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The Atropa Arc
« on: September 05, 2017, 05:04:36 PM »

The Atropa Arc

Kingnoname1 as Calen Shrike
Mikelobmike as Theodore "Teddy" Williams
nathan67003 as Helena Chlophyll
SonicCraftX as Cobe Sky
Dr. Gustave as Malina Nahualli
Kiith as Xanh Lo Kurstein
The Mythic Scribe as Bianca Li

NotSurprised as Eklipsei Gray


Spoiler: ShowHide
The Longest Winter
The year is 70 AC and Mistral is enjoying a time of great prosperity. Advancements in their ships made their trading empire grow day by day and even the lowest class of citizens were beginning to enjoy the wealth. A golden era was on the horizon. Of course, in Remnant, golden eras never truly arrive. In the fall of that year, two of the checkpoints in the vallys surrounding Mistral were broken, letting in hordes of Grimm. Although the city was able to repel most of the monsters, many residential housing areas in the lower city were lost and quarantined along with several agricultural sections of the city. The fear that came following the attack attracted more and more Grimm to the city and surrounding villages, leading to several losses of farms that would have sent food to the city in exchange for protection. All of this came together during the winter in the form of food and housing shortages for the citizens of Mistral, made only worse as refugees from fallen villages arrived at their gates. After a long and hard winter, the healing process finally began. Unfortunately for faunus, however, it seemed that human housing was gaining priority and tensions between the two races rose.

The White Fang Reborn
Following the near collapse of Mistral, several of the members of the White Fang became tired with the passivity that the group had taken to the prioritization of human homes. Soon, a group of angry members usurped the leader of the White Fang, killing her as a show of power. Many of the members of the White Fang distanced themselves from the group following that and many more left all together. They would return though, slowly over the years surely, but they would return. Once they saw the fear and respect the Fang gained after racists were hung in front of police stations, business establishments were broken into for refusing service, and people started to be more cautious about insulting faunus. They would all return to gain that respect and follow their new leader, King, and his council of five.

Following King taking power of the White Fang, one of his first missions was a hostile takeover of a section of the mountain range to the southwest of Mistral containing several mining operations that provided materials for airships. It was a perfect victory. Within hours, the mine had been cleared out and the humans who had fought back were injured or killed. Once it had been confirmed that the entirety of the mines had been cleared, King sent the remaining humans away to Mistral on Bullheads and offered new jobs to hundreds of the faunus left homeless following the crisis and offered increased wages and better security to those faunus who already worked within the mines. It took time, but eventually the White Fang gained some public favor, many of the faunus within the Kingdom began to see them as a new era of faunus equality. As soon as public favor grew, King met with several of the members of the Mistrali council via video, taking several measures to be untraceable and unrecognizable, including donning a mask stylized like a Beowolf. After a many talks taking the place over several weeks, an agreement was reached. The White Fang would sell the materials from the mine to Mistral just as before as long as only faunus were involved in bringing the materials to Mistral.

Forging a New Relationship
Waking up following the near collapse of Mistral with no memories, the man that would soon be known as Blacksmith was just a young wolf faunus. After spending several days wandering the ruins of the western residential area, hiding from Grimm and scrounging for food, he was found and protected by a group of White Fang members. After he was picked up by a group of hunters and brought to Haven, he remembers how he had been saved by the White Fang. In a year’s time, when he’d lost all purpose and strength, the man who saved him visited again and convinced him to join the Mistali Fang.

A Prophecy Foretold
A young panda faunus forced to work like a slave in mines of Atlas, the girl who would be known as Soothsayer was broken and malnourished. As her contact with other people waned with her health as she was used for labor, she soon found a group of miners donning the masks of Grimm. For the first time in a long time she felt the gentle touch of another as one of the miners unlocked her aura and allowed her to escape. Unfortunately, her semblance caused a chain reaction of volatile Dust and landed her in a hospital. After taking a couple years to fully recover and moving down to Vale, she finds the ones who helped her were known as the White Fang, and was intent on paying them back by joining the Valish Fang.

Painting the Town
An orphaned raven faunus as far as she could remember, the girl that would be known as Artist eventually was lucky enough to have three families. The couple that adopted her and provided her with happiness and an upbringing was the first. The second was her team at beacon, made of friends she had hoped to teach and learn from. Unfortunately, while out on the town one night, those ideas came to an end. A group of angry human supremacists cornered the faunus team members and brutally beat them down, taking advantage of the drunkenness of the team. Artist barely escaped with her life, but was forced to have one of her wings severed. Thankfully, she received a replacement prosthetic wing from a beneficiary. After that, she came to meet her third family, the White Fang, and pledged to fight against the humans who had killed her friends.

A Bird of a Different Feather
Another child of the near collapse, Cornix was just a small owl faunus of sixteen when the walls fell. Her home, the home she and her parent had lived in since she had been born, fell to the hordes just in time for the family to escape to a safe zone. Her dream of attending Sanctum the following year had to be put on hold for six whole years while she tried to help her parents just get by in the shelters. In those six years she watched as human residential areas be built one after another, leaving faunus with ruins until they found it was “appropriate” to accommodate them. By the time she was able to finally attend her first year of Haven at the age of twenty two, she knew there was only one path for her, the White Fang.

Running Rampant
A young tiger faunus girl, born into a loving family of Vale that was on the rails for failure. When it came to light that her mother had an affair with a White Fang member, the divorce was ugly, painful, and drawn out. And, in the end, her mother’s boyfriend beat her father bloody and threw him out. Impressionable, young, Rampage took this as a sign that people who do get what they want in the world, while people who sit on their hands get the short end of the stick. It might be no surprise then, that she mistook a destructive, violent, White Fang member for a savior and role model, eventually joining the Valish branch herself.

New Members and Temporary Visitors
As the Vytal Festival draws near, students from every corner in the world flock to Vale, the White Fang took the opportunity to begin their plans in Vale, after letting the valish branch squirm and fade away for so long. Cornix and Blacksmith were among the first sent over, and would both come to attend Beacon’s welcoming ceremony under the disguise of students.

Operation: Skyjack
A White Fang consisting of Cornix and two mercenaries, Alizarin Rust and Nox Aeterna, boarded an Atlesian military cargo ship leaving Vale. Once aboard, they split into two teams. Alizarin went and disabled the ship after grabbing a mysterious object encased in a metal cylinder. Meanwhile, Cornix and Nox took care of the soldiers and Atlesian Knights on the ship before silencing brigadier general Mosley of the Atlas military. Upon completion of the mission, all three of them escaped by jumping onto an adjacent bullhead, commandeered by the Fang. The cylinder was then sent to the Mistral HQ by Cornix.

Hunting the Beast
Shortly after the two meet for the first time, Cornix brings Artist onto her team and they both lead a small strike team to assault and sedate an emperor Taijitu. Upon completion of the mission, Cornix had Artist escort the rest of the team and the Grimm back to a holding area while she made her way to Vale and began to work on the sewage system leading out of the city.

»Act 1«
Spoiler: ShowHide
Eklispei Gray, Xanh Kurstein, Bianca Li
Eklipsei Gray leads a team of two students to catch a criminal going by the name of "The Lord of Nevermore". As they arrive on the scene they had been tipped off about, they quickly realize it was a trap as an Emperor Taijitu is released through the sewers and into the streets of Vale. After Eklipsei is knocked through a building and taken out of the fight, both of students quickly find out that they are outmatched by the Grimm. While they fought a hard battle, the Grimm handedly defeated them, severely wounding them destroying the buildings around it. It wasn't long until Hunters and Huntresses arrived on the scene and defeated the Grimm, but it was too late for the faunus housing area.

In the early morning, two unknown human mercenaries carried out a bombing in a downtown residential district. The two bombs they placed and detonated caused a collapse of two apartment complexes.
 Thankfully, many were out of their home at their jobs, but many others weren't. The collapse killed almost a hundred people, but thanks to the efforts of several students in the area, many survivors who were trapped within the rubble were saved. Later in the week, the White Fang dropped the bodies of two human supremacists off at the door of the police station who seemed to match the reports of the mercenaries.

Malina Nahualli, Calen Shrike, Teddy Williams, Helena Chlophyll, Cobe Sky
Malina Nahualli, a newly appointed TA for Beacon, leads a mission of four unrelated students down to the southern coast of Sanus to investigate a village gone dark.

Aca Roth, Ramm Warner, Baset Nin, Lavender du Lac
Aca Roth, following a month of not so intense research and investigation, finally thinks she's figured out just where exactly an ancient treasure trove might be buried. With her team behind her, they set off to find some ancient goodies.
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