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Acacilla Nahualli-Roth
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:35:37 PM »

Name: Acacilla Nahualli-Roth - Goes by Aca Roth

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human female

Symbol: Xochitl


Occupation: First year at Haven academy

Appearance: Aca stands at 5’6” and weighs 134lbs, slightly less than her sister in both regards. Aca has long dark hair that she lets fall to her upper back, onyx colored eyes, and a heart-shaped face. Just like her sister, her skin tone is that of a beige-mocha color, darker than most in Mistral but lighter than most Alapelagians thanks to her father.

Aca’s everyday outfit is the same as her combat outfit and, even for a huntress, it’s a bit extravagant. Starting from the bottom, she has a pair of black boots with only a slight platform. Above that, she has a pair of short, light, neon purple legwarmers with small versions of her symbol in a [insert color] star-like repeated pattern all over overtop of a pair of light red skinny jeans. She has a thin belt wrapped around her waist for the jeans, although in truth she doesn’t need it. Above that, she wears a tightly fitting black shirt that she once had bought for a workout regimen and over that a black leather jacket. The jacket is short, only reaching slightly past her waist and with sleeves only reaching to her elbows, and also baggy like it’s slightly too big for her. The jacket itself also has oddly protruding shoulderworks with a mix of bright colors along the shoulders and short sleeves. On her left hand, she has a single leather glove colored similarly to her leg warmers, that she uses to handle her saw blades.


History: Sample Text

Personality: Sample Text

Aura and Semblance: Aca’s aura is a light red color and was unlocked, along with her semblance, at Harbor academy in Alapelagias. She prides herself on being able to take a hit and get back up thanks to her aura pool.

Aca’s semblance, which she named Yo-Yo, allows her to “tag” up to five objects with her aura. If she activates her semblance while one of these objects is within 100 feet of her, it flies back toward her left hand. The tags last 24 hours and tagging an object takes no energy from her, although making it return to her does. The speed at which objects return is dependent on the weight of the object she tagged. Her saw blades, which she most often tags, return to her at about the speed of a thrown frisbee. Smaller objects return faster and larger ones slower. If she has multiple objects tagged at once, she can choose which ones return to her, so she can choose just one to return, some, or all.

Because of her limited scope of focus for her semblance, Aca had learned to cause the saw blades to spin when returning to her. However this is the only modification she can do to anything she pulls back and it only applies to the saws.

Combat Behavior:  Aca is a close to mid range fighter. Her combat strategy usually consists of starting the fight close ranged and then forcing it further and further apart. She’ll start out fighting in close quarters with her weapon, throwing short ranged saw blades and eventually moving further and further away with longer ranges attacks and eventually utilizing her semblance to keep her opponent at range. This works very well for CQC centric opponents, however, for close-mid fighters like her, she usually just has to turn the fight into a battle of attrition, waiting to see who gives out first. She tries to use her weapon as a form of shield, as it is unusually wide for a sword, but this is only half effective for mid range opponents.

Her weaknesses are absolutely apparent when fighting a purely long ranged fighter as she has little to no way of reaching them or when fighting someone using high amounts of dust in her attack as using her weapon as a shield is nearly useless.


Name: Slingah


Primary Form: An unusually wide hand and a half sword. The entire weapon itself is somewhat concave, with the handle and blade meeting in a jutting point then both receding the further each gets.The blade itself is only sharp on the outer side. On the inner side it is split and open to allow for the second form to be used. Toe to tip, the entire sword is five feet long, with the blade being 3.5 feet and the handle being 1.5 feet. Though the entire sword is hard metal, save for the grip which is tan leather, it’s entirely painted and detailed to appear as though it’s a wooden baseball bat. It has a light tan color with darker streaks and swirls spinning around it giving the impression of being cut from wood and it even has a “Alapelagias Slugger” imprinted in an oval on the widest part of the blade.

Secondary Form: The secondary form isn’t really a form as much as it an alternative way to attack. In truth, the primary description is only half of the weapon. On the inner side of the blade, there is a slot extending from the base of the blade all the way to the tip, as well as a trigger on the inner side of the handle. The slot extends about 3 inches deep and is filled with 5 sets of electromagnets on either side and a small laser detection system with each set. Aca’s secondary method of attack is loading five, six inch, circular saw blades into the slot. Each saw blade is loaded between a set of magnets which lock them into place. Each set of electromagnets and detector is tied to the trigger. With a single trigger pull, the first set of magnets will unlock the saw blade and Aca can swing the weapon like a bat to send the saw flying through the air. Once the first saw has been sent, the detector on the first slot will detect that the saw is gone and the next trigger pull with deactivate the next saw.

Aca can pull the trigger once to release a single saw, multiple times to release multiple, or hold it to release all.

Details: When all saws are loaded, Aca has to hold the weapon with both hands and can swing it at a relatively slow speed for the RWBYverse. Because the first saw has little to no travel time, it also has low range. However, with a full set of saws, the weapon can be used as a dual edged sword instead of a single edged sword.

To put it simply, the more saw blades there are: The more she can use both sides, the lower the range of the saws, the slower the sword.

The less saw blades there are: The less she can use both sides, the higher the range, the faster the sword.

At full saws, she needs to use both hands to swing the sword, but starting at two remaining saws she can swing it properly with one hand. With full swinging power, the first saw blade can be launched 10 feet, the second 20 feet, and so on with a maximum on the last sawblade of 50 feet.

Dust Functions: N/A

Gear: Considering she doesn’t need pouches for ammo or dust, Aca has less pouches and belts and nooks and crannies than your average huntress in training. Instead, she has a small, black, circular backpack that she stores extra saw blades in. The backpack itself is similarly colored to the black of her jacket, though it has her symbol emblazoned in light red on the front.

In addition, she has a smaller circular pouch attached to her pants, just below the jacket. The pouch, like the bag and most of the jacket, is black. It’s also very thin, only able to hold five saw blades in it.

Because both the bag and pouch hold saw blades, the insides and outsides are more hardened and more resistant to rips and tears than the rest of her clothing.

History: Aca constructed this during her time in Harbor academy and repainted it to look like a bat before traveling to Haven.
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