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Title: Shadow of the Titan
Post by: Kaliot on September 04, 2017, 06:05:30 PM
⊱Shadow of the Titan⊰

Saffrom de Cortez (,969.0.html) by Kingnoname1 (;u=158)
Aurum LeBlanc (,368.0.html) by Xarias (;u=68)
Avery LeBlanc (,230.0.html) by Kaliot (;u=4)
Topaz Stone (,844.0.html) by mylies43 (;u=175)

Airi Fogden Bicardi (,256.0.html) by Kaliot (;u=4)
Lyra Savoy (,254.0.html) by FunkyMonkey (;u=33)
Sovereign LeBlanc (,291.0.html) by NotSurprised (;u=11)
Maria Proditor AKA Captain Cordell (,1073.0.html) by Riven (;u=344)

Amarant Lovis (,1124.0.html), Headmaster of Atlas
Dorian Rothenberg (,1114.0.html), Third-Year Atlas Student and Engineering Prodigy

A Pinch of SALT (,860.0.html)
Team SALT (Saffron, Aurum, Avery, Topaz), Dorian Rothenberg
Team SALT--Saffron, Aurum, Avery, and Topaz--get caught in one of Aurum's schemes. Aurum, using his semblance, manages to sneak out to Alystra Plaza ahead of the rest of the team who immediately pursue him in an effort to stop his exploding-fish prank or just to watch. The prank ends with the fish detonating on only four individuals: Aurum, Topaz, Saffron, and passerby, an infamous Dorian Rothenberg. Dorian briefly cuts them with his sharp tongue before hurriedly leaving the scene. Saffron leaves to confront the headmaster, Amarant Lovis, before he is able to hear about the incident through third-parties. Topaz, Avery, and Aurum follow shortly after.

>Across the SALTy Sea: Thread A (,1203.0.html)
Team SALT (Saffron, Aurum, Avery, Topaz), Dorian Rothenberg, Amarant Lovis

>Across the SALTy Sea: Thread B (,1204.0.html)
Captain Cordell

An Afternoon Downtown (,1133.0.html)
Airi, Lyra, Sovereign
Taking a break from studying and training, Lyra and Airi go out into the city and manage to snag a spot at popular pastry shop Val Mera Pastries. Shortly after obtaining their food, student-turned-vigilante Sovereign causes a commotion nearby as he captures a gangster by encasing him in a block of ice. Having acquired wounds previously, Sovereign stops to rest on the curbs outside of Val Mera Pastries.