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Title: Rook Ryder
Post by: Oneroi_Builder on June 12, 2018, 12:08:09 PM

Name: Rook Ryder (Rook, an alternate name for a crow)

Age: 18 (Birthday is the 21st of Frost)

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  A simple black feather
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Occupation: Beacon 1st Year Student

Appearance: Rook stands at 5"10, and has a wide frame, with skin on the lighter side. His shoulders are broad, and he weighs a little over 200lbs. He isn't necessarily built to perfection, but he has a solid figure. His hair is black and short, cut so that it isn't weighed down. It can stick straight up if he doesn't brush it, but he usually does, so that it's pointed forward. He smiles a lot, and has quite noticeable dimples, and tends to squint a little when he grins widely. His eyes are brown, with a touch of green to them that you can only really see on certain days, and even then only when you look close. On a typical day, he'll wear a long sleeved, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. He always wears a white undershirt underneath, occasionally leaving all the buttons undone (especially when the weather is warmer). He almost always wears either blue or grey jeans, along with blacks shoes that have a little bit of paint splattered on them.

History: Rook is the oldest of four boys, growing up in the middle of Vale. His father works for the Schnee Dust Company, specifically overseeing the distribution of their products in Vale, while his mother is a teacher. Growing up was easier for Rook than for some, even being able to travel a lot in his youth. He has been to Atlas, joining his father on a work trips, and even went to Mistral once or twice, enjoying the rich and varied cultures of both.

Rook gets along well enough with his younger siblings, named Carmine, Ivory, and Verdant. While Ivory and Verdant tended to follow Rook's lead, Carmine always seemed to butt heads. It almost seemed as if Carmine would reject Rook's leadership simply because he didn't like the idea of his elder brother being in charge, even if what Rook was saying was 'right'. In return, Rook had a penchant for challenging Carmine whenever he acted up, or made statements that Rook disagreed with, though it was almost never received well. This led to the two of them becoming very argumentative at times, and having a more strained relationship than the others.

Since Rook was young, he knew he wanted to help. His father wasn't quite on board with it, but Rook is stubborn to a fault. He learned to fight his own battles, both physically and mentally, needing to defend himself during combat training at Signal Academy, and while arguing with his brother and his father. Rook turned out to be a capable fighter. Not the best, but talented nonetheless, and has enrolled at Beacon Academy as a first year student.

Personality: Rook has a few things that define him. He always keeps his promises. He always has hope. He values what is right. Unfortunately, that last one is also one of his biggest flaws. When he encounters something that is incorrect, he can't help but try to make it right, whether it's an offhand statement about something, or a worldview he sees as incorrect. His parents often criticized him for it, asking him why he valued what was "right" over the relationships in his life. From Rook's perspective, though, fighting for what is right is the only thing that could ensure that the relationships stayed strong. He can be a bit prideful, and doesn't jump at the opportunity to be proven wrong, but he does value what is truly right over specifically him being right.

When it comes other things, Rook is actually as soft as it gets. He cries over emotional moments in books and movies, and he has empathy to the point where he can sometimes physically feel it if someone he cares about is hurting. This also translates to an empathy for those who are struggling. Even though he is fairly privileged, he finds himself feeling strongly about issues such as faunus rights and feminism. If there's an opportunity to be giving, he'll try and take it, even if it's sometimes at his own detriment. He's often found himself skipping meals because he bought lunch for one too many friends that month.

Rook tries to be understanding, and has a view that everyone has double edged swords in their life, wherein their greatest strengths are tied to their greatest weaknesses. In his case, his compassion for others is tied to a lack of care for himself, leading to things such as depression and anxiety, and a lack of desire to burden others with his problems. His thirst for what is right is tied to a stubbornness that ends up damaging relationships.

Rook's empathy is juxtaposed by his habit of correcting, though the two can work in tandem on occasion. If he's with a friend who has messed up in some way, Rook is more likely to be empathetic, comforting them and helping them to do better. If that friend insists that they were in the right even though they messed up, that would be when Rook would challenge them. This was often the case with Carmine, who would make a mistake of some sort, but refuse to admit he was in the wrong, leading to their many arguments. The two traits work best together when Rook is defending someone or something, such as an occasion when his father made a somewhat racist comment about the faunus. Rook's empathy for the faunus worked with his stubbornness as he challenged his father on the statement. The argument didn't end well, and it's actually still a sore spot between Rook and his father.

Aura and Semblance: Rook's aura is colored dark blue, and his semblance is known as "Lock". Through some research on the topic, Rook believes that semblances are tied not just to a person's personality, but specifically to one of their greatest flaws. For Rook, it's his stubbornness. Rook has the ability to touch the ground and become completely unmovable. His aura is not increased while in this state, and he can't hold it for more than 5 seconds at a time. When he releases the lock, there is a small burst of energy. This doesn't do any damage, but it pushes those immediately next to him away, as well as flashing a bright light. It is most comparable to the "Armor Lock" ability from Halo: Reach. An example of this usage would be an opponent striking him, intending to send him flying. Instead, Rook touches the ground, locking into place. He still takes the blow, draining his aura, but he isn't moved at all. Rook's natural endurance in fighting lends itself towards using his semblance to ensure he stays close to his opponent, taking hits and preventing himself from being pushed away.

When augmented by dust, the lock around him can become charged with elemental energy. For instance, using fire dust and activating his semblance would cause a fiery shield to form around his body, resulting in a more explosive blast when he releases it. Or, if using earth dust, the shield would take the form of solid stone, shattering and sending shrapnel towards those nearby once he releases it.

Combat Behavior:  Rook is a brawler, through and through. He can take hit after hit, and excels at maneuvers that use his own size and weight to pin his opponent. When it comes to opponents that are his size, or slightly bigger, he does fairly well. This falls apart fairly quickly when he either
1. Can't get ahold of his opponent because they're too fast
or 2. Are far too big to brawl with.
With the first, it's a matter of endurance. Rook isn't the type to give up, but he knows when it's time to change tactics. Sometimes he'll try to tire out someone with superior speed, not wearing himself thin, but making sure they expend a lot of energy.
With enemies that are significantly larger, he turns to the environment. He knows he can't win the battle on his own, so his mind goes to the people and things in his vicinity that could help him.
While those two are definitely weaknesses that he struggles with, his biggest weakness by far is putting out damage. Rook can take hits like a champ, and excels at grappling and that style of fighting, but he isn't really the type to throw a punch. In most fights, he'd rather let the other person throw an attack, then use that as an opening to pull them to the ground, or something along those lines. This can become very dangerous when dealing with Grimm, because unless he has someone or something around him to help, it would be very difficult for him to deal out the damage required to truly take something down.
Additionally, Rook has a significant disadvantage with ranged fighters. His weapon has no ranged function, and his entire fighting style revolves around being very close to his opponent. While he has his shields, he isn't very good at dodging, almost always taking a blow as opposed to moving it out of the way. While he has good endurance in fighting, it's very difficult to utilize that endurance if he gets worn down before being able to make his first move.


Name: Medici Librae


Primary Form: Rook wields a pair of gauntlets, jet black in color. They are full gloves, with the armor reaching all the way to his elbow. The metal is in one main piece along his arm, segmented at the wrist and joints so that he can move easily. The main use of this weapon is to be able to block hits without getting hurt (such as grabbing a sword without it cutting into his hand), as well as adding to his strength while fighting. The gauntlets have a built in mechanism that makes sure his grip is significantly stronger, meaning that it's extremely hard to get out of his grasp once he gets a hand on his opponent. The gauntlets don't shrink all the way, but they can fold in a bit to make them easier to carry.

Secondary Form: While the weapon doesn't exactly change form, it can extend. The metal pieces on his forearms extend into larger shields. The extended distance isn't significant, but it's enough that he'd be able to cover his face reliably. (Comparable to Captain America's new shields in Avengers: Infinity War, though a bit bigger)
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Dust Functions: While the weapon does not currently fire any kind of ammunition (Though, it's something Rook is open to changing in the future), inserting dust into the gauntlets can charge his fists, and the shield, with elemental energy. By using fire dust, he could make his punches fiery, burning with each grapple, or freezing cold with ice dust. Similarly, he could charge his gauntlet shield with dust, causing anything to hit it to be struck with the corresponding effect.

Title: Re: Rook Ryder
Post by: Kingnoname1 on June 13, 2018, 04:40:25 AM
Like Riven said in the introduction thread this is a pretty good start although there are a few things I'd like tidied up.
1). Becoming both an unmovable object and having nearly impenetrable armour is too much for a first year semblance. Also we want some sort of resource abstractions, so like how much can Rook use it before wearing himself.
2). Not dealing much damage is a good weakness but not being as strong as strong people or fast as fast people isn't so you need another one or two.

General critique although it won't stop me approving it is that a fair bit of the character doesn't seem to flow on well within itself. So Rook is both super empathetic but also compulsively corrects and challenges people but in this history it look like Rook is the one constantly challenged by his younger brother.
Title: Re: Rook Ryder
Post by: Oneroi_Builder on June 13, 2018, 06:16:16 AM
I've changed up the semblance, removing the invulnerability. Now he just takes the blows, but isn't moved by them (which, in hindsight, actually fits his character a little better).
I've also added two weaknesses, one being his complete inability to face ranged fighters, the other being his difficulty with dodging. Similar to Yang, he gets hit often and hard while fighting, and he most certainly has his limits.

As for his personality, I've cleared things up a bit in his history and personality. He feels very strongly about things, but only challenges people if they try to say that something is right when it isn't. Otherwise, he tries to be empathetic. I've given an example of this in the description as well. I've also clarified how his relationship with his younger brother helped to lead to this.

Hope it looks good!
Title: Re: Rook Ryder
Post by: Kingnoname1 on June 13, 2018, 09:42:13 AM
well done. +1
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Title: Re: Rook Ryder
Post by: Dr. Gustave on June 22, 2018, 01:33:02 AM
Sorry for the late review! I think all I need is for you to list Beacon 1st year in the occupation.
Title: Re: Rook Ryder
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Title: Re: Rook Ryder
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All good, moved to approved.