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Title: Technique [Closed]
Post by: Rush on January 28, 2020, 08:48:15 PM
The Aura is an extension of one's soul. The Weapon, an extension of one's body. It was a simple task, utilizing one's aura to envelop and enhance their weapon. But to go beyond, to extend one's aura past any sort of semblance of physicality...

Juno was unsure how he had managed to do that with Prism in the first place. The Aura Crescent was simple in theory, but its execution required a different mindset. This wasn't physical training. There were no routines, no relearning muscle memory, no kata or movements to be practiced. This was a refinement of the soul, an evolution of one's connection to the world around them. His aura crescent was blunt, rough, unstable, and explosive, much like the aura that he projected. However, both Prism and Coconut were able to project smooth, clean strikes as an extension of their aura, and neither of them seemed all that... smooth. Or stable.

The young man tried again, focusing his aura to his blade and swinging with a flourish, watching as the projectile flew toward its target... before fizzling out just before impact. It was... better than most of his attempts, surely, but nowhere near what he needed. Hell, replicating his initial destructive display would have been satisfactory to him at this point. Was he just overthinking it? Maybe. Probably. Regardless, his repeated failures were starting to get on his nerves. Taking a moment to set the sword down, Juno took a seat where he had set up in the training room, staring intently at the target range as he attempted to recall Prism's instructions and demonstration.

Honestly, the fact that she could do that and teach others how was more than impressive, and her kindness wasn't lost on him either. He'd have to spend more time with her at some point.
Title: Re: Technique [Closed]
Post by: Moth on June 08, 2021, 03:20:35 AM
Juno Vert and Prism Skylark had had exactly two interactions. The first incident took place at a distance, where she watched him throw her teammate through a tree. The second instance had been strictly coincidence, where she'd willingly taught him one of her few precious pincer techniques - her aura blade. He'd picked it up in moments, when it'd taken her a month to master.

Wandering onto the range to practice, and watching his attack just... fizzle out? There was something concerning satisfying in the vindication that provided her.

At the same time... she could admire that. He was trying just as hard as her to improve, when most of his training had come from her amateur teaching capabilities. It'd been just one lesson before they parted ways. It couldn't hurt to... try again.

Leaning on the doorway to the training range, she calls out. "...You... doing okay there, Vert? If you stare at that target any more intensely it might burst into flames, and I'm pretty sure that's what your sword is for."