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Title: Bianca Li
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Name: Bianca Li

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Two crossed falchions over a burning flame. The blades are gray while the flame is white on the right side and black on the left.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon

Appearance: At the height of 5' 8", Bianca is fairly tall for a girl. She weighs in at about 143 lbs, falling towards the heavier end of the average weight spectrum, due to her muscular figure. Thanks to her home region of Vacuo and exposure to the sun during the time she lived there, she has a very tanned skin tone. Her hair is long and straight, falling to her lower back. Its natural color is black, but Bianca has permanently dyed the very tips of her hair white. No ombre or gradient, just a line of white about an inch thick at the very bottom. Her face is very angular, with a narrow jaw, sharp cheekbones and a defined nose. She has moderately sized, but slightly slanting eyes, which give off the impression that she's up to no good. Most of the time, it's true. Said eyes are a dark brown. Not dark enough to be confused with black, but dark enough that there's no staggering contrast between the iris and the pupil. She doesn't often use cosmetics, but when she does, she goes bold.

Her combat attire consists of a white pleated tank top under a black leather jacket cropped at the middle of her ribs. Bianca also wears pantyhose under high-waisted dark denim shorts, which are under the aforementioned tank top. Black combat boots complete the outfit. In these situations, her hair is braided, so it won't get in the way as much. It also should be noted that Bianca always keeps the jacket closed.

When it's just for casual situations, she swaps the shorts out for a high-waisted black skirt and adds on a heavy white floor-length cloak, parted so that you could see the clothes underneath. Her hair can be in any number of styles.

As for the school uniform, she either doesn't wear the jacket at all, or wears her own instead. Bianca usually sports a high ponytail during classes.

History: Bianca was born in Vacuo to Leanne Gray and Li Jun. Her father was a council sanctioned scavenger, or as many people, including her family, liked to call it, Scav. Her mother was a blend of mercenary and bounty hunter. Often, Bianca's father would join her mother on tasks. Both had gone to Shade for four years, and were quite adept at handling themselves. Surprisingly, they didn't die. Shocker, knowing their line of work.

But when Bianca came into their lives, their dangerous pursuits were set aside. Temporarily. They were both good parents, caring and understanding, but one often snuck away to do some new job. Whenever their little girl asked about it, the parent that was watching her at the moment described tales of fighting beasts and monsters, enormous Grimm. Saving people, being heroes. And she believed it. So she didn't question it when her mother and father started to train her in combat, once she turned nine. Though it puzzled her that her school wasn't a combat school, but just an ordinary one. Bianca just thought that she was going to follow in their footsteps. Fighting the big bad Grimm. Making the world a better place. Just. Like. Her parents. Stances and escape techniques at first, quick takedown and overwhelming techniques once she was in her younger teens. But that's still a ways to go.

At the age of eleven, her parents finally told her what they really were. Assasins, was her first thought. They were quick to correct it to mercenaries and bounty hunters. 'We hunt people that deserve to be killed,' they would insist. So little Bianca convinced herself that they were still in the good. And they did it for her, right? They did it for money, so she could have a happy life. It was working, too. They had a nice house, not a big one, but it was cozy, it was nice. It seemed that death paid well. Well, that and the scavenging, but Bianca convinced herself that it must've not been paying enough.

Two years later, that clinging grip to excuse after excuse was gone. She'd accepted it. And she now knew why her name meant 'white black.' That was what everyone thought, that everything was black and white. That there were good guys and bad guys. It'd only been two years, yet she was already sick of the neighbours and their whispers about how some people were disappearing, knocked down like chess pieces in some grand scheme. Apparently there was some high overlord, or perhaps they were even working for the White Fang. No, no, it was just money. The deeper your purse, the longer your list of enemies. It benefited everyone. Even Bianca herself had taken up some mercenary jobs. Not bounty hunting though. Never that. She liked to refer to herself as the gray. Not too morally righteous, not a downright villain. She liked the gray, and she had no qualms in admitting her standing on the moral compass.

Only a few months before the school year at Beacon would start, Bianca finally deigned to tell her parents that she'd applied, passed, and accepted. This had been done months before that, on an 'overseas job.' She knew that her parents would much rather have her be a freelancer or even a huntress in Vacuo. Somewhere close. But Bianca wanted to build a new name for herself. A small part of her still wanted to be the person that she as a child thought her parents were. She would always be gray, but she wanted to be a hero too. Back alleyways and being a glorified personal guard wasn't the life for her. She wanted to escape her life in Vacuo, and she wanted to escape from her parents. Their life, their job, everything. Atlas was definitely out, and Bianca had heard that Beacon was an exceptional academy. So Vale it was. Unexpectedly, they'd simply exchanged a look and remarked that she might just be a hero yet. So she made sure to tie up the loose ends, cut off any ties to anyone that might harm her reputation, that might tarnish her clean slate. And off she went. To Beacon.

Personality: Sarcasm and snark are the most prominent qualities, the ones that you'd notice right away after interacting with her. And you probably will be talking to her, or the other way around. Biancaís quite chatty, though not the cute and blabbering type, the type that will never stop making quick quips or comments of a sarcastic nature during all scenarios. Even in the most perilous moments, sheíll always be ready to-well, not brighten the mood, exactly. Ease the tension would fit the bill just a smidge more. As a result of this, she tends to not be aware of otherís emotions too much, and often doesnít know when to stop, both in regard to their feelings and to the situation at hand.

Fear is something that she doesnít show around other people. With how she was raised, fear isnít something that comes to her easily either. She may be uneasy or unsure, but true fear is hard to come by. If it does come around though, she will do her very best to hide it. And if weíre speaking of things to hide, sheís not great at showing her feelings in general. Not like shutting people out, just veiling them under a load of snark, quickly turning the conversation around when it turns to her. Iím sure you can already guess that sheís a bit of a lone ranger too.

Bianca finds it quite annoying when around the old upstanding citizen, the noble knight, righteous and always law abiding. Especially when they look down on the not-so-good types of people. Most people with an extensively deep purse also slightly tick her off, if only because of their lives of comfort.

It also might be apparent at this point what Biancaís standing on the moral compass is. She wonít mind a bit of plundering or pilfering, as long as the person doing it needs the item in question. But stealing when you donít need to, committing crimes when itís unnecessary, that really ticks her off. Even though she thinks itís okay in some situations, Bianca still thinks that stealing, murder, is still a crime. She isnít all the way on the other side of the moral compass. Just in the middle, having just enough honor and just enough indifference regarding breaking the law. Curiously, the just enough honor and indifference also applies to her studies, where's she's average.

Lastly, due to Vacuo not having much forest terrain or even trees, for that matter, Bianca very much likes the outdoors. Not only does it feel nice and free, but itís cool and such a contrast to her home region.

Aura and Semblance: Bianca's Aura is pure white (#ffffff) Her aura level is average, only able to heal minor cuts and wounds.

Bianca's semblance is auditory manipulation. She can make others hear whatever she wants to hear. It includes voices, fire, crashing noises, anything. It causes no aura drain to the person she's using it on. The cost would be 5% per every second that she uses it. If it's for less than a second, the drain is still 5%. At most, she can use her semblance on three people at one time, though with two people, the aura drain would be doubled. With three, tripled. After using her semblance on two people, she would have dizziness for around 15 seconds. After three, a headache for at least half an hour. Due to that, she usually rotates between people instead of manipulating the auditory sense of all at once. Since they're not actually hearing whatever Bianca is creating, no matter how loud it is, it will not damage their hearing. That said, her loudest output would be about 110 decibels. A note is that others can still hear other sounds, depending on how loud Bianca makes hers, so they could still hear their teammates if they were going to try to talk them out of it, or the announcers if they were announcing that Bianca's aura level was depleting. Usually though, Bianca uses her semblance to startle, not manipulate.

Combat Behavior: Starting off, Bianca uses her pistol to take a few shots at the enemy, to try tripping them up while she can. It should be noted that though sheís pretty good with her pistol, itís far from her favored way to fight.

Due to her prowess in hand-to-hand combat, Bianca usually focuses on disarming her opponent, using the gap in her weapons to trap blades and staffs. Once her opponent is disarmed, she herself pockets her own weapons and starts simply using her fists and legs, knuckle dusters in hand. Instead of focusing on either her arms or her legs, Bianca uses both to rapidly overwhelm the other person. But her defensive skills are lacking, so if Bianca misses and leaves herself open, that would enable the person to hit her in quick succession, leaving her no time to recover. However, she can use her semblance to distract the other person, regaining the upper-hand.


Name: Ebony and Ivory

Primary Form: Two bladed tonfas, one white and the other black. The blades also have a gap in the middle, about ĺ of an inch wide, to trap blades in. The grips are the opposite color of the primary one, Ebonyís grip is white, Ivoryís is black.

Dust Functions: None

History: Not designed or forged herself. She bought them from a friendly neighbor who sold weaponry when she was thirteen. Bianca had no say in what it looked like, just saying that it should fit her style. So the neighbor, whoíd seen her fight before, crafted a weapon that, if needed, could be used as a straightforward offensive one, but also had the use to disarm, to shift the balance in Biancaís favor.


Name: None

Primary Form: Metal knuckle dusters. The rings are rounded, there are no blades, spikes, nothing of the sort.

Dust Functions: None

History: Again, not self-made. A present from her parents when they were notified of her move to Beacon, to give her punches 'a little more kick to them.'


Name: None

Primary Form: A semi-automatic pistol with a 30 round mag.

Dust Functions: She uses strictly fire-infused rounds, the level that itís incorporated varies depending on which stores she goes to.

History: Bought at some little outpost. Nothing really that special.
Title: Re: Bianca Li
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Only changed her third weapon because reasons. Sowwy.