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volt draken
« on: September 04, 2022, 02:21:36 AM »
(im gunna make this like its a police report)
volt draken

semblance: joltic endeavor

semblance ability : volts semblance allows him to control and conduct electricity

age : 18

height : 6.7 foot tall

mug shot : black slicked over hair  , white , blue eyes , white shirt covered by a black trench coat also wearing black combat pants and boats , covers mouth with black bandana . and a black fedora

confiscated weapons : to panther styled claws with wires wrapped around each claw and battery's near the middle each claw dishes out atleast 5000 volts normally but with his semblance it can dish out up to 9000 volts but that takes alot of aura to do

history : redacted

occupation : soon we will be sending him to beacon due to a request of the headmaster

sentence : he would of been seriving 25 years in a special jail cell   

crimes :
armed assult
armed robbery
driving without a license
grand theif auto
tampering with vales power grid

battle behavior : unknow

weapons origin : unknow

usage of dust : unknow