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Approved Characters / Cloe Zeu
« on: July 23, 2022, 12:27:28 PM »

Name: Cloe Zeu

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Dog Faunus


Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Cloe is a short young woman standing at 5’2 with a lightly tanned skin tone. She is very athletic, with well-toned abs, strong legs and an hourglass figure. Her arms have been replaced by cybernetic prosthetics made of dark steel with bright neon lights that run along channels between the plating. The color of these lights change depending on the type of dust loaded into them, but outside of combat they are usually set to a bright green that matches the color of her eyes. Her blonde hair is chopped short with full, feathered bangs at the front and sides, as well as a pair of floppy canine ears that rest atop her head.

Outside of combat, Cloe’s outfits incorporate a variety of bright colors. More often than not, she wears a sleeveless crop top with a colorful retro jacket, gym shorts/leggings, running sneakers and stockings. She typically removes her jacket during fights, but otherwise her combat look is much the same as her casual state of dress.

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Art by Ruwheeze

History: As the adopted daughter of two very wealthy people in Vale, Cloe’s childhood was never too difficult. Her parents owned and operated a large robotics company that sold mass-produced cybernetic enhancements for the general public. They had a good reputation for treating their employees well, though not so much when it came to the quality of their products. Regardless, they had enough money that they were able to adopt many children and still live a comfortable, luxurious life.

Cloe was raised in a somewhat sheltered environment, where most of her socializing was with her adoptive siblings. As the youngest, she was picked on relentlessly. Her parents were loving and kind, but they weren’t always around due to their business obligations. Cloe started to grow up to be a bit of a brat over the years, but this was largely overlooked by her parents who didn’t see anything wrong with her behavior. If she asked for something, they would simply do their very best to give it to her. As her older siblings moved out, she was spoiled more and more. When she eventually decided that she wanted to pursue the cool and flashy career of becoming a huntress, they didn’t hesitate to support her.

Throughout her years in her first combat school, Cloe immediately became popular due to her status. She felt that people would follow her and admire her wherever she went for the rest of time. This attention went to her head very quickly. For a period of time, Cloe became the biggest bully in her school. Anyone who challenged her status became a target for harassment. While she greatly enjoyed being the top dog, it wasn’t meant to last. After picking on the wrong person, a girl named Ruka suddenly approached her and beat her senseless. The two of them were suspended and Cloe was sent home for a short time.

At the time when she felt that she needed her parents most, they weren’t around for her. In a fit of anger, she took a metal bat to one of their manufacturing facilities at night and began to smash whatever she could. Next thing Cloe knew, she was waking up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. She was informed that she had sustained a high-voltage electrical injury. Both of her arms were severely burned and amputation had been required. As traumatizing as this experience was for her, her parents assured her that she would come back from it stronger than ever. They pooled as much resources as possible into designing a new set of cybernetic prosthetics specifically for Cloe.

After completing her recovery, Cloe expected that people would celebrate her return to school. Surely, they would be fascinated by her new look and everything would go back to normal. When she finally made it back, reality hit her like a truck. Her bullying victims were fed up and her ‘friends’ had completely turned on her. She was suddenly a laughing stock. She was subjected to much of the same treatment that she had previously shown others, leaving her utterly miserable. She fell into a deep depression, feeling that life as she knew it was simply over.

Much to her surprise, there was at least one person willing to forgive her. When she had nobody to turn to, a girl named Ferra noticed that she was in pain. Even though Cloe had pushed her around and made fun of her in the past, she showed a tremendous level of forgiveness. Ferra helped her reevaluate who she was and who she truly wanted to be. Thanks to her help, Cloe decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf. Filled with newfound determination, she applied to Beacon and passed her entrance exam with flying colors.

While some part of her will always be a spoiled rich girl, Cloe has come a long way from her former self. Her happiness has returned and she has learned a lot about treating others with kindness. Despite having two metal arms, Cloe feels more whole now than ever before.

Personality: Energetic and endearing, Cloe is a beacon of positive vibes. She is usually quite happy and easygoing, always trying her best to bring smiles to other faces. While she is friendly to most people that she meets, this wasn’t always the case. In her youth, Cloe was a bully that would put others down to make herself feel better. She now dedicates herself to righting those wrongs and becoming a better person.

Despite her best efforts, Cloe is far from perfect. Now and then, she may fall into a mean streak towards people that she is less than fond of, and occasionally even towards her friends. At times she hurts peoples’ feelings without even realizing it, though she would surely feel sorry if called out. Growing up sheltered has left her somewhat oblivious of real world problems, making it difficult for her to empathize with other peoples’ struggles. She is slowly but surely figuring these things out.

Trying to turn her life around has given Cloe a new sense of purpose, but she is still not totally confident with herself. She has a lot of insecurities and can easily be made to feel upset. However, she has a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration in the form of her best friend Ferra. Cloe looks up to her considerably and does everything she can to make Ferra proud of her. Rather than putting people down like she used to, she aims to make others feel better about themselves whenever she can. She may not always know how to make someone happy, but she will absolutely give it her best shot.

Aura and Semblance: Cloe’s aura is colored a bright, vivid green. Her semblance, Thunderstorm Warning, allows her to build up potential energy that slowly increases her movement speed over time. The air surrounding Cloe seems to unnaturally flow behind her as she runs, producing mild winds in her wake. As she continues to move, a sort of ‘static’ starts to build up within her, visualized by sparks of aura emanating from her body. The more energy Cloe builds, the more pronounced the effects of the semblance become. However, she will eventually reach a limit of power stored. Cloe can unleash all of this energy at once with a powerful aura attack, creating an effect that looks like an explosion of lightning. This attack will cause her semblance to deactivate for several minutes, returning her to her normal speed while also causing a small amount damage to her protective aura. If she is unable to release this energy in time, it will simply explode out of her in every direction, causing significant damage to Cloe and anyone standing next to her.

Combat Behavior: Cloe’s fighting style is all about being quick on her feet and packing lots of power behind every punch. She engages most of her opponents head-on, aiming to overwhelm them with a fast-paced flurry of fists. While her ranged capabilities are rather limited, she moves fast enough that many opponents will have trouble keeping her at a distance. When punching things doesn’t quite do the trick, Cloe will resort to using her bat, allowing her to hit harder and block easier. Her prosthetic arms add a huge amount of power to her swings; she can deliver devastating strikes that would smash the bone armor of Grimm as if it were glass.

The longer she is on the battlefield, the more of a threat Cloe becomes. She will slowly begin to move faster and hit harder with every passing moment, at least up until the point where her semblance reaches its limit. If her opponent can withstand her attacks until then, she may soon be in trouble. Fast moving projectile users also tend to give her trouble, as her only decent ranged attack comes in the form of a shotgun blast. She will try her best to rush towards these types of fighters, although this can make her attacks rather predictable.


Name: “My arms!”

Primary Form: Cloe’s cybernetic limbs are designed to be used in combat, letting her pull off extraordinary feats that she otherwise couldn’t. One example would be her ability to deliver rapid, motor-assisted punches while exerting only a miniscule amount of energy. Cloe’s physical strength is much higher than average for someone of her stature, which often makes for a comical display when she lifts large objects with ease. These prosthetics are also designed to be highly modular, leaving her with lots of room for upgrades and dust enhancements.

Dust Functions: Several different types of dust can be loaded into Cloe’s arms at once, sent through channels along her knuckles and her palms. Activating this dust enhances her punches with elemental energy. She can release small blasts of energy from her open hand as well, though this is an option that she tends to use sparingly.

History: Almost immediately after the accident that destroyed her arms, Cloe’s parents had their engineers design a pair of prosthetics tailored specifically for her needs. The result turned out to be the most advanced and reliable design they had ever produced, far superior to the retail versions typically sold to the masses. Cloe essentially had to relearn how to use her arms from scratch. By now they feel totally natural to her, although she still underestimates her own strength and breaks things on occasion.


Name: Baseball Gat

Primary Form: Cloe’s backup weapon is a black baseball bat, built of lightweight steel alloy and decorated with green lights that match the aesthetic of her arms. The handle of the bat is designed to interface with Cloe’s cybernetic hands, allowing her to control its functions with her mind as if it were an extension of her own body.

Secondary Form: The top end of the bat opens up to reveal the barrel within. Using shells loaded into the bottom of the handle, this weapon can double as a semi-auto shotgun. It only holds four shells at once, so Cloe makes sure to save it as a surprise attack.

Dust Functions: Dust can be sent from Cloe’s arms into the weapon to enhance it with the elements. She can also load the gun with dust-augmented shells for extra power.

History: Another gift from her parents, this weapon was made per Cloe’s request. While preparing to go into Beacon, she knew that she needed something better for fighting Grimm than her fists alone. It has dramatically increased her combat performance, but she has yet to master it to its full potential.

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Approved Characters / Iris Astria
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:42:45 AM »

Name: Iris Astria

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Night Lizard Faunus


Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Iris is an athletic and lithe young woman that stands at about 5'7 (171cm). She has a medium tan skin tone, with a few light freckles on her face and perpetual dark bags under her eyes. Her short, messy bob of hair is dyed purple, her bangs often swept to one side. Most unusually, Iris' sclera are a dark black color, contrasted sharply by her piercing silver irises. She attributes this odd trait to her faunus heritage.

Iris has a large wardrobe, but most of the time she is dressed like a bit of a punk. Black leather jackets, torn up shorts/pants, crop tops, crude graphic tees, chains and chokers are things that she wears regularly. She also owns a fair amount of outfits that blatantly contradict her usual sense of fashion, mainly as a means of disguising herself if she deems it necessary.

Her combat getup is simple and practical. She wears an all black, full-body jumpsuit along with climbing boots, a utility belt and a dark purple scarf. She often wears a small backpack for carrying around any additional gear.

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History: Iris was born in Mistral to two kind and loving parents. Her father was a hunter, while her mother ran an electronics store. Her early childhood was entirely plain and forgettable up until one particular day that changed her life forever. Her mind was invaded by visions of nearby neighbors and total strangers, an unusual ability granted to her by her semblance. She had little to no control over this power and it took over her life completely. Her carefree childhood had suddenly become an unbearable hell.

As if her condition wasn’t enough of a strain on the family, things were worsened when Iris’ father died. Her mother remained as her sole caretaker, but as the years passed Iris grew into a disrespectful and rebellious teenager. Her mother, fed up with the girl that was ruining her life and her business, sent her away to a combat school. She hoped to teach Iris a lesson, but as it turned out, Iris was quite pleased with this new life. She learned how to fight, how to shoot and how to be stealthy… All skills that would make her a very good thief. After graduating, Iris tried to land herself several jobs, such as a private detective’s assistant or a bodyguard, but she screwed up every opportunity that came her way. Eventually she was approached by someone that wanted her to act as a spy, to put her ability to good use at a place where she could fit in.

Iris began to work alongside criminals, gathering intel on rival gangs and tracking down their supply caches. The woman that recruited her became her mentor, teaching her everything she knew about fighting and stealing. At first, Iris felt at home, but the feeling didn’t last. She had enough of a moral compass to know that she was helping bad people do terrible things. People were getting hurt and dying due to her actions. She knew that her father would be ashamed of her, and when that pain became too much to bear, she ran away and never looked back.

Iris has settled into a new life in Vale, having fully adjusted to her odd semblance. She knows that becoming a Huntress will not undo the wrongs of her past, but she feels that it’s a step in the right direction. More than anything, she’s following this path so that if her past mistakes come back to haunt her, she will be ready.

Personality: Iris is an eccentric person with a poor understanding of common social norms. She lacks self-control and will gladly pursue any of her impulses on a whim, feeling little to no sense of shame. Despite being rather strange, Iris is quite friendly. She’s not incredibly good at keeping friends, however. Due to the out-of-body visions that her semblance provides her with, she tends to step over boundaries and invade the privacy of others regularly without even trying. Iris hardly remembers a time before having this ability, so she does not blame it for making her the way she is. She simply accepts herself as a weirdo and hopes that others might do the same.

Iris has lost loved ones and been abandoned by others time and time again. She clings closely to the few friends that she does have and will do anything she can to protect them. If she feels that she or someone that she cares about has been crossed, Iris will hold a grudge. She does not forgive easily and will most likely dedicate herself to vengeance.

Becoming a Huntress was not Iris’ first career choice. Throughout her time working for a criminal organization, Iris witnessed many unspeakable things that have left her desensitized to violence. Her poor life choices have left her uncertain and anxious about the future, but she feels happier now than ever. At the very least, she knows that Beacon Academy will give her the strength to do anything that she wants. She cares far more about her own survival than she does about helping other people, but she has learned to find some sense of satisfaction in doing the right thing.

Aura and Semblance: Iris’ aura is a dark purple. Her semblance gives her the ability to sense the presence of individuals nearby and see visions of them. Iris has only a slight sense of control over this ability, as it often passively triggers without her willing it to happen. Her detection radius ranges around 25 meters in any direction, her visions becoming clearer the closer she is to her target.

From Iris’ perspective, her eyesight and hearing is entirely overtaken by her semblance, making it feel like she is transported to the location of her target. She can then witness them and their surroundings as if she were in the same room. The individual being spectated may feel an odd sense of being watched, and if they are skilled enough with aura, they may be able to detect Iris’ true location.

Combat Behavior: Iris has a mixed skillset, able to function either as a supporting sniper or a close-quarters combatant. Her climbing gear gives her a great deal of verticality in her movement, allowing her to find vantage points with ease. From there she can effectively snipe at her target before swiftly moving along to another location. When confronted up close, Iris relies primarily on acrobatic movements and precise blows. Her dust-assisted gloves give her the option to use elemental attacks, granting her an edge in hand-to-hand combat.

The main strategy that Iris uses is “don’t get hit”. She is not a sturdy combatant and is not very capable of shrugging off powerful attacks. She might be able to use her weapon to block the occasional blow, but for the most part she lacks defensive options. She tries to make up for her shortcomings by carrying lots of equipment such as dust bombs and homemade drones.


Name: Lila Apex

Primary Form: This weapon functions primarily as a sniper rifle, built of gray and purple metals. It has a retractable stock and a drum magazine.

Secondary Form: The scope and handle collapse into the weapon, then it unfolds into a shape resembling that of a climbing pick. Iris mostly uses this to assist with her movement, but the spike is sharp enough that it can be lethal with a well-placed strike.

Animated Concept

Dust Functions: Iris often carries dust-infused ammunition to make her shots more effective.

History: Iris made this as her first weapon, believing that she would spend most of her time far away from her opponents. It proved to be a less effective weapon than she would have hoped, but when she got around to making her weaponized gloves, it paired with them quite perfectly.


Name: Ascension Nocturne

Primary Form: A pair of black, steel-plated gloves with channels of dust running over the palm and along the length of the fingers. The dust is stored in chambers near her wrists, with two separate channels for different purposes.

Dust Functions: The fingers of the gloves end in sharp, clawed points that can exhaust dust when Iris swipes or jabs with them. She can also use gravity dust to assist in her ability to cling to surfaces, letting her climb steep obstacles with relative ease.

History: Iris acquired these during her time working for a criminal organization. They were given to her by her mentor, who believed that they would help her reach her true potential. Even after leaving that gang, she has kept the gloves as something of a souvenir.

Approved Characters / Ferra Mars
« on: July 10, 2022, 07:54:51 PM »

Name: Ferra Mars

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:  Sample Text™

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Ferra is a young woman of tall stature and muscular physique. She stands at 6’5 (196cm) and weighs around 230 lbs. She has crimson red hair of medium length and feathered bangs across her forehead. Her skin is somewhat pale and her eyes are a bright blue.

Ferra’s sense of style can be best described as ‘military fashion’. In combat, she wears a black tactical vest with a number of pouches along with cargo pants and military boots of a matching dark color. Her casual style is not all that different, minus the vest and combat gear.

Image: ShowHide

(Art by Ruwheeze)

History: Born in Vale, Ferra was the daughter of a huntress and a carpenter. Her parents traveled regularly and hardly ever settled in one place, and as such, Ferra grew up seeing all different parts of the world. She developed a deep appreciation for Remnant and the people in it, and her parents taught her to have a sense of responsibility towards helping those that were less fortunate. She lived a comfortable and quaint childhood, at least until life threw an odd twist her way.

Ferra had just entered her teens when her parents relationship hit a little bit of a rough patch. The details were a bit hard for her to piece together at the time, but from what she could understand, it had to do with an affair that had occurred at a time she was too young to remember. Her father previously had a relationship outside of the marriage, and while they had already managed to get over that in the past, an unexpected complication had suddenly arose: Ferra’s dad learned that he had a second daughter. The girl’s mother had passed away, and with no other known relatives, he was suddenly responsible for her.

Being the benevolent people they were, Ferra’s parents decided that the best thing they could do for this girl would be to adopt her into the family. Ferra was somewhat excited about the prospect of having a younger sister, but her expectations were shattered upon meeting the girl. Ruka was a cold and abrasive person, deeply traumatized by her past. She cared not for Ferra’s attempts at sparking friendship. However, Ferra’s naive persistence proved effective over time. As the years passed and she continued to show Ruka unconditional kindness, they began to bond quite well. They rounded out each others’ personalities and assisted each other with their respective problems. She helped Ruka understand and come to terms with her feelings, while Ruka helped protect Ferra from jerks and bullies.

Ferra’s life has been far from difficult, but she is quite aware of how lucky she is. As soon as she felt capable, she began combat training alongside her sister in order to become a huntress and help the less fortunate. The two of them enlisted in a combat academy together, making a promise to watch each others' back regardless of whether or not they ended up on the same team. She has encountered some obstacles along the way, but none of them have stopped her from striving towards her goals. While she doesn’t yet know what trouble the real world has in store for her, she plans to do everything she can to make it a better place.

Personality: Ferra is a kind-hearted and caring individual. She hopes to help as many people as she can and make as many friends as possible. She is mild-mannered and quite humble, but also very confident in herself and openly supportive of others whenever possible. She believes that helping others is her calling, and she dedicates every ounce of strength she has towards this end. She would be happy to carry other peoples' burdens until the day it breaks her back. She has a great deal of faith in humanity and trusts others to a fault.

Despite the fact that she is an absolute unit on the battlefield, Ferra doesn’t really like fighting others. She believes that conflict against Grimm can be solved with weapons, while conflicts against other people should be solved primarily with words. This philosophy has worked for her a number of times in the past, though she usually only succeeds through pure stubbornness. It’s unlikely that this approach will always work, but it doesn’t stop her from trying, sometimes even at the cost of her own wellbeing. However, if her passive behavior leads to someone else getting hurt, she is willing to put her ideals aside and do what must be done for their sake.

Her passion for being a huntress is matched closely by her love of guns. She owns a vast collection of firearms, ranging anywhere from six shooters to high-caliber machineguns (and just about everything in between). Besides gunsmithing, her other favorite hobbies include bodybuilding and playing guitar.

Aura and Semblance: Ferra’s aura is a deep red color. Her semblance, titled Lending a Hand, gives her the ability to summon floating hands made of aura. These disembodied hands can freely orbit in the air around her up to a distance of roughly five or six meters away from her. They can perform actions independently of her own, so long as it is something she knows how to do already. For example, she can fire several different guns simultaneously and reload them without ever using her own hands, so long as she is well acquainted with those particular weapons.

Ferra can reliably summon and use four pairs at a time, or eight hands in total. Anymore than that and she starts to loose coordination and precision. Trying to focus on more than one target at a time causes similar problems. While relatively small and fast-moving, her summoned hands are not invulnerable to attacks and can be dematerialized if they take enough damage. It typically takes up to two minutes for her to resummon them, so she tries to avoid this at all costs.

Image: ShowHide

Combat Behavior: Ferra’s combat style is centered around her ability to attack and defend at the same time. She will always dedicate a set of floating hands to the task of carrying her shield, turning it into a mobile cover that she moves around herself at will. At the same time, she can use her remaining hands to take control of her guns, allowing her to fire, reload and swap weapons simultaneously without needing to worry about incoming projectiles. Between the constant barrage of bullets and the large shield revolving around her, approaching Ferra is no easy task.

This fortress of steel can be very intimidating to face on the battlefield, but it does come with some drawbacks. Handling all of her equipment at once forces Ferra to maintain a low speed of movement, leaving her vulnerable to attacks that affect a wide area. Despite the large number of firearms that she carries, she still has a finite amount of ammunition that would leave her vulnerable if depleted. She can store her weapons and plant her shield somewhere if she needs to increase her mobility, but her distaste for punching people makes her a little less effective at close range.


Name: Iron Maiden

Primary Form: In its standard form, Ferra’s Iron Maiden acts as a massive shield nearly as tall as her own height. The red-trimmed gray steel plating on the front is nearly impenetrable. The shield is wide and flat at the top, narrowing down to two bladed points towards the bottom. This piece of equipment is heavy enough that it is difficult to carry without two hands. Luckily for Ferra, she has a lot more than two.

Secondary Form: A mechanical door on the backside of the shield slides opens to reveal a large compartment within the metal frame. This acts as storage for Ferra’s many weapons, letting her bring a large loadout onto the battlefield without needing to carry each individual firearm. It is typically filled with several shotguns and a number of handguns, though depending on the situation Ferra may bring a heavier set of arms.

Dust Functions: N/A

History: After it occurred to Ferra that she could practically juggle guns and ammunition with her semblance, she tried to carry as many on her person as she could. This strategy proved to be somewhat effective, but having nowhere to store her equipment was a major inconvenience. At the same time, she realized that her defenses were lacking and that she needed some sort of cover while reloading. Ferra came up with this design to solve both of these problems at once.

AMA Section / What would your character(s) wear for Halloween?
« on: October 18, 2019, 08:41:31 AM »
Assume the holiday exists on Remnant, and ignore the fact that they don't have the exact same entertainment media as us. Who or what would your characters dress up as?

This is just for fun. "They wouldn't" and "They hate Halloween" aren't fun answers for this one, so if you type that I swear I'll come fight you. If you must, assume they're being roped into it by some jerk of a friend.

Beacon Academy / Lovers' Duel [Closed]
« on: June 23, 2019, 11:35:25 PM »
The sound of a nose getting cracked was not an easy noise to forget. The feeling of someone's bones breaking against your knuckles might have been worse... Vivian was thankful for once that she didn't have to worry about remembering a feeling like that. 'Your hands break fragile things.' She made sure to remind herself of that fact every single day. Bones were no exception, at least without the protection of aura to get in the way of her metal. Thinking back on that unfortunate part of that particular day rarely failed to make her cringe a little. Inflicting that pain on someone that you cared so deeply about couldn't be a fun memory for anyone to recall. However, as far as terrible first meetings went, the result was about as best as one could ask for. How often did decking a guy square in the face make him fall for you?

Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly how it happened, but it made for a funny story to tell people. It was nearly as entertaining for Vivian to replay it in her mind, minus the face-smashing bit. She couldn't deny that may have felt good in the moment, but the circumstances back then were entirely different. It had all been a misunderstanding that only occurred thanks to some truly unbelievable luck. If she had known where their relationship would be headed, she probably wouldn't have hit him hard enough to break his mouth. Despite the good results that came out of that first incident, she had no intention of driving her fist into his face ever again.

Until today.

Vivian wouldn't have blamed Michael if he would have chosen not get into the ring with her after that incident. Thankfully, he had accepted her invitation! They were long overdue for a fair rematch, and today was the day. A boxing ring might have given her an unfair advantage, so they had opted for one of the open training arenas on the school grounds. A wide open space for combat, with the occasional wooden barricade scattered about for cover. Vivian had spent the last twenty minutes in the next room over, beating a training dummy like it owed her money. Needless to say, her blood was pumping and she was ready to rock. The girl didn't have a weapon on her other than the prosthetic arms attached to her upper body. It was probably for the best, seeing as the first time her and Michael had gone head-to-head, the fight was rather... brief. She had zero doubt in her boyfriend's skill and talent as a Huntsman-in-training, but there was simply a gap in experience between the two of them that made sparring a little uneven. At the very least, he had his full aura this time, which would hopefully prevent the shattering of any bones. Going easy on him wouldn't do him any good, but it wouldn't hurt to even the playing field a little. Her guns were only ever a secondary tool, so she had gone without them today. A black, sleeveless tank top had been selected by her in order to show off her shiny metal arms, loaded with electric dust that made her symmetrical, synthetic 'veins' glow a bright yellow. More dust was waiting in the small pouch on the belt that was secured over her shorts, without the ammunition and holsters that usually accompanied it.

The faunus stood idle in the arena, leaning back against the wall with her scroll in one hand. Michael already knew by now that she was not the most patient of people, and yet he would get reminded again. There was a chance he was already drawing near, but she wasn't one to wait and find out. Instead, he got a couple of text messages sent his way.

'im here'
'where u at?'

The Vale Region / "Pretend You Like Me." [Closed]
« on: August 31, 2017, 10:34:45 PM »
'Twelve now.'

Lyssa pulled the sleeve of her jacket back up, covering the black watch on her wrist once again. Twelve minutes had passed since Mira's predicted time of arrival, and she was nowhere to be found. While the idea seemed laughable at first, she couldn't help but wonder if this so called "meetup" was some sort of scheme to make her look like an idiot. Surely, the leader of her team wouldn't be that petty, right? She couldn't recall any sort of shitty things that she herself had recently done to warrant such a thing, but... it didn't seem entirely out of the question.

With a sigh, the woman attempted to readjust her position in the cramped booth that she sat in. After failing to make herself any more comfortable, she went ahead and kicked the pole that supported the table in front of her, accomplishing nothing in the process. She couldn't even figure out why she was annoyed that Mira wasn't here, as her presence tended to be much, much more irritating. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Mira was also supposed to be the one paying for the food, and she was already very hungry. Yeah, that seemed about right when she pondered it some more. The perpetual scent of burgers that filled the air only made things worse.

"Gotta stop listening to her..." Lyssa muttered to herself, reflecting on the conversation that had convinced her to even agree to this stupid get-together. Of course, Isabelle had talked her into it after she had brought it up. Really, taking advice for making friends from that girl was a dumb idea to begin with. If the idea of missing out on a free burger didn't bother her so much, she probably would have already left.

The Vale Region / First Impressions [Closed]
« on: March 07, 2017, 06:00:21 PM »
Vivian braced her arms above her to block the staff that had been swung down towards her head. Her aura was low, but her opponent's was lower. Not wanting to let her sparring partner get away with the attack, she grabbed the weapon in one hand, holding it tightly in her iron grip before yanking to pull the other woman towards her. At the same time, she swung her fist towards her torso, successfully disarming her once the hit connected. In the brief moment that her opponent was stunned, she dropped the staff and pulled back her right fist again, sending a hard punch straight into the stomach of the other faunus. It was enough to knock her off her feet and onto the ground, where she tumbled for a moment before eventually coming to a stop.

"I win, again," Vivian said cheerfully, placing her hands on her hips and grinning widely. In response, the woman that she had been dueling simply frowned, shaking her head. Picking her staff up, she used it to help herself stand back up before brushing some dirt off of her white dress.

"This time, yes. If you get too cocky, I'll eventually catch you off guard, you know." At this, Vivian just shrugged, making the fox faunus frown even more. "Anyway... Doing anything interesting after this?"

Vivian nodded as she walked over to her jacket, continuing to speak as she put it on. "Mhm. Headed to the city in a bit. Going to meet up with someone. How 'bout you?"

"I'll be going there myself. Perhaps we'll run into each other again today." With that, the white-haired woman began to walk away, giving a short wave in Vivian's direction. "Be seeing you."

"Seeya." Soon enough, she was alone. Taking a glance around the arena, she made sure that nobody would be listening in before she reached into her pocket and pulled out her scroll. Her and Michael had briefly discussed hanging out that day, though seeing as they didn't have a solid plan yet, she figured it'd be a smart idea to give him a call and change that. And so, she did exactly that, going through her contacts until she finally spotted his name. With a tap, it started the call to his number, Vivian holding the device to her ear and humming as she waited for an answer.

The Vale Region / Good Liquor, Bad Ideas [Closed]
« on: February 06, 2017, 10:48:37 PM »
In a shocking turn of events, the room that Vivian resided in was nearly silent. The only noises that could be heard were the occasional whirs of motors as the rabbit girl poked at the opened up interior of the shiny, metallic arm that lay on her desk with a screwdriver. Each time she poked it, the hand gripped slightly, proving to her that the prior issue had been resolved. While doing this, she sat in a wooden chair with another pulled up a few feet in front of her to rest her crossed legs on. As for her upper limbs, only her left arm was present, the right being the aforementioned prosthetic that lay on the table. The sleeveless tank top she wore exposed the empty socket connected to her shoulder where her arm would usually be attached, but seeing as nobody was around at the time, she didn't exactly care to cover it up.

The powerful metal arm had taken many beatings just fine in the past, seeing as it was designed for combat and heavy lifting. Oddly, and seemingly for no particular reason at the time, it started malfunctioning earlier that day, costing her the spar that she had been in the middle of. After getting on and off of the phone with her father a few times while messing with it, they had finally found the source of the problem, managing to get it resolved rather quickly afterwards. Now, she was simply testing it to make sure that it wouldn't let her down again anytime soon. Satisfied with her results, she set the tool down and shut the panel on the prosthetic before lifting it up with her free hand. She brought it to her other side and pushed it into place, holding it for a brief moment to make sure it was connected properly before letting go. With a light hum, it came to life, raising and turning as she closed and opened her hand a few times. "Perfect!" she said to herself ecstatically, grinning all the while.

Now that that was finally over, she let both of her arms hang free, leaning her head back in the chair. One, two, ten seconds passed. After less than a minute, it occurred to her that she had another serious issue... Extreme boredom had already set in. With a groan, she climbed out of the chair and hopped onto her bed, grabbing her scroll. Maybe if she were lucky, she could find someone to hang with that she wouldn't have to wait hours to meet up with. The first that came to mind was her freakishly tall friend, Michael. They had met less than a couple of months ago, but had really only gotten a few occasions to spend time together. Part of her was eager to at least see him again. He probably had better things to do, she assumed, but there was always a chance. Opening up her messages, she sent a few short ones his way within a few seconds of each other.

'yo mike'
'we should chill, im fuckin bored'
'you down?'

Once they were delivered, she tossed the device about a foot to the side, deciding to lay face down until he either responded, or she passed out. Not like she had anything better to do in the meantime, anyway.

The Vale Region / Not So Lucky After All [Closed]
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On a not so busy street in Vale, Vivian walked down the sidewalk, humming to herself as she went along. It was a nice day out, and she had absolutely nothing better to do, so simply going out for a stroll was a better plan than none. She also didn't exactly have a destination, and had somehow gotten herself into a part of city that seemed, well, poorer than most. It looked like the kind of place that you'd get mugged for just walking through, but she wasn't too worried about the possibility. The gun in her holster, while covered mostly by her bright red jacket, would provide more than enough safety. Of course, she wouldn't need that, even if someone did attack her. Her metal prosthetics were designed for combat, after all, and would easily be able to beat anyone to a pulp if they tried to pull some shit on her. Really, she didn't think that something like that was going to happen, but the idea was entertaining. With how things had been going so far, she felt that luck was most definitely on her side.

The Vale Region / The Legendary Alliance [ALIA] [Closed]
« on: November 10, 2016, 10:33:05 PM »

To: Isabelle Aozora, Lucina Archaletta, Iron Silvarious, Ayaka Miyamoto

Your team is to accompany Professor Nox on a trip to Aubindon, a small settlement located in northern Vale. The citizens in this village have made us aware of rising threats in the area surrounding the village. Recently, they have spotted a number of scouts in the area, ones that they believe are members of a small bandit group that have attacked the village on a previous occasion. While those there that could fight managed to fend them off the first time, quite some time has passed since. No fully trained Huntsmen currently reside there, only self-trained fighters with access to basic weaponry. With scouts constantly spying on the village from a distance, they fear the possibility of an impending raid with larger numbers than the last. Such an event would be devastating to the village, and with the weather growing cold once again, their chances of survival afterwards would be slim.

In order to avoid detection by the bandits as best as possible, the airship will be dropping your team off a few miles away from Aubindon. If you are discovered, they will most likely postpone their attack until a later date. After landing, the rest of the distance will be travelled on foot. Encountering Grimm is a possibility, and the weather will be cold, so make sure to pack accordingly. Once there, you are to hand out supplies to the people of the village. You will then camp there overnight, as they are expecting the raid to occur when most of the citizens are sleeping. If the attack does happen, your team and Professor Nox will defend the village. Reinforcements will arrive sometime afterwards to take in the defeated bandits and to bring you back to the Academy. If the attack does not occur during the first night, you are to stay there for one more day before returning to Beacon.

Attached to this message is a map of the village and the surrounding areas, as well as the time and location of your departure.

As she read over the message displayed on her scroll’s screen, Isabelle was sure of one thing. This was by far the greatest mission that had ever been assigned to their team. As first years, they didn’t get a whole lot of eventful missions, making it harder for them to work on things like team combat skills. Not only was this a perfect learning opportunity, but it actually sounded like it could be a decent amount of fun. They were going to have a professor with them, a fully trained Huntsman, so they would most definitely succeed. Of course, she didn’t exactly want the village to get attacked… But, there was potential for some sort of fight, which was good enough for her to be interested.

Isabelle, who was standing outside of the airship that they would be leaving in, soon put the scroll back in her bag. She had made sure to pack a decent amount of supplies, such as food and dust for her weapon. Her quiver only carried fifteen arrows, so they were going to have to be used sparingly. Really, her sword and semblance would do just fine against most of the opponents that they would probably encounter. Not only that, but they were travelling as a team, so they wouldn’t need to pack a whole lot of extra firepower.

For now, all she could do was to stand there and wait. It was almost noon, the time that they were supposed to meet there at the docks. Apparently, she had arrived a little early, as even the teacher had not shown up yet. ’Hopefully they actually checked their messages...’

Approved Characters / Cassidy Uaine
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Name: Cassidy Uaine

Age: 17, born on the 28th of Machlud

Species and Gender: Male Spider Monkey Faunus

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First year student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Cassidy is 5'9, weighing 156 pounds. Both of his eyes are a maroon color. His dark brown hair is wavy and of medium-length, just barely reaching above his shoulders. His skin is a few shades darker than the average citizen of Vale, a trait from his mother. He also takes very good care of his body, being almost entirely devoid of blemishes or scratches (with the latter being sometimes unavoidable). Seeing as he is extremely physically active like most students at Beacon tend to be, he has a very fit body, though his muscles don’t appear to be much larger than average. As a faunus, he has one major animalistic feature, that being the tail that extends out from his backside. This extra appendage is covered in fur that is the same color of his hair, and also happens to be prehensile due to him being part spider-monkey. With it, he can pick up light objects as well as hang from things such as tree branches for a short amount of time.

In combat, Cassidy wears a set of light armor (picture) consisting mostly of leather, metal and thick green cloth. More often than not, he leaves the hood down, only putting it on if he needs to hide his face for some reason. The cape can be removed as well if it is being worn in situations that require a lot more movement. This set of armor isn’t great for stopping large blades or bullets, but the lack of protection gives it more mobility than something like a set of heavy metal armor. In addition, he carries with him a medium-sized metal shield on his back, though it is painted in a way to make it look like a wooden material. In more casual situations, Cassidy prefers to wear light t-shirts with cargo shorts or jeans, as well as switching his boots out with black running shoes. His staff can almost always be found slung over his shoulder, resting on his back. Even outside of battle, he tends to carry it just to be safe, as it isn’t a huge hassle to have on his person anyway. As for his blade, he doesn’t carry it around as much, usually only bringing it if he knows he will be in a fight.

History: Compared to many other students at Beacon, Cassidy’s life had always been a somewhat relaxed one. While he was born in Vale, his mother had previously lived in Vacuo, while his father descended from Atlas. Together, the two of them were a rather wealthy couple, so he spent a lot of his childhood getting spoiled by them. Despite this, they still taught him proper manners and ethics, learning from a young age that he should treat everyone equally, regardless of whether they were human, faunus, rich or poor.

The first major event in his life occurred when he was only at the age of seven. His mother had grown sick, the disease unfortunately being a terminal illness. Naturally, when she passed, he was extremely upset, as was his father. While Cassidy was able to slowly work his way out of the sadness that he felt over time, it did not go away as quickly for his father. His mother had always been the more compassionate parent, and when she was gone, this became painfully obvious. Unable to properly deal with the loss of his wife, his father spent all of his time focusing on his business, trying to make himself forget his sorrows by constantly working. It was during this time that Cassidy started to become a lot more independent, as his dad was always busy with something.

Without many friends in his life, he turned to books to preoccupy himself a lot of the time. He read many fantasy books, though eventually he started being drawn more towards nonfiction as he grew older. Around the age of ten was when he first started to become interested in the life of a huntsman, something that he had read about on many different occasions. He cared a lot about other individuals, even more so than himself at times, so it made sense that he would be interested in a career that revolved solely around helping other people. After informing his father about the goal that he had made for his future, his dad supported his decision and put an overly large sum of money into an account for Cassidy so that he would be able to get whatever he needed. Using some of it, he would create his first staff. It was a somewhat primitive weapon, though he practiced plenty with it to make sure that he would be able to get proper training in the future.

A few years later, Cassidy enlisted in his first combat school, the place where he would spend the next four years of his life. It was also where he discovered his semblance, soon after deciding on a weapon upgrade to properly suit his abilities. After finishing his brand new staff, he went on to make another weapon, though this was a much more basic blade. Of course, there were times in this school where he received plenty of racist remarks about him being a spider monkey faunus that just happened to climb things all the time, though he didn’t let it phase him too much. He spent much more time training and teach himself than he did socializing with others, which eventually proved to contribute to his rather quiet nature. Soon enough, the large amount of effort that he had put in paid off, as he graduated from the school with decently high scores across the board.

While he had used some of the large amount of money given to him by his father to create himself weapons and armor, it occurred to him that he wasn’t going to need most of it, as he would be living at whatever combat school he chose to go to for quite some time. This was when he gave most of the money away to various different charities, deciding that there were other people that needed it much more than him. Of course, this angered his father once he found out about it, as he would have preferred it if he had simply returned it to him, though Cassidy knew that his dad had more than enough money to live comfortably and thus had no regrets. He was soon accepted into Beacon Academy, where he is currently starting his first year as a student there.

Personality: Cassidy is a somewhat reserved individual, often keeping to himself unless someone approaches him first or if he finds a person rather interesting. Some may assume that he is socially awkward because of this, but this is the opposite of the truth. He is good at communication when he chooses to do it, and is very good at reading people’s emotions based on their actions. Being a highly empathetic person, he enjoys helping other people with their problems, and is rarely rude or disrespectful towards anyone unless they act the same way. He has a generally positive outlook on life, always trying his hardest to see the good side of all situations. Despite this, if people around him are sad or suffering, these emotions will often spread to him, making it hard for him to be around people who are depressed or in pain if there isn’t much he can do to stop it. Cassidy is also decently intelligent, spending a large amount of his free time researching things or doing schoolwork. However, he tries his best to be humble about this, so he doesn’t just go around spouting random things he knows to people. While he was wealthy at one point, he doesn’t see much value in most material possessions, so he doesn’t own many different things besides his clothing and weapons. Having experienced some prejudice for being a faunus in his past, he tries his hardest to treat everyone equally, even those who act racist. He believes that there is some amount good in everyone, however minuscule it may be.

Aura and Semblance: When activated, Cassidy’s semblance forms as a small field that surrounds his body. While it is on, he is less affected by gravity, weighing a fraction of his total weight during this time. This gives him a brief period of increased mobility. If he were to use it continuously, it can only be enabled for about seven seconds, and it takes another ten for the ability to recharge fully. He can use his weapon as a grappling hook with this skill, making himself lighter with his semblance before retracting the wire to propel himself through the air. Not only that, but he can jump quite a bit higher than usual, as well as climb tall objects with ease. While his strength remains at the same level, he can also be knocked back much further by his opponents, doing a lot more damage to him. He also falls slower through the air, making him an easier target to hit. It is often risky for him to use, but if done at the right opportunities, it can be very useful.

Combat Behavior: During a fight, Cassidy has a variety of different tactics that he will use. Up close, he will use his staff most of the time, though he has experience with hand-to-hand combat as well if necessary. If he needs to go on the defensive, he will pull his staff into two, using the longer half and his shield together. He can attach the smaller half to his belt if not using it during this time. When retreat is necessary, or if he needs to change his strategy, he can use his hookshot in combination with his semblance to escape. This function of his staff can also be used as a weapon itself. He often uses it against Grimm, as a head shot with it is almost always lethal. Not only that, but he can pull injured Grimm towards himself with it so that he can finish them off. This is less useful against other human fighters if they see it coming, though he can sometimes wrap the wire around unsuspecting victims to trip them. One thing that he has trouble against are heavier fighters that can take a lot of hits. He has a hard time knocking opponents like this down, making his attacks easily punishable if he isn’t careful.

Sometimes, when his staff doesn’t work against specific opponents, Cassidy will switch to using his sword and shield instead. While like this, he will attempt to block most attacks and punish accordingly if possible. While his staff lets him keep a little more distance, he has to get very up close with his sword, sometimes even bashing his opponents with his shield if the opportunity is there. This becomes a problem if he’s fighting someone that relies mostly on projectile moves, as he probably won’t be able to hit them with his staff or his sword if they stay out of range. His own dust shots can help with this issue, though reloading the staff takes longer than it would for someone with a gun to do the same.


Name: Cypress

Primary Form: Cassidy’s main weapon functions as a staff in its first form, with a few extra features built in. The handle in the middle is colored light-green, while the rest of the staff is a much darker brown. It is typically not lethal in this form, but it can still easily knock another person to the ground if they underestimate his skill with it. On the bottom end of the staff, there is a small barrel that can fire out high-powered rounds infused with dust if a certain button is pressed. It can only hold about five at once before it has to be reloaded, however.

Secondary Form: At the top of the staff lies another opening. Out of this end, an extremely sharp spear-like point can be fired out, the projectile functioning similarly to a harpoon. It is connected to the inner mechanisms of the staff by a thin but very durable wire. Launched by a small amount of propulsion dust, it can penetrate many different objects, ranging from things like thick wood to the skin of a big Grimm. There are three small buttons on the staff that control this function. The first fires the line, the second locks it at the current length, and the third reels it back in. When used in conjunction with his semblance, Cassidy can use it as a grappling hook of sorts, typically by shooting it into a wall or tree before activating the mechanism to reel the wire back in. The dust used to launch it has to be reloaded after heavy usage, though usually it can last at least until the end of a battle.

Tertiary Form: To separate the functions of the weapon, Cassidy can pull the staff apart into two. The bottom half, the part that lets him fire out dust rounds, is a bit shorter than the top. This way, Cassidy can use the grappling hook function of his staff while firing shots at the same time. He can also still use the top half as a melee weapon, though the bottom is too short for it to be effective.

Dust Functions: While the staff has a slot for the propulsion dust that is used to launch both the shots and spear, it also has another opening where dust can be loaded in that charges the spear itself. For example, if Cassidy were to load it with ice dust, the spear would freeze the area around it on contact with something, useful for holding it in place or freezing Grimm. Another option would be electric dust, maybe for electrocuting opponents or zapping bodies of water from a distance.

History: After discovering his semblance, Cassidy aimed to create a weapon that would work well with the rather strange ability, as it didn’t do much for him on his own. Wanting something that would help him take advantage of his increased mobility, he eventually decided on making the staff and its extra functions. He built it in his first combat school, replacing his first regular staff with the upgraded one afterwards.


Name: Orna

Primary Form: Cassidy’s secondary weapon is a short-sword with a mahogany colored handle. If his staff is ineffective against an opponent, he will likely switch to this weapon and use it in combination with his shield.

Dust Functions: A panel on the side of the handle can be opened up where one can insert a small vial of dust. Doing this charges the blade which can have a variety of different effects, all depending on what type of dust he decides to use.

History: Cassidy made this sword at the same time as his shield. Knowing that a staff wouldn’t always be totally lethal, he made this both to help kill Grimm and to compliment the new shield.


Name: Dubhan

Primary Form: The last thing that Cassidy carries with him into battle is his shield. The front is painted a very dark brown color. It has a circular shape to it but is a bit on the small side, as he has to keep his ability to stay mobile while carrying it.

History: After creating his new staff while in his first combat school, Cassidy realized that he was lacking majorly in defense. It was at this point that he created his shield, giving him the ability to switch to a more defensive mode at any time.

Beacon Academy / Blinding Rage [Closed]
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"... You know, being this angry all the time probably isn't too good for your health."

Unlike Isabelle, who was seated calmly on a nearby bed, Lyssa was pissed. While the tall woman had been pacing around the dorm, the remark from Belle caused made her stop in place. Turning her gaze to the catgirl, her expression changed from one of anger to a more dumbfounded look. "Oh, and your habits are much healthier? I'll stop getting mad and just get absolutely wasted every night instead." While it seemed on the outside that she had completely dismissed the advice at first, she soon took a seat on the bed next to the other girl. Pacing would only make her more annoyed at the rather unfortunate situation.

Being at a loss for words after that low blow, Isabelle shook her head and sighed, wondering why she was putting up with this. After a few moments, she continued, albeit reluctantly. "That's... a bit of an exaggeration, Lyssa. And you're acting like this is the end of the world. You are simply getting transferred to a new team. That's all."

"You don't get it. The team I was on before was actually good." Lyssa looked down at her scroll again. Noir. Mira. It blew her mind that someone in Beacon administration thought that this change would be a good idea. "Now I'm stuck with a fuckin' blind dude and some feline that has apparently been kicked out of multiple teams already." A few moments later, she turned her head slightly in Isabelle's direction, her anger actually subsiding temporarily. "... Sorry."

Looking unamused by the faunus-related comment, Isabelle let out another long sigh, deciding to let it go. "Yeah, sure." Standing up, she began heading for the door, stopping when she reached it so that she could look back at Lyssa. "I'm going to get going before they show up. I'd rather avoid that shitshow. Good luck." With a wave, Belle left the room, though she did poke her head back in the doorway to say one last thing. "And seriously... chill the hell out." With that, she was gone.

Lyssa couldn't help but chuckle a little at the last part. Her sister was one of the few faunus that she didn't mind being around. Sure, she could be annoying at times, but the same could really be said about everyone else at the Academy. Plus, Belle didn't obnoxiously act like her animal counterpart, at least judging by what she had seen so far in the short amount of time that they knew each other.

Falling backwards onto her bed, she dropped the scroll at her side, her eyes locked onto the door. At this point, all Lyssa had to do was wait and hope for the best. And hey, maybe Isabelle would be right. Perhaps her new partner would be tolerable, and the team would actually work well. If only she knew.

Approved Characters / Lyssa Andromiko
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Name: Lyssa Andromiko

Age: 21, born on the 16th of Machlud

Species and Gender: Human Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Fourth year student at Beacon

Appearance: Lyssa stands at 6'4, weighing about 211 pounds. Both of her eyes are bright blue. While her hair is naturally black, she typically has it dyed a dark auburn color. Untied, her it reaches down to the middle of her back, though she usually keeps it tied in a bun/ponytail during combat. When in any casual situation, her hair is a bit shaggy and unkempt, though she will make it look neater if going to a formal event or something similar. She has an extremely athletic figure, still with a fair amount of curviness to her frame. Her strength is well above average because of her training, able to lift heavier objects with ease. While she was originally not always fond of being forced to train, she now greatly enjoys her physical form, spending a lot of her free time working out to keep in shape. Her body has a surprising amount of scars on it as well, mostly due to the fact that she often tries to fight beyond her limits. Most of them are small and hidden by her clothing, but there may be a few visible on her arms and legs depending on what she wears. She doesn’t really try to hide them, as she believes that they actually make her seem a little more intimidating. The most notable scar that she has resembles a claw mark, stretching downwards from her left shoulder and over her breast, stopping right above her stomach.

As for clothing, Lyssa's casual attire tends to be a mixture of t-shirts, pants or shorts with combat boots, and occasionally thigh-high leggings. Unsurprisingly, her favorite color is red, so a lot of her wardrobe consists of plenty of it. In combat, she wears a black bulletproof vest that helps protect her body, which has multiple pockets that carry different kinds of ammo as well as a spare knife in case of emergencies. She also has a belt that holds two revolvers, one on each side of her waist. Her main weapon usually can be found on her back, unless she chooses not to bring it to make movement easier.

History: Lyssa was born as the daughter of Kyo Aozora and Nyx Andromiko. The two of them were in a relationship but had not been married, nor were they planning to be. Lyssa’s mother, a huntress, was somewhat surprised when she discovered that she had gotten pregnant. Still, she promised to put her work aside to take care of Lyssa. Kyo’s reaction was much more extreme; instead of staying around to help her with the child, he decided that he wanted no part in it whatsoever. He had been planning to leave her soon anyway, as he had slowly come to realize that the two of them were not compatible whatsoever. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life trapped with Nyx, he left her with only a brief note, apologizing for his departure and claiming that he would start sending her money someday to make sure that their child would at least live a decent life.

Unsurprisingly, she grew somewhat bitter as a result of this. Once Lyssa was born, her mother stopped going on missions as a huntress, focusing all of her time on ensuring that her daughter would be successful. She picked up a much less dangerous but low-paying job, using what little money she had to help Lyssa get through her childhood. As Kyo had promised before, he eventually started sending money to them years later, though the amount was not substantial enough to make much of a difference. He had already gone on to start a family with a woman that he truly loved, so most of the money he made was secretly divided between them and Lyssa's mother.

During her childhood, Lyssa had picked up many aspects of her mother’s negative outlook on the world. The woman had a distrust for many types of faunus, something that had grown in her as a result of Kyo’s abandonment. Of course, she did not tell her daughter that her father was a faunus, as she didn’t want the girl to know that she was technically a half-blood of sorts. Still, her subtle racism rubbed off on Lyssa, making the girl into a hypocrite even if she wasn’t aware of it.

Lyssa’s mother became aware of the many things that had in common with her daughter as time went on. Before she would even be able to decide what she wanted to do with her life, her path had already been chosen by her mother. The girl was to become a huntress like she had. However, Lyssa's mother wanted her daughter to be much stronger than herself, both for Lyssa’s own good and to prove to the girl’s father that the two of them were much better off without him. She began training at a very young age, all while being told by her mother that she would continue to live a life of poverty unless she followed this path. Eager to be strong and intimidating like Nyx once was, she tried her very hardest, soon enlisting in a combat school to unlock her truest potential.

Further motivation grew in Lyssa at the age of thirteen when she got into her first real fight. While living in the poorer parts of the city, she met a group of punk kids that tried to mug her, though it wasn’t too hard for her to fend them off. As a result of this, she became somewhat cocky, proud of her ability to take down those that she wanted to. The second time she ran into them, however, she wasn’t as lucky. They had brought a certain metal-armed rabbit faunus with them this time, who was easily able to beat Lyssa down with the help of the others. This proved to her that her training wasn’t as effective as she had originally thought. Wanting to avoid the same type of situation happening in the future, she began to take her training much more seriously.

Lyssa’s time in her first combat school went very smoothly, thanks to the time beforehand that she had spent training. Besides the pressure from her mother, she now had her own motivations to become the best fighter that she could to help both herself and those that could not help themselves. Her years of hard work paid off, as she soon had created her own weapon and eventually graduated from the school. Unsurprisingly, she was soon accepted to Beacon Academy, where she would spend the next few years of her life. During this time, Lyssa worked to track down the father that had left her so long ago. She was shocked at two things that she learned after finding him. The first major surprise was that, much to her dismay, he was a faunus. The second was that he had gone and had another daughter with someone other than Lyssa’s mother. Apparently, she had a half-sister named Isabelle. Not only that, but this girl also attended Beacon, a first year even. Despite her dislike for her father, Lyssa was immediately made curious as to what this second daughter of his is was like. At first, Isabelle and her did not get along very well after they first met, but since then they have gotten over their differences for the most part and still talk every now and then.

Personality: One’s first impression of Lyssa would likely be that she is both very rude and condescending. She believes that many people simply don’t deserve kindness, and until she knows that someone isn’t stupid, she won’t give them much respect. She uses sarcasm a lot and doesn't really worry about the issues that other people have if she thinks they can handle it on their own. Her temper is pretty bad as well, it doesn’t take much to get on her nerves. If she gets to know someone well enough, she can become a lot nicer and more easy going around them, but it doesn’t happen too often due to the fact that she is kind of a dick for no good reason. She has made some effort recently to stop acting like a total bitch, and has made a little bit of progress. Still, she will more often than not be less than pleasant to be around.

Of course, most of the time Lyssa is only doing these things to seem tough to people that she meets. For most of her life, she has strived to be better than everyone else, and as such, she often tries to make people think that she is better than them by acting as tough as she can. She has kept this mindset for so long that, at this point, she truly believes that she is better than most students at Beacon. Her moments of realization usually come when someone manages to beat her badly in a fight. If this happens, she tends to be actually upset with herself for a while, often resulting in her putting more and more time into her training until she feels that she has improved.

As a result of the way she was raised, Lyssa is somewhat less trusting of faunus. If one tries to talk to her, she'll act a little less interested than usual, even sometimes letting out comments that are less than appropriate. If she were to have one as a teammate, she wouldn't work too well with them. It is possible for her to make acquaintances that are faunus, but becoming very good friends with one is a lot less likely. In recent years, she has tried to let this prejudice go so that she can at least try to get along with faunus as best as possible, but being so used to it she often doesn’t even realize that she is being offensive.

Aura and Semblance: Lyssa's semblance allows her to create a small, stationary wall of energy that can block most objects from passing through. The shield is somewhat taller and wider than the average human being. While it can’t be moved, it is good for creating temporary cover. When first formed, the shield is white and opaque, but as it takes damage, it slowly turns red and more translucent before eventually shattering. It is extremely effective against ranged opponents easily deflecting the majority of projectiles, or at least stopping them from reaching her. However, a strong melee strike or two will easily break it, giving close-ranged fighters a good advantage against her. Lyssa can create these shields almost instantly at first, but there is a cooldown after it is used. In a battle, she can typically create three shields before having to wait ten seconds after the last was formed before making any more. While this is great for stopping projectiles, someone that fights up close would easily be able to get around the barriers. This can also be used to stop her teammates from getting hit by unexpected attacks, as long as she sees it coming first. Without getting hit, these barriers would last for about a minute before dissipating.

Combat Behavior: One of Lyssa's best attributes is her physical strength. She excels at fighting slower enemies, often using her shotgun if they're not moving too much in order to do the most damage possible. She has a fairly strong aura, which makes up for her lack of defense somewhat. Not only that, but she can tolerate pain extremely well, making it hard to knock her out of a fight. If the enemy is further away, she'll switch to one of her more accurate guns and use her semblance to draw them in close. She doesn't fear much, something that allows her to take bigger risks in combat. If she is determined enough to win a fight, she will refuse to give up until she is either forcibly pulled away from her opponent, or simply beaten to the ground.

Unfortunately for her, Lyssa uses more brawn than brains when in a fight. While she isn’t stupid, she doesn't do much extensive planning, relying more on taking her opponents down as quickly as possible with strong hits. Losing her cool in battle happens frequently. She has nothing to block melee attacks with except her weapons and semblance, so very fast fighters that can get past those defenses are one of her bigger weaknesses. Her anger management issues and rudeness sometimes keep her from working well with a team, so it isn’t uncommon for her to ignore directions if she disagrees with them. If she manages to work with someone that can strategize well without annoying her, she can be much more effective in combat.


Name: Desire

Primary Form: In its normal state, Lyssa's first weapon of choice is a pump-action shotgun, most of it being black with the exception of the stock and fore-end, both of which are painted red. She carries ammunition for the gun in the pockets on her vest.

Secondary Form: With the press of a button, the stock of the weapon folds down and a short blade is uncovered on the butt, closely resembling a fire axe when the transformation is complete. The safety is typically turned on while the weapon is in this form, to ensure that Lyssa doesn’t accidentally shoot herself in the foot while using it. She uses this form a lot for breaking or destroying things that need to be broken, but it can also be used as a melee weapon if necessary. It is not as long as her other weapon, so it is not preferred, though she will occasionally use both at once.

Dust Functions: The weapon does not have any built-in dust functions, but it can be loaded with dust-infused rounds, which she does frequently.

History: Lyssa created the weapon when she was in her first combat school before coming to Beacon. Originally, the secondary form was not built into it, but she added it after a few years to improve her melee skills. This was long before she made her second weapon, which would prove to be somewhat more effective in terms of close-combat abilities.


Name: Carnelian

Primary Form: This weapon’s first form is a black and red hunting rifle. A scope can be attached to the top, but if Lyssa knows that she will be fighting mostly at close-range, she will choose not to add this part on.

Secondary Form: When the second form of this weapon is activated, the butt of the weapon opens up and a long, sharp blade extends out of it. When in this state, the weapon functions similarly to a glaive, giving Lyssa a lot more melee range than her axe. If necessary, she can throw it in this form like a spear as well, even sometimes using the recoil of the gun for extra power.

Dust Functions: When powered with dust, the blade can have different effects, such as freezing or igniting what it comes in contact with depending on the type of dust. The rifle can also be loaded with dust infused rounds, much like her shotgun can.

History: Lyssa created this weapon during her first year at Beacon. Before having this, long-range fighters were something that she struggled with somewhat. In order to fix this problem, she decided to give herself something with plenty of range itself. Not only was the rifle effective at countering fighters that kept their distance, but the added glaive functionality improved her up-close fighting skill as well.


Name: N/A

Primary Form: Lyssa’s backup is a pair of somewhat normal looking revolvers. These usually rest in their holsters, one located on each side of her belt. Despite their small size and less-than-impressive accuracy, they are very powerful up close. Each carries a total of six bullets in it, though they are usually not reloaded in the middle of combat, giving her a maximum of twelve shots.

Dust Functions: Much like her other weapons, these can be loaded with dust-infused rounds if she so chooses to, but have no other built-in functions besides that.

History: One thing that Lyssa loves to tell people is that you can never have too many guns. She is quite obviously a firm believer of this statement, as she felt that having two guns was simply not enough. After creating her second weapon, she went out and bought two revolvers to have just incase she needed them. While they have certainly come in handy on many occasions, she does not care for them nearly as much as her other weapons, so she chose not to name them.

Changed some minor details in Appearance and Personality. Added some recent events to the end of her History that are relevant.

Her semblance has been buffed from being able to form one shield every ten seconds. She can now make up to three every ten seconds. This is to better reflect the expected power level of a fourth year student at Beacon.
11/12/16 - Name change

Teams / Looking for some Third Year students for a team. (4/4)
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Our third year team currently consists of Vivian Xanthia and Vermilion Desdemona (current leader). After the site move, we are in need of two additional members.

Join us, for we have bunnies.

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Ask me anything about any of my currently existing characters. Isabelle, leader of the super awesome team ALIA (the only team from the First Initiation that is still around), or Vivian, the bunny girl with cyborg arms. I'll answer most questions out-of-character, but if you'd like an in-character response, feel free to ask for it.

Edit: Lyssa and Cassidy also exist now, so I'll take questions about them as well.

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