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« on: September 04, 2017, 11:32:23 PM »

Name: Unknown

Codename: Magic

Age: Unknown

Species and Gender: Male Peafowl Faunus

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Valish White Fang Lieutenant

Appearance: Magic is of average height and of lean build, standing at 5’8” and with a rather toned musculature. He has rather tan skin, and watchful green eyes. His once black, spiked hair has been since bleached, with a few errant, yet noticeable streaks of his hair’s original color. However, his most defining feature has to be the train of peacock feathers extending from the base of his spine. This four foot long grouping of feathers can and has been a hinderance to care for, as it has dragged across the ground on multiple occasions, but like the bird the trait is derived from, the feathers can fan out, making a large and quite distracting display behind him. These feathers have been dyed from their original blues, blacks, and greens to be white and red.

Magic is often clad in his own variation of the whites, reds, and blacks that consist of the White Fang robes. His black undersuit consists of a sleeveless shirt and baggy pants, with black gloves that go up his forearms but not past the elbow. His robes have no right sleeve, only one long flowing one on his left. The collar of his robes is not reinforced, and the garment is held at the waist with a black belt. His Halberd, Grace, is often found on the rear of his belt, and he has several small belts holding throwing knives strewn across his chest and covered arm.

Spoiler: ShowHide

History: Not much is known of Magic's history, though he did start appearing the same time as Cornix, implying he traveled to Vale from Mistral.

Personality: Magic is dutiful, well aware that he and his brethren are frequently vilified by the public, and ready to fight for them at the drop of a hat. He values respect above all else, and carries himself as one to be respected. He holds his Captain in high regard, though he does tend to see her as more of a mentor than a commanding officer. While he does have an intense distaste for humans, he will not go out of his way to harm them. They are still people with lives, no matter how much they act like animals.

Aura and Semblance: Unknown

Combat Behavior: Not seen in direct combat yet.


Name: Grace

Primary Form: A glaive with a four foot long handle and a silver blade of three. The otherwise maroon handle has a single black button near the base, used to extend or collapse the weapon.

Secondary Form: A carrying form, with the blade collapsing to about eight inches long and the handle dropping to six inches.

Dust Functions: N/A

History: Unkown.
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Mercenary: Kol Augur ~ The Judicator of Atlas
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Mistral: ShowHide
Huntress-in-Training: Aca Roth ~ Member of Team RWND
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Huntress-in-Training: Brook Pallas ~ Member of Team CNBR
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Council Member: Phaedo Katsaros ~ Figurehead for Faunus/Human relations
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40th Vytal Tournament Champion: Zabar Aga ~ Member of Team DAWN
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Huntress: Malina Nahualli-Roth ~ Leader of Team MCCA
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Beacon Professor: Titania Printemps ~ Assistant Headmistress of Beacon Academy
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Drop-out: Durian Ghede ~ Former leader of team DFDL
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