Author Topic: First Year 2v2 bracket- Round 1: Billy & Smokey vs. Setsuna & Calen  (Read 7081 times)


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Re: First Year 2v2 bracket- Round 1: Billy & Smokey vs. Setsuna & Calen
« Reply #45 on: August 21, 2018, 01:56:24 AM »
Having been hit by that gun before Calen was quick to try to dash out of the way. Quick but not quick enough as he was caught just on the edge of the edge of the spray, dealing just enough to knock him below the 15% tournament limit. Luckily for Calen and Setsuna however, it seemed Smokey's final attack finished both himself off and Billy, leaving Setsuna the last one standing. As the cheering started it took all that Calen had left to stand tall and not collapse down into the ground. Planting his glaive beside him Calen gave a deep sweeping bow to the audience as everyone else limped off. As much as he wanted to join them Calen simply couldn't, those long seconds in the icy water combined with two ice dust attacks had left the already gaunt boy figuratively frozen. Unable to leave the arena and unwilling to ask for help Calen simply sat down, meditating on the fight previous and committing it to his impressive memory. A rather strange action and immediately unnerved some of the crowd Calen was thankful when the lights were turned off and he was left to slowly regain his strength in darkness.

Aura: 14%(-1% clipped by Smokey's final shot+2% from Ice leached strength)
Semblance: 30%(One use to try to get out of Smokey's final show.)
Status: Ice leached strength: Really cold and really sad :(
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