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The Vale Region / Re: A New Good Luck Charm [CLOSED]
« on: February 14, 2023, 02:54:18 PM »
"No problem my dude," she responded nonchalantly to his expression of gratitude as the two of them left the building. It may have been a big deal in Lucas' eyes, but as far as Cloe was concerned, money was hardly anything to fuss over. While she certainly couldn't afford to cover the bill every time, today's purchase wouldn't be putting a dent in the family savings.

"... Yes! Lunch!" the faunus agreed excitedly with a thumbs-up. "I was just thinking we hit up the food court at the mall," she said while using her thumb to point in the direction she believed the place would be. "They have a nice salad bar. Or sushi, if you're feeling daring. Unless of course, you know any other secret back-alley establishments that got stuff cheaper than mall food. Heheh." Cloe didn't actually mean that last part, but she also didn't really have her mind set on anything just yet, so she did turn and look to him for some input. In the meantime, she began to slowly walk backwards in the direction she had pointed towards, unable to hold still even while they were still deciding on a destination.

The Vale Region / Re: A New Good Luck Charm [CLOSED]
« on: January 21, 2023, 08:06:20 PM »
"Meh," Cloe replied casually to his voice of concern, giving only a slight shrug. Truthfully, she was more worried about stepping into this spooky establishment than she was about the price. Cautiously taking a glance inside, Cloe wasn't exactly impressed. Okay, maybe it wasn't quite as scary as it looked on the outside, but it wasn't gorgeous either. Was it worth the discount? That could be argued. To her, the price made absolutely no difference. After all, she wouldn't even be spending her money. Her parents would be covering this one... She would just have to remember to tell them that later.

Approaching the counter slowly, Cloe did her best to wait patiently for their order to be brought out. All the while, she couldn't help but stare at the peculiar looking shopkeeper. Why wasn't he saying anything? When the hell was the last time he shaved? Did he even have eyeballs? Cloe had lots of questions, not one of them relevant to today's purchase. Thankfully, Lucas was there to steer her brain back on course before she had the chance to say something stupid.

Cloe took only the briefest of glances at the price before whipping out a card, her trademark grin finally returning to her expression as she handed over the lien to pay. "Hush hush! My treat! You totally did help me not die that one time, so let's just say I owe you this one." She gave Lucas a playful nudge with her metal elbow as she spotted yet another opportunity to tease him. "You're buying lunch though!"

The Vale Region / Re: A New Good Luck Charm [CLOSED]
« on: January 14, 2023, 01:08:00 PM »
Cloe took each step with high energy, happy to finally get a move on. For what had to be a record amount of time, Cloe was actually tuned in to what her partner was saying. Despite trying her best to listen however, she did not find the subject of his rambling to be all that interesting. By the time they reached the shop's entrance, she was starting to wonder if she should have just spent the day studying instead.

"Oh wow, that's crazy," Cloe replied in the most monotone voice imaginable as Lucas came to a stop. Looking up and down the suspicious door, she raised an eyebrow. Hearing his offer to stay outside, she was very tempted to take that so she could make a run for it. Another five minutes of him talking about dust may just have been enough to kill her, assuming someone in this creepy place didn't get her first. Cloe had to remind herself that she was the one that said teammates were supposed to hang out... 'God dammit Cloe, this is on you.'

"No yeah, totally. I'm in," the faunus answered with slightly more enthusiasm, giving him a metal thumbs-up and a cheery smile. "... But only if you let me pay for it!"

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team CLVS
« on: January 10, 2023, 06:24:26 PM »
Throughout the time she had been waiting for her teammates to finish introducing themselves, Cloe had been formulating a strategy. A solid plan that would get them out of here in the quickest time possible. At least she believed so. As soon as Lucas presented the opportunity to speak, Cloe immediately chimed in.

"I say we go this way! Cloe pointed vaguely in the opposite direction from which she had come from. "I can run ahead really, really fast and check if I'm right. If you hear me screaming, you know I was wrong! Easy peasy! Who's with me?"

That was about the extent of Cloe's strategy. Was it a safe plan? 'Totally.' As far as she was concerned, she could simply greet any obstacles with a solid punch in the mouth. She wasn't afraid of any of these dumb monsters, especially not with this crew tailing behind her. Was it an efficient plan? 'Yep.' After all, she was really fast. However, was it a smart plan? 'Hell yeah it is,' she told herself without much of a second thought. She seriously doubted that anyone could come up with a better idea than this.

The Vale Region / Re: A New Good Luck Charm [CLOSED]
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:39:56 PM »
"Yay," Cloe cheered at his response. Lucas may not have been her first, second or third choice for a person to hang out with, but at the end of the day, his company would be better than none. This outing also happened to be a great opportunity to get to know him better. As of right now, she hardly knew a single detail about Lucas' life outside of Beacon. He seemed like an okay guy at least, but maybe there was an interesting and cool side to him that she simply hadn't seen yet. Maybe.

Despite not knowing which direction she was actually supposed to be going, Cloe started to move forwards, already bored of standing still. As she began to walk, she casually dismissed his advice with a quick wave of her cybernetic hand. "Yeah, yeah. Gems, minerals, whatevuh. I'll try not to call him a nerd while I'm at it. Where is this guy, anyway?"

The Vale Region / Re: A New Good Luck Charm [CLOSED]
« on: January 10, 2023, 01:53:35 AM »
"Don't be lame," Cloe said plainly, cracking a smile at Lucas as she stepped out into the sunlight. "We're on a team. We're supposed to hang out!"

Dust was cool, but it wasn't exactly Cloe's top priority today. Her shoes were dirty, so she needed to buy new ones. She was also kind of craving a snack. Heck, it was never a bad time to hunt for a new fit. As for today's look, she wore a simple crop top and gym shorts, perfect for fun on a sunny day. Tragically, she was going to have to wait until they were done running this dust errand before they could do anything good. Lucas didn't strike Cloe as the kind of guy to enjoy all of the same activities as her, but she knew she'd find a way to make him have fun anyway.

"And besides, after we get our ammo and rocks and stuff, I wanna go to the mall. You should come with!" After all, she couldn't be caught going there by herself. That would be incredibly lame.

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: December 16, 2022, 10:49:41 PM »
Despite Ayaka's concern about her partner fighting with a lizard in her backpack, Iris felt confident that her new pet would be safe. He was currently residing in a moss-padded container wrapped up tightly in a scarf, tucked away safely for what could end up being a bumpy ride. However, Iris didn't really care to communicate any important details on this matter. She was actually about to change the subject entirely, but a Beowolf managed to derail the conversation before she could.

Iris stood there with mild surprise on her expression as Ayaka dispatched the monster in front of her. Realizing that she actually had to be attentive now, Iris made a quick visual scan, spotting at least half a dozen more of the beasts incoming from the treeline.

Silently drawing her weapon, Iris readied her aim and fired. Bang! The first shot from her sniper rifle hit one of the Beowolves in the skull, bone armor splintering outwards as the beast tumbled to the ground. She fired another shot, removing the arm of a second Beowolf. With each shot that followed, Iris managed to incapacitate another one of the monsters, but many more appeared to be following from behind.

What exactly had drawn them in this direction, Iris wondered? Had they been making too much noise? No, they had arrived before any shooting started. Above all else, creatures of Grimm were attracted to negative emotions… Iris wasn't the best at reading people, but even she could tell that this girl wasn't exactly radiating positive vibes. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to address that issue. Killing all of the Grimm would just have to do.

"Yo. These things have crap for brains. We can handle this." Iris swiftly reloaded her rifle before returning the weapon to its place behind her back. From the looks of it, close-quarters combat was unavoidable now. Her dust-powered gloves activated with a flex of her fingers, leaving Iris more than ready to scrap with the incoming beasts. "Just do your thing, sweetpants. Don't worry about me."

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: November 25, 2022, 12:01:57 PM »
"... Oh... Were you talking to me?"

A puzzled Iris tilted her head curiously as she suddenly noticed the other girl. When did this chick show up? What the hell was she saying? Iris had been too spaced out to catch anything from her, but at the very least she realized that the two of them were now partners.

Without a word, Iris suddenly swerved to stand in front of Ayaka, leaning in very closely so that the two of them were face-to-face. She stared the other woman down, locking eyes with her for a few prolonged seconds. The faunus woman had an eerie gaze; reptilian-looking pupils, dark black sclera and piercingly white irises that were currently staring into Ayaka's soul. After what felt like ages, Iris eventually took a step back to scan the rest of the woman's appearance. She nodded approvingly.

"You've got sweet pants, sis."

With that, Iris casually turned and walked away. As far as she was concerned, she had performed this social interaction with flying colors and had successfully acquired herself yet another friend. Two new pals in the span of a minute? That had to be some kind of record... Even if one of those friends was only two inches tall and presently trapped in a jar in her backpack. She would have to introduce the two of them later, but for now she was focused on her next mission objective: Get the hell out of the woods.

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team CLVS
« on: November 15, 2022, 10:12:56 PM »
Cloe had been hoping for something incredible, and her new teammates delivered spectacularly. As she watched the remaining Grimm get pulverized in a blitz of ice and fire, she couldn't help but stand there in awe with a huge smile on her face. Things had been a little rough at the start, but at the end of it all, she couldn't have asked for a more wicked outcome than this. Oh, her team was going to be awesome. Unable to contain her enthusiasm, Cloe jumped in the air and let out a joyous shriek. She hit the ground running, immediately turning into a high-speed blur of electric excitement that raced to the end of the clearing and back in just a few short seconds. As the other students gathered, she zipped towards them and skidded to a halt, doing her best to keep still and silent until Lucas was done speaking. All the while, she still bounced in place on her feet, unable to shake the smile from her expression.

Now that they weren't in the middle of combat, Cloe was able to get her first good look at the other two that had come to their aid. Being too judgmental was a problem that the young woman had often struggled with, but her ecstatic mood was keeping her first impressions very positive for the time being.

Juno... Well, he was hot. Then there was Prism. Cloe was digging her style, and those wings were just too cool. Even Lucas-- whom she had slandered with the name 'lamp boy' just a brief minute ago-- was already growing on her. Maybe he was a little awkward, but that could totally be fixed. As soon as he finished his introduction, Cloe stepped up to give her own, proudly pointing a thumb at herself.

"Cloe Z.! That's me! You guys killed it out there." She spoke with confidence, although she did make a conscious decision to avoid saying her last name. She didn't want to automatically associate herself with her family's business and then be judged solely as a privileged rich girl...

Still, anyone paying attention would have been able to piece together that she came from money. One glance at her highly-advanced prosthetic arms with a glowing green 'Z' logo on the shoulder gave that much away, let alone if they recognized it as a product of Zeu's Robotics. She was not being nearly as slick as she had hoped.

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Semblance: 60% charged

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: November 11, 2022, 11:33:46 AM »
As Iris began her trek through the woods, she reached into her pack with both hands, fishing for a small container and a pocket knife. She continued to walk forward while stabbing holes in the container's lid along the way. If she was going to catch herself a new pet out here, she was going to take damn good care of it. Now that she had something to put it in, the search was on. Iris started to turn over every large stone and fallen branch she could find, systematically checking every possible location for small critters. As the minutes went on, Iris was quickly reminded why she didn't like the wilderness in the first place. No cool spiders or snakes to be found, just worms and crickets.

"This is some bullshit," she muttered to herself as her hopes started to fade away. Just as the words left her lips, she flipped up one last rock. Her eyes lit up as she finally spotted something different. A tiny lizard began to scurry away, but Iris' reflexes were just as sharp as the reptile. She placed the container precisely overtop of it, catching the little critter before it could escape. "Got ya!" Careful not to hurt it, Iris scooped up the lizard and sealed the container, a smile creeping over her expression as she inspected her catch.

"You... You so damn cute. Have no fear, little guy. I promise I will keep you safe." Iris pulled off her purple scarf and wrapped it around the container, giving it a bit of padding before carefully placing it in her bag. Now that her first objective was complete, she could move on to the next item on her list: Finding herself a partner. That would be far easier than catching a lizard.

Iris went to sit down on the wilderness floor, closing her eyes and focusing her mind. After a few brief moments, her semblance activated. Slowly but surely, she felt the presence of other souls creeping into her perception, making her vaguely aware of where some of her fellow classmates were located. Iris attempted to conjure a vision of the nearest individual, but they were a bit too far away for her to make anything out. Lame. With a groan, she stood back up and started to walk once more, heading straight for the nearest person that she had sensed. Hopefully it would be someone friendly that didn't have a problem with street punks such as herself.

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team TBD
« on: November 04, 2022, 05:11:58 PM »
Iris didn't like the wilderness. Almost everything about it sucked. Dead silent, no streets to walk on, and nothing to offer her other than shade to hide in and animal shit to step on. Worst of all, there were no people out here. At home, Iris could usually sense the presence of others nearby, a feeling that she had grown incredibly comfortable with. As for the wilderness, her semblance detected almost nothing. A massive void, with only the faintest sensation of danger lurking within. It might have been enough to scare her if she were alone, but the presence of her fellow classmates nearby kept her from losing her cool. The first thing she'd do after landing would be to find a teammate so she could get the hell out of the forest as soon as possible... However, she did suddenly realize one potentially exciting factor about this place... There could be a lot of interesting wildlife out here. Change of plans: The first thing she wanted to do upon landing was turn over some rocks and look for a small critter to catch. Yeah. She didn't care to consider whether or not her future teammates would want a pet spider in their dorm. If she had to be in the wilderness, she would at least try to get something cool out of it.

Iris had been standing there totally spaced out for a while, but she suddenly snapped to attention upon realizing that she was about to be launched. Bang! Iris was in the air, a rush of adrenaline hitting her just as hard as the sudden blast of wind. Without hesitation, she yanked her rifle from her back and pressed the button to activate its secondary function. The mechanism worked as flawlessly as she had hoped, shifting the weapon into the form of a climbing pick in about one and a half seconds. She had jumped off enough buildings to feel confident making a tough landing like this. Her eyes scanned the canopy, aiming for a thick branch that could withstand her weight. Upon finding her target, Iris held tightly onto her weapon with two hands, bracing for impact with both her body and aura. The pick hooked around the tree's appendage, allowing her to swing forward and redirect her downward momentum. As she soared through the air, she returned her weapon to its place on her back, the dust-powered mechanism of its holster securing it to her back with a gravitational pull. Iris took note of her trajectory, heading directly for a large tree. She twisted her body midair and reached out with her limbs to latch onto it, channeling gravity dust through her steel-reinforced gloves to tightly grab the tree. Her aura absorbed much of the impact, stopping Iris in her tracks.

Without a moment of hesitation, the young woman began to scurry down towards the ground, casually leaping from branch to branch with ease. She eventually landed two feet on the ground, where she immediately started to walk forward and scan the area in front of her. Primarily for small and cute critters, but also for someone that would make for a passable teammate. For the time being, she held off on using her semblance to scout, as her mind was currently dead-set on the bizarre objective of finding a little creature to call her friend. In all likelihood, she would sooner run into something that wanted to kill her.

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Aura: 98%

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team CLVS
« on: September 25, 2022, 09:51:06 PM »
There were a lot of things going on at once, but Cloe was not fazed. The sounds of friendlies incoming and the presence of Grimm nearby didn’t distract her from her primary objective: bumping fists with her new partner. It was a necessary vibe check, one that would inform her on whether or not he was in fact a cool dude. As such, she was incredibly bummed to see him turn away and leave her hanging.

”... Okay, lamp boy. Be that way,” she muttered with a roll of her eyes.

Losing much of her enthusiasm in that brief moment, Cloe disappointedly turned her attention towards the others. Maybe she would have better luck with them, but it seemed that further greetings would have to wait. One of the Beowolves had begun to charge. Cloe glanced at her partner, wondering for a moment if she would have to step in. Right as she was about to say something, he unleashed a blast of wind that sent the monster tumbling back. Okay, maybe he wasn’t totally lame, but he was not yet forgiven.

"I can push them into the circle with wind dust, and the purple light is gravity dust that will slow down the Grimm inside. If someone can knock them on their ass, they'd be pinned!"

As he informed them of the plan, Cloe pulled two shells from the pouch on her hip and loaded them into her weapon. She wasn’t very happy about how this was going so far, but she didn’t have any good enough reasons to argue with him. Gripping her bat in both hands, Cloe started to walk in a wide a circle around the group of enemies, taking aim at the Beowolves that were struggling to stand. Bang! The first scattered shot hit two of the monsters at once, staggering them some more. Bang! Many more pellets sank into another, leaving it dead before the harsh gravity could yank it to ground. Cloe proceeded to fire off her last two loaded shells, knocking down a couple more Beowolves before she had to stop and reach for ammunition.

”Just a little more!” Cloe shouted to her allies as she reloaded her weapon. Despite her confidently fulfilling her role in the plan, Cloe had no idea where this was going and just really hoped that it was leading up to something awesome.

Combat: ShowHide

Aura: 88%

Semblance: 50% charged

Baseball Gat - 0/4 of shells loaded (+2) (-4)
Left arm - Gravity equipped, 60% remaining
Right arm - Gravity equipped, 60% remaining

Baseball Gat - 6/12 shells total

Left arm -
Fire - 100%
Ice - 100%
Lightning - 100%
Wind - 100%

Right arm -
Fire - 100%
Ice - 100%
Lightning - 100%
Wind - 100%

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team CLVS
« on: September 03, 2022, 12:40:42 PM »
Cloe weaved out of the way of another attacking Beowolf before stepping forward and dispatching it with an upward swing of her bat. These things seemed like total dummies. Nevertheless, she knew that she couldn’t afford to mess around with this many Grimm. Making stupid mistakes was not an option when surrounded by murderous monsters. She planned to aim for the head and remain light on her feet, but that wasn’t enough to save her from the sudden attack from behind.

Powerful jaws lined with razor sharp teeth snapped at the back of Cloe’s neck as one of the Beowolves tackled her from the rear. Her aura flickered as it took the brunt of the damage, its barrier of protection preventing the monster from biting into her spine. The weight of the lunging creature sent Cloe falling forwards, forcing her to drop her weapon and extend both of her arms to catch herself. Planting both hands firmly on the ground, she stopped herself as well as the Beowolf attached to her nape.

Without a second thought, Cloe switched her prosthetics ammunition to gravity dust and fired with both hands, all while pushing off of the ground with great force. The resulting blast sent Cloe and her attacker straight up, knocking it off her back and freeing her of its jaws. As soon as she landed on her feet, she darted towards her weapon and scooped it up off the ground. Cloe spun around towards the Beowolf and noticed that it was already moving in for a second attack. She held her bat with both hands, pointed it at the beast, then switched to firing mode. The last thing the Beowolf saw was the end of Cloe’s weapon opening up to expose a gun barrel.

Bang! The monster's head turned to mist as Cloe’s weapon fired a single shell, stopping the beast dead in its tracks. She quickly spun around and let off a second shot, catching another Beowolf attempting to take advantage of the attack. The spread shot knocked the Grimm on its back, but this one seemed determined to get back up. Before she could go after it, a loud voice snapped Cloe out of her intense focus.


Cloe and the Beowolves all paused, the group of canines looking towards the source of the voice as well as the glowing light coming from the same direction. There was about two seconds of complete still and confusion as they all attempted to process what was happening.

’... Did I just die?’ Cloe wondered for just a moment before shaking her head. She decided to do as the lamp suggested and jumped towards it, immediately taken aback by the height she was getting. Her feelings of worry and panic subsided and she cracked a smile. Cloe turned to look down at the perplexed Grimm with a laugh. ”Haha! Woo! See ya, suckers!”

Right as she said it, a sudden boom sent Cloe flying further through the air, putting her into a spin that she could hardly control. She hoped that the mysterious levitating lamp would save her once again, but instead she hit the ground and bounced, tumbling in the dirt for the second time today. Cloe let out a groan, slowly propping herself up with her weapon to stand back on her feet. As she surveyed her new surroundings, she finally managed to spot another person. He seemed to be an ordinary, average sort of dude, dressed in sketchy clothes and not carrying any sort of weapon that she could see… He was not the amazing, ultra-destructive, overpowered unit of a partner that she had been hoping for, but he was presumably the person that had saved her ass, so she could hardly complain.

Having had ample time to charge up her semblance, Cloe zipped towards the stranger, closing the gap in a flash. Electric sparks of aura arced out of her body as she skidded to a stop next to him, at which point she happened to notice his fancy lantern. This had to be the guy.

”Hey, thanks! I would have been totally dead!” The cheeriness in her voice was quite the contrast to her grim statement. Her overall attitude about their situation was incredibly casual, enough that she raised her hand to offer him a fistbump. ”I’m Cloe!”

Combat: ShowHide

Aura: 88% (-12%)

Semblance: 45% charged

Baseball Gat - 2/4 of shells loaded (-2)
Left arm - Gravity equipped, 60% remaining (-40%)
Right arm - Gravity equipped, 60% remaining (-40%)

Baseball Gat - 10/12 shells total

Left arm -
Fire - 100%
Ice - 100%
Lightning - 100%
Wind - 100%

Right arm -
Fire - 100%
Ice - 100%
Lightning - 100%
Wind - 100%

Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team CLVS
« on: August 22, 2022, 08:37:06 AM »
Cloe casually jogged her way through the forest, humming a catchy tune along the way. With every step she took, she could feel her semblance give off a surge of energy, slowly but surely building up power within her. As long as she didn't exert herself too much, she wouldn't risk charging up too quickly. She did not want to explode and electrocute a future teammate. That would make a terrible first impression. Hopefully she would have the opportunity to show off a little and impress them instead. All she had to do first was find somebody...
As her eyes darted across the wilderness, she managed to spot a light that appeared out of the ordinary. "Aha!" Surely, that had to be another student signaling their location. She felt pretty certain that there weren't any Grimm that could produce a light like that...  Right? Not that she could remember, at least. Cloe continued forward at her brisk pace towards the strange source of light, frowning as it fizzled out into nothing. Before she could even piece together what had just happened, Cloe noticed another unnatural source of light... More than one, actually. Two little dots, glowing a fiery orange color. Two became four, then eight...

Beowolves. The realization sent another jolt of adrenaline through her. As the horde began to let out a cacophony of growls and snarls, Cloe took a deep breath and entered a defensive stance, raising both of her steel fists in front of her. The shadowy silhouettes became much clearer to her as the Beowolves began to step forward. They seemed cautious at first, but their predatory instinct urged them towards her.

"... So much for taking it easy. Oh well. Let's get it, I guess."

The boldest of the pack charged, pushing off of its hind legs to leap through the air at Cloe. She hopped back a step, carefully dodging the attempted pounce with a quiet "Oop!" The monster turned its snarling maw up to make another lunge at her, but she wouldn't give it that opportunity. Cloe pulled her arm back, powerful motors whirring for just a moment before launching her fist at the Beowolf's head. Her steel knuckles hit skull and she felt a crack, immediately causing the beast to crumple lifelessly to the ground. She hardly had a moment to celebrate before the next one was upon her, and so she greeted it with a swift uppercut that sent it stumbling back. Cloe took that brief moment to reach over her shoulder and grab onto the handle of her bat. With a loud shout, she drew her weapon and brought it down on top of the second monster's head, putting all of her motorized might into the downward swing.

Ping! Another Beowolf dead. Only a dozen or so to go! Cloe chuckled nervously and bounced on her feet as the rest of the monsters began to circle around her, trying her best to charge up her semblance before it was too late. She couldn't help but wish that Ferra were here to save her.

Approved Characters / Re: Diana Levone
« on: August 19, 2022, 02:23:23 PM »
Edit approved

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