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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Hello
« Last post by nathan67003 on September 10, 2023, 01:54:20 PM »
Under Character Creation, in the pinned posts is the character template.

To do your own shtick, set up a post in the WiP subforum of the Character Creation one that you can edit to your liking.

(slight apologies for the dead quiet, site's been dormant lately to say the least)
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Hello
« Last post by insertuniqueusername on September 06, 2023, 01:18:06 PM »
 Decided to create an account, just wanted to say hello.

also where do I put the character template, I am very confused on that
WiP Characters / Llama Azul(wip)
« Last post by llama azul on July 06, 2023, 07:31:05 PM »

Name: Llama Azul

Age: 17 Birthday: Arashi 04, 80 AC

Species and Gender: Male wolf Faunus

Symbol:  Black tribal wolf head on red background

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Llama is a blonde-haired wolf Faunus with white wolf ears and claws as his animal traits. Llama wears a black armored hoodie with his symbol, camo cargo pants, and black combat boots. Liam left arm is a crimson-red prosthetic. Llama's hair is cut in a military-cut fashion. Llama stands at 5' 2in'' height and weighs about 140lb without armor on. Llama's eyes are a kaleidoscope of hazel blue-green the main color depends on light and mood though they also show a few oddities. The outer edge of the iris has a black ring and then a gold ring near the pupil of the eye. The final anomaly is a red spot on his right eye iris caused by a high concentration of blood vessels near the surface. Llama is of a slim build but is muscular for his size.

History: Llama was born in Mistral lower slums. He had a rough childhood living mainly on the streets till he was five, where he was eventually conscripted into an illegal fighting ring as a fighter; all fighters being faunus. Llama caught the eye of a man from the atlas as a prize fighter who had a habit of visiting Minstrel. Llama was then purchased by said man and trained by him to use aura and strengthen his combat skills. Llama loses his arm eventually in one of these fights and is replaced with a prosthetic by his patron's wife when a revolt of the fighters leads to the death of her husband. She found out what he had been doing, and as she was sympathetic to Faunus suffering from being a hidden wolf, Faunus herself assisted in the organization of the revolt. She then adopted him and schooled him with private tutors to become a huntsman, as he was the only one that could not be relocated successfully.

Personality: Llama is severe in and out of battle in his early life, shaping most of his Personality. He is quiet mostly because it keeps others from noticing him, preferring to observe others before approaching them. He sees those who wavier in their convictions as weak and those that would attack or harm Faunus or those more vulnerable than them as his enemy and will go out of his way to protect bullied people. He is calculating often, trying to see every angle of a problem for a solution. He will take the lead when working with others if need be but prefers to let another lead. He will also put aside aggression he may have with those he needs to work with to accomplish goals for the team or himself. Llama has an obsession with beef or deer jerky.

Aura and Semblance: Llama's aura is a dark black that seems to suck in light. Llama semblance allows him to step in and out of shadows allowing him to attack from almost any angle. He can use a shadow within his line of sight as long as there is a shadow.

Combat Behavior: Llama's combat behavior is a heavy reliance on his semblance as his preferred method of fighting. Going for a quick kill doesn't mean he can't fight up close or mid-range combat. He does, however, lack a long-range option when fighting, often relying on others to handle any long-range attacks. His combat skills are more geared causing mass amounts of destruction


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text
Beacon Academy / Re: Philosophy Pondering Particulates [CLOSED]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 25, 2023, 02:16:39 AM »
Lucas's eyes narrowed at his teammate's comment. Having assisted with his family's shop's budget himself, he knew that even generous suppliers had their limits, and no good thing lasts forever.

Turning towards Juno, he responds, "Beacon may be supplying us now, but that won't always be the case, you know? There's no saying for sure if we'll get a steady stream after we graduate, especially during our first year or so as full hunters. All it would take is one scandal or one screw-up, and we'd be left scrounging for scraps. Forget having enough dust, there's a world where we'd be lucky to have enough ammo if things go wrong."

"Besides," he continued, "if we're ever out in the field and use dust at leisure and with no restraint, we may run out before the fight that 'counts', as you put it. It's not like we can always rely on field supply drops on every mission, right?" In fact, more often than not, supply drops were guaranteed to not be available for missions. The wilderness of Remnant and the unpredictability of the Grimm made planning and organizing air resupplies a logistical nightmare; not to mention sending out an entire bulkhead for a team of four would be a drastic waste of resources for any organization.

"And I don't know about you, but I still have a sniper rifle and smoke cannisters when I run out of dust." Lucas finished, glancing at Juno's sorted pile of crystals as if to ask, "What would you do?"
Beacon Academy / Re: Philosophy Pondering Particulates [CLOSED]
« Last post by Zwei Not on April 25, 2023, 12:43:06 AM »
The wolf rolled his eyes and returned to his crystal sorting, lips pursed at the notion that they needed to cut back. Sure, it was a reasonable concern, but his own effectiveness in the field was so tied to the resource. The wolf hummed as he set down a few more bundles of crystals, leaning back in his chair with the majority of his work already done. "I mean, I see what you mean, but what good does cutting back do if it risks us losing where it counts? It's not like we have to pay outta pocket for this, we've got Beacon as a supplier, yeah?"
Beacon Academy / Re: Philosophy Pondering Particulates [CLOSED]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 24, 2023, 05:58:21 PM »
"Oh, it'll get done alright," Lucas mused as he sorted another pile of dust, "We have to. Otherwise, we'll end up with explosive powder scattered all over the place. I don't know how allergenic the rest of you are, but one good sneeze in a volatile area and--" Lucas accentuated his point with his own self-made explosion sound effect, nearly spilling the dust he was working with in the process.

After making sure that none of the particulate scattered on the floor, Lucas continued, "Still though, we're definitely consuming way more dust than other teams. Might be worth it to consider cutting back on how much we use, see if we can put that lien to other things, like weapon improvements or things like that."
Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team PCNT
« Last post by Aethon Shaan on April 14, 2023, 10:37:03 AM »
With a thundering crash the Grimm freed it's leg from the roof of the cave and smashed again into Cyrus. The Peacock Faunus' whole world shook as he only barely managed to get his swords up in time to meet the attack. Again Cyrus channelled his aura into the parry even managing to push the creature back a step before simply being overwhelmed by the Giest's raw strength. The monster was slowing and as Pyre kept raining down bolts of fire Team PCNT saw these attacks where in fact having an effect, the flames burned hot enough to scorch rock which chipped away as the Grimm struck out. The giest started to take from its swirling cloud of debris to keep itself together.

With Nathan and Tina backing off the Grimm focused it's attention of Cyrus and Pyre shooting what's left of it's debris field out towards them before striking out. Cyrus let out a burst of wind dust from his swords this protected him from the first attack but unfortunately blew even more debris towards Pyre. Taking a deep breath Cyrus braced his already flicking aura for another clash, his back against the wall literally there would be no escaping the parry this time.

Come on you bastard do your worst. Cyrus screamed in defiance as the Grimm's attack landed.
Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team PCNT
« Last post by Kaliot on April 05, 2023, 11:41:42 PM »
Just kill it? Certainly straight to the point. Luckily Pyre was that kinda gal. A smirk flashed across her face, and it just as quickly faded as she dodged away from the Geist's attack. The party was engulfed in a brief darkness before Pyre continued her seemingly fruitless attack. Clearly not pleased with the outcome, the Geist sent another in her direction. And another, and another, and another, each seemingly more frantic than the last. Pyre did her best to continue lighting up the monster between her maneuvers, but its attacks chipped away at the margin of error of her dodges until finally she was forced to plant her feet and smash away its attack.

Pyre had a brief moment of respite, but that's what it wanted. Taking advantage of her mental lapse, a second attack quickly followed the first and sent Pyre crashing into the far wall of the stairwell. The area was illuminated no more.
Beacon Academy / Re: Philosophy Pondering Particulates [CLOSED]
« Last post by Zwei Not on April 01, 2023, 03:22:13 PM »
The wolf smirked. Knowing Cloe, she probably dragged Prism along for "Hot girl shit", namely errands, window shopping, and girl talk. While Juno wasn't opposed to the current task of organizing their recent dust acquisitions, he would have preferred to go along with the girls. A day out in the city was preferable to spending hours sorting and stacking dust crystals. At the very least, with the two of them hard at work, they could make good time.

An ear flicked back as Lucas spoke up again, an eyebrow raised as he complained about the volume of work. "I mean, it has to be done. N' at this pace, it shouldn't take too long." He offered, packing away another few wrapped pyramids of ice dust crystals. "Besides, doing all this in one afternoon was all your idea."
Beacon Academy / Re: [sSR] Initation: Team PCNT
« Last post by nathan67003 on March 20, 2023, 08:26:24 PM »
Nathan's vision raked at the walls and ceiling lit by the flickering lights of his teammates' flames. They were all made of what looked like enormous blocks of stone, the ceiling having alternating lines of blocks and beams going from one side of the room to the other. The fact that it apparently hadn't even budged despite the Geist's thrashing meant that it probably wouldn't budge no matter what he did.

Resigning himself, he sighed, let Ergia retract back into its storage form and put it in its harness on his back, all the while answering the girl still besides him. "I can do shit all to that thing at range, my bullets aren't Dust so it'd just fuel its debris shield. I'll throw myself at its face with my jetpack, the speed should get me through and my semblance should be enough to destroy the Geist's real body in one shot."
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