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Title: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
Post by: Walter on May 10, 2018, 01:05:47 PM
It was a cold, windy night in the City of Vale. Few people could be seen hurrying through the streets, most of them either on their way home from work or simply wandering with nothing better to do. The night was quiet and the streets were dark, lit up only by the street lights and occasional shop which remained open at this hour.

A sleek, black sedan had parked in front of a dimly lit storefront - an agreed upon meeting point for a particular team of students. A man was standing by the car, leaning against the hood with a lit cigarette in his mouth, his face partially illuminated by the embers. When the team arrives, he unlocks the car and gets in without a word. Only when they climb in themselves does he lock the doors and turn to them, revealing a well-tanned, handsome man in his thirties. His maroon hair is slicked back and tied into a bun on the back of his head, and his eyes are covered by sunglasses which give him a somewhat intimidating appearance, further accentuated by the black suit and tie.

The man raises the glasses up, however, revealing a pair of pale yellow eyes which scan the group with an intense gaze. "Hm. Doesn't seem like I've picked up anyone I shouldn't have. Name's Mordred Royale," he introduces himself, giving a twi-finger salute to the group before starting the car and driving onto the road.

"Ride's not long, so don't feel the need to strap in. Silica's probably given you the rundown already, but I'll go over it for ya once more just in case. We're heading to an underground club, which we suspect is being run using our company's money. We're mostly going in just to scope things out, but, as it goes, our only chance at getting in was by putting forth a fighter,"  he points his head towards Akel, "and taking part in their fight club deal."

"Since they'd probably recognize me as a Royale if I talked to them or got rid of my disguise, we also needed someone to play manager," he points to Rachel. "Someone who could talk our way in. Don't know how they check people before letting them in, but so long as you tell them that 'Gram' sent you, it should be fine. Meanwhile Prism, you'll be acting as our entourage until you get the chance to split off. Once you do, you'll need to get into the back somehow and find out anything and everything you can about the organization, and most importantly - who's funneling funds into it. There's a camera in the glove compartment if you think you'll need it."

The car slows down as it closes in on a shoddy looking building on the edge of town, a large, burly man in a tank top standing by the entrance. Mordred turns to the group once more. "If you lot need to get acquainted with one another, do it now. Doubt you'll get the chance later," he says before lowering his sunglasses. Then, after a short pause, he asks: "Oh, and you two are from Beacon, right? Do you happen to know a kid named Reginald? He's my nephew."
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Post by: Moth on May 12, 2018, 10:20:54 PM
Prism's approach isn't signaled by the click of heels as it normally is - instead, her approach is silent for once, hidden by rubber roles of a simple pair of ankle boots. The normally-bright bird has done down her colors for the night, donning a sleeveless black halter top that hugs her form, alongside a pair of similairly-colored jeans. A simple black leather jacket has been thrown over her shoulders to conceal her wings, and her hair's been pulled back - the short bob pulled back in a tuft of a high ponytail, nearly midnight-blue in the dim lights. The steel box on the back of her waist is there as always, and she has a hip pouch secured by several belts casual enough you'd never guess all her ammo was packed into there. She nods to Mordred as she approaches, and as the other two do, gets into the car without words.

She listens in interest as the situation is explained, turning her eyes to Akel and - Rachel, she guesses - reaching for the camera when it's mentioned. As the car pulls to a stop, she turns to the other two students - it's  good to at least be on a first name basis with the other student before they all get into this. "Name's Prism Skylark, it's nice to meet you. Even if we don't get the chance to work together for long, I hope the mission goes smoothly."

She offers the newcomer a brief smile, before gesturing to the bat-faunus next to her. " Akel and I already know each other - we both go to Beacon. And Reginald? Reggie? I'm..." She visibly grimaces, shooting a look to Akel in reference to their previous... encounter with the youngest Royale. "Unfortunately acquainted. Our meetings have not gone smoothly."
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on May 16, 2018, 02:10:14 AM
Akel was glad to have someone that she had previously met on this mission even if they'd be separating soon enough. Which would have partially explained why the white-haired had her arms around the smaller girl as she looked around waiting for the vehicle to show up. As the sedan approached Akel hopped in behind Prism, rather having the option of sitting next to someone unfamiliar then be cut off by complete strangers.

Akel was grateful for the silence, her sword now resting between her legs as she thought about various circumstances that she would come across in the ring: aura or lack-of, weapons, arena setting, cover and elimination. While she didn't have an idea of the stage it was easing her mind to think about the possibilities that would have to end up in Akel taking a life.

"He has no mannerisms, thinks way too highly of himself, the only threat is the metaphorical venom he spits from his mouth and a condescending racist. You seem much more likeable and I wonder what went so wrong with him." Clapping her hands together Akel then brought a finger between her collar and her neck to feel the warmth of her gloves against her neck. "Does Prism wanna wish me luck before we head inside, maybe with a kiss?" the bat faunus smiled at Prism, a cheeky smile but a smile nonetheless.
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 16, 2018, 09:24:01 AM
There was always something to be said about meeting new people for the first time. Double that when said people knew each other already, and double that again when the third is somehow related via some kid who seems like an utter douchebag. Safe to say, Rachel was clearly the third (fourth?) wheel in the car. This, however, was one of the possibilities she had predicted in advance, as such not perturbed in the slightest.

After having climbed in the car and listened to their introductions (ooh, flirting) which resulted in a raise of her stalks in curiosity, she simply summoned Haku as an icebreaker, letting the yellow glowing hawk rest on her lap in a similar way that Akel rested her sword. Her own weapons were on her wrists, with no way to hide them--she went with the assumption that they were big decorative bangles. "Good to see people know each other already. Not surprised you lot don't know me--I hail from Mistral, and so does this beauty." The large hawk nuzzled its head against her palm in response. "Rachel Jonquil, at your service."
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Post by: Walter on May 16, 2018, 11:06:37 AM
Mordred let out a short laugh at the girls' description of Reginald. "Yeah, that sounds like him. I had to teach the little shit for years, so I know how tough he can be to deal with. But, hey - if you'd have met me and Marvin back in the day, boy... We were worse, though for a whole different set of reasons."

The man then waited a short while for the group to get acquainted before speaking up again:  "Cool bird. We should hurry now. We don't want to be late for the fight - I doubt they'd take kindly to that." He then dug through his pockets for a short while and produced a small earpiece, barely visible once inserted. He handed it to Prism.

"Try and keep me updated if you can. I have some guys on the inside already in case you need a distraction, so let me know if shit goes south. I'll try and stick with Rachel and keep talking to a minimum, though, so try and save that for emergencies. If everything appears to be set, well. I'm ready when you all are. Of course, if you do any more questions, shoot."

The man at the entrance had now taken note of the car, pulling out a handheld radio and uttering something into it before pocketing it once more, now staring intently at the vehicle. He was clearly waiting for someone to step out.
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Post by: Moth on May 17, 2018, 12:05:52 AM
"I'll gladly wish you luck Akel, but I'm afraid my kisses are reserved for someone else." The hummingbird's words are teasing in tone despite the pretty blush on her cheeks, but she casts Akel a smile anyways. Turning to Rachel, she looks on in interest at falcon resting in her lap, her smile quirking up at the sight of another bird. "Oh, impressive semblance. How many other animals do you have in your arsenal?'

She turns to Mordred as he makes his final remarks about Reggie, snorting in amusement as even his own Uncle disapproves of him."I'm glad to know we're not the only ones who deal with his difficulties. On that note, maps, a layout of the building, or anything like that if you have them - forwards them to my scroll. Once I get behind the scenes, I don't wan't to lose time wandering uselessly." Prism adds the final sentence a bit more seriously, reaching for the earpiece and sliding it safely into place. She glances out, observing the man muttering into the radio, and reaches for the car door's handle. "We should maybe get moving - they're starting to get expectant."
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 18, 2018, 04:19:40 AM
"While I would dearly love to show you, I doubt summoning them in this car would be a wise decision." Rachel stated matter-of-factly, de-summoning the hawk and letting the Aura flow back into her own body. "If things go sideways, as they might do, I do believe you will see them first-hand, however."

Letting her gill stalks flare out at the same time as she stretches her body, they nevertheless quiver a little at the thought of infiltrating an enemy base. No first plan survives contact with the enemy, they say. Well, she had more than one. "Ready to go on your mark, you two. Stop flirting with each other lest either of you get too...distracted during the mission."
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on May 19, 2018, 08:10:24 AM
"I think balance is important, besides the mission starts as soon as we exit this car, we could drive away and nothing would be questioned." Akel's ears picked up on the activation of the radio and the words he said, deciding that it would be best to go before they looked too suspicious, Akel made her way out first, taking her weapon and resting it on her hip by use of her magnetic sheath.

"Just a moment." Akel said as she turned her head and looked at the what she assumed to be a security guard.
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Post by: Walter on May 19, 2018, 11:00:12 AM
"We don't have an exact layout, but we do have a general idea - somewhere in there, there's the fighting ring and spectator seats, a place for the managers to sit, shit like that. Off to the side would be the preparation area for the fighters - you might be able to get backstage if you find a way in there. Tagging along with Akel might do it."

He nodded as Akel got out of the car, stepping out soon after. The bat faunus would have heard nothing too suspicious from the guard - he had simply reported the car parked in front of the club. He raised his hand in a 'halt' gesture, stepping closer to the group as they got out of the car.

The man, easily two meters in height and half as wide, stared the group down with his coal black eyes. "Who are you, and what business do you have?" He grunted out, his voice as deep as his eyes were dark.

At this moment, another car drove up, stopping a few meters away from the sedan. Mordred's ride was expensive, sure, but this one seemed like it'd cost as much as half an airship, and upon closer look one would find that the entire thing was covered in armored plates, its toned windshield made of bulletproof glass. 

The car stood where it was for a short while, its motor still running, before a figure stepped out from the passenger side - a 20-something woman in an indigo suit, sporting a black bowlcut. The woman stepped towards the back of the car, staring the group down and waiting for the result of their interaction with the guard, her hand resting on the handle of the back door.
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Post by: MonsterManic on May 20, 2018, 10:39:32 AM
Climbing out of the car shortly behind Akel, Rachel strode up to the security guard with a natural walk that gave all the impressions of someone who was acquainted with the cut and jib of the place. "Don't mind this one, she's a bit new to all this." She stated casually, indicating Akel to the side of her with a wave of her hand. "Still, you're just doing your job, so I'll keep this simple - Gram sent us." she continued, noting the arrival of the new, fancy car out of the corner of her eye. "Oh, and one more in the car, she's our entourage. Party of four." Despite the confident glamour she put on, her stalks were on end--clearly she felt tense and nervous, and hoped to high heaven the guard didn't notice or paid little attention to.
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Post by: Moth on May 20, 2018, 10:47:54 AM
Prism's the last out of the car, following behind Rachel silently. She's hear to get back stage, to disappear - so all she does is nod to the doorman as Rachel confirms a party of four, playing along. As far as he knows, she's just a silent groupie.

What's really curious is the woman that's pulled up behind them. Prism barely spares them a glance towards the noise, but scopes out what she can - young woman, funky haircut... and a really expensive ride. Whoever's in that thing has money to burn, or at least wants to spend it on someone.
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on May 25, 2018, 08:52:32 AM
Akel was about to answer but let Rachel go ahead since she was her "manager", choosing to silence herself as she wrapped her arms around Prism, being mindful of her wings and being careful about where she walked. "You ready to watch me fight, I'm going to knock them flat." For someone who didn't know Akel her eagerness to actually start fighting might've come off as strange and even brutish but, to Akel she saw it as competitive learning VERY competitive learning.

Unlike the girl Akel was currently hugging, the bat faunus eyed the lady with the rather strange haircut, it wasn't really her taste. A casual wave to the girl before turning her head forward as she waited to be allowed in by the security guard.
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Post by: Walter on May 25, 2018, 10:48:17 AM
The man stared at Rachel with his dark eyes a moment longer in silence - then, briefly, the eyes lit up with a bright green aura. Rachel could even feel a slight tingle as hiz gaze seemed to pierce through her, as if looking for something. He scratched his cheek with a stubby, thick finger, before speaking up: "Hrm. Gram... Gram sent you."

It seemed that the man was mulling something over in his head, while the woman next to the car squinted towards Akel. Moments later, though, the back door opened and out stepped a man in a black suit, a loose tie hanging around his neck. What might draw one's attention at first, however, would be an eyepatch covering his left eye. There was a grin on his face as he sauntered over to the guard, the woman following shortly after. The car's engine stopped, though the driver side door remained closed.

"Ah, Peter, good to see ya! Guessing she's our new fighter?" the newcomer asked, wrapping an arm around the larger man's shoulders - well, shoulder. He was noticeably shorter.

"Hrm. They say so, that Gram sent them. I do not trust -" Peter started speaking, producing a scroll from his pocket.

"Ah, great. Ain't it just the devil's own luck we'd get a new fighter after all that's happened? I gotta tell ya, I don't think I was the only one worried about our plans fallin' apart tonight. Glad to see you could make it, though," the man directed the last part towards Akel and the rest of the group. He then patted the large man on the back before removing his hand.

"Don't keep 'em held up for too long, Peter, don't want them missing the fight. Oh, and cancel my previous bet. I'll go 500 on the new girl," he added before heading towards the entrance, giving Peter a wave over his shoulder. The large man blinked, seemingly confused before shrugging mostly to himself. He then turned to the group with a nod.

"You're free to go inside. Someone'll show you around shortly," the man grunted out before returning to his post next to the door. Throughout the entire interaction, Mordred had remained entirely silent and still, but he now stepped forward, gesturing for the girls to lead the way.

Once they'd step through that door, the show would have to begin.
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on May 26, 2018, 10:12:49 AM
"Pressure. Fun." was all the girl said bluntly, she knew that bets were going to be a part of this but would have preferred didn't openly say that he was betting on her, let alone the actual amount. Still, she was prepared to fight and that was all that she needed to do.

Akel let her right arm rest against her sword as she stopped hugging Prism, hoping there wasn't any lunatics in the arena or any former huntsman/huntresses. "Come on girls... and dude. I wanna fight and get my blood pumping." Akel said as she went through the doors to whatever awaited her inside.
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Post by: Moth on May 26, 2018, 03:49:42 PM
Prism's eyes widen only slightly as Akel's arms are wrapped around her, glancing upwards at the bat faunus with the barest red blush on her cheeks - but it's quickly sidelined as Prism's attention jerks back to the conversation with the newcomer and the man guarding the door. The dude who tried to interrogate them - the flash in his eyes was probably a semblance trick, so he definitely had aura training. Something to look out for.

Eyepatch, though - likely some bigshot if he had that escort, and could get them through the door. Bowlcut was also a source of concern, but less so right now, but with that glare of hers, she was definitely paying close attention. And seriously, after all that's happened? Especially about getting a new fighter so soon? Just what had happened recently?

Prism drops behind the fighter as Mordred moves to the side, following her into the club - throwing a glance back to Rachel for affirmation.
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Those emerald eyes...They pierced through her soul, gazing into every nook and cranny of her mind. After the guard's eyes left her, Rachel could swear they were still boring into her back like a diamond-tipped drill. Still. The conversation between the two men had not gone unnoticed, yet all they did was add more puzzle pieces to the board, as she was sure the other three had also recognised.

Before fully entering the club, Rachel put a hand on Akel's shoulder to turn her around and face the axolotl faunus. "Whatever you do in that fight of yours, don't get crippled or it'll be annoying to get you out. I'd rather reserve my summon for fighting instead of evacuation." Catching Prism's thrown glance, she continues, "The same to you too. Be careful."
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Post by: Walter on June 01, 2018, 12:50:56 PM
Club Theme: TVXQ! - Keep Your Head Down (

The mixture of smells which hit the group's faces as they entered the club was difficult to describe. The sweet smell of liquor, the pungent odors of sweat and vomit, the ill-fitting fragrance of perfume and the faint scent of blood - all of it combined to create the bittersweet tang of an urban slaughterhouse.

It appeared that people from all walks of life had gathered there that night - in one corner of the room, several harsh-looking thugs were grunting something at each other, their little circle clouded in cigarette smoke. On the opposite corner, a blonde man with an unbuttoned suit jacket, lacking an undershirt, was thoroughly enjoying the company of several scantily-clad female cat faunus.

Near the middle of the room, several men in suits had surrounded a bearded man with a notepad clearly taking bets. While most of them were seemingly proffessional, some of them were obviously belligerent. The bearded man seemed used to it, though. The men's voices died down as three more figures approached the group, one of them towering over the others.

The tallest one was dressed in a red kimono, his feet bare, yet that much wasn't as bizarre as the mask covering the top half of his face resembling the snout, eyes and ears of a pig covered in bloody cuts.The other two appeared to be large man's personal guards - a woman with bizarrely long, shaggy hair, her legs and arms covered in pouches and straps, and a bald man in a leather jacket who appeared to be unarmed. The woman was just idly glancing around the room, shooting grins at the patrons, the group which had just entered included. The man was more serious, his sunken eyes scanning around for any weapons and potential threats to his boss.

Lastly, you could spot the man with the eyepatch and his female bodyguard walking through a door in the back of the room. The group could swear that just before he stepped through, he had given them a wink. Or, well, he might have just blinked - obviously, it was hard to tell.

Soon after entering the group was approached by a short brunette in a dangerously short crop top, her lips, ears, nose and navel holding as much metal as a small airship. She appraises the group for a moment before blowing out a gum bubble, popping it over her mouth and sucking it back in. "So, which one of y'all's fightan' and which one's tha managah?" she asked in a shrill voice, loudly chewing on the gum in her mouth. You could physically see the substance stick to her teeth as she bit into it.
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 01, 2018, 04:06:08 PM
Woah. Sensory overload.

The smells of strong alcohol--she detected whiskey and rum for some reason--paired with the nauseating odor of vomit mixed with the sickly sweet makeup and the metallic tang of what she recognised as blood made her suppress the urge to contribute to the mess.

She couldn't agree with the choice of music either. Excessive usage of drums was just not up her street, and whatever the lyrics were, they made as much sense to her as the subjects they taught in the academies. She just wanted to stuff her fingers in her ears, and thanked whatever higher being existed that she wasn't born with another pair of ears. Her gills folded over her ears instinctively as each wave of sound bombarded her eardrums.

Still, while one sense was reeling from the smell and the other from the noise, her eyes were busy looking around, though they were distracted by each new smell and sound. What kind of fashion did that man think he was wearing, or was that his halloween costume? The two people flanking him weren't much better either, though at least they didn't look like they worked in a butcher's.

So much information was being crammed into her brain at once that Rachel almost missed the heavily pierced woman walking up to them, and once she laid eyes on her she wanted to cringe away in disgust. The piercings were revolting, and though she just managed to keep her facial expression neutral, her gills shrunk even further, completely disappearing from sight if viewed from the front, though a side view would reveal every single hair standing on end. "Say agai--oh. Manager," she pointed at herself, "and fighter." She waved at Akel to come over.
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Post by: Moth on June 04, 2018, 09:06:38 PM
The bass is bone-rattling.

Prism's eyes have gone wide as she observes the room, but otherwise manages to keep an otherwise neutral expression on her face as the group enters the club. Her eyes flit from corner to corner, taking in all the sights the club had to offer - the thugs would hopefully keep to himself, and so would the man with the flirty felines, he seems like the type to stay preoccupied. The man in the pig's mask had to be fighter, or somebody important at least, there's no way nobody would have that much muscle with them otherwise.

Prism's head dips just in time to avoid the eyes of the bald man, or the woman with shaggy eyes - putting on an expression of minor disgust, as if she's too caught up in the club's atmosphere to pay them any attention. Admittedly, the room reeks, but is it bad if she's kinda digging the music though? Her attention's diverted again as the group's approached by another woman, asking if they're the fighter and the manager - wait, fuck.

She doesn't have a role that connects her to the rest of the group. She's too scrawny to pass as hired muscle, so they wouldn't just let her backstage, unless she's someone important to them all. Someone doing something valuable. Like...

She glances to Akel, and gives a silent prayer that the bat faunus plays along, taking a step forwards to hook one arm through Akel's at the elbow, before slightly leaning into the taller faunus and batting her eyes, as if there's nobody else in the room. The other goes up to tug her hair out of the ponytail, an affectionate gesture that a partner might do...

She may not pass as hired muscle, but she just might as arm candy.
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Akel was slightly stunned from the mix of stimulus that hit her senses as she entered the club. On the pleasent side she could smell hints of perfume and some allcoholic drinks which she hoped were as colourful as the fragrance hinted. Unfortunately she was quickly brought back by a hoard of rather unpleasent smells, cigerattes and blood being the obvious ones.

However, Akel was amused by the stereotypes that shr could see and personally would favour to be the buisnessman having the attention of the several faunus. Yet, she reframed from anything more then a quick gaze as she adjusted her eyewear and turned down the volume of her headset slightly.

Akel took note of the big boss and personally wondered why anyone would walk barefooted here but returned to browsing amongst the crowd as she saw the eyepatched gentlemaen give a wink, the idea that it was just a regular wink passing by and hopefully she'd get to clarify it in a later conversation, hopefully when they catch as many crooks as they could.

"Yo" was the casual response that Akel gave as Rachel introduced as the fighter, her gaze directed at Prism as she smiled and brought her hand along the shorter girl's cheek. As Akel smiled she let the hand that was brushing the girl's cheek wrap around the one that Prism had used to undo her ponytail "Later you can do more then undo my ponytail, but for the moment hold onto that for me, I'll want that back later." Akel came off as more seductive then anything, something which she had already started and was going to keep it up to be consistent and wanting to see Prism's cheeks turn red.
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The heavily-pierced girl snickered. "Oh, ya plannin' on some..." she said, then produced a series of squeaking, honking and clicking noises. " tha back, huh? Well, can' really judge or nothin'. Plen'y o' room back 'ere for ya, if you ca' even move afta' tha fight."

The girl then turned towards the man still taking bets, shouting out: "OI! Kramer! Who's the new chick fightin'?!"

"Fuckin' Sark, lass!"

"Oof. Migh' wanna take a rai'check on tha squeak-squeak, ladies. An'way, I'm guessin' you two can follo' me, then," she continued, gesturing towards the two presumed lovebirds. She then pointed her thumb towards the door that eyepatch had just gone through. "Tha rest o' ya can go git ya seats. Managah seats are at tha front. You'll kno' 'em when ya see 'em."

With that, the girl started leading the way to a set of doors off to the side of the room. It seemed that the crowd was preparing for the fights as well, both the feline compatriot and masked giant having gone inside. The team was splitting up and the mission begins here.

Akel and Prism were led into a brightly lit hallway, several cracks and old stains scattered along the concrete. There were doors on either side of the hall, most marked with number one-through-twelve. One door was marked as 'Custodial Supplies', another remaind unmarked. As you passed an intersecting hallway, the girl stopped. To the left you see a staircase, and to the right - another set of steel doors.

"Right 'en, ova there's tha door to the ring. You're up in twen'y, so don' get too carried away or nothin'. Ya can take dres'n' room ten, should be free tonigh'. Imma head back, got bunch a more fightas comin' in. Real mess tonigh', ya kno'?"

And just like that, the girl was gone. No guards, no cameras, nothing - it seemed that the fighters are given free reign back here. Almost a little too perfect for what they had planned.

The door which Mordred and Rachel would take would lead them into a massive room which resembled a rundown factory assembly room repurposed as an auditorium. Numerous rows of seats surrounded the center of the room, where a massive cage was located - the fighters' entrances seemed to be located where one would have previously found conveyor belts. Set in front of the regular seats were ones which were undoubtedly meant for managers. These were located on three sides of the rom - the one closest to the entrance was currently entirely occupied by one manager alone. It was, of course, cat guy from earlier - while he himself had his arms spread across three seats, every single chair around him was taken by the faunus, all of them in varying states of 'on top of him'.

The next set of seats was mostly free, two of them taken by eyepatch and his companion, a chair remaining empty next to the man. He seemed about as laid back as the cat guy - there was a glass of beer in his hand, though the bowl-cut girl next to him seemed to be eyeing the beverage with distaste.

The last set of manager seats had some room left as well. The large kimono-clad man was sitting in the middle, his two guards at his side. A bottle of vodka laid closeby, but there was something odd about it - as if there was something floating around in it, shapeless and glowing. It didn't appear like he had started drinking, though - the bald man, on the other hand, was already slamming shots.

Mordred remained silent as to not blow his cover. Looks like it would be up to Rachel to lead the way.
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Post by: Moth on June 10, 2018, 06:17:38 PM
Prism just gives the woman with the piercings a little nod, keeping her arm wrapped around Akel's as they're led backstage. One last glance is cast to Rachel and Mordred - be careful - before they disappear down the door meant for fighters.

As their guide disappears, Prism waits a beat for her to fade from hearing, before moving rapidly - dragging Akel into their designated dressing room, before quickly shutting the door behind them. She holds it closed for a beat, then two, and hearing nothing after them, releases a ragged breath she didn't know she'd been holding. "Holy shit, that worked."

Prism pauses, registering what she said, before spinning to face Akel with a blush on her cheeks. "I, uh - I'm sorry about that, it occurred to me that I couldn't get backstage, unless I had like, reason, otherwise I'd be taken out to the floor with Rachel and everyone else, and like - 'arm candy' was the only thing I could think of. So, uh. yeah. Props to catching on so quickly, and like, playing along as well - it's um, really appreciated. " She rubs the back of her neck sheepishly, averting her eyes.

"It's pretty empty back here right now, so I'm going to get going like, immediately - there's one unmarked door out there I should check out before somebody else shows up, and that staircase is bound to lead somewhere else interesting. Are you going to be okay if I take off? Your opponent sounded pretty tough, that 'Sark' dude she was talking about, especially if you couldn't move afterwards, or like, we wouldn't have been able to, uh..." She finishes a bit lamely, making herself blush with the thought again -  the poor bird is talking herself in circles.
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Taking her time to survey her choice of companionship before the fight, and also to determine the most likely source of information, Rachel eventually decided to take her seat next to the eyepatch man and his woman 'bodyguard'. Sinking into the seat with an intentional noise of pleasure and relaxation, she tilted her head to make eye contact with the man. "Good day to you." she ventured politely.

From what she last saw, Prism and Akel were now backstage. Mordred's cover would now be the same as all the others in the room--being her bodyguard. She trusted him to follow her move. Now all she needed to do was not blow the entire op. "Know where one could get a few drinks?"
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"Yeah, a real mess. Take care." was all the bat faunus said as she watched the walking pinboard make her exit. Turning her attention to the ummingbird faunus, Akel couldn't help but smile at the cute blush on the smaller girl's cheeks.

Unfortunately for Akel Prism had started to explain what they had just did and the benefits behind it, Wkel just merely stood there patiently waiting forthe girl to finish what she was saying before interjecting "Pash?" the bat faunus put bluntly, playing on how she was acting as Akel's arm candy. "Don't worry about it, I'll be fine, just focus on what you need to do and we'll meet up with the rest lwter and maybe... hang out for a bit afterwards."

"Oh, I'm going to give you ky coat, I'd rathrr not damage it in a fight and it'll also serve as an excuse if you need to meet up with me later seeing as it belongs to me." without pause Akel took unbuttoned and took off her coat to place around the girl's shoulder lightly, being mindful of her wings.

With the coat gone Akel was sporting a sleeveless stripped top that hugged her form with long gloves cutting off just before the shoulder. Her pants were pretty normal with the custom fitting and her boots covering them from knee downwards. The soon to be brawler glanced back to Prism to wave to her before she went to the steel doors to wait and do sone small streching before the fight begun, not bothering with the dressing room since she didn't really bring a wholr new set of clothes.
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The dressing room is plain and rather squalid. Two metal lockers and a cheap wooden closet are lined up on one side of the room, a shoddy looking, filthy sink on the other. A simple full-body mirror stands at the wall near the entrance, a bench in front of it. One thing was for sure - these people did not take them as guests of honor.

Eyepatch glanced at the faunus, the woman next to him squinting at her over his shoulder. He then smirked and raised his hand, snapping his fingers twice. Moments later a redheaded boy in a waistcoat, no older than twenty, hurried out from the side of the room with a metal plate in his hand. On said plate laid a selection of drinks - two glasses of champagne, two glasses of beer and a variety of shots.

"The drinks here are free-of-charge for fighters and managers, so feel free to take what you'd like," Eyepatch explained. Once the waiter was gone once more, he smirked and peered at Rachel once more. "You don't quite look like you're old enough to drink, but I suppose you've already wound up involved in much worse affairs. I gotta tell ya, you kids have a lot of guts to be infiltrating a place like this. So blatantly at that - Peter back there would have had your head on a platter had I not come along!"

"S-sir, why-" the woman tried to speak up.

"Because," Eyepatch interrupted her, "it seems like tonight's going to be a whole lot more interesting than I had anticipated. Oh, and where are my manners - the name is Kepler Hart."
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"Smart. On that note, I should go - I don't know how long it's going to stay so quiet back here. Good luck out there, beat their ass  black and blue." Prism responds, offering Akel one last smile before slipping out the door. Taking a nervous breath, Prism glances down the hallway - still abandoned - before moving across the hallway to her first stop - the unmarked door from earlier.

Prism opens the door quietly, before slipping inside and immediately closing it behind her, groping on the wall for a lightswitch. She finds it easily enough before flicking it on, turning to reveal the contents of the room - and her jaw slightly drops, before she manages to pick it back up and reach for the camera she was given earlier. It was obviously some former utility closet, based on the rusted boiler across the room, but the contents change it's intents dramatically. Chains, collars restraints - they're covering literally every surface in the room. Near the boiler is a rusted cage with the roof blown off and the bars twisted in crazy directions. Either this place moonlit as a freaky sex dungeon, or they trafficked something in here - animals, people, maybe Grimm? Prism shook her head at the thought, not wanting to know before raising the camera to take several shots of everything in the room. There's a quiet moment as she stares at the restraints, before covering her hand with her coat and reaching out to pick up a collar and pocket it. Who knows, they might need evidence later on.

Nodding to herself as she mentally checks off the boiler room, Prism slips out the door and closes it behind her, taking he opportunity to tie Akel's coat around her waist. She gives another glance down the hallway, before moving on to the dilapidated staircase at the far end and beginning to quietly climb.

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Akel was noticeably displeased with the state of the waiting room, she didn't even consider touching anything because she didn't know what they had been through or exposed to. 'I just gotta wait, fight, don't kill them, just beat them until they give up. Simple enough.' Akel simply thought as wanted to outright avoid ending a single life even if her opponents didn't share the same sentiment.

Finally, after waiting Akel heard the call and went through the metal doors, she noticed that any old equipment was unceremoniously left in a corner of the room 'that is incredibly lazy of them' was the thought that automatically came through Akel's head. She spotted a guy that was obviously waiting for her and didn't waste any time and cut to the chase

"What's your name, kid?" he asked as he stood infront of the door, in response, Akel just replied with "Alter. Just Alter" she received a raised eyebrow at the odd choice but didn't think anything of it as he motioned to the arena, her hand glancing to the dial as she went through the various settings and eventually stopped on 'combat focus'.

Akel now waited for the guy to give her the cue to enter the arena, tapping her foot on the ground, her aura activated and surrounded her as she was inspecting her sword.
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”Jane Rowen, and please - chivalry is dead in this day and age. Manners, in fact, do not maketh man.” Rachel replies, taking a glass of beer and tilting her head toward the boy in thanks to cover up any shock that may have leaked through her expressionless face. ”Such a bold statement, Kepler - one might be forgiven for assuming you were always this straightforward.” ‘Jane’ leaned forward, one elbow on a shoddy armrest. ”I’d hardly call this ‘infiltrating’, merely getting in on the action, shall we say. It’s all the rage nowadays.”

It didn’t take more than 10 brain cells to figure out that this man, whoever he was, had their cover blown wide open. Didn’t even take 5 minutes. In either case, something about them had to benefit Kepler, or he’d wouldn’t have covered for them at the entrance. There was still too little Rachel knew to format a proper plan, so in the meanwhile she’d have to play along. ”Shall we toast our fighters’ success?” She offered, raising her glass of beer.

Time to extract some information.
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Prism would find a door at the top of the staircase which would lead her into a much nicer looking hall. The walls were actually covered in proper, pure white paint with rows of wooden doors on either side. Next to each door was a plaque with a name and supposed occupation carved into it: R. Joule, Manager; PM, Manager; K. Hart, Manager; G. Bourbon, Manager; Whitaker, Associate; Administrator. There were also several which were blank - if she were to try and open these she'd find the rooms completely empty. Strangely enough, she wouldn't find a single living soul around - even the rooms which were supposedly in use were abandoned.

Mordred remained equally motionless and expressionless while Hart smirked, knocking his glass against 'Jane's'. "I'll offer a toast for yours, at least. It's not my fighter your friend is going up against - at least, not anymore. But I will say... She'll probably need all the luck she can get. Sark can be a real pain a good fighter's behind." As he spoke, he seemed to glance towards the man sitting on the opposite side of the arena - the one dressed in the damn pig mask.

It was at this time that the intercoms hidden away in the corners of the room came to life.

"Lasses and gents, I hope you all found yer seats well, 'cause tonight is going to be a bit of a special fight! A cage match to the last drop, and our administrator's promised us that we'll get a bit of a surprise at the end - we don't know how good it'll be for the fighters, but it's gonna be damn good for the rest of us! And now, without further ado, here comes today's challenger - Alter! A newcomer to the fighting game going up against our reigning champion, we can only wish her luck, can't we?"

As Akel stepped out into the arena, met with cheers and chants on every side, she'd find herself in a fully enclosed metal cage. It looked sturdy enough and capable of withstanding a blow or two, but a heavier strike from a blade might be able to cut through it. As she entered the door behind her was shut and locked. After a short while the chanting quieted down as if in anticipation of something. The intercoms came on once more.

"As for the champion himself - we ought to hope Alter here's made peace with her god, because this man won't be one to show any mercy! Known as the 'Bloody Blade', 'Red Angel' and 'Fucking Psychopath' - it's none other than motherfuckin' Sarkans Tulpe!" the voice announced excitedly, the crowd bursting into cheers again. The door on the opposite side of the cage slid open.

Sark's Theme: Monsta X - DRAMARAMA (

Sark stepped out into the cage with his sword resting over his shoulder and a can of coke in his other hand. He was maybe in his twenties or so, with unkempt red hair poking out in every possible direction. The guy was dressed somewhat plainly, with a pair of loose, black trousers, a red undershirt and black suit jacket over it. His intense, deep red eyes remained trained on Akel as he walked out and sipped the soda in his hand. He looked her over, then scoffed and tossed the can in the air, slicing it clean in half with one slash.

"Another one of those creatures. And here I thought I'd get a decent fight," he spat out, loud enough to be heard by Akel - though likely overpowered by the chanting to those in the stands and manager seats.
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Prism carefully slides through the door at the top of the staircase, and closes it silently behind her. The astute difference between the grimy fighter rooms downstairs and the crisp and clean management hallway is enough to make her blink a couple times as she takes it in; quickly noting the fairly large management team the fights apparently require.

Whipping out the camera she got from Mordred earlier, she passes down the hallway and takes individual photos of the plaques on each door, alongside mentally noting the names. At the very least, she’d be able to pass on who’s organizing this underground fighter’s ring to Mordred. Her sensitive hearing isn’t picking up the sounds of anybody else in the hallway though - so it won’t hurt to poke her head into one of the offices and see what she can find.

Based on her experience leading team Casanova, it’d be any of the managers who’d probably have the most information on the operation, given what it’s like to schedule training periods and everything - but the administrator was the one who’d have the most information on everyone.

So, after she’s finished taking pictures of the entire hallway, she turns and tries the door to Whitaker’s office.
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Akel sighed as she entered the arena, reaching for her headset and tuning the dial to block out the random cheering, taking off her polarised glasses she let it hang from the top buton of her shirt. Akel needed to concentrate on the fight since this wasn't training "Now that is just a waste of coke." Akel said plainly, gripping her sword in both hands and taking a standard fighting stance with one foot back, one hand at each end of the handle as she smiled at her opponent. 'he probably didn't hear me anyway.'
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Rachel didn’t let her slight fear and nervousness show when Akel’s opponent stepped into the ring, though her stalks flared out in annoyance at Sark’s rude comment. If she wasn’t supposed to be under cover, she’d just as quickly go down and beat him senseless herself. Instead, she quaffed her entire glass of beer to cover her emotions, gently putting it back on the plate with a light ‘tink’. Quickly, before the two fighters began fighting in earnest, she leant over and whispered to Hart: ”Know who Sark belongs to?”

She’d already noticed Hart’s curt glance at the guy with the mask, but she wanted more information without seeming overly nosy.. Speaking of… ”And - pardon me for asking - what do you mean, ‘not anymore’?” Rachel could probably hazard a guess - judging by the subtle nicknames given to Sark down below it was fair enough to assume many a challenger had been topped by the “Bloody Blade”.
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Hart snickered as Sark diced through the can. "Y'know, that stunt becomes a lot less impressive after you've witnessed him try and do that with a full can during practice. Bastard complained about sticky hair for weeks."

He then looked towards Rachel. "Sarkans over there was indeed one of my own not so long ago. But I'm a gambler at heart - though some would say not a very good one. I made a little bet and the result was that I lost 'em. Not to Pig Mask over there - if that were the case, Sark would already have brought my head to him on a platter. His master at this time..."

Hart then snapped his fingers, his index finger pointing out towards 'Cat Friend'. The man seemed to notice this - and if Rachel looked carefully, she might spot him... winking? "Geralt Bourbon - he's one of the top dogs along with me and Pig Mask over there. Though his trade is... Quite different from either of ours. Something I haven't really ever tried, though I have thought about it."

For some reason, the last part of his response earned a glare from the woman next to him, prompting him to add: "But I did decide against it in the end. Yes."

Prism would find the interior of the room somewhat lacking - the steel desk on the other side of the room was covered in heaps of papers with only a single desk lamp next to them, the wooden floor was barren, there wasn't as much as a chair in front of the desk. The walls, however, were covered in framed photos - each of them featuring a white-haired man with a pale complexion, high cheekbones and an obviously forced smile on his face. There were pictures of him shaking hands with other men in suits, of him standing in front of buildings and waving to the camera in front of an airship, pictures of him supposedly working behind his desk. None of these photos seemed in any way sinister - but perhaps a bit... dull. 

Among the papers she would... not find that much of interest, certainly not at first. Much of it would be various delivery forms, fighter applications, records of bets and their respective winners and losers. But three files would very much stand out after a bit more thorough of a search.

The first would be a list of all currently registered fighters, with a tally next to them as well as a pair of initials. Quite a few of the names on the list were completely marked and scratched out, while others were simply crossed out - and most of the names present were clearly fake. What was still readable looked a bit like this:

• Sarkans Tulpe |||||||||||||| HK GB
Rachne ||| HK
Cliff ||||| HK
• Guru |||||| PM
• Sway Ilk || HK
• Jay Flagstaff | SW
Peter Fay SW
• Tigress ||||||||| GB

Most of the names after that lacked tallies, with few of them being crossed out.

The second document would be a delivery form - or what remained of it, at least, as it had suffered a fate similar to most of the fighter list. Most of it was completely erased one way or another, but from what remained you could tell that only one item had been delivered, the delivery had been made yesterday and that Whitaker himself had signed it.

Lastly, a finance report - the top contributors in ascending order being G. Bourbon, K. Hart, PM... and the Royale Organization. Thousands of lien had been invested by the Royales just this month - but the file did not mention a specific person, the reason why the money was invested or what it had been spent on - but for what it was worth, the Royales were certainly involved.

Then, however, Prism would hear something - footsteps coming from out in the hall and it sounded like they were coming closer.

Sark spun the sword in his hand as he took a step forward. "Well, I guess I couldn't have expected any better from some no-name manager. As much as I would enjoy it, I won't drag this out..."

He then grinned, gliding his tongue across his blade... before launching into the air, stopping just before the top of the cage - and lunging back down with a slash aimed for Akel's head! "There's no reason I should play with my food!"
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Akel took a step back, lifting the sword above her head and angling the sword towards her left, intercepting the blade Akel would pivot herself to strike her opponent's back with a two-handed heavy attack aiming to throw him into the ground. 'aggressive.' thought the bat, as she took a few steps back after the strike to not let herself be hit by a dirty move.
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"So you won't hold it against me if Alter takes his sorry ass and boots it into next week's rubbish collection then." Rachel deadpans, her axolotl stalks calming down and returning to their nestled position behind her ears. With her Faunus eyesight, she could see the man winking, and raised an eyebrow in return. Whatever it meant, she didn't have a clue currently.

Something about Hart's last sentence stuck in Rachel's head, however. Different from fighting, and apparently not very enticing to others... Should be profitable if he can wager enough to take a top fighter off another's hands. Could it be? The fighting had already begun below, so Rachel leant back in her seat to 'enjoy' the show - and also to analyse both fighter's moves. Couldn't hurt to learn while on a mission, right?
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Silently closing the door behind her, Prism's reaching for her miniturized camera before she even finished sweeping the room. It's pretty damn barren, not even a window or a potted plant. But the faces all over the walls, offiical-looking people - Prism might not recognize any of them, but Mordred or another Royale family member might, so they're worth recording.

After circling the room to the beat of the quiet click of her camera, Prism moves on to shuffle through the papers on the desk. It takes some digging through the bulk on the paperwork, but after sorting through a list of fight ring participants and other fluff, she eventually finds-



Prism smiles to herself as she raises her camera to take a photo of the paperwork, mentally noting the names. G. Bourbon. K. Hart. PM. The Royale Organization. The Royale Organization doesn't have a listed cause or use for their contributions like the rest of the donaters did, but an amount of Lien that's enough to make Prism's head spin has been donated- which was exactly what Mordrid was looking for. Finding evidence of the fight ring's illicit siphoning and funding from the rich family this quickly wasn't anticipated, but hell if she'd complain

There's still the matter of the other contributers though- she can swear she's seen those initials before. GB, KH, PM... She'd seen them, in at least one of the other papers-

It takes another moment of rooting from where she'd let the papers scatter, but on the sheet listing the fighting ring participants, the initials next to the fighters matched up with the donors.

Prism snaps a final quick photo, about to go back to searching through the papers to see if there was any important information she missed - before the sound of footsteps reach her ears as her eyes jerk up towards the door, and silently drops herself down and crawls beneath the desk, pressing herself to the very back of the footspace underneath.
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Sark's blade crashes with Akel's, sparks flying off in every direction - there had been considerable force behind the attack, so the interception comes as some surprise to the guy. He plants his feet down as Akel pivots, lurching down and launching forward, though less powerfully than before. Sark goes into a roll and as he rises, he turns to face the faunus again.

"Hah. At least the crowd will get some show. Your turn, bitch. Come at me!" he calls out, spinning the sword in his hand once more and rolling his shoulders. "Ain't like we have a lot of time to play around."

Hart watched Akel deflected Sark's attack and in turn the guy dodged her's. The man grinned, taking a swig of his beer.

"If she can manage it, then I have no objections at all. He certainly deserves to be taken down a peg, but I'm not quite sure that'll be happening today," he says as he sets his glass aside. "It's just about time things started going down in the back isn't it?"

The question seemed to be aimed at nobody in particular. The woman next to him didn't react, but Rachel would spot Mordred's arm moving up to his ear, then back down.

On the other end of the room, the long-haired woman which had been sitting next to Pig Mask had left, though his bald companion remained, the bottle of liquor already half empty. Pig Mask himself was leaning back in his seat, seemingly watching the fight, though the mask made it hard to tell where he was looking at any point. The bald man had resumed scanning the crowd. His sight lingered on your group.

Was something bad about go down?

The footsteps drew ever closer to the office. Just as Prism would hide underneath the desk, the door would open, the footsteps stopping.

"Hm. Must have imagined things," would come a male voice from the doorway, "but check the room. I don't want anything interfering with things."

At this point, Prism's earpiece would turn on with the sound of Mordred's voice. "It is possible that you've been compromised. Get out as soon as possible and avoid being seen. Call out if you are spotted. Over and out."

By the tone of his voice, the message appeared to have been prerecorded. A short while after it ends, you would hear the footsteps resume - a single pair, heading towards the desk. Slow and deliberate. Searching.

"Did you just say something?" the voice from before asked, still at the door.

"Uh, no, sir. I didn't..."

You would now see the legs of the man searching the room, dressed in black-and-grey military fatigues. For a moment, it appears that he has spotted you. No, he definitely has.

Then, a muscular arm extends from the ground, grabs onto the upper leg of the soldier and pulls down hard, the poor guy's chin slamming against the side of the desk. Before the man at the door could finish an expletive, he is cut off half-word which is followed by a loud thud.

There is a pause which lasts only a few short moments.

"You may now step out, young lady," comes a somewhat deep and utterly calm voice. "Though your cover is not yet blown, it is best for you to leave before things go sour."

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"It is possible that you've been compromised. Get out as soon as possible and avoid being seen. Call out if you are spotted. Over and out."

The man's circled to the front of the desk, and spotted her. She shifts imperceptibly - she's smaller than he is, she can definitely move faster. If she throw her wing out while it's aura reinforced, she can sweep his feet out from underneath. She can't get Hawk's Eye out before then, but she can stir up a storm with the papers and send them flying, and then get out of the room before anybody else can catch her-

And then there's a thud from above, the sound of flesh meeting desk, and the man's knocked out cold against the ground.

She quickly, stepping over the body backwards and away from the mystery man as quickly as possible. "...thanks for the save, I'll take your advice. Mind if I ask who's giving it to me?"
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Rachel gave the fight her attention for a few more seconds, facial expression emotionless, before she rose to her feet abruptly. "Please excuse me, Kepler, there's something that I need to take care of." she murmured just loud enough for Hart and the woman next to him to hear, then headed toward the far side of the room, motioning for Mordred to follow suit. Once there she turned so her back was facing the rest of the people in the room, then addressed the adult in a quiet whisper. "Cover's blown. Kepler over there said as much." Rachel stated matter-of-factly. "Something else about losing his fighter - the one fighting right now -  to the guy with the cat faunus group over gambling. Er, Geralt, his name was. Also, Kepler mentioned something going on in the back, you think he knows what we're doing?"
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"That would be ideal, you aren't the most gracious company I've had." Akel replied, bringing her sword up and eyeing her opponent. Akel let the aura flow into her sword and let a horizontal aura slash towards her opponent, following behind with a stab to send her opponent into the walls of the arena.
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Sark placed his blade in front of himself, slightly blocking the aura slash, though it still sliced at his sides. Gritting his teeth, he still stood his ground. As Akel went for her stab, the redhead side-stepped and brought his blade to meet her's, deflecting it. "You're a goddamn kid in over your head, and an ugly one at that," Sark spits out, going for a kick to Akel's back, hoping to use her own momentum against her. Though his first attack seemed reckless, he seems to have taken a turn for being a lot more calculated.

As he does this, however, Akel would hear something over the crowd - something that makes the arena rumble. A roar, or the whirring of machinery, perhaps?

Hart watched as Rachel and Mordred headed off, a smirk playing on his lips. He turned towards the woman next to him and whispered something, before returning to watching the fight before them.

Mordred followed Rachel and nodded as she spoke. "I have a suspicion he knew what was going on before we did. I haven't gotten a response from Prism, but I have warned her - all we can do is wait, I'm afraid. Can't leave without her and... 'Alter' over there," he says as he gestures towards the arena.

It's then that you hear something coming from the general direction of the arena. A load, roaring sound - what on earth could that be?

Prism would step out from under the desk and find herself face-to-face with a man whose age is a bit hard to tell - dressed in a turban and tunic, a red feather in said turban and his arms and legs adorned with golden bangles, his features sharp and eyes seemingly accentuated by red eyeliner, he's... odd. Two metal hoops rest on top of his wrists, attached to fingerless metal gauntlets. Looks much like the arm you saw grabbing the guard through the floor. At his feet lays an unconscious man, white-haired and dressed in a matching white suit.

"Assistance, courtesy of Kepler Hart. My own name isn't important," the man says as he gestures for Prism to follow him as he heads out the door. Once she does, he turns to her once again. "I hope you have gathered all you need. The sooner you get out, the better."

As he says this, however, you would spot someone rounding the corner at the end of the hall you had arrived from. It's the long-haired, scantily-clad and pouch-covered woman you saw with the pig mask guy in the lobby. If you were to look behind, you'd spot a small group of guards armed with automatic rifles rounding the other corner and heading your way from the other side.

"Though it does not seem like an option just yet. I can only assume you can fight, young lady. I'll let you take your pick, and help you once I've dealt with the other threat," the man says rather matter-of-factly, throwing his arms out to the sides as the sharpened hoops on his arms began to whir.

Yep. Didn't seem like this would end as neatly as one would have hoped.
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Like Sark predicted, the momentum caused Akel to stumble to her right, her sword leading her off-balance, however she wasn't going to let this get the better of her and acted, moving the sword along with the momentum, her echolocation letting her know that a kick was coming she put her left hand behind her back and enhanced it with aura temporarily to take the strike without moving and using her sword, which touched the ground to keep herself stable. With this block the back of BL's handle was nearly facing Sark and Akel activated the transformation to shoot the handle into the redhead's face as she made the final adjustment. Her other hand being used to keep herself balanced as she continued the spin, letting the scythe go around to hook her opponent and revert the transformation to force Sark inward to deliver a air-based knee strike to his face, enhanced with aura as a small red shockwave appeared from her knee upon impact.

"Don't be jealous, you'll be out of my league after I'm done downgrading your face." she replied as her ears started to pick up a sound 'machinery? A robot perhaps? They better not have a mech here!' she thought as she listened for more information.