Author Topic: White Fang on the High Seas?  (Read 1702 times)

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White Fang on the High Seas?
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:34:14 AM »
The television flickered on.

"... And in international news, a tragedy off the coast of western Vytal. Are the White Fang to blame?

This past week has seen a major setback for the Western Vytali Alliance. In a joint effort from Alapelagias and Haitan, with funding and support from Vacuo, a new breakthrough for naval Grimm combat was supposed to be revealed. While not much is known of the ship, we do know that three were built and sent out on a test mission in the western sea. However, after an as yet undisclosed event, all three ships were lost. The governments of Alapelagias and Haitan assured press that the wreckage is in the process of being lifted from the sea floor, but for security reasons, they could tell us no more.

This seems like it will be a large blow to Alapelagias as a little over a year ago, one of the settlements that make up the alliance had fallen to the hands of another settlement. Ever since then, they've had rocky roads in the political spectrum and no doubt expected this to bring them back on the right track.

So, are the White  Fang responsible? It's more likely than you might think. As we've reported before, they have seen a recent spike in activity lately, ranging from simple petty robberies to at least one murder, to stealing cargo from a heavily guarded Atlesian air ship. The representatives for the naval project could not be reached for comment on the matter, so in the mean time we urge anyone with any and all information on the white fang to report to a member of the White Fang Investigation Team. If possible send information directly to Eklipsei Gray, one of the heads of the team. We are required to mention that they are offering a reward for anyone with information.

And now, the weather."

"Thanks,Viri. This week we're looking at a potential rainstorm, leading to some flooding on the southern coast..."

The television flickered off.
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