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Title: "Pretend You Like Me." [Closed]
Post by: Metroidhunter on August 31, 2017, 10:34:45 PM
'Twelve now.'

Lyssa pulled the sleeve of her jacket back up, covering the black watch on her wrist once again. Twelve minutes had passed since Mira's predicted time of arrival, and she was nowhere to be found. While the idea seemed laughable at first, she couldn't help but wonder if this so called "meetup" was some sort of scheme to make her look like an idiot. Surely, the leader of her team wouldn't be that petty, right? She couldn't recall any sort of shitty things that she herself had recently done to warrant such a thing, but... it didn't seem entirely out of the question.

With a sigh, the woman attempted to readjust her position in the cramped booth that she sat in. After failing to make herself any more comfortable, she went ahead and kicked the pole that supported the table in front of her, accomplishing nothing in the process. She couldn't even figure out why she was annoyed that Mira wasn't here, as her presence tended to be much, much more irritating. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Mira was also supposed to be the one paying for the food, and she was already very hungry. Yeah, that seemed about right when she pondered it some more. The perpetual scent of burgers that filled the air only made things worse.

"Gotta stop listening to her..." Lyssa muttered to herself, reflecting on the conversation that had convinced her to even agree to this stupid get-together. Of course, Isabelle had talked her into it after she had brought it up. Really, taking advice for making friends from that girl was a dumb idea to begin with. If the idea of missing out on a free burger didn't bother her so much, she probably would have already left.
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Post by: Seig on September 01, 2017, 03:49:00 AM
"Cmon man, you didn't have to walk me all the way here! I'm a grown ass woman"

Mira strode into the restaurant with a rather agitated look on her face. Her rather plain choice of attire; a white t-shirt with torn edges matched by a pair of oil and gunpowder stained jeans, and her long purple hair a tangled mess that clung to her face. Her bandaged arm rested in the pocket of her jeans while the other carried an extremely large dufflebag, seemingly filled to the point of bursting. Most of her ire was directed at the uniformed officer that followed by her side. "Seriously Dick. You can stop treating me like a child. I'm 24." The officer, clearly just as annoyed with the situation, quickly retorted. "And yet you still act like that 12 year old brat I had to bring in all those years ago." The anger on the Faunus' face slowly melted into a frown. With a sigh she let her soldiers relax and returned her gaze to the man. "Bringing up the past like that is a low blow man."

The officer's expression softened and he looked up at the taller woman. "I can't keep covering for you. This is teh what...15th time this year? This is the last warning I can give you." Even with the annoyance in his voice, one could hear the concern in his voice. Mira picked up on his tone as well, seemingly calming at his words. "I know I know. I's for my project. I can't just abandon my life's work simply because of a few minor banned substances!" While clearly upset, she kept her voice down to not attract too much attention in the crowded room. "You don't get it. This is the last time Mira. Next time, I'll be forced to bring you in." With a long drawn out sigh, Mira turned away and stared absentmindedly at the chalkboard menu. "I get it. You have to do your job. But I'm not going to stop. Guess I'll just have to be more careful." The officer rolled his eyes before snatching her bag. "I'm taking this as well. I'll make sure it is disposed of through the proper channels. Don't let me catch you with this stuff again." With a final quick smile, the officer left a, once again agitated, Mira.

Well great. What was she supposed to do now? All those materials wasted. Not to mention the time she spent gathering them. Why was she even here? She had better things to do then ea- Oh. Right....her. That's why she was brought here in the first place. She was supposed to make friends with everyone on her team. Sadly including Lyssa. But whatever. It can't be any worse than dealing with the racists she normally deals with. Mira puled her bandaged hand out of her pocket and halfheartedly waved to her teammate. Gritting her teeth she walked over and took a seat in the other side of the booth. You would think by now Vale would have invested in seating designed for the large influx of taller hunters. Wiping those thoughts from her mind her gaze slowly shifted to the girl in front of her. "heyyyy. Sorry I'm late. I was....delayed."

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Post by: Metroidhunter on September 01, 2017, 11:45:40 AM
'Aaand she's got a cop with her. Why am I at all surprised?'

Spotting the wave from Mira, she gave an equally half-assed one in response. Part of her had kind of been hoping that Mira was getting arrested, though she quickly realized that a thought like that was rather shitty, even for her. She also wanted to make a comment about the woman's attire, but that would likely jeopardize her chances of getting that burger. Man, this was going to be hard.

"Right. Something about substances? ... Don't tell me, though. I'd rather not be an accomplice to whatever insane shit you've got going on." Lyssa bumped her foot into Mira's by accident, attempting to move it back but not having much room to do so at all. Stupid booth, built for tiny people. Groaning for a moment, she propped her head up on her arm, not even looking at the other girl as she spoke.

"So. Wanna let me in on why you wanted me to come out to this place? Because I'm feeling just a little weirded out here, honestly." While that was mostly because of her coming in with a uniformed officer, she figured that detail would be obvious to anyone with half a brain. "You don't exactly strike me as the type that wants to be buddies with everyone. And I know you hate me." Upon recalling the reasons why she herself had decided to show up, a possible answer came to mind. "... Did your sister make you do this?"
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Of course Lyssa would be a bit skeeved out. Walking into a meeting with the fuzz doesn't exactly leave a calming impression. Though her appearance also didn't do her any favors. But she was going out to a burger joint! Who the hell cares if she dresses up or not! Oh and she could see Lyssa biting back her remarks. At least she was making an effort. "Yeah. Don't worry about that. I got it covered." Of course Mira had kept some hidden in her cleavage but Lyssa didn't need to know that did she?

"And there's the question. But no. Mithra did talk to me. But I made the decision on my own." The faunus grunted and swung her legs up onto the bench, her back leaning against the wall. After managing to find a somewhat comfortable position, she looked over at her teammate. Her deep red eyes actually looked clear and focused, instead of their usual air of disinterest. "See. I've decided to take this team leader position seriously. Unfortunately being smart is only half of it." Her gaze affixed on Lyssa, the same cold analytical stare she saw in their fight. The tone of her voice changed as well. Tinged with an air of authority and cold professionalism. "I don't like you. You don't like me. But you are still part of my team. We don't have to love eachother. But we should at least be able to work together without killing eachother."
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Post by: Metroidhunter on September 02, 2017, 01:39:18 PM
She knew that Mira wasn't entirely wrong, and yet, the tone that the other woman used was more than enough to get on her nerves. Being bossed around by someone that she already disliked was the main issue that Lyssa had with Mira's appointment as leader. Even Mithra, who had her share of annoying moments, would have been infinitely less infuriating than her twin. Despite having all of this in mind, she just huffed quietly, keeping it to herself.

"To be fair, it's hardly a team now. But sure, we'll work together just fine. Don't have much of a choice until we graduate." Lyssa shrugged, seemingly unaffected by that stare that she had grown somewhat familiar with. "I don't think we need to be friends to do that. We're both obviously capable of handling ourselves in a fight. That seems good enough, doesn't it?" Rather than wait for a response, she shook her hand dismissively. "Whatever, though. I'm not in the mood to argue with you. We can hang out if you're buying. Speaking of which... Are you hungry? I need to eat."
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Mira immediately flinched when she saw Lyssa's reaction. Her sister had warned her about that thing she tended to do. It was almost involuntary whenever she became competitive or serious. Mira sighed and rested her chin in the palm of her hand. As much as she hated apologizing, she honestly was being kind of a bitch in this situation. And as she hated to admit even more. Lyssa didn't deserve it this time. She had been patient with Mira's antics today. With a drawn out sigh the faunus swung her legs back down and look ahead at her red haired teammate. "I'm....sorry. I can come off condescending sometimes. But..." She stopped for a moment and searched for the right words. She didn't really care about being friends with the other girl in the slightest. But after thinking about it, she honestly did want them all to succeed. As much as she disliked Lyssa. She worked hard to get here. Purposefully causing them to fail now would be unfair to not only Lyssa, but to Noir and her own sister.

Mira moved her gaze away from the woman sitting across from her, hair covering his eyes. Her voice came out softer this time. Less confident, but surprisingly genuine. She clenched her fists under the table, showing weakness like this set off every alarm in her mind. "I...want this team to succeed. And we can't do that as individual units. We need to be able to work off eachother." She let that hang in the air for a moment, trying to hide how uncomfortable she was confiding in another person. As soon as she felt she had given Lyssa enough time to process what she had said, she pulled at her menu and started looking through."Yeah, I haven't eaten all day. Feel free to order whatever you want. I won't be you everything off the menu but...feel free to have a few burgers." She was so determined to deflect she even threw in more than she would ever be willing to give just to change the subject.
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Even if she tried to hide it, Mira was quite obviously uncomfortable with using such sincerity and wanted to move on. Lyssa simply nodded in agreement. If she were to say anything, it would have been a snarky comment about how nice she was being for once. That would most definitely ruin the moment.

"I'll take two." Lyssa folded her arms together, leaning back against the seat. It probably wouldn't hurt to try and start some sort of conversation, but still, she could only sit there in silence. What was there that they could even talk about? It didn't seem like the two of them had much in common at all. Clearly, they both liked food... but that was the last thing she wanted to discuss in detail while on an empty stomach. One idea in particular that stood out seemed to be the best option, especially considering that it was relevant to why they were even becoming friendly with each other in the first place.

"I've tried to think up some potential... Y'know, team attacks. No luck. We've got some, uh... strangely varied abilities, none of which seem to compliment each other. At least, not that I can think of. Any ideas?"
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Mira relaxed again as Lyssa allowed the topic to change. She waved over a waitress and placed her order. A root beer with burger covered in all the meat she could find. She let her teammate place her order as well before she pulled a notebook out of her pocket.  She placed it on the table and began to flip through. As the pages turned, quick glimpses of complex blueprints and plans were visible. Eventually she stopped on a page and showed her plans to Lyssa. "So. I have plans. Plans you aren't going to like."

She took a moment to let Lyssa read over it before continuing.  "In our team we will have two sets of partners we will perform our daily training with. One Melee fighter. And one ranged. Unfortunately. Mithra and I already know eachother to a T. So I had to pair her with Noir. And you can see where this is going can't you?" She took a moment to crack her neck, wanting to at least be comfortable if Lyssa blew up at her. "Doesn't give me any pleasure to say that not only will we be on a team together. We are going to be partners. In both training and in combat."
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After ordering her own two plain burgers and a water, Lyssa sat and looked down at the table, not showing any interest in the notebook that Mira was searching through. Even as the specific page was shown to her, she didn't really focus on it, instead opting to listen to what Mira had to say. The moment she mentioned their pairings, however, Lyssa looked her in the eye with a perplexed expression.

"Why are you so set on making us spend time together? Practicing is one thing, but partners? It's not like you couldn't work just fine with Noir." Holding her head in both hands, she let out a long groan. After a few more moments of letting it sink in, she shook her head. "Fuck it. Won't be the worst thing in the world. We're not even that far from getting out of this academy anyway..."

Would she really ditch her team the moment that they all became graduates? That was the original plan. At this point, she was starting to doubt that decision. All of this team training that they were now working on would be an absolute waste of time if she did. Months of painful cooperation would be thrown away. While she didn't have much of a desire to be around the three members of her team as of that moment, maybe it would end up being better than fighting alone forever.
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Mira shook her head in response. "I'm not doing this out of any desire to become friends or whatever. I doubt that would go well if I ordered you." Her train of thought was interrupted by their waitress returned with their drinks. Mira took a long sip of her root beer, gathering her thoughts on how to approach this without setting the other girl off. Honestly Mira herself would get pissed off if someone told her what she was about to say. The faunus shifted a bit, pulling her pocketbook back before she spoke up again. "You've known my sister long enough to figure out that she isn't going to have a problem bonding with anyone...Like. Ever.  Mira rested her chin in the palm of her hand, memories of her sister's overly friendly personality filling her mind. "She is basically a sentient hug. And No offense to Noir. But he seems like he'll take whatever friends he can get." With a sigh Mira began to absentmindedly twirl the straw in her glass. "That leaves us."

Mira looked back at Lyssa, deciding to stop beating around the bush. "Let's face it. When it comes to teamwork. We are the weak links here." Hopefully by including herself in that frankly insulting statement, it would lessen Lyssa's anger. "It doesn't matter if we get along with the other two if we keep fighting. Like I said before. We don't need ot be friends. Honestly I don't care if you even like me by the time we're done. But we should at least be able to be around one another without attempts at bodily harm and/or murder."
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While Mira may have expected anger, Lyssa didn't seem very fazed by the comment. "I don't doubt that the two of us aren't the greatest at teamwork. That's something that could be worked on, sure, though it wouldn't require as much time together as you seem to think it would." She shook her head. "And I already know that we're not going to actually try to seriously harm each other, especially not on the battlefield, where it matters. Because even if I do call you it on a regular basis, I don't actually think that you're that stupid."

Lyssa paused, picking up her glass of water and taking a few gulps. After she set it down and wiped her mouth, she folded her arms again, carrying on with speaking.

"Not that you should expect to not get hurt when we train, though...  'Cause that's gonna happen. Probably to both of us. I know we're supposed to hold back a lot, and I try, but y'know..." Occasionally beating the shit out of each other was inevitable. It had already happened, and while they were being kind as of right now, she doubted it would last. The two of them were absurdly terrible at anger management. While she couldn't think of a soft way to sum those thoughts up, she figured Mira would gather what she meant. "... We both have issues." Now that she had said it herself, she realized that maybe Mira had a point. This partner idea could end up being beneficial to both of them.
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Mita waited patiently as Lyssa explained all her problems with the idea. It honestly was all things she had thought about before. She had spent many a long night alone in the grounds arguing with her reflection about it.  She didn't want to be around Lyssa. She didn't want to be around Noir. She really didn't even want to be around Mithra. All she really wanted was to be left alone with her weapons and tools. Hell. She didn't even want to be a huntress to begin with. She wanted to be a weaponsmith. So then why did she even join? She always told herself it was to get easy access to materials and workshops but...she wasn't sure anymore. Either way her train of thought would have to be resumed later. She was in a conversation after all. "Guilty as charged....Sorry for shooting you with a point blank mortar." The apology wasn't entirely genuine, but it wasn't mocking either. And it was probably the best Lyssa was going to get out of her.

As joking as she was, Mira's expression changed when the other woman brought up their issues. All of a sudden the old pain began to flare up. It was long gone. But she could never forget it. Instinctively she clutched her burned arm in her hand, her fingers digging tightly into the bandages wrapped tightly around her wrist. "Yeah....We both have our damages don't we..." Fortunately she was saved from any questioning by the waitress returning with their food. The young Faunus let out a sigh of relief before taking her food with a thank you. She immediately took a bite and lost herself in the rich flavors of her burger. Stress eating wasn't exactly healthy. But damn did it feel good. 
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Lyssa easily noticed the peculiar reaction from Mira. The bandages remained a mystery, though the most obvious conclusion was that they hid some sort of scars. With how she had always desired to hide them, it was unlikely that they were earned in combat. Beyond that, she couldn't make too much of a specific assumption was to what she'd look like without the bandages. Regardless, the topic seemed like a potential weakness for Mira. While she said nothing on the matter, Lyssa made sure to keep that one in mind. For now, she simply wanted to focus on her food. Taking one of her burgers, she bit into it, beginning to eat as if she hadn't for days.
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Aaaaaaand here comes the awkward silence. God damnit I never know what to do with these. I mean we're both eating so I guess I can nothing." With that decided, Mira continued to enjoy her burger. Being a hunter did have it's perks, the constant extreme exercise made weight gain almost an impossibility, so she never really felt bad about having her snacks every now and again. She chased down another bite with a swig of her drink, her lack of table manners already apparent. She wasn't obnoxious as much as she simply had no need for formalities. Whatever was the quickest way to get her food inside of her, she took. After a few minutes, the silence grew too unbearable. So she ended up going with the first thing that popped into her head.

Leaning up against the back of the booth, Mira stretched her arms before looking at her new partner. "So, I'm curious. You've had a bit to spend with our new teammates. What are your thoughts on them? I'm curious what you make of Mithra especially." Returning his posture to a more relaxed one, she rested her elbow on the table with her chin resting in her palm. Her purple eyes looked up at Lyssa expectantly
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Lyssa kept her mouth shut while Mira complained about the supposedly awkward silence. Really, she just wanted to eat. That became clear when she devoured the burger in the brief few minutes of quiet, finishing off the last bit of it right before Mira's questioning began.

"Hm... They are weird. So are you." She let out a short laugh before shaking her head. "But nah, they're fine, I guess. I don't see Noir very much, but he's definitely the most capable blind person I've met. Not that it's a high bar to pass, really.." The woman readjusted herself in her seat again, muttering for a moment about how the relatively small booth was a 'retard' before continuing her train of thought.

"Right, and Mithra is... Well, I don't know. A little too bubbly, I guess? She never seems to stop smiling, it's almost unsettling. And the hugging is just... ugh. Why? Leave me some personal space, maybe?" For a moment, she hesitated, but she continued regardless. "Otherwise, I suppose she's got some useful talents when it comes to fighting. I'm mildly concerned about whether her size could be an exploitable weakness, but other than that, she doesn't strike me as being easily pushed over. And I've tried."

Recalling that trainwreck of a sparring match, she felt a light wave of rage pass through her mind, urging her to stop thinking about it.
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The faunus stared at her silently for a few moments with a completely blank expression, before unexpectedly bursting out into laughter. "Oh gods tell me about it. Every time I go to the infirmary I have to add a day or two just from that mountain fo meat crushing me in one of her death hugs. Honestly you got off lucky." Her bemused expression faded back into her normal demeanor as her mind also wandered back to their sparring match. "Her size? Possibly. She makes a pretty tasty target to any snipers out there. Not that she has much of a chance in a ranged battle anyway. Shes mainly there to be a meatshield and punch things. But damn if she isn't good at those two things." She picked up one of her fries and ate it halfmindedly, her attention still focused on the woman across from her. "Honestly I'm more interested in you. I don't know how to say this without it coming across either really fuckin sarcastic or kissass. But you have an interesting set of abilities. With Mithra and I its mainly just shoving her body to match my powers and weapons. But for you I am going to need a much deeper analysis. Mainly because of how much more versatile you seem."
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Lyssa didn't often share a meal with people, not to mention someone like Mira. At first, she could hardly bring herself to trust sleeping in the same room as this woman. The two argued, screamed and fought constantly. Yet here she was, sitting at the same table as her, having a casual conversation without losing her temper. It didn't occur to Lyssa just how unusual this was. That was probably for the best. The subject matter at hand made things a little easier, even if she didn't quite realize. Sure, they happened to be bitter rivals. First and foremost, however, they were partners. As much as that fact stung.

The redhead let a drawn-out sigh out from between her closed lips as she considered how to best answer the question. "... Gee. 'Meatshield' is usually my go-to. Let me think," she offered with a brief pause before following up. "Alright, so, generally speaking... Hrmm... Truth be told, my way of doing things is centered mostly around me. Yeah yeah, self-centered, haha, don't fucking say it... I've been in and out of teams, I'm sure you know that. Now I really only rely on myself 'cause, for a while, that's all I could do."

She stopped again, seemingly reflecting on that last part for a little bit before shrugging it off. "I try to be adaptable, I guess. Beyond that, if there's one thing I can do right, it's hitting things hard. I try to just... do that?" Saying it out loud, Lyssa couldn't help but feel a little incompetent. Everyone needed a battle strategy, but if your most reliable strategy was as simple as hitting them, what else was there to say? Several more moments passed as she tried to think of ways to elaborate. "That about sums it up. More specifically... Slow things get the axe. Fast things can eat my pole or fuck off. If they like to stay away, I shoot 'em. My semblance makes it easy to camp out and wait for them to come back. The walls can make for good platforms, too. Dunno if that sparks your imagination at all."

Whether or not the shared information would do Mira any good was yet to be seen. However, one thing had surely become apparent to them both: There was a long list of reasons as to why Lyssa was not team leader material.
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"Relax. I'm not going to go for the obvious jokes here. I have standards." She stopped for a second before remembering some of the bottom barrel insults shes thrown her teammates way before. The faunas slumped back into her booth before taking another fry out of her basket. "Addendum. I have some standards," she said before popping it into her mouth. Yet as nonchalant as this action seemed, Mira was taking careful note of her compatriots reactions. If anything could be said about Mira she was at least observant. "All business aside its nice to have some common ground at least. Keeps her from bitching me out every 6 minutes."

As cool as the girl tried to play it, her eyes and ears betrayed her emotions when the redhead brought up her battle plan. Her lackadaisical mood dissipated as she quickly transcribed Lyssa's explanation into her scroll. She pulled up a second screen holding her notes on Mithra, and began writing down comparisons and differences between the two. If the other huntress said anything after that Mira wouldn't have even noticed, her mind was far too busy making connections between weapons and semblances to care. It became so consuming that an entire minute passed with pure silence. Only a popup with a message shook Mira out of her trance. As her eyes quickly darted back to her partner only a single word ran through her head. "Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck." She quickly buried herself in the scroll once again, making last minute adjustments as the faunus berated herself. "You idiot. How many times have you been warned about spacing out. Whatever its fine. Just pretend this was meant to happen."

With a flick of her wrist the scroll was tossed into Mira's open bag as she locked eyes with Lyssa. "Well then. Considering you were," the woman caught her tongue in her teeth, catching herself from saying something that most probably would have pissed off the redhead, "....surprisingly honest with me. I guess I better be straight with you then." While she hid it mostly well, the subtle changes in her body language were clear to anyone who looked close enough. The tenseness of her muscles and stiffness of her movements belied how uncomfortable she was sharing about herself. "If you tell anyone I said this I will absolutely suffocate you in your sleep. But if we fought one on one you would destroy me. While my size lets me take some decent hits. I have no real options in close quarters other than come attacks to create distance. I am a medium and long range fighter to the core."  Her bandaged hand slid over to her bag and returned with a tiny speck of fire and water dust. "Even my semblance cant be used correctly with someone bearing down on me. There's a reason I didn't use it in full strength in our fight. I didn't want to hurt you and the blind dude." Her other hand produced a lighter from her pocket and flicked it open. "don't get me wrong. We both know I'd be taking out my ass if I said we didn't get off punching eachother in the face. But I mean actually hurt you. It's just that my power is that destructive." A flash and the table was lit by the small flame in the faunas' hand as she held the dust to her lips. She closed her eyes and blew, a small puff of mist escaping her pursed lips. The moment the seemingly minuscule vapors hit the flame in her hand, a flash of flame lit the space between them, going off with a loud pop. Luckily the place was mostly empty, but they did get some stares from the staff around them. Ignoring their looks Mira just laid her chin in her hand and focused on her partner. "I literally breathe bombs."
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Lyssa didn't pay much mind to her as she spaced out. At first she was a little perplexed, but it became obvious that Mira wasn't paying Lyssa any attention. She could use a break from this conversation anyway. Lyssa took the opportunity to steal a couple of fries from her distracted teammate. She hadn't ordered any for herself, as they were terrible for the strict diet that she worked very hard to maintain, but damn, they tasted good. She eyed the second burger that she had ordered, still wrapped up... As tempting as that was, she could go hungry for a little while longer. Lyssa's attention was brought away from food and back to Mira as she seemed to come out of her trance. She listened closely as Mira went on about herself.

"... Huh." Lyssa had to muster up every ounce of willpower that she could in order to avoid smiling as Mira admitted that the match-up between them was rather one-sided. She managed to keep her expression in check, though the statement had still inflated her already enormous ego just a little bit more. It wasn't a feeling that would last very long, as the memory of their first brawl always fresh in her mind. Part of her had to wonder... If they ever did have a one-on-one duel, would Mira also go down kicking, screaming and swearing as she had? Trying to imagine that painted a pretty clear picture of it in her mind. However, she had more important (and less amusing) things to think about at the moment. She watched Mira make a scene by setting off a miniature gas bomb in public, though surprisingly enough, it didn't tick her off. She suddenly had an idea for strategy, and given how rare that was, she wanted to share.

"Alright, there's something. I think I'd manage to take one of those explosions if I set up some of my barricades. Hell, surviving it is good enough. That'll give you a little more room to blow shit up if things get bad." She took a sip of her water, set it back down, then leaned back as much as she could manage in their crappy booth. "That'd come in handy for me... Can't say the same about everyone else, you included. Seems like it'd be easy to hurt yourself."

That train of thought managed to bring Lyssa around to an... interesting conclusion. She wasn't sure how accurate her assumption was, or even if this was a subject best left untouched. Never one for careful planning or caution, she decided to simply ask. What could possibly go wrong?

"... Oh, is that why you wear those bandages?" Lyssa's unflinching eyes were locked on Mira's as she posed the question, the woman casually taking a sip of her water.