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Title: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 4/5]
Post by: TheKaru on March 04, 2019, 03:53:01 PM
It was a rather dark night in Vale, the sky was completely veiled in early spring clouds and the air was still chilly and wet from the rains the winds had brought over the city. Amidst one of the darker parts of the settlement's still bright clubbing areas was a somewhat unremarkable establishment, merely a front between more imposing brick buildings. Over the entrance hung a neon sign reading "The Dish", though the "D" seemed to have suffered some damage over the years that nobody had bothered dealing with so far, causing it to constantly flicker. In front of the building stood only a few people, clothed in mostly dark and earthy colours though some of them had bright accents woven into their outfits. Small puddles that had formed over the day, remnants of the rain, shimmered and vibrated from the vibrations of beats heard and felt from the nearby clubs and bars.
Inside, the establishment fulfilled most expectations one would have before entering it: It was dark, outdated and generally not in the best condition. Yet, it was full of people of different ages, some old and grey, others young and energetic. The Dish was definitely not a place you visit for the experience but rather somewhere people would meet up after a hard day of work or before going out to party through the night. It was something like a well known secret, a place that many people knew but still kept the charme of a niche bar. This, combined with the owner's ever-present hospitability and sense of humour made for a great hangout.
Sitting by the bar on this evening was a young man with hot pink hair, dressed in shades of pink and purple. He bobbed his head to the sound of electric guitars and drums while sipping a cocktail that probaby had been colourful once but by now mixed into a dirty shade of brown. He seemed to be waiting on someone or something, looking at a small clock behind the counter every so often.
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In the wet, rainy streets of Vale in the evening, a stranger walked alone.  Wearing a pale green coat with the hood up, what facial features that did show marked him as a foreigner.  And as he walked through the darkened roads, some might initially think him an easy mark.  But those minds would soon change after witnessing the eerie phenomenon that followed him.

A ghostly lantern, suspended on nothing more than thin air, lazily hung above him and casted a spectral light that illuminated his path.  Strapped to the man’s waist was another, albeit larger, lantern with eight different colored windows.  Foreigner as he may be, this man was clearly more than he appeared.

As the man walked through the city, he eventually came across a dive bar, a place called “The Dish” if the sign out front is anything to go by.  ”This place will do, I guess,” Lucas muttered to himself as he walked towards the entrance.  It was still relatively close to the rest of Vale’s nightlife, but it was far enough away that it wasn’t too crowded.  And while the hermit would generally prefer a quieter place, he nonetheless walked through the door, the lantern vanishing into thin air as he does.

Observing the interior, Lucas noted the place needed some serious maintenance.  But despite that, it seemed to be relatively busy, all things considered.  People of all ages seemed to congregate here, which meant this place somehow had widespread appeal.  ”Hmm, I don’t really get it, but whatever works for them, I guess,” the young man thought to himself as he grabbed a seat at the bar.

”Excuse me,” he hailed the bartender, ”Could I get a whiskey and lemonade?  I’ll start a tab.”  after taking care of the financial details, the bartender went off to fetch his drink.  In the meantime, he noticed another man sitting two seats down with a rather busy color scheme, for lack of a better term.  The pink-haired man seemed to be checking the clock every so often.  I did come here to get a feel for the city.  Might as well talk to the locals while I’m at it, he thought before addressing the fellow patron.

”You waiting on somebody?” 
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Calen was far less flamboyantly dressed than he could have been, that isn’t to say he wasn’t dressed flamboyantly in a thousand shades of green, fake leaves and a flowing cape which looked a lot better from far away and under bright light Calen still looked incredibly fae ( Appropriate for himself, of course, having just finished his last performance playing Oberon which had been quite the steal for Calen, his first leading role and he had performed admirably to the point some reviews only mentioned his attendance at Beacon in passing and two not at all. Nevertheless seeing the Fae King walking down Beacon’s streets, hair fluttering in the non-existent wind and remaining completely dry despite the pouring rain drew more than a few glances. Of course, the reason for this was a wind dust device hidden in Calen’s crown but he was hardly going to ruin someone’s mystical wonder, not when it was giving himself such attention at any rate. (Just think a slightly more advanced air umbrella.)

Feeling on top of the world, Calen was on the prowl looking for excitement and adventure, months of all his already limited free time being eaten up by practice had paid off and he had things to catch up on. There was no reason to dive in too quickly, however. Didn’t the anticipation for the feast only build the appeal and inevitable satisfaction. Calen reasoned to himself. Recalling a small tavern which would serve his appetite well enough Calen hurried quickly over to the ‘Dish’ even using his semblance to clear the occasional building that got in his way. Recalling the promise of drink, company, stupid games and even stupid brawls only emphasised the delight the gaunt boy took in the cries of surprise, wonder and outrage as he made a mockery of road laws as well as trespassing ones.

Finding his way to the ‘Dish’ in quick order Calen even managed to make it inside without the police following him despite several threats he had heard from his way over. Good. It was far too early to be dancing with the police… maybe after dessert.’ Calen thought to himself. Still, the trip had taken a bit out of Calen and he was a bit flushed when he went straight to the bartender to order. ’A glass of sherry and a refill for everyone in the bar.’ Calen remarked tossing over a significant stack of lien and raising his voice so everyone could hear his generosity as otherwise what was the point. The cheers from the other drinkers were almost worth it in of itself and although Calen wasn’t terribly wealthy he had just gotten a substantial bonus from his dancing and the hunting contracts came in often enough so he could make these sorts of gestures. But there, of course, was always a way to make money in taverns you just needed to know where to look and how to get everyone's attention. And luckily for Calen, he had already finished stage two.

The darts table seemed to be the most likely culprit, cries a little too loud for there to just be pride on the line and the awkward shuffling which suggested something changing hands, something they didn’t want others to see, something Calen could work with. Sipping slowly at his drink, already his baser instincts were challenging his control and Calen wanted nothing more to drink until he could drink no more, well not nothing… Having enshrined himself as the bar favourite patron for at least the next round Calen managed to easily enrol himself in the game of darts. All that was at stake was money which was a little disappointed although more because Calen had gotten his hopes up rather than the men and women involved looked like they would be into anything harder but money would do for now. Calen threw the first game to ease himself into the new crowd, no need to chase everyone away too quickly, but after that started taking these players for all they were worth.

While waiting for his turn to throw again Calen turned his attention to the rest of the bar, he had too focused on making a good entrance to pay much attention to specifics other than what was directly in front of him. What he had been told of this place sung true and it did definitely feel and look like an old-timey pub or at least what the movies showed them to be… which was probably a bit better than they actually were. Catching his attention was the bar front where two seeming strangers seemed to be starting up a conversation. Best of luck Sir. Calen thought to himself as he raised his glass in salute to the black haired half to encourage his complete misreading of the situation. Calen was seriously projecting.
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Post by: TheKaru on March 05, 2019, 11:31:56 AM
Gram had honestly not paid much mind to the incredibly flamboyant man that had thrown the last round. Although he had very much appreciated the refill, this person was trying way to hard to stick out of the crowd. To Gram it felt fake, like a costume (which it probably was), not real or authentic. Needless to say, he had so far not bothered interacting with that person and from his current position didn't plan to either. It was the little spark of judgment, the speck of prejudice that he allowed himself to have.
This new arrival, however, dressed mysteriously and way less crazy, seemed worth a talk, even though he did in fact come out here with intentions of acquiring goods that would otherwise be a lot harder to acquire. With an interested smile, he looked up from the drink and nodded. "I always am. But right now? More than usual. What about you? You... stick out.", he asked, his voice somewhat shakey and nervous. It wasn't exactly this encounter that made him nervous but rather the people around him, the amount of people. There were many of them, the bar seemed to get busier by the minute and he was usually a lot more intoxicated by this point so he usually hadn't really noticed. It was an incredibly stressful experience and thinking about it did not exactly help with his stress levels. Without thinking properly how this might come off, Gram decided to down the rest of his drink. To obersing individuals, a tiny cloud of purple gas exiting his nose as he exhaled afterwards would probably seem weird, followed by a strange scent, similar to that of jasmin blossoms but stronger, slightly heavier and a bit more uncomfortable, surrounding Gram. He only gave an apologetic look to Lucas. "I'm sorry, I'm not great at... this..." He gestured to the cround surrounding them and the amount of noise that was actually flaring up once one would focus on it.
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”No offense, but that’s rich coming from a guy with pink hair,” Lucas couldn’t help but snark the stranger’s comment.  Then again, he probably does stand out here, considering his clothes.  It probably doesn’t help he forgot to pull his hood down when he walked in, so he might as well fix that at the very least.

”Anyways,” he says after taking a sip from his drink, ”I guess I do stick out a bit.  I’m new in town, and I was tryin’ to get a feel for the city.  Do you—uh,” he paused mid-sentence as he watched the pink-haired man down his drink.  His keen eyes caught the puff of strangely-colored smoke coming out of the stranger’s mouth, and Lucas subtly lowered his hand towards the lantern strapped to his waist, quickly deducing the strange phenomenon as a semblance.

But his conversation partner quickly apologized and gestured out to the rest of the bar, causing Lucas to examine the people in it more closely.  The first thing he noticed was a strange boy in what has got to be the most gaudy outfit he has ever seen in his life raising a glass in his general direction, prompting Lucas to raise an eyebrow in utter confusion.  However, the foreigner’s eyes quickly scan over the rest of the bar, taking note of the number of patrons and the likely cause of his fellow’s nervousness.

”Ah, crowds.  I don’t really like them, either.  Figured this place would be quieter than it is, but what can you do?” Lucas says in response, his arm coming back to rest on the counter. 
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Everything seemed to be going from good to better for Calen, integrating well within the group of dart players despite his dress and mannerisms he managed to win them over with free drinks and the occasional biting commentary. As talented as some of the individuals he was going up against were they could be no real match for Calen and his skills earnt in brutal combat against the Grimm and other such vicious threats. Again Calen had purchased another round for the bar using up much of his winnings which encouraged another patron to find their generosity, hopefully satisfying the bartender who must be aware on some level the quasi-legal gambling which was going on in his establishments. It caused more cheers and although Calen continued to smile warmly and accept and give gifts, or at least as warmly as the gaunt boy was capable of, but he was still drinking his first glass of sherry. He knew he was quite a lightweight when it came to alcohol and although he was sure it would be a pleasant enough night to spend blackout drunk there were more important things he was hoping to do and competing against drunk opponents was never an advantage the Calen turned down.

There was a fine line to walk for Calen, taking as much money as possible without overly angering others or making them realise it wasn’t really a smart decision to continue gambling with someone who was clearly more talented at darts. As much as Calen enjoyed the game of pulling his fellows along like fish hooked on a line it still hurt his pride to lose a game even if it was a purpose. As such Calen hadn’t been very successful in becoming a beloved vacuum cleaner of everyone’s lien, perhaps it never had a real chance but Calen was still disappointed. Nothing huge had broken out yet, some harsh words and saw sharp glares from both his fellow competitors as well as the bartender. Despite all the extra drinks being ordered the bartender seemed to have an annoyingly moral sense of responsibility to his customers and had clearly identified Calen as a trouble maker. Not that he could do anything immediately, Calen was still the new darling and pride would keep the drinkers taking their issues to the bartender yet, kind of like the adult version of tattling to the teacher.

After a particularly loud outburst which even got a few words of censure from the bartender, Calen offered to pay for another drink and a meal to give the ‘offending’ woman some time to collect herself. Neither the woman nor the bartender were really convinced by Calen’s performance but the former wasn’t going to turn away free food and the latter still wasn’t going to intervene without someone else's request. Sensing his luck turning at least for the moment Calen decided he needed to wait a bit and let the heat cool off a bit before going back in so he bowed out on a pretty big loss, finished his drink and more or less graciously bowed out of the competition. Once again free to look around the bar Calen found little seemed to have changed, maybe he had been moving much to fast but remembering the pair Calen had encouraged he was glad they seemed to have broken the ice. Calen was content to sit down alone and let his mind wander for a bit, trying to soak in as much of the atmosphere as well as any carelessly discarded secrets. Despite his initial misgivings and actions in clear violation of the pubs express purpose Calen did enjoy the place, which was probably why he took such pleasure in twisting it against itself.
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Gram nodded at Lucas with a slightly crooked smile. " Yeah there are things I enjoy more than this but sometimes necessity calls for uncomfortable choices." He shrugged and ran his left right index over the slightly sticky rim of the glass. "Also... Pink hair is less noticeable than a turtleneck in this part of town, I feel like. Anyway... You said you were new in town? What brings you here and where do you hail from?" Gram decided to go with it and kill some time until his contact person would arrive. Downing the drink did provide him with a slight burst of confidence, luckily. It was definitely not his prefered way of dealing with his crowd issues but it was an effective one. With a quick motion, he turned his bar stool so he would face Lucas now, leaning on the counter with one arm.
In his periferal vision, he could see and mostly hear agitated people around the flamboyant tryhard and internally rolled his eyes. In a night like this, he didn't need the mood of the people in the bar to be on edge. He was rather relieved when the young man seemed to be able to defuse the situation rather quickly. Still, it was quite annoying to Gram. Quickly though, his attention shifted back towards his current conversation partner, awaiting his answer. Smalltalk was definitely not Gram's greatest strength but he was willing to listen to this mysterious stranger's tale.
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Wait, his turtleneck is what sticks out?  Lucas’s black turtleneck that’s underneath his green and yellow coat, the same turtleneck whose namesake collar is covered by a bandana?  Huh, maybe turtlenecks do stand out here.  Good to know, I guess he thought to himself.  At the very least, he could file this information away for future use if he ever needed to blend into Vale.

But that’s not why he’s here, now, and as Lucas returns to the conversation, he answers, ”I’m from Mistral, and I’m here on business.”  Personal business is still business, right?  It’s not like he’s here for his own pleasure, after all. 

”A friend told me this was a good place for a quiet drink, but…” he continued with a white lie as he looks back to the other side of the bar where agitated patrons were giving annoyed side-eyes to the man in the costume.  He had just bought all the bargoers a refill on their drinks a few moments ago, but judging from the looks of the bartender and a few over-heard mutterings, he was slowly losing his status as the darling of the establishment. 

Like the bartender, Lucas had also identified the flamboyantly dressed individual as a trouble-maker, and there’s quite a bit of evidence.  First off, the bartender’s disposition marks him as a newcomer to the place.  If he were a regular, there would have almost certainly been a bit of small talk when he ordered drinks, most likely a few quips over his clothes. 

The second bit of evidence is the reaction of the patrons.  Given his rather unique attire, it’s damn near impossible to mistake him for someone else.  So, since the patrons don’t immediately recognize him as a hustler and end up reluctantly handing him their hard-earned lien, Lucas develops a theory regarding the stand-out individual:  he’s a cocky kid trying to make a quick buck by lulling intoxicated and gullible people into losing their money.

There’s just one problem with his theory:  if he were just a typical swindler, he would have cleared out the pockets of as many people as possible and left just as quickly as he came in.  However, he seems to have lost his most recent game, which can only imply one of two things.  One, he isn’t very good at conning people, or two, he isn’t aiming to just take money.  And that realization suddenly makes the costumed culprit the most interesting thing to talk about in the room.

”What do you suppose that guy’s deal is?” he asks his conversation partner, wondering if he had any additional insight.
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Taking another few sips of his sherry Calen went about his brief break from gambling to partake in the more normal activities of a bar. Small talk to get to know the lay of the land inside the bar as well as not to look too awkward sitting by himself all this time. Ratcheting up the charm Calen easily managed to easily get a few laughs and conversations going while keeping an eye on the bar as a whole, in particular, the ongoing darts game and the bar itself. The former was for rather obvious reasons; to know the game was progressing, to see who is winning or losing the most as well as double checking when tempers have calmed down. The later had more sinister motives, in a pub like this the bartender’s word was law and if he decided he was gone then there was little Calen could do about it. As such it was important to try to get the man back onside and hopefully showing that he was keeping his nose out of trouble for a time the less attention the bartender would leave him be. There was also a small prickle at the back of his neck as Calen felt he was becoming the topic of conversation around the small pub. The realisation made him smile.

Chatting along with his fellow drinkers Calen managed to pick up a lot of little bits of information about the bar and the people who frequent it. Some of it small things like what meals to order, irrelevant to Calen given his approach to food, but also relevant things like when the bartender leaves to check on the cooking or bring in a delivery. For most of the drinkers, it was simply something to order their drinks around but for Calen every scrap of information was another weapon in his arsenal. There were benign topics as well, his clothing was a common one but Calen was quick witted and his listeners drunk enough to always turn every new answer into a roar of laughter.
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Gram looked over at where Calen was now sitting and shrugged. "I don't know, honestly. He doesn't blend in but sticks out enough to captivate the... mood of this place. I'd rather have a nice and calm evening though...", the young man replied and sighed. Too many people, too much attention, maybe this night wasn't exactly the best for striking this deal and his reserves weren't as low as usual. With a swift movement, Gram pulled out his scroll and shot Lucas a quick social smile before starting to type something on his scroll, a bit of a stressed expression creeping onto his face. After sending a short message, he returned his attention back to the man in the turtleneck, though his mind was definitely somewhere else, calculating how to get his supplies restocked now. This was definitely too dangerous tonight.
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"Hmm, so you don't recognize him?  I was wondering if he was a regular," Lucas mused.  Well, that mostly confirms Lucas's suspicions of the flamboyantly dressed patron, assuming his conversation partner comes to The Dish often.  He catches the would-be hustler glancing at the bar every once in a while, as if he's waiting for something to happen.  What in the world are you up to? he thinks to himself as he finishes off the last of his drink.  He briefly debates waving the guy over but ultimately decides against it.  He's not particularly concerned with the well-being of his fellow patrons' wallets, and if they fall for fancy-pants's schemes, that's on them.

Besides, it looks like an interesting development is taking place right next to him.  Lucas catches the pink-haired man's expression sour as he types a message on his phone.  It's subtle, and it looks like he's trying to hide it, but it doesn't slip past Lucas's keen eyes.  Curious, Lucas sets down his glass and takes a shot in the dark, "Lemme guess, your 'date' cancelled on you?"  He did say he was waiting on someone, but whether it was an actual date or something else remains to be seen, though.

...Actually, has Lucas even asked his name?
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Calen grinned wider and wider as he noticed more and more eyes on him. Being a total diva nothing made Calen happier than being the centre of attention and the topic of conversation. Finishing his drink Calen made his way to the bar for a refill and to check on the pair of men he first saw when he settled down in the bar. They seemed to be getting along well enough but like anything, Calen knew that more him, like with everything, could only make the interaction go smoother at least in comparison. After accepting his refill from the bartender with a smile, nod and raising of his glassed Calen took another sip before turning to Lucas and Gram.

'Oh I'm sure it's nothing so drastic, Master Lantern. And even if it was there is no reason the night can't be salvaged. I'm Calen by the way, Calen Shrike, what are your names?' Calen interrupted offering his hand to Lucas and Gram in turn to shake. Calen did honestly hope it wasn't anything serious, Calen could obviously enjoy anyone's misery but it did mean a lot less when wasn't the one causing it.
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"No, I don-", Gram began to reply but stopped as soon as he saw the subject of their conversation approach. Internally, he both cursed and blesed Calen. On one side this might be just enough to lead the conversation away from himself as a topic, on the other, he didn't really need this flamboyant showoff around him right now. Noticing but deciding to ignore Calen's outstretched hand, he nodded at the young man. ... Gram...", he replied. not exactly eager to reveal too much of himself. "Uh... MacConkey... Beacon Student...", he added, remembering a lesson his father told him: When you don't want to tell everything don't tell nothing at all or else they'd know you're consciously hiding things.
Expectantly, he looked over at Lucas, curious how he would react in this situation.
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Lucas watched his pink-haired companion for his response, but unfortunately he was interrupted by a certain patron's untimely arrival.  Just when I thought I was going to get to something interesting, he mused to himself as the newcomer barged into their conversation.  Well, it was only a matter of time, now that he thinks about it.  The guy's been making his way around the place ever since Lucas walked in, chatting up patrons and buying them drinks.  Perhaps he'll do as he did with the other bar goers and only chat for a bit before going on his way.

Though in the newcomer's--Calen's--defense, he did get one piece of information that Lucas found useful:  he got Gram's name and background, the latter of which most piqued the Mistrali's interest.  A beacon student would be a useful contact for keeping tabs on his sister, as well as possibly protecting her if the need arises.  Bonus points for meeting him outside of Beacon, which will help in keeping Clara in the dark.  No doubt she won't like her brother nosing into her business, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

As thanks for digging up that bit of info, Lucas decides to indulge Calen's antics, at least for the moment.  Letting out a small chuckle, he reaches out and shakes the flamboyantly-dressed boy's hand.  "I don't know, I kind of like the sound of 'Master Lantern', so I think I'll stick with that," he says, dodging the need for introduction with a sly joke before quickly changing the subject.

"So, I have to ask, what's with the, uh, outfit?" he asks, gesturing to the extravagant costume.
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'Oh this old thing.' Calen laughed as he picked a leaf from his get up. 'Stage outfit, I'm going to be missing out the last show so my understudy is taking the final show which makes our second last show my last show. And as tradition dictates, you celebrate your last show of a run which simply means I will celebrate with others rather than my fellow dancers.' Calen responded as he studied the older man out of the corner of his eye. The pale green coat with yellow trim was hardly the most exotic getup Calen had seen even in the bar itself but there was clearly something more to this 'Master Lantern' that and Calen was eager to find out what. The lantern was obvious, a little too obvious maybe? Whether it was his semblance or a piece of tech it did signify a degree of training that Calen wasn't expecting initially. He didn't respond when Gram mentioned he was a student so it wasn't likely to Calen he was a student himself or a recent graduate which still left a few options. Maybe he was a bandit or mercenary looking to cool down after a job, Calen's mind raced with the possible romance in his mind drawing scenes of the police or even a Huntsman/Huntress breaking in and a fight breaking out.

What Calen was actually apparently looking at however was Gram, his gaze glancing down at his ungrasped and then Calen cocked his head slightly to the left and withdrew his hand. Calen did believe Gram that he was a student, he had that kind of look you would expect from someone looking to visually distinguish themselves, but because he didn't immediately recognise Gram it was unlikely he was a first year and he didn't look that much older so probably not a fourth year. 
It made Gram a puzzle, not as possibly exciting as Lucas but exciting nevertheless but and there was little Calen liked more than solving puzzles to put those he was talking to off balance. To this end, Calen decided early on not to mention that he to was a student a Beacon. Not only because Calen wanted to leave the opportunity for some mischief and it would be less fun if he had to deal with some consequences from tonight but also it meant that Calen might be able to put Gram off balance by mentioning things about Beacon that no non-student or graduate would know.

'Oh an in-training-huntsman isn't that interesting, you don't see as many of you lot as you might except with Beacon itself only being across the way.' Calen mentioned as he sat down between Lucas and Gram, closer to Lucas. 'So what about you guys, what brings you out on this wonderful night?.' Calen finishes cheerfully meeting the eyes of both Gram and Lucas.
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So he was a dancer? An actor? That definitely did explain the extravagance of his outfit... it was still a bit weird to Gram that he had decided to go out in that dress but, admittedly, he wasn't at all familiar with any sort of theater habits. Perhaps some weird sort of ritual.
He internally cringed a little as Calen made himself comfortable between the two of them but deckded to do his best to try and be sociable. "I'm not too fond of uh... this. I'm more of a sit at home person... I've come here to meet up with a friend but they couldn't make it so now I'm getting drunk, talking to strangers it seems..." He shrugged, picked up his drink and silently toasted towards the two others before taking a long sip. He definitely didn't show off his best sides but he was annoyed by the development of the evening, his teammates were out abd he had nothing better to fo than drown his anxiety in alcohol.
Expectantly, he looked at the other two, curious about their intentions.
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So it's some sort of stage outfit, then?  Well, that explains one mystery at least.  Lucas isn't really familiar with any thespian traditions, especially not foreign ones, so he doesn't really question that particular part of Calen's explanation.  Still, there's a few holes in his story that could lead to potentially interesting implications if followed.  For instance, even though he just finished his last performance, why aren't other cast members with him?  Even if they couldn't party as hard, one would think they'd want to celebrate their final performance together, right?  Not to mention...

"Isn't the final performance a big deal, though?  What's going on that you have to miss it?" Lucas asks casually as Calen sits down between him and Gram.  Now that he was up close, Lucas took a moment to examine the newcomer's appearance with greater scrutiny.  From afar, even despite his flashy outfit, Calen looked thin, but calling him that would be an understatement:  the guy was down right skeletal!  Did he have some sort of eating disorder?  Did he need to lose weight for his role?  Whatever the reason, his emaciated appearance only served to give Calen a creepy vibe that was hard to shake.  That being said, Lucas has a very good poker face and doesn't let any of his thoughts show through his expression.

In the meantime, Lucas inwardly smirks at Gram's response.  As a fellow "sit at home" kind of guy, the Hermit can definitely relate to Gram's predicament.  If Lucas wasn't currently busying himself with being a nosy older brother, he might've been able to commiserate.  As it is, though, Lucas makes a mental note that Gram was indeed trying to meet someone, then continues his current act and comments, "So your date did cancel on you.  Tough luck."

"Anyways," he continues, shifting his position to better address both of them, "Like I was telling Gram here, I'm from Mistral and I'm here in Vale for a bit of business.  An acquaintance of mine told me this place was good for a quiet drink, so I figured I'd come down and check it out."  Lucas stops for minute and looks out to the rest of the bar.  "Though, if you ask me, it's a bit too crowded for my taste.
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'The final performance is a big deal financially because it has had all the buildup around it sure but luckily there are no superstitions around it. There is enough to juggle around avoiding peacock feathers,  the colour blue, only accepting gifts after the performance and sleeping with the script under your pillow that changing long-established plans would drive me nuts. So my fellow performers don't care and by this stage, the suits have gotten all the money they would get out of the performance so although they don't like it but they also don't really care that much. My understudy is also pretty good as much as it hurts me to admit.' Calen responded not answering the second part of Lucas's the question. The reality is that Calen and his team had a mission they had been assigned and try as he might Calen couldn't weasel his way out of the assignment. Revealing that would obviously out him as being a Huntsman-in-training which he was initially planning on hiding but it also didn't seem like he was getting much benefit out of doing so. This didn't look like a bandit bar, although Calen conceded that could make it a very good bandit bar, it wouldn't make much sense for Calen for a bandit to recommend a non-bandit bar which significantly lessened the chances that Lucas was a bandit much to Calen's disappointment. Also because Gram seemed considerably off balance already the extra hidden punch would be pretty wasted, if anything sharing a place at Beacon might help Gram open up so Calen could stab him in the back later.

'Oh and like Master Gram, I'm a Beacon student, team ASTC, and we have a mission somewhere between Vale and Vacuo. Some company feels like their might still be important information left behind which is worth salvaging. We have a little bit of experience with the company and it's not expected to be that dangerous but we will be gone for a while.' Calen explained deciding to be a little upfront might help him sneak other things by unnoticed. 'Although I must say Master Lantern I don't think I have a monopoly on strange accessories, what's with your namesake? That large lantern on your belt, I prefer a flashlight but it does make you stand out, not that I obviously have anything against that obviously.' Calen asked continuing to play along with the moniker that Lucas has chosen.

'I'm sure they had a good reason and we don't have to be strangers for long.' Calen began feigning benevolence. 'Although you might not believe it I used to have difficulty interacting in social situations as well, I always find it easiest to talk about something you are comfortable with. So how about you try that, what is something you like talking about, something you could talk about for hours. Please don't of course but I couldn't exactly criticise you for being verbose. Calen finished giving as sympathetic a smile as his gaunt face was capable of.
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Gram looked at Calen, not exactly suspiciously but wary. "I uh... I don't think I ever talked for hours about anything but I enjoy sciences, biology and a bit of arts, I guess?" He shrugged and looked around. He really didn't have many hobbies anyone would find interesting, he assumed, and it wasn't like they were actually in any form relevant. To be perfectly honest, he didn't trust Calen and wasn't keen on building up a friendship with him from what he had learned so far. There just was something about him that was absolutely offputting.
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Lucas swirls the ice in his otherwise empty glass as Calen expounds upon the superstitions of theater life.  He does note that, although Calen seems perfectly content to explain why missing his show's final performance won't be much trouble, the young man seems initially reluctant to expound on why he's missing it in the first place.  He does reveal his status as a Beacon student eventually, even naming his team, but Lucas is left wondering why he didn't lead with that?  Maybe Calen's struggling in school?  That's not actually too hard to imagine if he makes a habit of parading about town in flashy outfits and hitting up bars.

That being said, a huntsman mission is a valid reason to miss a show, and its very unlikely Calen's lying about attending Beacon.  It's hard to fake the skills and abilities of huntsmen-in-training.  That being said, Lucas decides against letting Calen know about Clara.  The guy's a bit too shady.  Gram's shady, too, but he seems to be the type to want to keep people out of his business while Calen seems to want to drag everyone in

And the Hermit is no exception, as Calen brings the conversation to the multi-colored contraption attached to Lucas's hip.  Glancing at Sophist's Lantern, he detaches it form his waist and gently sets it on the counter, though its weight is evident by the deep thud it makes when it makes contact.  "This thing?" Lucas asks casually before continuing, "It only just looks like a lantern.  Each of those 'windows' is actually a container for a different kind of dust, see?"  He points to one of the lantern's windows, and if the two look closely they'll see the particles of dust stored within.  And there's a lot of dust.  There are eight windows in total, and each of them save for one is packed full with a different color.  The last window seems to be blacked out, hiding whatever is stored within. 

Lucas continues his explanation, pointing to one window in particular, "This part here opens up, and when it does I can activate the dust inside and use it like a 'flamethrower', but, like, with dust.  I don't really know how to explain it better than that.  I can choose which compartment is front-facing by using the buttons underneath the handle."  He glances back at the two Beacon students and chuckles a bit.  "Bet you can't guess what my job is," he jokes.

He then looks at Gram as he mentions his interests and his apparent lack of conversation skills.  "I've met people who can talk for hours, and believe me, you don't want to be like them.  Hours of babble and nothing actually said," he says, trying to be encouraging.
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Having been curious about her teammates sudden disappearance, Aoife had been quite the stalker when she saw him head into 'The Dish' and sit by himself. Fangs showing as she cracked a smile, she would skulk away back to their dorm and get changed. What's life without a little fun? Putting on her best set of nightclub attire and wearing makeup despite the fact it had recently rained and was still rather humid. Not too long later, she would return to the bar and spot him with two others. Once again beaming at the situation in front of her, she'd enter the place. While not wearing anything too revealing, it was very far from any form having any form of ability to keep the heat in, or to protect against the rain. Keeping herself warm and dry with periodic uses of her semblance, Aoife would enter the bar and try to keep a low profile until she was behind Gram. Or at least, as low a profile as one can keep while wearing what she was wearing in a busy pub.

""I uh... I don't think I ever talked for hours about anything but I enjoy sciences, biology and a bit of arts, I guess?""

That was her cue. Bouncing forwards while Lucas talks, once he finished she'd go to try and wrap her arms around his neck from behind and steal a pink lipstick'd kiss on his right temple, afterwards moving her mouth to next to his ear to say loud enough for them all to hear, "You can study my biology all night if you want, Gram."
Positively beaming as she pulls away to laugh, she'd wait to see if she got the reaction she wanted. That being for him to squirm and panic at the sudden flush of embarrassment from receiving a public display of affection. Though, torment would be more of an apt description than affection since she knew he was already a massive introvert from their time together as teammates.
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Well that was unexpected Calen thought to himself as Aoife made her way towards them. The gaunt boy quickly recognised the mischievous glint in her eyes, having seen the same expression in his own eyes often enough, and therefore assumed she was the teammate that Gram was initially waiting for. This was proven right quickly given that the newcomer knew Gram's name, considering Gram wasn't a regular in the bar it would make the most sense. Now she was closer Calen was easier able to get a good look at Aoife, taking note of her blond hair and more noticeably the tail and sharp teeth. 'Come on dear don't be too mean, you could give the boy a heart attack.' Calen laughed, it was a harsh and cruel sound, but he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Gram before gesturing on his own face where Aoife had left her mark. 'Well today is as good a day to start as ever, what kind of art are you interested in?' Calen continued in characteristic patience, delayed gratification is the sign of a mature mind.

Turning back to Lucas Calen slowly looked up and down the older student before coming to a conclusion. Honestly, there was little information that the gaunt boy could get out of Lucas's appearance but still given how he didn't seem that worried about explaining his weapon to two, now three, hunters-in-training which unfortunately for Calen removed bandit from the running. So having an advanced weapon and not being significantly older than Calen and Gram meant that the former was rather confident in saying Lucas was related to the academies. But which one and how? The lantern was very Mistrali but so was Calen's sword and he went to Beacon but that and any detectable accent was all Calen had to go on and he was willing to take a risk here. 'You are from Haven, a recent graduate. How close am I?' Calen guessed hoping that overestimating Lucas's age would win him some good faith in the possible inaccuracy of his answer.
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Gram had been looking at Lucas, nodding slightly with a faint smile at his view on the matter as he had first smelled the scent of Aoife's perfume creeping up behind him. Not to say that he saw her as a threat but, to a degree, his aura's danger sense did resonate with his teammate's approach. Obviously, she was planning on ambushing him, having neither sent a message telling him she'd come here nor being a regular patron here, it was one of the reasons why Gram had chosen this bar as the place for his rendezvous.
He wasn't exactly sure how to react, of course he was a bit startled, but not enough to let out a noxious cloud that'd result in the establishment having to be evacuated. Probably triggered by the alcohol in his system, he decided to take a gamble and turn the situation around, make it his. He twitched, of course, but that was his natural reaction to any sort of physical contact. With a sly grin, however, he turned his head towards his teammate swiftly, pulled her in, almost close enough for it to be considered very intimate and half-whispered, just as she did, a reply. "Oh Aoife, thank you so much for this offer but I find female biology rather boring..." His grin remained for a little bit, persisting through him wiping away the lipstick smear with the back of his hand. Of course he had heard Calen's input but he decided to pretend he hadn't, for whatever reason, he was feeling a bit petty today.
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Lucas had not seen Aoife enter the establishment, the conversation forced him to look in the opposite direction.  However, populous as the bar may have been, it wasn't so overcrowded that Lucas needed a great deal of effort to spot a newcomer.  He didn't really pay much mind at first, he just thought she was another bar bimbo looking for a night on the town.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

That being said, Aoife was more than she first appeared, as evidenced by her sudden entrance to the conversation and the quick bit of banter between her and Gram.  It seemed the two knew each other, well enough for Gram to shake off his usual aura of awkwardness that he'd been displaying previously.  If he had to guess just based off of this first impression, Lucas would wager that this "Aoife" was either a childhood friend or a classmate of Gram's, perhaps even a teammate.  Was she the person Gram was waiting for...?

"Huh, and here I was thinking you called in your backup-date, Gram.  I was about to be impressed," he teases, keeping most of his thoughts to himself.  At the very least, if his friend is around, he may get more comfortable and open up more.  On top of that, if Aoife turned out to be another Beacon student, she could potentially be another useful contact in the future.

Lucas moved to take his weapon off of the bar counter when Calen caught him off-guard.  Lucas wasn't actually expecting anyone to make a guess at his business, the question was rhetorical.  That being said, he really doesn't want to give away too many details, regardless of how harmless those details might actually be, so he shakes it off with a small laugh and gives a pseudo-confirmation, "I wasn't exactly making it a challenge, you know?"

All things considered, it may be a bit weird for Lucas to conceal his identity this much.  He's not exactly an important person, nor is he in deep cover or anything like that.  He's really just some guy in a bar who likes to keep his affairs to himself.  The problem is that people are inherently curious and like to dig up secrets.  And while people showing interest can be flattering, Lucas is the type of person to clamp down harder the more people try to get him to open up, which ultimately leads to a cavalcade of disappointment as acquaintances find out the not-so-big secrets and Lucas is forced to divulge more and more uninteresting details. 
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As Calen speaks after her attempt to undermine Gram, she'd glance up at him, twitching at the name as she moved behind Gram to wrap her arms around his neck, the arms being warm to the touch as she uses a bit more of her semblance, flickers of orange criss-crossing the upper arms like twinkling lights or fireflies on speed. While she didn't get the response from Gram that she wanted, the night was still early and making him uncomfortable wasn't too hard. Looking at the group, while she didn't know anything about this lantern or had ever seen the other two. But she knew about Gram's' glove, and while she lacked Love's Bite, she felt comfortable enough with what she could do until she could summon it with the fancy lockers Beacon had.

"Back up date? Smokey would be lucky to get a pet, never mind anything bipedal. Besides, I assumed one of you was his date." Eyebrow slowly arching as she eyed the pair, she'd finally add on a quick, "Or is this something off an app? Local Singles in your area meetup or something?"
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Gram leaned back into the embrace, having grown to somewhat enjoy the natural heating pillow that his teammate occasionally seemed to function as. "Smokey? Have you ever called me that before? Also... What makes you think I'm single... Apart from, you know, me being me, I guess...", he chuckled awkwardly and sighed. He shrugged and glanced at Lucas. "I'm not exactly popular, I think... it's because of uh... You know, the occasional whaft of... semblance."
It wasn't exactly a comfortable topic for him but there was enough alcohol in his system to be able to relax and let go of a bit of his social anxiety, hence his rather casual reaction to Aoife's sudden entrance. He leaned further back, letting out a comfortable sigh while secretly dwelling on the thought of how good it would feel to feel actually close to someone who actually meant something to him in a way that was more than the friendship and trust between teammates. A strange and somewhat distant thought.
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Watching the interaction between Gram and Aoife, Lucas sipped whatever remnants of his drink remained and said, "Huh, could've fooled me.  Where I'm from, friends don't greet friends so, uh, boldly, not that I'm judging or anything.  That being said," he gestures to Gram's reclining form in between Aoife's arms, "You two seem like more than just friends, if you don't mind me sayin'.  Who are you, exactly?"  Lucas heard Gram mention Aoife's name, but that doesn't explain how he knows her or why their so chummy with each other.  He has a few guesses, but it's definitely better to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.  ...Or would a more appropriate analogy be to let Aoife let the cat out of the bag...?

When Gram comments on his "occasional whafts", as he put it, Lucas responds with a curious question, "By the way, what is your semblance, if you don't mind me asking?  If it's something I need to be worried about, I'd like to know what I'm dealing with."  It seems that Gram has a problem keeping it under control, which could be dangerous in a situation like this, where there are people everywhere that could be affected.  However, from the looks of it, Gram's semblance seems to be some sort of gas, which could probably be dispersed with the use of Lucas's own semblance and a bit of wind dust.  Or it could help facilitate the damage, if I'm not careful the more cautious side of his mind warned. 
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"His jailer, or teammate. Whichever one works on the day really." Being kind enough to her teammate to actually refrain from bringing her elbows up and having Gram learn how to defend himself from suicide, Aoife would just focus on Lucas, not seeing Gram as some kind of threat or anything to be on edge by. "His semblance is he farts really badly. Like. Clears a room grade bad. Pretty sure the bunk next to him has to wear a gas mask to sleep in case he lets one rip in the night and straight up kills them." Shrugging gently, she'd then look down at Gram for half a second to go "The fact that you are never seen around with other people is why I know you're single. That, and you just admitting it."
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Gram gave Aoife a small annoyed glance before looking back at Lucas. "It's not that simple... I do produce an aura-infused kind of gas with my semblance that has the same scent as indole... Which is one of the substances that make uh... feces smell the way they do... but also flowers! It's a thing of concentrations... Anyway... This gas is highly aggresive against any organic matter that's not protected by aura. It's not actually dangerous to any person unless their aura breaks, so, uh, don't worry about it!" He let out an awkward chuckle, activating his semblance very briefly in a manner where he knew it would be just a tiny cloud of gas that was weak enough to actually smell of jasmine, just to demonstrate it when it was under control.
" And yes, Aoife is my teammate, tormentor, friend or, according to my mother, the one who should bear my future children..." He twitched as he realized that the last bit was probably not exactly something he should have mentioned here and now, the alcohol had sadly not only helped him with his anxiety but also loosened his tongue to the point of working faster than his brain, it seemed. Quickly, he pulled his head away from Aoife's arms and leaned foreward on his chair, bracing himself for either a burst of heat or a jab at him from behind.
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"Oh, good thing there's a seat between us, then," Lucas jokes at Aoife's colorful description, "Though, if that's the case, perhaps I should scoot down a little more."  The actual explanation, however, was much more interesting in Lucas's opinion.  While he could do without the fact about feces, he made a mental note in his head about the machinations of Gram's semblance.  It's a little disconcerting to see Gram openly use it in a crowded bar with Aura-less people, now knowing how it works, but it seems that it's only dangerous if Gram wants it to be.  Lucas's inner tactician was already thinking of potential counter-measures, though his inner critic chided him for it; this was a bar, not a battlefield.

Observing the playful banter of the two teammates, Lucas wasn't really sure what to say next.  While the two definitely seemed friendly with each other, he still couldn't quite be sure if it that's as far as it went, and making a joke without proper context could go over poorly.  And with that thought, Lucas found himself asking the question every introvert dreads:  "where does the conversation go from here?"  In an attempt to inspire someone else to pick up the workload, he says, "Well, can't say I've ever heard of a semblance that assaults the nostrils like that.  Still, though, that sounds like it could get out of hand really quickly.  Can you move it after you, uh, puff it out?  Or can you disperse it when you don't need it anymore, or does it just hang around?"  Lucas isn't really trying to pry, but all these questions might be a bit suspicious, especially considering neither of the two actually know his name.