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Approved Characters / Re: Hu Shinku
« on: April 24, 2020, 04:54:00 AM »
Look at me, doing my job for once.

I donít see any problems here, and Iím interested in how you develop this character. Welcome to the gang.


The Vale Region / Re: Royal Escort: Mordred (CLOSED)
« on: February 05, 2020, 01:59:27 AM »
Welp. Any cover he had was just blown wide open, but quite frankly that was the least of his worries at the moment. There were three assailants in total, judging from the commotion in the alley, and the one he had to engage could dissolve their body into smoke at will. Getting in range was already going to be tricky, now actually hitting them was a concern as well. And what was worse, this thug knew who he was.

He couldn't allow this recognition to distract him, however, as his opponent eventually stopped playfully twirling their guns and opted to take aim, barely giving the young man enough time to construct a simple, two layered shield before six shots rang out. At first Juno thought he was fine, his shield had only broken once before, and that was a fringe case. Then he saw cracks where the rounds impacted.

After about three shots, the shield shattered entirely, dissolving into nothingness and leaving Juno to take two rounds in the chest and one in the shoulder. Whatever kind of gun that was, it was carrying high powered rounds, strong enough to break his shield and send him reeling. Gods, that hurt. But he couldn't afford to stay in one place, his opponent likely had more rounds left in their magazines.

No cover, nowhere to hide... And there were two more to deal with down below. He had to fight.

Juno regained his footing for a moment before slapping the flat of the blade against the roof behind him, sending him forward toward his opponent. However, he was quick to drop into a slide, slashing at his target's legs once he got into his blade's range. At the very least, closing the distance would make it trickier to aim both guns reliably. He could try to maintain his advantage that way.

[Active: 0| Standby: 3| Charging:2]
[Type J: Eruptor Charge: 0. 90% Dust Remaining]

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Escort: Mordred (CLOSED)
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:58:11 AM »
Gunshots? They weren't from his opponent... How many people trailed Mordred to begin with? Silica said he was a capable fighter, if cocky... He could afford to leave Mordred and his informant to deal with one of the assailants, right?

At this point, it didn't matter, his locker was here and his opponent was distracted. The door to the locker had been thrown open as it embedded itself into the roof, allowing the young man easier access to his blade, and more importantly, his belt, bearing the familiar form of the Hardlight Generator. Wasting no time in donning the belt, Juno slammed the door to the locker, the hand wrapped around his blade's grip squeezing its two triggers as he slammed it into the now empty locker, causing an explosion that sent it careening toward his opponent. It wasn't likely to hit, but it was a distraction. He could recover the locker later.

[Active: 0| Standby: 5| Charging:0]
[Type J: Eruptor Charge: 0. 95% Dust Remaining]

Beacon Academy / Technique [Closed]
« on: January 28, 2020, 08:48:15 PM »
The Aura is an extension of one's soul. The Weapon, an extension of one's body. It was a simple task, utilizing one's aura to envelop and enhance their weapon. But to go beyond, to extend one's aura past any sort of semblance of physicality...

Juno was unsure how he had managed to do that with Prism in the first place. The Aura Crescent was simple in theory, but its execution required a different mindset. This wasn't physical training. There were no routines, no relearning muscle memory, no kata or movements to be practiced. This was a refinement of the soul, an evolution of one's connection to the world around them. His aura crescent was blunt, rough, unstable, and explosive, much like the aura that he projected. However, both Prism and Coconut were able to project smooth, clean strikes as an extension of their aura, and neither of them seemed all that... smooth. Or stable.

The young man tried again, focusing his aura to his blade and swinging with a flourish, watching as the projectile flew toward its target... before fizzling out just before impact. It was... better than most of his attempts, surely, but nowhere near what he needed. Hell, replicating his initial destructive display would have been satisfactory to him at this point. Was he just overthinking it? Maybe. Probably. Regardless, his repeated failures were starting to get on his nerves. Taking a moment to set the sword down, Juno took a seat where he had set up in the training room, staring intently at the target range as he attempted to recall Prism's instructions and demonstration.

Honestly, the fact that she could do that and teach others how was more than impressive, and her kindness wasn't lost on him either. He'd have to spend more time with her at some point.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Escort: Mordred (CLOSED)
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:50:05 AM »
So Mordred was searching for the mole himself, or at least it seemed that way. Shadowy dealings were rarely cut and dry, from what he could gather, so ultimately he'd need Silica's insight. Besides, this development was definitely something that would be important for her to know.

Juno was about halfway through his message when he felt the newcomer's presence, their stance and attitude putting him on edge almost immediately. [Mordred is doing some digging of his own. Has info on next Pig Mask meeting. Someone is here] Hurriedly finishing and sending his text, he then changed applications to summon his rocket locker, standing up from his perch and wordlessly putting up his aura.

"Would you believe me if I said I'm just here for the view?" he asked the stranger as he slowly moved for the rooftop staircase, calling the locker to land in front of him as he moved. "I'm not here to fight."

Juno kept light on his feet as Camelia shifted her focus, though curiously the young man didn't seem to be in such a hurry to escape her semblance this time. She was focused on defending, clearly, moreso than pressing any sort of advantage beyond her semblance. Maybe he could use-

The young man let out a surprised grunt as a sudden, unexpected pressure pushed down against him, his very body feeling notably heavier than it always had. He was caught in her semblance, but he had information. Information was more valuable in winning fights. Strange, her semblance didn't seem to do any direct damage when used like this, maybe she planned on engaging when he was immobilized? If so, he'd have to be patient, and be defensive.

[Aura: 85%]
[Active: 0| Standby: 4| Charging: 1]
[Type J: Eruption-Current Charge: 2. Remaining Dust at 40%]

The sudden purple glow quickly got Juno's attention, well aware of what this particular combatant had done to his teammate in an earlier round. With that in mind, he didnít bother to see what exactly this field did when he lunged away, landing on unsteady footing as his leg was caught in the field. While he was able to escape, he had no intention of sticking around.

At the very least he had an idea of what her semblance looked like and how it worked. Charging his blade would give him an opportunity to even the score in a single strike, and hopefully get past her defenses, but he had to maintain a presence on the field. As he continued to retreat, Juno crafted and threw a single disk, intentionally launching it at an arc around the field she had created.

[Aura: 85%]
[Active: 1| Standby: 4| Charging: 0]
[Type J: Eruption-Current Charge: 1. Remaining Dust at 50%]

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Escort: Mordred (CLOSED)
« on: January 26, 2020, 04:51:49 AM »
The young man took a moment to study the oncoming car before crossing the street, moving for a bakery nearby where the two men were meeting. Upon entering, he was quick to make his way to the woman working at the counter, hastily flashing his scroll and Huntsman Student license, though he made a decent effort to cover the "student" designation with his thumb. Once he had gotten the woman's attention, he hurriedly asked if the building had any rooftop access, a question that was replied to with a slow, confused nod and a wary gesture to the door near the back of the building, marked with a stick figure ascending a staircase.

He should have probably scanned the whole room first, but her help was appreciated.

A quick "Thanks" left his lips as he jogged to the staircase, ascending roughly four flights of stairs before reaching the door that accessed the rooftops. The adjacent building was a story shorter, but much closer to where his mark was, and definitely gave him a vantage point that was on the easier side to hide in. It took a running start to clear the gap that was the alley between the two buildings, and his landing was... less than clean, as the angle at which he jumped forced him to scrape his palms as he pulled into a roll. Gods, he needed to work on his acrobatics without his aura. He didn't let the poor landing bother him too much, however, as he brushed himself off as he strolled toward the edge of his new perch, looking over the side until he spotted his mark again before ducking behind the rooftop's ledge, inching ever so closely to a position just above Mordred as to listen in on the conversation.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Escort: Mordred (CLOSED)
« on: January 20, 2020, 04:27:04 PM »
A portfolio was a tricky thing to build as a huntsman in training. The number of jobs available to lowerclassmen was significantly lower than those available to upperclassmen, and even then, many of the few available jobs involved being shadowed by a huntsman, which usually meant either less pay, or less of a reputation. Reputation was founded on risk and success, and one didn't build a reputation by hiding behind someone with a bigger stick. As such, he was more than happy to take this job, regardless of its simplicity. A single human target that he was tasked with following. While direct engagement wasn't the goal, he should be prepared for it anyway. Supposedly his target was a renown swordsman in the Royale family, and a higher-up in the Royale Foundation. Why such a figure would potentially sabotage a group he was so invested in was beyond Juno, but that's why he was here; to figure out if this guy was a mole within the foundation, and if he is, then to figure out why.

The young man rolled his shoulders as he synced the rocket locker to his scroll, taking a moment to check himself in the mirror before closing the door. He had thought it would be appropriate to attempt to blend in, clad in a simple black and white tracksuit with his hair tied back into a pony tail and some makeup applied to his scars in an attempt to hide them. It was simple, unassuming, and plain. Evening may be a relatively uncommon time for joggers to take to the streets, especially in a metropolitan area such as the City of Vale, but when was the last time anyone heard of a fitness nut spying on the inner workings of an influential family?

By his own admission, Juno had picked out a pretty decent spot to wait for his target, utilizing a street sign at the corner of the block in order to help him stretch as he prepped for his jog. He kept his aura down as he watched the man exit his his home, taking a moment to flick through the settings of his own scroll and plug it into a speaker at his hip. He needed to be unassuming, but trying too hard to not be noticed often made you look the most out of place. As such, a smile came to his lips as he began playing some workout music, just loudly enough for those around him to hear as he set off on his jog, following the man at a distance on the opposite side of the street. On occasion Juno would pass the man, oftentimes to turn down an intersection and act as though he were taking a different course, but ultimately the raven-haired huntsman would return, and always with a new, motivating workout fanfare.

Maintained streets and sidewalks soon gave way to cracked pavement and neglected potholes, as the stores and apartments showed signs of the city's notable wealth gap between the marketplaces and the slums. Juno turned down his music as he continued to jog, using Phi to keep an eye on the man's position as he made another pass and stopped at the corner to stretch and take a break. This poverty stricken location oozed hallmarks of backdoor shady dealings. He'd just need to be in the right spot to report an anything important.

Not long after the young man stopped, Silica would receive a message from Juno's scroll.

[Trailed target to slums, at 26th and Prospect, ultimate destination still unknown.]

Juno's world suddenly spun as the girl shoved his legs out from under him, sending him tumbling behind his opponent until he came to a stop at the base of a tree. He had barely grabbed his sword by the time he saw the weapon leveled toward him, instinctively raising the arm bearing his sword in order to protect himself... only to curse himself as his hand and blade were encased in ice. Fantastic.

It was a smart move, he wouldn't lie, but annoying nonetheless. Acting quickly, Juno smashed his arm against the large trunk behind him, wincing as the ice shattered around his hand, but remained on his sword. It could be managed, but he had a lot of ground he had to cover now. He needed to find a way past her defenses...

The young man began pacing toward the side, his fingers depressing the sword's two triggers in order to thaw it and prep for an attack.

[Aura: 85%]
[Active: 0| Standby: 3| Charging: 2]
[Type J: Eruption-Current Charge: 0. Remaining Dust at 60%]

Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« on: December 01, 2019, 11:53:20 PM »
Intent, huh? It couldn't be as simple as a change in mindset, there had to be more to the refinement of such a technique... As it stood, the attack he had just performed was devastating, but it felt wasteful. The amount of aura he had concentrated into the crescent strike felt substantial, even though he had neglected to check the actual amount he had used, and while bludgeoning a person would be effective and nonlethal, he didn't see his variant of the technique working too well against a Grimm.

The young man glanced back down toward the hummingbird, mulling over her words as he watched her. She seemed confident, but some of what she was saying didn't really... click. "I'll need to think about it. I'm doubtful I'll be able to refine it all today." he eventually replied, planting his blade into the ground and leaning against it slightly. "How long did it take you to teach Coco how to do this?"

Approved Characters / Re: Evelyn Pandora Ambrosia
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:53:43 PM »
Having pored over it numerous times and with the assistance of further pairs of eyes, I can finally have the honor of giving this my +1

2/2. Have fun my guy.

The shield was certainly durable, itís shape directing the force of impact toward its center and launching the girl onto her back as he shoved off of the shield to put himself into the air. There was an opportunity here, a chance to further pressure the girl... but he still felt like he was missing something. He just played an integral piece of his hand, he wanted more information on what she hid in hers.

As he began to descend, the raven haired brawler summoned a pair of disks under his free hand, swiping at the air to throw the duo in opposing, yet converging arcs toward the girl. Upon landing, however, he ran toward her, swiping horizontally at her with his blade as a means to maintain offensive pressure.

(Disks: 5% each on hit, 10% total. Slash: 8%)

[Aura: 99]
[Active: 2| Standby: 3| Charging: 0]
[Type J: Eruption-Current Charge: 0. Remaining Dust at 60%]

The young man's brow furrowed as a purple glow began to emanate from behind his opponent's shield, his eyes narrowing upon the pebble that floated just about eye level. That thing was definitely going to get launched in his direction, but the question was, how fast was it going to-

Juno instinctively brought his hand to his face as the rock was suddenly propelled forward, colliding with his palm as his fingers wrapped around it, smoking slightly as it came to a stop. Okay. That fast. Gods, that stung. It was a neat trick, though. Nodding in recognition, the young man shook out some of the pain in his palm before focusing a bit of his aura to his hand and throwing the stone back, returning the object at a similar speed to how it arrived. Soon after throwing the stone, however, Juno lunged forward, striking the ground behind him with Type J and using the resulting explosion to propel him forward at a higher velocity. Once he got closer to the shield, the young man extended both legs, readying himself to stomp on his opponent at speed.

(Pebble: 1%; Lunging Stomp: 12% + Knockdown on hit)

[Aura: 99]
[Active: 0| Standby: 3| Charging: 2]
[Type J: Eruptor- Fired. Current Charge: 0. Remaining Dust at 60%]

The young man's eyes narrowed as his opponent remained content with waiting, only to shake his head before ducking back behind his own cover. He had already burned through three constructs, and while they'd be back in short order, he wasn't about to throw away his best defensive option for another shot at poking a hornet's nest at range. But like hell was he going to approach her, her range was still unknown, and her defenses seemed solid enough to halt a direct advance. Maybe he wasn't presenting enough of a target? It was definitely risky to expose further than he had, but still... This crowd didn't come here to see two students have a staring contest.

"Gods, this is stupid." the young man muttered to himself as he stood up, rolling his shoulders back and tightening his grip on Type J before leisurely walking out of cover, maintaining his gaze on the shield-covered across the arena. After slightly closing the distance with his opponent, however, the young man stopped, a hand at his hip as he tapped his foot, the tip of his blade held near the wooden walkway. Honestly, if this didn't prompt some kind of response, nothing would.

[Aura: 100]
[Active: 0| Standby: 2| Charging: 3]
[Type J: Eruptor- Standby. Current Charge: 2. Remaining Dust at 60%]

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