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Pyre Persephone Delanto
« on: July 25, 2022, 07:30:55 PM »

Name: Pyre Persephone Delanto

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Female, Vampire Finch Faunus

Symbol:  TBD

Occupation: First-Year Beacon Student

Physical Characteristics: Standing at an even 5', Pyre's frame is fairly thin and petite. Her skin is quite pale and is ever-so-slightly sleek due to her steadfast use of sunblock and lotion. Her hair, jet black with a tinge of waviness, contains a hint of a feather-like texture and is parted to the side of her face and comes to an end just below her chin. Her eyes are a fiery orange-red.

Pyre also has a pair of wings peppered with black and grey. They extend a tad bit past her elbows when her arms are stretched out to her sides. They are capable of flapping about but are incapable of flight or gliding.


Main Wear When not in her Beacon uniform or other situation-specific attire, Pyre most often wears one of two outfits. Her first outfit is primarily that of a gothic dress with a design that is more on the mellow and inconspicuous side as to blend into a crowd much easier. The dress also features an open back that is just enough for her wings. Her second outfit is that of a knee-length skirt and somewhat baggie hoodie with slits on the back specifically for her wings should she feel like having them out. There is no specific color associated with these outfits as that depends entirely on her mood and circumstances.

Combat/Mission Wear Pyre's combat attire is straight forward: black combat boots with purple accent, baggy black pants, and a slightly-baggy dark-purple hoodie. Her clothing is loose and made of fire-resistant materials in case of emergencies or other intense situations. The hoodie also is able to have her wings out, but for combat missions, Pyre prefers to keep them restrained under her clothing. For longer missions, she may also don a sturdy backpack filled with extra Dust for her weapon.

History: TBD

Personality: Anyone on the outside looking in may find that Pyre is a bit of a weirdo, and she'd probably agree with them. Pyre is of few words, but not due to a dislike of talking. Rather, she instinctively and primarily showcases her thoughts and emotions with actions, gestures, and expressions; a bona fide open-book one could say. To this end, Pyre learned sign language over the years and incorporates it into her mannerisms often, to the point where one may wonder if she is impaired in some way.

Pyre isn't necessarily a kind person per se, but she is friendly and she errs on the side of not doing anything outright malicious. With her thoughts and views translating near instantly to her actions and expression with little restraint, she can be described as blunt. If she is worried about how her reaction will affect someone, she does her best to nip it at the bud and rectify the situation.
Aura and Semblance: 

Pomp Purple (#86608E)

Instead of building up her muscles through exercise and training, Pyre inadvertently trained her aura to augment her base strength. Her combined strength does not exceed the base strength of her more capable peers.

To be named: Pyre's semblance ignites her aura in bright, purple flames engulfing both her and her weapon. The flames do normal fire damage. However, when doing aura damage, a fraction of the damage replenishes her own aura. This only applies to the damage done by the flames of her semblance and not any of her other attacks.

Combat Behavior:
Style As a solo fighter, Pyre's style can be flexible, her range limitation aside. She is capable of fighting head on with her mace, keeping her opponent zoned out with her flamethrower, a tricky hit-and-run style, or more likely a combination of the three. 

Teamplay As a team player, Pyre can use her styles stated above to either be a frontliner, assist the frontliner, or to raid/break into her opponents' positions. Pyre has a tendency to want to do her own thing, but she tries to make sure she balances her own desires with the need of the team. For instance, even if ordered to remain in a certain role, she may break away to assist a teammate in dire need. The more significant her role is in a specific fight or situation, the higher her threshold is to break away. This does not apply to simulated fights.

Strengths Pyre's dexterity is average to slightly above average Her balance is quite good and she is able to remain on her feet and stable through intense situations. Her combined strength is also good, but not outside the realm of the natural abilities of others.

Weaknesses Pyre has no long-range capabilities so she is unable to deal with such threats. Although she strengthened her aura, her durability is suspect. As a team player, she can struggle with maintaining roles that conflict with her emotions in a given situation.


Name: TBD

Primary Form: A two-handed flanged mace nearly the size of Pyre. At the base is a black, rubber grip and the shaft is textured for grip.

Secondary Form: At the top of the mace is an aperture that, when opened, allows the mace to act as a flamethrower. Dust can be stored in the shaft of the weapon, or it can be directly attached to her backpack to increase its capacity.

Dust Functions: The flamethrower function of Pyre's weapon uses a mix of fire Dust and propulsion Dust. The fire Dust can be replaced with other elements, but Pyre only uses fire unless specific plans are made that involve her switching it out for something else.

This function can also double to make the mace reminiscent of a witch's broom. This alternative function has a tendency to cause a bit of collateral damage, especially when near the ground, so it can only be used in certain situations. However, the Dust mixture can be replaced with pure propulsion Dust making it significantly more safe for general use.

History: TBD
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Pyre Persephone Delanto


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