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Title: Fallow Russet (Re-approval)
Post by: arcus_gray on September 11, 2016, 10:09:31 AM

Name: Fallow Russet

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human, male

Symbol: a book with runes surrounding it

Occupation: Beacon student 1st year. On campus dust dealer.

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Fallow is 178 cm tall and weighs 75 KG. He has a pointed angular face that makes him appear untrustworthy. This untrustworthy look is compounded by his Emerald green eyes and it is not unreasonable to compare him to a snake.He has light brown hair which just reaches the bottom of his neck at the back.He wears a Trilby? Fedora? what type of hat is that? black hat with a small brim which he pulls down slightly covering his face along with a white shirt black vest and black tie. over the top he wears a long lighter gray coat with a split at the bottom. He wears gray pants with a wallet chain on the left hand side of his pants along with brown finger-less gloves and brown shoes. He wears this outfit at all times when not required to wear his Beacon uniform. When he is required to wear his Beacon uniform he keeps his hat but otherwise sticks to regulations.

History: Fallow was born into relatively simple circumstances to the owner of a small, family run dust shop in Vale. The dust shop was humble and would have gone out of business if it weren't for their willingness to serve known criminals in order to keep themselves fed and clothed. Fallow's parents tried to keep him away from this darker side to their Business  and as a result they decided to home school him in order to keep him in a place where they could ensure he stayed safe while he learned how to use dust and more importantly how to sell it to people with the goal being for him to take over the store once he was old enough. But this is the backstory of a Beacon student so that obviously didn't go according to plan.

When he was 12 Fallow realized that his family were experiencing financial difficulty and decided to work with one of the criminal organizations his family sold dust to in order to earn some money and got himself arrested. He was lucky to be let off with community service but in doing so he lost the trust of his family. After this unfortunate event their dust shop became a target for The Schnee dust company. Once their past of aiding criminals was learned they were quickly run out of business and due to them now having a criminal record were unable to find work anywhere. They were quickly forced to leave Vale and hop around villages on the outskirts of Vale. Using their skill with dust to repel Grimm from the villages they visited.  If they were lucky the village would pay them or give them supplies. It was a rough life where they would often only scrape by but Fallow enjoyed being considered a hero even if he was often of very little help in the grand scheme of things. His destructive use of dust often causing more harm than good. His new life once again went poorly for him when he was 14 and his family's attempt to help a village ended with them realizing that the village was doomed. His parents decided that they would fight to keep the Grimm away so that as many villagers could escape as possible. They ordered Fallow to be one of the first to escape and as a result Fallow left with the villagers. Thanks to his parents efforts the majority of the village made it out alive. However his parents were among those who did not survive. Fallow's world fell apart around him once again since he was now an orphan. Given that the villagers his parents had rescued could not care for him either he was brought back within the kingdoms walls and sent to an orphanage. While in this orphanage Fallow learned of the hunters and remembered his family being heralded as heroes and so he made the decision to spend every day training in the use of dust so that he could apply to Beacon. When the day finally came to take the enrollment exam to Beacon Fallow lost control of the dust he was using causing an explosion and almost getting himself killed. Needless to say he failed the exam but he learned from his mistakes and begun working on perfecting his dust use. After a year had passed he had trained himself more and discovered more about the way he could manipulate the dust. This attempt he passed the enrollment exam with exceptionally mediocre scores though he didn't really care. He had passed and was going to be able to become a huntsman and return to the life he had when his parents were killed.

Personality: Fallow is mostly calm but he has a devious side and is quite likely to be seen messing with people in ways that sometimes border on sadistic, as a result he is difficult to trust however he completely idolizes hunters and takes his huntsman training very seriously, often going to extremes with it. Once some of his flaws are gotten past he shows himself to be a very caring friend even though he often has issues comprehending the emotions of others. Given the way his semblance functions he will likely appear to be a perfectionist and disturbing him when writing in the Russet Grimoire is one sure-fire way to piss him off.

Aura and Semblance: Fallows semblance is a brown in color. Despite him having an incredibly large pool of aura the majority of it is directed towards his spell-casting and as a result any hits to his aura shield deplete his stores of aura incredibly fast.
His semblance allows him to use dust for casting spells by associating an effect with a symbol in his head. He can cast a spell by writing a symbol in the dust and then running his hand over it at which point the dust will gather in his hand maintaining the shape of the symbol and he can use it to cast the spells. As a result of this he cannot create spells on the fly as he has to have a symbol associated with the spell. Almost all of his spells are offense based. He only has 1 defensive spell and no supportive spells.
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Wind shield: Only defensive spell, creates a barrier of wind around him that sends things spiraling up and away from him, enough force can puncture through this shield of strong winds.
Burning edge: Creates a line of dust on the ground that is a meter long when a small symbol is used. 10 meters with a full page symbol.The dust then ignites and bursts upwards creating a small controlled explosion (think emperors edge from xenoverse) example
Shockwave: uses kinetic dust to send out a wave of force that can blast through the trunk of a jarrah tree with an effective range of 5 meters. The blast is 20 centimeters in diameter when a small symbol is used, 2 meters when a full page symbol is used
Lightning bolt: Does what it says on the tin Sends a bolt of electricity in a single direction when a small symbol is used or in a large arc when a full page symbol is used.
Fireball: Creates a fireball about the size of a closed fist when a small symbol is used or the size of a beach ball when a full page symbol is used.
Ice spear: Creates a meter long spear of ice that flies towards the target. This spell is only used with small symbols and has no full page variant.
Explosion: Launches a small projectile that creates a large explosion the moment it contacts something other than air. Will not detonate if it contacts with water. Risky in enclosed spaces. This spell can only be used with a full page symbol.
Kamikaze: Similar to explosion. Detonates moment it is cast. Catches Fallow in explosion. Can only be used with a full page symbol.
Hail: Creates multiple blades of ice that fly towards the target. When a small symbol is used 10 blades are created. A full page symbol will create 100 blades.
Earthquake:.  Causes a 2 meter by 2 meter cone of ground in front of Fallow to crack and angle upwards creating spikes that then fly forwards another 5 meters. This spell uses both earth and kinetic dust and as a result is twice as likely to explode. This spell can only be used with a Full page symbol.

Combat Behavior: Fallow has a pretty simple style of fighting. Fallow tries to keep away from the action and uses his large destructive spells to eliminate as many enemies as possible before he or his teammates get anywhere near them. Once the enemy is engaged Fallow stays as far away as possible and begins targeting single enemies with his less large spells to help by eliminating as much as possible. Unfortunately his destructive capabilities can quite easily backfire as it is easy to accidentally catch an ally in the crossfire. Also due to how specific his symbols have to be his spells have a 10% chance of blowing up in his face and as a result he tries to keep away from his teammates, this also works against him as anyone who can get close to him will greatly limit his options of spells unless he is willing to harm himself as well and he cannot take much damage before being taken out completely. Fortunately he is relatively capable of evasion and he can use Bambi and Pip in close combat where he would dodge around his opponents attacks slashing at them while doing so. However he is inexperienced at fighting in this manner and isn't very good at it.


Name: Russet Grimoire

Primary Form: A Large leather book. The pages have dust inside them in the form of the symbols which Fallow uses for spell casting. The book is 100 pages half of which are devoted to full page spells. Which spells are in the book at any given time varies greatly depending on how much time Fallow had to prepare, if he doesn't know what his opponent will be and their strengths/weaknesses. He will have a balance of all spells. If he knows his opponents strengths/weaknesses he will tailor his spells to give him the advantage

Dust Functions: Filled with symbols infused in the pages which are used for spell casting. to cast a spell Fallow runs his hand over the symbol upon which time he will begin manipulating the dust in the page it becoming imprinted on his hand from which point he can trigger the spell.

History: Made in between his attempts at the beacon examination


Name: Lulu and Pip

Primary Form: Lulu and Pip are twin switchblades that Fallow keeps in his boots. (*high fives anyone who gets this reference*)

Dust Functions: none

History: Fallow was given these switchblades by members of the criminal group he was briefly affiliated with. Due to their lack of use they are usually in pristine condition.


Fallow carries several vials of dust and a quill to write new symbols in the Russet Grimoire should he run out. (this is very unlikely)
Title: Re: Fallow Russet (Re-approval)
Post by: arcus_gray on September 11, 2016, 10:10:46 AM
Minor changes made. Added on campus dust dealer to occupation. Renamed Bambi to Lulu as I'm a dumbass and got the name wrong in the reference. spelling or grammar errors may have popped up with my patchwork way of transferring him.