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WiP Characters / Ayden B.
« on: November 17, 2020, 01:05:24 AM »
Name: Ayden (Death) Blade, Color: Maroon (or Blood), Species: Male Human, Description: He has red eyes, and his dark gold hair is spiky. His outfit is jeans and a T-shirt styled with a military Officer’s hat (his hat), colored black and maroon, but has armor specifically for battle. He grew up in the Kingdom of Vacuo, but trained at Beacon Academy. He joined a team of hunters at Beacon called RAVN, and was named its leader, he secretly has a letter for all of them if something happens to him, and is a very hardcore insomniac because he goes into the woods every night for training so that he doesn’t lose anyone. He discovered his semblance was enhanced speed. His abilities and outfit both have a technology motif. His weapon, Burning Forge, is a black silver and maroon sword edged with fire dust combined with a high-caliber sniper rifle with backwards gravity dust shots (making the bullet go straight), while he has a Navy blue steel Navy revolver (a gun type) and knife from his father before he left for Beacon, it is appropriately named Slinger. His fighting style focuses on getting all targets to keep his team safe and secretly has some kind of shield making object in case needed, not made of hardlight (A.K.A. Protocol Guardian).

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