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Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on May 07, 2021, 01:39:44 AM »
As the reddish-pink color suffused Anna's cheeks, Setsuna made a mental note to keep this memory safely stored away - for it was rare to see her react emotionally beyond the usual half-smiles and blank stares that had become commonplace between the group. "Don't mention it - you should be recognized for what you've done for us all this time."

Lying back on his bed, he stretched and sighed contently, making sure not to kick Anna off in the process. That would definitely turn her smile upside down. "Well, I'm glad you appreciated what I had to say, and I absolutely meant every word of it. Thanks for being here for me - for us."
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by nathan67003 on May 06, 2021, 09:28:10 AM »
Anna was utterly calm and composed while she waited for Setsuna's perception of herself (albeit, there was a hint of expectation). The wait was definitely worth it. Although being compared to an animal led to an internal eyebrow raise (her parents do sometimes refer to her as a fox), the rest of her leader's description warmed her heart - something which directly translated to her face.

"...Thanks, Setsuna. That means a lot to me."
Character Editing / Re: Diana Farran
« Last post by Vision on May 02, 2021, 03:03:31 PM »
Diana was made long before we had seen Atlas and Mantle in the show so think it's time for an update with the hope of seeing some life on the forum again.
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[quote author=Vision link=topic=832.msg9404#msg9404 date=1485054559]

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Name:[/u][/b][/color] Diana Farran

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Age:[/u][/b][/color] 18 (6th of Amare, 62 AC)

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Species and Gender:[/u][/b][/color] Human, Female

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b][/color] Advanced combat student. Beacon, first year

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b][/color] Whilst of a generally average female height (165cm/5'4") at a place like Beacon Academy Diana just seems to be shorter than her peers, possibly due to slightly poor posture or just her small frame (48kg/106lbs). She has gentle eyes of a violet shade. Her wavy shoulder length brown hair is usually kept in a slightly untidy ponytail with long loose strands framing her face. Still adjusting to the climate in Vale she typically wears a loose fitting white blouse with a blue dress that has been trimmed down to ensure it doesn't restrict her movement, her weapon collapses into a holster on her belt. On all missions she wears a white choker that her dad had given her, she has a fire dust crystal that can clip on it to help with arctic temperatures. When around the campus she wears the uniform with some short socks and is more likely to have her hair loose, and occasionally wears some earrings or makeup.
[spoiler=TLDR]Diana grew up with her family in Mantle, as is often the case for families in the defunct capital they were poor and hard working. With a brother in the military and her father working in dust mines and mother in several part-time jobs, Diana started taking on a fair amount of the house chores from an early age. Not the most inspiring place to grow up she became infatuated with the huntsmen and huntresses that would protect the transport into town, as they seemed fuller of life then anyone in the dying capital. Eventually the dad would take a managment position that allowed him to move the family to Atlas proper, and for Diana to start at the simple combat schools before moving on to Atlas academy. Her semblance allows her to combine and move her aura which caught the eye of some researchers. Their curiosity would culminate with her trying to steal aura from someone, which caused her to lose control and attack the person. She ran away from the academy and briefly started studying to be a paramedic but ended up trying to become a huntress again next year at Beacon.[/spoiler]
There is little question that since the great war Atlas has been the center of Solitas rather than Mantle, which was made official as Atlas became the new capital of the kingdom. However a city like Mantle doesn’t just disappear overnight there are still those who live there, though fewer and fewer remain. One family that was still held up in Mantle was that of the Farrans, a household consisting of a father (Corbin), mother (Arcene), an elder son (Allo) and a younger daughter named Diana. The family lived in an apartment over a failing restaurant where the mother worked as a chef and waitress depending on how many clients were there. She also ran her own tailoring business from home, doing patch jobs for pocket change. Dianas father would be gone for the week only returning from the dust mines on the weekend, her brother who is four years older than her and had left their home to start his career in the military. Whilst the family had to work to stay afloat they were still better off than some of their neighbours who lived in such desperate poverty. Under such living conditions Diana had to grow up fast, even at a young age she ended up doing a lot of the general housework just to make things easier on her parents.

Diana would often wait outside for the transport from the mines, in part because she was excited to welcome her dad home, though she always got a bit sad seeing how hopeless some of the fanus passengers looked. She also wanted to see the guards of the transports, these warriors always had such extravagant fashion and weapons, compared to the hopeless passengers the warriors seemed to be bursting with life. These were the first huntsmen and huntresses she ever saw. With neither a waitress or a dust miner being too appealing as career paths she kept dreaming of becoming one of those warriors from the transport, those that traveled the world dedicating their lives to protecting others. She was reluctant to tell her parents of this at first, unsure of how they’d take it, but when she did she got nothing but support and it was all she needed to apply to [INSERT ATLAS “SIGNAL”]. Though initially pessimistic about having to move to Atlas proper she thoroughly enjoyed her time at the school. She was a bit weak when it came to combat (and social) skills but more than made up for it with her weapon design and academic prowess. Once her time there was up she naturally applied to the Atlas Academy and got accepted.

Diana wasn’t the only Farren where it seemed things were looking up, her brother Allo who was now fully in the army had been selected to undergo additional training to become a pilot. Her father had been promoted to a management position (probably because they wanted to have someone the miners knew that they could talk to, and he was one of the few non-Fanus there), after moving to Atlas her mother even had some success in her tailoring business. This seemed like a moment of prosperity for the entire family, except there was something that felt [i]off[/i] for Diana during her first weeks at the Academy. Her semblance lets her combine her aura with someone else during which she can leave behind some of her own, not the greatest of combat semblances yet it seemed to intrigue some of the professors extremely. She would occasionally be brought to one of the labs to measure the extent of her semblance. At first she was excited to have a room full of experts helping her understand her semblance, but there was something about this highly scientific approach to aura that made her uneasy. The culmination of this sensation came when she was collected by some of the staff in the evening and brought to an abandoned building on the outskirts of the town. Upon entering she saw a fanus boy tied to a chair wearing a black and white uniform with a red symbol on the back, the uniform of the white fang. Supposedly he was here to start a terror cell in Atlas, however she had a hard time believing that the White fang would send a teenager younger than her up here alone, this seemed like the silly idea of someone acting alone. It was first now it dawned on her why she was there. The researchers had speculated that she could use her semblance in reverse, to steal aura, however they didn’t want to risk testing it on someone at the school. Here however they had a “terrorist”, someone no one would miss if anything went wrong. Whilst Diana had no interest in testing this part of her ability and was disgusted by the entire affair she didn't have the confidence to stand up to them, so she quietly knelt next to the boy and began.

At this point it’s important to remember that a person's aura is the manifestation of their soul, the most basic part of what makes someone who they are. By combining her aura with someone else's she could occasionally get a glimpses of what was essential to their being. The fanus before her wasn’t evil, she felt his ambition, his strong sense of justice and of duty. However there was one key difference between them, where she was merciful and wouldn’t strike an unarmed opponent he was more pragmatic, if he felt that his opponent was a danger to his people he would strike without remorse. When Diana started to pull on his aura it seems she got something else, for a brief moment their personalities mixed and she experienced his pragmatism. In that crucial moment all she knew was that before her was someone whose sole purpose for being in Atlas was to hurt her countrymen, her friends, her family, so she acted.

Horrified by what she had done she packed her bags and ran away from the academy the same night. Those who had been there tried to reassure her that she had nothing to fear and that she was still welcome at the academy, she would have none of it. There and then she had decided to give up on becoming a huntress, she enrolled in a paramedical degree and tried to put her combat training behind her. However anyone who knew her for her time there could easily she that it wasn't right for her, she liked helping people but was clearly depressed in that role. Her parents were able to break through to her and suggested that now that their finances were stronger she could study in a different country, one with less of a scientific focus. She applied, and a year after she had originally started at Atlas academy she was now starting fresh at Beacon.

Being forced to grow up early her personality when moving to Atlas had been on the rough side, not uncaring but she had little patience for games and missed a lot of social cues. It took her some time to make friends but the few relationships she did form were particularly close. Her friends had helped her mellow out a bit and by the time she came to Beacon she was more willing to put herself out there, relax and enjoy herself. That being said she is hardly a social butterfly, she still comes off as a bit awkward at first. Part of the reason for that is that she struggles with her confidence, she will almost always sell herself short, not to be humble but because she both doubts and fears what she can do.

With the ability to get a slight experience of how others see the world she is an exceptionally empathetic person with a tendency of becoming a bit emotional. In her team she is devoted to trying to keep things running smoothly, she’ll gladly take the lion's share of the chores and occasionally bakes or cooks for her teammates. She starts to struggle when there is team infighting, generally staying quiet unless spoken too. An introvert at heart she does spend a lot of her time reading or working alone, and as such she does generally well in most her school subjects (still she never puts her hand up in a class even if she is certain of the answer). She is also a bit of a hopeless romantic, reading loads of romantic novels but gets extremely flustered whenever anyone seems to take interest in her. On the whole Diana is a kind and clever person though a bit awkward. She cares immensely for the people around her always encouraging and supporting them, she also completely fails to ever take her own advice.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Aura:[/u][/b][/color] Her aura is of a [color=#839CA5]blue-silver colour[/color], its slightly stronger than that of an average first year student at Beacon, in part due to the semester she spent at Atlas academy and natural incline towards aura use.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Semblance:[/u][/b][/color]Caduceus: By placing her hand on a living creature's chest and keeping it there for 10-15 seconds she is able to combine their auras. This has a few applications though most used is to transfer some of her own aura to someone else. Transferring is often invigorating for the recipient but it's usually a painful and tiring process for her. Though not strong enough to keep everyone “topped up”, in an emergency or when stumbling upon injured hunters she can sacrifice her own strength to get them in better shape. A side effect of her semblance is that by touching the fabric of what makes a person who they are she gains some insight what makes them tick, it figuratively lets her see how they see the world. However she has learned not to rely on it as a judge of character as some good people may have some undesirable characteristics that they have learned to overcome, and some evil people may seem like a saint.

In a non combat setting when using her semblance the recipient can use her aura to heal. For example if someone is bedridden recovering from wounds at 100% aura and Diana is at 100% aura they would recover faster, as if they had 200% aura. However since no person can have more than 100% aura this is only possible for as long as she is willing to sit there with them whilst they recover, since there is no aura transfer this process isn’t painful for either party.

She has only made one attempt to use her semblance to drain aura rather than giving it away, the process took a lot longer (nearly a minute) and in the end she didn't actually gain any aura. Taking aura and giving it is fundamentally different that she will never have that ability. However that isn't clear to her and she will likely never figure it out since she refuses to ever take that risk again, afraid of what it could do.

[spoiler=Numbers] Using her semblance would take 20% of her aura and fatigue her 25% to give someone else 40% of their aura (Up to but not exceeding 100%).

As for healing recovery would be at double rate. An injury that would take 20 days to recover from is done in 12-13 if she dedicates all her time (barr sleeping) for the full period (However In total this takes up more time, 12 days for two people, or 20 days for one[/spoiler]
[color=#839CA5][b][u]Combat Behavior:[/u][/b][/color] Whilst a strong fighter compared to the general populous at the academy she perhaps one of the weaker first years. She can confidently handle the basic forms of grim herself, with more advanced forms she’ll try to avoid them rather than fight. She is very uneasy of fighting any human or faunus opponents, even in practice.

In combat her emphasis is on supporting her teammates rather than dealing damage, by using the dust functions of her rifle she attempts to lock down (ice) or obstruct the view(steam) of the opponent. In general she prefers to keep her opponents at a medium range where she is most accurate with her rifle, with her team in between her and them. She has no shield or armour leaving her vulnerable to ranged attacks, relying on cover for protection. In melee combat she utilises her martial technique to compensate for her lack of strength, which works against an average opponent however anyone who is particularly physically strong (or better technique) can certainly overpower her. When she has her weapon in its melee form it completely removes her ranged and dust capacities, making her a lot less effective.

Though she only has some limited paramedical training she still carries a basic first aid kit in a pouch on her thigh with some bandaids, bandages, sterilising alcohol, pain killers, dust powered ice pack and a suture kit, though she rarely has any use for them as most wounds are healed by aura she still carries it with her on all missions.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Name:[/u][/b][/color] Eclipse

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Primary Form:[/u][/b][/color] Rifle
Diana’s weapon is essentially a rifle with two barrels and a bayonet, though as with most handmade weapons in Remnant there is more going on in this simple design.The lower of the two barrels is a single shot rifle for medium range, here she can fire twelve rounds before having to reload. These shots may not have the stopping power of the other barrel but they still pack a punch and function as her main source of ranged damage. The top barrel is more reminiscent of a bolt action sniper rifle, here she can fire much larger bullets, though only one can be loaded at a time. Whilst it can be a high impact sniper round, she usually uses it to fire a lower velocity but larger dust rounds to deliver a greater payload.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Secondary Form:[/u][/b][/color] Compact & Sword
The pivotal part of the design is that of the circular handle, as both it and the parts around it can rotate. This is most obvious as the weapon is taking its compact form. Here the stock collapses to cover the blade which in turn retracts pushing the handle out of the central ring, this is the form her weapon is usually carried on her belt. The sword handle is protruding for easy access in a surprise encounter, in order to get the full rifle she simply needs to push the handle back into the ring before pulling it off her belt. She designed the sword to detach from the main body of the weapon in order to keep the blade light which is important for someone who isn’t all that strong. As the triggers for her rifle are on the sword handle she can’t shoot when detached.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]Dust Functions:[/u][/b][/color]
The main of her dust utility comes from the top barrel, her preferences are for ice and steam. Using the ice to control the battlefield and lock down opponents and steam to obstruct line of sight from ranged opponents. Whilst those are her favourites she does still carry a few fire, electricity and gravity rounds for utility.

[color=#839CA5][b][u]History:[/u][/b][/color] Diana's weapon is one that has gone through a multitude of variations since its inception. The changes were both to find a design she was effective with, but also to ensure it was reliable in the Atlas climate. Early renditions were too heavy to use in melee until she allowed the blade to fully detach. When fully automatic the cold would cause the oils in the rifle to thicken making it jam, the newer mechanism has a significantly slower rate of fire but is far more reliable. The top barrel was added as she learned more about the application of dust allowing for the use of larger ammunition whilst kept reliable by feeding it manually. Some of these limitations could be reversed now that she lives in Vale, however so far she has only removed rubber from the grips since there's no risk of frostbite.
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on May 02, 2021, 09:43:16 AM »
Setsuna initially laughed off Anna's first criticism, joking "Well, I'm not the one without two giant shields, you all are more likely to get injured than I am." But as she continued, his expression turned from light-hearted to troubled as he pondered what Anna had said. By-the-book - leading to panic in unknown situations. Am I more inflexible than I realize? And if so, how does that affect my performance on the field? Listening to the end of what Anna had to say about him, he winced a little before recovering. "Yeah, seems like the whole 'high expectations' thing runs in the family. I guess we do beat ourselves up a bit more than is healthy," referring to him and his sister.

He was engrossed in his worries enough that, when he snapped out of it after noticing the silence, he found himself staring back into Anna's distant gaze. "Well, I don't claim to be an expert at judging people's character, but as you wish..." A moment of relative quiet descends on the room as Setsuna consolidates his thoughts, interrupted occasionally by the chirping of birds outside the window in a way so as to not make the silence awkward, before he speaks up. "You're like a cautious animal... hesitant and shy at first like any other, but with extended contact you warm up to the people you know and trust. When you do, however, your positives shine through - caring, knowledgeable, sensitive, loyal - traits that make me glad that we're in a team together. You tend to try and de-escalate things when tensions are high and relations are strained between everyone, and while it doesn't always work out, just know that I am always grateful for you being there to help."
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 29, 2021, 08:18:10 PM »
Anna's face returned to a more serious one, brow ever so slightly furrowed as she organized her memories and thoughts into coherent sentences. Slowly, she began speaking: "...I... think you mostly just, attempt to do your best to ensure our safety. You tend to be very by-the-book, in many ways, but after setting a goal for either yourself, one of us or the entire team, you use all the tools at your disposal to get us through it safely while, if possible, accomplishing our goal. Though I will say you don't seem to hold your own safety nearly as high in your list of priorities. You also tend to panic a lot when you can't be sure we'll be safe in a situation you've never dealt with before. Other than that, not as a leader but as an individual, you strive to do your very best and better yourself constantly, sometimes blaming yourself if you don't live up to your own expectations. Otherwise... you're just a nice guy? Yeah, that's basically it."

Anna paused for several seconds, chin in her right hand, as she went over her spiel again in her mind. Satisfied with what she'd answered, the furrow in her brow faded completely from view before her eyes accidentally locked with Setsuna's again, unbeknownst to her. Partly because she was curious and partly to keep him from dwelling on negative thoughts but immediately taking everything in, she asked her leader "Now do me!"
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on April 22, 2021, 09:43:34 AM »
A quiet chuckle escaped Setsuna's mouth as Anna backpedaled from her earlier statements. It seemed they were both on the same track on how they thought their other teammates would react, which was good - basically reassured him that there wouldn't be any drastically different reaction out of them. Not that it made the thought of Calen mercilessly taking the piss out of him any less frustrating, but at least he'd feel better knowing Anna understood how he felt.

"It's good to know we think similarly. I'll probably need to talk to both of them individually and give them an apology for how I've been acting all this time..." he sighed, already anticipating the awkward conversation between him and Teddy, as well as everything flying over Calen's head. Even though they'd been through thick and thin together, he still found himself wishing that they could get along just that bit better. But to do that, they'd need to fix Calen's tone, and it wasn't like he hadn't tried.

"Well, since you've basically hit the spot for both of 'em, tell me how I act and behave. Well...when I'm not being a emotional wreck, at least." Setsuna asked Anna, genuinely curious about how she viewed him as a person and as a leader. "I promise I won't take offense, so be as blunt as you want."
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 21, 2021, 12:47:05 PM »
As Setsuna spoke up again, Anna's head pivoted towards him slightly, accompanied by a flash of her semblance to ascertain more precisely his current emotional state. She patiently waited for him to continue and completely express his thoughts before responding.

"Not that badly for Calen, but it's just sort of how he is. He'll keep trying to tear a hole in your side by jabbing you repeatedly with what he sees as a weakness because he's kind of mean. You just have to ignore him when he does that. If he disobeys orders, though, you'll be able to berate him as to how dangerous it was or something, so it works both ways really. As for Teddy... Yeah, probably. He got through it and lessons were learned, so he probably wouldn't feel any need to dwell on it."

After a brief pause, she precipitously added "But I'm no psychologist! It's just what I understand of them after these few months. I'm far from having the behavioural patterns of anyone on this team pegged down to a t!", she finished, a happy smile lighting up her face.
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on April 08, 2021, 07:38:39 AM »
Since Anna didn't immediately go back to burying her head in her stack of newly acquired books, Setsuna figured she was still willing to help him work through his mental issues. She never struck him as anyone particularly adept at wielding vocabulary - that was Calen's role - but whatever the case she had still saved him from potentially dealing with his own guilt for weeks on end. He couldn't begin to imagine where he'd be currently if it wasn't Anna who walked through that door earlier.

Speaking of his teammates... "Hey Anna, I know you said you don't blame me, and I'm really grateful for that, but to be frank..." He scratched his head and wondered how to put his next thoughts into words. "I'm really lucky that it was you that saw me first and not the other two, and speaking of them, uh..." The usually outspoken boy was once again at a loss for words, this time because he didn't know how to proceed without offending the people he was about to mention. "I'm mainly concerned about Calen, he'll probably spend the next few weeks stabbing me in the back at my expense. Teddy probably doesn't care? Maybe?" Setsuna concluded, unable to really predict how Teddy would react simply due to a lack of conversation.
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 06, 2021, 09:04:38 AM »
As Setsuna leaned into the hug, Anna made her grip just a bit more firm - give a real good hug and all. Needless to say, she was quite relieved she'd manage to get through to him. This wasn't a situation she'd ever found herself in before and was quite happy with the outcome. Somewhat surprised, as well - she'd never thought she had any kind of oratory gift, much less counselling expertise, under her belt.

Setsuna then loosened his embrace, signalling the end of the hug. Anna let go as well, a warm smile over her features, her eyes now unfocused and aimed down again. "You're very welcome, Setsuna. Always a pleasure to help a friend in need." Her 'gaze' left Setsuna's direction, drifting slightly to the left from her perspective. She was, at the moment, content with sitting on her leader's bed and waiting for him to tackle another, or the same, subject. Or if he didn't do so, she could still head over to her own bed and start digging through the enormous stack of books on her bedside table.
Beacon Academy / Re: Guilt, Acceptance and Overcoming [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on March 30, 2021, 09:22:30 AM »
After hearing Anna's words of reassurance, the lingering ghosts of doubt in Setsuna's head finally dissipated. All this time there were thoughts swirling in the back of his mind, covered by the recollections but still nagging at his conscience: What does my team think of me now? After all I've done to try and bring the team together, was it all for naught? Finally, finally, his worries were put to rest. If nothing else, Anna accepted him for his failures and even encouraged him to overcome it.

Fully breaking down now, he leant into Anna's embrace, returning the tender hug with one of his own and letting his head rest again on the girl's shoulder. The closeness would have made him mildly uncomfortable but this time he paid no heed, savoring the warmth that was a welcome contrast from the cold darkness of his thoughts prior. This went on for a brief while before Setsuna let go and sat back up straight, letting out a long sigh of relief. "From the bottom of my heart, Anna, thank you." he murmured, looking slightly bashful. "I really needed to hear that."

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