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Title: DASE-d and Confused [CLOSED]
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It was hot out.  It's summer, so that's to be expected, and Smokey was prepared.  He was travelling light for once, not wearing his usual attire or even his weapons.  Instead, he sported a pair of cargo shorts, a pair of flip flops, and a blue, worn-out tank top with a faded image of two revolvers facing out to the sides along with the words "SUN'S OUT GUNS OUT" written across the top.  Honestly, he kind of looks like a thug, especially since he still didn't really bother to shave or comb his mop.  Though, his outfit does have one saving grace, and that's the fact it showcases his muscles.

Spying his reflection in the glass window, Smokey can't resist the temptation to flex his chest muscles, causing his pecs to bounce.  Oh yeah, look at that stud.  Unfortunately, a car goes by him, causing the hot air to move around him and remind him of the sweltering heat he's in.  Yes, Smokey was prepared for the heat, but he didn't think it would be this kind of heat.  And this is coming from a guy who charged through a flamethrower!

With a sigh, Smokey briefly wonders if he should head back, but ultimately decides against it.  He had left Beacon to come to Vale in order to get some space for a little bit.  Ever since Billy left the team, the dorm room had felt simultaneously empty and suffocating.  On the one hand, it felt empty without a fourth person, and yet, no matter where he looked in the room, he was reminded of the person who left.  So Smokey decided to come out for a bit of fresh air and to take a bit to not think about things.

And that's exactly what he plans on doing, and there ain't nobody that can stop him.  Nope, nobody at all.
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Mikado poured down several gulps of his water before he closed the bottle and held it loosely in his hand. He hated the heat. It was almost as bad as the cold, and there never seemed to be a perfect mediocrity between the two temperatures. One was always over the other. He had left beacon with nothing more than a pair of shorts and his white shirt. His jacket, which was more of a burden in this weather and had no reason to be taken along, was tightly secured around his waist. His white streak fell in his face as the gray-black figure of Kiro moved on his head to adjust to the new position. If it were not for the two outstretched wings that served as a protection from the sun, Mikado would have shaken off the dragon or at least moved him to his shoulder. From a distance, it must look like he was just wearing a weird kind of baseball cap.

Mikado groaned annoyed as he brought the bottle to his lips again. He passed this stupid grocery store for the third time now. He left Beacon early in the morning, half of the Academy was still asleep at the time, and since then he has wandered around haphazardly. Maybe Vale wasn't the best decision to distract herself.
As with any of the other team members, Mikado hadn't built up a close relationship with Billy, but she had always annoyed him the least, and knowing that someone else, who will god knows how much piss him off, is about to come and replace her, just gave his mood the last kick. It was either the sun that brushed past Kiro's wings or the fact that he was lost in thought, but he was thrown back into reality as someone suddenly bumped into him.

"Hey, can't you look where you're going?" came the grunt of a man. He looked like he was at his mid to late forties. He was balding, his scalp already shriveled. Mikado ignored him and wanted to move along, but the man didn't give up and grabbed his shoulder, "Hey, asshole, can you not ta-Gahh!" The man quickly withdrew his hand and shook it vigorously to shake off the figure of the little dragon. Kiro eventually let go and glide down beside him. "Y-Your squirrel just bit me!"

By now, a good portion of the street was aware of the commotion and split into one of two categories. Either they left the scene to avoid being involved, or they just stood there, watching. All those eyes on him pushed his already bad mood closer to his limit as he turned around once again to leave. "Hey, I'm not finished yet!"
God, can't the guy just let up?
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Wiping some sweat from his brow, Smokey continued meandering through the streets of Vale.  If there was at least one thing he regretted, it was not bringing any water to help combat the sun's relentless rampage.  He thought about hitting up one of the convenience stores along the way, but he didn't really want to pay for an overpriced water bottle.  Plus, he had drinks back at the dorm.  The only reason he didn't bring any of those with him was because he didn't want to have to carry around an empty bottle once he was finished with it.  Who knows when the next trash can would appear?

...Okay, maybe he was being a bit too stubborn about this whole thing.  Sure, the water bottles are always overpriced, but if he doesn't drink anything, Smokey will melt into a puddle before the day is done.  With a sigh, Smokey reluctantly acquiesces to his body's basic needs and turns a corner towards a local grocery store.  He only plans to pop in just inside to grab a couple of bottles of water, and maybe take advantage of the air conditioning for a bit.  However, as the store comes into view, Smokey stops and his face contorts into a grimace as he spies a familiar figure.

Mikado, the one person Smokey really didn't want to deal with, was casually out and about.  On sight, Smokey's body almost immediately did a 180 and started heading in the opposite direction.  However, before he could take the first step, he heard a commotion.  His curiosity gets the best of him, and Smokey turns around to see what's going on.  The scene only causes his grimace to sour further.  Some asshole looked like he was trying to pick a fight with ol' Mik, despite the latter's attempts to just ignore him and move on.

And the guy was the type of person Smokey hated the most.  While Mikado was definitely a prick in the gunslinger's eyes, he normally kept to himself and didn't really try to cause problems for anyone else, and Smokey couldn't deny the bastard came through when it counted.  But the old man was little more than a self-entitled bully who seemed like he thought he deserved the world on a platter.  The only way people like him learn is if an even bigger asshole comes along and teaches him a lesson.  And while Mikado is almost certainly capable of taking care of this himself, judging from the look on his face, his teammate's on his last nerve.  ...This might get ugly.

So, instead of doing what he was originally intending, Smokey instead steps out of the crowd towards the commotion and calls out.  "Oi, Gecko-Breath!  I wanna talk to you!" he shouted, so that both Mikado and the guy harassing him could hear.  So much for spending time away from his team...
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Mikado's Mood could, in summary, be a vase on the edge of the table or cabinet, barely in balance, not much more than a small wind could quickly bring it down. This guy had the potential to be this wind. Mikado eventually turned around to the man again. He had hoped that Kiros bit was enough of a message that he had not the nerves to discuss with the man. No, discuss is the wrong word, he didn't look like such a person. He wanted Mikado to apologize and look at him like he was a king or something. He can wait a long time for that. Mikado would give him one last warning, the man should better take the warning to heart.

And then it happened. A cat with ash-gray fur jumped on the furniture and pushed down the vase with his paw. The sound as the vase clashed echoed in Mikado's head as he watched Smokey emerge from the small crowd. Of all the persons he had to meet here, it had to be him.
It was a lose-lose situation, either he stayed with the man who obviously will not let up until Mikado beats his face, or he leaves the scene with Smokey, the person he wanted to see the least.
The latter seemed to be the better option. He doubted that they would spend more than 10 minutes with each other out if they have the opportunity to turn a corner and leave at any time.

"Whatever," Mikado replied to his teammate and gave the man one final glance, not to fuck him off any further.
The warning fell on deaf ears as the man took a step forward, "That's right, just run away! Run away and cry in some corner with your dwarf Boyfriend!"
Either the fact that he was still going on about it, or that he had just called Smokey his boyfriend led Mikado to place his fist in the right cheek of the man at full force, who then stumbled to the next best wall and slipped down there as all he could see was stars. MIkado looked down at the man one last time and then turned his back on him. "Let's go already"
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As soon as Smokey called out, part of him already regretted it.  Mikado, as much as Smokey doesn't like him, is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, and he didn't need anyone coming to his rescue.  The problem was that Mikado's way of dealing with problem people wasn't exactly the politest.  A trait the two apparently shared, as when the man accused Smokey of being his boyfriend (his dwarf boyfriend at that), the gunslinger instinctively reached for his revolver, scowling when his hands closed on empty air.  And then Mikado did the exact thing that Smokey was trying to prevent and punched the guy senseless.  Sure, it served him right, but that definitely wasn't the best way to handle the situation...not that Smokey would have fared much better on his own.

With a sigh, Smokey addressed his teammate, "Ya know, if you were going to do that anyway, why didn't you just lead with that?  Would've saved you a lot of trouble."  He scratches his head as he turns around to start walking away from the scene, assuming Mikado will follow him.  He did call Mikado out, but he doesn't really know what to say to the guy.  I mean, he doesn't talk at all, and the only thing Smokey knows about him is that he has a glorified gecko for a semblance.  That's not even a joke!

So, instead of having a conversation like normal people would, Smokey instead stays quiet for a bit, mulling over why he got involved in the first place.  Was it because they were teammates?  That's what they were on paper, but the reality was they both just tried to stay out of the other's way.  Even when the two first met, they didn't get along.  A fight nearly broke out inside of fifteen minutes.  And Smokey thought he'd use the opportunity of a new school to turn over a new leaf, what a joke that was!

Now that he thinks about it, is that why Mikado avoids him so much?  Smokey couldn't exactly blame him after that altercation; Mikado's decision to stay on the team at all after that is frankly a mystery.  Still, though, maybe he should...

"So, uh..." Smokey starts awkwardly, "You remember that time when we first met and I pointed my gun at you and threatened to blow you and your scaly hat to the moon?  Yeah, sorry 'bout that.  It was kind of a dick move."
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"He asked for it," Mikado answered curtly. The man had his chance to just turn around and forget the whole matter, and he threw away that chance carelessly. Even without his bad mood, Mikado doubts that it would have ended without violence. Then there followed silence. Mikado hadn't expected that Smokey had anything to say, but it still walked silently beside the team's gunslinger, waiting for some kind of conversation. Smokey must have had some reason to get him out of the situation. Mikado knew him long enough to know that he doesn't do this for every person. Especially not him.

Mikado started to consider the idea to just turn into the next side road or alley and leave. It ended up being the better choice to stay, as Smokey finally raised his voice. It honestly surprised him that he chose to recall that event. Their first meeting. Serin had to go between the two or otherwise the situation would have completely escalated. God knows what would have happened then.

"Forget about it," Mikado replied, still avoiding eye contact. "Situations like these need more than one culprit." He, himself, hadn't acted much better that day. Without even decently introducing himself, he began to talk down on his team. It was also him who dared Smokey to shoot. So, it was partly his fault, if not most of it, though his pride would never allow him to admit it directly.

"'You know who this man reminded me of?" Mikado started and tilted his head a bit, so he saw the gunslinger a little better, "When we flew to Atlas, there was this one guy that started talking to you. That's who. You never actually told us what it was about that guy and you back then. I suppose an old 'acquaintance'?"

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To be honest, Smokey was expecting Mikado to completely brush off or even refuse his apology.  So when his teammate actually accepts it (albeit in his own roundabout way), Smokey's eyebrow rises in surprise.  He doesn't say anything in response, though, mostly because he doesn't really know what to say.  He wasn't expecting to get this far!

Unfortunately, not saying anything gives Mikado the opportunity to drudge up another bad memory.  Smokey's brow furrows and his face contorts into a scowl as he recalls the event in question; they had literally just landed and one of the first people the group met was a person from his past.  And in only a matter of seconds, Smokey regressed back to the child he was before he'd left for beacon, barely able to restrain himself from violence.

It's a long silence before Smokey actually responds to Mikado, "That's, uh, that's a long story." Another awkward silence follows as the two continue walking in the summer heat.  Eventually, though, Smokey breaks the silence with a sigh. "You're not far off, though.  That guy and I go pretty far back, but it's not really a fun story," he says, staring at the sidewalk as he speaks.

"Believe it or not, I didn't really have a lot of friends growing up.  I used to get real mad real easy-- hell, I'd deck ya' if you so much as looked at me the wrong way at one point," he continues, staring off into the distance as he recounts his past, his fists clenched in his pockets.  "Problem was, I was also real scrawny at the time, and all the other kids were bigger than me, so it wasn't a problem for them to kick my ass.  Once they figured that out, it just kinda became a game:  see how fast 'Mt. Shortstack' could blow his top, then make him eat dirt."  He pauses for a moment to give a bitter laugh and then adds, "They got away with it, too, 'cuz I was always the one that threw the first punch."

"Verde, that guy in Atlas?  He was one of the worst.  Growin' up he was one of the biggest kids around 'cuz he started school late or something.  On top of that, he always knew exactly what to say to get my goat.  Hell, guy wouldn't even let ya' walk away, either, 'cuz he'd always have his posse backing him up and surrounding you.  So, I ended up doing exactly what he was trying to get me to do:  I threw a punch.  And then he'd lay me out on the ground, his buddies would kick me a couple times, and we'd all go home for the day.  I'd just have a few extra 'souvenirs'."

He continues walking in silence for a bit after that, before shaking his head and stating with a sarcastic chuckle, "Three guesses why I chose Beacon over Atlas."
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Mikado listened to Smokey more or less interested. He had expected Smokey to either brushed off the question or to give him a vague answer, but instead, he gave him an insight into his past. Now that Mikado was thinking about it, Smokey hadn't told them much about his life before beacon. Although the gunslinger wasn't quite as reserved as Mikado, he nevertheless retained most of the information for himself. What exactly did Mikado know about him anyway?

"You could have just ignored them." Replied Mikado towards the end. He could see his short temper being a problem, but the bullying would stop, he just had to wait long enough. Or at least that was Mikado's idea for solving the problem. He never went to an official school. The basics like reading and writing were taught to him by his father and a woman of his former village, who took the time to teach the children occasionally. Later, the important things were either taught to him by Jack or he would learn it himself. He never had this kind of interaction with a bully. The quarrels he had experienced as a child only included someone throwing someone else a little sand in the eye or breaking a toy, nothing dramatic.

"What made you think it gets better here?" Of course there were not only assholes in Atla. Smokey probably just had known the wrong people or stopped in the wrong places and got the brunt of it. But not everyone in Vale is the purest angel. They were everywhere. If not necessarily at Beacon itself, there were enough teenagers and adults on the street looking for trouble. Heck, they ran into one less than 10 minutes ago! The other kingdoms aren't great either. Not that he ever was there to find out, but there's just no such place where everyone is kind or at least neutral with another. There is always al least one who just has to cut in.

Mikado's gaze has wandered to the side, where he was looking at the shops and the display window. Nothing that interested him, but he just needed something to keep his mind on while walking. He didn't want to dig deeper on it at the moment, but when Kiro leaned over his head and now hung in front of his face, he got an idea. Well, idea may be the wrong word, but Mikado had to think back to her first meeting again. "Looks like your plan failed when we're ended up on the same team."
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"Heh," Smokey laughs bitterly at Mikado's "solution", "Tried that.  Kinda hard when they surround ya'.  They were persistent assholes, too.  Most o' the time, I'd just try and head out the door as soon as class ended and take the, uh, scenic way home.  That'd work about half the time, by the way."  There were other things he tried, too, like running away, hiding, sneak attacking.  All of them failed in one way or another, and the only thing the poor boy really felt he could rely on were his own fists.

Smokey thinks for a minute before answer Mikado's question, but eventually responds, "Couldn't have been worse than back home.  Back in Mantle, all the assholes knew my name and where I lived.  I just didn't want more of the same."  Plus, he had a semblance and two kick-ass guns, so he figured he could kick the ass of anyone who tried to mess with him, but he doesn't mention that part.  Besides which, that plan clearly failed within the first 10 minutes of meeting his team, as he still had trouble interacting with a certain member of his team.  A sentiment said member seemed to pick up for himself as he makes a snide remark, causing Smokey to click his tongue in annoyance.

"Hell, why am I the only one talkin', what about your deal?  I've known you for, what, 6 months?  7?  And in all that time, I think I've heard you say a grand total of 30 fuckin' words," he says, somewhat perturbed, "So I wanna know.  Why Beacon?  Hell, why'd you stay on the team for so long, for that matter?  I'd've thought you'd find some other team by now, or at least went lookin' for one."  It came out more hostile than Smokey had intended, but it's no falsehood to say the two students had never really gotten along.  While the two were capable of some rudimentary teamwork, at the best of times the most anyone could expect was for them to keep out of each other's way.  So, if Mikado didn't like Smokey, why does he continue to remain on the same team?
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"And how long do you think it would have worked until I wanted to change again?" Mikado replied plainly. There would most likely always be someone in the team he would not get along with. Besides Smokey, there wasn't anyone on the team he was on bad terms with. Serin and Billy left him alone most of the time, and in the moments when they did something together, which only consisted of group activities with the entire team, they were on neutral terms. It was also wrong to say that he loathes Smokey, they simply don't stand the other person's personality. There wasn't an overly hostile antipathy. Besides, a team change was too much work just to get away from one person. Well, currently one person. They were still one member short and he had no info about Billy's replacement.

"And I chose Beacon because a- acquaintance- trained here." Jack was more of a mentor who took him in after his life went south than an acquaintance. He even was something like his second father. "And it was the closest," Mikado added, before remembering that he had never told Smokey where he'd come from or the rest of his team at that. Smokey also told him something from his past, guess he can return the favor, "I'm from the southern part of Sanus, Southeast to be exact. My options were pretty much Beacon and Shade." No need to drop names of already destroyed or abandoned settlements.

"And why do you want to become a Huntsman? People don't do this training and risk their lives on the field for nothing."
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"Oh, so you're like this with everyone, then?" Smokey reflexively quipped at Mikado's opening comment, internally cursing himself almost as soon as the words left his mouth.  He wasn't actually trying to pick a fight with Mikado, and, from a certain perspective, Smokey could relate:  he wasn't exactly one to quickly forge lasting relationships, either.  Sure, if Smokey decided to skip out on BSSM, he could get away from one nuisance, but who's to say that the next team wouldn't have a different asshole to plague him?  With all the "strong" personalities that a school for huntsmen attracts, that seems like a fairly likely outcome.

That being said, Mikado had a way with words that left Smokey feeling unsatisfied at his answers.  And when Mikado mentions his "acquaintance", Smokey gives his counterpart a side eye and says, "An 'acquaintance'?  Really?"  Smokey may be dense--hell, he might be one of the most oblivious people in Vale--but even he can tell that's not the full story.  But, again, Smokey's not trying to pick a fight here, and while he'd like to brute force the answers out of him, Mikado would probably just go somewhere else.  And while the whole "team-bonding" thing isn't really his style, the current status quo of passive-aggressive avoidance is getting pretty damn old.

So, instead, he just sighs and let's it go, at least for the time being, and answers Mikado's question.  "Money.  Lot's of hazard pay in this line o' work.  If ya' live long enough doin' this gig, you could retire early and be set for life.  Even better if you take down a few big ones, say a Goliath or three," he says, turning his gaze down the sidewalk.  Technically the truth, but it's definitely not the whole story. 

"...So what was your 'acquaintance' like?  Must'a been a helluva guy if he got you to train here."
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Mikado shot a glance at Smokey at his remark. It had been him who was asking Mikado to come with him and meant that he 'wanted to talk'. There was nothing to get worked up about though, he was not in the mood for it and on the other hand, there was one thing that bothered him even more right now and this was the sun and heat that, especially after Kiro shifted from his head to his shoulder and no longer served as a sun visor, beamed right in the face. He recalled some people talking about a café nearby. Mainly, they raved about the high-tech air conditioner there. So without saying anything, Mikado began to turn at the corners and streets to where he believed he had heard the café was. At least his orientation was as reliable as it could be.

"So, money huh. Don't hear that often," Replied Mikado. He had by no means asked enough people to know what one can call often. Heck, Smokey was the first person he's been asking since he had arrived in Beacon. One could overhear one or another conversation in the hallways or the classroom, 'Glory and honor,' 'Continue family traditions,' 'The thrill of killing Grimm' and more. Not that his motivation was much more creative or special.

"His name is Jack. Waning to becoming Huntsmen was my idea, but he helped me a lot with training and everything. Might not have made it here without him," Mikado said monotonously, looking up slightly as he spotted a rather large crowd in the distant. Most sat outside, but you could see the tables inside filled as well. The crowd was large, but the building was larger, and they would certainly still have a table in the cool interior. It wouldn't hurt to try it. He looked from the café to Smokey and without needing an answered asked, "We going in?"
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As the two walked down the street, Smokey was once again reminded of the sweltering heat bearing down on the city.  Wiping his brow with his bear arm did little to help, as beads of sweat continued to slide down his face, coating it with a thin shine as the light reflected off of his skin.  This was one of the few times he missed Atlas.  It's also probably part of the reason he follows Mikado as the latter turns down different streets winding his way through the city; Smokey's just too busy trying to think of a way to blow up the sun to think of an alternative.

Returning back to the topic of motivation, Smokey responded to Mikado's comment, "Yeah, well, it's more common than you might think."  He's projecting, actually.  He's never actually asked other people why they became huntsmen or huntresses, and in the few conversations he's overheard or been a part of he's never heard someone that had the same goal as him.  It didn't really matter to him, though.  He figures as long as they aren't dead weight and stay out of his firing line, other people's reasons for risking their lives were irrelevant.  Well, at least as far as the general populous of huntsmen go.  Smokey can't help but wonder about his teammates, though.

Speaking of, Mikado starts opening up about "Jack", explaining a bit of the role he had in the student's life.  "Wait, he trained you?  So, you didn't study at one of the local academies, like, uh, Signal?" Smokey asked, a little surprised.  He's seen Mikado fight, and Smokey would have sworn up and down his teammate was classically trained in a formal environment like an academy.  It just seemed too refined, for lack of a better term, to be something that was taught unofficially. 

Smokey's brought out of his thoughts by the sound of a crowd getting closer as the two walked down the sidewalk.  Looking up, he saw Mikado's destination, though at first he the two were going to pass by and continue on.  When Mikado suddenly asked if he wanted to go in, Smokey couldn't help but give a funny look.  Yet, after a moment of consideration, Smokey remembered that cursed existence known commonly as the sun, and after taking that into account, he responded, "Ya know what?  Fuck it, anything to beat this heat!" and walked inside.
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"You mean one of those combat schools?" Mikado asked as he follows Smokey inside the way too overcrowded café, "Even the close ones were too far away and not worth the trip. Jack had everything he needed to train me and the forest was good to practice fighting against Grimm. So I take it you went to one?"
It's true that Jack didn't have had any experience with teaching someone the ways to handle a weapon or fighting the beats of darkness, but he damn sure tried. His dexterity came most likely from the amount of time they had. Sparring or fighting against beowolves made up most of his day and unless he found an interesting book to read, Mikado was out training with Kiro. Speaking of which, The small dragon flapped his wings and left his owner's shoulder to avoid the shoving of the crowd underneath him. Probably not the worst thing, given the no pets allowed sign at the door.

By now, Mikado managed to somehow get past all the people standing in the entrance and imminently got met by a waitress, who almost crashed right into him as she rushed between kitchen and customer. She muttered a quick apology and told the two huntsmen in training to wait for a moment and that she would be there in a second. The second wasn't an understatement as she came back as fast as she left and looked them over. "Just the two of you? Please follow me, I believe we have a free table somewhere around- aha! Here." The young waitress led the two to a table semi-near the windows and provided them with the menu card before turning around and hurrying to the next table to take their orders. Mikado looked after her, darting a quick glance at the grey wolf tail.
"What do you think Billy is doing now?" he asks slowly and takes a seat. Billy's departure from the team came sudden and with little to no explanation, at least to him. There also wasn't anything on who her replacement is supposed to be. To be honest, he doesn't even want to know.
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The cafe was just as Smokey expected it to be.  Crowded, noisy, and everything he normally tries to avoid.  Unfortunately, it also just happened to probably be the best spot to beat the heat, and everyone knew it.  With his short stature and stocky build, he has to battle his way through the crowd, muttering apologies as other people's elbows find him as he advances.  Thank goodness for aura...

In the meantime, he tries to keep his conversation with Mikado going, responding, "Uh, yeah.  Went to Atlas, actually.  It, uh, it wasn't the place for me."  Smokey let the conversation die down after that.  He really doesn't like reminiscing about his past, there were too many bad experiences and not a whole lot of good ones.  He's a little bit relieved when the faunus waitress provides a bit of a distraction as she guides them to a table and hands out the menus.  He casually glances through it, even though he's not really planning on ordering anything besides a cool drink, but his distraction ends when Mikado brings up the one thing he didn't want to think about.

"..." Smokey responds with silence at first, but eventually speaks, "I don't know.  To be honest, I didn't really know much about her.  Far as I remember, the only thing she said about herself was that she was from Vacuo.  She tell you anything more?"  Smokey had gotten along well with Billy, for the most part.  They worked well together when out on missions, though Smokey would attribute that more to having complimentary skill sets rather than any unique bond or anything like that.  She just took out whatever Smokey's blasts missed, and her semblance let her catch anything that moved too fast for Smokey to take out himself.  Other than that, though, their relationship was mostly just professional.  At least, that's how Smokey saw it...

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"Nothing important" Mikado replied and rests his head on his hand. He didn't want anyone to poke around his past, so he didn't poke around theirs. It's only fair. The stuff he knew about the former sniper of the team were less important things like her favorite color or the fact that she has a good bond to animals. Nothing that could provide any kind of answer. One day she just got up and left.

It would be a lie to say that it did not bother him at least a bit, that she just went without a word. Their conversations were brief, but she could have at least say something like a farewell. But the reaction of his teammate showed that Smokey did not know much either. "Why do you think she didn't tell us anything?" Mikado asked, even though he would rather avoid talking about this subject. Maybe it will at least clarify some of his questions, though he doubts that. Honestly, it probably made the most sense for Serin to have all the answers since he is A, the team leader, and if Beacon would talk about it with someone, it would be him, and B, they seemed to understand each other the best from the group. On that fateful day when Billy screamed her confession to Smokey into her bag, Mikado was behind just far enough to miss the words she said, also, he didn't really care. So the idea that Smokey could know more about it did not cross his mind. "It must have been important if it made her leave Beacon without saying a word."
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Mikado being just as in the dark about Billy's circumstances somewhat comforted Smokey, though he really couldn't explain why.  Maybe it was just satisfaction that she didn't just keep him in the dark, but then why would he care?  It wasn't like he made any serious effort to get close to her or anything.  Hell, this entire situation is actually what he expected the huntsman's life to be like:  Work with a team one day, then some other team the next.

"I can't exactly say, but if it was something delicate, I can probably guess why she didn't tell me.  Don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly the picture of subtlety," he answered Mikado's question with an attempt at a joke.  Still, he couldn't help but be a bit worried about her.  They hadn't known each other long, but Smokey knew Billy to be somewhat impulsive and brash at times.  Or maybe he's just projecting...?

Regardless, he couldn't help but agree with Mikado's sentiment, saying, "Yeah, probably.  She can take care of herself, at least.  Still kinda sucks, though."
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Mikado sighed quietly and rests his head on his hand. Whatever the reason for her sudden departure, it had to be convincing enough that even Bacon staff didn't want to tell us anything more specific about it. The waitress eventually came back, after all, they didn't allow anyone to use their air conditioner without ordering anything, so Mikado quickly ordered a glass of water before turning to his teammate again, "I don't suppose you know anything about the new team member? All I heard was that he was male, but that's about it. No name no nothing."

Frankly, Mikado was running out of topics. Even an idiot knew he was a man of few words, and that day alone he must have exceeded his word limit three times over. The situation was almost uncomfortable, but at the same time, it was not. The last time he had a real 'conversation' with someone was with Jack, and those were completely other circumstances. Smokey was also the last person he thought he could have a conversation with.