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Title: Pollination Appreciation [Complete]
Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 09:28:40 AM
The weekend was the perfect time for a quick trip into town. It'd been a fairly easy flight for Prism, bolstered by the both the day's natural breeze and her own. Dropping into the flower shop hadn't been a spontaneous decision - instead the leader of Team Casanova had been pondering how to properly express her appreciation for a good while now. It'd taken some searching and a very determined bee-faunus florist after hearing the decision, but eventually Prism had managed to find exactly what she'd been looking for: a small bouquet of purple, pink, and white hyacinth. The precious parcel is currently clasped behind the young woman's back.

Prism's determined to make this a nice surprise.

The hummingbird faunus owes Jocelyn a lot after that first mission. Not only had she been integral to keeping the team in fighting order for that final push, but also for getting Prism's head back on her shoulders in the process of losing it to a stream of memories - especially at the cost of the remainder of her own aura, and subsequent consciousness. You don't see selflessness like that everyday, and the small woman's been wracked with guilt since the mission. These flowers were the first step to a real thank you, and hopefully a better relationship with the team's medic. Besides, who doesn't like receiving flowers?

Prism pops open the door with the small plaque embedded with "CASA", sticking just her head around the corner to check for her teammate. Jocelyn had been here, last she'd seen - aha! "Heya, Josie! Hope you don't mind me dropping in on you, despite the fact we like, uh. Share the room. Right! Anyways, have a minute to spare for your team leader?" The question is presented with a pretty smile - hopefully she won't mind the spontaneous nickname. Prism leans around the doorway to ask the question, keeping the majority of her body - and subsequently the bouquet - out of view for now.
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 09, 2018, 10:50:07 AM
It'd been a while since her first, real experience of a Beacon mission. While it definitely didn't disappoint, Jocelyn was not at all eager to leap straight into another one, instead preferring to take time off to relax. Which was what she was currently doing--lying on her bed in the most comfortable position she could find and wearing equally comfortable clothes, consisting of a fluffy, long dressing gown and not much else. Beside her bed was a bottle of water and books on more traditional medicine, ready for consumption--well, not literally in the latter's case.

Just when she was reaching for the stack next to her, the door popped open unexpectedly, eliciting a surprised "eep!" from the girl and almost knocking the pile over, causing Jocelyn to frantically scramble to hold the books upright. After sighing in relief as the stack stopped wobbling like jelly, she noticed their team leader Prism in the doorway, half-in half-out of their room. "For our courageous team leader? All the time in the world!" she replied cheerily, willingly leaving the comfort of her bed to stand in the middle of the room.
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Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 11:36:09 AM
Her reply gets a more sincere grin out of Prism, alongside stepping inside the doorway. Her arms are still crossed behind her back to hold the bouquet, and she purposefully fluff up her wings a bit more - it should be enough to hide it from the team's medic. "Thanks for letting me bother you while you read! I wanted to drop by and say some stuff, if you don't mind. Was thinking over the initiation mission in my head and thinking about how it went, and well, had a bit of a realization. You did an utter shitton for us there, and even more for me. So, uh - wanted to give a proper thanks."
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 09, 2018, 12:24:01 PM
"Just doing my duty as a medic." Jocelyn says, showing her bashful side. Still, she noticeably brightens from being thanked, straightening up with pride. "I don't really deserve it--all of you pulled your own weight, and mine too when I succumbed to my own Aura of all things..." Even now, thinking of it made her feel both shamed and guilty--she wasn't able to help in the fighting, and couldn't continue tending to her patient. "So, I have to thank you as well, Prism."
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Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 12:29:36 PM
As Jocelyn speaks and thanks her as well, Prism's eyes visibly widen - the happy smile becomes a lopsided, softer grin, and there's a certain flush to her cheeks at the woman's praise. "I, um - heh, well - I still managed to have a panic attack in the middle of a mission when I was supposed to be leading you all, and you spent the last of your aura to calm me down and get me a clear head - well, literally. Yeah. Usually those are... a lot worse, admittedly. So, um. I wanted to properly thank you!"

In a bold move, Prism brings the bouquet of hyacinths out from behind her back, presenting them to the medic with the same happy grin. "The flower felt appropriate, given the name of - well, your rifle. So yeah, these are for you."
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 09, 2018, 01:28:39 PM
The carefully selected, beautiful hyacinths brought a warm blush to Jocelyn's cheeks, colouring them a cute pink hue. Hesitantly, she took the bouquet from Prism with both hands, taking a deep sniff of the fresh flowers. The sweet smell brought back precious memories of picking the same flowers with her mother, before she was exposed to the harsh reality of Remnant. For a moment, she lost herself in her flashbacks, then embraced Prism without hesitation. "They're beautiful," she whispered. "Thank you so, so much..."

She was too engrossed to notice the boy about to walk into the room, the same height as Coco, freeze and do a double take, before striding forward and laying a forceful hand on Prism's shoulder. "Who are you, and what are you doing to my sister?" the boy growled.
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Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 04:44:30 PM
Oh wow, she blushed. Prism watches as she carefully takes the hyacinths and breathes them in, letting her take the moment and enjoy the memories - her own blush slightly increasing in response to Jocelyn's words alongside the smile as it grew. "No problem." is murmured as she's drawn into the hug, moving without complaint - letting her arms wrap around her teammate in return.

She's soft. Compared to Prism's own skinny ass, Jocelyn's all soft.

That's all Prism has time to notice though - not before dangerous footsteps and an iron-grip hand lands on her shoulder. Taller than her - strong - dangerous tone - Prism's wings flick out to their full 6-foot length directly behind her, aiming to startle him off her back so she can draw out of Jocelyn's arms and whirl around, reaching for the steel box at the back of her -

Ah, fuck. Hawk's Eye is on the shelf.

Then Prism pauses, finally processing the words the boy said. Sister?Taking a confusing moment to look from the newcomer, back to Jocelyn, and to the newcomer again. "Okay, so there's two Antiquas, that's good to know. Um, hi! I'm glad to inform you you can chill the fuck out dude, I'm teammate - Prism, Prism Skylark. Before you ask, the flowers are a thank you - she really helped out my ass during Team Casanova's initiation, and they seemed appropriate given the name of her rifle. So... hi! Nice to meet you, Jocelyn's brother. He is uh, related to you, right?" A slightly-worried glance is sent in Jocelyn's direction, looking for confirmation.
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 09, 2018, 05:03:48 PM
Before another single word could be spoken, Jocelyn marched right up to the boy and slapped him across the face. Hard. "You can't just come up to someone and threaten them like that, no matter the situation! Have you lost all your manners since coming to Beacon?" She let that sink in for a few seconds before letting a fond smile return to her face, before giving the boy an intimate hug. "I've missed you, Setsuna."

Her brother ruffled her hair, murmuring "I missed you too, Jocelyn." They kept the contact up for a moment before remembering there was a third party in the room. Turning to Prism, Setsuna took a knee. "My apologies for my behaviour, Prism. I was coming to check up on my sister since I had heard they finished their initiation, and I was not expecting to meet another member of her team. Forgive me." he said seriously, bowing his head in apology.
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Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 05:14:40 PM
As Jocelyn slapped him across the face, Prism takes another step back. It's four more steps to Hawk's Eye, she could make it with a burst of wings if she moves fast enough and then - oh. Okay. They're hugging now? Prism stands awkwardly as the siblings embrace, but waits until they disengage and Setsuna turns to apologize. She appears slightly perturbed as he kneels in front of her, but the apology is sincere it seems. Okay Prism, time to lower the tension.

"Dude, you're fine. It's nice to meet you - though it'll be like, a lot easier to talk if you stand up. I know I'm short, but I'm fairly sure I'm not that short." She offers something of an awkward grin, before holding a hand out - offering to help him up. "And yeah it's okay, just make you knock next time! Don't want to walk in or something randomly, that can be dangerous. Especially given some of the people Josie and I live with."
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 09, 2018, 05:22:32 PM
"You'd think I've have learned my lesson by now with the things I've walked in on in my own team's dorm, but of course not," Setsuna joked, clearly relieved that Prism didn't take offense. Taking her hand, he stood back up before looking around the room. "Surely it can't be weirder than the ones I'm living with?" he queried.

"Let's've already met the team leader...there's Amane, who's basically no-nonsense most of the time...then there's...Coco..." Jocelyn stopped, counting off the members of the team. She shot Prism a glance of "help me", not wanting the truth to come from her mouth.
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Post by: Moth on May 09, 2018, 05:27:35 PM
Prism catches the glance and shoots her half a grin - the other half she turns to give to Setsuna, rolling right along with the pleading look. "Amane's great! Serious, but great sense of dry humor. Always makes gaming references, too. Coconut's pretty cheesy but a good guy most of the time, and for some reason has a bazilion hair accessories. Which is honestly great, because he doesn't notice I've been 'borrowing" his bobby pins and other stuff, I can never keep track of mine."
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Both Jocelyn and Setsuna chuckle heartily at the mental image. "Speaking of 'borrowing', do you have a vase you can 'borrow' off someone, Setsuna? I need something to keep these beautiful flowers in." Jocelyn asks, once again smiling gratefully at Prism for the thoughtful gift. He holds up one finger as if to say "wait a moment", then vanishes. One second here, next he's gone, the only indications he was ever here being the door closing slightly from the wind and a barely visible red flash. Jocelyn was startled, looking at Prism with an expression of "What happened?"

Setsuna's back seconds later, looking somewhat tired but holding a large vase in his hands. It was even filled with water. "Here you go." he said, placing the vase down on the windowsill, where the sun could reach.
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Prism returns the grin happily to Jocelyn, but blinks as Setsuna disappears, then he's back in a literal flash. Holding a vase. With water? "Well, that's a convenient semblance. Josie heals, you... teleport? Super-speed? Something in between that, yeah. Let's go with that. And uh, hold on. "

Apparently noticing the boy's fatigue, Prism drops a hand to dig under her bunk before drawing out something that looked like a small cooler. Popping the lid, she pulls out what appears to be two energy drinks, before thinks better and puts one down - pulling out a bottle of water instead and tossing it towards Setsuna. "Here, I'd offer you the energy drink but Josie barely let me keep my stash here. You look thirsty, though not as bad as Coco ever is." Apparently that slip of the tongue went unnoticed.

Sitting on the bed, Prism pops open the tab before taking a sip, letting out a content sound as the caffeine enters her system. Looking over the siblings again, she thinks as she muses."So, looks like convenient semblances run in the family? You tele-something, Josie heals. I'm just an airhead" The faunus is joking again, making a little swirling motion with her finger - a light breeze picks up through the room, obviously displaying her semblance, before it settles back down.

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"Nah, my Semblance is creating vases with water inside it." Setsuna jests, gladly catching the bottle and drinking deeply from it. "Since Jocelyn-Josie?-Jocelyn doesn't know either, might as well explain; movement manipulation of speed basically." He glanced across at his sister, who was listening in with interest. "I didn't know your semblance was healing, either--must really come in handy on missions."

Jocelyn just smiles. "It's really, really helpful, and I'm glad I can be of assistance anytime someone's injured." With the wind rustling through her let-down hair, she continued "And don't say that, Prism--your Semblance is useful too! Without it, that Beringel would have gotten me without a doubt." The comments stop as she mentally logs Prism's "first" drink, as well as her stash under her bunk. Useful for later.
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Huh, they didn't know each other's semblances. Unexpected. Regardless, Prism waves a hand at Jocelyn's comment as if denying it, but the happy grin says otherwise "Pfft, it was nothing. Divebombing is fun as shit anyways, not everyday I have an excuse to fly like that! Besides, you literally managed to... ice-heal? Uh, ice-heal me out of a panic attack. Usually those things are pretty nasty, and take longer too. Just gotta work on the falling-unconscious part." Despite the darker topic, Prism's voice is somehow surprisingly light and joking.

Prism's head tilts back, and the small faunus promptly chugs half the drink in an almost-impressive amount of time before finishing, dropping her head back down. The hand's reaching beneath the bunk again, only this time it pulls out something relatively healthier - trail mix, though with a good dose of chocolate chips. "So, manipulation of speed then? How's that work out in battle - like, what kinda weapons do you use?"
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Wait. What? Ice-heal? Panic attack? "Ok, one of you is going to fill me in on just what happened in your initiation. Sounds way more interesting than mine, to be sure." Jocelyn, meanwhile, looked shamed. "I'm sorry I couldn't do better, I don't have perfect mastery over my Semblance yet..." She looked sad enough that her brother crossed the room to pat her on the back. "Don't worry, I was running into trees the first couple times I used my own. You'll be able to control it in no time, I'm sure."

An eyebrow is raised at the speed of Prism's food consumption, though he knows it's not polite to pry into others' personal habits. "It's a little more complicated than it sounds--probably easier if I just grab my gear and show you." For the second time, he activates his Semblance, though this time he stays in the room, allowing both Prism and Jocelyn to see the pink-red glow that permeates his body before disappearing. When he returns, he's got a shield on each shoulder, the right one larger than the left. In his hand is a blue and green sword, the light gleaming off its surface.
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Prism blinks as Jocelyn apologizes. "You realize you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, right? We're still young and in training, it's not like you aren't still learning. Also, don't forget that I accidentally created hurricane-grade winds without meaning to, that nearly cost us the mission. Your participation in the field was invaluable, and there's no way we wouldn't have lasted as long as we did without it. So please, don't apologize." Prism seems remarkably unabashed by giving such praises, only blinking again in surprise as Setsuna disappears and reappeared with a shit ton of weapons. Glancing to the sword - huh, shiny - Prism looked back to the elder Antiqua. 

"Okay, the abbreviated version of our initiation, plus highlights: regular Beowolves and Ursa 'till a Beringal came out of the forest, grabbed a tree, and promptly tried to meteor-smash your sister over there. I was in the air at the time, so thankfully managed to dive and swoop her out of the way before the worst hit. Blah-blah-blah, more various waves of Grimm. I accidentally had my semblance set off to it's fullest power via a... thing, and my semblance at full power is hurricane-grade winds. For a full five seconds. I got slammed out of the air, I think Jocelyn got flung into a tree? Anyways, by the time I made my way back to the team, I promptly had a panic attack which Josie figuratively kicked in the balls via kind hugs and this cool healing thing involving a Ice dust crystal. She then passed out, a buncha big baddies showed up, and then after some more fighting and another panic attack we finished up."

 Looking on unperturbed as she tells the story, Prism gestures to Setsuna with her nearly-empty drink can. "So, wanna explain how that works? Because that's like, the most neon-bright sword I've ever seen. Out of an anime or something - uh, no offense."
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The words of praise brings another flush to Jocelyn's cheeks, and she looks away bashfully while Prism recounts the story of their initiation and Setsuna listens intently, clearly intrigued. "Wow. If only we had someone with the same healing skills before. We could have saved Taro..." he muttered, sadness coming to his face as he thought of his teammate, still comatose in the medical ward.

Also, that wasn't common. The two girls were praising each other so much they seemed almost on the verge of flirting. Or was it common? Was this what girls did in their free time? Anyway..."What's an anime?" he asked, confused. "And it's a sword? The most basic weapon for swish-swish-stab? Although..." The extra bits on the left shield broke off and reattached themselves to the sword, extending the length twicefold. "...and don't make any jokes about compensating for something."

He gestured with his free hand, firstly toward Jocelyn's rifle, lying in an open case on the floor, than at Prism. "I see you're using Mother's old rifle sis, but what about you Prism? What weapon do you use?" he said.
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There's a brief look of confusion and slight concern on Prism's face as he mentions saving a teammate, but it's wiped off with a snort and as he jokes about his sword and compensating for something. "I mean I wasn't going to, but if you point it out like that all the time you're going to leave people wondering, just saying."

In response to his own question, Prism perks up a bit - standing up to reach for Hawk's eye on the shelf above her bed. Encountering a small problem, she lets out a sigh of frustration before stepping up onto the bed, needing the extra boost of height to nab her rifle. " I'm a sniper like your sister, interestingly enough - not sure what they were thinking about balance when they teamed us together. This is Hawksy - or uh, this is Hawk's Eye." Turning around, she steps down from the bed and pulls a latch, the barrel of the rifle extending while the body unpacks itself. "Internalized scope that I can pop in and out, automatic biped - all the amenities of a normal rifle, built in. She's accurate up to 800 meters, but I can usually hit 1500 with a good amount of regularity - my personal record is like... 1743, if I remember correctly. Given, that's in a training range with no wind and stabilized." Shifting the lever a third time, the weapon shifts again - the barrel extends severely, while the body changes shape to form that of a blade. "Handy secondary form, too, in case I need to get up-close and personal. I'm not as good at melee combat as I am at shooting, but I get by fine when fighting Grimm."

Plopping back onto the bed again, Prism turns her attention back to the siblings. "Despite having like, two snipers, the team balance works out surprisingly well, since Josie focuses on healing primarily. If she'll let me help her with her aim a bit though, swapping in-and-out of cover fire for Amane and Coco will work well, or in case I need to dive in to give a hand." The last comment is offered in Jocelyn's direction with a grin, before her attention shifts once again. "This makes me curious though - who trained you two? I know Josie's a fresh entry into Beacon at least, so I know you two weren't together."
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Jocelyn giggled at Prism's small...height problem, placing the bundle of hyacinths into the vase on the windowsill, while Setsuna seemed impressed by the workmanship of the weapon. "I built my own weapons, and while I'm not incredibly experienced in that field, I can tell whoever built your rifle must have put lots of effort into it." he said, praising the quality of the build. "Just pre-empting the question, is all."

"What's your team like, Setsuna?" Jocelyn queried, curious to learn about other teams in Beacon. Setsuna, however, simply groaned. "We're worse-balanced than your team, Prism--we have three skirmishers with identical Semblances, and the last member's a blind girl who's Semblance is sight. What's more, we have little to no ranged capabilities, unless you count sharpened chains and shotguns." Even so, he smiled fondly. "But no matter what, it is still my team, and I would not hesitate to put myself in harm's way for them."

Jocelyn took the initiative to respond to Prism's question. "My brother was trained first by our father, then continued his education in Beacon. I was trained by our mother, both in the art of fighting and healing. She was a Atlesian medic before she retired, and Signal doesn't offer much about medical courses, so I was home-schooled, in a way." She looked at Setsuna to confirm what she said was true, and he nodded. "What about you, Prism? Did you enter a training academy?"
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"I heard that giggle Josie, just wait 'till I move all your shelves six inches higher." She offers the girl a smile, before turning it back to Setsuna as he complimented her weapon. She winces in sympathy as he explains his team, but nods along to his last point. "I know what you mean. I'd do the same for mine anyday." Again, she offers a nod in Jocelyn's direction.

Her face is interested as Jocelyn explains her and Setsuna's background education, but gives what looks like a light wince when Jocelyn asks about her own past. Right, she probably should've expected that. "My dad was the one who made Hawk's Eye. And no actually, I'm entirely self-taught - well, kinda. Dad taught me the basics in hand-to-hand, pitted me up against my sisters - I was the runt of triplets, so had to learn to use my size to my advantage. But I ended up in Vale's fostercare system around twelve, and it's not like I had the money to attend Signal. But I had Hawk's Eye, and the internet, so I just studied and practiced all the time to learn real combat. I taught myself to shoot though, and everything I know about Aura and my semblance, so I've got that much. Worked two jobs, excelled in academics, and well - I'm here aren't I?" She offers the explanation with a casual shrug in the end and a grin that's maybe just a bit forced.
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Both Jocelyn and Setsuna instantly notice the wince, no matter the obscurity, as well as the uncomfortable grin, and recognise this as a topic that's more than a bit touchy for her. "There's no doubt you've proven you're more than capable of being at Beacon, Prism--" Jocelyn begins before the ringing of a scroll interrupts whatever she was going to say. Looking apologetic, Setsuna pulls out the offending device and holds it up to his ear.

"Calen did WHAT?" he shouted into the receiver, before sighing. "I'll be right there." he says, before hanging up. "More teammate shenanigans, I'm afraid," his smile one of helplessness. "Got to go, but it was really nice meeting you, Prism! Do keep an eye on my sister for me, please." before flashing red and disappearing from the vicinity of the room.

Once her brother's gone, Jocelyn too lets out a sigh. "I'm so, so sorry for his behaviour, Prism--sometimes he's too protective of me..." She looked both down and embarrassed, a sudden change from moments ago.
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Prism snorts as Setsuna shouts into his phone, giving a hopefully-unnoticed sigh of relief as the subject's rapidly changed. "Calen, huh? i lost a bet to that guy once. Good luck with him, and promise I will." Prism mock-salutes Setsuna before he zips off, before switching her rifle back to it's stationary form and climbing onto her bed to slide it onto the shelf again. She plops back down to sit then, before turning to address Jocelyn's concern.

"I didn't get punched or stabbed, and he apologized immediately afterwards. It's no worry, okay? Hell, that protective attitude might be useful - we can sick him on Coconut in case he tries anything." The hummingbird faunus is joking, but sounds a tad tired - laying back on the bed behind her and raising her arms overhead to stretch with a small noise. Noticeably, it's enough to make her shirt ride up a tad - a flash of a taunt stomach and pale skin that she doesn't seem bothered to pull back down. Patting the bed beside her, she indicates Jocelyn to join her as well.
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"That would be a sight to--" Jocelyn began, before her eyes landed on Prism and her mind promptly went blank, replaced by images of that flawless, toned stomach and pearly skin. She felt a spike of warmth in her own stomach, one that travelled straight to her cheeks.

"Unf." she managed, her voice catching in an odd mix of a moan and an exhalation with her blush darkening even further, before looking away hurriedly, embarrassed and confused at what just happened. It didn't stop her from moving closer to Prism though, laying down on her own bed. Her eyes kept straying from Prism's face to her exposed, taut stomach, and she had to fight the urge just to stare at it for eternity and admire the beauty--

"A-anyway, it's good to have some time off to relax, right?" It doesn't take a psychiatrist to notice that the girl's voice is both lower than usual and completely distracted from what she's talking about.
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Did. Did Jocelyn just go unf because her shirt rode up.

Prism glances over to where Jocelyn's sitting on her own bed, apparently missing the invitation to sit next to her. She's turned bright red, a cute flush on her cheeks, and she's - grey eyes flash to where purple ones are fixed, before looking back towards her. Okay, she's definitely staring at her stomach.

...Time to stage an experiment.

Prism pantomimes a silent yawn again, shimmying down on the bed a bit in the guise of getting cozier. As a result, her shirt's shimmied up even more - the bottom of her rib cage now just peaking out the bottom of her shirt with it's tempting curving lines, all lithe muscle. Keeping a light gaze on Jocelyn, Prism gives her a lazy smile in response to her question. "Yeah, it's nice. Finished up homework last night, so rest of the weekend is free - I'll probably end up at the shooting range later today, or I dunno. Pop into town? Smoothies sound good. Hopefully rest of yours isn't too busy, yeah?"
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Jocelyn's too lost in her own imaginative mind to even listen to Prism's question, that smooth movement catching her eye once more and dragging her deeper into the gutter. It wasn't easy to keep her breathing in check when she was presented with those flawless muscles, the attractive stomach being revealed more and more with each movement Prism made. This time, there was no hiding it--her eyes were glued to the slim body of the hummingbird faunus harder than Coco perved on women. Her mind could only think of how much she wanted to run her hands over that slender, pristine waist, sliding up--

"Huh? Y-yeah, I-I'm free for the r-rest of the d-day," she stammered, completely caught off guard and blushing so hard the heat from her face could have thawed an iceberg. Ohgod whatam Idoing whatishappeningtome...

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Well, she's definitely not straight. That makes you feel mildly safer about coming out later on. Secondly, you should like - probably drag your shirt down. She's really staring. Like really. And is approximately the color of a tomato.

Prism reaches up to tug her shirt back down to her waist and to preferably break the spell of her - well, abs, she guesses - on her teammate. The faunus doesn't mention Jocelyn's blatant gaze, only clearing her throat instead and trying not to blush herself, which is fairly obviously failing from the light dusting of pink on her cheeks. "Huh, cool. You wanna go with me and grab said smoothies later? Can be my treat, and company's always appreciated." She offers a slightly awkward smile, but it's at least genuine, hopefully making the blushing medic feel a little less shameful.
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As Prism pulls her shirt down, Jocelyn is snapped back to reality, the blush fading from her cheeks as she furrows her brow in confusion. Now that she was able to look at places that weren't called Prism's stomach, she noticed a similar shade of color on her own cheeks. Just what was going on?

"Yeah, sure! Just make sure that 'smoothie' isn't another energy drink, and give me a moment to change." There's a rustling sound as Jocelyn rummages through her closet of clothes, before disappearing into the bathroom to change.

When she emerges, it's like she transformed. Gone is the messy flow of hair down her back, tidied into a long ponytail. A beautiful, light pink dress adorns her body, subtly hinting at her natural curves and bringing out the best colors in both her hair and eyes. The day's been hot and so has she, so the dress is thin and loose, flowing with each gust of wind. To finish, she's put on a pair of (relatively short) high heels, further extending her height. 'How do I look, Prism?" Jocelyn asks, spinning on the spot to show her team leader.
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As Jocelyn disappears into the bathroom, Prism goes over to the window of all things, undoing the latch and pushing it open. Might as well take the short way down - Jocelyn's not too heavy, especially not without her gear, so it should be manageable. The hummingbird faunus pokes her head out, checking for pedestrians below with her knee on the windowsill, but not before turning around to see -

Josie. Dress. Turning. Pretty?

Prism seems to temporarily malfunction as the light blush on her cheeks get significantly heavier, glancing over her once before returning to stare at her face. Her hair is up in a cute ponytail, and the dress well-compliments her eyes alongside the woman's pale skin tone. The cute pair of heels finishes it off, not as large as Prism's own 4-inches but still making her taller than beforehand. The dress is form-fitting but not too tight, leaving so much to the imagination -



Imagination. Pull yourself out of your imagination. You're supposed to be answering a question, Prism. C'mon.

Prism temporarily coughs, snapping herself out of the haze."Y-you look good! It's a cute d-dress, glad to see I'm not the only one w-with a preference for heels. Uh, window, right - you want to take the short way down?" The team leader is babbling a tad, gesturing outside - desperately attempting to distract herself.
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Jocelyn giggles, a soft and easy sound that's pleasing to the ear. "I'm glad you think so!" she replied, ignorant of the effect she had on the other girl. "Window? Oh, right--we can fly. Silly me!" she laughed, lightly bopping herself on the forehead in mock punishment. "Sure, let me refill Steam Flower with Kinetic Dust--or are you going to carry me like a bridesmaid?"
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The plural word gets a bit of a stupid smile out of Prism for a moment, the blush deepening as she giggles. She sounds like a flute, or something - Prism's a bit too distracted to assign a proper musical instrument. Nobody has the right to sound like that, especially when giggling.

Blinking as she's dressed at the question though, Prism muses as at the concept of carrying Jocelyn like that. "Well, we have plenty of options. I was just gonna fly us down to the ground, figured we could walk the rest of the way, it's a nice day - catch the bus or something? But if you want to, I'm perfectly capable of flying us both down there - it's sure a hell of a lot faster than walking, and it's a good day to go flying."
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"Sure!" Jocelyn chirped, quickly snatching up her Scroll and wallet before walking over to the windowsill, where she promptly freezes. "So, uh, how are we going to do this?" she asked, conscious of the distance between her and Prism which returned in the form of a light sprinkle of pink on her cheeks. The breeze picks up, catching Jocelyn's ponytail and her dress, sending it fluttering and waving in the wind like an elegant dancer. "And you are right, this is a good day to go flying. The breeze is perfect!"
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Prism blinks, wondering why Jocelyn’s approaching without Steam Flower, blushing at the floor of all things. Looking up at her, she tilts her head - oh! Misunderstanding. Oh. She thought Prism was going to carry her. ”...while holding you as I fly is a very nice idea in theory, I meant like - my semblance. You know. Help you glide and keep you aloft, so the whole windy thing. Don’t think I’m quite strong enough otherwise.” She demonstrates the windy thing with a swirl of her finger as the breeze kicks up, sending Jocelyn’s dress dancing. Her grin’s a little sheepish, if not humorous, but she’s not the only one unaware of the distance between the two - staring up at her teammate, the blush holding steady while her mouth goes dry.

”So... um, yeah. St-steam Flower may be the best option, sorry to disappoint.”
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"O-oh." There's a moment of silence as Jocelyn processes those words, before finally realising what that would have entailed. Her face turns the color of roses, easily matching Prism's own. "I'm s-sorry, I d-didn't mean w-what I said, u-umm..." she stammers, trying in vain to backtrack. "I'll...j-just get S-Steam Flower now..." backing off before turning around, keeping her burning face away from the hummingbird faunus.

When she returns, the color's mostly faded from her visage and the jumppack is mounted on her back, making her look similar to Prism apart from the height. "Still the problem of getting down...You wanna get some wind going so we can start gliding?"

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Prism just blinks as she stammers and turns redder, just giving a silent thumbs-up - not trusting her tongue at the moment in response. As Jocelyn disappears to get Steam Flower, Prism takes the opportunity to create a large updraft outside the window. Prism steps nonchalantly off the ledge and into the breeze, her wings becoming an imperceptible blur as they start to flap and keep the young woman from plummeting to the ground.

She takes a moment to just enjoy the breeze, giving off a sigh a relief - that was incredibly awkward and Prism doesn’t quite know why, but the important part is it’s passed now, and Prism can just go and get a smoothie with her teammate. Yeah! It’s practically a da-

No, Prism.

Turning to Jocelyn as she approaches, the hovering faunus is quick to respond. ”Just jump and let the wind catch Steam Flow- uh, your wings? It’ll be strong enough to support your body weight, I can promise that much. Just let it catch you, and I can tow us higher so we can get a good view as we fly into town.” Prism gives an encouraging smile, fluttering backwards to give her more room to take off. ”I’ll be able to catch you in case anything goes wrong, so don’t worry!”
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"Alright, I trust you!" From prior knowledge Steam Flower doesn't fit through the windows with wings extended, so Jocelyn resorted to perching on the sill like a owl, before slowly leaning forward and dropping from the ledge. Seconds later she soars over Prism, having converted the energy from the dive into a swift climb with the help of her mechanical wings. As before during the initiation, she can't exactly fly, but gliding was an achievable feat, so with some tactical usage of Kinetic Dust she manoeuvred herself to a height she was comfortable with.

Turning her head to look at Prism behind her, she gestured with a wide smile. "It's your trip, so lead the way!" Hmm, perhaps she should have gone for something more suited for gliding than beauty--the thin dress is fluttering madly in the wind, and there was potential to reveal something she definitely didn't want anyone seeing.
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Prism gives her a grin as she dips out of the window and glides on ahead, the winds around her buoying her wings to keep them both aloft. With another gust Prism zooms to fly alongside her teammate momentarily, before shooting on ahead; the breeze carrying them both off-campus. "It'll only take us about twenty minutes! Enjoy the view in the meantime!" She called back to Jocelyn, before steadying herself in the air again. It's true - Prism's wind has moved to carry them high overhead of the city, revealing the sprawling streets reveling in the afternoon sunlight. Prism's eyes are closed, apparently flying on instinct - enjoying the breeze, the way the wind ruffles her hair and feathers, the feeling of weightlessness. In a rare moment, she doesn't look stressed or tired, just happy to enjoy the air. She breaks out of the reverie to shoot a glance back to Jocelyn, before a fairly mischievous grin covers her face. Might as well make the flight interesting!

Prism's wings suddenly snap into her side. She plummets immediately into a nearly straight-on dive, twirling as she descends rapidly through the air - it's feet before she hits the rooftops that her wings flare out again, catching a gust of an updraft back up, carrying the momentum of her dive into a series of loop-de-loops through the air. They finish right next to Jocelyn, where she offers the medic a giggling grin - the adrenaline from the sudden dive getting to her. "Hope you like the in-flight entertainment?"

After a rather windy flight, Prism's led Jocelyn to a small street of shops tucked away in a hidden corner of the city. There's barely enough room for two cars to pass down the road, but it's dotted with old-fashion street lights, and there's strings of triangular flags criss-crossing the shops - a slight landing impediment. Bringing the two women to basically a hover overhead with a gentle updraft, Prism offers Jocelyn her hand. "Bit tricky to land through the flags - want me to just lower us down?"
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"Yeah, assistance would be appreciated. I can't really land without help." Jocelyn admits, still thinking about the remarkable manoeuvres and tricks Prism pulled off during their wonderful flight. It truly was amazing what Faunus could do with their traits, and it was such a shame people discriminated them just for those extra features.

About time they landed, too--she wasn't sure how well Steam Flower's wings withstood that length of flight. Besides, the shops looked so appealing she couldn't wait to land.
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Grabbing Jocelyn’s hand, Prism let’s the updraft fade out around them, before slowly hovering them born to the ground between the flags. Jocelyn lands first, and Prism right in front of her. The breeze from the hummingbird faunus’ wings makes both women’s hair flutter and Jocelyn’s skirt dance, and there’s a quite moment as Prism adjust to being back on the ground again, before glancing up and offering Jocelyn a sweet smile.

”I found this little sidestreet awhile back during a night flight - they have a 24 hour convenience store, so it was a perfect little place at 2 am. I came back the next morning to check it out in the daylight, and ends up it’s something of a hidden gem - they have all sorts of shops here, like the chocolate one over there, or that cute little clothing store - and the cool thing is they’re mostly Faunus-run, so like, I don’t need to deal with dirty glares when I shop!” Prism seems surprisingly excited about this, tugging Jocelyn down the street - she never bothered to let go of her friend’s hand when they landed. She seems excited to show the place off, and at the very end of the block is a colorful shop with full-glass windows, a neon sign above flickering with the words “Jumpin’ Juice!”
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Jocelyn jumped a little when Prism grabbed her hand without warning, but hid her surprise rather well. Unlike Prism, she wasn't used to actively flying instead of just jumping around, and stumbled a bit before getting used to the feeling of solid ground under her feet.

It was great to see Prism so active and excited about something, especially when this place was basically Faunus heaven away from Menagerie. Letting Prism drag her down the street like an hyperactive child, they reached what Jocelyn could only assume was the store Prism was referring to. "Yep, first impressions; definitely positive!" she smiles, eager to try out their wares. Prism's hand felt soft and supple, and she couldn't bear to let go--so she didn't, instead squeezing it a little tighter.
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As Prism opens the door for the two, still dragging Jocelyn by the hand, she pauses as it's squeezed - turning back to offer Jocelyn a bashful but happy smile and giving her hand the same squeeze. She's then tugged into the shop.

The first thing you'd immediately notice is the smell. Fruits of all kinds blended together, producing a delectable, nearly irresistible aroma - not overpowering, but just enough to make your mouth water. There's a couple of faunus behind the counter, a particularly motherly-looking kangaroo faunus manning the till - but as she looks up, a smile graces her face at the sight of Prism. "Prism, long time no see! How's everyone's favorite birdy?" You can literally hear the warmth in her voice, and Prism bounces up to the counter with Jocelyn still in hand to say hi to an old friend. "Pretty good, Melonia! Sorry I haven't dropped by in awhile, school's kept me busy. I remember letting you know I got into Beacon, but I didn't get to mention I was assigned leader of my team! This is Jocelyn by the way - she's one of my teammates."

Prism turns back to Jocelyn with a happy smile, before pausing - right, she should probably explain. "Remember how I mentioned I worked a couple of jobs prior to Beacon? This was one of them, Jumpin' Juice. Melonia was my manager."

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The flush of happiness she felt when her squeeze was returned in kind was unexpected but pleasant, quickly topped by the overwhelming of her senses as the fresh smell of blended juices assaulted her nose. "It's nice to meet you, Melonia!" she greets the Faunus with a wide smile on her face. "And wow, this is an amazing shop you're running! It's enough to make anyone's mouth water!" She hadn't seen such a wide array of colors and fruits since--well, ever. Even the local markets in Patch didn't offer this variety.
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The kangaroo faunus glances to Jocelyn with a curious look, then to where their hands were entwined -  before a knowing smile crosses her face as she glances back to Prism. Prism’s brow furrows in confusion, before realizing what that look meant. She opens her mouth to try to get a word in edgewise, but Melonia is up and off like a shot before Prism can even say anything. ”Nice to meet you as well, sugar! And thanks, we pride ourselves on our variety - can promise it’s all either locally grown, or imported from faunus-owned businesses. We run a tight ship ‘round here, and do our best to help our own.” The kangaroo faunus’ motherly smile gets a bit more teasing as she goes on, reaching for a notepad on the counter. ”Good on you for gettin’ Prism to bring you out, the overworkin’ bird hasn’t brought a girl out this way in a long time. Now, what can I get you two? Prism, your usual was... strawberry-mango, extra whip cream?”

”Y-yeah, I’ll go with that! Josie, what sounds good?” Prism’s voice is surprisingly steady despite Melonia’s insinuation, gesturing to the colorful chalkboard menus overhead with her free hand. Notably, she still hasn’t let go of Jocelyn’s hand, but does glance back - somewhat wide-eyed despite her shaky smile, nervously awaiting her teammate’s reaction.
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She...hasn't brought a girl out this way in a long time?

She probably meant as friends, right? Yeah, it has to be. Jocelyn smiles warmly back at Prism to relieve her of her worries, before looking at the overhead boards. "You can say that again--we've all been worked off our backsides from the work Beacon's been giving us. Oh, I'll take the watermelon and grape, please!" she requests, mentally scolding Prism for her choice. Even with a fruit smoothie she goes for extra sugar. Doesn't she know fruits already have sugar in them?

"If you don't mind me asking, how long've you known each other for? Both of you seem quite familiarised with each other." Jocelyn asks Melonia, her hand still grasping Prism's but now with their fingers interlaced.
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Prism returns the sweet smile to Jocelyn, before turning back to the counter and letting out a hopefully unheard sigh of relief. Almost unknowingly, she moves her hand as Jocelyn did - entwining their fingers together, taking refuge in the warm contact.

Melonia grinned as Jocelyn placed her order, writing down both orders in an indeterminate scrawl before handing it off to an attendant and yelling into the background. "I've known Prism since she was... fifteen? Tiny little chicklet would come in and order the biggest thing we got once in awhile, made you wonder how she ate so much. So when we was' hiring, she took one look at the poster in the window and promised to come back the next day for interviews - and she came in more prepared than half the other candidates! Like seriously, her resume had twice as most other candidates, but called her contacts, they all confirmed it - so hired her the next day. Worked here for two good years before she had to quite last summer, that's when she got into Beacon and was too caught up with scholarship meetings in preparatory stuff. Threw her a party, when she did, she ate half the cake." There's a fond smile on Melonia's face, and she reaches out and ruffles Prism's already wind-swept hair. Prism's gone a bit more red, but just exchanges a fond smile with her former employer.

Digging with her free hand for her wallet and scroll, she glances up to the large kangaroo faunus. "How much does it come to? And before you argue," She shot Jocelyn a look. "It's my treat, remember?"
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Jocelyn blinked. She had no idea the girl in front of her had work experience in spades. She definitely didn't look like she had any, doubly so since she was a Huntress-in-training. That fact only made her already-sizeable respect for Prism grow even larger.

"Nope, not happening, Prism." She shook her head, her free hand (the one that currently wasn't giving Prism's hand a soft massage) already brandishing a wallet. "When you said I didn't need to pay, you meant you don't want me to pay. But seeing as you had to work your way up to Beacon, I think it's safe to say you could run low on funds at any moment. And besides..." she waved the wallet in the air, "This isn't my treat. It's my brother's." She flicked it open to reveal her brother's ID. "He ran off so quickly he just left it on the table, and I'm sure he won't miss a few Lien." Deftly plucking a few notes from the wallet, she handed them to Melonia, giving her a grin and a wink as she did so.
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Melonia’s grin becomes bigger as Jocelyn extracts her brother’s wallet to pay, but it twists somewhat awkwardly at her comment about Prism. ”Clever of ya, sugar. I’ll take the money, let you know when it’s ready Prism. Favorite booth is open too.” Her voice has gone softer, almost sympathetic - no longer addressing Jocelyn. She begins to ring them up, twisting to yell orders into the back - Melonia’s moved onto her own little world.

Prism seems impressed as Jocelyn pulls out her brother’s wallet, but visibly fractures at the comment about her funds - the smile falling from her face as it as her expression moves quickly from minor shock and bewildered hurt, to somnolent resultion. Her hand is withdrawn from Jocelyn’s, and the small faunus crosses the room without further words to plop into a booth seat in the corner. Her wings raise a bit, almost as if to shield her form, while she’s hunched over a bit - something’s gone obviously wrong.
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Too late does Jocelyn realise she's said something that's clearly struck a nerve, from the way Melonia's facial expression changed to the fact that Prism let go of her hand for the first time since landing, depriving her of warmth she didn't know she needed and now desperately craved.

Walking over to take the seat next to Prism, she winced at the mental damage she managed to cause to Prism with just words alone. Her hunched-over form, the protective stance her wings assume--the signs of people who've been hurt internally. She hated seeing people who were like this because it meant that there were others out there that used words to hurt people. And now, she'd joined them, unintentionally or not. Just the thought brought so much guilt to her mind that for that moment she hated herself for not just being a obedient person and letting Prism pay for the bill.

Taking her seat next to Prism, she kept her distance and quiet for a while, letting Prism acknowledge and get accustomed to her presence before speaking. "I'm sorry for just assuming like I did." Her voice is quiet and tinged with guilt and regret, looking down at the table in shame. "It was rude of me to do such a thing."
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Prism doesn’t move as Jocelyn initially sits down, letting her just remain in the uncomfortable silence. She stares at the table, taking slow breaths - keeping herself calm, whether to keep calm or to keep from crying is unknown. Eventually she does speak - her voice is low, and more than anything, tired.

”Jocelyn, it’s okay, just...” She lets out a long audible sigh, leaning back and slowly folding her wings in so Jocelyn can see her face. It’s conflicted but nostalgic, almost lost in bad memories.”I’m - I’m still working Jocelyn. I’m not in any danger of running out of money. I’ve been working since I was 13, fighting for every sentence on my resume, making a shining reputation. And every single step of the way, fighting off the people who said a skinny beanpole with nothing to her name couldn’t become a huntress of all things. But here I am, and I did it all by myself, so I hate to be taken as a- a-“ she nearly spits the word, looking internally conflicted. “Charity case.”
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As Prism speaks, forcing each word out like it hurts to even talk, each word bashes at Jocelyn's conscience like a tree-wielding Beringel—it’s clear to see that this is a topic that Prism is incredibly touchy about, and she's just taken a sledgehammer to Prism's heart and mind. By the end of Prism's talk, Jocelyn's soul is shattered, her own body slumped and her face in her hands, internally screaming at herself for causing Prism so much distress. Tears well up in the corner of her eyes, threatening to spill over like a dam about to burst.

"I-I-I," she tries to speak but her vocal chords aren't responding, her brain's being overwhelmed by the tidal wave of guilt and shame, her mind won't stop repeating the words Prism said over and over andoverandover--"I-I'm s-so s-sorry, Prism, I n-never meant t-to c-cause y-you harm l-like this--" she chokes out. There's no stopping the tears from flowing now, rolling slowly down her cheeks, drawing lines down her hands, dripping onto her dress.
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Prism blinks as Jocelyn slumps, turning with slight bewilderment to the girl sitting next to her. The sight makes her eyes go wide as Jocelyn chokes on her own voice, hands covering her face as she's obviously wracked in guilt, tears starting to bead at the corners of her eyes - she's actually crying with how guilty she feels.

Prism spends a few more useless moments staring in shock at just how deeply Jocelyn feels emotions, before rushing to try to comfort her teammate. "Josie - no, Josie, don't cry, please-" her movements are awkward, trying to figure out what to do, before deciding on indulging in her biggest urge of all. Jocelyn would feel Prism gently try to tug her face away from her hands, turning the young woman to face her and wrapping her arms in turn around the young woman's waist in a gentle embrace. "Josie, no, I'm - I'm not mad at you, okay? You don't need to feel guilty. It just hurt because I've heard that all before, but like - you actually apologized, you didn't mean any of those words, I know, alright? You said it without knowing, I know you'd never say something like that purposefully. You're too good of a person, just - I'm not mad, I promise I'm not mad. Okay, Josie?" Her voice is gentle, patient - she's truly trying to make her friend understand.
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The distraught Jocelyn felt her hands being gently guided away from her face, before Prism's own pair of hands clasped around her waist in a pleasant manner. In turn, she buried her face in Prism's shoulder, body shaking from her tears. "B-but I hurt y-you, Prism," she sobbed, unable to bring her own hands to act in the same manner as the faunus's. "A-all my life I-i've seen people treat others like t-they're nothing m-more than a b-burden, and n-now I'm one of them...Oh g-gods, what have I done?" The words come out as a soft scream, a plea for help and forgiveness that she doesn't know is already given. Prism's words haven't reached the distressed girl's mind, even with the aid of physical stimulation.
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Prism moves one of her hands up, rubbing hopefully-comforting circles in between Jocelyn's shoulder blades - the same thing that Jocelyn once did for Prism, a lifetime ago. She lets Jocelyn stay buried in her neck, murmuring little comforting noises throughout her crying as she formulated the best way to phrase what she meant.

"Jocelyn." Prism puts emphasis on her full name, unlike the nickname she's given the girl. "You are not one of those people, okay? You made a remark in passing that you weren't even thinking about, you weren't intending any harm in the slightest. You'd never intentionally harm someone if you can avoid it, and I know that about you - it's one of your best traits. So I'm not mad, I'm not hurt - and I know you're not going to make that type of remark again, right? So I'm alright - you're forgiven, okay? There was never any doubt in my mind that you'd intentionally hurt me like that. You're forgiven."

As Jocelyn sobs into her shoulder, Melonia passes by the table and slides on two smoothies, raising an eyebrow at Jocelyn's theatrics. Prism makes raises an eyebrow in turn, and Melonia puts up her hands as if backing off. Prism responds by rolling her eyes good-naturedly, before nuzzling into Jocelyn's hair - another comforting gesture - and Melonia responds with her own comforting smile, before moving to disappear behind the counter again.
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The usage of her actual name, instead of the more common nickname, is enough to jolt the weeping girl out of her self-despair long enough to listen to what Prism says. The weight of those words, combined with the repetition of soothing motions, slowly lulls Jocelyn into a sense of calm and her body stops being racked by her own tears, eventually extracting herself from the comforting crook of Prism's shoulder and bringing herself to take sips of the smoothies delivered during her emotional breakdown. The taste of the fresh fruit instantly makes her feel better, and brings a small smile to her face.
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Prism smiles as Jocelyn finally recovers, slowly (and almost reluctantly) letting Jocelyn slip from her embrace to turn back to the smoothie. Her own lacks the lid Josie's contained, instead piled high with whip cream - that Prism immediately dives into with help from a spoon from the nearby cutlery containers, before taking a sip of her own. Jocelyn's watched out of the corner of her eye, until she tugs a napkin from the dispenser - offering it to her to dry her tears. "You going to be okay now?"

There's a moment as Prism hesitates, but makes a decision - and offers Jocelyn her hand again.
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"Y-yeah." Jocelyn replies hesitantly, taking the napkin offered and dabbing at the corners of her eyes and cheeks. When Prism extends her hand, Jocelyn actually recoils slightly at the action, before slowly placing her hand over Prism's, so softly that it was more suited to cradle the most frail glass. Still, it's contact, and she keeps it up as she starts taking larger swallows of the delicious drink. Between sips, she slowly starts working up the courage to actually look at Prism's face instead of her lap or the floor.
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Prism frowns slightly at Jocelyn's recoil. "Jocelyn, I'm not going to like - hit you or anything. What kind of person would that make me?" Regardless, she takes Jocelyn's hand and intertwines her fingers with her own, nudging her playfully with her shoulder - before her attention turns back to the smoothie as Prism focuses on the taste, thinking for a moment. "Besides, if I was a big enough of an asshole to do that, I'm not sure they'd ever find my body after Setsuna found out."
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There's a weird choking noise followed by bouts of coughing as Jocelyn tries to hold in her spit-take, eventually gasping for breath. "In all fairness, you would be justified in doing so. And scarily, I don't even think what you just said would be out of the question. He would probably expel himself trying to defend me." She frowned at her drink, before nudging Prism back. "But I guess that's what I'm here for--to stop him from getting into too much trouble on his own."

Draining the remainder of her smoothie and wiping her mouth with the napkin, she pulled another out of the dispenser and started folding it idly, patiently waiting for Prism to finish her own drink. "Maybe for each other's benefit, we should say what we're comfortable talking about and what to avoid in the future." she finally suggested.
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Prism has to snort as Jocelyn nearly spits, getting a small slanted grin out of the faunus - she's glad she can make Jocelyn laugh again. "Yeah, it's nice to have someone like that, I can imagine. Don't take him for granted, even if he is overbearing."

As Jocelyn finishes her own, Prism glances down at her smoothie - she's barely halfway done in comparison to Jocelyn, a side-effect of ordering extra large. At the suggestion, the hummingbird faunus makes a slightly complicated, considerate face for a moment - but nods along anyways. This might be a good time to mention her... thing, to the team's medic. "Not a bad idea. Is it okay if I ask you to go first? I need a moment to think."
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"Sure." Jocelyn fiddles with her napkin, which has been folded into a tiny square by now. If she had to be honest, it was more for her own benefit than Prism's, since she didn't want to misstep and cause another accident to happen again. "Actually, my hard limits are simple, really. No fighting unless necessary, do no harm, no discrimination...stuff that makes people a decent living being." At that, she gave Prism a sweet smile. "But you're already one of the best people I know, so there's no need for me to worry."
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Prism nods along to Jocelyn's list, but blinks at the compliment - it earns Jocelyn another sweet smile and squeeze of her hand in a silent thank-you. Tapping her bottom lip with her straw, she thinks for a moment about her own list. "I can agree with one of those statements at least, with a slight modification - 'do no harm, but take no bullshit'," With her free hand, she makes airquotes before elaborating. "I'm not going to stand for being disrespected. Furthermore, just don't be a dick in general? Pretty simple stuff." She shrugs, before a slightly more hesitant look crosses her face.

"Fairly obviously... don't dick around about me being a faunus - though even I make bird jokes, so those are okay - don't touch my wings without permission, and well - I'm not one for talking about my past. So you'll be politely told to fuck off if you keep asking probing questions." The small faunus takes a breath, stilling herself and moving her face away from Jocelyn's gaze, unable to meet her eyes. "And well, like - anything that really triggers my PTSD. Bit useful for you to know, as like - our medic and all."
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Picking up the small square napkin, Jocelyn places it on the top of Prism's hand before covering it with her palm, using it as a medium to channel a slow but steady stream of her Semblance through. She didn't have Ice Dust to replicate what she did on their initiation, so this was the next best option. "I wouldn't dream of it, Prism--I know what Faunus have been through, and it makes me sick to my stomach. And to be on the safe side, I should call any big flying Grimm--erm--'feathered fucks' then?" she joked to divert attention from the fact that she was treading on very thin ice just by bringing that scene up again.
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Prism lets out a slow breath as she feels the familiar reinvigorating sensation roll over her, sitting up and leaning back against the booth as she closes her eyes. She snorts all the same at the mention of Jocelyn's joke, but Prism's mostly focusing on keeping her breathing calm. "Yeah, that's probably for the best. Same goes for excessive carnage, or large amounts of fire. Nothing quite as bad as... yeah, we'll just like - move on from that topic. Yeah."

She leans forwards abruptly, sucking down the remainder of her smoothie - distracting herself with the taste. Casting another glance towards her friend, she squeezes her hand again, and murmurs almost inaudibly, "Thanks, Josie."
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Gathering up her courage, Jocelyn leaned forward and rested her forehead on Prism's, both hands clasping Prism's now to continue delivering the stream of Aura. "If you need someone to talk to, just know I will always be here to listen to you." she murmured, her eyes closed in a picture of serenity and calm. "It may be that you've toughed it out, as I'm sure you did perfectly, but you're in Beacon now. You have a team. And we're all here to help." Under her composed demeanour, however, her heart was beating quicker than normal at the sheer proximity between the two girls, sharing a booth in a corner of the room.
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Prism blinks as Jocelyn leans in, murmuring the words under her breath. She can't help but stare for a few moments into Jocelyn's closed eyes at the selfless offer, and the sweet words - murmuring another little "Thank you" under her breath. She's just so close, there's barely a breadth's distance between you two, and you can feel her words on your lips almost, it'd just be so easy to let your eyes slip closed as well, lean up slightly to just press your lips to hers and -

"If you two are going to make out, kiiindly don't do it in my place of business, please!" The loud voice calls out from behind the counter, clearly amused - and as Melonia shatters the moment, so does Prism's courage, rapidly jerking backwards to bang her head into the glass window behind her. Prism pauses for a moment, processing the pain and what was just lost - and flushes with both embarrassment and pain, closing her eyes as one hand goes to rub at the back of her head.
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The boisterous voice and what was implied shocks Jocelyn back to her senses, and she mirrors Prism's movement of leaping backwards, breaking the Aura link and causing a stool to clatter to the floor. "W-what? No, we weren't m-making out, we were...umm...doing things..." she yelped, before realising that she simply dug herself a deeper hole by speaking and opting to do a remarkable impression of a tomato instead.

They were so close for a moment there. She could still feel the hot breath on her lips, even if she had her eyes closed. Just the simple touch of skin to skin. It would have taken but a sudden movement and what Melonia shouted would have been true. As she knelt to pick up the stool, Jocelyn found herself wanting to go back for more, to relive that moment between them, and stay there for however long they could.
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Prism lets out a long exhale at Jocelyn's stuttered response, opting not to try to think too much about it. Reaching out and nabbing the remainder of her smoothie, Prism stands up from the booth in one smooth motion, fluffing her wings slightly before cocking her head at the door as she looks to Jocelyn, heading out of the store herself. ""Thanks Melonia, I'll make sure to come by again soon!"

As soon as she's outside, Prism lets out another sigh, before turning Jocelyn's direction. "I'm sorry about that, Melonia can be- um - kinda assumptive at times? She just probably saw us so close, thought we were - with the girls comment at the beginning and everything, just -  yeah, I - fuck, I'm literally just digging myself into a deeper hole here aren't I?" Prism finishes plaintively, an awkward smile on her face.

There's whipped cream stuck to one corner of her mouth, and more curiously, the hummingbird faunus doesn't seem to notice.
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"I'll make sure to remember this place, thanks Melonia!" Jocelyn also calls, waving goodbye as she steps out of the store, face still slightly red at the amusing comment just randomly thrown their way. "Yeah, you are." she giggled at Prism's awkwardness and apology. "Don't worry about it--oh, hold on, there's something on your mouth--" Reaching out with one slender finger, she brushed the side of Prism's mouth with a caress and removed the cream, before sticking the finger in her own mouth, savouring the taste and unintentionally acting very...alluring. "Mmm, sweet...just like you."
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Prism can’t help but snort as Jocelyn agrees with her, the blush lessening slightly as her teammate takes it all in good humor. She stretches her wings out with a yawn, a breeze kicking up around the two as she drained the remainder of her smoothie before tossing it in a nearby trash can, prepping for the flight home -

Just before Jocelyn swipes the remaining whip cream off her lip. Prism blinks at the movement as she tries to process the gentle touch, and then blinks again as Jocelyn... tastes it off her finger. And gives her a compliment about her being sweet. Like the whip cream. That she just tasted off her?

The blush comes back full-force, turning a parrot into a hummingbird. With how her mouth moves as she tries to say something but resolutely fails, it appears she’s stopped working for a moment as she continues to stare down Jocelyn.
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"Umm, Prism? You okay?" Jocelyn asked, concern in her voice as she watched Prism's mouth drop open but nothing coming out. 'Did I say something wrong?" Nervously, she looked for symptoms of another panic attack or a breakdown, but none were showing. Perhaps it was how she acted? Again, she brought her hand up to stroke Prism's cheek, trying to garner a reaction that wasn't stunned silence.
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At the touch, Prism visibly starts, snapping out of her revere. More hilariously as she stares up at Jocelyn, she starts to slowly fluff up. Her wings puff out slightly, everything from primary feathers to the downy ones near her shoulderblades raising up slight, making it look like her there's more mass there that in reality. The thin circlet of sleek feathers that had grown in around her neck and along her arms - she hadn't had time to pluck them lately - had done so as well, raising the slightest bit out of reflex - to even a degree, it looks like her hair gets bigger. It's frankly adorable, and as Jocelyn finishes the gentle touch, Prism can't help but notice her own peculiar response.

"I'm - I'm fine, just, liiittle more... um, not quite the type of contact I'm used to with friends?" Prism slightly blurts it - goddamnit, this was the girl she tried to kiss five minutes ago, she's either incredibly effective at flirting and knows exactly what she's doing or she's one of those people completely oblivious to their own power - and Prism can't tell which. "It's - it's not bad, just, just - different. Aaaand a little flustering. Um, sorry."
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Before her eyes, Prism seems to grow somehow, before Jocelyn realises it's the visual effect of having every single feather on Prism's body raising, however slightly. Bemused, she simply watches the oddly cute response without saying a word, letting her hand trail down Prism's cheek before slowly dropping to her side, fingertips tingling.

"Oh--wait, why are you apologising?" Jocelyn asks, both bewildered and slightly flustered herself. "Firstly, I'm the one causing this--I should be the one saying sorry. Secondly, you look absolutely adorable, so don't be." She blushes as the impact of the words dawns upon her, but it's already too late to retract them. Anyhow, it's the truth, so she saw no harm in saying it.
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With a shake, Prism wills her feather to flatten again, trying to regain control of herself. She needs to fluff her wings a few times, but thankfully they lie flat - right before Jocelyn calls her adorable, causing them to puff up again. Goddamnit.

There's only one way a monster like Jocelyn could be stopped. With more compliments.

"You keep calling me sweet and adorable, Jocelyn have you like - seen yourself? Ever? You're genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever known, you're never afraid to lend a hand or put yourself out there for others - and that scene in the smoothie shop like 5 minutes ago proves it!" Prism's compliment is a little bloated, but as usual - once she's on a roll, the little hummingbird can't stop talking. "Not to mention you're never afraid to be uplifting, whether it's in the physical rescuing-a-teammate or just moral sense, but you still stand your ground! It's like, the best combination of absolutely selfless but self-respecting a person can have! I might be the occasional sweet but Josie, damn, you're giving everyone around you calories."
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Jocelyn flushed at the praise being heaped upon her, mind trying to work out a counterargument but being loaded with compliments as it was, it wasn't functioning like it should have. That, and the cute girl in front of her. Prism was having some effect on her, she was sure of it--she just wasn't sure how or why.

"C'mon, don't bring that scene back up," she whined like a little child, pretending to be upset. "It's embarrassing for the both of us. And awww--" she breaks down slightly at the last line, "don't say that, you provide more than enough for the both of us. Just look at you!" She gestures at Prism's feathers, which have once again lifted themselves up. "You're like an adorable little hedgehog, but with feathers instead of quills! Not prickly at all, which perfectly suits you."
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Prism snorts as Jocelyn calls her adorable once again, the pretty blush sticking around her face noting that she probably didn't mind too much. With the comment about her wings, an idea comes to mind - she needs to up the ante if she needs to stay on top of this... competition, she doesn't quite know what it is at this point.

"Not really prickly in the slightest you'll find -  I might be skinny as hell, but I'd have a fairly soft personality, wouldn't you say?" Prism takes a step closer to Jocelyn, gently pressing her own chest against Jocelyn's with her hands behind her back, her wings extending forwards. Jocelyn would feel soft feathers slowly draw themselves up the length of her arms, before brushing lightly over bare shoulders; Prism's grin has gotten a bit clever with the fairly-intimate touch. Standing up on tiptoe, she rocks forwards, just a bit closer and she'll be able to-

And out of the corner of her eye, catches sight of Melonia giving them the stink-eye through the glass window of her shop.

Right, damnit. They were kinda in public.

She takes a step back, suddenly breaking the close contact the two women had. The breeze kicks up again, and she lets the cool wind try to calm her burning cheeks a little, before extending a hand to Jocelyn again. "C'mon, we should probably get headed back to Beacon."
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"P-P-P-P-Prism, w-what are you-" Jocelyn's stammering is cut short by the unfamiliar yet pleasant feeling of those soft feathers trailing up her arm, realising too late that Prism's wings have enveloped and trapped her like a moth in a web. She couldn't back off or Prism would fall, but she was stuck with Prism leaning ever forward, chest to chest. She was helplessly tangled in the well-laid trap, without any ability to squirm out of it. In an instant she had become the prey.

The feeling of those feathers was surreal. Noiselessly they stroked the top of her shoulders, laid bare from the movements. Paired with Prism's cheeky grin, her heart did somersaults in her throat at just how close they were to each other. But yet, despite all the action, she was enjoying it. She wanted Prism to come closer, to swaddle her in those magnificent wings and embrace her with the soft down of her feathers.

She wanted to feel those wings pushing her ever closer.

And yet, without any signal, Prism breaks the contain, summoning up a breeze for no reason. As Jocelyn watches in confusion at Prism's strange actions, she extends a hand which Jocelyn takes without hesitation. "Y-yeah, we should, before the others start looking for us."
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 Prism takes her hand, and without any further ado, lets the breeze catch her wings. Hovering them up between the flags that cross-cross the street, it only takes a moment for the winds to get stronger - letting the two women take off, flying back towards Beacon as they steadily gain height.

Maneuvering through once they’re back takes a bit of effort, but Prism manages to help them both inside  without knocking over the vase of hyacinths in the windowsill. Fluffing her feathers slightly and attempting to comb through her windswept hair with on hand, Prism sits down on her bed with a little bounce as she makes short work of removing her shoes - enough of the day had been spent in heels already. The day’s earlier scenes replay in her head - so much close contact with Jocelyn, she’d nearly moved into kiss her teammate twice. But she still didn’t know what her teammate did was deliberate, because there was a high chance that she was just being “friendly” - blah. Might as well be blunt about it. ”Hey Josie, do you mind if I ask a slightly... personal question?”
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The flight back to Beacon was equally as exhilarating as the previous, though Jocelyn's mind was fixated on the events that occurred rather than the sights that went zooming by. After managing to fit inside their window without plummeting to her death--she made a note not to enter through that way when returning--she sat on her own bed, sending a message to her brother to remind him that he left his wallet behind.

"Huh? Um, yeah, sure?" she replied, nervous yet curious as to what Prism's mind could possibly come up with this time.
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Prism hesitates a moment, before taking a breath. This is a risky question, and she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Jocelyn, one that could determine the nature of their relationship for the rest of the year, but well - she needed to know if every sweet word her teammate said actually meant something, or if she's just imagining everything.

To be fair, with the way she stared earlier, Prism had pretty good chances.

"I hope this isn't like, too intrusive, and feel free to not answer if it or whatever - but like, you are straight right?" Prism lets the words hang in the air for a moment, their uncomfortable corners filling the room, before blurting out the rest of her question. "I just like - want to make sure there's no bad blood between us after that thing Melonia said. Yeah, that type of thing bothers people sometimes when they assume relationships, so - um, yeah."
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More silence.

Jocelyn didn't even react. Not a single twitch, no sign of her face turning red, nothing. Her mind was simply a blank sheet of paper. While she had self-control enough to stop her jaw dropping to the floor, she barely had control over anything else. All that kept bouncing around in her head were the words 'You are straight, right?"

"" she barely managed to mumble, grabbing a pillow from her bed and pressing her face against it before it could flush with all the blood rushing to her head. All of a sudden, everything made sense. Every single thing that seemed out of place or had no reason behind it just...did. All the reactions, all the events.

She fell backwards onto her bed, still clutching her pillow to her face like it was holding back a nosebleed. "Oh lord my family's going to kill me."
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She only just figured it out. weren’t anticipating that.

After a brief moment of digesting what Jocelyn said, Prism stood up and crossed the room, carefully sitting on the bed next to Jocelyn. Not quite touching her yet, Prism gives Jocelyn a moment to adjust to her presence before speaking, trying to be as reassuring as possible. ”Hey, there’s no reason to worry, okay? If your parents love you even half as much Setsuna does, they’re not going to care if you’re not straight. Casanova is going to have your back as well. You know Amane isn’t going to give a shit, and Coconut - well, Coconut will probably find it hot, so like, we’ll wait a bit before telling him - but seriously. You also don’t have to tell anybody else, too, even your family - coming out is a personal decision, okay? Your safety comes first.”

Prism waits a few moments, moving a hand to tentatively pay Jocelyn’s shoulder, before leaving it there with a gentle but comforting grip. Letting the words think in, Prism tilts her head as she ponders, before continuing. ”...Besides, it’s not like you need to worry about it from me, I’m kinda very bisexual, if it isn’t obvious - um, if you have any questions, I should be able to answer them. I’ve gone through this as well. You’re not alone.”
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Jocelyn just shook her head, though it wasn't obvious due to the pillow covering her face--which was really, really red, by the way. "It's not that, Prism," she said, her voice muffled by the pillow. 'It's just, well, I always thought I was like everyone else, like what I was feeling was normal, then all of a sudden it just hits me in the face."

She didn't react to Prism putting her hand on her shoulder, letting it rest there, but she did blink at Prism herself coming out. More puzzle pieces clicked themselves together in her mind, her eyes blinking each time something that didn't make sense before now did. Her mind, previously blank, now swarmed with thoughts both new and old, but all she said was "Thanks--thanks, Prism. It's a lot to take in at once, and help would really be appreciated, but let me just...lie here for a bit."
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"That's actually kinda a common misconception Jocelyn - just cause you aren't straight doesn't mean like, you're not normal. You're just not in the majority, and it's a whole new thing to discover about yourself. You wouldn't consider faunus abnormal, would you?" Prism's voice is light and kind, trying to assure Jocelyn won't doubt herself. She's been through the same thing - Prism's determined to help.

At her comment about just wanting to lie there, Prism nods - not that Jocelyn would be able to see. "Do you want me around then, or should I leave you to think?"
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"Wait." There's a certain undertone to Jocelyn's voice, one of pleading and of worry. She throws aside the pillow, looking straight at Prism's face. "Stay with me, Prism. Please..." Her voice cracks a little. "Don't leave me alone. I need someone to help me through this, and you're the best person in the world to do so." She swiped at her eyes with her hand--Prism could see those striking purple irises were red from crying a little. "Can you keep this from the rest of the team? Until, well, I get to understand myself more."
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Prism blinks as the pillow is thrown aside, staring down at Jocelyn for a moment, before getting up and crossing the room, retrieving a box of tissues. She unhesitatingly walks back over and she plops down next to the distraught girl, handing her the box, before laying back on the bed herself. "I never planned on it, it was just an offer. And of course - take as much time as you need, whether it's next week or until graduation. This isn't the type of thing to be rushed." She offers Jocelyn a quiet smile from where she lay before extending a hand. "You've got me as long as you need me."
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"Thank you." Jocelyn murmured with a smile on her face. For a while, she lay next to Prism in a comfortable silence, just pondering about life and sexuality like she would plan a event. "How'd you deal with it?" she suddenly broke the silence, asking Prism. "When you found out you were bisexual, I mean." She grows a bit red after asking the question. "I mean, you don't have to answer it if you don't want to."
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Prism enjoys the companionable silence while it lasts, closing her eyes for a bit - they blink open as the question is asked. She hums thoughtfully, thinking back and trying to recall memories. "I didn't for a bit. Ardently denied it when I had the first inklings around age 14 I think? Which only worked for about a week frankly. Then after I caught myself staring at this pretty horse faunus for the third time in ten minutes, I just kinda gave up and admitted it to myself. It's not like I had anybody to come out to, so - it was basically just a long process of me accepting it. Hell, even worked up the nerve to ask that horse girl on a date two years later.  It's just that - a process of slowly accepting it's a fact about yourself."
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As Prism talked, Jocelyn noticed something welling up in her mind--jealousy? Why would she be jealous? She shook her head to return to the present and pondered. What Prism described sounded awfully familiar to what she was doing herself before they left for a smoothie. Guess that was what started Prism thinking about this whole topic. How she was so blind she didn't know, but now that she did it was like being slapped with a fish. So obvious yet hidden in plain sight.

Another thing nibbled away at her curiosity until she had to ask. "Would you mind...going out with a human?" Definitely not to check that she only had a thing for Faunus and that humans had no chance.

Nope, definitely not.
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Huh, there's an unexpected question. Prism turns to look at Jocelyn, one eyebrow raised in slight amusement. "I've dated primarily faunus because they were the ones in my social circle, and honestly they were short little affairs - mostly physical things. You know how teenagers are. Perfectly willing to date a human, as long they're okay with dating a faunus."

She blinks for a moment, before adding on. "And as long they aren't dating me like, because they have a faunus fetish. That's just gross, and I also deal with that on a semi-daily basis. If I'm really gonna settle in for a longterm relationship, I'd like it to be for someone who likes me for me. Don't really care about the gender."

She nudges Jocelyn's shoulder playfully. "How about you, ought of curiousity? Would you date a faunus, ignoring the whole new-sexuality thing for now?"
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Huh. So Prism never got anything going in terms of a long relationship. For some reason that made Jocelyn feel better. "Personally I would wait until I found the person for me. Doesn't change anything now that I know what I truly am, I would still wait for the perfect match."

She shuddered a little at the mention of fetishes. "Never understood why those are around. But then again there's Coco, but he's a nice person, so I guess there's that." Then Prism's next question caught her off guard. "So long as they know what's right in this world, it won't matter if they're human or Faunus. It wouldn't be hard, too--just don't be cruel to others and you'd have a chance." She covered her mouth after saying that. "Wow, that came out wrong. I'm not going to just date anyone."
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A smile quirks up on Prism's face at the semi-blurted statement, snorting a bit. "No worries, I know. You have the right idea at least, don't rush things - love is sometimes the kinda thing you need to wait for.  Whoever you find, don't expect perfect though. Everyone has their flaws. For some it's the fact that they snore or the way they eat popcorn. For horse girls, it's the fact you've devoted so much yourself to o dream of a becoming a huntress." Prism stares at the ceiling for a moment, lost in bittersweet nostalgia - before abruptly turning her attention back to Jocelyn, snapping out of her revere. "Out of pure curiosity Josie, why'd you sign up for Beacon?"
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"Why would she leave you for that? It's a noble cause, one that every person should be proud of." Jocelyn mused, sitting up to find a more comfortable position. She could tell from the expression on Prism's face that that memory brought back emotions both pleasant and undesirable. While she was happy to see there were things that brought Prism joy, something inside her also seethed at the thought of someone hurting Prism's feelings.

"I joined Beacon to protect the innocent, serve the kingdom, and prevent conflict between species as much as possible." she replied abstractly, pulling a page out of her brother's book out of habit. "To carry out a Huntress's duty, yet able to save as many lives as I can."
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”Something about how she should’ve been the top priority in my life. After she just kinda disregarded any chance I’d get where I am today, it really wouldn’t have worked out anyways.” Prism explains this bordering on a yawn, which she releases once Jocelyn sits up. Taking the opportunity with more room next to her, her wings stretch out - not unfolding the entire way by the time they hit the headboard, but enough so that Prism can make a little sound of satisfaction.

”That’s certainly a noble pursuit, by the way. If there was any doubt you were related to your brother on my side, it’s certainly gone now.” Prism jokes, nudging Jocelyn with her wing slightly. ”If I had to give me reason, Justice is really the only word I can use to describe it. Are you feeling any calmer now, by the way?”
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"Yeah. Mind's still spinning, but it's better. And to be honest, anyone who thinks of themselves like that is a stuck-up twat." Jocelyn stated bluntly, letting some of her pent-up anger loose. "Top priority, my rear end. If that were indeed true they'd leave a trail of dead corpses behind each time their partner sacrificed themselves simply because 'top priority'."

Sighing, she unslung Steam Flower from her back and chucked it clear across the room, sending the expensive equipment crashing against the wall before sliding down to the floor. "This was not how I expected my day to go. Dammit, Prism, I just wanted to read my books and now my mind's stuck thinking about sex and genders." She undid her ponytail and let her luscious hair cascade down her shoulders and her back, before slumping back down on the comfort of her bed.
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Prism slightly flinches as Steam Flower meets with the wall, giving a look of sympathy to Jocelyn as she rants. Sitting up on the bed, she scoots to the head of it to let Jocelyn lie down. "It's appreciated, but are you sure you should be flinging around your poor pair of wings like that? There's many more less expensive things to be taking out your anger on, you know."

There's a moment as Prism tilts her head thoughtfully, trying to think of a way to help Jocelyn relax. Glancing down at the mess of blonde sprawled across the bed, she thinks for a moment - asinine and easy things seem like the key right now. Orienting herself so she's sitting cross-legged behind Jocelyn's head, the hummingbird carefully drags clever fingers along her scalp, scratching soothingly for a moment. The motion continues for a minute, before she gathers her friend's hair with one hand, gentle not to tug, and separates it into two bundles - Beginning to braid on side of it, starting on a loose pigtail. "Let's see... tell me the most funny-stupidest thing Setsuna's ever done."
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Jocelyn sighed in pleasure as Prism's deft fingers massaged her head and hair, beginning to pull and twist in patterns and rhythms. "Yeah...that equipment was expensive. Remind me to keep something throwable at hand--both to relieve stress and to lob at Coco when he's up to his usual habits."

At Prism's second question, she blinks, rummaging through her memories for something she could use. "He tried to lift my father's set of weights once. Those things must still be double his weight, or even more currently. Poor guy got trapped under the bar and had to wait until our father knocked home from work to free him." Her next sentence brought a shadow to her face. "His most stupid feat was to save me from that Beowolf, no doubt. He could have died with no Aura, but he still did it. The stupid, stupid idiot..." Her voice trailed off, before revitalising itself. "If my father hadn't unlocked his Aura and my mother a medic, he...might not be here now."
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"I'm sure we could get a squishy something to chuck at him. Shouldn't be that big of a problem." There's a hint of amusement in Prism's voice at the idea, deftly working her way through the first braid. She listens intently as Jocelyn goes on about Setsuna getting stuck under their father's weights, snorting at the idea - and at the fact he leaped in front of a Beowolf for Jocelyn gets wide eyes and a impressed expression. She affectionately squeezes Jocelyn's shoulder with her free hand as she dwells on what could've happened, sympathy visible in her eyes. "He'll be a great hunter someday, there's no doubt - as long as he doesn't keep throwing himself in front of Beowolves, apparently. But Josie, don't dwell on what didn't happen, okay? He's still here. You were the lucky two. Be grateful for that, okay?" Her voice dips slightly during the last part, almost nostalgic in it's tone.

"I mentioned I was the runt of triplets, right? Both of my sisters were two massive hawks - like, 5'4" at age 11, still growing, I was only 4'7". We spent a good part of our childhood throwing ourselves off cliffs to learn to fly. They picked it up no problem, could glide for forever with just a few flaps. But hummingbirds? They don't glide, they hover. They could teach each other, but it was up to me to teach myself." Her voice gets a bit more fond as she continues with the story, completely lost in memory as the hands playing with Jocelyn's hair halt. "So they took turns carrying me by my armpits midair - excellent way to lose your fear of heights, by the way - and got in the habit of just flinging me to and fro. Spending so much time freefalling, but like, safely, let me get used to flapping in midair and holding myself. Eventually, I managed to right myself midair in this perfect hover - my wings were blurring like I can do now, it was almost automatic. That was a really great day."

As she finishes the story, blinking rapidly as she comes back to the present - remembering she's braiding her friend's hair, and resumes the motions, blushing slightly at the fact she rambled, but shooting Jocelyn a fond grin regardless. "Besides, I showed them both when we all realized I was the only one who could fly backwards."

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"Learning to fly, huh?" Jocelyn chuckles at the thought of a young Prism being lobbed across the sky, unable to pull off the feats she demonstrated on their previous flight and just beating those wings of hers ineffectively. "I've got some stories about learning to fly--or at least, learning to use Steam Flower. You know how the 'wings' don't actually help me boost anywhere, right? It took me over fifty crashes into trees before I realised that I was supposed to jump without them, since each time I tried, the resulting wind from the boost would just catch the wind and send me crashing into the nearest tree or the floor."

She smiled fondly at the childhood memory. "Kept knocking into the same tree so often we put protective padding around the trunk. Thing is, after we did that I stopped crashing into that tree and started getting tangled in the branches instead. I had to start carrying a knife around to cut myself free each time I practiced." She shuffled a little to let Prism access more of her hair. "I guess it isn't really the same as actually flying on your own, though."
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The story gets a good snort out of Prism, breaking into a full-on giggle at the image of Jocelyn colliding with a tree over and over again."Fl-Flying into things? Now that's something I can relate to!" The faunus manages to get the word out after her laughter died down, nabbing a hair tie from the side table and finishing Jocelyn's loose braid, before moving to start on the other side of her hair.

"My sisters flew into so many trees, it isn't even funny. When everything's close-cut pine trees, having a 14 foot wingspan and poor agility makes navigation difficult. Plus they both had these like, massive tailfeathers? Great for flying, less so when running around in the underbrush. It's like the one advantage being so small gave me, alongside the fact my other feathers just grow like-" She gestures to the thing collar around her neck, before continuing. "One time, one of them managed to fly into a bee's nest - well like, directly next to it. Broke a bunch of branches, got them scarily agitated. Sister number two distracted a swarm of bees while I pulled her out of the next - which of course meant setting the hive on fire. We made it out of their with singed feathers, and only destroyed a the top of one tree - it was a still day thank fuck, so no sparks jumped. In hindsight, it was really, really stupid."

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"Guess we've both had siblings that have done stupid things in the past then, another thing we share in common." Jocelyn giggles, feeling the unusual sensation of her hair being braided. Given the recent events that had happened, it was no surprise that simply lying on the bed, feeling the repetition of the braiding motion, and having so many new things discovered at the same time made one feel drowsy. after a while. She made that perfectly clear by yawning and covering her mouth politely. "Don't mind me Prism, just going to...take a...nap...
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Prism snorts at that, finishing Jocelyn's final braid before getting up, letting her head rest on the pillow. She scoots herself down the bed next to her, laying down in the gap between Jocelyn and the edge of the bed. The one advantage to being so small - you don't need much room. With her wings tucked up against her back, the small faunas closes her eyes in peace, almost unconsciously turning into the warm body next to her.

"Nah, don't mind - lemme join you as well. Forgive me when I wake you up." The words are half-whispered, before Prism just lets herself lie there - enjoying the silence.