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Beacon Academy / Technique [Closed]
« on: January 28, 2020, 08:48:15 PM »
The Aura is an extension of one's soul. The Weapon, an extension of one's body. It was a simple task, utilizing one's aura to envelop and enhance their weapon. But to go beyond, to extend one's aura past any sort of semblance of physicality...

Juno was unsure how he had managed to do that with Prism in the first place. The Aura Crescent was simple in theory, but its execution required a different mindset. This wasn't physical training. There were no routines, no relearning muscle memory, no kata or movements to be practiced. This was a refinement of the soul, an evolution of one's connection to the world around them. His aura crescent was blunt, rough, unstable, and explosive, much like the aura that he projected. However, both Prism and Coconut were able to project smooth, clean strikes as an extension of their aura, and neither of them seemed all that... smooth. Or stable.

The young man tried again, focusing his aura to his blade and swinging with a flourish, watching as the projectile flew toward its target... before fizzling out just before impact. It was... better than most of his attempts, surely, but nowhere near what he needed. Hell, replicating his initial destructive display would have been satisfactory to him at this point. Was he just overthinking it? Maybe. Probably. Regardless, his repeated failures were starting to get on his nerves. Taking a moment to set the sword down, Juno took a seat where he had set up in the training room, staring intently at the target range as he attempted to recall Prism's instructions and demonstration.

Honestly, the fact that she could do that and teach others how was more than impressive, and her kindness wasn't lost on him either. He'd have to spend more time with her at some point.

Beacon Academy / He Came from Atlas [Closed]
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:26:59 PM »
It was a meeting that neither Juno nor Phi had been particularly excited for.

Their last interaction with the huntress had been a short talk before her mission abroad, in the aftermath of Acero Walker's injuries. To think that had been just a month ago... Juno shook his head as he waited outside the door, eyes opening and flicking up to the purple cast of the TA's insignia adorning the slab of mahogany. What had passed in the month between their meetings surely wasn't pleasant for either of them. It wasn't for him, at the very least. Target practice got tedious quick, he had been challenged by a runner up for the Vytal Festival, and most of all, Caja had been kidnapped by the White Fang, who had demanded that Juno hand over both his suit and Phi, lest they kill her.

It had been a stressful month, and yet, he remained. Caja was alive, He had made a friend in Mithra Ragvos, and the sparring match was inconsequential. And yet... So many things lingered in the back of his mind. Were they really safe from the Fang at Beacon? Were his parents alright? Did Acero make his recovery?

Juno looked down at his scroll to check the time, hoping that he could, at the very least, answer tow of those questions with this meeting, as unpleasant as it was likely to be. Letting out a deep breath, the young man knocked twice before peeking his head through the door, ensuring the TA's presence before striding to her desk and taking a seat in the adjacent chair. "You wanted to see me, Ms. Nahualli?"

Beacon Academy / Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: September 01, 2017, 09:32:54 PM »
Juno glared down the sight of his new rifle as he waited for the simulation to begin, adjusting ever so slightly as he looked down the sight. Ever since the incident on Amity, he had been tasked with extra firearms practice, thanks to Nahualli's account of the situation. She didn't hear him call for help after the shot triggered Acero's grenades. Yes, the incident was labelled as an accident, but apparently that didn't mean jack. His old rifle had also been destroyed by another student during that particular exercise, further causing the young man to question the TA's competence in terms of teaching and interaction with students. And that wasn't even getting into the mess with Phi...

Yeah, he was still bitter about it, but he was beginning to understand where the TA was coming from. He hadn't kept Phi that much of a secret, and hadn't taught her what not to say. Not to mention that showing up to a worldwide tournament wearing bleeding edge powered armor was among the most ill advised decisions anyone had made within the past decade. Wasn't something he could undo, either, since he had gained both a mild following and a massive internet, and on occasion, real life hatedom for his victory against golden boy Jack Pettibone and his moving on to the semifinals. Someone was bound to take interest in his armor and tech at some point.

His attention flicked back to the range as the training program started once more, the hall occupied, but not cluttered with students practicing forms, working out, running drills and the like. This was the fifth time that day that he had worked on that program, and the fifteenth day since the extra instruction had become mandatory for his progression into second year. It was monotonous at this point. Targets would make themselves apparent, and he would shoot them down almost immediately. The new gun wasn't too different from his old one, as it was simply a newer model that saw frequent use in the Atlesian armed forces. The weight was more evenly balanced, which took a bit of getting used to, but he picked up on it relatively quickly with frequent use. As he shot the last target down, Juno glanced to the rest of the hall, relaxing his stance as Phi pulled up stats comparing his most recent performance with previous ones.

Gods, if he could find an excuse to get out of repeating the same damn program five more times, he would have used it already.

Beacon Academy / Consequences [Private]
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:36:53 PM »
Juno didn't know how many times he had thrown up that day, but as he knelt, hunched over the toilet of his dorm's shared bathroom, he knew that it was somewhere between "food poisoning" and "severe bacterial disease". The image of the bleeding, burned, brutalized body of fourth year student Acero Walker was simply stuck in his head. He was alive, thank the gods, but that wasn't how the match was supposed to go. Acero was winning, and Juno knew he couldn't hold out against someone of his caliber, even with restricted semblances and swapped weapons. And yet, by some twisted stroke of bad luck, Juno managed to hit the bag of grenades. Sure, the round didn't puncture, thanks to Acero's aura, but the sheer force of impact caused at least one of them to go off, followed by another... and another...

Juno retched again as the image replayed in his head, glancing over at Phi as she held his hair out of the way. While he was somewhat relieved that nothing came out this time, he was, to say the least, disgusted. Disgusted with himself, disgusted with what he saw... Disgusted at Malina's suggestion that he wasn't "mature" enough to have Phi. As if he didn't have enough on his mind after what had happened during that training exercise.

Why, just, why did this have to happen? It wasn't even the first time, either. Jack had the same thing happen to him in the tournament, and he came away from it no worse for wear, save a damaged ego. But this... Juno gagged again, only to push off of the toilet and forcefully close the lid when nothing came out. Maybe Malina was right, but... He couldn't let go of Phi. She was the sister he never had. Yes, she wasn't used to human interaction, and had a tendency to not stop talking, but could anyone blame her? As far as he knew, she was his first human contact, and it would be just wrong to keep her away from all human contact. Sure, he limited that to those he had trusted, but it seemed Phi made a choice of her own. He understood her line of logic. Malina was Juno's superior, and Juno was her superior. Phi trusted Juno, and therefore believed she had reason to trust Malina.

But it was ultimately his fault. He didn't tell Phi that there were some things she wasn't supposed to talk about. He didn't keep her away from the eyes of those running the school. He didn't want to lose Phi. He couldn't let that happen. Just the thought of what they would do to her made him sick to his stomach again...

The sound of Phi flushing the toilet snapped him back into reality, his eyes flicking to the AI's avatar as she rested a hand on the handle. She seemed just as concerned as he did about the entire situation, if not more, watching as he braced against the toilet to walk on shaky legs to the sink. All she could do was rest a hand on his shoulder as he washed his face, watching as he dragged himself to his bed. It didn't stop her from joining him, however, sitting behind him and wrapping her arms around him in an attempt to comfort her handler.

"I... I'm sorry." Phi eventually whispered, her head pressed against Juno's back.

Soon enough, Juno replied, his voice weak and raspy. "It wasn't your fault, you didn't pull the trigger."

Phi paused as she mulled over the many, many potential ways to respond. She knew she had screwed up, too, but she was also aware that dwelling on their failure wouldn't get them anywhere. Juno was, for lack of a better word, shattered by what happened today... He definitely needed a friendly voice to talk to. One that wasn't her own. However, she doubted he would be willing to make the call himself.

Taking matters into her own hands, Phi interfaced with Juno's scroll, sending a message to Samuel and Xanh. It wasn't anything fancy, just a simple statement saying that he needed someone to talk to. With any luck, one of them would show up.

Beacon Academy / Martial Meditation [Private]
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:07:06 PM »
It was often said that patience was a virtue.

Conversely, impatience could be seen as a curse. Juno was often at his worst when his nigh monumental patience wore thin. His behavior in meeting Cerise was a prime example of such a trait. Upon reflection, of course, he had questioned his choice of words and demeanor. Did he really have to be so rude to her? Sure, she was late, but he definitely didn't help matters. Besides, as he would later learn, she was from far out of town, and was new to the school entirely. While her tardiness wasn't something he would tolerate, it was justified, and his reaction was not.

A light sigh escaped his lips as he ran through forms in his own corner of the courtyard. Such simple, flowing movements, when not executed in battle to form constructs, were quite relaxing, possibly even meditative. While his troubles weren't gone, per say, they seemed lesser as he repeated the motions, guided by the small green hexagonal panels beneath his hands. Phi, in the meantime, had found her own little perch on top of Juno's shoulder, mimicking his motions as she watched him, despite being very familiar with the forms. Nevertheless, it was entertaining to watch, and had attracted onlookers in the past.

Beacon Academy / Active [VCVS]
« on: February 22, 2017, 10:09:25 AM »
The training halls were near desolate this early in the morning. Granted, this was to be expected. Nobody wanted to get up at 5:00 AM on a saturday, especially not to fight people. Nevertheless, Juno found the time and date appropriate. The trio, soon to be quartet, could use all the space they could get for the induction of their new member, young faunus by the name of Cerise Carnelian. True, she had already been assigned to them, but they hadn't actually had the opportunity to meet the girl.

Having already dragged his teammates out of bed and into the training hall, all Juno was waiting for was Cerise. As time passed, Juno questioned if he had sent the proper time and date of her informal initiation, though the hall was definitely an iconic location. Maybe she was just moving slowly? Should he let it slide if she wound up late?

Numerous further questions burrowed their way into  Juno's train of thought as he sat on the sparring field, intently focusing on the hall's entrance. Training hall at 5:00 AM. It's 4:50. She won't be late. She shouldn't be late. We'll be fine. She better not be late. Caja wasn't late.

Juno cursed himself at the thought. Cerise wasn't Caja. She wasn't going to be Caja. Caja was gone, the injuries sustained from their fight with Cerdic having ended her career. She wasn't their teammate anymore, and he needed to accept that.

Still... Being able to see her around more often would be nice.

Teams / Looking for a first year speedster. VCVS (3/4)
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:15:21 AM »
Yeah, due to unfortunate circumstances, we need a first year with an emphasis on fast hit and run combat and an initial of the Letter C.

I will review any profiles that come my way to see if they fit with the rest of VCVS

Beacon Academy / Paid by the Daughter (closed)
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:17:56 PM »
(Something something Sins of the Father didn't get posted in for over a month. Consider this a bad ending.)

How, how, how could everything have gone so wrong?

It was a simple mission: guard a WF deserter from any assassination attempts while she negotiated for political asylum. Yes, taking Caja was a bad idea in hindsight, and the fact that the deserter somehow knew her father didn't help. Nevertheless, they only had to watch the deserter for a week. One week of patrols, monitoring, security details… The fact that it was all spent with Caja was a definite plus, but he could tell that tensions between her and the deserter were high from the get go. The two of them fought and argued constantly, Caja's distaste for her own kind conflicting with Ria’s quest for equality.

The Fang had just happened to storm the hotel on the heels of a particularly bad argument, overpowering local security and forcing their way inside. The trio had counted thirty men, headed by a Hyena Faunus by the name of Cerdic. It was a name Ria knew well, as the man who killed Caja’s father.

Of course Caja went after him.

Thinking quickly, Juno grabbed Ria as he went in pursuit of his teammate. Their charge would be safest with him, right? He was covered in armor, had his shield up, and could get them far out of combat once they got Caja.

Juno only saw Caja and Cerdic’s fight as he stepped outside. No grunts, no police, just two Faunus locked in a duel, and Caja was struggling to subdue her opponent. The grunts must have still been in the hotel, likely looking for Ria. It appeared she wasn't in any present danger, so he instructed her to hide behind a parked car as he went to help his teammate.

He was halfway between Ria and Caja when he heard the shot ring through the air. He didn't feel anything, nothing impacted his aura, and Caja was still fighting… Realization struck as he whirled around, spotting the body of his charge, the body of Ria Carmesi, slumped against the car, blood running from her head.

They had failed.

Juno remembered drawing the rifle and scanning the rooftops, only to see no-one, not even a trace of the weapon that had killed Ria. The sniper was gone, and Ria was dead. He remembered hearing Caja cry out in pain, turning to see her hit the ground, Cerdic standing over her and brandishing his blade.

He remembered tackling the faunus, only to get thrown into a wall. The two fought mercilessly, tearing into each other like a pair of wild dogs. It wasn't long before both of their auras had been depleted, a fact that became evident when a strike from Cerdic had cracked Juno’s visor. Yet the young man continued to fight, refusing to back down as the hard layer of his unit was torn apart, as Phi screamed at him to just grab Caja and run.

He remembered watching Caja get up and grab her sword, lunging at the man with a deafening enraged cry. And he remembered watching as both swords moved parallel to each other, watching as both of the faunus were run through.

And now, here he was, his hand tightly wrapped around hers as he sat in the Beacon infirmary. She had survived, and was expected to make a full recovery. Cerdic, however, was dead, and his death didn't erase their failure. The fight with the deceased faunus lieutenant had left a third scar on Juno’s face, just underneath his right eye and running across his cheek. The hard layer and hydraulic systems of ANUBIS was irreparably destroyed, but with help from Phi, Juno had been able to salvage the hardlight generator. He was going to have to make do.

They had a long period of recovery ahead.

The Vale Region / Teach Me Somethin' (Invite Only)
« on: December 04, 2016, 05:06:41 PM »
Anyone who had been given the chance to spectate or compete in the Vytal Festeval Tournament would know that Amity was a monstrously immense complex, something akin to that of a flying mall. Since he was granted the honor of being one of Beacon's representatives at the tournament, Juno found himself spending an increasingly large amount of time here, watching fights, understanding the layout, keeping tabs on brackets, and so on. The news of a "Nathan Eau" hospitalizing two competitors easily found its way to him, but it didn't concern the young man. Nathan wasn't his opponent. Not yet.

No, Juno had his eyes set on the other headline-making first year.

Jack Pettibone had gained quite the following, and upon watching replays of the man's fights, Juno could see why. He was attractive, skilled, and charismatic. His kit was minimal, but his ability in regards to hand to hand was mind-boggling. Not to mention his speed...

The operator of ANUBIS had dealt with speedsters before. His bout with Xanh Lo Kurstein more than proved his skill in doing so. But Jack seemed nigh flawless in his ability to avoid incoming danger. As Juno sat, watching and replaying his future opponent's fight against boxer Griz Blancard, Juno studied Jack's movements, the way he flowed with the onslaught of punches that the boxer threw at him.

It was concerning, at the very least. The end of the fight was lackluster, but what Jack did pull off was not to be taken lightly. The dude was good.

Damn good.

"You've been watching this same clip for about an hour." Phi stated as she phased into existence on Juno's shoulder, her cerulean form giving off a faint light of the same hue. "He doesn't look like much of a problem to me. You have ANUBIS, and you have me. We can more than keep up with him."

"It's possible, yes. But I still don't know enough about him to make a proper assessment. Xanh was easy to figure out in the heat of the fight. Pettibone just... Isn't. I can't place it." Juno replied, a mildly frustrated sigh escaping his lips as he minimized the fight against Griz and switched to a recording of his fight against Bianca.

"I just need time to figure this guy out. We can't afford to lose so early into this thing."

NPC Profiles / SET NPCs
« on: October 27, 2016, 07:06:23 PM »
A thread for any NPCs involved in the Special Enhancement Technologies project.

The Vale Region / The Sins of the Father [Invite Only]
« on: October 26, 2016, 05:40:33 PM »
Zinnober 15 - 18, 80 AC

The mission description was straightforward enough. A White Fang deserter by the name of Ria Carmesi needed protection while she requested political asylum. Juno and any one member of VCVS of his choosing would be that protection. Of course, whoever Juno chose would have to be tact, friendly, and understanding toward their charge, whilst also not being a perceivable threat. Verdant with his WF mask and Samuel with his aloof behavior and cybernetic enchancements could easily give the wrong impression. So he chose to bring Caja with him. He knew her as kind, well meaning, and lacked any overtly threatening traits. Yes, she was against the White Fang for breaking her home, but this person was a deserter. Ria left the Fang because she disagreed with their motives and methods. Maybe the two could find common ground.

Juno took a deep breath as he pushed on the door to the dorm, scanning the room for a moment before locating his girlfriend. "Caja," he called out, halfway between the room and the hallway. "We're on a new assignment. Bodyguarding for up to a week. Think you can be ready in about an hour?" he asked, a small smile at his lips. Barring any monumental screw ups, this would be an easy assignment. They were good fighters, tasked with the protection of a single target. They would be fine.

Approved Characters / Nebu Nekhbet/ DUAT Unit-01: RA
« on: October 14, 2016, 07:59:03 PM »

Name: Nebu Nekhbet

Age: 23

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol: The profile of her helmet

Occupation: SET operative: DUAT unit 01- RA

Appearance: Nebu is a well build 5’5” woman, moderately curvy, but nonetheless strong. She carries herself as though she were the most important person in the room, her piercing indigo eyes always watching to see if whomever is around is paying attention. Her similarly indigo hair is short, cut into a messy bob that is higher on the left side compared to the right, which stops at her shoulder. Her skin is a light tan, and she has a single tattoo on her cheek in the shape of a small circuit path.

In public, she is often seen in the soft layer of her suit with a gold and white cutoff jacket, golden scarf, and a waist sash hastily thrown over it. Said scarf is also often worn above the RA suit.

Rho projects herself as a slender, golden woman with long hair and a flowing dress covered in circuitry patterns. Similarly to her sister pseudo-AI, Phi, she wears a visor similar to that of her handler’s suit.

History: As long as Nebu could remember, she had wanted to be a Specialist. These particular individuals were the best of the best, said to be capable of matching the most skilled of huntsmen and huntresses, and all loyal to their kingdom. Becoming one was an honor in and of itself, and just to think of all of the stories she could tell…

The minute she was able, Nebu begged her parents to enroll her into the combat academy system. The basic academy was appropriately challenging for her, but in it she learned that people will respect you if you are worthy of it. So she carried herself like she was worthy of everyone’s attention. She did well in Battalion, and eventually made her way to Atlas’ Advanced Combat Academy.

Atlas was not a school for the weak hearted. Nebu struggled in her first year at the school of her dreams, and her valiant efforts to close the gap in ability with her fellow students resulted in disappointment. At this rate, she would never become a specialist. She would never be the hero that she dreamed she could be…

The tail end of her first year went by too quickly for her to care. She knew she needed an edge, but with her crappy semblance, lacking weaponry, and overall glass cannon fighting style, she couldn’t excel. Desperate to find an edge, the girl turned to performance enhancing drugs. For a while, she started to do better in her combat exercises. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for her to get caught. Her punishment was swift and harsh, she was expelled from the school and permanently removed from the Specialist program effective immediately.

Nebu was devastated, and well aware that it was her own actions that caused this. After her expulsion, she stayed home, refusing to interact with anyone as she pondered what to do.

The answer came quickly as a message from an organization that went by the name of Special Enhancement Technologies. For whatever reason, she had been selected from a number of candidates to test a series of suits of body armor. Seeing as she had nothing in the way of money, and desperately needed something to do with her life, she accepted, and was quickly sent the coordinates to SET labs, as well as a pass to enter without getting shot.

What she found was an organization hard at work at designing advanced mass production body armor for soldiers and guards, calling their project by the name of DUAT. These units were each set up with the quickly spreading hardlight technology in order to form weapons, allowing the user to create weapons on the fly. Supposedly, she was chosen to pilot a prototype by the codename ANUBIS. However, the day she went in to begin preliminary testing, the suit’s AI had been stolen, rendering the prototype useless until SET could bypass the need for one. Sadly, all attempts were deemed irrelevant as two weeks later, ANUBIS was stolen as well. As a result, Nebu was granted access to RA, and it’s paired pseudo AI, Rho. As the third project, SEKHMET had been experiencing technical difficulties, Nebu carried the weight of SET on her shoulders, doing her level best to perform with the suit and further the DUAT project. After a series of adjustments over the course of four years, RA was deemed complete, and production began.

In the time it took for the DUAT project to begin mass production of the RA unit, Nebu was given a new directive. Juno Vert's participation in the Vytal Festeval Tournament showcased both ANUBIS and Phi to the world far earlier than SET had anticipated. While the organization was previously content with watching and collecting combat data of Juno and Phi from afar, growing interest in the AI meant a threat to their unknowing subjects. As a result, Nebu was tasked with protection of Juno, ensuring that the boy was kept alive and Phi on his person.

As of yet, Juno is unaware of her presence, let alone the existence of more suits.

Personality: Nebu is a leader in every sense of the word. Every syllable that comes out of her mouth carries weight and purpose, and she does not take kindly to interruptions of any sort. She is tactical, objective driven, and attempts to maintain a professional air about her. However, she is as insecure as all get out. She is well aware that the only reason she resembles anything similar to a success is that she is involved in a dubiously legal and ethical project that gave her a super suit and a soul in a box. Yet despite the less than moral practices that SET employs, she sincerely believes that the ends will justify the means.

Nebu also has issues with guilt, as her own actions led to her expulsion at Atlas. As a result, she is quick to find an excuse as to why something happened the way that it did, and takes being left with no excuse about as well as she does failure in and of itself.

During most fights, she is eerily silent, giving the impression of a mechanical beast hunting its prey.

Rho is caring, motherly, and constantly worried about her handler. She abuses her bodily scanning abilities to check on Nebu’s health, giving her advice on anything and everything that could help Nebu perform better in the field. She is also incredibly proud of how far her handler has come since their introduction, and is very prone to bragging. About everything.

Aura and Semblance: Flash: It’s shit. No applications other than being a living flashlight, and is so pitiful that it doesn't affect her aura or physical energy whatsoever. Instead, she uses her skill in aura to hit and run, boosting her already notable physical prowess to maneuver quickly around the field and hit like a goddamn truck.

Said Aura glows a radiant gold color

Combat Behavior: Nebu is fast. Very fast. As a result, she makes great use of her speed during combat, outmaneuvering her opponents and hitting very, very hard. Her RA suit’s booster jets and constructs play a heavy role in her fighting style, which relies on heavily. Her hand to hand style is quite reminiscent of a combination of Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do, relying on kicks for her more powerful and jarring strikes.

However, she is no slouch with her constructs, using her Hatchet to disarm opponents and finish brutal combos and her Khopesh for fast, efficient strikes. Her suit also utilizes disks which have a heightened ability to track targets compared to the other SET units. Despite all of this fantastic speed and technology, however, she has difficulty escaping grabs and combinations, and relies far too much on her jets.


Name: Mk-05 RA Class Powered Armor

Primary Form: A suit of powered armor, built by SET: Special Enhancement Technologies, a subset of Atlesian R&D. The actual suit itself consists of two layers. The first layer, also known as the “soft layer”, is predominantly kevlar and circuitry, with a single flexible plate over the midsection. The second layer, or hard layer, is made mostly of a lightweight but durable titanium alloy. The RA unit also carries with it an angular collapsible helmet with a golden polycarbonate visor. As a result, the suit weighs roughly 100 lbs. To compensate for this, the suit utilizes a hydraulic dampening system to lessen the pressure and weight put on Nebu’s body, allowing her to move comfortably on the battlefield. However, this system does not enhance her movement speed or strength in any way. The RA suit is powered by a rechargeable dust-based power cell, which is capable of keep the suit running for up to six hours straight on a full charge. The power cells are placed on an armored case on her right leg, and she can carry up to six of them at one time.

This suit is augmented with a series of booster jets on the torso, calves, thighs,  forearms, and upper arms, which utilize propulsion dust in order to offer quick bursts of speed and changes in momentum. However, the suit's main draw is the dust-based hardlight generator mounted on the small of his back. This generator is able to create weapon constructs from pre-fabricated templates. Due to the complexity of the process of template creation, as well as the immense amount of storage that each file takes up, Nebu currently has three constructs she can use in combat, but she and Rho are hard at work at increasing that number. Said constructs are a 3-foot single-edged Khopesh, a razor sharp disk with a diameter of ten inches, and a hatchet. These constructs can only be created within the direct vicinity of the suit, but have a range of 75 feet before they cease to be maintained by the generator. Nebu can utilize four constructs at a time, in any combination. However, as the suit usually requires a ten second cooldown to refresh the system after deconstruction of any given construct, she and Rho developed a way to rectify that with the Reconfigure protocol. Reconfiguration allowes Nebu one active construct slot, but said slot can switch between the different constructs that she uses by reconfiguring the hardlight that was already generated. Both in the standard case of construct use and the Reconfigure protocol, a slot can be active for a maximum of 2 minutes before it begins to dissipate.

Rho monitors the suit's hardlight generator and constructs, allowing Nebu to use them. She also runs checkups on the suit to ensure that it is working effectively, and assists in running the suit's heads up display, found on a visor linked to the suit that marks Nebu’s Aura, the Aura of those around her, and any problems that the suit may be facing. The suit will lock all weapon systems without Rho present, so if she were to ever be removed from the suit, the major draw of the armor would be gone.

Known Constructs:
Razor Disk

Secondary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: RA utilizes six rechargeable dust cells in order to power it and the hardlight generator. The type of dust used in these cells does not affect how the suit performs.



Name: Ravager pistols

Primary Form: A pair of standard Atlesian military sidearm pistols, which fire golden energy rounds up to a kilometer away. These pistols run on dust cells similar to the ones found in RA.

Secondary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The Ravager pistols utilizes dust cells as a source of power, but are in no way affected by the type of dust used in these cells.

History: Nebu was granted these sidearms upon her induction into SET. She allowed Rho to name them and has kept them ever since.

Beacon Academy / The Dorm-Ant Volcano [VCVS]
« on: September 18, 2016, 01:14:04 PM »
The first thing that Juno noticed was that the first year dorms were a lot bigger than he had expected. Most of the dorms back in Atlas had just enough room for a team, and all the students on that floor had to share a bathroom. This dorm had the expected four beds, but also had a kitchen and a bathroom. A small smile crept upon his face as he laid his bags down next to the bed in the far left corner of the room, then gracelessly flopped down onto the bed himself.

He'd made it to Beacon. And as the head of his own team, to boot.

Initiation had been exhausting, and while he had expected to fight hordes of Grimm, keeping track of the suit as well as three other incredibly talented fighters was going to take some getting used to. Samuel lived up to the expectations Juno had set when he saw him spar with Violet, and Verdant was a damn good archer if he ever saw one. And Caja... She was quick. Both on her feet and on the trigger. He'd need to work to keep up with the rest of Vesuvius.

But now, they could all use a little rest. Classes didn't start for a few days, and they could use some time to get to know each other. Well, that or drive each other up the wall.

AMA Section / Rush hops on the AMA bandwagon.
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:41:25 PM »
Y'all know the AMA/AMCA deal.

Rush needs a fucking hobby. And more characters than just Juno and Omicron Phi.

Beacon Academy / System Reboot [Private]
« on: September 16, 2016, 02:02:43 AM »
Mid jab. Heavy backhand. Sweep kick. Project sword. Slash.

An elaborate dance that began with those five steps. No matter how far Juno tried to distance himself from Atlas, he had to appreciate the beauty of a well put together combination. Juno ran the steps in his head, having just practiced that particular setup string for hours. He had obligations to VCVS, yes, but he was at Beacon to learn the craft of a Huntsman. If he didn't practice fighting, he would fall behind, and he couldn't afford that. Not at this stage.

Besides, his team would call him if they needed him, right? He was their leader after all.

The young man hadn't even changed out of the ANUBIS suit as he took a seat on one of the courtyard benches, a hardlight projection of Omicron sitting upon his shoulder.

"I saw a 67% increase in efficiency between your first attempt and your last. I guess that the old proverb is true."

"Fear the man who has practiced one kick a thousand times rather than the man who has practiced a thousand kicks only once." Juno responded, glancing at Omicron as his visor retracted into his headset. "I could still do better. Sword draw kept feeling too sluggish to me."

"67. Percent. Increase. You need  to relax. Body monitoring AI's orders." Omicron said with a roll of his eyes before stretching out his arms and standing up.

"Eh, you're no doctor." was Juno's only reply as he pulled his elbows onto the back of the bench, leaning back and watching the other students go by.

Yeah, he could use some time to rest before he got back to the dorm.

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