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Title: Sins of the Past, Mistakes of the Present (Closed)
Post by: ArosFarron on December 17, 2017, 07:11:56 AM
Having just finished watching the news report, Merletta began to go through her list of contacts. She found three others who either she knew were reliable or they owed something to her. After giving each other them a call, she left her shop and went to a small seedy pub. She waited in the back of the pub, smoking and going over the news report on her scroll. She managed to get the recording through some of her old contacts. She noticed the attack matched one of her old assignments. "This is not what it seems. We ended that program. Something is not right." She was focused on the video footage that she could not tell when someone arrived.
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Post by: arcus_gray on December 18, 2017, 10:55:46 AM
Cerulean was looking over a bounty board when he received a call on his scroll. Flipping his scroll out of his pocket he saw that it was from Merletta Yoru and answered immediately.  "Hello Merletta. It's been a while. Yeah, i do still owe you a favor. Why? Go figure this wasn't just a call to say hello. Choosing the bar we met in though, Never thought you were the sentimental type. Lucky for you I'm actually in Vale at the moment. I'll be there." With the call ending Cerulean turned on his heel to make his way to the bar where he and merletta had first met. Shit. Am I still banned? Guess I'll find out soon enough.[/color]
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Post by: Riven on December 21, 2017, 07:21:17 AM
This was, admittedly, not the kind of place that Budonoki would normally find himself, given the choice. The haze of smoke in the air made his lungs itch, and the stares of the patrons as he entered were almost palpable -- it is, after all, not everyday you see an old man in a Mistrali combat gi and cone-shaped rice hat step into a questionable gin joint. Conversations fell silent, and even without looking the old surgeon could tell there were distrustful glares being cast his way. He could imagine more than a few of his students saying that this seemed like the opening to a bad kung fu film... and they wouldn't be entirely wrong, in all honesty. He was very, very much out of his element here.

How he wished Merletta had opted to meet in a nice park or tea shop instead. Not her style, however -- he knew that well enough.

Finding a seat towards the opposite corner of the room, Budonoki decided it was best to pull out his Scroll and sent a text even though he could see Merletta not far away. [I've arrived, but I'm afraid I stand out like a sore thumb here. Your message sounded urgent -- what can I do to assist?]
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Post by: Mikelobmike on December 21, 2017, 01:24:31 PM
It was foolish to think that matters of this nature would take place in a reputable location. Nevertheless, Justice was hopeful that whatever business would need to be had here would end quickly. Justice did not frequent bars. Not his style. He preferred wine and room to breathe. Justice entered past an argument with the bouncer. Not even two steps into the bar, and there was already far too much noise.

It would have been easy for Justice to stick out in the patronage. One usually does not go to this kind of pub in a suit, after all. In this scenario, the attention was directed elsewhere. Surprisingly, one of the professors from the school was in the bar. It seemed out of character from what he knew of Dr. Budonoki, but the hearsay was that he was an...enigmatic sort. One would have thought men of science would be above the type of establishment they were in, but there they both were.

It was easy enough to figure out where Merletta was. There were few women in the bar, and only one that did not seem to have any man approaching her. Justice went to her corner of the bar and pulled up a chair. He was normally not one to smoke, it tended to linger in the fabric of his jacket. This scenario would be an exception, as he pulled out a silver lighter and lit a cigarette. "Well, Miss Yoru, it seems you have quite the predicament. I am glad you accepted the deal." Justice said, smiling with the cigarette between his gloved fingers.
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Post by: ArosFarron on January 03, 2018, 11:16:23 AM
Having seen everyone arrive, Merletta sent a smoke clone to sit next to the professor and opened a file. She sent it to each of the members of her makeshift team. The file contained information on the assassination targets that had been happening, a copy of the security footage that was shown on the news from the latest assassination,  as well a dossier on the different methods of each attack, all under the name Sunset. She then opened a small speech to text program to include the professor in on the conversation with the other two, as her clone would say everything she said. "Thank you all for coming. As you probably saw on the news last night, there was another attack on a high profile figure in Remnant. As you will see in the file I gave you, I have strong instincts that these could be the work of an old organization my team was hired by the kingdoms to stop. That organization was Sunset, a group led by the Darkwood family. A family whose line goes well before the Color War. Sunset wanted to change the world, for their sake. There is a lot to go into here. To summarize it, they were making weapons and torture devices for enemies of the kingdoms with hopes of gaining enough of a monetary status to start overthrowing one of the kingdoms through the lowest level. They believed in complete global eradication of anyone who did not see their ways. They were so focused on purity that years of selective breeding left only two siblings in charge of Sunset since. Each and every one of the devices and tactics used by this current assassin match several created and tested by Sunset. The thing is, the only ones who know about Sunset are the remained of my team and those in some of the highest positions of each kingdom, and now, of course, you three. I have a small suspision for who is behind these. When my team disbanded, one of us wanted to continue our work to try to bring those who wronged others to justice. I sent him to a therapist and eventually everything worked out. However, after Sam's untimely death at the hands of Fresno and her group, something snapped in Keen's mind. See, Keen was my brother-in-law so the death of his sister hit him hard. I been trying to get in contact with him for a long time, but i don't want to rule him out about using Sunset technology and ideals. After you all read the Dossier, let me know what you think our next course of action. I have ideas and contacts. How we progress from here is up to you. If you want to back out now, due to this being almost considered a black mission, by all means go ahead, I will up hold my end of what ever bargin we agreed to." Merletta explained as she flashed different files and photos of Sunset and the torture devices through her scroll, mirroring the images on everyone's scrolls.
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Post by: arcus_gray on January 06, 2018, 10:03:38 AM
 "I know that they won't serve me but I don't want a drink I just have to- " Cerulean's argument with the bouncer was cut off when he noticed Merletta's smoke clone standing nearby.  "Sorry buddy. Look like I'm out of time to argue with you."  Cerulean then snapped a punch into the bouncer's face causing him to recoil. He followed the strike with an open palmed strike into the man's chin knocking him out. As the man fell Cerulean stepped in to catch him ensuring he suffered no additional trauma hitting the ground. 

With that put of the way Cerulean turned and walked in heading over to Merletta and some Ozzy Osborne looking motherfucker guy in a suit. Taking a seat Cerulean listened in on what was said.  "You sure knowledge is still that contained? It wouldn't surprise me to hear that someone high in a government was doing shady shit. Especially if they were Atlesian."
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Post by: Riven on January 09, 2018, 07:50:44 AM
Budonoki found himself surprised by the arrival of Meletta's smoke-self, having quite nearly forgotten that she could do that; a second surprise came as a stranger deftly knocked out the bouncer mere moments later, then made his way over to their "host". For his part, the old Faunus kept his head down -- he knew he wouldn't be unnoticed, but with the ruckus there was at least something else to keep the patron's attentions.

And how the surprises kept coming. Sunset. Darkwood. Those were shadows that the old surgeon had thought banished long ago. He couldn't talk about it, of course, but Budonoki had been called upon by the same council that had dispatched Metletta and her team to confront all of this in the first place, though his role at the time has been merely that of an expert analyst and adviser. What he'd seen in the pre-mission data, and later in what scraps had been recovered for analysis... the things that Sunset had done, the way they'd tinkered with human and faunus anatomy in pursuit of better weapons and torture implements... he shivered at the thought of such nightmarish things.

If Sunset's methods were still out there, if any of the things they had made were still being used... suddenly, Merletta's questions to him at the winter holiday formal took on a grave, imminent importance. The old faunus' hands shook just thinking about it, and it was only with some effort that he was able to restrain the impulse. The effort became far greater as he paged through the files she'd sent him, seeing for himself the connections that worried her so.

"Gods preserve us..." The words, whispered, slipped his lips without him even meaning for them to. If even half of what Merletta had here was accurate, then matters were dire indeed.

Taking a deep breath, he typed out the only question that truly mattered at the moment. [How can I help?]
Title: Re: Sins of the Past, Mistakes of the Present (Closed)
Post by: ArosFarron on January 15, 2018, 08:32:51 AM
Hearing the questions, Merletta sighed. "To answer your question Cerulean, the information required five passwords to be entered at the same time. One for each of the kingdoms and a fifth controlled by me. The only reason I have these plans and readouts is because I back up all the information to keep it in one place. I know how the kingdoms work, each one would sell those plans or use them. What we need to do is find out how the information got out. As for you, Professor, I brought you on because you know just how dangerous Sunset and the Darkwood family are. If they truly are back, you and I might need to step in. Everything we need to know is in the Dossier." She explained everything to the group and waited for more questions before she gave ideas for various plans to solve her issue. She did have a small suspicion that the group was being watched.
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Post by: Mikelobmike on January 17, 2018, 06:48:17 PM
It would have been profitable for Justice to walk away at this point. He had what he was looking for, and he did not have to do anything else. Just a trip to a dilapidated bar and about an hour of travel time spent to get a plethora of information. But, he knew he was never going to walk away from this. Selective breeding, treason, and torture are not things that you learn in the classroom. You will never find the course at Beacon. If he wanted to get any information on the operations and techniques of groups like these, he was going to have to see it for himself. Field research, if you will.

"I believe I may be of...some assistance. I have to say, attempting to overthrow a kingdom monetarily takes a substantial amount of ambition and influence." Justice said, ignoring the slight on his homeland for the time being.
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" So you made easily accessible backups? And what makes you so sure no one else did? That said what're the four of us going to do if it is someone on a council. Who do you think it is?"
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Budonoki nodded at the thought of Merletta's precautions. She was right -- individually, no one of the kingdoms could've been trusted to keep the Sunset files under wrap, so requiring consensus and Merletta's own say-so was the smart approach. Her having a private backup of the files was... concerning, admittedly, but she had been instrumental in the group's downfall and knew better than to underestimate them. No, he could reason that she would not be so sloppy as to allow such terrifying information to fall into the wrong hands.

Which left but three possibilities: either the main data vault had been breached somehow, a remnant of Sunset had escaped and was operating once more... or Merletta's fears about her brother-in-law were justified. None of those options set the old surgeon well at ease.

He'd have to send a message to Beacon, let them know he was taking a brief leave of absence -- this would certainly not be resolved overnight. He wished he could share more, bring his coworkers in to aid this effort, but it just wasn't wise. The more people who knew what was going on the greater the risk of something going terribly awry. He would need to play this one close to his chest for now, at least until things came more clearly into focus.

He heard the questions of the others, of course -- the chief benefit of his large ears. He knew of young Justice, though doubted the two had ever actually met, at most having passed each other in the school's many halls at some point. His words carried an edge of poise and perceptive curiosity that made the faunus wonder what interest this most risky of endeavors held for him. Even so, his observation was right: Sunset's roots had run deep, and there was no guaranteeing they had truly been torn up in their entirety. Cerulean was new to him but Budonoki was picking up traces of a Vacuoan accent in his voice, and he understood where the querying about information and suspects came from. This puzzle was going to require a great deal of putting together.

For now, however, he stayed quiet, letting the others take the lead while he listened and watched their surroundings. His instincts were telling him to be wary...
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While the discussions were happening in the bar, across the street, a figure moved across rooftops. While the figure looked nimble, it had a tattered cloak and a large rifle-style weapon hung from its back. After a moment of setting up, the figure laid down on a rooftop across from the window that Merletta's "group". It slung the weapon off it's back and took aim, after loading some glowing rounds into it.

"I keep backups in case the server goes down. The passwords are randomized every 60 days. The kingdoms do not download and make back ups due to fear of the other kingdoms finding out. Since I have no loyal ties to any of the kingdoms, I was the one chosen to keep a back up. I also purge my back up files every week. But we have more important matters. Look around you, notice how no one has made any movements other then what appears to be normal. Something is not right here." Merletta waved to the bartender, who did not even acknowledge her. Merletta sent the shadow of herself that was with the professor to the bartender and began to question him. Eventually after enough talking, the bartender gave enough information to her for her next move. Dismissing the shadow and putting a speaker on the chat between her and the professor, she stood up and slowly moved to the rest of the patrons. She whispered to each of them and the slowly left out the back. Making her way back to the booth, a shot was fired through the window and a glowing rod of fire dust hit the back to the bar, shattering the bottles of liqour behind it, igniting a fire. A couple more shots were fired before a small gas canister ruptured. "Get out of here. NOW!" Merletta said as she filled the from of the bar near the booth with enough smoke to allow the others to get out as she moved around trying to put the blazes out. She knew whose weapon this was. A rod of nothing but dust being fired out of a rifle, there was no doubt in her mind. It was Keen.
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There was a point during the exchange where Justice realized that his life was about to get quite a bit stranger. Having people with the full intention to kill you for perfectly valid reasons was endearing to the boy, as it made his contributions seem to matter that much more. There was not much in the way of time to dwell on that feeling, however. Justice felt a sudden need to get some fresh air, sparked by the bar suddenly erupting into an ocean of fire.

Justice quickly left his seat, his cigarette falling to the ground. There seemed to be little need to put it out at the moment. With his walking stick in hand, he headed for the back of the bar. Conventional wisdom said that there would be a back exit, and he was not going to try and get over the swarm of people heading for the front door.
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Cerulean had been sitting and listening until suddenly a shot came through the window and set the whole fucking bar on fire.  "Son of a bitch." Really wish I'd brought my damn weapon now. Whatever I can catch this fucker without it. Cerulean leaped from his seat dashing across the bar and straight out the window the shot had come through looking up onto the rooftops as he rolled out into the street.
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As Merletta began quietly ushering the bar patrons out, the knot in Budonoki's stomach only wound tighter. Eyes narrowing and ears twitching ever so slightly, he could almost sense the danger in the air. Merletta clearly had the measure of the situation -- following her lead was best, but he couldn't help but try to read into it further. Was she trying to clear the room? It seemed so. Was their group about to be attacked?

The first red-hot rod of Dust that came crashing down answered that question with perfect clarity.

Everything afterwards happened at exceptional speed, including him. As fiery bolts rained down one after another into the bar the professor quickly grabbed up his Scroll and moved back behind the provided smokescreen, narrowly dodging a shot that came within inches of clipping his whiskers. Budo was no frequent patron of bars but he knew that all city buildings needed fire protection, doubly so because flammables were stored here. It didn't take long to spot a handheld fire extinguisher mounted next to a fire alarm lever. One would be virtually useless on its own, the other would overwhelm his senses... but that didn't mean he couldn't salvage something useful. Dismantling the extinguisher was quick and easy work -- as it used a combination of steam and ice Dust it was, effectively, like any cartridge-based weapon and thus designed to have it's Dust core removed and exchanged. He looked up just in time to see Cerulean crash through the front window; it was a madman's gamble, dashing out into a sniper's line of fire like that! If he didn't get help, odds were good he'd get himself killed. "Merletta, catch!" If she applied her Aura directly to the Dust core -- or combined its power with her Semblance -- this fire would be out in short order. Hopefully then she could do something about their over-eager comrade; Budonoki, for his part, had his own charge to attend to.

Catching up with Justice, the professor fell into lock-step just behind him until they found their way to the rear exit. "Be careful -- they're likely expecting us to leave this way." Even if it was a trap, though, there wasn't much choice in the matter -- staying put was suicidal, and trying to rush whatever gunner had ambushed them was likely to just make the group easier targets. As a teacher at Beacon he couldn't very well let a student, even one as experienced and capable as Justice was, take this path alone. With any luck their attackers weren't truly prepared to face a veteran Huntsman and an ace student in tandem.
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Taking the extinguisher, Merletta nodded at the professor. She let a small amount of her smoke into the device. She placed it in the center of the room, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She walked to the window by the exit, loaded her pistol, aimed at the extinguisher and fired. Upon the device exploding, Merletta dived out the window and quickly glanced at the rooftops. She saw the way Keen was headed and took off, leaving one of her smoke clones at the scene to help with evacuation. She followed him on foot until she found a fire escape three blocks down. Climbing up, she confronted who she though was Keen. "Keen. Stop" She shouted. The figure stopped and lowered it's hood. To Merletta's shock, it was not Keen. Who stood before her was a tall, blonde fox faunus woman. But something seemed wrong, the woman's right arm, left leg and right eye were more robotic. The woman was, in Merletta's eyes, unmistakable to her former wife,Samantha. She holstered her pistol and walked up to the woman. "Sam? But, you're dead. How......Why?" She slowly approached the woman. "Sam" did not respond to the name rather, she looked at Merletta and readying a fighting stance. "Target acquired. Huntress known as The Shadow sighted. Eliminate at all costs." The woman announced in a semi modulated voice. She charged at Merletta, as Merletta dodged each attack. The sounds could be heard across the block. Eventually, the woman got the better of Merletta and kicked her off the rooftop. Acting quickly, Merletta summoned a smoke clone to take the fall while she grabbed onto a window ledge. The other woman looked over to see the smoke clone hit the ground. "Target neutralized. Project Sunrise, returning to base." She reported to someone as she ran across the rooftops until she appeared to phase out.

Merletta jumped down off the ledge and searched of the others. Eventually, after finding the Professor, she collapsed along the side of a wall near him, panting and holding her side. There was a small stain of blood on her overshirt. "Professor, I think what we feared has come to pass. I thought I saw her. I thought I saw Sam." She spoke before she passed out.
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Seeing the cloaked figure heading across the rooftops Cerulean pursued from ground level, falling behind slightly until he heard the sounds of a struggle on the rooftop nearby and ran to help out. Assuming one of the others had found the target. He arrived just in time to see Merletta thrown from the roof. Dashing forward he created a clone in his path to give him a leg-up and throw him up onto the roof passing by a falling clone of Merletta along with the real one as he did so. It was too little too late though as the woman was already running and phased from existence before he caught up. Annoyed and now several roofs away from everyone else Cerulean turned on his heel with an annoyed grunt as he begun walking back towards where Merletta had fallen.
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The one piece of good news in this scenario was that the back door was indeed in the direction that Justice believed. If it were unlocked, it would have been especially good. Noticing Budonoki behind him reaffirmed his confidence in the course of action. "Yes, professor. Now's when it gets interesting." he said, taking a brief moment before kicking the door. The deadbolt ripped through the wood behind it, leaving the door close to being fully open. A quick use of Justice's semblance did not give him anyone on the other side, only Budonoki.

A second kick had the door busting open, Justice quickly moving to the wall adjacent to the door. Time was an issue, but not being shot was a priority. Justice turned around just in time to see Merletta start heading toward the front. "Lovely." he muttered, rushing out the door before the explosion rocked the building. A quick scan of the nearby rooftops showed little of note. The shots had to be coming from the front of the bar. Where, conveniently, the sound of a commotion was coming from. Justice readied his weapon and followed Budonoki down the alleyway.
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Seeing Merletta, exhausted to the point of collapsing, coming their way immediately filled Budonoki with concern... and the words that followed affirmed the worst of his fears. "Those mad fools..." He muttered to himself, thinking of the horrendous violations that their adversary could have undertaken in order to bring about such a thing. First looking about warily, he then crouched down next to Merletta, about to ask for more information just as her head drooped and she passed out. A quick check of her vitals confirmed she was merely unconscious. That spot of blood worried him, however. Shrapnel?

"We cannot stay here -- we are too exposed. Even if the enemy has left they may later seek to pick up our tracks; we must get her, and ourselves, somewhere safe." His gaze turned to Justice. "My apartment is too public, and my office at the academy would draw far too much attention right now. Any ideas?"
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"I have an idea." A voice called out from down the alley. A tall hulking mass of a man stood before them. He was covered in head to toe in a tattered cloak. He walked over to Merletta and picked her up. "My name is Alexander Keen. I worked with Mrs. Yoru when we were younger. If I remember right, this alley has an enterance to a safe house the Kingdoms gave us. Follow me."
The man motioned to a small wall deeper into the alley. He placed his hand on a brick as a small key pad appeared. He entered a code and the wall opened. Motioning to everyone in. While the door was open, Alexander moved Merletta to a small operating table, removed the tore and a damaged part of her overshirt, and proceeded to being recovering Merletta.
The safe house looked just like that, a safe house. The whole building was dimmly lit, with no windows. Along the back wall, there were monitors lined along it, watching all possible exits and even the rooftops. The kitchen looked as though it had not been used in years, the only bright light was coming from the operating room, as Alexander was busy with Merletta. Most of the build was covered in dust and cobwebs.