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Cloe Zeu
« on: July 23, 2022, 12:27:28 PM »

Name: Cloe Zeu

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Dog Faunus


Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Cloe is a short young woman standing at 5’2 with a lightly tanned skin tone. She is very athletic, with well-toned abs, strong legs and an hourglass figure. Her arms have been replaced by cybernetic prosthetics made of dark steel with bright neon lights that run along channels between the plating. The color of these lights change depending on the type of dust loaded into them, but outside of combat they are usually set to a bright green that matches the color of her eyes. Her blonde hair is chopped short with full, feathered bangs at the front and sides, as well as a pair of floppy canine ears that rest atop her head.

Outside of combat, Cloe’s outfits incorporate a variety of bright colors. More often than not, she wears a sleeveless crop top with a colorful retro jacket, gym shorts/leggings, running sneakers and stockings. She typically removes her jacket during fights, but otherwise her combat look is much the same as her casual state of dress.

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Art by Ruwheeze

History: As the adopted daughter of two very wealthy people in Vale, Cloe’s childhood was never too difficult. Her parents owned and operated a large robotics company that sold mass-produced cybernetic enhancements for the general public. They had a good reputation for treating their employees well, though not so much when it came to the quality of their products. Regardless, they had enough money that they were able to adopt many children and still live a comfortable, luxurious life.

Cloe was raised in a somewhat sheltered environment, where most of her socializing was with her adoptive siblings. As the youngest, she was picked on relentlessly. Her parents were loving and kind, but they weren’t always around due to their business obligations. Cloe started to grow up to be a bit of a brat over the years, but this was largely overlooked by her parents who didn’t see anything wrong with her behavior. If she asked for something, they would simply do their very best to give it to her. As her older siblings moved out, she was spoiled more and more. When she eventually decided that she wanted to pursue the cool and flashy career of becoming a huntress, they didn’t hesitate to support her.

Throughout her years in her first combat school, Cloe immediately became popular due to her status. She felt that people would follow her and admire her wherever she went for the rest of time. This attention went to her head very quickly. For a period of time, Cloe became the biggest bully in her school. Anyone who challenged her status became a target for harassment. While she greatly enjoyed being the top dog, it wasn’t meant to last. After picking on the wrong person, a girl named Ruka suddenly approached her and beat her senseless. The two of them were suspended and Cloe was sent home for a short time.

At the time when she felt that she needed her parents most, they weren’t around for her. In a fit of anger, she took a metal bat to one of their manufacturing facilities at night and began to smash whatever she could. Next thing Cloe knew, she was waking up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. She was informed that she had sustained a high-voltage electrical injury. Both of her arms were severely burned and amputation had been required. As traumatizing as this experience was for her, her parents assured her that she would come back from it stronger than ever. They pooled as much resources as possible into designing a new set of cybernetic prosthetics specifically for Cloe.

After completing her recovery, Cloe expected that people would celebrate her return to school. Surely, they would be fascinated by her new look and everything would go back to normal. When she finally made it back, reality hit her like a truck. Her bullying victims were fed up and her ‘friends’ had completely turned on her. She was suddenly a laughing stock. She was subjected to much of the same treatment that she had previously shown others, leaving her utterly miserable. She fell into a deep depression, feeling that life as she knew it was simply over.

Much to her surprise, there was at least one person willing to forgive her. When she had nobody to turn to, a girl named Ferra noticed that she was in pain. Even though Cloe had pushed her around and made fun of her in the past, she showed a tremendous level of forgiveness. Ferra helped her reevaluate who she was and who she truly wanted to be. Thanks to her help, Cloe decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf. Filled with newfound determination, she applied to Beacon and passed her entrance exam with flying colors.

While some part of her will always be a spoiled rich girl, Cloe has come a long way from her former self. Her happiness has returned and she has learned a lot about treating others with kindness. Despite having two metal arms, Cloe feels more whole now than ever before.

Personality: Energetic and endearing, Cloe is a beacon of positive vibes. She is usually quite happy and easygoing, always trying her best to bring smiles to other faces. While she is friendly to most people that she meets, this wasn’t always the case. In her youth, Cloe was a bully that would put others down to make herself feel better. She now dedicates herself to righting those wrongs and becoming a better person.

Despite her best efforts, Cloe is far from perfect. Now and then, she may fall into a mean streak towards people that she is less than fond of, and occasionally even towards her friends. At times she hurts peoples’ feelings without even realizing it, though she would surely feel sorry if called out. Growing up sheltered has left her somewhat oblivious of real world problems, making it difficult for her to empathize with other peoples’ struggles. She is slowly but surely figuring these things out.

Trying to turn her life around has given Cloe a new sense of purpose, but she is still not totally confident with herself. She has a lot of insecurities and can easily be made to feel upset. However, she has a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration in the form of her best friend Ferra. Cloe looks up to her considerably and does everything she can to make Ferra proud of her. Rather than putting people down like she used to, she aims to make others feel better about themselves whenever she can. She may not always know how to make someone happy, but she will absolutely give it her best shot.

Aura and Semblance: Cloe’s aura is colored a bright, vivid green. Her semblance, Thunderstorm Warning, allows her to build up potential energy that slowly increases her movement speed over time. The air surrounding Cloe seems to unnaturally flow behind her as she runs, producing mild winds in her wake. As she continues to move, a sort of ‘static’ starts to build up within her, visualized by sparks of aura emanating from her body. The more energy Cloe builds, the more pronounced the effects of the semblance become. However, she will eventually reach a limit of power stored. Cloe can unleash all of this energy at once with a powerful aura attack, creating an effect that looks like an explosion of lightning. This attack will cause her semblance to deactivate for several minutes, returning her to her normal speed while also causing a small amount damage to her protective aura. If she is unable to release this energy in time, it will simply explode out of her in every direction, causing significant damage to Cloe and anyone standing next to her.

Combat Behavior: Cloe’s fighting style is all about being quick on her feet and packing lots of power behind every punch. She engages most of her opponents head-on, aiming to overwhelm them with a fast-paced flurry of fists. While her ranged capabilities are rather limited, she moves fast enough that many opponents will have trouble keeping her at a distance. When punching things doesn’t quite do the trick, Cloe will resort to using her bat, allowing her to hit harder and block easier. Her prosthetic arms add a huge amount of power to her swings; she can deliver devastating strikes that would smash the bone armor of Grimm as if it were glass.

The longer she is on the battlefield, the more of a threat Cloe becomes. She will slowly begin to move faster and hit harder with every passing moment, at least up until the point where her semblance reaches its limit. If her opponent can withstand her attacks until then, she may soon be in trouble. Fast moving projectile users also tend to give her trouble, as her only decent ranged attack comes in the form of a shotgun blast. She will try her best to rush towards these types of fighters, although this can make her attacks rather predictable.


Name: “My arms!”

Primary Form: Cloe’s cybernetic limbs are designed to be used in combat, letting her pull off extraordinary feats that she otherwise couldn’t. One example would be her ability to deliver rapid, motor-assisted punches while exerting only a miniscule amount of energy. Cloe’s physical strength is much higher than average for someone of her stature, which often makes for a comical display when she lifts large objects with ease. These prosthetics are also designed to be highly modular, leaving her with lots of room for upgrades and dust enhancements.

Dust Functions: Several different types of dust can be loaded into Cloe’s arms at once, sent through channels along her knuckles and her palms. Activating this dust enhances her punches with elemental energy. She can release small blasts of energy from her open hand as well, though this is an option that she tends to use sparingly.

History: Almost immediately after the accident that destroyed her arms, Cloe’s parents had their engineers design a pair of prosthetics tailored specifically for her needs. The result turned out to be the most advanced and reliable design they had ever produced, far superior to the retail versions typically sold to the masses. Cloe essentially had to relearn how to use her arms from scratch. By now they feel totally natural to her, although she still underestimates her own strength and breaks things on occasion.


Name: Baseball Gat

Primary Form: Cloe’s backup weapon is a black baseball bat, built of lightweight steel alloy and decorated with green lights that match the aesthetic of her arms. The handle of the bat is designed to interface with Cloe’s cybernetic hands, allowing her to control its functions with her mind as if it were an extension of her own body.

Secondary Form: The top end of the bat opens up to reveal the barrel within. Using shells loaded into the bottom of the handle, this weapon can double as a semi-auto shotgun. It only holds four shells at once, so Cloe makes sure to save it as a surprise attack.

Dust Functions: Dust can be sent from Cloe’s arms into the weapon to enhance it with the elements. She can also load the gun with dust-augmented shells for extra power.

History: Another gift from her parents, this weapon was made per Cloe’s request. While preparing to go into Beacon, she knew that she needed something better for fighting Grimm than her fists alone. It has dramatically increased her combat performance, but she has yet to master it to its full potential.

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Re: Cloe Zeu
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Everything looks good to me, +1
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Re: Cloe Zeu
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