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Salina Virtuose
« on: September 20, 2016, 07:59:56 PM »
Name: Salina Virtuose
Age: 17
Gender & Species:  Female Cat Faunus
Occupation: 1st Year
Birthday:  Huā 23, 62 AC

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Weight: 160

Salina has long dark brown hair pinned up with a purple pin contrasting with her pale complexion. It was a memorable gift given to her by her mother. Brown cat ears rest on the top of her head marking her as a faunus. Her head is vaguely oval shaped bringing out her cerulean eyes. Her normal outfit usually consists of a pink shirt with purple designs decorating its fabric. Her collar is decorated by her crests in dyed in silver. Also she wears long heeled brown boots with. Her violin case is on her back. In addition to her normal attire Salina wars formal and combat wears that are depicted below.

Party/Formal dress:                             
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Combat/buisness dress:
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Salina was born to Sintara and Amy Virtuose. Two retired hunters and musicians who wanted nothing but to lay back on the fortune they had made during their lives and retire to take care of their daughter. They raised her extremely well. She was surrounded by love from both her parents and she loved them as well. She grew extremely attached to her parent’s music when she was growing up. She listened to them in AWE. It was the day that Salina found her own fist musical instrument that her life truly began and set her down the path her life would take.

“Born from the Clefs and beats that made her music.” Was a line that Salina always heard as she was growing up. Born to two wealthy Ex.hunters and musicians in the realm of Vale, Salina was born for greatness. Raised in a very wealthy home Salina was never short of anything. Always having servants at her beck and call would have lead many people to believe she would grow up spoiled like many children before. However this was the furthest from the truth. Salina never brought herself to call her servants because she was always preoccupied. She was preoccupied with a passion that was all consuming in her life. Music, it was sometimes the only reason she took in a breath at the beginning at the start of every day. From the start of each morning to the end of each day violin music had filled her house hold. Echoing off the empty halls and into every crevice that laden the manor’s walls. While her parents were never shocked to hear that their daughter had taken up the family trade, it did however shake them to their core when they heard her play. They expected any normal parent would from a young child, a poor melody ridden with awkward notes. What they received was something that soothed even the angriest of beasts and calmed the strongest of storms. Their daughter was a natural prodigy at their art. Whenever she played the premises would come alive in her presence. What ever melody she played the entire room sang with her. Whether it was a joyous symphony or a sorrowful sonata she found a way to weave her magic into the hearts of whomever heard her music. Her favourite place to play was the garden room. Where she charmed the plants into a more extravagant bloom. Or so the rumors spread around the servants quarters told.

So Salina was content with her life and the way she filled everyday with magic. However her parents weren't not happy at all. While they were extremely proud of their daughter’s achievements they were extremely concerned for her social life. She had no notable friends to speak of and the girl often isolated herself from others in the gardens in or around the manor. Which each growing day the worry in the parent's hearts grew until one day they made a decision. They would send her to school.
At first Salina protested heavily. Three straight days the family argued to the fate of the little girl and all that could be heard echoing through the halls was the resentful protests of Salina. For three long days no music was heard. During these days everything seemed to turn grey. The servants moved a little slower and the plants glowed a little less. Eventually Salina conceded and agreed to go to school. The days flew by extremely quickly there. Her academics proved to be highly above average (which never surprised her parents.) and she passed every class with flying colours. Soon enough after she entered she began to make friends. Those who were able to warm her cold isolated exterior became very close friends. It was in this time Salina developed her intelligence and love for conversation. She had never enjoyed life like this before. Every person was just an experience waiting to happen, another song to play. However like all songs, this one had to end. For Salina it ended too soon.
The day had all seemed a little odd to Salina. Everything seemed a little more dull. A faded sense of foreboding had loomed over her all day like a storm cloud. However she couldn't wait to get home to her violin to play her worry away. As her driver turned  up the hill to her parent’s manor her eyes widened in fear as she say the giant marble walls of her little paradise covered in flame.

Servants were fleeing the building running down the hill at full speed. Some were burning to death as the escaped. Salina rushed out of the car and slammed her hands into the gate of the manor. Screaming her parents name as police took her away. The firemen worked hard to put out the flame as fast they could but the inferno raged on with fury. Tears rushed down Salina’s face as she observed all she loved crumble before her. Before she was ushered away by the police one thought dawned upon her. She hadn't seen her parents escaping the chaos.

Many hours passed as she waited in a room that the adults had put her into. Grown-ups passed like shadows as the day went on. Quickly and quietly they offered sympathy and asked questions concerning her. When there was a break in the near never ending stream of questions tears fell for what seemed like an eternity. Never could have Salina ever fathomed something like this happening. All she wanted was her parents. When a taller adult came into the room and asked her for what seemed to be the thousandth time that day if she was ok she snapped “ I JUST WANT MY PARENTS!”. Strongly taken aback from her outburst the man’s eyes softened in sympathy, an emotion that Salina was growing increasingly sick of. She was tired, confused, hurt and in no more desire to stay where she was. The next moments blurred past as she was ushered out of the room. Arriving in a large building clad in white walls which she could only assume was the hospital she was escorted into a room. Before entering a nurse greeted the man who took her there and said “She just woke up.” Laying in which was her mother.

Rushing out to her Salina embraced her and slowly her mother hugged her back. They cried again for what seemed like the hundredth time today, she enjoyed the moment with her mother until one question broke the happy silence. “Where is father?” was the words that would shatter her life forever. Many weeks past until the day came. It was a bright Sunday afternoon. Many people were gathered there, most she didn’t recognise. The somber ceremony seemed to stretch for hours as her father’s casket laid above his grave. It was decorated lavishly ensuring that her father would be remembered well. Many words that spoke of his great achievements were engraved on his grave. When it was time to lower the casket Salina had thought all her tears had already dried for the tragedy that had befallen her family. HOwever it appeared there was still some left for her father as she put her prized violin to be buried with the man who had made her life joyful from the very beginning.

The first thing Salina wanted to do was isolate herself from the world. Never speaking to anyone again and brood with her thoughts. However her mother never let her. Her mother told her all about people who had done that in her past and it always ended with their hearts more broken then they started. So together with her family and the friends she had made, Salina slowly began to piece her life back together. Many sessions with a family therapist helped her recuperate with the event and with her friend’s help she started to play again. It was discussed heavily about what happened that day between the servants. The tale was told so much that the details became twisted and some downright fantasy but some things still remained facts. A strange man had showed up one day at the doors of the manor and asked for her father. After a meeting went extremely wrong in his office her father kicked the man out. However the stranger was not eager to leave, he pulled out a strange contraption that the servants had only seen the warriors named hunters wield. Her father and the stranger engaged in battle while her father shouted at his wife to evacuate the servants and ensure everyone’s safety. Ignoring her pleas to allow her to fight with him he caved in a wall blocking off her access to him. In minutes the house was set ablaze and so the story continued from what Salina had witnessed that day. It took years for Salina to be able to be her old self. Perhaps she never would be, the experience had given her demons to fight. However she would ever be stronger since that day. Learning that companionship is one of the most valuable things she could cherish. It was at this time that Salina proposed to her mother that she was going to attend Signal Academy.

The news shocked her mother at first but she understood. Musc and hunting ran in the family stronger than evil ran in grimm. Even through all the dissuasion and warning her mother gave her Salina had made up her mind. Once she had there was no convincing her otherwise and her mother knew it. The next months and weeks Salina and her mother prepared for her journey. On the last day her mother bestowed Salina a gift. A beautiful violin that vibrated grace and power whenever she held it . Her mother explained that it was her father’s chosen weapon when he was still a hunter. Grasping it in her hand it felt like an extension of her soul. Much less like holding an object but more like welcoming back an old friend. She set off with the support from her friends and family ready to become a warrior. A fire in her heart that fueled her every step. She wanted to learn how to protect, to make sure an event that befell her family never hurt anyone again.

Her years at the academy flew by faster than any other year in her life had. Her academic scores were moderately high, giving her a challenge appose to the tests in civilian school. Her logical and intellectual mind always gave her a slight advantage. In the physical department however Salina was destined for struggle. She was never a very heavy lifter or had the muscles in her legs for speed. She did however have the gift of extreme flexibility and agility. She found she could react extremely quickly to any situation even under high pressure. However the most notable quality in her combat classes was her proficiency in long range combat. Salina’s aim was extremely proficient, most of her time was devoted to refining and improving her accuracy. When she graduated she was renown for being a extremely fearsome long ranged combatant. With her father’s weapon she proved to be quite the deadly marksman.

The next step in Salina’s journey is BEACON where she will strive to become a hunter that her Father would be proud of.


Salina is a very kind and caring individual who loves being around company and her friends. Always the one to brighten someone's day Salina tries her hardest to remain positive even in the darkest of moments. Coming from a long line of musicians and hunters has caused music to be ingrained into her personality. While she might not show it on the outside she often projects her true feelings in the songs she plays. Whether it is a sad melody or a fanfare you can often tell how she is feeling not by looking at her face but by listening with your ears. While emotions tend to weave themselves throughout her music she can often be lacking when she talks with others. Sometimes coming off as more neutral and cold then she really is. When people get past her exterior the see the caring, optimistic, and talented girl she is.

Combat Behavior:

While in combat Salina is focused and determined.  Always focusing on the essentials and what needs to be done to win. Within combat if it's dark, Salina uses her enhanced vision and agility stemming from her cat Faunus background to gain an advantage. Salina Is very perceptive when she fights observing the enemy’s movements and studying how they dodge. She may fire a couple test shots to test her opponent’s strength. After she has observed her opponents she falls to the back lines to start her barrage of deadly bolts from her weapon. Salina always looks for an advantage in the environment using trees, building, small structures to get a better angle to her target. However sniping from the back line isn't her only option. Her second weapon Stum is able to act as a quick striking tool for whomever gets too close. If Salina feels that her opponent is worn out enough she will not hesitate to go in for the kill. Even if could make her vulnerable. While Salina is a marksman herself she has very little defense against ranged attacks. She lacks much brute force and will ultimately have to rely on her team to cover for her if she is out of position.

Able to see in the dark (Cat Faunus ability)
Memorize enemies moves/ and how they attack
Able to move faster (Cat Faunus ability)
Can do close range and long range attacks
Precise quick melee strikes


Any vision limiting factor (Smoke, flash bombs etc...)
Opponents that can dodge her bolts repeatedly
Not many defenses
Lacks defensive mobility

Aura Colour: Light Blue

Salina semblance is Treble's point. Treble's point allows her to be a extremely proficient sniper and long range fighter. Her semblance enables her to create light barbed bolts made from aura. While quite simple at first she has learned to use it to its full potential. The amount out of aura put into her arrows controls how dense, durable, and pointed they are. Aura can be spread out to create multiple bolts at once. Or she may focus a substantial amount of aura into one bolt to make it super-charged. A barbed bolt charged with a large amount of aura can pierce through extremely dense steel. The lowest power arrow that she can create takes 0.5% of her aura. While the highest consumes 33%. Also Salina may “rip” the arrow causing the barbs to deal shredding damage. 


Primary Weapon: Clef and Stumm

Clef is Salina primary and favourite weapon to use in combat situations. It is a master carved violin made from cedar wood and reinforced with metal and a fusion of earth and lightning dust to make it nearly unbreakable. It its first form it is a crossbow. The front curves of the violin spread-out and extra string attach to them to form the draw strings. The bolts fired from the violin are strictly made using Salina’s semblance and are therefore faster and lighter than normal ones. The weapon while at its peak can fire them rapid fire causing a loss of accuracy but a rise in shot speed. Usually only reserved when taking out hordes of Grimm.

Strum is the melee weapon of choice for Salina and while it is only her secondary weapon she has learned to use it to the best of her current skill level. Strumm is the bow of the violin modified to become a sort of blade that Salina uses to finish her opponents of quickly. The wires that make up the bow are made from durable and extremely sharp metal. While it was not meant to dual or trade for extended amount of time it cuts through bone and light armor with ease. However Strumm's most notable ability is its interaction with dust. One canister last for 2 minutes.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Fire Dust:
Causes flames to blanket the wires and make everyone of her strikes arc with fire.

Lightning Dust:
Causes her movements to be extremely quick and jagged. The blade is coated in electricity and shocks anything it touches.

Ice dust:
Weighs down the blade as frost begins to form on the bow but cuts made with this dust are riddled with frostbite

Air Dust:
Allows her to cut through

Salina Virtuose~ "Life is like a beautiful melody but can be sad and deadly too"