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Title: Mark Cassini
Post by: nathan67003 on September 21, 2017, 05:58:33 AM

Name: Mark Cassini

Age: 28, born 7th of Machlud, 53 AC

Species and Gender: Male human

Symbol:  A stylized "Cassini" (a.k.a. his last name)

Occupation: Delivery driver and owner of Cassini Deliveries, Inc.

Appearance: Standing at about 6’/1.83 metres and 200 lbs/90kg or so, Charles is a rather well-built man. His fitness levels are pretty much uniform all over. His somewhat sharp features are usually covered by some 5 ‘o clock shadows which he ‘can never entirely shave off’. His voice is deep and soft, although you wouldn’t exactly want him to sing you a lullaby if you like nights without nightmares. Right-handed, his skin looks paler than average, though people like that aren’t exactly uncommon in Vale (and even less so in Atlas). His short (less than 3”/7 cm) black hair is more often than not kept well-groomed, contrasting with his very light blue eyes. His face is expressive and almost always smiling.

He can be found wearing any combo of jeans and long-sleeved shirt imaginable, although he tends to stay away from garishly bright colours. He has a small pocket watch - no chain - that doesn’t look like that a pocket watch would in most people’s minds. It’s basically just a normal watch, but without the wristband or any places to attach them. Also worthy of note is the store-bought gun and holster on his right hip.

History: Charles was born in the Faunus-laden underbelly of Atlas to two loving parents: one human and one Faunus. When he was born without any discernable Faunus traits, they were glad; perhaps he’d be able to live a better life than them, in time (even though the father was human, the mere fact that he loved a Faunus was sufficient grounds to marginalize him). Speaking of life, it was hard, what they called home was full of holes and unbelievably cold, but they were, for what it’s worth, happy.

Around Charles’ fifth birthday (he was too young to remember the exact date), his parents went out to the mines, like they usually did. It was pretty much the only source of income they could get. However, that day, there was an accident at the mine; not only did his parents die, but the everybody within did. He was taken in by a neighbouring family for a while until he could go into the mines himself. He spent the following years toiling away, slowly gathering enough money to eventually leave.

When he was about 22, he had enough money to not only leave, but also settle anew. By this time, most of his friends and the people he knew were either long gone, haaving chosen to leave as early as possible, or were raising families themselves, 'life happens' and all that. When he arrived in Vale, his chosen destination, he picked up a cheap apartment and worked for a while as a dock worker; after having accumulated enough financial resources, he bought himself a small truck and a gun and created his own little courrier and delivery service. He's been living comfortably in Vale ever since.

Personality: Charles displays a very, very upbeat mindset, although not so much that he screams it to the world. It mostly shows by his polite, kind demeanor to everyone. The vast majority of his clients are very appreciative of the time he takes to listen to them and make his service as customized to their needs as possible. His reputation isn't very big, but he is somewhat well-known among people who require courrier or small delivery services on a regular basis.

Aura and Semblance: Mark has, for all intents and purposes, nonexistant Aura of a dark grey colour. His semblance, locked and entirely undevelopped, allows him to run very, very fast, at the cost of being almost entirely incapable of turning.

Combat Behavior:  Either aim and apply a liberal amount of bullets or back away before aiming and applying a liberal amount of bullets. Decent strength for a civvie, can do a basic punch without much effort. Will attempt to run/climb up walls or something to get away if being cornered - if he indeed gets cornered, he'll just empty all his clips. Unless the enemy pauses or something, in which case he's not certain he'd die and all. He's got terrible aim beyond close range and hasn't even been in a single barfight in his entire life.


Name: N/A

Primary Form: A store-bought pistol. Somewhat large caliber, packs a decent punch. 10 rounds per clip. Comes with a quality leather holster.

Dust Functions: Can accept standardized Dust ammo. (He usually uses non-Dust, though, since it's less expensive)

History: Bought at Ammo Nation 3 hours after Mark bought his truck.
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A normal character...from Nathan...WHAAAAAA?????? ;)

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