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Title: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
Post by: Kaliot on August 28, 2017, 10:50:06 PM
Commercial District: Val Mera Pastries
Outside Dining Area

General Vicinity: Shop patrons, pedestrians
Immediate Vicinity: Airi Fogden Bicardi (,256.0.html), Lyra Savoy (,254.0.html)

It was noon in Atlas, though the cloud cover wasn't going to let anyone pull sun-dial shenanigans. Nevertheless, the city was bustling with the usual lunchtime rush: Airi and Lyra were very fortunate to get a table at this pastry shop. Having come from the Academy, Airi still donned her uniform with the additional of her hat to cover her ears;
 she could tell that some people could recognize her regardless of it, but luckily nobody had said anything so far.

Airi's tea was straight, though she still stirred it briefly to keep her hands busy. She looked toward the sky. "I wonder what the others are doing right now". She shrugged, took a bite of a biscuit, and followed it up with a satisfying sip of tea. Placing the cup down, her hand made a simple movement to her scroll which had been sitting next to it and tapped away. She scooted the scroll over to Lyra. "Here are some of the missions I was looking into. What do you think?"
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on August 28, 2017, 11:00:55 PM
Lyra, whose cup held tea with warm milk and a little bit of sugar, shifted her body a little bit to get a better view at what Airi was showing her.  It was a pretty standard list of search and destroy, reconnaissance, etc.  "These seem all pretty standard.  Though I suppose the point is experience and not adventure-seeking," she said.  Lyra continued, "I don't think there is anything here that has particularly caught my eye, is there anyone for you?"  Lyra took a sip of her tea.  "You know, if the other two on our team are taking a break and relaxing, maybe we should just do the same."
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Post by: Kaliot on August 29, 2017, 12:42:03 AM
"Preparing for future can bring peace of mind. For example," Airi carefully took back her scroll and tapped away again before pushing it back over to Lyra's side of the table while still maintaining a hand on it, "the missions I've highlighted in white are those that take us to or nearby the legendary Hotsprings Inn up in the mountains, and these take us to basically the middle of nowhere," she said as she scrolled up and down with a sole finger. "You'd be surprised at how unprepared people can be and how tripped up they can get when faced with the unexpected".

She returned the scroll to her side of the table and killed the screen. "But perhaps you're right. It doesn't always hurt to indulge in the 'now' every so often". Airi took another sip of her tea, this time taking an extra moment to enjoy it more thoroughly.
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on August 29, 2017, 05:24:05 PM
"Oh," commented Lyra.  She took a closer look at the highlighted ones.  "The Hotsprings Inn one doesn't sound bad.  What is it about.  Are their Grimm terrorizing the resort spot?"
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Post by: Kaliot on August 29, 2017, 06:46:59 PM
'Not exactly terrorize. The inn is rather far up the mountain and fairly isolated from both people and Grimm. But every now and then, one does wander by, and when that happens, they like to have some extra guards outside of those they've permanently hired on hand just in case things get worse than expected. For the days that we'd be staying there, our boarding would be free-of-charge in exchange for our services all the while learning how to adapt and fight in that environment with the help of the local guards. I suppose you could say it's closer to a field trip than an actual mission." Airi clasped her hands together and rested her chin upon them. She looked at Lyra, then accompanied by a slight head turn, she briefly attempted to catch a glance of her hair before turning back to Lyra with a slight huff from exiting her nostrils and looked directly into her violet eyes.

"I don't think I tell you enough how beautiful your hair is," Airi said, a modest smile blossoming upon her face.

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Post by: FunkyMonkey on August 29, 2017, 08:54:32 PM
"Well, that doesn't sound so bad," commented Lyra, responding to Airi's description of the mission by the Hotsprings Inn.  "Is there a special event going on that caused them to decide that they wanted to have more people apart from the full-time guards they have already hired?" she asked.  Lyra tried to look more at Airi's scroll, but any further information required scrolling down, and Lyra refrained from doing so on her own - it was basic electronic device courtesy, after all.

Upon hearing Airi's compliment on her hair, Lyra was caught off guard.  It was very out of the blue.  "Oh...thank you," responded Lyra, taking a small bit of hair and playing with it timidly in a somewhat nervous display.  She looked at Airi's smiling face and returned to twirling the bit of her hair.  "D-do you have any preference between the two missions?"
Title: Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
Post by: NotSurprised on September 01, 2017, 01:47:00 AM
Sovereign thoroughly enjoyed the wind, zooming pass him as he ran through the alleyways and the streets. With his newfound vigilante outfit, and a flowing scarf trailing behind him, he's starts to patrol the streets once more. His most recent outing has left him somewhat injured, but Sovereign could deal with some of the leftover pain.

Briefly turning on the upcoming corner, he bumped into a uniform that was alarmingly familiar. Not exactly the good familiar too, as it was a gang's signature uniform. Before anyone knew what happened, Sovereign grabbed the person and threw them onto the ground as hard as he could. Surprisingly, they quickly recovered with a punch to Sovereign's torso before running off. In a grunt of pain, Sovereign held his chest as he starts to take off after the villain.

Sovereign must've looked strange with his visor and scarf as he chased the villain around another corner. As Sovereign was a huntsman-in-training, the gangster stood no chance in escaping. With a great yell, Sovereign made his presence clear to nearby bystanders, "I got you now villain! Citizens, get out of the way!" Slamming his fists down onto the concrete, ice forms from his fingertips, creating a path of ice from his fingertips to the gangster. Said path of ice captures the gangster, fully enclosing him in ice. Any bystanders quickly got out of the way from the ice trail, thus only capturing the gangster.

With a pained sigh, Sovereign sat down at the curb outside some pastry shop. He really should not have pushed himself too hard, since he's aware that some masked vigilante sitting on the curb would look strange.
Title: Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
Post by: Kaliot on September 02, 2017, 07:37:21 PM
General Vicinity: Shop Patrons, Pedestrians, +Frozen Gangster
Immediate Vicinity: Airi Fogden Bicardi (,256.0.html), Lyra Savoy (,254.0.html), +Sovereign LeBlanc (,291.0.html)

"Perhaps we can take the easy road when we deserve it, like after passing the midterm exams," Airi took a nibble of her biscuit, minding her manners as she waited to speak again,"As of now, while I wouldn't take missions out in the barren wastelands exactly, I certainly wouldn't mind something of a challenge". She looked down at her reflection upon the tea she was slowly stirring. "I just can't afford-".

A sudden commotion snapped off the remainder of her sentence. Airi's head shot up, looking past Lyra to see two figures running through the crowded streets, one yelling in a pleasingly-familiar yet unfortunately-disappointing voice, before the one who was being chased was suddenly encased in a tomb of ice. The perpetrator, dressed in disappointingly-familiar clothing then plopped down nearly right in from of her and Lyra.

The bystanders, once frozen as the chase was occurring, were now melting away their silence. What began as murmurs turned into full-on conversations in no time. Meanwhile, Airi places both hands atop the table, stood up with a humph, and leaned over the smaller railing that separated the dining area from the street. She placed her head next to Sovereign's, and in a hushed voice that could only be heard by those nearby she said, "What in Brothers' names were you thinking?! Firing off Dust on a crowded street? Encasing someone in ice? Are you trying to get someone killed today? Again"?
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Post by: NotSurprised on September 08, 2017, 12:19:52 AM
Sovereign felt a sharp pain in his left arm, but that was overshadowed by the very familiar voice. That very same voice had sent chills down his when he heard how angry she sounded. As if it was an instinct trained into him, Sovereign can feel the excuses on the tip of his tongue in order to save himself from the dangers he is currently in. In order to not reveal his alter ego, Sovereign metaphorically bit his tongue so that he would not shout. Sovereign held his left arm with his right to make sure it does not move in a painful way, before whispering back to Airi, ”I had it under control, and I even yelled a warning.”

Sovereign turned back to the frozen gangster, wondering if he should include Airi in this mission of his. Cringing as pain in his left arm flared up, Sovereign seems to have made up his mind as he starts shuffling towards the frozen gangster at a really slow pace in order to get his message to Airi, ”I’m gonna see if I can get this frozen gangster to talk and take down a lair or two. Join me if you want!” As Sovereign got close to the frozen statue, he quickly swiped the screen on his gauntlet, using his fire dust to slowly melt the gangster out of his icy tomb.
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on September 09, 2017, 02:59:54 AM
Lyra stood a fair distance from behind Airi and the masked man sitting on the street.  She leaned her head to try to get a better look at the man, but she couldn't really see much, nor could she hear anything that the two were whispering between themselves.  Slowly, Lyra walked up behind Airi.  "Airi, do you know this man?" she asked in her typical soft, almost emotionless-sounding voice.
Title: Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
Post by: Kaliot on September 09, 2017, 09:52:33 PM
"I know of him, and I'm sure most of the people here know of him as well," Airi said, her head turning back toward Sovereign. "He's a 'vigilante' who sprung up about a month ago," she took a step pack and leaned in on one of Lyra's ears, "I'm sure you can recall the rumors from around that time". Airi returned to a normal stance. "We better make sure he doesn't do anything else idiotic". She signed and stood nearby Sovereign.

"Here's the deal: This man better be out of this ice in three minutes, no more. Talk to him all you like until then, but at the end, he goes free. And to make sure you don't do something so reckless again, we, or I, will be supervising you for the rest of the day. Deal? Deal". She gave him no option to decline.
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Post by: NotSurprised on September 16, 2017, 08:02:51 PM
Sovereign frowned at Airi’s deal, but he is going to have to deal with it because he’s pretty sure Airi will hurt him if he messes up. Instead of trying to negotiate or talk her out of his deal, Sovereign decided to just go with it and places his gauntlet on the frozen gangster’s chest. Flames appear to burst out of his gauntlet. It would seem like it would be too much and harm the frozen statue, but instead, it slowly melted the statue. Sovereign was a few seconds into this process until he had a great idea. He quickly redirected the flames, starting to melt the areas where the gangster’s pockets would be. Ignoring the tingling feeling, he managed to get those areas free and started to search the pockets.

By doing so, he felt two important things (what he deemed important anyways), a piece of paper and a wallet. Quickly swiping the lien from the wallet and hiding it in his gauntlet, Sovereign fished out the piece of paper from the gangster’s back pocket. Unfolding it, Sovereign’s eyes widened behind his mask before returning to Airi. In an excited whisper, he quickly told Airi what he learned, ”I must’ve frozen a newbie, because he has a literal map to where the gang is! We should go and take them down while they don’t know that we know!”
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on September 17, 2017, 05:50:47 PM
"Gang?  What gang?" asked Lyra in her perpetually placid voice.  "and what do we know?"  Lyra and Airi had been discussing possible missions just earlier, but it seems that the two had been suddenly roped into one by this strange man.  Furthermore, Airi said he was a vigilante, which made Lyra cautious as to whether they should be associating with this individual.  "What's going on?" she whispered to Airi.
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Airi leaned toward Lyra and missed any monkey nusiness Sovereign may have done with his hands. "Sorry to drag you into this. This miscreant is Sovereign LeBlanc who dropped out of the academy a few weeks ago. I'm going to make sure he doesn't get into anymore trouble".

She turned back to Sovereign, hands on hips. "Are you sure this isn't just a trap to lure you in?"
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Post by: NotSurprised on October 09, 2017, 07:46:48 PM
Sovereign thought about what Airi told him, and it seems that what she said got to his head. However, the childish grin on his face clearly states that he didn't really care as he'll probably just smash all their faces into the ground anyways. "That is a good point, but I'll be able to beat them anyways!" After stating what's on his mind, Sovereign went back to melting the ice off of the frozen gangster. While that was being done, Sovereign seemed to wait for what more Airi has to say before he starts to venture off onto another journey to defeat the evil in this city.
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Post by: Kaliot on October 18, 2017, 03:06:18 PM
With nothing more to say, Airi sighed and stood her ground beside Lyra. "Mother, what am I even doing?," she muttered under her breath, only just loud enough for Lyra to hear albeit unintentionally.

It wasn't that Airi didn't have faith in his combat abilities considering his accomplishments during the Vytal Festival, she just didn't have faith in his outlandish pursuits. She turned toward Lyra. "Well, I have no clue where this path is going to bring us so...," Airi turned her head back to Sovereign, "be prepared for anything".
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With a bright smile on his face, Sovereign seems extremely pleased by the fact that he's free to do what he wants. He's slightly less pleased at getting a chaperone out of Airi, but he can make it work. "Great! Let me melt the guy out of his icy cage and make sure the cops come by to pick him up." Sovereign hurries over to the frozen criminal and quickly melts the ice off of the criminal.

Once the ice melts down - leaving the criminal with a wet suit - Sovereign quickly picks up the criminal by the arm and slams them down to the ground behind him. That should be enough to keep him down until the police comes by. Looking around in the environment he's currently in, Sovereign finds the optimal bystander to call for the police and hold the gangster down.

"Hey, can you guys make sure that the police come by and pick this guy up? Thank you!~" With a grin, Sovereign looks back to Airi and Lyra, giving them a "follow me" gesture before running off into the direction the hideout would be.
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Post by: Kaliot on November 28, 2017, 06:09:09 PM
Airi tightened her cap, making sure it wouldn't fall off as a result of her chasing of Sovereign. She turned back to Lyra and gave her a quick nod before following after the vigilante.
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on December 10, 2017, 09:58:50 PM
Lyra still didn't know what to think of this strange man, and she wasn't sure if they should follow him when he asked them to go along with him.  Nonetheless, Lyra saw that Airi seemed quite comfortable with him, or at least sufficiently so.  As a result, Lyra elected to trust Airi and follow along.
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While Sovereign was running, he did peek behind him to see if the two were actually going to follow him. To his surprise, they actually did! However, the thought of Airi following him did make him kind of nervous since he can easily get busted if he messes up while he's on her watch. Regardless, Sovereign sped away so that they have enough time to take down criminals AND get dinner. Preferably without Airi being present because she is a complete downer.

"COMMENCE PLAN A!" Which is essentially no plan since Sovereign just barged in and dive kicked one of the cannon fodder into a wall. Recovering his footing from the dive kick, Sovereign quickly eyed the shmucks around him, deducing that there is currently twenty five people surrounding him, and around twenty three of them are cannon fodder. With a grin, Sovereign knew he can probably deal with the two mercs on his own (but it's not very preferable). Not knowing how much space he had put between himself and his current allies, Sovereign decided to buy a little time and distract some of the poor gangsters by using his wind dust to push all of them back with force.

(OOC: Do you guys wanna do an official combat system or just try to keep it reasonable without worrying about numbers?)
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Airi was running out of stamina but the boy was still going; he was far too energetic for her to handle, though that should've been obvious from the beginning. Finally, he reached the destination. Unfortunately, when he kicked in the door, it was filled to the brim with 'gangsters'. Hopefully his info wasn't bogus or he'd be hurting a lot of sketchy but otherwise innocent people.

By the time she caught up, Sovereign had already (sort-of) initiated combat. Airi reached down toward her waist to grab her rapiers, but they weren't there. "Tch." She stamped her feet against the pavement, thankful that she at least had her greaves. Otherwise, she'd be close to worthless in a skirmish, even against people these people who didn't have as much training as her.

Airi rushed up beside Sovereign and raised her fists in a defensive stance. "I hope you're right about this."
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Lyra was the last to reach the building, and thanks to her rather weak constitution, she was all out out of breath.  Standing just outside the threshold of the door that Sovereign had kicked in, she watched the boy and Airi get to work against the occupants.  At least at the onset, she didn't notice anything particularly threatening about the people inside, so she wondered if Sovereign's intel was correct, significantly doubting him.  Either way, Lyra wasn't in a position to contribute anything, so she kept minimal attention to herself, waiting for aura to be spent so that she could harvest is for her own attacks.
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Post by: NotSurprised on March 12, 2018, 12:18:43 AM
Sovereign with a big smirk on his face looked towards Airi, "I'm always right!" Looking back to his opponents, Sovereign charged recklessly towards the area that was concentrated the most with gangsters. From his actions, the gangsters screamed in fear as they quickly brandished gunblades to fire at Sovereign. With a smirk, Sovereign swapped to ice as he creates a wall of ice between him and the enemy. Listening to the bullets hit the ice and the enemies trying to scramble away from each other, Sovereign showing off how surprisingly nimble he is as he flips over the wall of ice (he winced in pain from the action). One of the cannon fodder managed to react fast enough and strike Sovereign, however Sovereign just took the blow and redirected the cannon fodder - by throwing him - to one of the mercs. With a tsk, the merc jumped over the flying body as she brandished a greatsword before starting to slowly approach Sovereign. The other merc took a glance at Sovereign, then looks towards Airi and Lyra, signalling some of the grunts to come over and take them on.
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Post by: Kaliot on May 13, 2018, 03:12:33 PM
The fact that the gangsters seemed to fear Sovereign made her worried, though her more immediate worry were the approach of some grunts to take on Airi and Lyra. Airi readied herself as one of them charged at her. The brute threw out a vertical swing which she was able to easily dodge; compared to her duelist peers, these guys were like drying paint. Still, they were decently strong and one hit could possibly spell disaster for her so she still had to be cautious. Airi responded by landing a rocket kick to the back of her attacker's knee, causing him to kneel to the ground, and followed it up with a rocket kick to his head which made him no longer viable for combat. She turned toward the remaining grunts and returned to her stance.
"Don't make me hurt the rest of you".
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on May 25, 2018, 11:41:27 PM
With the approach of the grunts, Lyra stepped behind Airi, hiding behind her teammate.  However, as Airi stepped forward to engage the gangsters, one took the opportunity to focus on Lyra.  Slowly backing, Lyra hastily withdraw a dagger from her outfit at her assailant and timidly brandished it at him.  "Don't come any closer.  Stay back!" she warned him, though her voice lacked confidence, and her defensive display was overall quite unconvincing.
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Post by: NotSurprised on June 17, 2018, 01:40:01 AM
Hesitating at first, the grunts slowed their advance on the two, until the merc leading them was currently giving them the evil eye. Immediately, the grunts charged at the two hoping that numbers will give them the advantage in combat, trying to swipe at the two with their gunblades. As for the merc himself, he picks up a pipe as he charges up a ball of ice infront of him that is ready to be hit as if it was a baseball.

As for the grunts Sovereign was dealing with, he chucked them around enough where they should be down for the count. The merc with a greatsword on the other hand, immediately charged towards Sovereign. With a grunt, Sovereign blocked it with his gauntlet, using his fire dust to blow up the area in front of the merc's face. As a result, the greatsword user felt her sword blast upwards, she frowned before slamming Sovereign with the side of the blade. Not able to block it, Sovereign essentially flew over towards Airi and Lyra, eventually getting back on his feet and skidding.

"How is it on your end?" While it does seem like there is more trouble than how he is usually prepared for, Sovereign does not stop grinning with confidence as he's sure that they'll prevail in the end, albeit with some pain.
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Post by: Kaliot on June 19, 2018, 09:17:26 PM
Airi maintained a defensive stance as once of the grunts sent Sovereign on over to the pairs location.

"How is it?" she asked. She bit her lip as she watched a few of the grunts, at the behest of what appeared to be the two head honchos, quickly close in on them. "Troublesome. Lyra, get ready".

With what was essentially the flip of a switch, Airi activated her aura and laid upon everyone in the vicinity a huge normal force that increased in strength the closer the target was to her. Unfortunately, Lyra and Sovereign were within arms reach and would suffer from the full strength of her semblance. The grunts that were quickly closing in had slowed if not froze entirely; a couple of their knees buckling, unable to withstand the her. The remaining, should they make it to melee distance of Airi, would be met with the same severe force being felt by Lyra and Sovereign.

Airi felt as if her life force were being completely drained from her. She didn't want to use her semblance with so many targets around, but as she was without her weapons, she didn't have a choice.
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Lyra was holding her dagger our against an encroaching and menacing thug when all of a sudden, she felt a powerful force compelling her to drop her knees.  From experience, she knew this was Airi's semblance.  Trying to move her head so that she could look at Airi, Lyra her in a bit posture of intense concentration.  Not at all trying to resist the force, Lyra simply let herself lay flat on the ground.  However, as Airi had instructed her to get ready before using her semblance, Lyra understand what was going on and closed her eyes.  Focusing on her own semblance, she could feel the  wisps of free aura radiating outwards from Airi as she expended her aura to power her semblance.  Similarly, Lyra could feel also feel the wisps of aura being expelled and cast free from the grunts that, not understanding what was happening, tried to best to resist Airi's semblance, thus expending their own aura in their struggles.  Without any movement and in the depths of concentration, Lyra felt herself reaching out and grabbing these streams of free aura, bringing them back to her, and a sense of both comforting familiarity and empowerment welled up inside Lyra.

Before long, Lyra felt the force keeping her flat on the ground ease up before disappearing completely.  With that, she got up off the ground and faced the group of grunts.  With a quiet, but forceful voice, she said to Sovereign, "take care of her," referring to Airi, who seemed utterly exhausted by the use of her semblance.  Lyra now physically reached out with both hands towards the aura streams that she now perceived, and an eerie purple glow surrounded her hands.  Having brought the free aura under her control, she focused them into shape, and a quintet of basketball-sized purple spheres manifested, orbiting around Lyra.  With a domineering look in her eye, she gazed over the field of brutes and thugs and thought to herself of the limitless ways she could play with the new toys present before her.  A barely perceptible smile crept across her face.
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Post by: NotSurprised on June 20, 2018, 03:28:53 PM
"Sounds great. Wait, what are you- Oh not this again." Sovereign lets himself smash into the ground after being brought to his knees, recognizing the ever familiar feeling that Airi brings around when using that semblance of hers. Fighting against it would not be beneficial, but at the same time letting hitting the ground face first was not fun. As the feeling eased up, Sovereign started to prop himself up, scanning his opponents for the most incapacitated, but also for those that still had a large threat potential. The grunts were still up and about, but they looked like they can be taken down with ease. As for the two bigger fish, they seem a tad bit stunned from the effect. Almost ready to lunge with a burst of speed, Sovereign stopped himself after hearing what Lyra asked of him. However, he didn't even need to think of a reply. In fact, with a huge smile on his face, the only reasonable response was:

”Trusting your senior? How adorable!"

Looking at the two experienced thugs (which he now donned as pipe boy and greatsword girl), Sovereign quickly swapped over to his ice dust reserves. Picking up the collapsing Airi and put her on his back comfortably, Sovereign created spikes of ice and sent them towards pipe boy. Pipe boy tried to dodge them, but only slightly succeeded as some of the spikes hit his left arm. In retaliation, pipe boy slammed the ball of ice with all his might, as if it was a baseball, towards Sovereign. In some measly attempt to dodge it and close the distance, Sovereign felt it hit his left shoulder hard. Normally, he’d start complaining about the pain, but with a cocky grin Sovereign couldn’t help but mouth off while divekicking the poor boy into the warehouse’s wall, ”This is Sov Airlines, housing one passenger known as Airi, please excuse the minor turbulence!” Taking the brief moment of rest to ready up, he can eye severely beaten pipe boy try to get up, as greatsword girl is starting to rally the rest of the grunts (which is not much at this point), ”Get your stupid asses off the ground and get ready to swarm the girl!”
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Post by: FunkyMonkey on June 21, 2018, 06:17:29 AM
Greatsword girl ordered the rest of the grunts to attack Lyra, but she was not deterred in the slightest.  When she wielded the enormous power of her semblance, such concerns were trivial and almost beneath her.  With absolute concentration, she sent forth three aura spheres at the closest approaching grunts, keeping two close to her should any defensive need arise, though Lyra doubted the necessity. 

One sphere moved in between a trio of grunts, appearing almost completely motionless as it cut through the air, undisturbed by its surroundings.  Coming to rest in between the three, its passive appearance ceased and instead, it suddenly launched itself erratically between the grunts, severely battering them as its unpredictable motion made it look like it had a malevolently berserk will of its own.  Meanwhile, the other two spheres spiraled around each other in a helix, apparently targeting a pair of grunts, before each morphing shape.  One did a simple transformation, changing from a sphere into a large cube, before it proceeded to fly into a grunt, knocking him off his feet and crushing him against a wall with its flat face.  The other morphing sphere also abandoned its spherical form, but unlike the other member of the helical pair, this one began to rapidly stellate, becoming a stellated polyhedron in the shape of a Moravian Star.  As it did so, it rapidly flew at the other grunt.  However, before making it contact, it stopped short in front of the grunt.  An audible sigh of relief could be heard from the grunt, as he must have figuratively (or maybe actually) urinated his pants watching his fellow grunts being battered and crushed mercilessly.  The grunt would get no reprieve, however.  The stellated polyhedron began to rapidly rotate its faces, and as it pressed against the grunt, the edges of its faces began to lacerate him, cutting first against his aura, then breaking through it and gruesomely ripping and tearing through flesh.

As the constructs continued on with their onslaught against the grunts unlucky enough to get caught in the initial engagement, they began to absorb the streams of free aura that were being released as a result of the grunts attempting to utilize their aura to defend themselves.  The more the grunts struggled, the more they fed the constructs, and it began to become apparent as the constructs grew ever so steadily in size and darkened into deeper shades of purple - the color of Lyra's aura.  The entire scene must have been a grisly one, but Lyra remained unperturbed.  With so much aura available, she was in control, and so was her will to dominate these grunts who have offended Airi, Airi's strange friend, and herself.  Restraint was not a word that she knew.
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Looking at the havoc Lyra is creating, Sovereign could only watch in surprise as she started to tear through flesh. Face shifting into a sheepish grin, Sovereign could only think, Oh dear, the police department isn’t going to be happy about that. Quickly returning his attention back to the nearly downed pipe boy, he was quickly surprised by the last ditch effort of the thug in an attempt to knock Sovereign out. Dodging the first pipe swing onto his head (and making sure Airi doesn’t get hit by it), Sovereign quickly stops carrying Airi with his right hand and gives pipe boy a mighty uppercut that sends the thug collapsing. Regrabbing Airi’s leg with his right hand, he quickly adjusts himself so that Airi is still comfortable on his back.

In his peripherals, Sovereign can see that greatsword girl is looking at him and cutrently growling. Quickly facing in her direction, Sovereign could barely react as she instantly appears at his side with the greatsword being swung at both his back and Airi. Adjusting his body so that he’ll take the brunt of the damage, he was knocked back towards Lyra. Wincing in pain from the damage build up from both his semblance literally burning his body up and the two mercenaries,  Sovereign quckly assessed the situation which just so happens to only be only 9 grunts left and greatsword girl. Turning to Lyra, Sovereign hurriedly explained the situation, ”How fast can you take down the grunts? I’m currently running low on my combat capabilities.” Sovereign can definitely beat greatsword girl, but it would be best for Lyra to intervene so that he’s not too injured for the next patrol.
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For a few moments, Airi had become, in a slightly more literal sense of the word, senseless. She could feel the various movements as something like a blur, and when she finally reached a point that could barely be classified as 'came to', she found herself up against Sovereign's back. A slew of thoughts soggily passed through her mind, but she didn't have the energy nor the care, at least for the time being, to do anything about it. She gave Sovereign a double-pat on the shoulder before lowering herself from his back.

Her legs were weak and she felt as if any buckling of her knees and she wouldn't have the energy to pop back up. Because of this, she'd have a rather difficult time defending herself, but as evidenced by Lyra's carnage, that wouldn't be much of an issue. "Restrain yourself, Lyra. No messes," Airi said in a labored voice. She turned toward Sovereign. "Now that I'm out of the whatever you need to do."
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Being used to the warm and kinda soft feeling of Airi being on his back, he kinda misses it. With a sigh, Sovereign stretches for a bit and gets ready to charge at greatsword chick. Swapping over to his fire dust reserves, he starts a ball of fire that's condensing and condensing. Greatsword chick frowns as she gets ready to defend against an attack, but it was never going to come. Instead, Sovereign charges at the gal and tries to distract her while his attack charged up. Dodging strikes left and right, the ball of flame seems to be more and more volatile.

As for the grunts, they are clearly afraid of Lyra, but with nothing left to lose they could only charge Lyra all together hoping that what little defense capabilities they have will overwhelm her. Unfortunately for them, aura isn't the most useful for them as of right now. Especially since greatsword chick seems to be teleporting around Sovereign trying to hit him.
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Lyra saw the remaining grunts charging at her.  She could also feel the lack of confidence in their charge.  She sent forth one of the aura spheres that had previously been slowly by her side, orbiting her.  She willed the sphere to morph into a large wall, expanding its size as it moved further from Lyra.  It was a formidable boundary that the grunts would have to surmount before they could attack Lyra, herself.  She then recalled the aura constructs that she had already sent out.  As they flew through the air, one also morphed into a large wall, and with the previously formed wall, it sandwiched many grunts, immobilizing them.  Those that were able to escape were met by the two non-wall constructs that were not orbiting Lyra.  Seeing the lack of effort necessary for her to dispatch these grunts, Lyra commanded them, relying on the show of might through her aura constructs to add intimidation behind her otherwise quiet and demure-sounding voice, "There is nothing left for you to do.  Run away."
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Slowly, the energy that'd was drained from her was slowly fading back into existence, and it was enough to be workable. Following Lyra, Airi punched her palm and dug her feet into the ground as she entered a combat stance.  Airi hoped that that'd be enough to scare off the grunts. If not, she had enough in her tank to fight back, at most, two of them.
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This lady is crazy!

Narrowly dodging the massive greatsword that would lob off his limbs if he had his aura down, Sovereign jumped back a small distance to get a brief chance to recover against her. Unfortunately, greatsword girl took the time to teleport right into his face with her weapon ready to smack him down into the ground. Frowning, Sovereign tried his best to dodge only to find his left arm in a position it really shouldn't be in. Biting down on his lips, he refrained from screaming and maintained concentration on the volatile orb in his right arm.

With a growl, Sovereign slammed the ball of flame into his opponent's face and create an explosion that sent her slamming into a wall nearby. With a grimace of pain, Sovereign swapped to ice dust and quickly froze the grunts that were getting ready to run from Lyra's threat. Standing up and cradling his currently healing left arm, he looked back to his two companions in this fiasco. With a pained smirk, he walked over to them.

"You guys alright?"
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Lyra watched as the grunts were frozen by Sovereign.  She nodded briefly at him and brought her two wall constructs together, completely smashing the immobilized grunts, who were unable to escape.  The grunts fell to the ground, and Lyra simply watched as they did so.  All that remained was Greatsword Girl, but even she, too, seemed to be under control.  Responding to Sovereign's question as to whether they were alright, she did not speak but merely nodded.  Turning her attention back to Greatsword Girl, Lyra recalled her constructs and slowly directed them towards the remaining opponent.
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Airi's body quickly relaxed as the fight neared its end. Her body screamed for rest and nourishment so she fell backwards onto her behind. She didn't so much feel sore but rather like she was deprived; it was a familiar feeling to her but uncomfortable nonetheless. "I'm fine," she said. Airi was looking to sound in control, dominant, but instead her voice lacked energy and almost came off as a sigh.
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Sovereign frowns at the sight of his temporary allies. As if he had made up his mind about something, Sovereign quickly walked over to the greatsword girl with confidence. Any scathing remark she would’ve made in pain was quickly cut off after Sovereign knocked her out with a kick to the face. Quickly looting any of the grunts and the mercenaries of important items such as lien and any form of information. Afterwards, he pulls out a scroll from one of the grunts to make a call to the police department. After doing a quick little face voice that told them the bare minimum, he hangs up and drops the scroll onto the ground before returning to Airi and Lyra.

Sovereign kinda felt bad for Airi’s tired state, and especially for dragging them along. Therefore, his offer will make this right! Though he’s not too sure if that’s proper of him especially since he lives alone now in a nice little apartment he rented out.

”You guys wanna get dinner at my place and rest up? I’ll make sure you guys get back home after.”
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Lyra watched as Sovereign knocked out Greatsword Girl, and upon his doing so, she released her control of her aura constructs.  The captured aura quietly dissipated.  When Sovereign offered Airi and her to go back to her place, she was a bit surprised.  After all, Sovereign was a complete stranger to her.  On the other hand, Airi knew Sovereign at least somewhat well, so that made it ok, she supposed.  She didn't have any reason to opposing taking up Sovereign's offer.  Still, Lyra looked to Airi to see if she was going to accept.
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Airi looked at Sovereign, then at Lyra, then back at Sovereign. Given her physical state, Airi was in no position to object."Sure, Sovereign." Turning up at the LeBlanc residence out of the blue was going to be a bit strange, but with the police set to arrive at any minute, it was a much better option than staying here. "What about you, Lyra?"