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Title: Ayaka Miyamoto
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Name: Ayaka Miyamoto
Age: 17, Klever 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
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Occupation: 1st yr. Student at Beacon.

Standing at 5’7 feet tall, Ayaka possesses a rather fit and muscular yet feminine figure with a refined posture. She has clear, sharp violet eyes and a stern and often serious look on her face, rarely showing emotion. Her long dark-violet hair reaches up to her waist, often tied up in a ponytail with a long thin white ribbon. Her casual wear being a short white t-shirt often tied up high above the waist, exposes her navel and presses against her chest, topped off a pair of jeans with the left side cut short high above the thigh exposing her leg.

During battles she would wear her casual wear but more often use a set of partially armored sets of scaled tatami that she wears unsymmetrical, with more parts situated on her right rather than left side. Ayaka is almost never seen without her swords and often keeps them with her wherever she goes, either holding it or having it tied against her waist with a studded belt or having it hang against her back.
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Coming from the illustrious kingdom of Mistral Ayaka was exposed to many diverse cultures at an early age, though often safe from grimm with its geography there were other threats that she had to struggle with. Unlike the capital Windpath and other cities such as Kuchinashi, where Ayaka grew up in, had considerably more dangerous backgrounds.

Coming from a family of theater performers Ayaka grew up with strict tutelage and instruction from her parents to be proper and humble. Though not completely sheltered at a young age Ayaka was not as exposed to other children as she was to close family members and was also a rather quiet child. Having traditional parents who believed that a person should grow with their own strength rather than relying on others Ayaka had it hard when she had problems with kids who bullied her for being part of the ‘upper class.’ This continued on for a while to the point where Ayaka started shunning and only briefly interacting with her own parents to become a stronger person, taking their advice to the extreme by not wanting to interact with anyone in general unless necessary. 

In the family home there was a traditional longsword used for theatrical ceremonies of impressive length that always caught Ayaka’s eye. Rarely being used save for ceremonial uses she took interest in it and the intricate movements involved in its execution, almost as if the sword and its techniques were an art in itself. Even though she showed interest in it Ayaka was denied learning how to fight due to her parent’s wishes, them wanting her to take after the performing arts or some other reputable occupation. They believed fighting to be abhorrent and uncivilized and reserved for the lower more brute castes of society.

Stubborn as she was Ayaka started practicing with wooden play swords at first, practicing on makeshift straw dummies that she tied together dressed in theatre costumes to emulate real people. Of course, not having any proper tutelage the only things Ayaka developed was the strength of her swing and how fast she could attack. At school she would constantly be picked on as usual but her new found confidence in herself caused her to often get involved in fights with other kids, usually them ganging up on her and her going home battered and bruised.

Having her ‘training’ sessions in secret Ayaka started working with the theatre as well to maybe learn how to incorporate the smooth fluid movements of the performances with her own movements and hopefully later on learning how to use the family sword. Instead of staying alone all the time Ayaka learned how to interact with people, albeit not enjoying it, and started gaining her family’s approval in her and her newfound strength and determination. Wanting to further impress her family she took up tutelage under a seamstress to help make the theater costumes and learn the ways of the thread while learning some minor self defense techniques with it from the seamstress seeing as how often she came home after a fight at school.

Hiding her bruises and cuts under her usually long clothes, usually robes such as kimonos and the like, Ayaka finally got to score a meeting with one of the theater’s primary sword performers. Following the man home she begged at his doorstep to be taught how to both fight and perform with the blade and didn’t leave till he gave in to the child’s insistent demands. Eventually her parents learned of her new tutors and let her learn under them with the condition of being one of the main performers in the theater to show off the dangerous swordplay as an art.

To avoid injury during their practices and spars Ayaka got her aura unlocked by her teacher and soon enough developed her semblance as the days went by. Taking the lessons to heart she found her teacher’s rather lax personality lacking and her desire to be a better swordswoman to overshadow that of her desire to be a theater performer. Taking additional lessons during supposed vacations Ayaka learned more from both the seamstress and the swordmaster and tried incorporating her new learned skills in her self practice sessions.

Word came out eventually to her parents that Ayaka was getting involved in fights with students from school while using her training to overpower them, most of them being untrained students. Wanting to punish her they sent Ayaka to a real combat school when she came of age to show her that fighting was really not something to be taken lightly.

Ayaka reveled in the chance to properly fight for real but found the first few weeks excruciatingly tough, having been raised in a sheltered background. Coupling her lessons with her studies she trained long and hard to be able to compete with the better fighters of her new school and even went as far as constantly challenging others for fights, be it duels or multiple opponents against her. Needless to say she excelled later on despite her rather rough start and even became one of the more proficient fighters in her year.

During her free time from school and tutoring classes Ayaka actively sought people to challenge by bringing her practice blade and wires to the rough parts of town and picking fights with the numerous local thugs around the area. Word came out of a kid angering the local gangs and her parents worried about her safety, knowing very well of Mistral’s infamous underground.

Much to her parent’s dismay Ayaka enjoyed combat school and planned on moving on the Haven Academy, having now boosted her confidence even more but her rejecting the theater arts for combat seemed like a massive blow to them so they decided to send her off to Vale instead, lest their reputation be further tarnished. Well that’s what they told Ayaka at least. Deep inside her parents were a bit proud of how strong their daughter became but if she stayed and caused any more trouble they feared of the underground’s backlash and what they might do to her.

Disgusted by her parent’s decision Ayaka ripped her clothes and begun wearing rather ripped and uneven clothing to show her defiance just a little before graduation. She also took the family blade along with her, disassembling and restructuring the blade as taught in school to coincide with her needs with some help from her teachers who were somewhat befuddled by the combination of wire and sword but nevertheless found a way to make it work.

Before leaving for Vale Ayaka gave one last performance in her parent’s theater with blade and wire garnering looks of booth awe and confusion among the audience for its unorthodox design. Leaving Kuchinashi Ayaka headed for the capital city and from there took an airship to Vale, to Beacon Academy to further her desire to get stronger.

Ayaka is cold and taciturn towards most people and rarely shows emotions other than anger, pride, sorrow and indifference though some instances merit her to show some bashfulness, love for cute things and even some slight instances of happiness.

Being raised as the sole student of her teachers she possesses a high opinion of herself and does not take lightly to losses. Due to her pride she is often seen not backing down from any challenges and will hold her ground when threatened, usually resorting to taking down opponents even before they could draw their weapons.

In terms of loyalty, Ayaka is an exemplary example. Once she places her trust in a person, such as a close friend, she would be more open with them and protect them even if it means risking her own life. Even as a proud warrior Ayaka possesses a strong desire to protect the weak usually jumping straight into combat if it means protection those with no means of protecting themselves, often getting herself in difficult situations. Her confidence in her abilities stems from extreme discipline in her craft and the way she was raised but she is extremely humble after battles despite her pride, rarely bragging or insulting an enemy unless she loses her cool.

On the other side of the spectrum Ayaka hides an intense but closeted love for cute stuff. Animals, clothes and children, all of them appeal to her and if not being watched she would quickly fawn over them as quickly as a mother is to her child. However in the presence of friends or people who might know who she is she remains cold and uncaring on the outside but every so often can be seen softening up.

Judgement Cut

Ayaka’s semblance allows her to perform slashes that can travel towards an area from her current position, cutting anything that gets in the way with increased strength and cutting power of her sword, wires, or whatever weapon she wishes to use. She could turn a simple swipe of her hand or feet to a manifestation of her swipe but of course without the same force,cutting power, and damage as her swords. She is also able to pick an area and focus her slashes there in a spherical area instead of having them travel forward but with a slight delay, usually only activating by the time she re sheathes the blade.

Slashes can travel up to 50m and the focused area slashes have a maximum effective range of 30m. If Ayaka charges her semblance she is able to increase the power of the slashes she performs with a multiplier equal to how long she charges it for multiple slashes or concentrate all the power into one extra powerful slash. Ayaka is able to channel her aura to various parts of her body to allow for quick maneuvering such as the soles of her feet for quick dashes or her hands for increased offensive and defensive capabilities when unarmed, more akin to a small ‘push’ in a concentrated area.

Combat Behavior:

Ayaka has learned to improve her fighting capabilities as well as knowledge in grimm, giving her the advantage of experience as well as mastery of her style. Ayaka is a master of her technique and rarely finds opponents who could take her on when she’s going all out in a prolonged melee battle. Her style (somewhat like Battojutsu/Iaido) has trained her to be able to handle multiple opponents all by herself while avoiding injury, and using aggressive consecutive slashes to wear them out. With the addition of her wires Ayaka would batter enemies from multiple directions, be it with semblance or mere weapons alone, the cutting of her wires suddenly closing in on her enemies or her rapid strikes with her long sword would leave little time to breath and little avenue for escape.
Ayaka relies on lightning fast draw speed and attacks, being able to perform multiple attacks at blinding speeds before resheathing her weapon, sometimes drawing so fast and resheathing that it would seem as if she merely drew her weapon and put it back the next second. Not only is she skilled with her sword but she also uses the sheathe to fight to compliment her weapon or if she doesn’t want to perform lethal attacks, using the weapon to deal strong blunt attacks, though nothing on the level of dedicated bashers. Ayaka would often use her wires by spreading them out in key points on the battlefield to attack from unconventional angles and pressure her opponents with attacks coming from several locations as if trapping a bird in a net of blades.
Of course, being a primarily melee fighter means that she has to be quick on her feet and have lightning fast reflexes as well as decent stamina, though given guerilla tactics, they may wear her out eventually. Though proficient in melee, her dependence on her semblance means her ranged options are limited, and to a fault, forcing her to be within distance and/or chase her opponents.

Though being a melee dependent fighter, her range proficiency with her semblance aided attacks tend to be slightly slower than bullets and other ranged weaponry. Her lack of any sort of shielding, save for her few armored pieces, would also mean that she wouldn’t be able to defend properly against massive blows, explosions, and large amounts of missile fire and the like.

Having a wire can be a double edged sword, being that even if it can disable enemies, it can also be used against the user. Ayaka's Nodachi also functions similarly to a polearm due to its length at times, meaning extremely close ranged fighting is a disadvantage. Without her blades Ayaka is at the mercy of her average hand to hand skills, and the few armor pieces she can use to defend herself with.

Name: Swallow’s Bane
Primary Form:

A 2m long Nodachi and its sheath. Forged and heat treated with various alloys to withstand extremely unfavorable conditions such as vibrations, extreme heat, cold, and pressure. The metal in question is also able to easily channel the aura of the user compared to most metals used in weapons but only those with enough experience with it may be able to effectively use it to it’s full potential, usually with the appropriate semblances in mind. When Ayaka channels aura into her blade she’s able to increase its cutting power and durability to withstand and deal stronger attacks with less effort but mostly in conjunction with her semblance.

Secondary Form:

The lower half of the blade’s rather long handle detaches and reveals a wire spool that can shoot out razor sharp wires using a dust propulsion mechanism. The wires have tiny barbs near the ends to embed in solid areas for anchorage as well as a rapid reel mechanism.


Swallow’s Bane is the Miyamoto family blade, more often used in ceremonial performances but its history can mostly be traced back to past wielders and users of their sword style, improved through the years as each master brought something new to it by reforging.

Name: Masamune

Primary Form:

A traditional Katana forged by the same materials and with the same properties as Swallow's Bane with a blade length of 70cm. Used as a secondary weapon when she doesn’t want to use the Nodachi and serves as an effective way of of close quarters combat.

Dust Functions:

Masamune possesses slots for foci on the grip augmenting the blade for various dust enhanced attacks when coupled with Ayaka’s semblance.


Ayaka’s own sword that she wielded and had forged while still in primary combat school. She uses it if she doesn’t want to use the longer sword for various purposes.
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