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Title: Suntalia Lyn Ryker
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Suntalia Lyn Ryker (Will often go by Talia for short)

20 years old. Born Arashi 5th, 59 AC

Gender and Species:
Female Human

Two lightning bolts forming a 'V'

Third Year Student at Beacon

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Suntalia stands at 4'11", weighs 98Ibs and has a slim build. She has orange hair that comes down to her waist, which she wears in a ponytail. Her entire appearance is accentuated by her green, slightly tilted eyes that gives her an appearance of innocence. Despite her slender body, she is very athletic and has an extremely fast metabolism, making her have a huge appetite.

Casual wear: Though she grew up in a simple house, Suntalia took a love to vibrant dresses after reading about them in a book. She can often be seen wearing flowing dresses in different shades of red, orange or yellow to help emphasize her hair color.

Combat wear: As seen in the above picture, she wears slightly baggier clothing to help give her freedom of movement. Around her waist she wears a belt that holds the holsters to her weapons. Despite having a look of an unarmored fighter, she wears a light chain mail armor underneath her clothing to help give her some protection as well as has earth dust woven into her clothing. The earth dust that is woven into her clothing strengthens her clothes so that, though they appear and feel like regular clothing, it is as strong as reinforced hide armor (strong enough to stop a knife attack, partially dampen the damage from a sword or bludgeon, and be ineffective against bullets). The earth dust lasts approximately 30 days, but will slowly weaken, starting at day 25 until day 30 and then she will have to reweave the dust back into the clothing, which takes approximately 2 - 3 days to finish.

Suntalia was born in Vacuo to her father, Fovea Ryker, who is a ex-monk who was ejected from the Order of Inipsis and her mother, Idalia Ryker, who is a dust scientist and has one older brother, Danube. Due to her father being in a monk order that believed in simplicity in general, the house they lived in was furnished with only the bare necessities, except their mothers in-home laboratory that contained the most up to date machinery. Growing up, Suntalia spent most of her childhood playing outside with her older brother and being doted over by her father and mother. However, at the age of nine, she began spending most of her time alone as her brother had begun his training to become a warrior monk by their father. At first, she didn't mind this as it allowed her time to explore around their house, but after the first week, she immediately became bored and started looking for something to do. With her brother and father occupied for most of the day, Suntalia ended up spending much of her time watching her mother work on her dust experiments. This caused Suntalia to have an in-depth knowledge of dust and dust mixture as well as learn how to dust weave into clothing. Watching her mother work gave Suntalia a desire to learn more and so she spent the next 3 years or so reading and watching her mother, who took pride in the fact that her daughter wanted to follow after her.

However, at the age of 13, her father insisted on sending Suntalia to combat school, much to her mother's disdain. While at combat school, she was trained to fight, which she excelled at due to her agility. She also became fascinated with learning battle tactics and began reading dozens of books to grow in knowledge. It was during this time that she created her first weapon, Firestorm, which immediately grew to be her favorite. At the end of combat school, she graduated with superb grades, both academically as well as combat skills, which made both of her parents proud. She immediately requested to continue her schooling and prepared herself to go to the Academy in Vacuo to become a Huntress. However, her time there in Vacuo was cut short when her father grew sick of being in Vacuo and decided to relocate his family to Vale. Sad to leave her huge posse of friends behind, she was also excited to go to a new city and make new friends. Suntalia immediately registered to go to Beacon, which she got accepted easily due to her high grades and phenomenal fighting abilities.

Upon entering Beacon, she was placed on her team, which had a shaky start due to the unusual personalities of the other teammates as well as the more than unusual behavior and tactics of the leader. Not to mention the fact that one of her teammates got all of them caught in the middle of the crossfires of a gang war, which Suntalia still brings up jokingly from time to time. However, after living with each other and learning about each others quirks and battle tactics, Suntalia was able to understand her teammates better as well as have them understand her better. It was during their first two years that they began to create combat tactics as well as strategies to face whatever enemies came their way. However, at the end of her second year, two of her teammates transferred back to their hometowns, leaving her teamless and optimistic on what is to come in her third year.

Suntalia is a free spirit type of girl. She is EXTREMELY talkative and bubbly, giving her the appearance of someone who is ditzy. This has always been a good, as she can make many friends, but also a bad thing as some people find it annoying. Overall, she is very friendly and will always try to make friends with anyone and everyone, though encounters with her oftentimes can be shocking, literally, as she has a bad tendency to be statically charged due to her semblance. However, she does have her serious side, which is mostly only seen by her brother, but the occasions are rare and few.

Academically, she is extremely smart, though she doesn't look the part or even act it. Her knowledge of dust that she was given from her mother allows her to be able to create new and crazy dust combinations as well as the ability to dust weave clothing for those near and dear to her. If she's not with anyone, she can be found reading under a tree...or in a tree. She will most often be reading a book to learn more about dust or fighting tactics.

In combat, she will oftentimes find it fun and will laugh and smile often during the fight. However behind the happy demeanor, she is a combat tactician whiz and is always making strategies for the fights that she's in. Also, if any of her comrades happen to become endangered, all amusement will leave her and she will do everything within her powers to protect her comrades.

Aura and Semblance:
Suntalia's aura color is Orange

Lightning Spear
Suntalia has the ability separate the positive and negative energy in the area around her, allowing her to create or redirect lightning. This semblance has two abilities:

1. The first ability is used when Suntalia pulls in the positive charges in the air and ground around her into herself, causing an imbalance between the positive energy and negative energy, or an electric field. After a short while of separating the two energies, it causes the negative energy to get pulled into her in the form of electricity, which she then combines with the positive energy and releases the energies in the form of a lightning bolt.
- In order for her to use this ability, she needs to concentrate for roughly four seconds for each lightning bolt.
- Each usage uses up 4% of her aura.
- Each bolt of lightning can be shot up to 300 feet before it dissipates, though the accuracy of the bolts become less the farther away she shoots them.

2. The second ability is similar to the first, but is used during cloudy weather. As she pulls in the positive energy around her, it causes the negative energy in the clouds to take the form of lightning and is shot down from the sky at her. She uses her final form of her weapon as a lightning rod and directs the lightning into one end of her spear and aims and shoots it out from the other end.
- This ability is quicker than the first one, only needing her to concentrate for roughly two seconds to use
- This ability is only usable when there are clouds in the sky that she can have access to.
- She is unable to use this ability indoors as the lightning wouldn't be able to reach her.
- This ability also uses up 4% of her aura with each use.
- Each bolt of lightning can be shot up to 300 feet before it dissipates, though the accuracy of the bolts become less the farther away she shoots them .

Suntalia uses her weapon to redirect the lightning. She uses lightning dust in her spear to aid in her semblance use, which makes it so that the lightning is drawn to her more easily. She is able to do this without her weapons, but has to be careful not to let it pass through her heart, lest it have the chance to kill her. Her aura protects her heart if she does use it that way, but when her aura drops below 30% it no longer protects her heart, which puts her at risk of killing herself.

Currently, she can use her semblance up to five times non-stop before she has take a break of about two minutes before using it again. This is due to the small amount of electricity that runs through her body, which causes her heart to beat faster. If she uses it more than five times non-stop, she begins to have heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, and chest pains and will need to rest for half an hour before she feels well enough to fight again.

Spoiler: ShowHide
The semblance idea came from lightning bending in the Avatar (yes...I'm basically making a lightning bender). This video surprisingly describes what Suntalia's semblance does better than I ever could: (

Combat Behavior:
Suntalia is extremely fast and agile. Her small physique and athleticism allows her to dodge and strike quickly in combat. She is primarily an expert close combat fighter, though she does have a decent amount of range to fight in longer distance. When fighting unarmed, she is an expert hand-to-hand combat fighter and will oftentimes use her speed and flexibility to take down bigger opponents.

However, what she has in speed, she lacks in strength and only has slightly average strength for someone of her size. She is what one would consider to be a “Glass Cannon” as she can deal insane amounts of damage, but can not take a lot of hits in return. She compensates this by wearing a chain shirt as well as dust infused clothing that has earth dust in it to increase her defense. Lastly, though she is an expert short ranged fighter, she doesn't do very well against long range characters.


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Primary Form:
Firestorm's primary form is a double bladed spear, 7 feet in length. it has a hardened wooden exterior, but a fully metal middle going from one spearhead to the other. Each spearhead utilizes a different type of dust crystal, which is inserted by a push of a button on the spear haft that opens a small area in the haft, which she inserts the crystal.

Secondary Form:
Suntalia twists the centerpiece of Firestorm clockwise, which causes the weapon to break in half, forming two 3 1/2 foot long spears. The centerpiece changes form and becomes a metal chain, 4 feet in length, which connects the two spears together.

This is Firestorm's final form and it's most dangerous form as Suntalia made it specifically to be used with her semblance. Her most powerful attack is also done in this form as she combines the fire dust within the spearhead with her lightning bolt, creating an extremely devastating fire-lightning attack,  which is what gave her the idea to call her weapon 'Firestorm'.

Tertiary Form:
Firestorm's storage form is done when Suntalia spins the centerpiece counter-clockwise, which causes the spear to retract inwardly so that it becomes only 2 1/2 feet in length, which she then harnesses to her back. To get it back to original size, she only needs to turn the centerpiece clockwise.

Dust Functions:
Firestorm uses a fire crystal in one spear and a lightning crystal in the other. The crystals are inserted at the bottom of each spear. There is a button that is near where Suntalia holds the weapon that activates/deactivates the crystals. Upon pressing the buttons, the spear heads are activated, one with lightning and the other will shoot a jet of fire out about five feet. The lightning crystal's primary use is to act as an aid in using her semblance, though it does do lightning damage to whatever it touches. Each crystal lasts about four minutes before the dust is depleted and a new crystal needs to be put in. Suntalia carries six of each crystal type in a pouch on her side.

Suntalia had Firestorm created while attending the Academy in Vacuo. She created it to work with her semblance as well as her speed. She gave it the name Firestorm upon creating it and realizing how devastating the final attack was.

Dưnami̱ and Aretí̱

Primary Form:
A pair of magnum pistols. Each pistol uses highly refined dust bullets that Suntalia created, with the help of her mother.

Tertiary Form:
Suntalia has two holsters on the back of her belt, which she carries Dynami and Areti in. She carries three clips for each gun on the sides of her belt and will usually carry more if she has a backpack with her.

Dust Functions:
Suntalia uses hand-made dust bullets as her primary bullets. The effects of the bullets are as followed:

Dynami: Dynami fires a mixture of Air, Kinetic, and Earth dust rounds. These bullets fire at an extremely fast speed (roughly 1,800 fps). Upon impact, the bullet causes a knock back on the target that is hit due to both the kinetic and earth dust. These bullets do not cause a lot of damage, but are mainly used to knock the enemy back and keep them at bay. Dynami holds 8 bullets per cartridge.

Areti: Areti fires a mixture of Fire, Lightning, and Glass dust rounds. Where Dynami lacks in damage, Areti makes up for it. These rounds shoot at a slower speed (roughly 1,200 fps), but cause massive damage upon whatever it hits. Upon impact, the fire and lightning dust super heats and melts the glass dust so that whatever is hit gets hit by molten hot glass, causing massive burns. Areti holds 8 bullets per cartridge.

Suntalia bought the two pistols when she read about how useful having a firearm can be. With the guidance of her mother, she was able to combine the different types of dust to create dust bullets that do devastating damage. Due to the complications in making these bullets and the amount of time to create them, Suntalia doesn't use these guns very often, unless the situation calls for it.
She gave the two guns their names because she noticed that her brother likes unique names with his weapons so she copied him.
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