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Title: Flake Homestead[Ready]
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Name:Flake Homestead

Location and Geography: The Flake Homestead is located in Southeast of the main kingdom. It is surrounded by a vast mountain range and various plains and forests. A large calendera lies within the mountain range. It is accessible from the main kingdom by taking a dirt road, it is about a 5 hour long trip.
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Don't worry no nefarious plans here

History: The Flake Homestead didn't exist till only recently, as the land value was low due to how Grimm roamed to the area, the land was unsuitable for construction of buildings and is rumored to be a graveyard of Hunters(it isn't true, both of them). So a certain woman bought the place so she could make toys in peace. She personally constructed the entire place by herself while hitting Grimm in the face. Eventually Grimm stopped trying to attack her because she was more of a threatening presence and not easy prey.

It started out as just one small building, but with funding from an organization called the Order of Folk the place grew in size and became open to the public as a sort of vacation home for people who want to be away from the chaos of the city.

Description:The Flame Homestead has 2 major buildings and 3 minor buildings.

Farmhouse(Major): The Farmhouse is a very large building, about 10m wide and 20m tall, because it isn't your typical farmhouse, even though it is made of wood. Inside the Farmhouse contains a supply room, an indoor stable, indoor pen and coop for storms. The most cool thing however is the vehicles inside. 4 all terrarin prowlers meant for racing.

The Workshop(Major): The workshop, is not a really big building, 5m wide and 5m tall. But it does have a big role in the Flake Homestead. For it sells toys it makes in the city of Vale. The lights of this place is often open very late at night for the woman in charge makes toys here.

Stables,Pens,Coop(Minor): To be more specific it actually is one whole open piece of land with bordering fences. It is the widest place, covering about 85 meters of flat land. The Staples have the most area, pens followed by the coop. 10 horses, 3 Stallions, 5 Mares and 2 fowls(one male the other female) occupy the staples. Most of the stables is flat land covered by grass, obstacles and a small area with shelter for the horses to chill. The pen is home to pigs while the coop contains one hen house and a flat land for chickens.

Guest House(Minor): The Guest House is a blue rooted building with 20 rooms for 4 people each, making the second largest building. The rooms occupy the second and third floor with the bathroom, kitchen and dining room occupy the first. A small lobby connects the stairs to the second floor and the corridor leading to the first floor rooms is the first place you enter opening the door. This place functions as the house people who come a take a vacation or camp.

Flake's House(minor): Flake's House is where, the owner stays. The building also serves as the registry and administration. If you want to do anything here, Flake's house is where you go first.

Activities: Flake's homestead is open most of the year, the only times it isn't open is during Frost. There are two types of activities.

Hunter's Camp: Open to anyone above the age of 13, with the warning "Grimm activities", and it advertises itself in Beacon as a yearly 5 day camp for students. Activities include: Camping in Grimm infested areas, Dirt Racing, Huntsmen's Paintball etc. This camp aims to help future Huntsmen and woman to learn about what it means to be a Hunter on the field in remote areas like forests and mountains.

Do not participate if: Ill, have major injuries, unable to perform under physical standards or pregnant.

Common's Camp: Open to anyone above the age of 13. Does not include Grimm and Huntsmen based activities.

Owner Beezle Claus Flake: The owner and founder of Flake's Homestead. 37 year old Beezle Claus Flake aka "Mirazle" found Flake Homestead after being passed down her father's toy shop. She bought the plot of land and killed any Grimm that she met. She built a small toy shop, as the city was too hectic for her to work. An organization she worked for, the Order of Folk, helped funded her and she decided to expand, buying livestock, building facilities and turning Flake Homestead into a camp and vacation home. She hired people to help her manage the place.

Mistle Laurel: Beezle's 23 year old secretary, administrator, head of activities, accountant, phone girl and cover girl for their advertisements. A very capable woman in both the physical and mental side of her work. She may look like an office worker but don't be surprised when she breaks bricks in two with her foot. Also camp director of the Common's Camp.

Reol(Ree-Ole) "Red Nose" Hoof: The  27 year old camp director of the Hunter's Camp. He may not look for for the job, with his constant sneezing and red nose, hence the nickname, he is a capable killer and is worth his salt. Though a bit sickly and grumpy, he is nice and puts the students before his own safety.

There are some trained staff to handle some things like administration, transport, manual work etc. But these three are the main people behind the operations. Total strength is 25, excluding the three above.

Equipment Owned
4 All Terrarian Prowelers at the max speed of 50km/h. Suggested speed however for the place is 20km/h.
An all terrain jeep that goes at the max of 60km/h
Crates full of specially modified paintballs that resemble real bullets and various ammo. Hunters would have to inform the camp should they wish to use their own weapons for Hunter's Paintball.
Regular Pressures Carbon Dioxide Paintball guns and ammo.

Interesting Facts
Flake Homestead is only closed on 25 Frost.
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