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Title: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: nathan67003 on December 01, 2018, 09:37:07 PM
Helena squinted a bit, leaning ever so slightly closer to her scroll's screen. Sat at a table within the common area of Amity, she'd gotten wind of this edition's new rules. This'd made her look up what exactly happened last time around that would cause such new legislation to be implemented. And boy, had she found the jackpot.

Turns out that two years prior, several competitors had been injured with varying levels of severity - some in odd circumstances that were not uncommonly dubbed 'suspicious'. Her medical curiosity had been piqued and, after a quick search for the Tourney camera archives, she'd started to run through the various occurrences, attempting to observe, diagnose and treat the wounds she stumbled across - in a hypothetical fashion, of course. She wasn't exactly a time traveler.

While she was far less armed than she usually was when going on a mission (due to not being on a mission), Helena still has Seikatsu at her waist. Better safe than sorry, as they say. Add to this the VASTLY different climate of Atlas and she had coat and boots on her person, as well. Red laid atop her feet, largely hidden from curious passerbys underneath the table, while Kari was loosely wound around her neck, taking in as much heat as it could nestled between the warm skin and the insulating coat.

At the moment, she was flicking through several angles paused shortly before the occurrence of the first injury of the Vytal Festival held in Vale.
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Post by: Vision on December 03, 2018, 05:46:52 AM
Fights between people, even just for training purposes had always made Diana nervous so she avoided most of the tournament, only watching the ones that involved her team or close friends. For her, the main draw for the tournament was that it was taking place in Atlas, it was a free trip back home to spend some time with her family.

Compared to most people around her she seemed to have dressed with little regard to the outside weather, especially for someone who was close to just skin and bone. Wearing a simple sleeveless purple dress with seemingly only leggings to help against the cold. For someone who grew up poor in Mantle her baseline was certainly lower than most, however the main thing that kept her warm was a piece of raw fire dust that she wore as a glamour on a white choker. She had also hidden her weapon in a duffle bag she carried.

As she returned to the common area of Amity from a quick meal with her brother she got out her scroll to send a quick message to her teammates to let them know that she was back, seeing as they wouldn't be done for at least an hour or two she decided to wander until she found someone she recognized.

Finally she spotted someone she was familiar with at least, although they hadn't talked much directly they certainly had things in common so now was as good a time as ever. "Umm, excuse me Helena? Not sure if you remember me, I'm Diana from Dr. Sophos' practical medicine class, mind if I join you?"
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Post by: ReaperJoe on December 03, 2018, 02:29:39 PM
Walking around Amity’s common area with a massive bucket of popcorn, a very tanned cat faunus takes in all the sites and sounds of this year’s Vytal Festival.  The tournaments have always been exciting, and it looks like this year’s is turning out to be rather explosive!  There’s been a lot of collateral damage in the bouts already, whether it be from gravity wells, exploding swords, or even fire-tornadoes

The only thing that’s missing is someone to talk about it with, Toast mused.  Well, that and warm weather.  Nobody was dying of heat stroke in Atlas today, that’s for sure.  Unfortunately, the Vacuan faunus had come ill-prepared for the frigid temperatures, and he was forced to buy an overpriced Vytal Festival sweatshirt that he put on immediately, pulling the drawstrings as tight as they could go.  Between that and the thickest set of pants he could find, he pretty much looked like a hoodlum.  Some might have excused it if it was to hide his faunus features, but his tail was bobbing around behind him plain as day.  He’s just cold.

Cold and lonely.  Toast had heard he was supposed to be getting a team, soon, but hadn’t actually met any prospective teammates yet.  And considering Shade’s roster (rather, lack-thereof), it’s no surprise there weren’t many other Shade students around that he could talk to.  That’s no problem though, Toast doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stranger”.  All he needs to do is just find some people that look bored and—

He spies a girl sitting at a table looking at her scroll.  Perfect!  Everyone knows looking at your scroll is the ultimate sign of “please come talk to me, I’m bored out of my mind!”  Now, how should he approach this?  Show off with backflips?  Nah, this is a tournament filled with huntsmen and huntresses, that wouldn’t be too impressive.  Magic tricks?  That could work, but what should he use?  Should he go with the good ole’ card force, or should he go with some Lien shenanigans? Decisions, decisions…

As he’s pondering his approach, another woman walks up and begins talking to the girl at the table.  Oh, right, he could just say “hello”.  Why didn’t he think of that before?  After taking a moment to loosen himself up with a quick shoulder roll, he saunters up to the two ladies and says, ”Hi!” with a big bright smile.  ”Watcha’ doin’?” he asks innocently.   
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Post by: nathan67003 on December 05, 2018, 08:56:36 PM
Helena took a second or so before realizing someone'd just talked to her, even if Red had raised his head when the feminine voice'd made itself heard. She shook off the momentary confusion and turned towards the source of the sound. Her face positively lit up, beaming sunshine everywhere in sight. "Diana! Of course I remember you!, she happily exclaimed. Scooting over to make some space on the table's bench, she continued with "Of course you can! I was just looking up previous injuries and trying to deal with them in my head."

Someone else may have had a slightly less glowing expression when talking about injuries, but Helena was not someone else. She placed her scroll on the table, between Diana and herself's positions, then activated the holo-screen, making the video pop out of the scroll itself and into the air at a the size of a decent laptop.

She'd barely settled into her new seat that someone else approached and said a bright, cheerful 'Hello'. Helena rapidly replied in kind. "Hello! We're looking at injuries in the previous Vytal Tourney and dealing with them ourselves! Sorta!"

Kari uncoiled a bit and peeked out of Helena's collar(s), wondering who and/or what was these new sounds close by, curious to see and smell those responsible.
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: Vision on December 08, 2018, 04:38:49 PM
Whilst, in reality, the pause before the response was tiny Diana's overly neurotic brain found plenty of time to twist it negatively and was desperately looking for a good way to escape. All of that was alleviated when Helena responded with what could only be described as blinding positivity. "Thank you" Diana responded trying her best to hide her internal thoughts and seem friendly whilst sitting down next to her. "Oh, I’ve looked at a few of those too. Some of them are just horrifying."

The holoscreen had barely been turned on before a third voice joined in, after Helena had spoken Diana figured she could handle the introductions. "Hi. I’m Diana, this is Helena, we’re both from Beacon. How about you?"

Once introductions were done she looked back to Helena and couldn't shake the feeling her necklace had just moved, absentmindedly she leaned in slightly to get a closer look.
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: ReaperJoe on December 13, 2018, 09:21:27 PM
Looking at people’s injuries from a previous tourney?  That seems kinda, well, morbid in Toast’s eyes, especially since there’s a tournament happening right now that will probably yield in some form of injury, most likely.  But then again, there’s a break in the action right now, so maybe she’s just passing the time in her own way.  Still kinda weird, though.

The other girl was also bizarre, but mostly because she’s wearing incredibly light clothing for the weather yet doesn’t appear fazed by the cold.  How can that be?  Does she just, like, radiate heat, or something?  Wait, could that be her semblance?  Well, only one way to find out…

Instead of answering Diana’s question, Toast instead puts his head a little bit too close, tucking his bucket of popcorn under one of his arms and holding out the other towards her, making himself look like a homeless man warming himself by a dumpster fire.  Sensing no heat, though, he quickly—and deftly—circles around her, searching for whatever magic that is keeping the girl from shivering in the frigid temperatures of Atlas.  His search is ultimately fruitless, and once he’s completed two quick revolutions, his face pops up to ask her, ”Aren’t you cold?”

But before Diana can respond, he suddenly spins around and knocks himself on the forehead, as if he just remembered something.  ”Right, I forgot to introduce myself!” he proclaims, as if that’s the most pressing issue at the moment.  Whirling back around towards the two ladies and says with an oblivious grin, ”Yo, I’m Toast, I do magic and flips and shit.”

With his introduction over, he brings the bucket of popcorn back to its original position, takes a handful of popcorn, and shoves it into his mouth.  Interestingly, if anyone cared to notice, not a single dropped piece of popcorn could be found in the immediate area, despite all of the shenanigans.  Turning toward the scroll, which was still displaying the recording of the last tournament, Toast says (with his mouth still full), ”So, watching the previous fights, huh?  Which fight’s that one?”   
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: nathan67003 on December 21, 2018, 02:27:02 PM
"Eh, I've seen worse go through the emergency at the hospital, but I see your point.", Helena responded to Diana.

The boy's quick and spontaneous motions were mildly uncomfortable to Red, who moved a bit over Helena's feet. Expressively active people weren't his forte. Helena, on the other hand, was utterly unfazed. "Oh, I forgot to do that too! I'm Helena! The ball of fuzz at my feet is Red and the thing curiously flicking at the air with its tongue is Kari!"

Kari poked a bit further out from the sanctity of Helena's coat, her snout barely poking out from the coat's neck. Her tongue, as Helena had mentioned, flicked curiously, attempting to divine who or what these new smells were.
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: Vision on January 19, 2019, 07:34:51 AM
Hardly a social butterfly Diana was already out of her comfort zone from approaching someone she barely knew to then be joined by a stranger. Whilst a bit uncomfortable she was trying her best to seem approachable, somehow she had become a team leader so she had to get over her social anxiety. That was all well and good until the stranger reached his hand out to her and then silently walked around to visually inspected her, that she had no idea how to respond to. Nervously she straightened her skirt as he circled her and gave him an expectant look as he finished the rotation, as he started a second rotation Diana grabbed the writs on her other hand and generally shrunk in her seat. Of all the horrible explanations her brain could come up with for his behavior she had not expected the simple question he had so she was initially confused.

"What? I.. oh" relaxing her posture a bit she collected her thoughts as Toast actually introduced himself. ”Well yes I am a bit cold but I grew up in Mantle so I’m used to it, and there's this" she gestured to her choker "Fire dust that heats my blood and the air I breathe, it's pretty effective if not the most beautiful necklace."

As soon as Helena pointed out her pets Diana jolted back a bit in surprise before tilting her head and addressing the snake. "Oh hello there Kari, not enjoying the climate I take it. And you said there was another one? Oh!" As soon as she saw the fox under the table she slipped out of her seat and under the table to pet it. A few seconds later she slowly came up again realizing she may have gotten a bit too excited. "Ehrm, sorry. You said you've worked at a hospital? How did that happen?"
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Post by: ReaperJoe on January 22, 2019, 02:52:27 PM
Toast shovels another handful of popcorn into his gullet as Helena introduces her animals, prompting the faunus to examine the snake and fox in question.  As the snake—Kari, apparently—lifts its head from around the girl’s neck, Toast tilts his head quizzically, though he doesn’t get any closer.  A lifetime in the desert has taught him a healthy respect for snakes.  Though, that doesn’t stop him from striking up a conversation about it.

”Oh neat!  Ya know, I used to work with a snake charmer years back.  He was a big hit with the tourists who’d come by.  I always wondered how he managed to keep their attention without getting bit or spit at,” Toast says while chewing his popcorn, only pausing to swallow.  ”Then he got arrested for animal cruelty when I was, like, seven.  Apparently de-fanging snakes is a disreputable business practice.  Who knew, right?”

When Diana explains the miracle of her dust necklace to him, Toast’s eyes widen in amazement as he unabashedly stares at it.  ”Hey, do you know where your boy can pick up one of those?  ‘Cuz, like, it’s pretty cold up here and this sweatshirt ain’t cutting it, know what I mean?  Also, as a corollary, does it only come in heater, or is there an air conditioning version?  ‘Cuz, like, I’m from the desert, right?  So, like, it’s really friggin’ hot, and havin’ something like this would be a godsend” he asks, barely stopping to take a breath between sentences. 
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Post by: nathan67003 on January 27, 2019, 02:43:34 PM
As Diana dressed herself to Kari, the latter turned towards the source of the now much-closer sound, flicking her tongue enthusiastically. The large mass soon departed from her field of vision, though, and Kari was currently not in the mood to leave the warm and comfy home that was currently her owner's neck. She therefore moved back in, her head nestled to the right. Red, while the object of a bit more attention from the lass, had a less fun time. He wasn't especially good with strangers. Ears folded back, it still let itself be petted, which was still a better option than making a fuss at the young lady. Plus, she wasn't exactly exuding an ominous vibe, which made things easier. It was however very thankful that the more... intense guest kept to himself.

"Oh, it's a thing I started doing after I discovered my semblance at Signal. Extracurricular activities, if you will. My semblance allowed me to help others with their injuries, so naturally, the hospital seemed like a good place to practice. Not only that, I'd also be able to learn a lot from the situations and people around me. I had as much theory as I wanted with books, but there's something entirely different about practice. So yeah, I've seen much worse than a gunshot wound to the stomach. Like the occasional Ursa mauling, for example." As she finished her last sentence, Helena's expression softened a bit, her smile momentarily losing strength before returning as bright as ever. Yes, even while she listened to Toast recount a mildly depressing anecdote on animal cruelty.
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Post by: arcus_gray on January 29, 2019, 09:57:02 AM
At that moment the footage of a competitor being shot was playing on the scroll, the sound of Ergia's gunfire coming out quietly from the scroll, briefly after which a small commotion begun when a boy behind them drew his weapons in response.
That boy had long black hair that covered one of his deep purple eyes. he was wearing a black coat with a red fur lining to help deal with the cold, on his shoulder was a cracked white fang mask.
 The wolf ears atop his head had heard one of the many sounds that had been haunting his nightmares for the past year and his twin blades had come flying from the holders at his hips into his hands.
He was snarling and frantically searching for the source of the sound.
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: Vision on May 27, 2019, 12:46:58 PM
A bit overexcited at the Fox under the table Diana pet it with gusto, upon seeing the less than eager response from the animal she stopped. Not too familiar with animals outside of pets she remembered reading somewhere that a sign of trust was to look into the animal's eyes and close your own slowly as if falling asleep, she tried that and as her eyes closed she recalled that this was advice about cats which probably wouldn't apply to a Fox. Feeling quite silly she opened her eyes again and rejoined the conversation above the table. She gave a smile at the notion of working with a snake charmer, a smile that was promptly washed off at the mention of animal cruelty.

"Not really sure no, jewelers or dust shops if I were to guess, mind you glamour dust that's going to last a while can be quite expensive. I mean I could never affo.. that is to say my dad worked in a dust mine and he got it for me." she absentmindedly rubbed the rough crystal while speaking "You're from the desert? And I don't see any reason why ice Dust couldn't function the same, but can't say I've ever needed it here or at Beacon."

"That's amazing, my semblance has some healing properties, but they're quite slow so probably not that useful, but It would be nice to do help people without weapons in hand. I might bug you for some contact information once we get back to Beacon." She glanced at Helena's scroll which was still playing the match recording at a fairly noticeable volume, wondering how rude it would be to turn off someone else's scroll, before deciding against it.
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Post by: ReaperJoe on June 03, 2019, 06:09:24 PM
Continuing to nonchalantly chew on popcorn, Toast idly listened to the girls' conversation, though most of its going over his head.  He does gather that both girls have healing semblances, but other than that, he doesn't particularly care for the ins and outs of medicine and hospital work.  You wouldn't be able to tell from his face though, performer that he is.

Still, they never answered his question about who was fighting in the recording Helena was watching, and Toast tries to lean in to get a better look.  It's at this moment that Toast's sense go off.  A unique property of aura is the ability to tell when danger is afoot, an ability Wabul Paka has learned to respect considerably during his childhood wandering the desert.  The only downside is that it doesn't show where the danger is.

Shifting the bucket in his grip, Toast's eyes quickly scan his surroundings while his ears listen for anything out of place.  He quickly finds the origin of the disturbance, the sound of snarling behind him.  Out of the corner of his eye, he spies weapons in the hands of the potential enemy, and Toast decides to act quickly before things start getting really bad.

While trying to stay as subtle as possible, Toast backs up so he's back to back with the man, at first making it seem like an incidental bump in the crowd until he says, "Hey buddy, take a look where you are before you do something stupid, kay?  Now put those away before someone gets hurt."  His tone is non-threatening, but its cool and even, without the slightest hint of concern. 
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Post by: nathan67003 on June 15, 2019, 09:05:10 PM
fuck I completely forgot the 'which fight is this' line

Although Diana's ploy may have seem vain, Red somewhat managed to understand the meaning behind it. His ears perked back up, unfolding from their less-than-pleased position. Said ears twitched upon hearing some nearby growling, as well. The fox lifted its head and swiveled around, zeroing in on the source of the ruckus.

Helena didn't miss Diana's eyes flicker towards her scroll. Deciding that the conversation was now and the match already then, she turned off the holo-screen and paused the video. She'd have plenty of time to come back to it later. "Why wait until Beacon? If you have your scroll on you, we could probably exchange info right now!"
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Post by: arcus_gray on June 17, 2019, 07:00:43 AM
Continuing to scan the room hurriedly looking for the source of Ergia's gunfire Gray felt something collide with his back and turned on his heel swinging wildly at what he assumed was a threat. Until he saw that it wasn't Nathan at which point he attempted to stop the blow, far too late to prevent it from hitting but making it very easy to defend against.
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Post by: ReaperJoe on June 20, 2019, 01:38:05 AM
Toast has mixed feelings about the girls not noticing the current situation.  On the one hand, it's probably a good thing that the public hasn't noticed a drawn weapon in the middle of Amity Colosseum.  On the other, Toast really likes being the center of attention.  It's probably for the best, but it seems this culprit is intent on making a scene.

Unfortunately for him, Toast has the drop on him, not the other way around.  As soon as the wolf faunus began to turn for his attack, the cat faunus is already beginning his counter.  In one swift movement, Toast leaps up and over him, sending the bucket of popcorn high into the air as his body twists, ending up in a perfect upside-down vertical directly above his prey.  In that same motion, his free hand draws a pistol from the pocket of his souvenir sweatshirt. But instead of a bullet, a blade shoots out and begins to crackle with electric energy as lightning dust courses through the steel.

And as Toast reaches that upside-down vertical above the other faunus, the blade reaches down and taps on the boy's arm.  There's no piercing, no damage behind the blade itself, but the electricity is less discerning as it jumps from steel to flesh, sending a jolt through the culprit's sword arm and hopefully forcing it to drop his weapon.

After that, the former acrobat twists in the air once more to right himself and lands gracefully, once again directly behind his opponent.  This time however, the Butter Knife gently rests on the other boy's shoulder.  With a playful--almost joking--smile, he says, "Seriously, man, as much as I like putting on a show, I really don't want to spill my popcorn."  As if on cue, the bucket of popcorn previously tossed into the air falls gently into Toast's outstretched free hand, not a single kernel of popcorn dropped.
Title: Re: Movie Night [Closed]
Post by: Vision on June 26, 2019, 08:03:34 AM
With a satisfying *click* she opened a pouch on her belt and took out her scroll "Yeah sure, here you go." unlocking her scroll and handing it to Helena "I just wanted to give you an out if you would prefer to not give it to me, or if you needed to check with them whom I sho..." she stopped mid-sentence, her attention captured by the sight of Toast jumping to dodge an attack. Not really sure what to do she just sat there with a concerned expression looking at at the two making a scene and then back to Helena.
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Post by: nathan67003 on June 26, 2019, 03:04:30 PM
Helena's smile widened (if possible) when Diana handed over her own scroll, unlocked and everything. Taking it with her left hand and picking up the one on the table with her right, she was listening to her until the sentence trailed off, staring with a worried look on her face at something. Helena turned as well, her brow furrowed in mild confusion. It only got worse once she caught sight of it, too...
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Post by: arcus_gray on July 17, 2019, 03:33:12 AM
To Gray's relief his attack was nowhere near hitting the mark. He then yelped in pain as an electric current went into his injured shoulder. The pain caused his grip on his weapon to tighten, making it impossible for Gray to put the weapon down at the moment. He begun to turn again before the calm and joking words cut through instinct fully enough to provoke a more reasoned response. That response however was just sullen silence.
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Post by: ReaperJoe on July 17, 2019, 10:54:12 AM
Toast was currently very proud of himself at the moment.  Not only had he successfully dodged an attack, he did a back flip while dodging and even got in a one-liner!  Bonus points, he did it in front of two cute girls!  Nice!  Now he just needs to wait for the applause and...wait, where's the applause?

Glancing over at Diana and Helena, he saw their expressions and inwardly winced.  Looks like he hasn't impressed them at all.  Even his "opponent" didn't seem particularly enthusiastic, though at least he wasn't taking more swings.  That's a plus, right?

"Heh, not even a witty retort, huh?  Tough crowd," Toast says with an awkward chuckle, before trying to offer a compromise.  "Tell ya' what, I kinda need this hand to eat popcorn, so I'll put mine away if you stow yours, sound good?"