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Looking for a 1st year Beacon team

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My character is Jane Green, and she's a 1st-year at Beacon Academy. I don't particularly care if Jane is the leader or not, I just want to be on a team (and one that doesn't just have a bunch of jumbled up letters for a name! I want the name to actually sound like a color!)

As for her role in the team, Jane would serve as the ranger. She likes to strike from afar and from the shadows and is best for picking off many enemies one-by-one. Not only that, but she's a good survivalist. Having grown up a curious child in a rural village, she's at home in the vast untamed wilderness.

Fallow doesn’t have a team at the moment. Though I think he’s my only first year without one.

Well, I have Arcano, an anxious peacock Faunus who focuses on stealth and close combat. He (probably) would make a good leader, given the chance that he manages to say a comprehensible sentence in one go. but he can also be the one that takes orders.

and I've got Hu Shinku to finish the team. She's my first character,  and she's a Beacon first year too. You can read her page for more info, but the summary is that she's a lazy but friendly glass cannon of a Beacon student. She can dish out damage and stun, but her focus on using her aura for attack has left her with little defensive capabilities. She's not made of leader stuff, but I think she'll be good teammate.

So is Jane Green, Fallow Russet,  Arcano Blar Baldwin, and Hu Shinku the team?


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