter dryness. The frozen lashes. It didn’t matter. Not even the Grimm beginning to surround her mattered. Bliss closed her eyes, awaiting that fateful moment. “Bliss!” The two crystals opened, glaring down a large Grimm she could barely make out in the heavy snow. It wasn’t what was in front of her that mattered. “Bliss! Help!” She turned her head. There he was in the distance. “Bliss!” The Grimm looked his way.

“No.” she whispered. They started crawling away. She didn’t matter anymore. “No.” she got louder. The cold felt numb, nipping at her skin. A low growl came from the Grimm around her. They were ready to pounce. “No!” she finally screamed, throwing her hands to the snow. She felt helpless. She felt weak. Expecting the sound of flesh ripping apart, she heard a yelp, followed by a low hiss. Bliss opened her eyes to a dissipating Grimm, slowly fading from a shard of ice that stretched out from directly in front of her hand. What happened? Bliss was dumbfounded. But still, one Grimm to seven or more, she had only delayed the inevitable. The Grimm drew their focus back to the boy yelling in the distance and charged. Bliss was still in shock. No movement. And yet, still no sound of tearing flesh. Only more yelping and hissing. Bliss turned, the cold getting to her. Vision blurry. Numbness grew throughout her body. She saw another figure in the distance. And then darkness.

Bliss woke to a blanket and a warm bed. It felt uncomfortable. She slowly sat up. It hurt. Scanning the room, the blue-eyed girl couldn’t make out much. She still hadn’t recovered completely. Doing her best, Bliss slowly got to her feet and made her way to the doorway ajar. Peering through, the light blinded her, but her eyes adjusted to see a woman. She was cooking. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious. Bliss’s stomach growled. The woman chuckled. “You’re welcome to join me.” Bliss’s fears told her not to. Her stomach betrayed her. She slowly opened the door, making small steps into the next room.

“Where’s my brother?” She was quick to ask.

“He’s on the couch, watching TV.” Bliss turned, looking around the room to realize that the television was on. And on the couch was a snoring little boy. Bliss let out a heavy sigh of relief. “Well, he was watching TV.” She laughed again. “Poor thing must’ve been so tired. He was so worried about you he couldn’t fall asleep. Luckily, he finally crashed.” The woman turned around, throwing a towel over her shoulder. “And lucky for both of you, you guys aren’t Grimm food.” Bliss lowered her gaze to the woman’s feet. It was all her fault they were out there. “Hey. What were you doing out there?” No words left the little girl’s mouth. “Were you running from something?” She bit her lip. “I see. Well, you’re safe now. That’s all that matters.” The woman gave a warm smile and turned back around to continue cooking.

Bliss slowly looked back up to the woman, noticing just next to her. A very long weapon. “Are you a soldier?” Bliss questioned, having heard the stories about Atlas.

“You could say that. I prefer Huntress.”

“You fight Grimm a lot?”

The woman nodded. “Almost every day. Some days, not.” Bliss looked down at her hands, recalling back to the moment in the tundra. What she had done to that Grimm. “Is it fun?”

She looked back at Bliss. “I wouldn’t call it fun. I love what I do. I keep people like you and your brother over there safe.” Bliss continued staring at her hands. “Dinner’s ready. Why don’t you wake your brother up?”

It was a long night. Most of it had been filled with stories of missions the Huntress had gone on. The Grimm she had fought, the people she’d met, and the excitement in every second. Bliss felt a spark in her mind. It was invigorating to feel something. She wanted to help people. She was tired of feeling useless and weak. She wanted to make a change. And that’s exactly what the Huntress had offered her. Bliss would no longer be the little girl. Keeping her secret of her home life from the woman, Bliss would begin receiving lessons from the woman about being a Huntress. Even her brother joined in. Every day, she would sneak away and meet with the Huntress to practice her fighting and train her aura as well as her semblance.

Over this time, Bliss did everything to avoid her father and mother. It wasn’t hard. Neither of them paid her much attention. Years had gone by before Bliss was given the opportunity to fight a real Grimm. The Huntress had given her a birthday present, revealing Blue Bury, a long, lightweight sword. Bliss held it.; the handle was perfect for her grip. Whenever the Huntress had gone on a mission, Bliss would secretly tag along with her. Somewhat babied, Bliss was never given too much action out of fear that something would go wrong.

On Bliss’s seventeenth birthday, the Huntress had revealed that she would be departing on a mission to Vale. However, before leaving, she made admissions into Atlas Academy especially for her. In less than a week, Bliss would take the entry exam. She trained long and hard for that special moment. The Huntress said her farewell and left. A saddened Bliss hardened up and closed off her emotions from getting in the way of what she wanted. Taking that week to perfect herself, Bliss finally took the exam. She passed. But not everyone was happy for her. Revealing the news to her father, he was furious for all she had done. He disowned her and kicked her out. Although she was closed off from others, it still hurt deep inside. What was cold and bitter became colder. No one would get the chance to hurt her again. Not anymore. For Atlas. For Mantle. For bliss.

Bliss is a very cold person with a dry sense of humor. While she may come off as rude and blunt, she really only lacks the immaturity that others have. She’s not judgmental and nor is she mean. Bliss has just grown up with a lack of emotion. There are tells that give away to her emotions. When afraid, Bliss will reveal it with her eyes. An angered Bliss will clench her fists and tighten up. When sad, Bliss’s eyes are always lowered from the view of others. Even the coldest of people can feel some emotion.

Aura and Semblance:
Ice Maker
Spoiler: ShowHide
Bliss, as cold as she is, can create ice from her aura. Seeing as how it’s ice, it has many capabilities. However, Bliss has her favorites when it comes to techniques. When surrounded by enemies, Bliss uses what she calls a ice breaker to surround herself with ring of ice spikes to skewer enemies. From a distance, Bliss will conjure bolts of ice to use as projectiles, able to freeze parts of enemies in their tracks. Close combat, Bliss will create a glass floor by covering the ground in ice, making the surface slippery and difficult to fight on.
*NOTE: When dust is implemented into her semblance, the semblance becomes a mixture of ice and whatever dust is being used. (Example: Fire dust and ice bolts create frostbite, a swirling mix of fire and ice that will combust on impact.)

Combat Behavior:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Due to her situation while growing up, Bliss has gained a couple strengths. Her first strength is environmentally handy. Having survived in the cold, Bliss’s body can withstand low temperatures that others might find uncomfortable. Her emotional detachment make her tactical skills better than most, being able to determine the threat level of a situation and think through it clearly and carefully. With her training with Blue Bury, Bliss is an exceptional swordsman, skilled greatly in parrying and direct strikes. Although, she prefers to stay back to analyze and assist rather than take the frontal assault.

With strengths come weaknesses. Opposite of her strengths, Bliss has come to dislike warmer environments, finding them to be irritating. She usually doesn’t fight as well in these settings due to the humidity and discomfort. Where she excels with her emotions, she also falls. Being cold and bitter, Bliss’s only concern is for the safety of every innocent around her. Lacking emotion, she doesn’t care much for her own safety, as long as the mission is completed. Finally, her work with a sword is exceptional, but only when fighting against a couple enemies head-to-head. When confronted with a vast number of enemies, she can easily become overwhelmed and may resort to overexerting her semblance, leaving her weakened. Bliss sometimes becomes reliant on her semblance and dust, having spent more time training these abilities more than her combat skills.


Name: Blue Bury

Primary Form:
Being a simple sword, Blue Bury only has one form. Her melee combat comes strictly from her swordsmanship.

Dust Functions:
When contributing dust, there is a silver arrow coming out of the bottom of the sword. When turned and pulled like a key, a compartment opens up that can store dust. When activated, the blade will be empowered with whatever dust is being used, allowing Bliss to attack by landing swings of elemental damage.
(i.e. Fire = Fire Sword; Ice = Ice Sword; Lightning = Lightning Sword; Energy = Energy Sword; etc.)

Blue Bury was gifted to her by the Huntress that trained her for the entrance exam.
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