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Iris Astria
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:42:45 AM »

Name: Iris Astria

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Night Lizard Faunus


Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Iris is an athletic and lithe young woman that stands at about 5'7 (171cm). She has a medium tan skin tone, with a few light freckles on her face and perpetual dark bags under her eyes. Her short, messy bob of hair is dyed purple, her bangs often swept to one side. Most unusually, Iris' sclera are a dark black color, contrasted sharply by her piercing silver irises. She attributes this odd trait to her faunus heritage.

Iris has a large wardrobe, but most of the time she is dressed like a bit of a punk. Black leather jackets, torn up shorts/pants, crop tops, crude graphic tees, chains and chokers are things that she wears regularly. She also owns a fair amount of outfits that blatantly contradict her usual sense of fashion, mainly as a means of disguising herself if she deems it necessary.

Her combat getup is simple and practical. She wears an all black, full-body jumpsuit along with climbing boots, a utility belt and a dark purple scarf. She often wears a small backpack for carrying around any additional gear.

Image: ShowHide

History: Iris was born in Mistral to two kind and loving parents. Her father was a hunter, while her mother ran an electronics store. Her early childhood was entirely plain and forgettable up until one particular day that changed her life forever. Her mind was invaded by visions of nearby neighbors and total strangers, an unusual ability granted to her by her semblance. She had little to no control over this power and it took over her life completely. Her carefree childhood had suddenly become an unbearable hell.

As if her condition wasn’t enough of a strain on the family, things were worsened when Iris’ father died. Her mother remained as her sole caretaker, but as the years passed Iris grew into a disrespectful and rebellious teenager. Her mother, fed up with the girl that was ruining her life and her business, sent her away to a combat school. She hoped to teach Iris a lesson, but as it turned out, Iris was quite pleased with this new life. She learned how to fight, how to shoot and how to be stealthy… All skills that would make her a very good thief. After graduating, Iris tried to land herself several jobs, such as a private detective’s assistant or a bodyguard, but she screwed up every opportunity that came her way. Eventually she was approached by someone that wanted her to act as a spy, to put her ability to good use at a place where she could fit in.

Iris began to work alongside criminals, gathering intel on rival gangs and tracking down their supply caches. The woman that recruited her became her mentor, teaching her everything she knew about fighting and stealing. At first, Iris felt at home, but the feeling didn’t last. She had enough of a moral compass to know that she was helping bad people do terrible things. People were getting hurt and dying due to her actions. She knew that her father would be ashamed of her, and when that pain became too much to bear, she ran away and never looked back.

Iris has settled into a new life in Vale, having fully adjusted to her odd semblance. She knows that becoming a Huntress will not undo the wrongs of her past, but she feels that it’s a step in the right direction. More than anything, she’s following this path so that if her past mistakes come back to haunt her, she will be ready.

Personality: Iris is an eccentric person with a poor understanding of common social norms. She lacks self-control and will gladly pursue any of her impulses on a whim, feeling little to no sense of shame. Despite being rather strange, Iris is quite friendly. She’s not incredibly good at keeping friends, however. Due to the out-of-body visions that her semblance provides her with, she tends to step over boundaries and invade the privacy of others regularly without even trying. Iris hardly remembers a time before having this ability, so she does not blame it for making her the way she is. She simply accepts herself as a weirdo and hopes that others might do the same.

Iris has lost loved ones and been abandoned by others time and time again. She clings closely to the few friends that she does have and will do anything she can to protect them. If she feels that she or someone that she cares about has been crossed, Iris will hold a grudge. She does not forgive easily and will most likely dedicate herself to vengeance.

Becoming a Huntress was not Iris’ first career choice. Throughout her time working for a criminal organization, Iris witnessed many unspeakable things that have left her desensitized to violence. Her poor life choices have left her uncertain and anxious about the future, but she feels happier now than ever. At the very least, she knows that Beacon Academy will give her the strength to do anything that she wants. She cares far more about her own survival than she does about helping other people, but she has learned to find some sense of satisfaction in doing the right thing.

Aura and Semblance: Iris’ aura is a dark purple. Her semblance gives her the ability to sense the presence of individuals nearby and see visions of them. Iris has only a slight sense of control over this ability, as it often passively triggers without her willing it to happen. Her detection radius ranges around 25 meters in any direction, her visions becoming clearer the closer she is to her target.

From Iris’ perspective, her eyesight and hearing is entirely overtaken by her semblance, making it feel like she is transported to the location of her target. She can then witness them and their surroundings as if she were in the same room. The individual being spectated may feel an odd sense of being watched, and if they are skilled enough with aura, they may be able to detect Iris’ true location.

Combat Behavior: Iris has a mixed skillset, able to function either as a supporting sniper or a close-quarters combatant. Her climbing gear gives her a great deal of verticality in her movement, allowing her to find vantage points with ease. From there she can effectively snipe at her target before swiftly moving along to another location. When confronted up close, Iris relies primarily on acrobatic movements and precise blows. Her dust-assisted gloves give her the option to use elemental attacks, granting her an edge in hand-to-hand combat.

The main strategy that Iris uses is “don’t get hit”. She is not a sturdy combatant and is not very capable of shrugging off powerful attacks. She might be able to use her weapon to block the occasional blow, but for the most part she lacks defensive options. She tries to make up for her shortcomings by carrying lots of equipment such as dust bombs and homemade drones.


Name: Lila Apex

Primary Form: This weapon functions primarily as a sniper rifle, built of gray and purple metals. It has a retractable stock and a drum magazine.

Secondary Form: The scope and handle collapse into the weapon, then it unfolds into a shape resembling that of a climbing pick. Iris mostly uses this to assist with her movement, but the spike is sharp enough that it can be lethal with a well-placed strike.

Animated Concept

Dust Functions: Iris often carries dust-infused ammunition to make her shots more effective.

History: Iris made this as her first weapon, believing that she would spend most of her time far away from her opponents. It proved to be a less effective weapon than she would have hoped, but when she got around to making her weaponized gloves, it paired with them quite perfectly.


Name: Ascension Nocturne

Primary Form: A pair of black, steel-plated gloves with channels of dust running over the palm and along the length of the fingers. The dust is stored in chambers near her wrists, with two separate channels for different purposes.

Dust Functions: The fingers of the gloves end in sharp, clawed points that can exhaust dust when Iris swipes or jabs with them. She can also use gravity dust to assist in her ability to cling to surfaces, letting her climb steep obstacles with relative ease.

History: Iris acquired these during her time working for a criminal organization. They were given to her by her mentor, who believed that they would help her reach her true potential. Even after leaving that gang, she has kept the gloves as something of a souvenir.
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Re: Iris Astria
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2022, 08:18:28 PM »
Well put together, with an interesting semblance and clear cut strengths and weaknesses. Her criminal history could be an interesting thing to play off of.

Bout time I did my job, anyway. +1
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Re: Iris Astria
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All good, 2/2.

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