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Title: Remnant news, how do?
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 19, 2016, 01:39:52 AM
Hello ladies and gentlemen. We've recently realized this site would benefit from a news section. Separate from the announcements and news so that we can keep that for site related stuff, and this board for in-universe news. Let me tell you how it's gonna go down. Let's say you have a thread. Let's say in that thread, the White Fang blow up a bank. That's big news, right? People would know about that. But, far too often, threads and events go unnoticed simply due to the fact that they're your thread. Chances are people who don't participate in your thread, also won't read it. Even if it's important. This section allows us to rectify that. Now, if the white fang blow up a bank, you can write a small summarization in the style of a news snippet, you submit it to myself, NotSurprised (;u=11), or FunkyMonkey (;u=33), we either approve or deny it, and then you post it in this section as its own post. This allows for people to respond to the news in character, whether that be them seeing it on TV, or on their scroll, or on the scene, or whatever and it allows you, the author, to respond if need be.

Now, all that said there's still a few things we should go over. When dealing with plots or threads that might have some event that affects others than those within the threads, contact a mod. 9/10 times, we'll say that it's fine and for you to go ahead with the thread, but it's that 1/10 we have to look out for. Also, this is not solely for summaries of important threads. Let's say you want to make a small group of mercenaries and want people to know about them. We'll something like that is too small for a Worldbuild and doesn't fit well with characters creation, but it works very well in this format. Just run small news snippet about some crimes they've committed, possibly who they are and all that and vuala, you're all set. Or maybe you want to work up some hype for a plot you're going to have in the plot zone? A few posts relating to the topic here and people are interested. So go out and become journalists. Write the exploits of your characters, have them known throughout the lands.

This all being said, some in universe news will still be handles through announcements. Generally just important events, such as the begining of the Vytal Tourney/festival. That sort of thing.

I can answer any questions here.
Title: Re: Remnant news, how do?
Post by: Asterisk on September 19, 2016, 02:21:44 AM
Will there be a template?
Title: Re: Remnant news, how do?
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 19, 2016, 02:31:12 AM
No template, you just write out why basis amounts to an editorial in a newspaper and PM it to one of the three mentioned above.