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Title: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: Moth on June 14, 2018, 03:34:39 PM
6:30 in the morning was a harsh time for nearly any student to wake up, especially on a Saturday. But when it came to Beacon Academy, Prism had learned that earlier was better for getting a good spot at the practice range - before it was flooded with early-morning patrons, hoping to polish there skills. Given her night-owl tendencies, she'd been at the practice range since 5, keeping her own skills sharp - it was just up to her teammate now to remember their early-morning appointment.

There's a final crack as a Beowolf-shaped target shatters in the distance, over 1000 meters out. Prism nods in satisfaction at her handy work, before stifling a yawn and walking back over to the small counter top where she'd left her bag. Digging through, she checks her scroll for the time - Jocelyn should be here at any minute - before pulling out the familiar colorful can of her precious energy drinks, cracking seal before leaning on the wall. Her stomach grumbles, but she ignores it for now. The one other advantage of being an outrageous night owl? Getting the first freshly-made pastries from that cute little bakery in town, before dragging the take-out bag back to the training range with her. And raiding the dining commons right as they started to set out breakfast - a thermos of coffee, fresh fruit, bacon - Prism might've gone a little all out, but that's okay. If she's making her teammate get up at 6 in the morning, the least she can do is treat her to breakfast as well.
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 14, 2018, 04:40:51 PM
While she definitely didn't qualify as a late waker, walking into the sliding glass door after it had opened to grant her access to the shooting range more than proved that it was too early in the morning for Jocelyn to be up and about. Even the strong aroma of coffee and freshly-baked goods didn't rouse more than several bleary winks from the girl, though her nose still picked up the now-familiar smell of the energy drinks that a certain faunus carried around with her. Which meant...

"Good morning, Prism..." Jocelyn mumbled softly, raising a slim hand to stifle her yawns. Managing to stumble into the countertop without upsetting anything, she felt around for the thermos with eyes half-closed to gulp down a concentrated shot of caffeine before instantly regretting that decision as the bitter aftertaste filled her mouth and the hot beverage scorched her throat, causing her to gasp and gulp for air.

This was not a good morning. "...healer needs more zzz's..."

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Post by: Moth on June 14, 2018, 04:51:57 PM
There's an amused smile on Prism's face as Jocelyn finally appears, still dead to the world as she walks directly into the glass door of the shooting range - which Prism can't help but snort at. She offers Jocelyn a sweet smile as she approaches, nudging the thermos in her direction - it looks like she's gonna need all the help she can get. "Mornin', Josie. Glad to see you're so up at it this early in the morning."

Watching as she brings the thermos up, she winces in sympathy as she drinks it straight-up black - even Prism can't manage that, and usually needs to dump in a shitton of sugar to compensate. Reaching for her bag, she digs through for another moment, before pulling out a little plastic bag full of coffee creamers and sugar packets, handing it to her sleepy teammate. "Everyone's favorite healer got her full eight hours, as far as I'm aware, and just needs to come around a 'lil more. Here, this'lll make it a little less bitter - there's pastries in the box, alongside uh, most of the other breakfast foods I could scrounge from the dining commons." She nudges the box in Jocelyn's direction as well with on wing, grinning a bit sheepishly.
Title: Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: MonsterManic on June 14, 2018, 05:20:26 PM
Jocelyn took the box from Prism's hands--sorry, wing--in appreciation, with a small cute sleepy smile on her face, though she shook her head. "Your favourite healer only got five--if the outside missions don't kill me the exams my mother sends me to finish will. For a retired medic she is entirely without mercy."

Her general mood of gloom evaporated once she took a bite of the puffy, soft, flaky pastries, however. "These are so good!" she exclaimed, taking another bite. The food literally melted in her mouth, leaving only a yearning for more. "You have to tell me where to get these, pretty please?" Jocelyn pleaded, giving Prism the best set of puppy eyes her non-faunus irises could muster up in her tired state.

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Post by: Moth on June 14, 2018, 05:44:35 PM
”Fabled Goods, this little bakery down in Vale? Not a long flight and it’s open early, so it was perfect - their baked goods are delicious, though their coffee needs a bit of work. I’m glad you like them though!” Prism helpfully chirps, teaching to nab her own pastry and nibble on it between sips of her own drink. Thinking for a moment, she tilts her head.”Could you maybe ask her to reschedule them, or at least work around the missions better? I don’t want you overworked, we already have busy enough schedules as it is. Which... is why we’re meeting at shooting range at 6:30 in the morning.” She finishes a bit lamely.

Downing the rest of the energy drink in one go, she returns to focusing on the pastry in front of her as she thinks.  Did you remember to bring Hyacinth? Before we get started, I’d like to fire a shot or two with her, if that’s okay - get an idea of what you’re dealing with.”
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 14, 2018, 06:12:21 PM
"I think I would have a easier time fighting my brother blindfolded with my arms and legs tied." Jocelyn sighed, looking at her half-eaten pastry clutched in both hands. "She was originally from Atlas Academy, which would explain the rigorous training. I'll...see what I can do." She nudges Prism in an effort to cheer her up. "Someone's a hypocrite--who's always up at 3 in the morning and spends their entire day working their wings off?"

"Oh, yeah--here you go." Unslinging Hyacinth from her shoulder, Jocelyn extended her sniper rifle into operational mode before handing it over to Prism. "I'd say watch for the kick but I think Hawk's Eye is much stronger than my piece. Don't worry about ammunition, by the way--I'll cover whatever you fire."
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Post by: Moth on June 14, 2018, 10:51:04 PM
Prism doesn't respond immediately, apparently too absorbed in the gun she's been. "...7-bullet magazine, bolt-action reload, am I right? She's a pretty piece of work for a gun her age." Prism nods in satisfaction of her analysis, before turning to Jocelyn again. "If you need some help, I can add on a personal note about the necessity of rescheduling to avoid burnout. Showing her the team calendar will probably help, too - I'll admit, we run a pretty tight ship." Prism concedes, before turning to pad over to the shooting range.

"Gotta ask, what's her range limit, and how far can you usually shoot?" She's playing with the console as she speaks, and by the whirling far out on the training range, she's setting up targets.

Title: Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: MonsterManic on June 15, 2018, 03:30:30 AM
Watching as Prism somehow starts 'geeking out' over her old rifle, Jocelyn nevertheless smiles in appreciation. "While I don't think that would really work, I appreciate the thought. Though, if you ever did decide to do it and got her reply I think you'll wish you hadn't." Taking another bite of the pastry, followed by a careful sip of coffee--now generously loaded with cream and sugar--she continued "Hyacinth's seen better days--I think my mother mentioned she was able to reach targets up to 2000 meters away, though I imagine that's gotta be a bit too far to handle now. Maybe around 1700 meters would be my guess."
Title: Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 09:20:18 AM
"Not bad, that's somewhere around Hawk's Eye's max range. Let's see what I can do with this beauty..." She mutters, trailing off a bit in the end. Prism brings the rifle up and rests the butt in the crook of her shoulder, before staring down the sights - apparently not bothering with the tripod, she focuses on a series of targets effectively 500 meters, 1000 meters, and 1500 meters out. There's a click as the bullet is brought into place, another as she concentrates - the first shot effectively hits home in the forehead of the first Beowolf, quickly followed by identical results with the second. With the last one, Prism needs to flick the nozzle of the gun upwards slightly to account for the drop, but it still hits home - just a little off-center.

"...yeah, that matches pretty much what you said. Hawk's Eye definitely has stronger recoil, but she's definitely still got a good kick to her." She finishes the analysis happily, before handing the gun back to Jocelyn. Inputting more results on the console, the targets essentially refresh themselves, still at 500 meters, 1000 meters, and 1500 meters effectively. "Now, show me how your distance shooting works! You don't need to aim for the head like I did, since it isn't essential for you to do that to heal, but bonus points if you get headshots."
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 15, 2018, 10:34:12 AM
"Oh." Surprised despite the fact that they were at a shooting range and this was what they came here to do in the first place, Jocelyn stuffed the remainder of the pastry in her mouth and moved to take Hyacinth out of Prism's arms. Taking a similar stance as Prism assumed, she peered down the scope at the closest of the three targets, adjusting the telescopic sight as necessary. "I'wl twy my blst." she mumbled past her mouthful of food.

While the first shot rings out, cleanly punching a hole through the forehead of the hologram, she moves onto the next target. Her second shot is sloppier, glancing past the side of the neck, but her third shot flies straight past the side of the head of the last target, having failed to account for the bullet drop like Prism did. Jocelyn winces as the bullet embeds itself in a wall somewhere, her shoulders slumping in disappointment.
Title: Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 01:07:00 PM
Sliding to the side, Prism carefully looks over Jocelyn's form as she takes Hyacinth. Everything looks right, and she proves it as the first target takes bullseye, the second comes close, and - ah, ouch. Missed the third. Seeing her friend slump, she sympathetically pats her on the back. "Bullet drop is something you need to account for beyond... 100 meters or so, really. Plus, spindrift is a thing, so that's maybe what caused it to go so sideways. Did you remember to aim with that in mind?"

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Post by: MonsterManic on June 15, 2018, 01:15:31 PM
Flicking her rifle onto safety before unchambering the loaded round, Jocelyn lowered her rifle and shook her head. "I didn't calculate the distance that the bullet might have dropped." Picking up the unfired bullet and sliding it back into her now removed cartridge, she loads it back into her rifle. "That missed bullet might have meant a life." She looked thoroughly disappointed with herself at this point. "And what even is spindrift?"
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Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 01:22:52 PM
"Spin drift is the distance that a bullet will travel, left or right, depending on which direction it's spinning once it's fired. Alongside bullet drop, it's something minor you've got to account for when firing long-distance. Remind me to forwards you some readings I have regarding the physics of long-distance, sniping, they might be of use."Prism recites this almost mechanically, apparently having memorized the concept - the last sentence is more uplifting however, trying to encourage her teammate. "And hey, it's not a life - it's just another bullet right now. That's why were on a training range, to make sure it saves a life when the time comes around. If you resume your previous stance, I can show you how to account for spin drift."
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"Thanks, Prism." Jocelyn smiled a little at that, taking Hyacinth off safety and chambering a round. Resuming her original stance, she made sure her finger was on the trigger guard and not the trigger itself. "I'm assuming there was nothing wrong with my stance on my first shot, then?" She paused as a new line of thought entered her head. "You might also want to teach me the same while on the move--preferably outside, since we both rely on mobility."
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Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 01:48:45 PM
"Hmmm... no worries, I plan on it, but let's hit the stationary targets first, huh?" Humming slightly to herself, Prism moves to stand behind Jocelyn, mimicking her stance. Despite the high-heels, she shifts onto tiptoe to peak up over Jocelyn's shoulder, placing a small hand on her waist to steady herself. "Up and to the left a little, I'm pretty sure Hyacinth causes a spin to the right, or that's at least what it felt like..." The spare hand drifts up, helpfully nudging the barrel of the gun in the right direction, before stepping back again and double-checking Jocelyn's form.

"Hold that pose, stare down the barrel, and fire at will." she commands, the hummingbird's professionalism leaking in.
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 15, 2018, 02:25:42 PM
If it was any other condition, the close proximity of the girl would have made Jocelyn slightly uncomfortable, especially with the places Prism was placing her hand. As it were, she was too busy concentrating on where her shot trajectory would be to notice. Following Prism's lead, she guided her rifle slightly up and left to compensate for what Prism calculated to be her rifle's spindrift, before breathing in and firing.

The newly aimed shot went through the target's throat, shattering the hologram as Jocelyn lowered her rifle and smiled in success.
Title: Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 02:33:15 PM
Rocking back on her heels, there's dashing smile on Prism's face as the hologram shatters "Woo! There ya' go Josie, that's my gal!" She cheers happily, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. Apparently good aim and rifles lead to an overexcited bird. Turning back to the console she brought up the previous targets from, Prism pulls up the next series of targets - still Beowolf-shaped, but now darting randomly across the length of the field with various speeds.

"Next up - hitting moving targets. Show me you can reliably hit em when they're moving like this, and then we'll go to work on moving targets outdoors, in the air." Prism explains happily, before padding back over to the wall to nab another pastry, nibbling on it as she gestures to Jocelyn to go ahead.
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Jocelyn didn't know what she would have done without Prism sometimes--her happiness was just so infective she couldn't help giggling along with her. For some reason she wanted to give Prism a hug--not the time, Jocelyn, not right now. As the next three targets emerged, scrolling across the width of the range--three Beowolves for three bullets--Jocelyn pulled back the lever action for the next bullet and took aim, leading her sight to where the targets would be, not where they were now. Aim slightly to the left to adjust and calculate falloff...

In quick succession, Hyacinth jolted in her arms once, twice, thrice, followed by the sound of one ricochet and two holograms crumbling. Compared to her previous performance, she felt she hadn't done that badly despite one shot missing.
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Post by: Moth on June 15, 2018, 04:58:49 PM
The following whoop at Jocelyn's accuracy is only interupted by a slight "Ghack!", Prism apparently needing to duck to avoid the ricocheting bullet. Watching where it embeds itself in the wall, she snorts momentarily, before turning to the console one final time. No more targets within the 500 meter range, all out at 1000 and 1500 in comparison, and moving faster than beforehand. Nodding at the new challenge, Prism turns back to Jocelyn. "Not bad, and definitely getting better with your predictions. Loosen your posture a bit around the waist though - being so tense is just gonna hold you up and make you jumpy. Smoothly from target to target, alright?" She nods, taking another bite of the pastry, before considering a moment there.

"Prove yourself here, and we'll move onto hitting targets while moving, and probably in windy conditions too - though that's a given with me around. You've got this, okay?" She nods affirmingly, waiting for Jocelyn's answer.
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Was it just her or did Prism just turn into a duck.

The next second her hair was flapping slightly as something whizzed past her ear like a wasp, only like high on every single drug humanity ever thought up in existence. Looking behind her at the wall her face pales considerably as she considers the fact that she could have shot herself, or worse Prism, in the face.

"Uh, yeah, gimme a sec." Dropping her rifle entirely and letting it clatter to the floor, Jocelyn moved over to the thermos of black coffee and straight up chugged half the remaining contents plain. When she lowered the container, her face was screwed up in discontent but her facial color had somewhat returned, though still noticeably paler than usual.
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Prism watches with a raised eyebrow as Jocelyn promptly chugged half the remaining coffee, her voice a bit incredulous as she stoops to pick up Hyacinth. "Not that that wasn't impressive, but I'm not going to recommend my habit of chugging caffeine, y'know? And hey, I'm okay just so you know - it missed, and that's what aura is for." Prism seems concerning nonchalant at the idea of being shot by a ricocheting bullet, instead offering the rifle to Jocelyn again.
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"Bleh." Jocelyn looked on the verge of vomiting, about to spit but letting her manners take over. 'I know Aura exists but still. I doubt shooting my team leader is something I can easily explain to the teachers or my parents, to be honest." Having exchanged her pale face for one which looked about as healthy as someone with dysentery, she took up her rifle again, unconsciously feeling a little shaking in her arms.
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"Heya." Prism's voice has gone soft, careful - taking a step forwards to grip Jocelyn's upper arm and prevent her from raising her rifle just yet. "You probably shouldn't' fire until you've stopped shaking. Accidents happen, Jocelyn. It's no big deal, and we're both uninjured, okay? She squeezes Jocelyn's bicep, before taking a step backwards, biting her lip as she thinks "Besides, you're the one person I trust to actually shoot me! Even if it's not quite an aura-loaded bullet, you're still trying to help."
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 16, 2018, 09:13:50 AM
"Alright...if you say so." Even coming to terms with it, Jocelyn's arms still shook. "And I don't think it's because of the accident, Prism. That coffee is already working its magic." Rather than stilling, they only trembled stronger than before. "I'm not used to coffee this strong, I think..." Lowering her rifle, she swore under her breath and engaged safety mode.

"Actually, you have Hawk's Eye with you, right? Let me experience the real expert in action, will ya?" Jocelyn's tone shifts to more of a curious, playful one, genuinely wanting to see Prism's skills but also wanting to set up a challenge. A few adjustments made on the console reset the range, before deploying ten holographic Creeps all around the 1000-1500m mark, each one moving side to side at different speeds. "Just knock 'em down within a minute, beginning from when you fire your first shot."
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Post by: Moth on June 16, 2018, 11:34:23 AM
”Glad you’re okay then. And I’ll grab decaf next time we have an early morning practice, okay?” She teases, smirking.  In response to her question, Prism reaches around to unhook the rifle from her belt.  And hey, I may be a good shot but I’m no professional - there’s still a long ways to go for me. Still, try to keep an eye on my stance and movements - I have more experience hitting long-range targets, so it’s good to see in action.”

Prism then switches places with Jocelyn, flicking a switch on the rifle to change Hawk’s Eye to it’s primary firing mode. Dropping her head to stare down the barrel, her stance automatically shifts as she brings the butt of the gun up into the crook of her shoulder, there’s a moment where she focuses on her first target - before her small form jerks with the first bullet firing.

Five shots ring out in quick succession, each managing to hit home in the targets nearest to Prism. They aren’t all headshots - some body shots, some neck, but they still do the job and cause the holograms to shatter. Popping the cartridge, Prism quickly pulls another off the waistband of her belt before sliding it into place with a click, focusing her sight down the barrel again. This time, the shots are fired off at a slightly slower rate,  aiming a good distance ahead of where the holograms move - to the point with one hologram, the bullet simply clips it instead of hitting home. Cursing lightly under her breath, the final case is ejected before switching it out for a new one, she stares down the sights one last time before firing - and that last hologram shatters as she hits home. ”Even I can’t hit everything routinely all the time - thought I do try to, ‘cause ammunition is expensive. Might as well finish this cartridge off, could you throw up maybe two 2000 meter targets for me?”
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 16, 2018, 11:53:47 AM
Awed by Prism's impressive performance, Jocelyn simply claps in approval before swiping her hand over the console to reveal two more targets at Prism's desired range, this time two larger Ursae to ease up on the difficulty a little. "Does Hawk's Eye use specialised ammo, or is it the standard issue? 7.62mm for regular sniper rifles?" she asked, making a mental note of Prism's cost comment, as well as memorising Prism's stance when taking shots.

That coffee really was strong. It felt like there was a minor earthquake occurring. How Prism went around with this much caffeine in her circulatory system and still managed to function was clearly beyond her limited medical knowledge.
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Post by: Moth on June 16, 2018, 01:33:24 PM
"Standard issue, thankfully. Not sure I'd be here otherwise." Prism says, still focused on the further targets. There's a certain set to her stance as she prepares. Not any different from her regular posturing, but there's an air of focus about her - she's trained down the scope of the rifle, everything else almost falling away. She adjusts her grip one final time, before holding her breath - and then four shots fire off in quick succession, two per holographic Ursa as her rifle jerks upwards. A couple seconds pass as the bullets fly, before both Ursa in the distance shatter, and Prism lowers the rifle to look on in almost disbelief.

"...I've never made it beyond like, 1700 meters before. That was a solid 2000." She turns to Jocelyn now, her smile practically beaming. "New record."
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 16, 2018, 02:11:46 PM
"Congratulations!" Jocelyn cheered, watching both targets break with those insanely long-range shots. 'That was awesome! I can't believe it--that was too far for me to even see clearly, and you hit both cleanly!"

Swiping the palm of her hand over the screen to set the range on standby, she bounced excitedly on her feet. "I'd hand you a medal, but I don't have any on me--have a celebratory hug instead!" Jocelyn giggled, literally throwing herself into Prism for a hug before untangling herself after a short while. "So what's next? More indoor or outdoor? I can't wait to try either out!"

Noticeably different about Jocelyn's behaviour was the sudden burst of hyperactivity. Perhaps chugging caffeine was not the wisest idea...
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Prism gives a little squawk as Jocelyn launches herself at her, staggering slightly under the taller woman's weight, but returning the hug with a fit of giggling as well. She's way more excitable than usual right now - note to self, make sure Jocelyn doesn't consume caffeine in high quantities, and get decaf next time around as well. "No worries, this is an excellent consolation prize."

Giving Jocelyn a soft smile as she pulls away, Prism thinks for a moment about what to do. "Since you're so energetic all of the sudden, how about we go outside and blow off some steam? Target practice with the wind going could be valuable."
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"Sure!" Jocelyn chirped happily, scooping up Hyacinth in one hand and another pastry in the other, before a loud but muffled thump signified her running headfirst into the sliding glass door. Again. This time before the doors could open. "Owie..." she rubbed her head, pouting slightly. "What's with the doors today? Are they broken?"
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Prism quickly packs up the pastry box and other breakfast foods, throwing the empty thermos into her drawstring bag. Reverting Hawk's Eye back to it's storage form and clipping it onto her belt, her head jerks up as Jocelyn runs head-first into the door, and apparently can't help but snorting at the sight. "No, but you might be a little bit. Look before you leap, Josie."

Moving in line with her friend, she triggers the sensor so that the doors slide open, gesturing for her teammate to go first. "Outdoor ranges are down the path to the left, should be pretty empty still. Lead the way." So that Prism can follow shortly behind, where she can keep on her friend's antics - and hopefully prevent any more door-related incidents.
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"I'm not a machine, I can't get broken~" Still clearly under the influence of caffeine, Jocelyn skipped ahead of Prism, humming something that Prism might have recognised as The Path to Isolation, a song that had only just released not long ago but had taken the community by storm.

"Should be around this corner..." Turning the corner, despite her burst of hyperactivity, Jocelyn stopped in her tracks. Gone were the old wooden posts that denoted distances, target boards scarred from hundreds of rounds and huts that contained spares for whenever a student inevitably shattered one of the targets. In its place stood a high-tech layout not unlike the indoor range, only with holographic targets which actually swayed with whatever direction the wind was blowing in. "Ohh this is cool! Don't remember them renovating the place though...When'd this happen?" She looked back at Prism in confusion.
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"Maybe not broken, but you're definitely overclocked. Prism grins as Jocelyn takes in the recently-updated practice range. It hadn't happened too long ago, but it's not too much of a surprise that she didn't know - Prism spent more time down here, anyways. "Pretty recently! It's actually kind of nice, it really helps training in regards to extreme outdoor conditions."

Dropping her bag and the box of breakfast foods on the ground, stretches momentarily, enjoying the morning sunshine, before closing her eyes with a breath. The wind noticeably picked up, causing the holograms to flicker in the distance - and moving to the console, Prism sets up the same series of targets at 500, 1000, and 1500 meters. "You're up again Josie, as long as you can do it without shaking."
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Bringing Hyacinth up to her shoulder with a fresh magazine loaded, Jocelyn took a deep breath of the crisp, fresh air, full of the smells of cleanly-cut grass and just a slight hint of gun grease, before peering down the thermal scope. Likely buoyed by Prism's Semblance, the three Beowolves swayed from side to side, making the headshot a little more difficult. Paired with her trembling hands--a very unusual sensation for her--this shot was going to require serious amounts of skill...or just pure luck.

thud thud thud

To Jocelyn's dismay, only the first Beowolf at 500m had suffered any damage with its right arm blown off at the elbow. The other two just continued swinging leisurely in the wind as if taunting her to do her worst. Gritting her teeth in a futile attempt to steady her arms, she fired off another two rounds which did the exact amount of nothing. "...ouch."
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Post by: Moth on June 17, 2018, 04:34:02 PM
Prism blinks in surprise as nearly all of Jocelyn's initial shots miss, only clipping one of the closest Beowolves. She crosses her fingers as she fires again, but to no avail - every one of the woman's shots miss. "...ouch, indeed. I know your aim can be better than that, is it really all the shaking? Or are you not used to firing in windy conditions?"
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Post by: MonsterManic on June 17, 2018, 04:57:51 PM
Jocelyn looked down at her hands and arms, trembling like jelly. "I'm...not used to having shaky arms." she admitted, slightly embarrassed. "For stitches and surgeries and the like, medics are trained to prevent shakes causing mishaps, and I've gone through the same. That's what's throwing me off, not the wind."

With the remaining two rounds left in the magazine, Jocelyn once again took aim at the two untouched targets, trying her best to compensate for the shaking in her arms, in addition to a newly emerging buzzing in her ears. Between both factors and the wind, the fact that she even managed to squeeze the trigger and not jerk it was remarkable enough, let alone the furthest target being shot in the chest.

Jocelyn just stared in bewilderment, her jaw threatening to drop. "So to hit stuff just consume coffee, got it."
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The wolf-whistle that sounds out in response to the farthest target going down is loud and enthusiastic, and Prism turns to face Jocelyn after watching the farthest target go down. She's bouncing slightly on her heels again, lopsided grin on her face wide and bright and all directed towards Jocelyn "C'mon Josie, don't sell yourself short. Shots like those are all skill, especially in windy conditions like this! Great comeback there."

She's blatantly proud of her friend. Turning back to the console, she restores the previous targets - and the wind picks up, a strong breeze that's more than enough to send Prism's short hair dancing, instead of slightly ruffling. "M'kay, try to make these all within the first clip of bullets, and preferably one after the other. The shorter the time, the better."
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Dropping the empty magazine on the floor in exchange for a new one, Jocelyn's hair picked up similar to Prism's, flowing like a blonde cape in a wind tunnel. "If I clip any of the targets under these conditions I will eat one of those flowers you gave me." she muttered under her breath, eyes only for the targets now nearly flapping in the breeze.

Divvying up the seven bullets for each target, she lined up her scope with the body of the first, squeezed off, then repeated the process for the other two targets without looking at her results. No noise from Prism so far, so...dropping the rifle to waist level, she surveyed the field. The very first thing she laid eyes on was a clean bullet hole through the first Beowolf's head, followed by a missing leg for the second and a clipped ear for the last. "Please tell me you didn't hear that."
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”I’m thinking I should probably buy you more flowers.” Prism says, before reaching up and tapping right above her ear. ”Faunus hearing has its advantages - uh, disadvantages, in this case?”

Looking out over the field, there’s a slight shift to Prism’s face - a puzzled frown appears, her brow furrowing as she thinks about what to say. ”Well, we know what we need to focus next on then, shooting while accounting for wind speed. Given... well, me, it’s going to be a pretty handy thing to learn for the battlefield, alongside helping have better aim in the air. We’ll definitely practice some mobility stuff later, I want to see how you are at hitting a moving target while moving - but this looks like are next big challenge.” Prism pauses for a moment while thinking, a slightly more expressive look on her face now. ”Let me know if I’m ever to harsh, okay? I’ll admit I run Casanova as a tight ship, but like - I don’t want to be too overbearingly bossy, just... a forwards professional.”
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"Mmm." Jocelyn hummed noncommittally while reloading her rifle, her eyebrows slightly raised as the wind kept whipping her hair across her face. "Snipers aren't supposed to fire while running, but I suppose it can't hurt to practice." Hearing Prism comment on her own leadership turned her around with a small grin on her face. "If there's ever any complaints you won't hear them from me. Before Beacon my mother was very strict with her training schedule so obeying orders is basically second instinct to me." She gave Prism a light pat on the back. "You're doing great."
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"We're training to become huntresses, something tells me we're the exception. Hell, I fly while a shoot, that's practically my entire combat strategy. Mobility in battle is kinda essential for us." Prism counters, fluffing her wings for emphasis. She relaxes a bit at Jocelyn's comment about her leadership however, letting a small smile creep onto her face in turn. "That's good to know, actually. If I'm in charge of you guys for the next four years, the last thing I want is for anybody to resent my leadership."

She pauses, before tilting her head, her tone humorous. "Though I won't lie, it's pretty cool being referred to as ma'am."
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"Touché." Jocelyn concedes, wanting to spread her own wings but having failed to bring her pack with her. "Well, that's your strategy; mine's more 'get out of harm's way' than 'hit and run', but you know that already." Catching onto Prism's humor, she replied "Yes, ma'am. Would you like tea and crumpets for breakfast?" in an overly posh tone, pretending to stand like a waiter with one arm behind her back and holding an imaginary towel draped over the other.
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"That's fair, though my point kinda stands." Prism concedes, gesturing with her hand. The corner of her mouth creeps up at Jocelyn's posh accent, her back going straight and mouth pinching as she puts on a similar haughty tone. ""Of course, Ms. Antiqua! Later this afternoon, we're meeting with a Mr. Cream and Ms. Petrichor for croquet, then I believe... pfft - Okay, no, no, I can't d-do it! Pffeehehehe..."

Prism's valiant try towards playing along is thwarted by a gigglefit, needing to cover her mouth to try to prevent the belly laugh from escaping.
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Doubling over in her own laughter and making no attempt to hide it, Jocelyn laughed so hard her sides started hurting and she had to straighten up again, only to see Prism's face and relapse into another bout of giggling. "I-I can not believe you, Miss Skylark," she managed to get out amidst her laughter, doubling down on the accent. "Out of everything in the world, this is what gets you to laugh? For shame--ok, no, me neither, I give, pfffft..." She fell about on the floor in a laughing stupor, tears rolling down her face.
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Prism's still giggling as Jocelyn tries one last time to continue the joke, before it's refreshed as she chokes on a new bout of laughter before promptly giving up and falling backwards onto the grass with Jocelyn. She spends another few moments giggling before it fades to a happy smile, leaning sideways onto her friend as they laugh in the early-morning sunshine. "A-ah, god, this is what- this is what happens when both of u-us try to shoot while sleep-deprived and you're hyp-hyped up on caffein."
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Jocelyn ceases her laughing long enough for her to say "And may these moments last forever--I wouldn't have it any other way." She shuffled a little to give Prism a softer spot for her to lie on, still prioritising others' comfort over hers. Staring up at the sky with clouds floating peacefully by--now no longer pushed by Prism's Semblance--she lay quietly, enjoying Prism's mere presence and the clear blue ceiling.
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Prism's still giggling a bit, but it cuts off with a slight hitch of breath at Jocelyn's unexpectedly-sweet words. Twisting from her place to look up at her for a moment, then two with wide eyes, a soft and somewhat-dopey smile crosses her face. She nudges Jocelyn with her shoulder, before leaning back against her comfortably.

"Yeah, between like. All the training, classes, extra missions and whatever - I hope we can keep finding time for these moments. With Casanova, and with... just, us. I guess. You're a good friend, Jocelyn." Prism's voice goes a little nostalgic as she talks, before dipping a bit with careful affection towards the end.
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Feeling completely at ease, Jocelyn slowly started brushing her fingers over Prism's hair lightly, taking care not to ensnare any fingers in a tangled knot and cause any pain. She let this go on for a minute of comfortable silence before sitting up slightly, trying not to disturb Prism's position. "You know how you were talking about Hyacinth before, how I got it from my mother? Wasn't Hawk's Eye also something similar?"

Realising that this topic may still be raw to talk about, she dug around in her pocket with one free hand for any spare Ice Dust, while simultaneously calling her Semblance to the surface ready for use.
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As Jocelyn's fingers begin to trace through Prism's hair, Prism blinks a couple times before closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling. It's been a long time since someone's done that, so it gets a light shiver out of her, almost making a chirp-like sound; before opening her eyes again in surprise at her own noise. Woops. "What? Oh, right- Hawk's Eye was a weapon Dad made. Man was a scary-good engineer, made everything from basic broadswords to like, well - you've seen how complicated Hawksy is. Hell, he even made my slingshot." She quietly ruminates, glancing up at er friend.

"'Fraid I didn't inherit his eye for design, that was one of my sisters - but I'm good with a needle and thread, so got that from Mom, alongside the whole tiny hummingbird thing." She fluffs her wings slightly in emphasis. "Tallest she ever got was 5'2", so I know where I got my height from, and I'm even smaller than she was at this age." Prism grumbles, squinting disdainfully at nothing in particular.
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Jocelyn's heart melted a little inside when Prism made that happy noise, and felt really disappointed when she abruptly stopped to answer her question. Making sure to continue the stroking motion, she smiled as Prism described what each of her sisters inherited, and it only grew wider as she complained about the "really short" bit. She looked cute when she grumbled--the perfect image of a adorably pouting baby child.

Getting up slowly as to not scare Prism, she reached under Prism's arms and called up a little of her Aura to lift her clear over her head, attempting to sit Prism on her shoulders for the extra height. "Any better?" she asked, holding on tight to her legs to make sure she didn't fall over.

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There's a slightly disappointed noise from Prism as Jocelyn gets up, apparently liking having her head scratched, but she stands as well. What she's not expecting is to be lifted up and placed on her friends shoulders, wildly balancing for a moment before going to get a grip on Jocelyn's hair, wings extended as she tries to get her balance. "Okay, I don't know if I'm impressed or insulted that you just lifted me up like that, but uh-" Prism glances around, taking in the new vantage point. "No complaints really - it's probably a good thing that I'm not scared of heights."

Prism stays there for a few more moments, awkwardly balancing - okay, it really is easier to see all the targets and everything from up here, but she'll never admit that aloud. There's a reason she wears heels all time. Reaching down, she pats the side of her friends face, trying to get her attention. "You wouldn't mind putting me down, would you? Not exactly the scenario where I'm used to having someone's head between my thighs, and also like- the view's nice, but the ground is nice too."
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“Oh!” Jocelyn exclaimed. “Yeah, I’ll let you down. Sorry if that was a bit sudden for your liking—I’ll tell you beforehand next time.” Gently placing Prism back on the floor, she resumed softly scratching Prism’s head, in addition to stroking the small gap between her wings as a tentative experiment.
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Flopping back down onto the ground, Prism murmurs the small thanks with the yawn as she leaned into Jocelyn while the head scratches resume. There's a notable moment where she half-freezes as Jocelyn's hand travels to scratch at the place between her wings, before Prism lets out a small sigh, leaning forwards to let Jocelyn take her weight, wings gently drooping. Jocelyn would notice that the muscle between Prism's wings is especially tense, likely the cause of her relaxation. "Sorry, just... feels good, can't reach that spot 'myself, wings can make my back tense..."
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Listening to Prism’s explanation, Jocelyn resumed her “massage” with renewed strength, still making excruciating pains not to cause Prism any pain. “Please tell me if I’m hurting you—also just tell me when to stop.” Truth be told, it felt nice—just lying on the ground peacefully with Prism at her side, with little worry in the world.
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"Promise you're not, is perfectly fine right now..." Prism says, eyes blinking slightly before slumping more against Jocelyn. "N' won't complain if you keep going for now, won't hear a worried peep oughta me." She adds, trying to keep her eyes open. She's going to just fall asleep on Jocelyn if she keeps that up, it's really quiet relaxing - so to distract herself, Prism racks her mind for another question to ask her friend. " where'd your mom get Hyacinth from, by the way? Mentioned she attended Atlas, n' you inherited her rifle, so..." She gestures to Jocelyn loosely, waiting for her to continue.
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Jocelyn racked her head for memories of her mum’s stories when she was younger. “It’s not a fun story,” she finally said, her strokes becoming erratic as she became lost in thought. “My mum used to fight with a bonesaw, but she kept being beaten and scorned by males who were far superior in close combat. Eventually she was forced to use a ranged weapon to avoid being shunned by her team, even though she was already a better medic that I could ever be at my age.” She looked wistfully at the range, one hand ceasing the scratching to cradle Hyacinth close to her body.
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Prism clucks her tongue at the story, her brow slightly furrowing. "As much as I hate to say it, I understand. Some people aren't built for close combat, and unless you can find speed or something else to help you compensate, then you're screwed. But seriously, being shunned by her team because she was having a hard time fighting?" Prism's furrowed brow becomes a full-on glare at the sky, as if her gaze could reach back in time to scorn unknown students. "That's not what a team is supposed to do. They're supposed to help you improve and adapt, not shun you. Props to your mother for making it through that, even if changing was hard."

The last statement makes Prism think for a few moments, before Jocelyn's nudged in the ribs by a wing. "And c'mon now, don't sell yourself short. We both know you're making rapid improvements, and you're able to do thing even your mother couldn't at her age - say, healing at a distance, unless your semblance is hereditary. But still, you have your own unique gifts. Don't be down on yourself about that."
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Prism’s kind words brought a sad smile to Jocelyn’s face. “Thank you, Prism. It does mean a lot to me if you truly mean what you say. And no, my Semblance isn’t hereditary, but we both have healing Semblances. They just work differently.”

“Also, Prism, it was Atlas she attended, not Beacon. Everything was a competition to refine, streamline, improve efficiency, the works. Strictness was the order of the day, and it wasnt’t just the students either. The instructors also joined in, and if it weren’t for her healing prowess she may have been kicked out outright.” Jocelyn shook her head half in disbelief, half in awe. “I think that’s how she became such a good medic; out of pure necessity.”
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Prism listens carefully, but the resolute look in her eyes don't change. "You've mentioned, and I understand. Still, you're not going to change my mind. Those weren't proper teammates." Prism decides, before leaning against Jocelyn again. There's a beat or two of quiet, and Prism bites her lip as she thinks about something, before starting to speak carefully. "...out of necessity, huh? I understand that especially well. Sometimes to prove something, sometimes to help people, and sometimes just to survive." It's obvious Prism's drifting off as well, but she shakes her head to bring herself back to the present. "You'll find the thing that drives you to excel, I promise. You already have an ironclad goal, now all you have to do is chase it."
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“...thank you again, dear friend.” There’s a clear underlying tone of gratefulness to Jocelyn’s words, alongside a slight downward curve of her lips at the side—Prism’s clearly made Jocelyn emotional, though there’s no clear sign of it.

“ there anything about your past that you feel comfortable about sharing?” The question is cautious, careful—put in a way so that Prism didn’t feel obligated to respond.
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Prism makes a slight humming noise, closing her eyes as she leans on her friend's shoulder. "Let's see... well, I can talk about before I came to Beacon. I was a skinny 4'7" hummingbird who'd been homeschooled for 12 years, so I knew I'd need a good reputation to get into Beacon- so I threw myself into academics. Ran track, martial arts club, leader of the faunus rights branch at my high school on top of AP classes, hell- even managed to graduate valedictorian!" There's a faint smile on her face as she thinks about that, before going on. "I worked two part-time jobs too- with Melonia, you've met her, and then there was Madame Bernard, my..." She struggles on the word. ", and other employer."
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Another shake of the head, this one in amazement as Prism reels off the sheer number of extracurricular activities she threw herself into before Beacon. In comparison Jocelyn seemed pathetic. First aid training, biology of the human body... that was nearly everything she had under her belt.

“Impressive would be a understatement there, Prism.” Jocelyn half-teased. “Kindly stop making the rest of us feel insignificant.” She was clearly skirting around the elephant in the room.
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Jocelyn's compliments get a sweet smile and a small snort. "I had literally no reputation, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten in- hell, I'm still a scholarship student! Otherwise, I never would've even been able to pay for Beacon." She explains, giving a little shrug. "I'm just happy I managed to beat the odds in the end, frankly. Sometimes all the motivation you need is the dream you're surviving on." Prism says, then takes a moment to blink at her own phrasing before blowing a raspberry.

"...that doesn't sound quiet as morbid as it really does, I promise."
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Once more Jocelyn could only shake her head in pure admiration. "If only everyone in the world was like you--determination, spirit, kindness and caring all in one cute package." There's a little bit of a blush as Jocelyn realises what she just said, but she lets it show since every single word she just said was genuine. "It's not morbid, honest--amazing what the human race can do based purely on motivation and dreams."

"Wasn't aware Beacon did scholarships?" she asks, her head tilting sideways in curiosity. "Oh, and you've definitely beaten all the odds--now it'll be smoother sailing, I promise."
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The grin on Prism's face grows, turning a cute shade of pink at Jocelyn's words of praise, but the lopsided smile she wears makes it clear Prism's not going to stop her. At the last part however, Prism snorts. "The human race is amazing indeed, but don't forget-" There's a brief beat as Prism's wings rustle, making their presence known. "I'm not even that. Coming from an orphaned faunus, it's ridiculously lucky." Notably, this is the first time Prism's admitted she's orphaned - but she doesn't seem bothered by it.

"I have a couple scholarships backing me up, the big one this 'Royale Scholarship' a former hunter here at Beacon set up for those who couldn't attend otherwise. Point is I got enough to cover boarding, and that's all that really matters." Prism explains, but there's another quirk to her lips at Jocelyn's last words. "And don't worry - I'm anticipating it."
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"You keep reminding me of my mother." There's still a smile on Jocelyn's face, though now it's tinged with a mix of longing. "I get the feeling you'll get on well with them if you ever met. It's just a hunch, though, and they do post an intimidating front at first glance." she says, sighing a little. "Equally as protective as my brother--would help explain how literally no one dared lay a hand on me."
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Jocelyn's nudged with Prism's wing again, the grin still on her face. "I'm going to take that as a high compliment, I hope." she teases, sitting up a little but keeping her head leaning on the woman's shoulder. "And I guess Setsuna would need to get that attitude from somewhere, you're the baby of the family after all." She's nudged with the wing again. "But seriously - with the Vytal Festival coming up, I may get the chance if they're coming up to watch Casanova compete. From what I've heard of them, I've concluded that best behavior's a necessity, and never let them meet Coconut if I can help it."
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"Hehe..." There's a soft giggle, elicited both from Prism's wing and from her last comment. "It won't be too bad, they were children once too. I'm sure they'll understand eventually--but otherwise, I agree, keep Coco out of sight and out of mind during the festival." She shuffled a little to get Prism's wing out of her side. "That tickles, you know! Anyway, I think you would instantly see at least one of them, at would literally the whole stadium if they do decide to turn up."
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"It's amazing how used to all the staring you get after awhile. Dude's just hormonal, doesn't really mean any harm." Prism comments, thinking back on their teammate for a moment, before focusing on what Jocelyn said. A slightly mischievous grin creeps on Prism's face at Jocelyn's comment about being ticklish, and the hummingbird quietly files that away for later use as she tilts head at the last part of her explanation."What do you mean? I mean, I know your mom's a medic, so it'd make sense she'd be on the front lines to check out combatants afterwards..." she questions, pondering.
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"You'll see how wrong you are when you get to your fourth year, Prism..." Jocelyn murmurs good-naturedly, managing to let the cheeky grin on Prism's face flit past her recognition. "Oh, um. I guess that would be the case if she signed up to be part of the Amity Arena's medical staff, but no. It's completely different," she said, unsure on how to continue this line of conversation without inadvertently offending her friend.

Before she continues speaking, she mentally sweatdrops."Um, Prism? Please don't take this the wrong way...My dad is tall. Like, 7'11" tall. Remember when I said Setsuna got trapped under a set of weights? I wasn't joking. He sticks out like a tree in a desert."
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Prism blinks, then blinks again as she processes what Jocelyn's saying.. 7'11". 7'11". That's three feet taller than her - her heels won't even make a difference. "...I hate being short."

The hummingbird faunus takes the opportunity to sit up, before dramatically flopping across Jocelyn's lap, one wing tucked up against her while the other sprawl's out onto the grass. Prism gives an overly-dramatic sigh, covering her eyes with one forearm. "Oh Jocelyn, how could you wound me so! Carrying the genes of a giant, I'm obviously so insignificant in comparison." She proclaims, laying her free hand on her chest as if to clutch her heart. "How could you betray me?"
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"W-what? Prism, I'm not..." a stammering Jocelyn gets out, stumbling over her words as a result of being flustered so easily. "I'm not t-tall like he i-is, um..." She looked down at the hummingbird Faunus sprawled across her legs, her face beginning to burn. Even with her small stature, Prism is heavy with her muscles. The folded wing brushes against her stomach in such a way that it tickles, making Jocelyn squirm slightly. "You're not insignificant, I promise..." Finally, she gives up. "Sorry?" Jocelyn squeaks with the pitch of a mouse.
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Prism peaks out from beneath her arm, staring up at Jocelyn while she stutters through an interaction, her lopsided grin one part mischievous and one part fond, before bursting out laughing and throwing her arm off her face. "J-josie, it's ok- pffehehe- okay! Y-you did nothing wrong, I- pfft- I know you're not as tall as him, th-thank god- ehehehe..." She calms her laughter, looking up at her affectionately. "You're fine- hell, you're great. I had to joke around, if you don't make the best of being one inch away form a legal midget, I don't what I'd do."
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With a loud moan, Jocelyn falls onto her back, crushing some unfortunate sprigs of grass. "You could stop teasing me for a start..." she groaned, her legs beginning to feel numb from the weight of Prism crushing them and pinning her to the floor. Her wings still, infuriatingly, managed to sensually flit over her now exposed navel, resulting in an increasingly tormented and ticklish Jocelyn.

"C-could you let me g-go now, please?" she started to giggle, trying to wriggle her way out from underneath the Faunus without accidentally kicking one of those wings. So far, no success--and incidental or not, those wings were still driving her crazy.
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Prism gives another little snort, before flopping off Jocelyn’s lap to lay on the ground next to her. ”No worries Josie, you’re free. I’m not that mean.” she says, a teasing note still in her voice. She tucks her wings up against her back, freeing Jocelyn from their fluffy torment - but that apparently doesn’t mean she’s done with the physical contact, or at least the close contact. She crawls up the grass backwards to flop on the ground next to her teammate, tilting her head to the side to offer Jocelyn an apologetic grin. ”I’m sorry if the teasing got too much, just let me know if I need to lay it off at any point okay? I don’t want to get overwhelming.” she explains, an apologetic note to her voice.
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Jocelyn sighed contently as Prism rolled off her slender legs. "Oh sweet release." Those feathers also conveniently stopped tickling her stomach too--finally! Oh never mind, they're back on her arm again. At least this time they didn't tickle. "No, you're fine, Prism. And honestly, I don't mind letting you taking the mickey out of me if it means you're happy." There's a unrestrained smile on Jocelyn's face as she gazes down at the Faunus. "I did promise to pamper the absolute heck out of you, after all."
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Prism returns the gaze with a similar lopsided smile, a happy look on her face before yawning and stretching her arms out overhead. "I won't argue with that last part, but c'mon - I like to think I'm a nice person enough to be considerate of you too, you've at least told me enough." Prism comments, settling back down onto the grass and staring up at the early-morning sky. "Honestly though, you're too sweet for your own good sometimes, Josie. I'm going to choke on sugar any day now."
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"You will if you keep on downing those energy drinks more than you drink water." Jocelyn snorted, though her smile remained on her face. If anything, it got larger and wider. "Thanks for the compliment, Prism--though it really should be natural. Everyone should treat each other this way." Taking an identical stance to Prism's, she gazes upwards, her eyes squinting in the bright sunlight. "If only that world existed."

Remaining that way for a few moments, she props herself up on one elbow, pushing her rifle to one side and caressing Prism's arm. "But I have you to do that to. That's more than enough for me now."
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Prism makes a faux-protesting sound, nudging Jocelyn with her wing again. "Hey, don't knock the energy drinks! I wouldn't be awake enough to actually talk to you half the time without them." She jokes, grinning at her in response - though Jocelyn's next words remove the smile, putting on a face of nostalgic contemplation. ]"And yeah, I wish it was - but that's part of why we're here. We're supposed to make the world a better place."

The touch on her arm makes Prism jump slightly though, turning to Jocelyn. "F-fair enough, I guess." She stutters slightly, giving Jocelyn another sweet grin before lying back onto the grass, still obviously unused to the affection. She stares back at the sky, trying to distract herself and to keep pink from blooming on her cheeks, but the gentle touch and sweet words make thoughts race. "You're going to make a girl or guy or whatever really happy someday, you know that?" She blurts, before biting her lip as she realizes what she just said.
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"Aww, that's sweet of you, Prism. Thanks, but..." Jocelyn assumes a pondering expression, one finger in the centre of her lips like an philosopher about to deliver a world-changing speech. "So long as you're happy, I'm happy too. That'll always be the case. And nothing will make me more delighted than seeing you smiling." The innocent, cheerful expression on her face is reminiscent of childhood memories, of people who have succeeded in their goal, but most of all it looks like her brother's.

"If I can make people happy and unhurt, then that's what I'll dedicate my life to serving. A noble cause."
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Prism blinked a couple times at the expression on Jocelyn's face - the resemblance between her and Setsuna was astounding sometimes, and she'd only known the guy for a few minutes. She listens carefully to Jocelyn's declarations, a happy grin on her face at her teammate's determination alongside a pretty blush to her cheeks. "You know, you're going to need to tone it down a bit, I'm going to pass away overdosing on your sweetness at this rate." Prism jokes. "But seriously, that's an amazing determination to have, and an amazing reason to become a huntress. You'll gonna save a lot of lives someday, not to mention the ones you're already helping."
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"A good way to die, eh? Final thoughts of everything soft and sweet." Jocelyn fires back, putting a little bit of Prism's tone of rebuke into those words. However, after saying that, her face took on a more melancholy and muted expression. "I thought I asked you not to joke about that before. Besides, all of you know that if ever anyone in the team were in danger of dying, I would gladly sacrifice myself to ensure your safety." A moment of silence ensues before she continues. "That applies to everyone, but especially to people I care about. Including my family, my team, and especially you."
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There's a slightly pregnant pause as Prism processes Jocelyn's sudden change in tone, before the corner of her mouth quirks down. She fucked up, damnit. The bird shuffled slightly to the side, sitting up and turning to face Jocelyn, a weirdly neutral expression on her face. "I'm sorry." Were the first words out of her mouth, her tone going soft. "I'm... still getting used to someone being so complementary of me, and humor's a bit of a... defense mechanism? Your... well, kindness, is something I haven't had in a friend. In a long while. So sometimes I'm going to slip up and try to rebuke it like that automatically, but I should've put more thought into the words, so- yeah. I'm sorry."

There's another beat of silence as Prism stares at the grass, before that soft voice speaks up again, her tone lined by a certain amount of conviction. "But I need you to realize you aren't alone too, Jocelyn. I understand the aspect of wanting to sacrafice yourself for others, I..." There's a brief falter as Prism's voice falters, before it comes back, less sure than before. "I know that too well. But don't sacrifice yourself for people who don't need saving when you could help each other out of hell, instead."
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Jocelyn processes Prism's words with an emotion within her that's all too familiar to her ever since she made that fateful decision to be what she was now; uncertainty. "I can't." The words are out of her mouth before she can stop them. "There's no choosing who to save when you're in my line of work. You can't just pick one person and say 'That's the person who gets to live. Everyone else can just die.' I can't do that."

The girl hugs her knees to her chest, shrinking in on herself. "You think I don't want to help people who deserve it more. Everyone wants their loved ones to be saved and blames the medics when they choose a stranger over the person they want healed." There's an audible quake to her voice now, alongside a subtle trembling in her body. "You say I'll save a lot of lives. But for each one I save, I'm sacrificing countless others that I could have saved in favour of that one person. I want to believe that what you said is true with all my heart. But I just can't." Her final word comes out as a plea as she buries her face under her arms--Prism's clearly struck a nerve, and a sensitive one at that.

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Well, fuck. Attempting to make things better just made things worse. Prism approaches the situation carefully, scooting over and reaching out to place a comforting hand on Jocelyn's arm. "Hey, hey. That's not what I said - or well, if it was, I'm apparently really bad at conveying the right message. What I'm trying to say, is like-" She pauses, rubbing the back of her head as she considers her words. Okay, hopefully this'll make sense. " always talk about sacrificing yourself for the people you love. You Antiquas have this big thing for honor apparently, and I can see it in your brother, in you- wanting to save all of these people. I didn't want to imply that you're going to play favorites, and I don't want you too either, I... want you to remember you're not alone."

The hummingbird faunus pauses for a moment. The words she wants to say are heavy on her tongue, but heartfelt declarations seem to be the proper course of action right now in order to comfort Jocelyn. "Jocelyn, when it comes to saving loved ones - what I was trying to say is let us fight with you. Don't martyr yourself for the the people who don't need one - just let us help each other to be around to save more innocent lives later down the line, okay?" Prism finishes carefully, hoping her semi-desperate words conveyed the right message.
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She so nearly flinched away when Prism laid that hand on her arm, partially fearing that she would physically be forced out of her protective cradle like she'd done to Prism multiple times during her flashbacks. Instead, Jocelyn was slowly drawn out by her teammate's kind and comforting words, not brought to tears but lingering on the verge. "Y-yeah. Yeah, I'm not alone. I have my family, my friends, my" she mumbled.

Eventually, the slightly distraught girl felt secure enough to extract herself from her self-built cover. "...Sorry for making such a big deal out of this."
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Prism shakes her head, snorting softly, rubbing her hand up and down Jocelyn's arm. She's hoping the physical contact is helping, but she'll pull away if it looks like Jocelyn reacts any worse than the initial flinch. "I should be the one apologizing. I'm not good with words, and the last thing I wanted to do is get you so upset. I'm sorry that happened." She gently murmurs, her eyes still downcast - the guilt's lingering, even if she managed to calm her down.

"Do you think you'll be okay now?"
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"Y-yeah, I think I will." A moment passes before Jocelyn suddenly bursts out into ironic laughter, both bitter and humorous. "It's funny, isn't it? How each time we spend time with just us, we manage to bring each other to tears, bring up horrible memories, or learn something heartbreaking." she remarks sarcastically, but with no intent of rebuke. "There's something really wrong with us, you know that."

Reaching over, she grasps Prism's arm, thumb and forefinger encircling her slender wrist. "We're both really bad at using words, it seems. Never a moment when either of us isn't comforting the other."
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There's a pained expression on Prism's face at Jocelyn's laugh, flinching slightly at her words. Unfortunately, what she's saying rings true, but Prism offers up her arm regardless, trying to slip her fingers to intertwine with Jocelyn's. "...I mean, hey. There's nobody I'd rather have to deal with these moments with. I can always trust you'll be there to pick up the pieces, and I can promise I'll be around as long as I can for you." Prism says faintly, nudging her friend with her wing again.

"We're... overdramatic teenagers training to save the world. I've got PTSD and an out-of-control semblance, you're genuinely the most empathetic person I've ever met, it's... it's going to happen. We'll both still make mistakes, with words, but - hey, progress. Neither of us cried this time!"
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At that, Jocelyn forced a small, strained smile.  "Progress, indeed." There's a small pause as the medic lets go of Prism's arm as reluctantly as she would let a lifeline go, but then hesitantly spreads her arms wide. "Prism, would you, uhh...could you give me a hug, please? I think I need one right now." Jocelyn stammered, a light blush creeping up her cheeks. "I think we both need some comfort right now."
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That gets a sweet smile out of Prism, beaming towards her teammate. "Course," she quietly answers, leaning forwards and wrapping her arms around her Jocelyn in return. "It's not like I'll ever refuse a hug. Plus, you're soft to hold - and it's nice against someone who's all bones and sharp angles like me."
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Despite what Prism claimed, hugging her was like hugging a stress-relief pillow; small and feathery with a hint of what Jocelyn called “mother’s embrace”. The perfect feeling of just letting your worries and anxiety flow out of your body, like yoga but more comfortable. While she admitted that yoga did help with the body’s muscular functions by getting them used to stretching, it didn’t mean she liked it. It hurt. She wasn’t a very ‘stretchy’ girl.

”I think we’ve strayed far enough from our initial intents of getting some target practice in.” Jocelyn murmured, her chin resting on Prism’s shoulder and still in their hug. ”Want to get some proper breakfast? Coffee’s nice and all, but I’d like to prevent you from becoming even more hyper than before.”
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Prism’s settled so comfortably into Jocelyn’s embrace that she takes a moment to respond, making a small sound of acknowledgement from where she’s burrowed into her teammate’s shoulder. “Hey now, don’t knock my caffeine. Besides, I don’t get too hyper - I’ve gotten pretty good at containing it.”[/color] She murmurs playfully.  “But yeah, that sounds nice - go somewhere and get something proper for breakfast.”

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”Right, here we go then.” Stretching one arm under Prism’s slim legs and the other bracing Prism’s back, Jocelyn slowly rose to her feet with Prism cradled in a bridal carry, with special care taken not to disrupt the wings. ”You sure live up to your name. Light as a rainbow-colored feather and many times prettier.” Jocelyn giggled, beginning the trek back towards Beacon’s dining hall where, hopefully, there wouldn’t be too many people lining up at this time in the morning. After all, not many hunters-in-training woke up early on a weekend to get extra training in, let alone with a dear friend.