Author Topic: Headline: Brutal Killings Continue: Authorities Powerless to End the Violence  (Read 1946 times)

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Mr. Scratch has struck again, bringing the body count of his murderous rampage up to a whopping twenty-seven! Law enforcement officials had no comment, but inside sources have informed us that like the rest, these victims were suspected members of the terrorist organization the White Fang. The three bodies were found heavily mutilated outside Police Headquarters in Vale City, decapitated and thrown down on the steps. Their heads were on the Police Chief's desk, our aforementioned sources say, something our appointed protectors have kept behind closed doors. Do they not want us to know the magnitude of the threat we are dealing with? The bodies were discovered this morning at approximately 4:30AM, their heads shortly after.

While identification is being kept quiet, from what little information we have, the victims appear to have been enforcers of a fairly high rank within the organization, judging by reactions from our sources within the Fang itself.

Just a moment folks...we're getting a message from one of our reporters in the field. She's managed to get in touch with Elkipsei Gray, an Operations Head for the Vale Police assigned to dealing with the White Fang! While Officer Gray refused to be directly quoted, he reiterated his previous stance on this growing nightmare. He's asked anyone with any information on who this killer may truly be or what his whereabouts are to please contact him. He also stated that while he's glad someone's decided to help rid the world of these terrorists, he by no means approves of wanton slaughter, and states that this reign of terror must be put to an end. When questioned further, he refused comment and left.
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