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« on: October 06, 2016, 11:41:22 PM »
Got the green light from Dr. Gustave.

A tragedy befalls our kingdom today at the passing of Harvord and Elara Wraith. The two entrepreneurs that served to inspire a generation of faunus were found deceased in their home last night. The official cause of death has since been attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning, though the source of the carbon monoxide is still being investigated. Some have blamed anti-faunus extremist groups for the deaths, while others claim that the White Fang was involved, but most are simply sad that we have lost such exemplary individuals.

Wraith Industries, the airship production company founded by the late Harvord and Elara Wraith, as per their will, has been left to their son Enz Wraith along with all of their worldly possessions. When asked to comment on the situation, Enz declined on grounds that he was too grief-stricken to speak about it. He did, however, mention that he would be using his parents’ retirement funds to do what they had always wanted and expand the company’s market into robotics. In fact, construction has already begun for the new Wraith Industries factory specializing in the production of robots.

You know, it’s a bit strange that everything was passed to Enz. If you remember, his sister Eliza Wraith should also receive…. _____________________________ [Stream Disconnected]
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